Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 994

However, he still believed in Long Ling.

Only to find Qian’er again, she lay on the floor tightly.

Chen Feng stood in front of her, she opened her eyes and saw Chen Feng’s legs, but her expression was unusually calm, and even the events of a few days ago did not affect her.

“Did you bring things?”

The floor is naturally cold, so lying down like this is not good for your body, especially for women with cold sex.

But Qianer seemed to enjoy the comfort of lying on the ground.

If it was someone else, Chen Feng might have reminded him, but Qianer, he didn’t want to show any good feelings.

He walked over to the sofa and sat down, shrugging his shoulders and said, “Since I have come, it is natural to understand the poison of this thread.”

Qian’er sat up on her back. Today she seems to be very conservative. She has a high-necked shirt, long sleeves, and looseness will not reveal anything. Her lower body is a pair of black wide-sleeved trousers.

But Chen Feng just took a look, he didn’t come to appreciate it.

Qian’er said: “You know its name, the two female doctors told you it.”

“It doesn’t matter who told me, I have already brought things, you quickly give me the antidote.” Chen Feng said impatiently.

But Qian’er smiled: “It seems that they didn’t tell you how to deal with the poison, but they are also, they may not have been exposed to anything yet.”

Chen Feng was puzzled, so naturally he didn’t speak.

Qian’er said again, “What about the antidote to Broken Heart Gu?”

Chen Feng was not afraid of her tricks, and took out a porcelain bottle similar to Broken Heart Gu from his pocket.

This is what he wanted to find Qian Xueqiu.

Naturally, Qian Xueqiu would not agree so simply, and when he offered to let Chen Feng help him get the position of Patriarch, Chen Feng exchanged it with his promise.

When he handed things over to Chen Feng, the relaxed smile was unpleasant no matter how you looked at it. He almost exchanged Chen Feng’s promise with a nearly useless Qianer.

But he was angry, and Chen Feng was never willing to ruin what he had promised.

Qian’er got up anxiously, jumped at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng flashed past with something, causing Qian’er to pounce.

When she turned to look at Chen Feng, Chen Feng said indifferently, “What do I want?”

Qian’er smiled bitterly, slowly sat down on the sofa, and whispered softly: “You must know the poison of the thread, but there is no one else but me to untie it. I think you believe it too.”

Chen Feng stared, “If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t bring things over.”

However, Qian’er gently stretched both hands to the neckline and unbuttoned the top button.

“As for the reason, the two female doctors didn’t tell you, but only because the methods of poisoning and detoxification are the same.”

After she finished speaking, her hand had reached the second button.

Chen Feng’s eyes widened in amazement, how could he believe that there would be such a thing in the world.

But looking at Qian’er’s expression did not seem to be joking. When she was about to untie the second button, Chen Feng called her.

“You wait a minute.”

Qian’er looked at Chen Feng suspiciously.

“This shouldn’t be like this.” Chen Feng said.

Qian’er smiled and said, “But that’s the truth.”

Chen Feng was stunned twice, looked at Qian’er, and asked: “After that day, you obviously looked very annoying, but now why do you look like…”

“But I don’t care at all, right?” Qian’er continued Chen Feng’s words: “Since this kind of thing is meant to happen, I want to understand the medicine, and you also want to understand the medicine. Is there anything wrong with paying some price? ”


“You mean to say that I actually suffered, right?” She stole Chen Feng’s words again.

Chen Feng did mean this. The chastity of a woman is naturally a very important thing, but she doesn’t understand why Qian’er has changed so much now.

Qian’er said, “As long as I think of you as a duck, I feel okay.”

Chen Feng was stunned, he didn’t expect the answer to be so surprising.

He wanted to say something more, but Qian’er was a little impatient and said, “You are so inked, do you want to detoxify?”

Chen Feng looked at her speechlessly, but asked him to agree. It was indeed difficult.

The last time I did this kind of thing was also because of the effects of drugs, but now let him do it in a sober state, he hesitated.

“You don’t mean to hurt me!”

Chen Feng suddenly thought of Long Ling telling him the premise of pulling the thread, and now thinking about it, if he really does this step, he doesn’t know whether it will detoxify or not, but he will definitely get poisoned.

Qian’er also stopped.

Chen Feng thought he had guessed what she was thinking, so he said, “You really want to hurt me.”

The two buttons that Qianer had uncovered were enough to see the pink and white long neck. She also deliberately pulled the collar apart and sat seductively beside Chen Feng.

“It seems that it is very difficult for you to believe me!” She touched her raised thigh and patted it lightly.

Chen Feng said: “You are a demon, making people believe in you, how is this possible.”

Qian’er didn’t get annoyed, she thought about it, and said, “If that’s the case, then you can go back.”

Chen Feng wondered: “Go back?”

“What are you doing here if you don’t go back?”

“What about the antidote?” Chen Feng asked.

“I have told you, but you don’t believe it.”

Qian’er looked at Chen Feng helplessly, as if it was all because of Chen Feng herself.

Chen Feng calmed down. He knew that if he continued to talk to Qian’er, Qian’er would only call it his own problem.

He thought for a while and said, “I can’t believe you unless you restrain yourself. When I think you want to kill me, I can do it to you.”

But Qian’er smiled and said, “Then what if you wait until the poison is detoxified, but you want to kill me directly, don’t I even have the opportunity to fight back.”

The suspicion between the two makes this behavior that requires cooperation very difficult.

But when Chen Feng also felt that it might be difficult to proceed, Qian’er shrugged and said, “However, I can consider believing that you will not kill me. After all, a couple of days will be fine. You and I are also considered to be good. A dewy couple, if you are really so unfeeling, I can only admit that I am unlucky.”

On the contrary, Chen Feng didn’t know how to continue, so he didn’t speak, but remained silent.

Qian’er gave him a charming look, and said, “Then it’s you who tied me up now, or I took off my clothes first.”

At this time, it was still daytime, but the wind was blowing gently. The leaves of the vines on the long corridor beside the road were blowing in the wind, and the vines were dark, winding along the marble-white stone platform.

Covered in a shady place, pedestrians will enjoy the shade below. Some people lift up the stone pier easily, as if doing some exercise, one up and down, and they do not know how many.

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