The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 121-130

Chapter: 121
Dong Ruolin covered her leg and saw blood seeping out from her fingertips without stopping, so she knew that Ye Chen hadn’t lied to her.
However, letting her take off her pants in front of a strange man, she struggled incomparably inside.
In front of life and death, Dong Ruolin hesitated for a long while and finally gave in.
She didn’t want to die, much less become crippled.
Dong Ruolin was red-faced and looked up at Ye Chen, her heart pounding, her body strange.
Finally, she whispered, “I know, thank you.”
Ye Chen nodded, squatted down and grabbed her pants with both hands, tearing them with all his might.
Dong Ruolin’s breathing was choked, her pretty face was incomparably hot, her heartbeat accelerated even faster, and she lowered her head not daring to look at Ye Chen at all.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes or boots.
A trace of aura, from his fingers soaked into the injury.
Ye Chen’s eyes, however, remained focused on the wound, not even glancing elsewhere.
His hand gestures were like flying, and after a few fingers down, the wound’s blood gradually stopped.
According to the medical techniques on the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, he was completely able to heal Dong Ruorin’s injuries, revive her tendons and even recover the wound on the spot, but Ye Chen didn’t want to cause shock to the other party.
He only used his fingers as needles to help Dong Ruorin stop bleeding and stop when the tendons healed, and the rest of her flesh injuries, she only needed to be bandaged in the hospital and then she would be discharged to heal herself.
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I didn’t expect that the Chinese medicine that my family considered useless would work much better than Western medicine!
“Alright.” Ye Chen said faintly, standing up without looking away, “You try standing up.”
Dong Ruolin tried to stand up, and her leg had indeed stopped bleeding, and she was surprised and happy.
She looked up with a red face and said shyly, “Since you don’t want to reveal your name, you have to give me a chance to thank you, right?”
“No need.” Ye Chen said indifferently, he didn’t want to expose his identity.
“You’re the one who saved me, if I can’t even thank you, I’ll be ashamed of you for the rest of my life.”
Dong Ruolin said stubbornly, then took off a necklace from her neck: “This was a gift from my grandfather at my bar mitzvah. You saved my life and I want to give it to you.”
What she held in her hand was a white gold chain with a crystal clear pink diamond on the pendant.
Ye Chen wanted to refuse, but he felt a faint aura on the pink diamond, and with a change of heart, he picked it up.
He nodded, took off his jacket, helped her tie it around her waist, and said, “Sorry for tearing your pants, you can use my clothes around it first. I just used your phone to call the emergency number of the nearby hospital, the ambulance will probably arrive in a few minutes, you’re already safe, I still have things to do, so I’ll leave first.”
After saying that, Ye Chen turned around without looking back, and his figure disappeared into the dense sorghum field.
“Hey, you wait…” Dong Ruolin only shouted, and she had already lost Ye Chen’s sight in front of her eyes.
At this time, outside the park, there was already the sound of an ambulance “wow”.
She looked down at the jacket around her lower body, and then looked at the direction where Ye Chen disappeared, despairing.
In the next second, she suddenly felt that the other party’s back when leaving, so familiar.
After recalling for a while, Dong Ruolin suddenly remembered that this back figure was exactly like the chairman!
“Is it the chairman of the Imperial Group?” Dong Ruolin’s heart was moved.
But also didn’t ask for the other party’s name, not to mention didn’t see the other party’s face, and didn’t know, whether her guess was true or not.
Just at this time, Dong Ruolin suddenly found, Ye Chen just squatted place, dropped a gray pebble, the stone is also written on the four words “peace and prosperity”.

Chapter: 122
I’m afraid this stone fell out by accident, didn’t it?
Dong Ruoling was like a treasure and held it tightly in her hand.
If I never see him again, then this stone is the only token he left for himself.
After Dong Ruolin was taken by ambulance to the hospital, her injuries were diagnosed to be not serious.
The treating doctor didn’t know that she had undergone Ye Chen’s initial treatment and was incredibly surprised by her injuries.
Judging from this knife wound on her leg, it was light enough to rupture the tendons, but heavy enough to damage the veins.
But apart from the flesh wound, Dong Ruolin’s inner tendons and veins were even intact, as if they had been reattached, and the tendons and veins were even stronger.
The doctor told her, “Your injury will recover as good as new after a few days of rest, honestly this is unbelievable, did you do any special treatment to the wound?”
Dong Ruo Lin was thinking about the mysterious man, but her mouth said, “I didn’t do any special treatment.”
The doctor exclaimed, “That’s amazing!” One second to remember to read the book
Saying that, the doctor added, “Right, I’ve notified the police, they’ll be here soon, so you can tell them about the attack then.”
Dong Ruolin nodded lightly.
The police came very quickly.
The downtown area was stabbing and injuring people, and the person injured was still an executive of the Imperial Group, they took it extremely seriously.
Some of the policemen who came knew the Xiao family and knew that she was a guest of the Xiao family, so they notified the Xiao family.
At this time at the Xiao family villa, a large group of people were discussing what should be done.
Xiao Hailong told them that Dong Ruolin had an accident, but didn’t say that it was because of himself. Old Madam Xiao also thought that this was a good opportunity for the Xiao family to show off, so they must find a way to find Dong Ruolin and rescue her, and then give Xiao Hailong more drama to help him capture Dong Ruolin’s heart.
As a result, when she heard that she was in the hospital, the old lady was greatly disappointed and exclaimed, “How good it would have been if Hailong could have seized this opportunity to save her heroically!”
After saying that, he immediately said to the crowd, “Let’s go, let’s hurry to the hospital and take a look!”
Xiao Hailong’s heart was at a loss, but he could only follow his family to the hospital with a hard scalp.
On the way, Xiao Hailong has already thought of a speech, just don’t know if Dong Ruolin will buy it.
As soon as he arrived at the hospital and saw Dong Ruorin, Xiao Hailong’s face immediately revealed a strong surprise, busy and attentive walked forward: “Ruorin, are you okay? I was just about to call my dad and bring someone who was going to come over and rescue you.”
“Save me?” A hint of sarcasm flashed across Dong Ruolin’s cold face as she faintly said, “You almost got yourself killed!”
Xiao Hailong hurriedly explained, “Ruo Lin you must not misunderstand, I was trying to attract their attention, after all, the person they were looking for was me, not you, I thought they wouldn’t do anything to you.”
Dong Ruolin snorted coldly, not bothering to break it off with Xiao Hailong as she had already seen this man’s face thoroughly and only wanted to stay away from him in the future.
Xiao Hailong saw that Dong Ruolin didn’t blame herself anymore, and thought that she believed her story, so she looked Dong Ruolin up and down, and saw that she was even wearing a men’s jacket around her lower body, and her brows furrowed, “Ruolin, where are your pants? They didn’t do anything to you, did they?”
Dong Ruolin was filled with disgust and didn’t want to talk to him at all, saying coldly, “It has nothing to do with you!”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s shrewd gaze swept over Dong Ruolin, staring at the men’s jacket she was wearing, and stepped forward to ask, “Ruolin, if there’s anything you want to say, you can say it to Grandma, those guys didn’t do anything to you, right?”
Dong Ruo Lin said with a grimace, “They stabbed me, but luckily a young man passing by saved me, because I had a wound in my leg, so he treated me. The pants were torn and he took off his jacket for me to use, what, is there a problem?”
“Young man?” Old Mrs. Xiao was shocked.
There was a young man who had saved Dong Ruoling, that wasn’t good! If Dong Ruoling takes a liking to that young man, won’t his precious grandson, Xiao Hailong, have no chance?
Xiao Hailong was now jealous and said, “Ruo Lin, how did the other party treat you? Did he take your pants off to treat you?”
With a sarcastic grin, Dong Ruo Lin said, “What does it have to do with you?”

Chapter: 123
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The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of this article.
How the fuck is that acceptable!
Xiao Hailong at the moment couldn’t care less that Dong Ruolin was already extremely disappointed in himself, and jealousy gnashed his teeth as he said, “I see that this person is not trying to save you at all, but is trying to take advantage of the fire and attempt to molest you!”
As soon as Xiao Hailong’s voice fell, the eyes of all the Xiao family members gathered on Dong Ruolin.
Everyone’s thoughts were the same as his.
A beautiful and attractive woman, lying neatly dressed in front of a strange man, allowing the other party to rub her, the intrigue of this was intriguing.
Dong Ruolin was shaking with anger, disappointed to the extreme in Xiao Hailong!
Not only did he run away first, but now he maliciously speculates about himself in front of so many people, not only is he unkind, he is simply shameless!
Dong Ruolin said coldly, “Xiao Hailong, the person who saved me didn’t do anything wrong to me, and I took off my pants myself! Nothing to do with you!”
Saying that, Dong Ruolin gritted her teeth and scolded, “Instead, you, Xiao Hailong, everything tonight is a matter of you causing trouble, as a result, when the other party brought people to seek revenge, you ran so fast and left me where I was, causing me to be stabbed, and as a result, you’re still saying such things now? Do you want shame or not?”
Xiao Hailong choked, unable to speak with a red face.
Dong Ruolin didn’t even look at him and immediately got up and left the ward, stopped a car and went back to the hotel where she was staying.
The Xiao family was stunned as well, no one expected the truth of the matter to be like this!
It was Xiao Hailong who caused trouble and left Dong Ruorin behind that caused Dong Ruorin to be stabbed….
As soon as Dong Ruolin left on the front foot, Old Lady Xiao was so angry that she slapped Xiao Hailong on the face.
The old lady reprimanded harshly, “What do I usually teach you? I told you to please Charlene, but you did! How could she like you when you left Dong Ruo Lin to run for her life and you committed such a beastly act?”
“Grandmother, I was wrong.” Xiao Hailong covered his fiery face and came to his senses with extreme regret.
He only realized at this time that he and Dong Ruo Lin, would never be possible!
Ye Chen returned home and didn’t tell his wife about tonight’s events.
And his wife knew nothing about what had happened to Dong Ruorin .
After all, Xiao Choran’s family had been ostracized by the old lady, so they weren’t qualified to live in the Xiao family villa, so they naturally had nowhere to get information about these matters.
The next day, Xiao Churan had just gotten up and received a call from the old lady.
The old lady said to her, “Churan, go to Tianhao Building Materials Group today and try to talk to their boss about whether you can give us 10 million yuan of building materials on credit first, and then make up the difference after we settle the payment from the Tianhao Group.”
Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “Grandmother, Tianhao Building Materials Group has done a big business and they have a high right to speak, they have always refused to give credit ah.”
The old lady said, “There’s nothing we can do, the Xiao family is having some problems with the financial chain, we can’t afford to advance so many costs anymore, and it’s also difficult to get a loan, so we can only think of a way from the side of Tianhao Building Materials Group.”
Said the old lady, “Choran, now the family is having internal and external problems, that cousin of yours doesn’t give me a fight either, now we can only rely on you, think of a way to have a good chat with Zhou Tianhao, the owner of Tianhao Building Materials Group, as long as he nods his head, we will have a chance!”
Xiao Choran hesitated for a moment and reluctantly agreed, saying, “Grandmother, I’ll give it a try.”
“Mm, good!” Old Mrs. Xiao was relieved and said, “Grandma believes you can do it!”

Chapter: 124
After hanging up the phone, Xiao Churan was somewhat despondent.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”
Xiao Churan told Ye Chen roughly what happened.
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Why don’t you talk to the Imperial Group and ask them to prepay 20 million for the project?”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “How can we do that, we are already high on the ladder by cooperating with the Emperor’s Group, if we still ask others to prepay for the project, we will be looked down upon.”
Ye Chen wanted to say, “The Imperial Hero Group is all owned by your husband, what’s this 20 million? Who dares to look down on you?
But Xiao Churan didn’t know.
She said, “Let’s say, I’d better go and talk to Mr. Zhou.”
Ye Chen said, “Then I’ll go with you.”
“It’s not appropriate.” Xiao Churan said, “How can you bring your husband to talk about business, it seems too unprofessional.” Remember the website
As she said, Xiao Churan said, “You just stay at home, if you’re really bored, go out for a walk, there’s nothing to do at home anyway.”
Ye Chen saw her resolute attitude, so he didn’t say anything more.
He knew that this wife of his had always been independent, and wanted to work on many things with her own hands.
Then it would be a good idea to let her give it a try, and if it really didn’t work, he would secretly help out again.
After breakfast, Xiao Churan drove alone to the Tianhao Building Materials Group after having an appointment with the owner of the group, Zhou Tianhao.
This Tianhao Building Materials Group was one of the largest building materials groups in Jinling and even in Jiangnan. It specialized in all kinds of aluminum alloy building materials and was an indispensable supplier for large real estate projects.
Zhou Tianhao had come from a grassroots background in his early years, but he had been lucky enough to get a wife whose family was very strong, so he had developed step by step with the help of his wife’s family.
However, Zhou Tianhao is a wife-bearer, his wife is incomparably ugly, but he never dares to mess around outside, so Zhou Tianhao’s reputation in the local area is not bad, they say he is a good man who never forgets his bad wife.
The Tianhao Building Materials Group was located on the outskirts of the city, sitting alone with a factory of thousands of acres of land, which was extremely large.
After Xiao Churan drove to the Tianhao Building Materials Group, he came to the office building.
The car, Zhou Tianhao has been waiting in the lobby of the office building for a long time.
Seeing her coming, Zhou Tianhao immediately put on a warm smile, walked up to Xiao Churan, took the initiative to extend his hand and said, “Oh my, Miss Xiao, you’re here today, I’m really sorry that Zhou has missed out on welcoming you.”
Xiao Churan stretched out her hand and shook it with him politely, smiling, “You’re too kind, Mr. Zhou.”
After saying that, he wanted to pull his hand back.
However, he found that Zhou Tianhao grabbed his hand and did not give it away, and his grip became tighter and tighter.
Xiao Churan made an effort before pulling her hand out and said with a somewhat wary expression, “Mr. Zhou, what are you…”
Zhou Tianhao hurriedly scratched his head and laughed, “Oh my really sorry, I always heard that Xiao was alluring, but when I had to meet her today, I suddenly somewhat didn’t come back to my senses, and I was abruptly surprised, please forgive me!”
Xiao Churan was slightly relieved to see that he was downright honest and could apologize directly.
At this time, Zhou Tianhao hurriedly made a gesture of invitation and smiled, “Mr. Xiao, please come to my office for a chat.”

Chapter: 125
The moment Zhou Tianhao brought Xiao Churan to his office and closed the door, a fire immediately appeared in his eyes.
He unobtrusively unlocked the door before inviting Xiao Churan to sit down on the sofa.
Xiao Churan looked a little shaky and sat across from him with her hands strung up.
Zhou Tianhao smiled and asked, “Mr. Xiao, I wonder what kind of cooperation you have come to talk to me about this time?”
Xiao Choran said somewhat unkindly, “I’m not going to lie to you Mr. Zhou, our Xiao Group’s cash flow has been a bit tight lately, so I wanted to ask you if you could let us have a batch of building materials on credit first?”
“Credit, huh?” Zhou Tianhao said with a difficult face, “You must know the situation of our Tianhao Building Materials Group, Mr. Xiao, we never take any credit, nor do we send out materials first…”
“I know.” Xiao Choran said apologetically, “It’s true that I can’t do anything about it, but don’t worry, the company we are working with is the Dihao Group, and the Dihao Group is the largest company in our Jinling, they will definitely not default on the payment for our project, as long as the payment is settled back then, we will immediately make up the payment for the materials to you!”
Zhou Tianhao accosted twice and said, “That’s true, but Xiao, I’m not targeting you, do you know why I made the rule of no credit?”
Xiao Chu Ran shook his head, “Why?”
Zhou Tianhao said: “I was also very easy to talk to before, the customer wants to take the goods first, after the settlement, I in order to develop business and maintain relations are also promised, all the customers say, as long as the party to their settlement, immediately to our settlement, but the results? I lost over 300 million dollars in payments and still haven’t gotten it back!” One second to remember to read the book
“This much?”
Xiao Choran was also stunned by this number.
All of the assets of the entire Xiao Clan added up to a little over one hundred million.
Unexpectedly, Zhou Tianhao’s uncollectable payments outside alone exceeded three hundred million!
Zhou Tianhao sighed, “There’s nothing I can do, these credit card partners, they all use the same rhetoric, they all say that they will give me soon and immediately, but when they say that, they just don’t pay.”
At this point, Zhou Tianhao shook his head and lamented, “In the end, there is really no way, I can only stop all credit cooperation channels, take the goods can be, I have a lot of goods here can be given, but must be paid first.”
Xiao Churan’s expression was exceptionally disappointed, it seemed that this matter could not be negotiated.
However, she also knew that since people had this principle, it was not good for her to say anything to make others give up the principle again, so she stood up and said, “I’m really sorry Mr. Zhou, I’ll go back and talk to my grandmother, I’d better raise funds to cooperate with you as soon as possible.”
As soon as Zhou Tianhao saw her get up to leave, he immediately said, “Oops oops! Don’t be anxious, Mr. Xiao.”
Saying that, Zhou Tianhao hurriedly stood up and continued, “What I just said is for the ordinary partners, but with you, Mr. Xiao, it’s naturally a separate calculation!”
Xiao Churan was a bit confused and asked, “Mr. Zhou, what do you mean by that?”
Zhou Tianhao squinted his eyes, greedily looking at Xiao Churan.
Speaking from the heart, Xiao Churan was too beautiful!
Pretty enough to wear on Sunday!
All these years, Zhou Tianhao faced the yellow-faced woman in his family, the ugly and shriveled woman, who was a hundred thousand miles worse than Xiao Churan.
Xiao Churan’s looks were impeccable, and her body was even hotter, such a woman was simply the best.
Why aren’t you so blessed?
Why would such a wonderful woman marry a known loser in town?
Is her useless husband as good as she is?
Thinking of this, it was as if there were a thousand ants crawling around in Zhou Tianhao’s heart.

Chapter: 126
He felt that he hadn’t had the chance to cheat on his wife for so many years, let alone touch the extremely beautiful woman, and seeing that half of his life was over, he had still been paying public money to that disgusting yellow-faced woman.
Today was his best chance to break the chains of fate!
He wants to try Xiao Chu Ran!
Try this super beauty that all the men in town are crazy about!
Thinking of this, he smiled and said, “Oh my, Mr. Xiao, since you have this need, then we can have a good chat instead, I, Zhou Tianhao, am not as bad as you think.”
Xiao Choran thought there was a show, and hurriedly sat down and happily asked, “Mr. Zhou, are you willing to give us building materials on credit?”
Zhou Tianhao deliberately didn’t say anything through, but said vaguely, “If it was someone else, I would definitely refuse directly, but if it’s you, Mr. Xiao, then I can consider it…”
Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “Actually, we work really closely with the Dihao Group, if you give us your building materials on credit, we can give you the money immediately after the first batch is settled from Dihao.”
Zhou Tianhao nodded his head and said, “Wait for me for a moment, I’ll make a pot of tea and we’ll talk slowly.”
Saying that, he got up and went to the cupboard to take out a teapot.
As he turned his back to Xiao Choran, he put tea leaves into the pot while pulling out a box of sleeping pills from his pocket.
This box of pills was what he usually took himself, he had some insomnia recently, so the doctor gave him some powerful sleeping pills, taking one would basically allow him to sleep peacefully for a whole day.
Zhou Tianhao wanted to take the opportunity to do Xiao Churan in his office, so he put six sleeping pills into the water.
In this way, as long as Xiao Churan has a cup of tea, it’s basically the same as taking one pill.
When she gets stronger, she will still be at her own mercy?
You could have slept with her yourself first, then taken some revealing videos and photos with your phone and threatened her with that later!
As long as she Xiao Choran has the intention of calling the police, or telling others, she will threaten her and publish these photos and videos, so that she can’t hold her head up and be criticized for the rest of her life!
I believe that Xiao Choran will definitely not dare to call the police then, nor will she dare to spread the word.
At that time, she will have all the initiative!
You can always ask her to have sex with you, and if she doesn’t agree, you can threaten her with videos and photos to force her to comply!
In this way, wouldn’t it be like having a superb bubble buddy? Hahahaha, wouldn’t that be great?
The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and after making the tea, his face returned to normal and returned to sit down in front of the sofa.
As he poured a cup of tea for Xiao Churan, he said, “Mr. Xiao, don’t be anxious yet, have a cup of tea and let’s talk slowly.”
Xiao Choran didn’t think much of it, she also felt a bit dry after talking so much, so she picked up the cup of tea and took a big sip.
Zhou Tianhao was so excited!
He stared at Xiao Choran with eyes full of fire, looking at her long, straight legs, slender willow waist, perfect figure, pretty face….
This woman, really everywhere exuded charming charm, which made his heart increasingly hot.
Today was truly a heaven-sent opportunity!
The thought of enjoying this perfect woman later on made Zhou Tianhao feel like his body was on fire!

Chapter: 127
Seeing Xiao Choran drink the tea, Zhou Tianhao was so excited.
Now, all one had to do was wait for the medicinal effect to kick in!
After Xiao Choran drank a cup of tea, he soon also realized that something wasn’t quite right!
It’s like, I’m a little dizzy and heavy!
What’s going on here?
She was shocked in her heart.
Had this Zhou Tianhao drugged the tea!
At the thought of this, Xiao Choran was trembling with fear!
She tried to get up, but felt her legs were a bit weak as well.
At this rate, it would be hard to escape on her own!
Before she lost her consciousness, she quietly opened her phone, found Ye Chen’s dialog box on WeChat, and pressed the speak button.
Sending a voice here, at the same time she said to Zhou Tianhao, “Mr. Zhou, I’m feeling a bit dizzy, is there anything wrong with this tea?”
Zhou Tianhao laughed, “No problem! This tea, well, it’s top quality Bi Luo Chun, it costs over 10,000 yuan a pound, it’s delicious, would Xiao want another cup?”
Xiao Churan said, “No more drinks, Mr. Zhou, I’m a bit uncomfortable, please have someone escort me out.”
Zhou Tianhao laughed a few times cheaply and originally sat on Xiao Churan’s side, but at this time, he got up and walked next to Xiao Churan and sat down close to her.
Sizing up the uneasy Xiao Churan, Zhou Tianhao smiled and spoke, “Miss Xiao, everyone says that you are the top beauty in Jinling, and when I meet you today, you really do live up to your name, I am a great admirer!”
Xiao Churan saw him stick it to him, so he moved to the other side and shook his head, “Mr. Zhou, would you please stay away from me?”
Zhou Tianhao smiled, “What’s wrong Xiao? We’re all partners, so it wouldn’t hurt to be close, right?”
Saying that, Zhou Tianhao’s body once again pasted over to Xiao Churan’s side.
Xiao Churan still wanted to dodge again, but she had already reached the edge of the sofa, and could only shrink her body hard to prevent Zhou Tianhao from touching it.
Zhou Tianhao kept leaning towards her, and his eyes kept sizing her up, as everyone knows.
Xiao Churan’s brain is getting heavier and heavier, a loose hand, voice will be sent over to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen was doing chores at home at this time, suddenly received a voice from his wife, subconsciously opened it to listen, and suddenly the whole person’s veins bulged!
This damn Chow Tin Ho, even daring to hit on his own wife, tired of living!
He immediately pulled out his cell phone and called Chen Zhai Kai directly, saying with a black face, “Mobilize all the hands you can to the Tianhao Building Materials Group, I’m going to raze it to the ground today!”
Richard Chen asked in surprise, “Young Master, what’s wrong? This Zhou Tianhao’s wife, her family is still somewhat powerful, it’s a small family attached to us, if we rashly flatten the Tianhao Building Materials Group, we won’t be able to explain to the other little brother families.”
Ye Chen coldly asked, “That Zhou Tianhao, to violate my wife, you tell me, to flatten him, is it rash?! Huh?!”
Richard Chan was in awe!
I thought Zhou Tianhao had accidentally messed with the young master, but I didn’t think he was thinking of the young lady!
Those who dare to think such treacherous thoughts should be punished by death!
So he immediately said, “Young Master, I’ll immediately mobilize my men to rush over!”
“Yes! I’m heading there now too!”
Richard Chen immediately said, “Where are you, Young Master? I’ll send the helicopter over to pick you up, it’s faster!”

Chapter: 128
A moment later, a top heavy civilian helicopter whirred up .
Inside the helicopter, sat Richard Chen, as well as ten black-clothed experts .
His expression was extremely ugly, damn it, in this acre of land in Jinling, there were people who dared to attack the young grandmother, really looking for death!
The helicopter was extremely fast, and in a split second, it reached the upstairs of Xiao Churan’s house.
When Ye Chen rushed to the rooftop and climbed directly into the helicopter, he immediately said to Richard Chen, “Use the fastest speed to get me to the Tianhao Building Materials Group!”
At this time, at the Tianhao Building Materials Group.
Zhou Tianhao, seeing that Xiao Choran was already powerless to struggle, he laughed excitedly and immediately stretched out his hands, wanting to take Xiao Choran’s clothes off! One second to remember to read the book
At that moment, the door was suddenly kicked open by several people!
An ugly, but menacing woman rushed in with a couple of bodyguard-looking men!
Seeing that Zhou Tianhao was preparing to take off Xiao Choran’s clothes, the woman was so angry that she took off her mouth and cursed, “Zhou Tianhao! How dare you sneak food behind my back!”
Zhou Tianhao was scared out of his wits!
What’s this yellow-skinned woman doing here?
How could Zhou Tianhao know that almost everyone around him had been bribed by his wife, and every day, his wife knew exactly where he went and who came looking for him.
When she learned that Xiao Churan had come to find Zhou Tianhao, his wife was immediately wary.
Xiao Choran was famous for being a beautiful woman in Jinling, and his wife hated beautiful women the most because she was so ugly, so when she heard that Xiao Choran was coming, she immediately killed him.
Sure enough!
Upon arriving, I found out that I, the husband, was going to get it on with Chow Tin Ho!
Zhou Tianhao was scared out of his wits at this time and hurriedly said, “Wife! Honey, let me explain! It’s all because she seduced me!”
When that yellow-faced woman saw that Xiao Choran’s face was red and her clothes were a little untidy, she became furious and cursed in annoyance, “Damn it! You couple of dogs! None of you will escape today!”
Saying that, he immediately said to the bodyguards around him, “Arrest the pair of them dogs!”
A few bodyguards immediately rushed up and grabbed Zhou Tianhao firmly, and grabbed Xiao Choran’s hands behind his back.
The yellow-faced woman rushed to Zhou Tianhao first and threw her hands in front of him, slapping him several times and cursing angrily, “You son of a bitch! Our family treats you well. Without our family, you’d be eating shit out of a public toilet! How dare you betray me!”
The yellow-faced woman was shaking with anger as she said, as she pumped hard.
Zhou Tianhao was wailing from the smacking, his mouth cried, “Wife, it’s not my fault, I really can’t be blamed! It’s all because of that vixen surnamed Xiao, she seduced me!”
The yellow-faced woman coldly questioned, “Tell me exactly what’s going on!”
Zhou Tianhao hurriedly explained, “This Xiao Churan, the family had some cash outflow problems, so she wanted to come to me for 10 million building materials on credit, our factory never gives credit, you also know that I never give anyone a chance to give credit…”
At this point, Zhou Tianhao angrily pointed at Xiao Churan and cursed, “This shameless vixen, when she saw that I refused her, she said that she wanted to sleep with me, hoping that I would give her building materials on credit…”
The yellow-faced woman coldly questioned, “Then you went up and prepared to sleep with her?”
“I’m not!” Zhou Tianhao cried bitterly, “I was just confused, but nothing really happened with her!”
The yellow-faced woman was so annoyed that she stepped in front of Xiao Choran, who was already a little lost, and raised her hand and slapped her hard: “Stinking framer! If you dare to seduce my husband, I’ll kill you today! I’m not only going to kill you! And ruin your slutty face!”

Chapter: 129
The yellow-faced woman smacked Xiao Choran’s face with a slap, immediately causing Xiao Choran to sober up a bit.
She covered her face and looked at the fierce woman in front of her and subconsciously asked, “Who are you, what are you doing?”
The yellow-faced woman gritted her teeth, “What am I going to do? I’m going to beat you to death, you stinking hag!”
With that, she shouted to her bodyguard, “Where’s the knife? Give me that! I’ll cut this stinking hag’s face off!”
“Yes, my lady!”
The bodyguard immediately pulled out a sharp knife, then said respectfully, “My lady, this kind of person, don’t get your hands dirty, it’s better for me to do it!”
The yellow-faced woman raised her hand and slapped him, snatching the knife from his hand and scolding him, “Cao Nima, talking too much to me at this time?”
The bodyguard immediately knelt on the ground and said in fear, “My lady, I was wrong, I beg your forgiveness!”
The yellow-faced woman stomped him away and said angrily, “Get the hell out of my way!”
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m going to be able to do it.
Xiao Choran was trembling with fear and wanted to break free, but her body was controlled by the bodyguard, so she couldn’t move at all, and her body was so soft that she couldn’t use her strength.
Just at this critical moment, someone suddenly burst out, “Put the knife down!”
The yellow-faced woman turned around and a young man rushed in with ten men in black!
“Who are you, drafting? How dare you come into my business? Do you know who I am?”
Ye Chen gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t fucking care who you are!”
After saying that, he immediately rushed over and kicked the woman out.
Seeing Ye Chen, Xiao Choran collapsed and cried, shouting, “Hubby, save me…”
Ye Chen lucked the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, gathered all the aura in his body on his fist, and suddenly punched at the two bodyguards who tied up his wife.
These two were instantly blown out of the room and smashed right into the wall, unconscious!
Xiao Choran was no longer under control, but her legs were weak and she was directly about to fall to the ground.
Ye Chen immediately rushed up and held her in his arms, seeing that she had a slap mark on her face, his heart was dripping blood!
“Choran, don’t worry! Hubby will avenge you!”
Xiao Choran cried out in pain and hugged Ye Chen tightly, crying, “Hubby…. Hubby, take me home…”
Ye Chen patted her back and reassured her, “Don’t worry, hubby will take you home, no one can hurt you!”
Saying that, he ferried out a true qi in his hand, causing Xiao Churan to fall deeply asleep.
Ye Chen put Xiao Churan on the sofa beside him and said to Richard Chen, “Protect my wife for me!”
Richard Chen nodded and said sternly, “Don’t worry, Young Master, if there’s any damage in my hands, I’ll mention my head and see you!”
Ye Chen turned to the yellow-faced woman that he had kicked flying, grabbed her off the ground and punched her in the face, “Did you beat my wife?”
The yellow-faced woman, bloodied, cursed hoarsely, “How dare you hit me! Do you know who I am? I’ll kill you!”
With that, she shouted to the bodyguards around her, “Kill him for me! Kill him! Whoever kills him, I’ll give him a million!”
A few bodyguards were excited and immediately rushed up.
Ye Chen’s expressionless face said to Chen Zekai’s men, “Kill me! Kill without mercy!”
Several black-clothed men immediately pulled out dark pistols from their pockets and pulled the triggers on the bodyguards!
These bodyguards had never dreamed that the gang of black-clad men who had come were armed with guns!
And they’re all extremely good shots!
Every shot went straight into the skull of these bodyguards!
In a split second, all of Yellow Face’s bodyguards died horribly!
Everyone’s skulls have been blown off by bullets!
The yellow-faced woman was frightened silly by this sudden scene, “You guys…. Who are you guys?”
Ye Chen sneered, “I’m Xiao Choran’s husband!”
Zhou Tianhao, who was standing stupidly beside him, trembled with fear in his legs: “You…. You’re that door-to-door son-in-law…. You…….. How did you….”
Ye Chen smiled and asked him: “What? Are you wondering how a superfluous son-in-law of mine can have such a strong background?”
Zhou Tianhao nodded his head repeatedly.

Chapter: 130
The yellow-faced woman next to him calmed down and took off, “Told you! I’m Fung Suet! It’s the daughter of the Haicheng Feng family! Have you heard of the Feng family? Our master, the Ye family of Yanjing! If you mess with me, no matter how strong your background is, our Feng family will not spare you! The Ye family will never even spare you!”
“Oh?” Ye Chen laughed coldly and said to that yellow-faced woman, “Listen carefully, I am the son of the Yanjing Ye family! I am your master! My name is! Yeh! Tatsu!!!”
As soon as she said that, Feng Xue was struck by lightning!
She glared at Ye Chen like she saw a ghost.
“You……. You…….. You’re the young master of the Ye family? How is that possible! How could Young Master Ye be in a small place like Jinling!”
Richard Chen suddenly came over at this time and shouted, “Feng Xue! How dare you talk back to me when you’re dying? This is our young master Ye Chen of the Ye family!”
That’s when Feng Xue saw Richard Chen!
Richard Chan!
This is the Ye family’s spokesman in Jinling!
He’s also the one Dad’s been trying so hard to impress!
He….. Why was he here?
Could it be……..
Could it be……..
Could it be that this young man is really…. Is he really the Ye family’s…. Young Master?!!!?
The yellow-faced woman collapsed and knelt on the ground, kowtowing desperately, “Young Master I was wrong Young Master! Please forgive me, Master… I know I was wrong, Master! If I knew that was your wife, to death, I wouldn’t dare to touch her a finger ah young master!”
Zhou Tianhao also peed his pants in fear, he threw himself on his knees and said with tears in his voice, “Young Master, please spare me…”
Ye Chen’s expression was cold: “Plotting against my wife, and you expect me to spare you?”
Saying that, Ye Chen shouted to some black-clad men, “Shoot to break his crotch!”
A black-clothed man raised his hand without hesitation and fired.
In an instant, Zhou Tianhao’s crotch set off a blossom of blood….
His roots, broken!
Ye Chen added, “Break his spine, I want him to be paraplegic and only able to move above the neck for the rest of his life!”
The two black-clothed men from the Practitioner’s family immediately stepped forward and punched Zhou Tianhao in the location of his waistline.
Zhou Tianhao felt a sharp pain!
But the excruciating pain only lasted a second!
Next second!
Zhou Tianhao felt completely numb below his neck!
Wouldn’t that mean you’d have to live your whole life lying down? Not even the ability to roll over! Not even the ability to control his bowels!
Life is worse than death, isn’t it a living death?
Zhou Tianhao’s entire body was so desperate that he wanted to run himself to death, but he didn’t even have the ability to run himself to death at this point!
The black-clothed man looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Young Master, how do we deal with this yellow-faced woman?”
Ye Chen said with a cold face, “Same! Let them two be a couple of living dead!”
Feng Xue was frightened, grabbing her hair and screaming nonstop, yelling for mercy.
But Ye Chen would not give her a chance.
If she dared to touch her own backbone, there was only one way to die!
It’s so cheap to shoot them in the head!
The best way to end up in life is to die!

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