Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 36

Lu Ye looked down and said, “No need.”

His low talent is a bit frightening, even if he chooses another sect, it will be useless. Instead, he might as well pin his hopes on the last Jade Blood Sect. There is no need for Pang Dahai to amuse himself deliberately. of two ores.

“Okay.” Ba Zihu nodded, put away Lu Ye’s “Volunteer” and the jade card, and looked down, “So you are that Lu Yiye.”

“My name is Lu Ye, Senior Brother!” Lu Ye’s eyes twitched.

“I see, Lu Yiye!” Bazihu ​​looked at him with a smile, biting the middle word hard.

Lu Ye wanted to scold someone, but he already had a nickname before he came out to walk the rivers and lakes, so how will he mess around in the future?

Also, who exactly advertised Yiye’s talent?

After a while, the character mustache collected all the wishes of all the people, and his figure soared into the sky, turning into a stream of light, turning towards the mountainside to the east.

There is a group of palaces in that location, which used to be the residence of the cultivators of the Evil Moon Valley, but now it has become a temporary office of the Haotian Union. There are constant monks coming in and out, and a large number of confiscated materials are piled up here, waiting for distribution.

He didn’t stop along the road until he came to the deepest palace. At the entrance of the main hall, a female monk was guarding.

Seeing him coming, the woman asked, “Have you dealt with it?”

Bazihu ​​replied: “It’s all here.”

“Leave it to me. Your lords are discussing the retreat. I will submit it later when they finish their discussions.”

“So you’re retreating?” Mustache was obviously surprised.

The female monk said: “The reaction of Wanmo Ridge is faster than expected. There are already several sects gathering people, so we have to leave here quickly.”

Ba Zihu nodded clearly. Although there are quite a few people from the Haotian League this time, it is already considered the territory of Wanmo Ridge. If there is another confrontation, the opponent can continuously send more people, and the situation will be unfavorable to oneself.

Evil Moon Valley has already been destroyed, and a lot of benefits have been reaped, so at this time, it is natural to accept it as soon as it is good.

Handing the stack of papers to the woman, the mustache left quickly.

The female monk waited outside the door for a while before hearing an angry voice from inside: “Send it in.”

Hearing this, she immediately pushed away from the hall.

There are only ten people in the main hall, representing the ten major sects who came to attack the Evil Moon Valley this time. Among all the people present, he is the deputy lord who has the highest cultivation level and is in the Divine Sea Realm.

The woman came to Pang Zhen, put down the stack of papers in her arms respectfully, and said: “Disciple, leave!”

After she left, Pang Zhen flipped through the stack of papers in front of him, took out one, and pushed the rest to the person in charge of Qingyumen.

For Lu Ye and others, every piece of paper here carries their future and dreams, but for people like Pang Zhen, these things are not worth looking at carefully.

Every time the territory occupied by Wanmo Ridge is conquered, some people will be rescued, and it is just a matter of convention to recruit some people with cultivation qualifications and talents from among these people.

Each of their families has tens of thousands of disciples. If it weren’t for their outstanding aptitude and talent, who would take a second look.

Among Lu Ye’s group, there was obviously no one worthy of their special attention.

A stack of more than a hundred sheets of paper was passed around in front of the Zongmen’s speakers, and gradually became less and less. When it was in front of the Hundred Flowers Valley’s speakers, he selected more than a dozen people and was about to push them to the next one. , suddenly seemed to have discovered something novel, and looked up at an old man in the last seat: “Old Tang, someone has chosen Jade Blood Sect.”

As soon as this remark came out, Pang Zhen, who was exhorting some things to the person in charge of Qingyumen, couldn’t help but raise his head: “Really?”

He just randomly picked one out of the more than one hundred people, and didn’t look at the others carefully at all.

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