The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1421-1430

Chapter: 1421
In fact, Ma Lan didn’t want to be Ye Chen’s dog licking.
But her current situation is too embarrassing.
Without the financial power of the family, he was almost impoverished and penniless, and this luxurious Tomson First-Class villa was still under the name of Ye Chen and had nothing to do with him.
More importantly, since losing more than 2 million yuan in the game by Qian Hongyan last time, Ma Lan also knows that her current family status is relatively low, and even Xiao Changkun, who has always been drunk by herself, also talks to herself. I turned my face and beat myself. In this case, I really didn’t have any arrogant capital.
So Ma Lan knew that now he could only be a human being with his tail clipped, and he had to please Ye Chen a lot, otherwise, if Ye Chen turned his face with him that day and drove him out, it would be over.
Besides, Ye Chen was still willing to ask her about expensive cosmetics, so she immediately complimented her.
Xiao Churan didn’t expect that Ye Chen would take the initiative to ask his mother about cosmetics. He felt helpless, so he asked Ye Chen, “Husband, why haven’t I heard that you have friends in the cosmetics business?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Since I started to show Feng Shui to others, my social circle has become wider and wider. How else could I know Wei Liang, the boss of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical? If it wasn’t because I knew Wei Liang, you too I have no chance to eat with a big star like Gu Qiuyi, right?”
Xiao Churan nodded lightly, and sighed: “Hey, if you don’t owe someone to your family, it’s better not to owe it. There are hundreds of thousands of caviar anti-aging cosmetics, which is really too much for a family like us It’s extravagant, no need…”
Ma Lan was anxious, and said hurriedly: “Oh girl! Who said it was unnecessary? My son-in-law Ye Chen didn’t say that it was unnecessary. Don’t talk nonsense here!” Remember to read for a second,
After finishing speaking, he looked at Ye Chen busy again, and said with a smile: “Ye Chen! Mom’s old face depends on you, otherwise, if your dad always abandons in the future and really wants to divorce me, I When the time comes, people will be old and yellow, and the happiness of this life will be gone!”
Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan at this time: “Churan, don’t care about the price too much. After all, I can convert the price into service by looking at the Feng Shui matter, without us actually spending money.”
“That’s right!” Ma Lan immediately said with a smile: “My son-in-law has the ability. If your mother can live in Tomson first grade, it is all thanks to your blessing! I think mother will have to It’s all up to you.”
After finishing speaking, I still don’t forget one sentence with emotion: “I said that a son-in-law is half a son, I didn’t believe it before, but now I really believe it!”
Xiao Churan was stunned as he watched from the side.
I never dreamed that the mother, who had always been so harsh on Ye Chen, would actually hold him into a flower.
So she had to say to Ye Chen: “Then you can grasp it yourself, I don’t know what to say.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then I will go find him today.”
Ye Chen actually has no friends who make cosmetics. He had already made up his mind when he said that. When he finished his business today, he would buy two sets of cosmetics like Ma Lan said, one set for his mother-in-law and the other , Naturally to his wife.
The reason why he wanted to give Ma Lan was because of Ma Lan’s current attitude, which made him feel refreshed.
What do men want?
Except for the beloved woman, isn’t it about status and face?
He Ye Chen is also the Master Ye respected by everyone in Jinling’s upper class, but he has always been instructed by Ma Lan at home.
Seeing the face of his wife Xiao Churan, Ye Chen could only endure her forever, but it was better now, Ma Lan finally bowed down to her.
Anyway, what she has now is money. If Ma Lan treats herself respectfully and stubbornly every day, she will not care about giving her a small profit.

Chapter: 1422
When Ma Lan heard this, he said with great gratitude: “Good son-in-law! You are really the best son-in-law in the world. It is a blessing for mom to get a son-in-law like you…”
The old man on the side sighed again and again. He knew that his son-in-law Ye Chen had some skills. Since he said he would get cosmetics for Ma Lan, he would surely get it.
However, he felt a little uncomfortable when he thought that Ma Lan was about to use more than 100,000 sets of cosmetics.
At this time, Ye Chen just said to him: “By the way, dad, do you use the car today? I have something to do today. If you don’t use the car, can you lend me the car?”
Ye Chen will go to the airport to see Gu Qiuyi right away, and then rush to the Jinling Gymnasium. It is indeed inconvenient if there is no car.
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “In this way, you can drive me to the university for the elderly later. There will be a working meal there at noon, so I won’t come back to eat at noon. I will take a taxi and come back by myself after I finish busy in the afternoon.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then let’s eat quickly, and let’s set off when we finish eating.”
Xiao Changkun: “Good!”
Ma Lan’s cooking skills are average.
However, tomato noodles do not require much technical content. First URL
So she can barely eat this meal.
Ye Chen and Zhang Changkun Xiao Changkun finished their meal and drove away in a hurry.
Ye Chen just drove Lao Zhangren’s BMW out of the house, and Lao Zhangren said with emotion: “Oh, Ye Chen, you are so stupid! Why do you promise Ma Lan that stinky lady to give her such expensive skin care? Pin! You don’t even look at it, she’s also worthy of the compelling one?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Dad, it’s only a few hundred thousand. It’s not a big deal. Besides, I have friends. It’s easy to get cosmetics.”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, what a pity, what a pity!”
Ye Chen smiled without saying a word.
In the eyes of the old husband, it would be a pity for Ma Lan to use a pack of baby noodles for one dollar.
However, to myself, what’s the problem with this little money?
Don’t say you spend money, just call Chen Zekai, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang and ask them to help buy 10 or 20 sets. What’s the point?
The point is that with a little bit of petty profit, you can make your mother-in-law submissive, and this business is simply not too cost-effective.
Xiao Changkun on the side vaguely asked, “Hey, by the way, Ye Chen, that…Dad, can you…please do something?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Dad, tell me, what are you doing so politely with me?”
Xiao Changkun smiled, rubbed his hands, and said, “If you have a way to get this kind of cosmetics, can you get me one more set?”
Ye Chen asked subconsciously, “Dad, are you still going to take care of it? But it doesn’t seem necessary. It’s more flavorful for a man to be older!”
Xiao Changkun smiled embarrassedly: “Dad doesn’t hide from you, I want to ask you for a set, not for my own use. I want to find a chance to give you Aunt Han, you know, Dad has no money now, you Han Auntie has been back for so long, and Dad hasn’t given someone a gift yet. How embarrassed…”
Then he said, “I wondered, since you have a way to get this kind of cosmetics, then help dad get one more set. Dad will take it to give you Aunt Han. Isn’t it a bit of face?

Chapter: 1423
As a man, Ye Chen understands Lao Zhangren’s thoughts very well.
In fact, which man does not want to make his beloved woman happy?
It’s just that some people really can’t reach it, and they can’t do anything.
Just like Ye Chen before, not only is he penniless, but also has no longs. Sometimes when Xiao Churan celebrates his birthday, or when the two of them celebrate their wedding anniversary, Ye Chen also hopes to give his wife a gift. gift. But because there is no money, I can only think about it.
The first valuable gift he gave to his wife was the jade necklace he bought for her at Cui Ge Xuan after Tang Sihai found him.
Before that, even if Ye Chen wanted to give his wife the whole world, with his ability at the time, he couldn’t even give away a set of cosmetics from the past.
Regardless of how old Zhang’s Xiao Changkun is, but at this moment, he is still in love with Han Meiqing, who has been away for more than 20 years, so he naturally hopes to give her some decent gifts.
Ye Chen understood this very well.
So he said very generously: “Okay, Dad, then I’ll make one more set and bring it to you then.
“Great!” Xiao Changkun was so excited that he couldn’t add anything, and said excitedly: “Good son-in-law, you really did a great favor to dad.” Remember the URL
As he said, he was too busy to ask him: “By the way, you must not let your mother-in-law and the shrew know about this matter, otherwise, Dad will be over, do you know?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Don’t worry, Dad, I know in my heart that I will leave a set in the trunk of your car when you come, and you can take it with you when you go to see Aunt Han next time.”
“Okay, great, my good son-in-law is thoughtful!”
Ye Chen drove the happy old man to the gate of the university for the elderly.
After Xiao Changkun got off the car, Ye Chen drove straight to the airport to see Gu Qiuyi off.
Gu Qiuyi’s private jet is parked in the business hangar of the airport. There are no other passengers, no reporters or paparazzi, so she can give her the greatest freedom and privacy.
Ye Chen was here too, and saw Gu Qiuyi who was dressed in a capable little suit.
At this time, Gu Qiuyi seemed to be a standard strong woman.
Seeing Ye Chen coming, Gu Qiuyi couldn’t help showing the shame and happiness of the little woman.
Since meeting Ye Chen, her mind has not been able to get rid of Ye Chen’s figure.
Although the memories that she can think of in her mind and that she shared with Ye Chen stayed at a young age, because they have repeatedly deepened the impression in her mind for so many years, the memory of more than ten years ago, on the contrary, lingered in her mind.
The power of psychological suggestion is very powerful, and the scumbag who likes pua girls like Wu Qi uses the powerful influence of psychological suggestion.
Long-term psychological hints can make a person lose himself.
Ordinary girls, in front of the masters of psychological suggestion, are afraid that they will fall within a few months.
As for Gu Qiuyi, she has been making psychological hints to herself for more than ten years, and this influence has become even more profound. It can be said that it has reached a point where it has become deeply rooted and deeply rooted.
Therefore, after she reunited with Ye Chen, she immediately began to take on the role of his fiancee.
When she went to bed last night, she even began to imagine that the two would return to Yanjing for a wedding in the future.

Chapter: 1424
Seeing Ye Chen at this time, the girl’s heart in her bones suddenly burst, and she ran all the way to Ye Chen, grabbed his arm, and said quietly, “Brother Ye Chen, I am going back to Yanjing today. Are you willing to leave? ……”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You have to go home, and you have to go back to participate in the rehearsal of the Spring Festival Evening. People across the country are waiting to see your performance on the Spring Festival Evening.”
Gu Qiuyi mumbled dissatisfiedly: “Answer is not what you asked! What people want to ask is, you are not willing to go back!”
Ye Chen wanted to say that he was willing, but felt that after speaking out, Gu Qiuyi would definitely be anxious with herself.
However, he couldn’t say that he was reluctant, because he actually wanted Gu Qiuyi to go back quickly, otherwise she would only bring trouble and trouble to him if she continued to stay in Jinling.
In case Xiao Churan knew what happened to her and herself, she wouldn’t know how angry she would be.
So he said vaguely: “Oh, anyway, you go back to work on your work first, and I will visit your house in a few days, soon.”
“All right.” Gu Qiuyi pouted, nodded lightly, and said: “I won’t tell my father when I go back, I will give him a surprise when you go.”
Ye Chen said, “Okay, then don’t tell Uncle Gu first.”
The crew was already checking before takeoff, and Chen Duoduo also took Gu Qiuyi’s personal luggage and boarded the private jet first. Remember to read in one second
Gu Qiuyi stood outside the cabin door, faintly looking at the tall and handsome Ye Chen in front of him, and said: “Brother Ye Chen, after I leave, you have to remember to miss me, do you know?”
Ye Chen nodded: “I know, I know, don’t worry, I will definitely miss you.”
Gu Qiuyi said again: “You must have a string in your mind at all times, and keep reminding yourself that I am your real fiancee, and the other women outside are all hurried travellers in your life, my dad. I have only one daughter in this life, and you have an uncle in my eyes. You can’t let him down.”
Ye Chen’s head was big for a while, but he could only say: “Oh, that…I see, oh, it’s getting late, you can get on the plane.”
Gu Qiuyi gave a hum, and reluctantly said, “Then I’m leaving…”
“Let’s go, good luck.”
Gu Qiuyi pursed her lips and looked at him, and immediately gathered courage, kissed him on the cheek, blushing and said, “This is a reward for you in advance.”
Ye Chen asked in surprise, “What are you rewarding me in advance?”
Gu Qiuyi said: “Reward you in advance, remember to miss me!”
After speaking, she blushed and turned back to Gu’s private jet.
At the moment the cabin door closed, she was still standing at the door and waving to Ye Chen.
The aircraft engine started and slowly pushed out from the hangar. Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He hurried back to the parking lot and drove straight to the city center.
When he drove out, he immediately called Chen Zekai, and came up and said: “Old Chen, can you help me see if there is a high-end skin care brand, and what kind of caviar is anti-aging?”
Chen Zekai said: “There is indeed such a brand, which is sold in Shangri-La. The world’s top high-end skin care brand is much stronger than the sea blue mystery.”
Ye Chen asked wonderingly: “Does Shangri-La still sell skin care products?”
Chen Zekai smiled and said, “Master, you have never lived in Shangri-La. You may not have any understanding of Shangri-La’s hotel rooms. There is a large high-end shopping mall in Shangri-La’s hotel room department. What are the top brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Dior? There are all kinds of specialty stores, and it is also a popular way to play in top hotels in the world. Accommodation, dining, leisure and entertainment, plus shopping, strive to provide high-end customers with a one-stop holiday, and even save the energy of going out shopping.”
Ye Chen suddenly realized, and said: “That’s right, you help me buy three sets of caviar anti-aging cosmetics, and someone will send me to Jinling Stadium.”

Chapter: 1425
When Chen Zekai hurried to buy cosmetics for Ye Chen, Ye Chen had already arrived at the Jinling Gymnasium.
Today, the game has reached the semi-finals.
In the last game, Qin Aoxue’s performance in beating Joanna with one move caused huge attention on the Internet, and immediately pushed the attention of this game to a peak.
Therefore, today’s semi-finals attracted the attention of audiences from all over the country, so much so that outside the Jinling Stadium, a large number of spectators bought tickets at high prices just to witness Qin Aoxue’s advancement to the final.
Inside and outside the venue, Kobayashi’s Weisan advertisements have been launched with great fanfare. Because they are the title dealer, their advertising elements are everywhere. Just use the camera to take a picture. There must be Kobayashi’s Weisan advertisements in this screen.
Moreover, the TV station that broadcasts the game always displays Kobayashi’s logo on the lower right corner of the TV screen.
What’s even more powerful is that many network anchors are on the scene, using their mobile phones to broadcast live to netizens on the live broadcast platform. This process is also expanding the influence of Xiaolin Weisan.
It can be said that Kobayashi’s Weisan won enough eyeballs at once.
Kobayashi Jiro was overjoyed for this.
At first, I only thought that this game would not attract too many people’s attention, but fortunately, the naming rights were sold cheaply, but I did not expect that Qin Aoxue would make the game completely popular, and I really made a lot of money. . First URL
After Ye Chen came to the gymnasium, he went to the players’ lounge at the back. As soon as he entered the room, Qin Aoxue was jumping on the spot to warm up, and Qin Gang and Qin Aodong were also there.
Seeing Ye Chen coming in, Qin Aoxue hurried forward and said affectionately: “Master Ye, you are here!”
Ye Chen nodded and asked with a smile, “Ao Xue, how do you feel today?”
Qin Aoxue hurriedly said: “Master Ye, I feel in a particularly good state! Don’t worry, I will definitely win this game!”
Ye Chen snorted and laughed: “I think with your current strength, no one in this competition can compare to you, so you have to worry about how to make the game more beautiful.”
Qin Aoxue couldn’t hide the shame and asked, “Master Ye, oh no, coach Ye, how do you say I should play this game to make it more beautiful?”
Ye Chen said calmly: “It’s very simple, just like last time, we still have to win with one move!”
In Ye Chen’s view, the perfect way to win a contest between warriors is to win with one move!
The 300 rounds of the war, of course, were hearty.
However, the fact that it usually takes so long to win a battle shows that the actual gap between the two sides is not large, and it can even be said to be equal.
Qin Aoxue’s current strength is far beyond the competitor of these contestants, it’s just that she herself is somewhat lacking in tactics. If she accumulates some more experience, her actual combat ability can be improved.
Qin Aoxue was a little bit unsure in her heart, but seeing Ye Chen believe in herself so much, she nodded and resolutely said: “Coach, rest assured, I will go all out!”
At this moment, in another lounge.
Nanako Ito was wrapped in a blanket with her eyes closed.
Both Tanaka Koichi and Kobayashi Jiro were standing by, and Tanaka was holding a mobile phone in one hand. The mobile phone was streaming video with Yamamoto Kazuki who was lying on the hospital bed.
But Kazuki Yamamoto on the other end of the phone didn’t make any sound. He just looked at his lover quietly through Tanaka’s lens.
Yamamoto Kazuki was worried that Nanako Ito’s mentality would collapse.

Chapter: 1426
After all, the appearance of Ye Chen subverted the cognition of their master and apprentice, and brought a heavy blow to their enthusiasm.
However, Yamamoto Kazuki still hopes Ito Nanako can play well.
Even if she can’t win the championship this time, with her strength, it’s no problem to get a runner-up.
However, if she does not perform well, the runner-up may not be able to get it.
Fortunately, he found through the video that Nanako Ito is nothing different from usual.
Ito Nanako itself is not the kind of player who is particularly excited, so she is usually very quiet before the competition and likes to close her eyes and rest like she is now.
Seeing that the time was almost up, Tanaka Hiroichi spoke: “Miss, I will enter the venue in five minutes.”
Nanako Ito opened her eyes and nodded gently: “I see.”
Koichi Tanaka said again: “Miss, I’m talking about the video with Coach Yamamoto. Do you have anything else to ask him?”
With that, he immediately switched the camera and pointed the phone screen at Nanako Ito. Remember the URL
At this time, Nanako Ito saw the weak Yamamoto Kazuki on the hospital bed and said respectfully: “Master, how are you feeling now?”
Yamamoto Kazuki laughed at himself: “My biggest problem is that I don’t feel it everywhere.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly apologized and said, “I’m sorry, Master, I didn’t mean it.”
Yamamoto Kazuki smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay, I have already accepted my fate.”
As he said, he raised his voice a little bit, and said bluntly: “Nanako! Today’s game is very important to you. Whether you can get the silver medal or not depends on whether you can win this game. ”
“Being a teacher is not a blow to you, but you are probably not Qin Aoxue’s opponent, but as long as you agree to this game, the silver medal will already be in your pocket.”
The rule of the top 4 is to fight in pairs, the two who win compete for the championship and the two who lose compete for the third place.
In other words, as long as Nanako wins today, she will at least have the silver medal for the runner-up.
When Nanako Ito heard this, she nodded earnestly and said, “Master, Nanako knows that she is not Qin Aoxue’s opponent, but Nanako will definitely try to finish every remaining game, and will never let you fool me. shame!”
Yamamoto Kazuki said with satisfaction: “Very well, I won this game, and I will face Qin Aoxue in the next game. At that time, you will not only go all out, but also let Ye Chen look at you with admiration, and then take advantage of Qin Aoxue to compete If you have a chance, I will ask Ye Chen to ask her to accept you as a student!
Nanako Ito smiled bitterly: “Master, Ye Chen cannot accept me as a disciple.”
Yamamoto Kazuki said puzzledly: “In my opinion, a talented apprentice like you will never refuse. Ye Chen must be the same. Why does he refuse you?”
Nanako Ito shook her head and said, “Just because I’m a Japanese.”
“What?” Yamamoto Kazuki frowned and asked, “Ye Chen looks down on us Japanese?”
Nanako Ito said: “It’s not that I look down on it, but he said that the Chinese have taught too many Japanese, but the Japanese have been avenging their grievances for two to three hundred years, so…”
When Yamamoto Kazuki heard this, he couldn’t help but sighed and said: “Ye Chen masters the real high-end martial arts. Before we have seen his strength, we just sit and watch the sky, but after seeing his strength, if there is no chance to practice it. His high-end martial arts really feels that he has been practicing for nothing for so many years…”

Chapter: 1427
Nanako Ito is also very sorry in her heart.
Knowing that she was sitting in the well and watching the sky, what she wanted most was to jump out of this well, but Ye Chen didn’t give herself this opportunity.
Yamamoto Kazuki saw her look down and hurriedly calmed down: “Nanako, it’s not the time to consider this issue. You will win this game first, and we will discuss the rest!”
Ito Nanako nodded heavily, and immediately said to Yamamoto Kazuki: “Master, then I will be on the stage.”
“Go!” Yamamoto Kazuki encouraged: “This game must go all out, whether Ye Chen is willing to accept you as a disciple. You must let him see your strength, so this game, you Play as beautiful as possible!”
“Yes!” Yamamoto Kazuki said firmly: “Nanako, the last time that Qin Aoxue defeated Joanna with a single move, he was very popular on the Internet. I hope you will do your best when you play and give your opponents. Control the enemy with one move!”
Nanako Ito sighed: “Master, Michel is the second seed. We have played against each other before. Although I have beaten her every time, I cannot avoid a fierce battle every time. It is difficult to defeat her with one move… ….”
Yamamoto Kazuki said: “If you can’t control the enemy with one move, you must do your best to defeat her in the first game. You must let Ye Chen see your strength and let him look at you with admiration!”
“Even if it is impossible for him to accept you as a disciple in his life, you must let him know that your talent is far above Qin Aoxue! Not accepting you as a disciple is his loss!” Remember to read a book for one second.
Ito Nanako immediately resolutely said: “I know Master!”
One minute later.
The four players participating in the semifinals are already waiting to play in their respective channels.
Qin Aoxue and Ito Nanako coincided with the same mentality: they must do their best to win with one move, let Ye Chen look at each other with admiration!
After the host finished the opening remarks, he first announced: “First of all, let us invite our Chinese player, Qin Aoxue!”
Qin Aoxue took a deep breath and stepped out of the passage first.
Subsequently, the host announced: “Next, I will invite Qin Aoxue’s opponent this time, the Australian player Victoria!”
As soon as the voice fell, a blonde Australian female player also walked out of the passage.
The Australian player’s expression was a bit nervous, and the overall momentum was much weaker than Qin Aoxue. It could be seen that she should have no confidence in today’s game.
Then, the host called Ito Nanako’s name and her opponent, Michelle from the United States.
Nanako Ito and Michelle are both very calm, and their eyes are full of desire to win this game.
Michelle was originally the second seed in this game, and her strength was not much weaker than Nanako. After watching Qin Aoxue’s last game, she also realized that she had no hope of competing for the championship this time. So she and Ito Nanako The strategy is the same, all hope to win this game as much as possible and secure the silver medal for the runner-up.
Even Michelle thought more realistically.
She felt that as long as she had won the game, when she faced Qin Aoxue in the final, she could directly abstain and admit defeat on the spot.
Not only will this not affect you from getting the silver medal, but it will not bring you any risk of injury.
After all, Qin Aoxue’s strength in the last game was too strong. Michel was afraid that when she finally met in the finals, she would be injured under her hands.
An athlete has to participate in many games a year, and losing one is actually irrelevant, but if you are unable to participate in a year of competition due to injury, it is really not worth the gain.

Chapter: 1428
At this time, the four contestants respectively boarded two arenas.
The two arenas are on the left and the other is on the right. Each arena is surrounded by the audience.
Today, there were no empty seats. The applause, whistle and applause before the game started, it was endless.
Ye Chen stood under the ring behind Qin Aoxue, which was also the position of the coach in the Sanda competition.
The opponent’s coach looked at him nervously at this time, and looked at Qin Aoxue on the ring from time to time. The towel in his hand was always ready. Once his apprentice could no longer support himself on the stage, he would be the fastest Throw the towel in time and admit defeat.
On the ring, Qin Aoxue looked at her opponent Victoria with a grim expression.
Before Ye Chen didn’t help her improve her physique, she was not an opponent of Victoria. After all, this Australian girl was tall and tall, and her physical function was better than Qin Aoxue before.
But now, she has full confidence in defeating Victoria.
She was just thinking about what method she should use to achieve a win against Victoria.
At the same time, in another ring, Nanako Ito is also considering the same problem. First URL
Her eyes were not on the opponent Michel, but on Ye Chen by the other ring.
Although Ye Chen was not watching her at this time, she firmly believed that if she performed well enough, Ye Chen would definitely see herself!
What is good enough?
It seems that you have to defeat Michelle in one move, just like the master said!
At this moment, the referees on both sides of the ring announced the start of the game at the same time!
Here, Qin Aoxue stared closely at Australia’s Victoria, ready to find the opponent’s flaws.
Victoria was quite jealous of Qin Aoxue, so she would not dare to take the initiative to step forward for a while, and was always in a defensive posture, watching Qin Aoxue vigilantly.
On the other hand, as soon as the game started, American player Michelle roared and immediately attacked Nanako Ito!
For Michelle, she had long been eager to defeat Ito Nanako, and she also knew that her strength was too far behind Qin Aoxue, so she concentrated all her energy on Ito Nanako.
The American fighting mentality itself is very fierce, open and close, and attack with all strength as soon as it comes up. Ito Nanako can only retreat quickly and dodge the raindrops of the opponent’s offensive.
At this time, Nanako Ito did not dare to fight back, because she had an obsession in her heart, and wanted to defeat Michelle by one move for Ye Chen to see, so she must not blindly shoot, she must find the best time to solve the battle at once. !
Qin Aoxue had already begun to approach Victoria at this time. While swinging her body to prepare for dodge, she kept shortening the distance with Victoria, and was also looking for the best time.
But Victoria was quite wary of her and kept backing away, hoping to keep a safe distance from her.
When Victoria was forced to the corner of the ring by Qin Aoxue, Qin Aoxue suddenly seized the opportunity and rushed towards Victoria like a rabbit.
Victoria was nervous, with both hands in front of her, ready to resist Qin Aoxue’s first offensive in time.
Qin Aoxue strode quickly, and after her left leg stepped out, she suddenly jumped more than half a meter into the air, her body revolved in the air, and her right leg quickly pulled towards Victoria!

Chapter: 1429
In the air, there was even Qin Aoxue’s voice of breaking through the sky.
Victoria’s face was shocked!
She had watched Qin Aoxue’s game against Joanna, and knew that Qin Aoxue was extremely explosive, and with this kick, she was afraid that she would fly out of the ring like Joanna.
As a result, she quickly withdrew her right leg one step, the left and right legs were in a triangle shape with the ground to strengthen the stability of her bottom plate, and then she blocked her arms in front of her, preparing to block Qin Aoxue’s blow with a deblocking action.
But she was not Joanna, and she had no idea how strong Qin Aoxue’s kick was!
She only felt that her arms were hit by a huge force, and then she heard two crisp cracks, and her two arms were broken by a kick!
Accompanied by a strong pain, she could no longer withstand the powerful force, and her whole body was like Joanna in the previous game, and she jumped straight back into the air!
A huge exclamation broke out at the scene!
No one thought that Qin Aoxue could be so strong!
And Victoria’s coach also looked terrified at this time, he quickly threw the towel into the air, and rushed to Victoria very nervous! Remember the URL
After a while, Victoria was taken away from the scene by the doctor with a painful face, and Qin Aoxue once again won and advanced to the final!
A burst of cheers broke out at the scene. It was an unprecedented breakthrough for Chinese players to enter the finals of the college Sanda competition.
While celebrating the victory here, Nanako Ito was beaten repeatedly by Michelle from the United States. She didn’t make a move, so that she was hit by Michelle several times in the face, and the corners of her mouth and eyes were bruised and bloody. , Looks very miserable.
While Michelle wondered why Ito Nanako only resisted and didn’t fight back, she also seized the opportunity to beat Ito Nanako frantically.
In her opinion, Ito Nanako should be out of state, so she just took this opportunity to defeat her in one fell swoop.
Nanako Ito felt the sharp pain coming from the injured part and tried to fight back several times, but she resisted the urge.
She warned herself in her heart: “I can’t act rashly! I want to win with one move! I must win with one move! I must make Ye Chen look at me with admiration! Michel, you can attack with all your strength! I will not fight back! At least Before I find your fatal flaw, I will never fight back! Because you are not my enemy at all in my eyes, you are just the transcript that I proved myself to Ye Chen!”
Michelle doesn’t know what Ito Nanako is thinking, she just feels that she has finally found a chance to be shameful!
I have been defeated by her many times before, and today, I am going to defeat her completely in the face of the whole world!
Thinking of this, she immediately punched Ito Nanako in a row, every punch was extremely harsh!
At this time, the referee on the other side of the ring had already announced Qin Aoxue’s victory. Qin Aoxue rushed off the stage excitedly and hugged Ye Chen, happily with nothing to add.
Ye Chen patted her on the back and smiled: “Don’t be so happy now. You have a game to play in two days. Go take a shower and change clothes.”
Qin Aoxue nodded hurriedly, and said with admiration and admiration: “Coach Ye, you must wait for me, don’t slip away while I am going to change clothes!”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, I’m waiting for you.”
Qin Aoxue was relieved, and after bowing to the audience, she returned to the backstage rest area.
Ye Chen only paid attention to the battle in the next room.

Chapter: 1430
Looking from a distance, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Nanako Ito was crushed and beaten by the American girl. He seemed very passive and could not fight back.
Moreover, her beautiful face was also bruised and bleeding because of repeated hits, especially the corner of her right eye seemed to be a little cracked, which was very disturbing.
He couldn’t help but stepped to the edge of the ring, and carefully observed Ito Nanako. He found that although Ito Nanako was injured, she was very passive in the situation, but her eyes were constantly watching each other’s movements. Don’t let up.
He couldn’t understand, since Ito Nanako had been observing the opponent, why didn’t he fight back? What is she waiting for?
At this moment, Ito Nanako Yuguang also saw Ye Chen.
She was a little surprised when she was surprised.
Because she actually saw a bit of distress in Ye Chen’s eyes.
She asked herself from the bottom of her heart, “Is the distress in Ye Chen’s eyes because of me? Is he distressing me?”
At the next moment, she thought to herself a little bit: “Why would he care for me? In his eyes, she is just a Japanese girl sitting on a well and watching the sky, and in his eyes, my strength is almost worthless like an ant. Mention, not to mention, my compatriots have hurt his compatriots. My master has humiliated him. Even if he hasn’t offended him, he will certainly hate Wu Jiwu.”
“So, even if he loves Michelle across from him, he is absolutely impossible to love himself…” Remember to read for a second
“But… but the look in his eyes really hurts me! Could it be that he really loves me?”
“It seems that there is only one way to know if he is feeling sorry for me!”
Thinking of this, Nanako Ito deliberately left a gap for the opponent when resisting Michel’s attack.
Michelle seized the opportunity and hit Ito Nanako’s right cheek with a punch, and immediately hit her cheek black and purple, even bleeding!
When Nanako Ito was resisting this punch, her eyes kept looking at Ye Chen.
She found that at the moment when she was hit by Michelle, the distress on Ye Chen’s face became more obvious!
Although her face was painful, she couldn’t help but jump for joy for some reason!
“He really cares about me!”
Thinking of this, a happy little woman smiled on her face.
Mihir was so excited that he had succeeded just now. When he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but frown, and wondered in his heart: “What is going on with this Ito Nanako? If she was not in the state just now, then Can’t be explained by being absent? Isn’t this a lunatic?
Just between the sparks and flints she wondered, Ito Nanako, who was so happy in her heart, suddenly discovered that Michelle’s figure was stuttered!
At this moment, she suddenly realized that the opportunity she had been waiting for had come!
Moreover, Ye Chen is looking at him here, and he is looking at him with distressed eyes here, he must seize this opportunity to defeat Michelle!
Not only should Ye Chen be shocked for himself!
Let Ye Chen applaud for himself!

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