The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1411-1420

Chapter: 1411
Ye Chen was indeed very disgusted with Yamamoto Kazuki, but one of them said one, and the other said two. His impression of Ito Nanako is still very good.
Although Ito Nanako has practiced martial arts for many years, she can still see the tenderness in her bones, and she is a rare sensible girl.
Shi Tianqi heard him and said immediately: “I know Master Ye, don’t worry, if she comes back next time, I will do my best to treat guests.”
“Well, that’s enough.” Ye Chen said, “After doing Lao Shi, I’m almost home, so I won’t tell you anymore.”
“Good Master Ye.”
After hanging up Shi Tianqi’s phone, Ye Chen drove into the Tomson Yipin Villa area.
Seeing that he was about to reach his door, Ye Chen gradually slowed down.
At this moment, a figure suddenly flashed out from one side, blocking his car.
Ye Chen braked the car and stopped, and when he looked up, he found that the person standing in front of his car was actually Ito Nanako!
He couldn’t help wondering. Remember the URL
Why is this Japanese woman here?
Ito Nanako’s strength is indeed very good among ordinary people, so it is not surprising that she can get the first grade of Tomson.
However, Ye Chen was curious, what did this Japanese woman do for herself?
At this time, Nanako Ito stood in front of Ye Chen’s BMW car and did not speak, but bowed deeply to him with a humble face.
Ye Chen helplessly pushed the door and got out of the car. He came to her and asked, “Miss Ito, what are you doing here?”
Ito Nanako raised her head, looking at Ye Chen with a nervous expression. After hesitating for a while, she suddenly bent her legs and knelt in front of him, begging: “Mr. Ye, I beg you to save my master!”
“Save him?” Ye Chen asked amused: “He has all his meridians severed. Why do you think I can save him?”
Nanako Ito said confidently: “I believe in my own judgment. I believe you can save my master. He is certainly wrong, but that’s not the fault!”
Ye Chen sneered: “This is not the fault? You must know that he insulted today, not me, but all the children of China. Why do you think he was not wrong? I will not mention how much Japan left to the Chinese people. Hurts and scars are completely inexcusable just for the words Sick Man of East Asia!”
Nanako Ito said with shame: “You are right. I know those four words are very inappropriate, but my master himself is an old man in his twilight years. Now because of these four words, you will make him useless for the rest of his life. , This is really too cruel, right? And, your subordinates engraved those four characters on his forehead. He has already endured inhuman torture and insult, so please raise your hand and let him go.. ….”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Miss Ito, let me give you a piece of advice.”
Ito Nanako didn’t understand why Ye Chen wanted to give herself a piece of advice, so she hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, please tell me, I’ll listen!”
Ye Chen said: “You should return to Japan and find a good man to marry. From now on, you will be a husband and a child. Don’t try to practice martial arts anymore, let alone hope to be able to make a difference in martial arts. breakthrough.”
Nanako Ito looked at him and asked unconvincingly: “Mr. Ye, do you despise my strength? Although I am not worth mentioning in front of you, I have at least won the championship of two world college competitions, better than most people. Is it much better?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Your strength is indeed very good among people your age, but your mentality is not suitable for martial arts.”

Chapter: 1412
Nanako Ito frowned and said, “I would like to ask Mr. Ye to make it clear!”
Ye Chen said: “First of all, the martial arts must first cultivate the mind, then the body, and then the skill.”
“In other words, the importance of mood is greater than physical fitness and martial arts.”
“Whether you practice fighting, Sanda, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is your heart!”
Ito Nanako asked puzzledly: “My heart? What happened to my heart?”
Ye Chen snorted coldly, and condescendingly scolded: “Your heart is full of women’s benevolence, full of gambling, no open-mindedness, no calmness, and no wolfishness!”
“Wolfness?!” Ito Nanako’s expression tightened and exclaimed, “What do you mean? What is wolfness?”
Ye Chen said: “The so-called wolf nature is the tenacity and cruelty. If a wolf’s companion is caught by a hunter, the wolf will only try to save it, and will not try to beg the hunter to spare it!”
“If a wolf’s companion is injured, it will not lie next to it and whimper. It will show its fangs to avenge the companion. If it is beaten, it will be beaten. If it is not beaten, it will try its courage and find a suitable opportunity to fight again!”
“However, a qualified wolf, in any case, will never beg for mercy in front of the enemy! If it is just a husky, no matter how big and powerful it is, it will not be a wolf’s opponent.” Remember to read a book for a second.
“So, you are not a qualified warrior at all!”
Ito Nanako asked angrily: “Why do you say that I am unqualified?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “I said you were unqualified because you made three mistakes!”
“One of the mistakes! You lack the tolerance to bet!”
“Your master bet fair with me. The outcome is your own responsibility. Even your master is willing to gamble and accept the consequences of failure. As his apprentice, you can’t accept it. You even come to me and ask if If you lose your bet, do you shame and refuse to admit defeat?
Nanako Ito was flushed with his reprimand, and she didn’t know what to do for a while.
Ye Chen continued: “The second mistake! As a warrior, although your body is strong, your heart is extremely weak. This proves that you are not worthy of being a warrior from the bottom of your heart! In my eyes, a warrior is a brave man who dares to fight and break You are not afraid of a dead wolf, and although you have the body and fangs of a wolf, in your bones, you are a poor Teddy dog!”
When Nanako Ito heard this, tears burst into her eyes.
And Ye Chen continued.
“The third mistake! A warrior should be like a warrior who regards death as home. On the battlefield, his head can be broken, blood can flow, and integrity should not be lost! And you? You came to me and begged for mercy, on the real battlefield, would you also be down on the enemy? Kneel to beg for mercy? Would you also beg the other side to show mercy and let you go?”
“A warrior who kneels down to the enemy begging for mercy is definitely not a qualified fighter. Therefore, I said you are not a qualified warrior. Are you half wronged?!”
“What you are doing now has tainted the word martial artist! Therefore, I advise you not to practice martial arts anymore, you are not worthy!”
“Since you have such a benevolence as a woman, go back to be a good wife, a good mother, and a good woman. I believe you must perform better than a warrior in these roles!”
After Ye Chen’s unrelenting reprimand, Ito Nanako’s emotions collapsed instantly and she cried bitterly.

Chapter: 1413
Ye Chen’s words let Ito Nanako understand that she had never been a qualified martial artist.
Even though I have ever won a world championship, even if I have been a top young master in the world, I still don’t understand the soul of martial arts.
Seeing her crying with pear blossoms and rain, the whole person almost collapsed, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sighed and said: “Excuse me, what I said just now is a little heavier, but I hope you can understand what is the real martial arts soul! ”
Ito Nanako raised her head, and Jin stared at Ye Chen with big red eyes. She knelt on the ground with her legs bent and said with tears: “Nanako also asks Mr. Ye to make it clear, and I beg Mr. Ye to order it!”
Ye Chen didn’t stretch out his hand to help her, but said seriously: “The soul of martial arts is not in the level of strength, but the strength of the heart!”
“He has a strong heart, even if he is a useless person, he does not live up to the martial arts spirit. For example, your master, although he is defiant and conceited, he can at least bear the consequences of failure. From this point of view, he is indeed much better than you. !”
Nanako Ito said sadly, “Master even tried to commit suicide today. I believe that if his hands can still be used, he will definitely choose to commit suicide…”
Ye Chen nodded: “Then this proves that although he is very weak, he is still very strong in his heart. From the bottom of his heart, he has not lived up to the identity of a martial artist, and you…”
Having said that, Ye Chen glanced at Ito Nanako up and down, and said seriously: “For now, you are really not suitable for martial arts practice. Let me give you a piece of advice. After this competition, go back to Japan and go to your university. After graduating from university, you can take a postgraduate entrance examination for further studies, or get married and have children as soon as possible, and live the lives of ordinary people.
Nanako Ito said with a red eye and earnestly said: “But…but I really don’t want to give up martial arts!” First URL
Ye Chen said lightly: “Since you don’t want to give up, then you have to find a way to strengthen your heart.”
Nanako Ito asked, “Mr. Ye, I…how can I become stronger inside?”
Ye Chen said: “It’s very simple. First of all, you must start with your master. First confess his fate for him, which is the first step to a strong heart; to avenge him is the second step to a strong heart.
Ito Nanako hurriedly waved his hand: “Mr. Ye, I never thought of avenging Master… Nanako knew that she was far from your opponent, and also knew that Master’s ending today, no wonder you…”
“Yeah.” Ye Chen nodded approvingly, and said seriously: “Since you know that you can’t blame me for this, then it proves that you have made a little progress. This matter is entirely your master’s own fault. So I advise you not to You need to put too much psychological pressure on yourself. If you think he is pitiful, you can take good care of him after returning to Japan.”
Ito Nanako nodded repeatedly: “Master Ye, Nanako understands!”
Ye Chen said: “Well, it’s okay if you understand, it’s okay, it’s not too early, you’d better go back early.”
Ito Nanako hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye, Nanako has one more question to ask you…”
Ye Chen: “You said.”
Ito Nanako asked, “Mr. Ye, is it possible for you to accept Nanako as a disciple?”
Ye Chen said decisively: “It’s impossible.”
“Why?” Ito Nanako hurriedly asked him: “Is it because of my lack of qualifications, or because I am a Japanese?”
Ye Chen didn’t conceal his words, and said straightforwardly: “The main reason is that you are a Japanese. The Chinese have taught the Japanese so much for thousands of years, but the Japanese don’t know how to be grateful, and even In the past two to three centuries in modern times, I have repeatedly made enemies with China and even harmed the Chinese people. As the saying goes, I will gain a wisdom from a ditch. Therefore I will never pass the Chinese martial arts to a Japanese woman.”
Nanako Ito lost her heart instantly.
For the first time, she felt ashamed because she was a Japanese.

Chapter: 1414
So, she hurriedly put her hands on the ground, bowed her head and said: “Mr. Ye, Nanako apologizes to you and the Chinese people for all Japanese who have hurt the Chinese people. I’m sorry! Nanako will do her best to repay Japan’s debt for the rest of her life!”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “Okay, this account may never be clear. I am very pleased if you have this heart.”
After speaking, he reached out to support Ito Nanako and said: “You have two more matches to play next. Go back and prepare well. As Qin Aoxue’s coach, I am still looking forward to seeing you two meet in the finals. So in the next semi-finals, you must play well. Only after successfully qualifying for the final can you meet Qin Aoxue in the final.”
Ito Nanako said firmly: “Mr. Ye, please rest assured, Nanako will definitely go all out to meet Qin Aoxue in the final!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction: “Then see you in the final.”
After all, Ye Chen turned back to the BMW car and drove the BMW into his Tomson Yipin Villa.
Ito Nanako looked at the direction behind the car for a long time, until Ye Chen disappeared, she was still standing where she was, touching for about ten minutes.
At this moment, deep in her heart, a strong admiration for Ye Chen suddenly emerged.
It turns out that a man like Ye Chen is the real martial arts master.
Deep down, she made a comparison between the two. Remember the URL
In contrast, although his master was firm enough in his heart, his strength and personality were far worse than Ye Chen.
Especially the rebellious and blind self-confidence of Master before, thinking that he is already a top expert, and proactively provoking Ye Chen. From this point, it can be seen that Master’s mentality has lost more than 100,000 compared to Ye Chen. Eight thousand miles.
Ye Chen’s strength was incredible, but before he really took the shot, he couldn’t see any arrogance or arrogance at all.
From an objective point of view, the teacher who put the words of the sick man in East Asia on his lips at that time was like a clown.
And Ye Chen’s words were not wrong at all. The reason why the master would end up like this was to get a hammer.
At this moment, her adoration and admiration for Ye Chen was like a nuclear bomb that broke out in an instant, and in an instant, it had an extremely powerful influence deep in her heart.
So that she was full of Ye Chen’s figure, lingering.
The ears were filled with Ye Chen’s sonorous and powerful reprimands. To her, it was simply an initiation.
Jiro Kobayashi waited for a long time outside the door of Tomson Yipin, only to see the desperate Ito Nanako walking slowly.
He hurriedly got out of the car and asked, “Miss Nainazi, have you seen Ye Chen?”
Nanako Ito nodded, and whispered absent-mindedly, “See… I saw it.”
Kobayashi Jiro was busy and asked again: “Then he promised to help Mr. Yamamoto?”
Ito Nanako shook her head and muttered softly as if talking to herself: “This matter is because I think wrong and think too much. I shouldn’t give up the soul of the warrior and come to Mr. Ye to save people…Master His old man is a qualified warrior, a qualified warrior, who must have the courage to face his own destiny…”
“And I…Since I want to be a qualified warrior, I also have the courage to face the fate of others…”

Chapter: 1415
This night, Nanako Ito stayed up all night.
She kept thinking about what Ye Chen said to herself, somehow, after thinking more, she suddenly felt that she must not give up martial arts!
Even, I must work harder and harder, and I must make Ye Chen admire myself!
Perhaps Ye Chen would never accept himself as a disciple, but he must use practical actions to tell him that he would become a qualified warrior!
Jiro Kobayashi, who has always wanted to pursue Ito Nanako, has not been able to sleep for a long time.
While he couldn’t wait to take Ito Nanako, he also looked forward to the next advertising campaign by Kobayashi Weisan in China.
Because Kobayashi’s Weisan was the title sponsor of the final session, now is a good opportunity for Kobayashi’s Weisan to promote it.
Moreover, what Kobayashi Jiro did not expect was that Chinese player Qin Aoxue turned out to be a dark horse in this game!
For him, because he wants to open up the Chinese market, he very much hopes that Chinese players can achieve excellent results in this game.
Because, the more so, the Chinese audience will pay more attention to this game. Remember to read in one second
It is best if the Chinese players can win the championship, and the influence of this game will become very big in China. Then, Xiaolin Weisan can take this opportunity to carry forward in China.
However, he did not dare to expect Chinese players to win the championship before, after all, among the top five seeded players in this game, there are no Chinese players.
However, it now appears that Qin Aoxue has the posture of counterattack to win the championship, which is definitely an unexpected good result for herself.
As for Ito Nanako, Jiro Kobayashi didn’t want her to win.
First, if the winner of this game is a Japanese player and sponsored by a Japanese company, it is likely to cause a certain degree of resistance from the Chinese audience.
Secondly, Jiro Kobayashi wanted to wait for Ito Nanako to marry her after graduating from university. If she wins this game, she must prepare for the Olympics next. If she wins the next Olympics championship, It will definitely take advantage of the peak state to prepare for the next Olympics.
In this way, the marriage must become insignificant in the eyes of Ito Nanako.
Therefore, if Ito Nanako loses the game, then abandons martial arts, abandons the Olympics, and marries herself willingly, and then teaches her son, that is the best result for herself.
If Qin Aoxue can win this game and arouse the attention and pride of the whole of China, then Xiaolin Weisan will surely be able to use this game to successfully spread across the country.
In that way, at least tens of billions of profits will be brought to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical every year, which will enable Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to quickly recover its vitality and set foot on a new peak!
This is the result that Kobayashi Jiro wants most!
The next day.
Gu Qiuyi started filming an advertisement for Jiuxuanweisan in the studio of a film and television base in Jinling.
When shooting the commercial, Ye Chen came to the film and television base to visit.
In fact, he didn’t want to come at all.
However, because his wife, Xiao Churan, really wanted to see the whole process of Gu Qiuyi shooting the commercial with her own eyes, she pestered herself to bring her over.
Although Gu Qiuyi was quite dissatisfied with Ye Chen’s behavior in bringing his wife to visit the class, in general, Ye Chen’s presence here still made her feel very happy.
Advertising shooting is relatively simple. After shooting the material for a day, the shooting is basically done.

Chapter: 1416
Xiao Churan couldn’t stay in the film and television base all the time because he still had to work, so halfway through the shooting, he went to his studio first, leaving Ye Chen and Wei Liang on the scene.
After the advertisement was shot, the staff of the advertising company immediately took the materials back to do the post work, while Ye Chen and Wei Liang once again hosted a banquet in Shangri-La to entertain Gu Qiuyi and Chen Duoduo.
After all, Gu Qiuyi is a top star in China, so her work arrangements are still very busy. Because this Spring Festival, she was invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala and has a solo show, so she has to rush back to Yanjing, the first time to participate in the Spring Festival Gala. Official dress rehearsal.
The stars who can be on the Spring Festival Gala are all top domestic stars. Because the attention of the Spring Festival Gala is too high, many big stars have sharpened their heads and want to drill in.
In order to be on the Spring Festival Gala, many big stars are even willing to take a guest role in the skit program. Some singers, in order to be on the Spring Festival Gala, do not hesitate to sing a song together with several people.
The reason why the price is lowered is that the Spring Festival Gala is so popular.
In fact, in the Spring Festival Gala, there are too few people who can sing a song by themselves. Those who can get this kind of treatment are generally the Queen of Heaven.
I wanted to sing a solo song “Legend” when Wang Tianhou paid. This song became popular all night after she sang it. It also allowed the Queen to make a perfect high-profile comeback and make a fortune.
This is enough to see the influence of the Spring Festival Gala.
Gu Qiuyi, as a film star mainly engaged in filming, can have a solo show on the Spring Festival Evening, which can be said to be a super high standard treatment, and fans all over the country are also very concerned about her performance this Spring Festival Gala. First URL
But Gu Qiuyi herself couldn’t bear to leave Jinling so soon.
She finally met, and she was struggling to find Ye Chen’s brother for more than ten years. Naturally, she hoped to stay with him for a few more days.
However, as the Spring Festival Gala is a party that the people of the whole country are very concerned about, Gu Qiuyi did not dare to take it lightly, so she could only decide to fly back tomorrow morning, and focus on preparing for the Spring Festival Gala in the next time.
At the dinner table, Gu Qiuyi asked Ye Chen again: “Brother Ye Chen, I will leave tomorrow and cannot stay with you. Are you sure you will come to Yanjing next week to see my father and me?”
“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded and promised earnestly: “I will definitely go next week when I finish handling the matter at hand.”
Gu Qiuyi smiled happily and said, “Then I will go back tomorrow and wait for you in Yanjing!”
Ye Chen smiled: “Then let’s see Yanjing.”
“Brother Ye Chen, can you come to the airport tomorrow to see me off?”
“Then it’s settled!”
It just so happens that the international college student Sanda competition will start tomorrow in the semi-finals.
Qin Aoxue will face an Australian player in the game, and Ito Nanako will face an American player.
If Qin Aoxue wins, then she will meet the winner of another game in the final to fight for the championship.
Ye Chen was very confident in Qin Aoxue, and with her current strength, she believed she would definitely be able to win a championship.
However, Ye Chen also hopes that Ito Nanako can beat the American player in tomorrow’s game, and then compete with Qin Aoxue for the championship in the final.
In fact, this competition is not fair to Ito Nanako.
Originally, she was definitely able to win the championship, but she helped Qin Aoxue greatly improve her physical fitness with aura and magical medicine, and instantly reborn her, which is equivalent to having to take it from Ito Nanako’s hands. The champion’s medal was grabbed.
Because of the good impression of Ito Nanako, he hoped that Ito Nanako would win a silver medal.
After all, this Japanese girl is very obsessed with martial arts and is also very hard in training. She has been practicing hard since she was very young. Even if she can’t win the championship, she will at least get a runner-up.

Chapter: 1417
The next day.
Gu Qiuyi’s plane took off at 8:30 in the morning.
The semi-finals of the Sanda competition starts at ten o’clock in the morning.
Therefore, Ye Chen planned to send Gu Qiuyi off first, and then go to the gym to watch Qin Aoxue’s game.
Early in the morning, Ye Chen went to Xiao Changkun, his father-in-law, and said to him, “Dad, do you use the car in the morning? If you don’t need it, let me drive. I have something to do in the morning.”
Xiao Changkun chuckled and said, “In the morning, on behalf of our Calligraphy and Painting Association, I will go to the University for the Elderly to give a lecture on the appraisal of antiques.”
With that said, Xiao Changkun gave Ye Chen a look, which means “you know”.
Ye Chen realized instantly.
It must have been the last time the senior college and the Calligraphy and Painting Association had an event. The old man met with Han Meiqing. It happened that his mother-in-law didn’t suspect him, so the old man wanted to take this opportunity to increase contact with Han Meiqing.
This time I went to the university for the elderly to give a lecture. Needless to say, I could guess that he must be heading for Han Meiqing. Remember the URL
At this moment, Ma Lan just walked downstairs. Hearing this, he contemptuously curled his lips: “What kind of calligraphy and calligraphy is learned all the time?
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “You know what a fart! I am now the standing director of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, but President Pei said that the next time the association changes, I will recommend me to be the vice president. At that time, I will be in Jinling Antiques. In the literary play circle, he is also the number one character!”
Ma Lan snorted coldly: “Don’t rectify those useless. It’s a good idea to get some money back. Before you join the Calligraphy and Painting Association, you can still make a difference in the price of antiques and other things. How come after you join the Calligraphy and Painting Association , I never heard that you made money from antiques? Did you hide your private money behind my back?”
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “Ma Lan, don’t forget, we are separated now, and after you lost all the money last time, we have agreed that I will take care of the money in this family, so you have no I am qualified!”
Ma Lan gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, my surname is Xiao. Isn’t he good at it? You really think that you are separated from me, so I can’t do anything about you? Believe it or not, I won’t do anything today, so I will go to your painting and calligraphy. The association, have a fight with you in front of all of you? I want to see if you have any face then, continue to stay in the Calligraphy and Painting Association!”
After that, Ma Lan was puzzled, and continued: “Going once is not enough. My old lady will give you a monthly package. Go to your Calligraphy and Painting Association twenty or thirty times a month, so you are satisfied!”
Xiao Changkun was scared to pee at once.
He knew Ma Lan’s temper. If she said that, she would definitely be able to do it.
Now that I finally have a certain position in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and with the name of the Calligraphy and Calligraphy Association, I have had a little more contact with Han Meiqing. How can Ma Lan go to do such a sabotage?
She was a shrew with a pungent temperament, and now she has lost two front teeth, it seems that it is really stubborn and stubborn, she can’t let her go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association to lose her face!
More importantly, if she is eyeing the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and then follow through to find out that Han Meiqing has returned to China and she has more contact with Han Meiqing, then she will definitely make trouble with the Calligraphy and Calligraphy Association and the University for the Elderly. !

Chapter: 1418
So he hurriedly admitted to counseling and said to Ma Lan: “You, don’t solve everything through trouble, okay?”
Ma Lan said coldly: “You have said that this family is yours, I am not qualified to control, then I will not make trouble, what will I use to establish my position in this family?”
Xiao Changkun voluntarily surrendered and said: “I said the wrong thing. You are qualified to manage it, right?”
Ma Lan said triumphantly: “Since you said that I am qualified, then I must exercise my qualifications and powers now, Xiao Changkun, tell me the truth, how much money do you have now? Are you carrying it? Me, didn’t you tell me that Danteng Antique made money?”
Xiao Changkun said with a sad look: “I’m making money for a fart! Let me tell you the truth, I don’t have any money for fart now, and the Calligraphy and Painting Association can’t make any money at all. , But now I don’t have such a good opportunity. I recently bought a few cheap calligraphy and paintings, all of which were sold. One painting was bought for thousands of dollars, but I found that all of them were not worth even 100 dollars Crafts.”
As he said, Xiao Changkun sighed and said regretfully, “That Zhang Ermao didn’t know where he went recently. He used to find him and he always helped me sell things at a good price. Now I want to find him, but he can’t find it. It’s as if the world has evaporated.”
Ye Chen felt a bit funny after listening.
In order to please himself, that Zhang Ermao had collected a few pieces of rubbish from the old man at a high price, and the money was pure compensation.
If we keep on like this, billions of dollars will not be enough for the old man.
So he naturally tried to avoid the old man. Remember to read in one second
Lao Zhangren wants to find him now, it must be as difficult as heaven.
Ma Lan didn’t believe him, and said coldly: “Come on, open all your mobile banking, Alipay, and WeChat wallets, and let me see the balance!”
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “Why are you still checking my account? When you lost all of the family’s money, I asked you to show me the balance, but you didn’t show me the balance. Why do you let me now? Show you the balance?”
Ma Lan said angrily, “Okay, don’t you show it? If you don’t show it, I will go to your painting and calligraphy association to scold the street after a while! I, Ma Lan, do what I say!”
Xiao Changkun was scared, and hurriedly said, “Good, good, I’ll show it to you!”
After that, I opened the bank account, Alipay account, and WeChat wallet account one by one, and showed Ma Lan.
After Ma Lan finished reading, she was immediately disappointed: “Xiao Changkun, how did you mess with it? Bank cards, Alipay, WeChat add up to only 10,000 yuan, you are a 50-year-old man, you are so poor. So, are you ashamed?”
Xiao Changkun’s face turned red and white, and he said angrily: “You have the fucking face to say? I’m the one who has saved all my life and let you lose. Otherwise, how could I be so poor!”
A flash of embarrassment flashed on Ma Lan’s expression, but she quickly became tough again: “It’s your man’s duty to go out to make money. Since the family’s money is gone, you should go out and find a way to make money! Just this is a shit calligraphy and painting association all day long. How about an egg? Why don’t you find a restaurant and serve someone else’s plates, and you can earn two or three thousand for less than a month!”
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “Ma Lan, I am the standing director of the Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association anyway! You asked me to serve the plate by a standing director?”
“What kind of shit standing director? Not making money is worse than shit!” Ma Lan yelled angrily: “I tell you, when my legs are better and my teeth are set, I go out to party with friends, play cards, Make faces, eat, and sing. You all have to spend money on these things. Recently, you quickly figured out a way to make money for me. Otherwise, I will have no money to go out and play, so I will pester you every day!”

Chapter: 1419
Xiao Changkun’s eyes were red with anger.
He has absolutely no countermeasures against Ma Lan’s tactics.
Therefore, there is a great feeling in his heart that a talented person meets soldiers and is unreasonable.
Ye Chen said at this time: “It’s OK, you two should stop quarreling early in the morning.”
When Ma Lan saw Ye Chen speak, she wilted.
If Ye Chen dared to interrupt when he scolded Xiao Changkun before, then he would point to Ye Chen’s nose and scold him bloody.
But now it’s not what it used to be. Feng Shui has taken turns. Now he has no money. Ye Chen bought this villa again, so Ye Chen has the biggest weight in this house.
In order not to be driven out by Ye Chen, she could only do her best to please Ye Chen and not let Ye Chen get angry.
As a result, she gave Xiao Changkun a vicious look, and said angrily: “If it weren’t for a good son-in-law to speak for you, I would definitely never finish talking to you today! For the sake of a good son-in-law’s face, I will spare you once!”
With that, she looked at Ye Chen with a smile, and asked, “Good son-in-law, do you want mom to cook you a meal this morning?”
Ye Chen asked in surprise: “You can cook?”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Look at what you said, before you entered our house, we were all cooking in our house, so let me bring you a tomato that I know best for making noodles. I will go to our house later. Pick fresh tomatoes from your vegetable garden!”
Since the last time Ye Chen made a vegetable garden at home. They also used double-glazed glass for the entire vegetable garden to form a sun room as a whole.
And heating equipment is installed inside, so that even if it is winter, the vegetable garden is still warm as spring.
This effect is much better than real vegetable greenhouses, and many fruits and vegetables are growing very well.
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan have been married for almost 4 years, and he has never eaten a meal cooked by his mother-in-law.
Seeing his mother-in-law volunteered to make tomatoes and noodles, he was also happy and nodded and said: “Since mom is cooking, then I won’t intervene, but I have something to go out in the morning. If it is slow, it may be too late. ”
Ma Lan smiled: “You don’t have to worry about anything, mom will do it, and it will be done in 20 minutes at most!”
After speaking, he immediately went out to pick tomatoes in the vegetable garden.
After picking the tomatoes, Ma Lan hurried into the kitchen and started cooking.
After Xiao Churan finished washing, he came down to find that it was his mother who was cooking in the kitchen, and was stunned.
For several years, she has never seen her mother go to the kitchen again, and this is really the first time since she married Ye Chen.

Chapter: 1420
So she asked Ye Chen in a low voice: “What’s wrong with mom? How did she go to the kitchen to cook?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Mom said she wanted me to taste her craftsmanship, saying that she wanted to make tomato noodles.”
Xiao Churan sighed with emotion: “My mother, my mother took the initiative to cook. This is really coming out of the sun hitting the west. It seems that she has lost her way.”
What Ye Chen was thinking at this time was not the four words to know when he was lost, but the old saying of “nothing to do, no evil or steal”.
So he guessed that Ma Lan, the mother-in-law, must have been asking for herself, otherwise she would never be able to take the initiative to cook.
Sure enough, when he arrived at the dinner table, Ma Lan personally served Ye Chen noodles, and smiled and said to him: “Good son-in-law, there is something else I want to ask you, I wonder if you can agree?”
Ye Chen said, “Mom, if you have anything, just say it. There is something reasonable and reasonable within my ability, and I won’t refuse.”
Ma Lan immediately smiled attentively: “This is how my good son-in-law is. Mom recently discovered. The whole person seems to be a lot older than before. Not to mention the wrinkles appearing on this face, the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes are becoming more and more obvious. Time is really not forgiving!”
After speaking, she looked at Ye Chen with a smile: “Mom recently heard that this foreign country has an anti-aging cosmetic made of high-end caviar. It is said that its anti-aging effect is particularly good. Many well-known stars use it. To prevent aging, mom wants you to buy a set for mom.”
When Xiao Churan heard this, he blurted out exclaimed: “Mom! The set of cosmetics you mentioned costs more than 100,000 yuan! What are the conditions of our family, you let Ye Chen buy you such expensive cosmetics? I gave you before. Isn’t it enough to buy a set of Estee Lauder for thousands of dollars?” Remember the URL http://m.
Ma Lan blurted out: “Don’t talk about your Estee Lauder, I suspect that my wrinkles are used for it.”
Xiao Churan became angry: “Mom! Estee Lauder is already pretty good, I can’t bear to use it myself! Go to our bathroom to see what I use. They are all domestic brands and ordinary imported brands, like Estee Lauder. I am not willing to use such a big name at all.”
Ma Lan hummed: “You are young! Young people are fine even if they don’t need anything, but I’m old! If you don’t take care of it, you will become a yellow-faced woman! Look at your dad, now you’re already disgusted. I am, separated from me, and kept saying that I want to divorce me. If I don’t pay attention anymore, if your dad abandons me in the future, how can any man want me!?”
Xiao Churan was speechless.
She was angry and felt that there was nothing to say to her mother, and she couldn’t reason with her, so she said to Ye Chen: “Don’t listen to my mother, don’t buy it for her!”
Ma Lan burst into tears aggrieved: “Your dad treated me badly, and your grandma treated me even more badly, but I never dreamed that you are my relatives and even you are not good to me. !”
Xiao Churan blurted out: “Mom, how can you say that? It would be bad for you if you don’t buy you more than 100,000 sets of cosmetics? How can there be such a reason!”
Ma Lan cried: “I don’t care. I just want to be younger and don’t grow old so fast. I’m already so miserable. I really can’t look at myself more and more like a yellow-faced woman!”
Ye Chen patted Xiao Churan’s hand at this time, and said lightly: “Well, my wife, don’t be angry. Mom’s words make sense. Everyone has a love for beauty, and Mom definitely has this need.”
Ma Lan nodded again and again, and patted a flattering: “My son-in-law is the best! He knows me best!”
Ye Chen went on to say at this moment: “I happen to have a friend who is in the cosmetics import business. I will ask him when I turn around. It just so happens that he still wants to find me to show him the new storefront for Feng Shui. Then I will let him get two sets. Give me cosmetics to cover the cost of Feng Shui.”
When Ma Lan heard this, she said with excitement: “Really? Oh my good son-in-law, you are really mom’s good son-in-law! Mom didn’t expect that after experiencing the warmth and cold in the world, she finally realized that the son-in-law is the best It’s worth relying on. Other mothers-in-laws, brothers-in-laws, husbands, and even daughters will lose their chains at critical times!”

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