Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 7

Manager Yang, who was running away in a panic, never thought that Lu Ye would have such a trick, he was hit in the back of the head and fell to the ground staggeringly.

Before he could get up, the sound of howling wind had already reached his ears. Steward Yang hurriedly turned over, and saw Lu Ye rushing forward, picking up the half of the mining pick in his hand.

There is no way to avoid it now!

Between life and death, Guanshi Yang yelled, “Let’s die together!”

The long sword in his hand suddenly stabbed out!

The next moment, his head was smashed by the pickaxe. Lu Yeyou was worried, and smashed it hard a few more times. Looking at the twitching figure in front of him, he was sure that the other party would not survive.

Severe pain came from his thigh, and he looked down, only to see a long sword stuck in his leg, which was obviously the one in Guanshi Yang’s hand.

I didn’t know when I was stabbed! He just didn’t feel it at all.

Throwing down the pickaxe in his hand, Lu Ye sat down on the ground, gasping for breath, feeling the beauty of life.

Lu Ye didn’t rest for too long. There was still a sword stuck in his leg, and the severe pain stimulated his nerves.

And the location of the injury is not very good, if it hurts a vital part, it will be over.

So after taking a short breath, he began to check his injury, raised his hand and tore off the clothes on the injured area, checked carefully, and felt relieved.

The injury looked terrible, but it was actually just a flesh wound.

He didn’t draw the sword blindly, because after drawing the sword, he would definitely face a lot of blood loss. If he didn’t deal with it properly, he might faint in a short time.

He first tore off his own clothes, bundled them into long strips, and tied them tightly from the base of his thighs, and then completely tore off the clothes on the injured part to reveal the location of the wound.

Then he turned his gaze to the waist of Guanshi Yang’s corpse, where there was a cloth bag the size of a palm.

Lu Ye recognized this thing, and the monks called it a storage bag.

The healing pill that Manager Yang gave him before, as well as the long sword stuck in his leg, were all taken out of this storage bag by Manager Yang.

A monk’s storage bag usually stores all the monk’s belongings.

Lu Ye dragged Steward Yang’s body over, took off the storage bag from his waist, and looked it over carefully, amazed.

There seems to be a lot of space inside this little bag, and it can hold a lot of things.

After coming to Kyushu for more than a year, although Lu Ye didn’t know much about cultivation, he had heard a lot about the cultivation world.

It seems that every monk’s storage bag has a mysterious invisible lock. This lock can only be opened by the monk himself.

The monks call that kind of lock forbidden!

The storage bag in his hand looked like a cloth pouch, but it was actually made of an unknown animal skin. Lu Ye secretly prayed in his heart that this storage bag should not be locked.

Opening the mouth of the bag, Lu Ye stretched out a hand, with a heart fluttering…

Soon, his face showed joy, the bag was not locked, and his hands had touched some things in the bag.

Presumably, when he suddenly got into trouble, Steward Yang hastily took out a long sword from the storage bag to meet the enemy. At that time, he was disturbed by the Yuan magnetic force field, so he had no energy to lock his storage bag again.

There is help now!

Lu Ye was determined, and kept taking out the things in the storage bag.

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