The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 171-180

Chapter: 171
In the adoring eyes of the crowd, Ye Chen left indifferently.
Song Wanting sent him on his way back, not being able to stop sizing him up.
At this time, Ye Chen had returned to his previous ordinary and mediocre appearance and couldn’t see any powerful cultivation on him at all.
She was amazed and also felt a little odd again.
Just now, the Ye Chen had a superior aura that was awe-inspiring and chilling.
But now, this aura was gone again, and at first glance, he was no different from a passerby.
I don’t know if he was intentionally restrained, or if it was just an illusion.
Song Wanting couldn’t help but ask, “Ye Chen, that day’s thunder… Did you really summon it?”
Ye Chen looked at her and smiled slightly.
“You guess? Would you believe me if I said it was a coincidence?”
In Song Wanting’s mind, Ye Chen’s appearance of summoning heavenly thunder flashed again unconsciously.
Between the flashes of thunder, he stood proudly in the heavens and earth with an outstanding temperament.
If he really was such a man, no matter which woman saw him, she would fall in love.
Song Wanting couldn’t help but feel moved as well, but she quickly shook her head.
What a joke!
Even the world’s top physicist couldn’t control lightning.
If Ye Chen could summon heavenly thunder, would he still be a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law like he was now?
Was it really just a coincidence that the thunder from the sky just now?
When Ye Chen returned home, he listened to his mother-in-law Ma Lan’s voice coming from the house.
“I’ve long told you to find a capable husband, but you just won’t listen! Look how capable Wang Li Fen’s son-in-law is, he gave her a big apartment! A hundred and eighty square feet! How spacious? And look at our house, it’s 120 square feet, and I’m so cramped living there!”
After saying that, my mother-in-law said angrily, “People can count on their sons-in-law, but the Ye Chen you married is useless, counting on him, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live in a big house for the rest of my life!”
Xiao Choran’s dissatisfied voice came out, “Mom, what are you envious of others for, besides I’ve been promoted to director now, can’t we afford a new house if we save for a few more years?”
My mother-in-law spills the beans: “Wait a few more years? Wait a few more years and the cauliflower will be cold! Since you married Yeh Chen, our life has gone downhill. We used to live in the Xiao family villa, but now? I can only live in this shitty house, and all my friends, who don’t live better than me!”
Xiao Chu Ran said, “Mom, what’s the point of you always comparing like this?”
“No fun!” My mother-in-law, exasperated, said, “It’s no fun because I can’t compete with others! It’s especially boring!”
Ye Chen shook his head helplessly at this time and opened the door and walked in.
When Ma Lan saw Ye Chen return, she snorted and said, “Still know how to come back? Are we going to make dinner or not? We’re starving!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Mom, I’m going to cook.”
After saying that, he went straight to the kitchen.
What kind of character Ma Lan was, Ye Chen couldn’t be more clear, snobbish and wallflower, she felt bad when she saw what others had.
If she knew that Wang Zhenggang was going to give himself a villa in order to make amends, I’m afraid that she would immediately come over to kneel down and lick himself in obsequiousness.

Chapter: 172
However, with this kind of performance from Ma Lan, he was not going to say anything about this house for the time being.
Ye Chen was busy in the kitchen, Xiao Choran came over and said in a low voice, “Don’t take those words of Mom just now to heart, she is just vain.”
Ye Chen deliberately said, “What did mom say? I didn’t hear a word of it.”
“Just pretend, it’s weird that you didn’t hear it.” Xiao Churan poked Ye Chen’s forehead with her finger.
Ye Chen held her hand in a smooth manner.
Xiao Churan’s pretty face blushed and quickly looked to the kitchen, about to retract her hand.
But Ye Chen held on to it and took a closer look, and when he saw that she was wearing the bracelet he had refined, he smiled and asked, “This bracelet is effective to wear, right?”
“Huh?” Xiao Churan came back to her senses, nodded her head and said, “Don’t tell me it’s really effective, ever since I put on the bracelet, my body is like a new body, it’s much more comfortable, what on earth is this bracelet made of, it works so well?”
Ye Chen smiled, “It’s just pearls.”
The white Sea Spirit Pearl was worn on Xiao Churan’s wrist, lining her white wrist like snow, as white as a new lotus root. .
The smooth and warm jade hand, clutched in Ye Chen’s hand, was like a piece of warm jade, and he simply didn’t want to let go.
Xiao Churan also found out and immediately retracted her hand with a red face and glared at him.
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Do you also want to change your house?”
“Of course, who wouldn’t want to live in a new house, my mom has been complaining all day long that it’s too small and shabby since she moved out of the villa…”
Xiao Churan sighed, then came back to her senses and said, “It’s just that the house price is too expensive now, and my family doesn’t have so much money, so I’d better forget it.”
Saying that, Xiao Choran suddenly remembered something and said off the top of her head, “Right, we can check out the property first and account for how much difference there is between this house and the bigger new house, if the difference is not that high, it’s fine to replace a set.”
Before Ye Chen could speak, Xiao Choran said excitedly, “It’s decided, tomorrow is the weekend, let’s go out and check out the property!”
Ye Chen saw that she was very attentive to this matter, so he nodded and said, “Since you want to see it, I’ll accompany you.”
Xiao Churan studied the property information on her phone and decided to go to the new area of Mirror Lake, which had a better environment, to take a look.
Just then, after dinner, someone came and knocked on the door, and a courier handed a small package to Ye Chen and said, “This is the same city courier for you, please sign for it.”
After Ye Chen signed for it on his side, he opened it in passing and found that inside was a set of room keys and a few golden cards with “Tomson Villa A05” written on them.
At this time, Ye Chen received a call from Wang Zhenggang, the head of the Wang family, who said respectfully on the phone, “Master Ye, you received the keys and room card, right? Townshend Villa, is the most high-end real estate project developed by Townshend Yibin Company in Jinling, the number a05 I gave you is the largest set of villas in size, not counting the courtyard, with a use area of over a thousand square meters, please smile!”
Ye Chen had heard of Thomson One, they had developed villas and high-rise communities in Jinling, which could be considered the highest-end real estate project in the whole of Jinling.
The market price of such a set of villas was at least over 100 million.
It seems that this Wang Zhenggang is indeed bleeding heavily.
Thus, Ye Chen said indifferently, “You have a heart.”
Wang Zhenggang was overjoyed and said, “Where, where! It’s an honor for the Wang Family to serve Master Ye!”
When he returned to his room, Ye Chen deliberately asked Xiao Choran, “Honey, do you like the house in Tomson?”
“Thompson?!” Xiao Choran exclaimed in shock, “How can we afford a house there! The average high-rise there costs twice as much as outside! But the house really is the best in Jinling too!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “We can go look at it tomorrow, let’s talk about whether we buy it or not.”
Xiao Choran hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Forget it, let’s be pragmatic and look at ordinary homes.”
Ye Chen smiled, “I won’t lie to you, I have a friend in Tomson, he said he can help get the internal price, we can go and have a look first.”

Chapter: 173
Early the next morning, Ye Chen brought the villa key given by Wang Zhenggang and the peer access card with him, and drove with his wife to the Townsend First Class Sales Center.
Soon, the car stopped in front of the sales center of Tomson First Products.
It seems that the Jinling citizens are still very interested in the property of Tomson Yipin, even if they can’t afford it, they still want to come and open their eyes.
As soon as Xiao Choran saw this situation, she said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, there are so many people, we can’t afford to buy it, so let’s not go for the fun!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Wife, we’re here, what’s the point of leaving, besides, I really want to see the world, come in with me to have a look?”
Xiao Choran said helplessly, “Well, it’s just a good time to visit what the top-notch Townsend One is like.”
Once inside, many people gathered around the huge sandbox and listened to the guide explain the general situation of the Tomson Yibin community.
The area of the buildings developed by Tomson Yiyin in Jinling was very large.
On the periphery of the development, there were high-rise residences, that is, relatively ordinary housing, ranging in size from one hundred and twenty square feet to two hundred and forty square feet, and the prices were very expensive, starting at eighty thousand yuan.
As for the deepest, most peaceful and perfect prime location of the development, it was the single-family villa area. A second to remember to read the book
The house types in the villa area ranged from three hundred square meters to more than a thousand square meters, and because of the yard and basement with a courtyard, it was priced at a very high price, at 130,000 square meters.
In other words, the villa that Wang Zhenggang gave to Ye Chen was worth 130 million!
That shopping guide lady also introduced, “We specialize in providing separate property and security services for our valued villa area owners, don’t look at the fact that ordinary homes and villas are in the same community, but there is also a wall on the periphery of the villa area that separates the villa area from ordinary homes!”
“The ordinary residential area outside is already very safe in itself, not allowing any idle people to enter, the villa area inside is even safer, to put it bluntly, if a thief got into the ordinary residential area outside, it would never be possible to pass through the security of the villa area and enter the villa area again, so the owners of the villa area are extremely safe, you can rest assured! ”
Then one woman said angrily, “You’ve gone too far, haven’t you? It’s trying to make the owners of the ordinary residential areas outside take a bullet for the owners of the villa areas inside!”
Many people around him nodded their heads, and listening to that guide, that was indeed what it meant.
Ye Chen felt that the voice was somewhat familiar and looked up, only to find that it was a woman with heavy makeup
That woman was Xiao Choran’s cousin, Xiao Weiwei.
Why is she here?
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were both a little surprised.
Looking beside her again, it turned out that her father, Xiao Chang Qian, her mother, Qian Hongyan, and her brother, Xiao Hailong, were all there!
Is the family here to buy a house?
Xiao Choran whispered to Ye Chen, “Uncle’s family is here, let’s go!”
Ye Chen shook his head, “Go what? Can’t we be here if they’re here?”
Xiao Churan said, “I’m just afraid they’ll squeeze you with words again…”

Chapter: 174
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, your husband has been squeezed for so many years, he has long since gotten lice and doesn’t itch anymore!”
“Okay…” Xiao Choran could only nod her head.
At that moment, the guide with a smile on her face said to Xiao Weiwei who had just protested, “This lady, truth be told, we, Thomson One, have always regarded villa owners as the most noble owners, our private swimming pools, high-end sports clubs, high-end health clubs, golf courses and Michelin restaurants specially imported from Italy are all opened in the villa area, just for the villa Owners Service!”
Xiao Weiwei said angrily, “You mean, we’re not human if we live outside in the high-rise property owners? We paid for it too, okay! Why aren’t we allowed to enjoy these amenities?”
The guide said apologetically, “I’m really sorry, we also have a club outside in the high-rise area, if you buy a room, you can use the high-rise area club.”
Xiao Weiwei questioned, “Can’t I just go inside and do high-end wellness? Can’t you go inside and play golf?”
“You can’t.” The guide said, “The facilities inside us are reserved for villa owners, I’m so sorry.”
Xiao Hailong was very annoyed and said, “What the hell are you guys doing? We’re also going to buy your biggest 240 sq. ft. high-rise, for $16.7 million! Spending so much money to keep us from using the amenities inside? Shit, believe it or not, I’m not buying it.”
The guide smiled slightly and said, “Sir, I’m not going to lie to you, the reason we built this project, supporting this circle of ordinary residences outside, is because the city has requirements that prevent us from developing pure villa areas, believing that pure villa areas are a waste of land and volume!”
“That’s why we’ve built these attached regular homes, and everything we do here is with the villa owners in mind!”
“If you can’t take it, you can buy a villa, or simply nothing at all, and to be honest, our flat outside is selling really well too, 80% sold right after the opening!”
Xiao Hailong’s expression was suddenly unsightly.
I thought that by saying no to buying, the other party would be taken in by himself.
But I didn’t expect that people didn’t give a damn.
That guide’s subtext was: love to buy or not, don’t buy, get lost.
Some pique Xiao Hailong took off to his parents, “Go go go, no more buying, we can buy it anywhere we have the money!”
But Xiao Hailong’s mother, Qian Hongyan, said, “What’s the walk? What I like is the house here, I can’t look at houses elsewhere.”
Xiao Hailong persuaded, “Mom, isn’t living here standing guard and taking bullets for the rich people in the villa district inside? And what good is it to be treated differently?”
“You don’t know shit!” Qian Hongyan said, “Even if the environment and support of the high-rise outside is not as good as that of the villa inside, it is still the best in the high-rise area of Jinling. The cottage your grandmother lives in is so old and decorated that it was done years ago, and I’m tired of living there!”
Xiao Changqian, who was on the side, also nodded and said, “Your grandmother’s current villa is really too old, the surrounding area is also remote, there are no amenities, and if you want to buy a pack of cigarettes at night, you have to drive a long way, how can it be as well equipped as here.”
Saying that, he added, “I have the same idea as your mother, I’ll buy here!”
Xiao Hailong sighed, he was just pretending to be in front of the guide.
Being irritated, he suddenly glanced at two familiar figures, which immediately made him get in the mood and said out of the blue, “Aigoo, Choran and Ye Chen, why are you two here too?”
Xiao Choran didn’t expect to be seen by Xiao Hailong, and seeing that his voice had drawn the attention of his family, he accosted him twice and said, “I’m coming out with Ye Chen to take a look around by the way.”
Xiao Hailong immediately said in a despicable manner, “What? With that little bit of power in your family, plus your useless husband, you’re still deluded enough to want to buy a house in a place as high-end as Thompson’s?”

Chapter: 175
Xiao Hailong naturally despised Ye Chen ten thousand times over.
And he was also full of resentment towards Xiao Choran who was the director of the company at the time.
Seeing that the two of them even came to look at a house in Tomson, he wanted to seize the opportunity to sarcasm them.
As soon as Ye Chen heard that Xiao Hailong dared to spray his wife and himself, he immediately sneered and said, “What? If people like you can come to Townsend and look at houses, why can’t we?”
Xiao Hailong sneered, “I can come because our family can afford it, can you, you stinking hangman, afford a house here?”
Ye Chen laughed, “How do you know I won’t be able to afford it?”
Xiao Hailong snorted, “What the hell if you can fucking afford it! Do you know how much this house costs? The smallest one hundred and twenty square meters, 80,000 per square meter, that’s 10 million, do you have 10 million you?”
Ye Chen laughed, “I don’t care to buy the smallest house, if I want to buy it, I’ll buy the biggest.”
“I pooh!” Xiao Hailong’s incessantly cold voice said, “The largest two hundred and forty square feet, just you?”
Xiao Weiwei also scoffed, “Yeah Ye Chen, you can afford a two hundred and forty square foot house? What are you going to buy a house of this size with, if you can’t even just buy our family?”
Ye Chen looked at her and asked with a smile, “Who told you that I’m going to buy a two hundred and forty square foot house?”
Xiao Weiwei snorted in a despicable manner, “What? Didn’t you say you wanted the biggest one? And now you can’t pretend?”
Ye Chen laughed, “Weiwei, you’re so useless, can’t you see that there’s a large villa area inside this sandbox? The villa in here is the biggest house.”
“Bah!” Xiao Weiwei said disdainfully, “Still a villa, the smallest villa in here starts from tens of millions, the expensive ones are even in the hundreds of millions, you can’t afford it in eight lifetimes with your hangnail!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Coincidentally, I just happen to have a set, and it’s the biggest!”
“Hahahahaha!” Xiao Hailong’s family laughed up and down, pointing at Ye Chen and saying despicably, “You’re the only one who still buys the biggest villa? My God, you’re laughing us to death too, aren’t you?”
Many of the customers looking at the houses next to him also heard Ye Chen’s words and laughed one by one in shame, “Looking like a stinky hangman, and still buying a villa?”
“If he can afford a villa here, then I can afford the whole of Thomson!”
“What a braggart!”
Xiao Choran’s face was also a bit too hung up to be able to whisper in Ye Chen’s ear and scolded, “Ye Chen! What are you talking about? Aren’t you afraid of embarrassment for talking nonsense?”
Ye Chen laughed, “What’s so embarrassing about telling the truth?”
Xiao Hailong laughed uproariously and said, “Hear that, your own wife doesn’t even believe you, the eyes of the masses are also sharp, people like you don’t even deserve to be in this sales hall!”
Afterwards, he said viciously, “Wait, I’ll tell the sales lady to kick you out!”
Immediately afterwards, Xiao Hailong immediately greeted over a sales lady and pointed at Ye Chen and spoke, “Beauty, what’s going on here, why did you put such a trashy slinger in? This kind of person even has the audacity to say that he wants to buy the most expensive villa you have here, with people like this, those of us who really have the power to buy a house don’t want to make a move!”
The sales lady took a look at Ye Chen and could also tell that Ye Chen was dressed in ordinary clothes, not what a rich man should look like at all.
Not to mention buying a villa, even the customer who was buying the smallest 3-bedroom apartment was dressed much more decently than him.
The surrounding crowds also started to get up, saying, “Let’s quickly get rid of this guy, it’s affecting our mood too much.”

Chapter: 176
The sales lady walked up to Ye Chen and spoke, “This gentleman, if you are not going to buy a house, please leave and don’t affect our other customers who are looking at the house.

Xiao Choran sighed, pulled this Ye Chen’s sleeve and said, “Let’s go, let’s go somewhere else.”
The others also started to coax, “Poor devils hurry up and leave, don’t be embarrassed here.”
Ye Chen remained still and said with a smile, “Do you know why you can’t afford to live in a villa? Because all of you are short-sighted people, and with your kind of vision, you won’t be able to afford to live in a villa in this lifetime.”
Xiao Hailong spat, “Bah! Ye Chen, you really have the nerve to say that? There’s one in here that counts, and which one doesn’t have more money than you?”
Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Xiao Hailong, you keep saying that I can’t afford a villa, so if I can really afford it, what do you think?”
Xiao Hailong laughed for a while, pointed at one of the highest high-rise buildings in the sandbox, and said arrogantly, “If you can afford the villa in here, I, Xiao Hailong, will jump off the roof of this building!”
Many people around the area followed suit, shouting, “If you can afford it, I’ll jump too, stinky slinger!”
“Exactly! I’m in! I can’t stand this kind of stinking idiot who likes to pretend!” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Choran had never felt so humiliated before and grumbled a bit about Ye Chen, scolding him, “Ye Chen! Why do you have to be so stubborn with them? Do you have to get off the stage to be happy?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Honey, how did you know that your husband would come down?”
Saying that, Ye Chen pulled out the villa’s key and the villa’s door card from his pocket and said indifferently, “Look, this is the key and information card of villa A05.”
Xiao Weiwei laughed, “Ye Chen, you think you can make us trust you just by taking a random key? You’re thinking of us as retarded, aren’t you?”
Ye Chen threw the key and information card to that sales lady and said indifferently, “Here, you can see if this is real.”
The sales lady recognized the key and information card that Ye Chen took out with a glance, and was shocked at first glance that it was exclusive to the villa area of Thomson First Class.
Could it be that this person was really the owner of the villa area? She just wanted to kick him out, if he really was the owner, if he got angry, she would definitely lose her job….
Thinking of this, she frantically took Ye Chen’s information card and swiped at the internal reader, and the reader immediately emitted a computer voice: “Greetings Mr. Ye Chen, the honored owner of Building A05, welcome home!”
The sales lady snapped, “You’re Mr. Ye Chen?”
“Right.” Ye Chen nodded, it seemed that the Wang family had given themselves this villa, which had already been transferred to their own name.
The sales lady immediately returned the card to Ye Chen with both hands very respectfully and said in fear, “Mr. Ye, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were the owner of the esteemed a05 building, please forgive me for what happened just now.”
Everyone present was dumbfounded when they saw this scene!
Is Ye Chen really the owner of this place? Are you kidding me? This kind of person can afford a villa in Thomson?
Xiao Hailong’s expression was extremely ugly, what the hell! Ye Chen buying a villa in Thomson? I’d rather believe that there were ghosts in the world than to believe that Ye Chen had this power!
But what’s with this salesgirl? She wouldn’t lie, would she?
And she had just scanned Ye Chen’s card, even the machine suggested that Ye Chen was the owner of the place….
What the hell is going on?!

Chapter: 177
Seeing that the sales lady was nervous, afraid of losing her job because she had offended Ye Chen, Ye Chen waved his hand lightly, “It’s a small matter, I won’t hold a grudge against you.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “By the way, you tell these short-sighted guys about Villa A05.”
The sales lady, as if in awe, hurriedly said to the others, “Our villa area in Thomson One is divided into a total of four types of abcd, and the rarest of them all is the a-family type with the largest area, the a-family type has three floors above ground and two floors underground, with private elevators inside, and the total usage area adds up to more than a thousand square meters, and it also comes with hundreds of square meters of front and back courtyards, and the selling price is more than 100 million yuan! RMB, it’s the most expensive villa in our Thompson, and in the entire Jinling!”
Everyone dropped their jaws in shock when that was said!
A villa that sells for over 100 million dollars, one set tops a dozen 3-bedroom apartments, and dressed in ordinary clothes, but Ye Chen can have such a super mansion?
Xiao Hailong’s expression was extremely ugly, while his sister, his parents, were going crazy with jealousy!
Xiao Weiwei questioned incredulously, “Ye Chen! How did you get a villa here?!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Someone sent it, can’t they?”
“By what right do you!” Xiao Weiwei was really angry, she had never had the chance to live in a luxury villa here in her entire life, so why should he, Ye Chen, be allowed to live here?
Ye Chen didn’t bother to respond to her, but looked at her brother, Xiao Hailong, and said with a smile, “Hailong, aren’t you going to jump off a building? When do you jump?”
Xiao Hailong’s face was livid and extremely ugly, clenching his fist and saying, “Ye Chen, don’t you fucking talk to me about these useless things, I still don’t believe that you can afford this villa! And I don’t believe anyone will give you a villa! Unless you tell me how the hell you got this villa!”
Ye Chen shook his head and laughed, saying to the people around him, “See, this is called losing.”
After saying that, Ye Chen said to Xiao Hailong, “Xiao Hailong, with your little bit of ability, you’re only worthy of buying an ordinary high-rise and standing guard over guns for people like us who live in villas, you don’t deserve to live in a villa, and you don’t deserve to know how my villa came to be, just know that it’s a place you can’t afford to live in your whole life!”
Xiao Hailong’s face was ugly.
It was the first time for him to be insulted like this by Ye Chen, but the most hateful thing was that he couldn’t talk back!
How? The pressure to buy a 240 sq. ft. building for your own family is still a bit high, and the family is hesitating here, but Ye Chen actually has the biggest villa here, the difference is just too big!
It could be said that he had been solidly sarcastic this time by Ye Chen! It really made him angry!
He gritted his teeth and said with a dark face, “Ye Chen you’re capable of ah, making such a big villa, not even greeting home, is there still the Xiao family in your eyes?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Haven’t you always said that I’m not a member of the Xiao family? So why say hello to you?”
Speaking of which, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, “Wife, we’re all here, let’s go to our new villa and take a look, shall we?”
Xiao Choran blurted out, “This…. What exactly is going on?”
Ye Chen smiled, “I’ll explain it to you slowly later.”
Just after saying that, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.
“Oh my, big brother and sister-in-law, are you guys buying a house in Thomson? That’s awesome!”

Chapter: 178
The one who spoke was actually Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, Ma Lan!
Along with Ma Lan, there was also Ye Chen’s father-in-law, Xiao Changkun!
Ye Chen and Xiao Choran were both surprised, why were they both here?
Xiao Choran rushed forward to ask, “Mom and Dad, what are you guys doing here?”
Ma Lan said, “Your uncle and aunt called us, saying that they want to look at the Townsend’s house and asked us to come over to help them out.”
When Ma Lan said this, her eyes looked towards Ye Chen and she was somewhat annoyed.
She actually didn’t want to come over at all because she had just gotten angry with her daughter yesterday and expressed that she wanted to move out of that old house, but she didn’t expect to receive a call from Xiao Chang Qian’s family today, asking herself and her husband to come over to accompany them to look at the house.
What kind of house to look at? Isn’t it just to call themselves over so they can show off that they’re buying Thompson’s?
Ma Lan was so angry, but because she didn’t dare to disrespect the Xiao family boss, she could only rush over with her husband as a foil.
That’s why she’s so upset with Ye Chen, if she finds a capable son-in-law, she might be able to live in Townsend too!
At this time, she looked at her sister-in-law Qian Hongyan with a flattering face and lamented, “Sister-in-law, you’re really amazing! All of a sudden they’re buying a house in Townsend! I’m so jealous of you! I don’t know when my family will ever be able to afford a house as luxurious as Townsend! You bought a 240 square meter? Let’s see, our family can’t save that much money in fifty years!”
Although she was very upset with the boss’s family, Ma Lan also knew that she had to flatter them, so she came up with a horse trio.
Xiao Hailong’s mother, Qian Hongyan, had an extremely ugly expression as she glared at Ma Lan and said in a cold voice, “Ma Lan, what do you mean by that? Despising people isn’t it?”
Qian Hongyan’s heart was about to explode!
Originally, I wanted to call Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan over to let them witness their own purchase of Thompson’s luxurious house, so as to brush up their presence in front of them, and by the way, sarcasm them again.
But I didn’t expect that someone’s son-in-law was capable! I can’t believe I got a Thompson mansion villa!
This really pissed her off and made her jealous to death in her heart.
Now Ma Lan came and deliberately complimented herself on buying a 240 square meter building, isn’t this not a clear sarcasm?
You have a hundred million dollar villa and you say you envy me? And that you can’t afford such a big, luxurious house, isn’t that a curse?
Ma Lan, who knows what’s going on, kissed Qian Hongyan’s buttocks as soon as she came here, but she was also accused by Qian Hongyan of looking down on people, and she was aggrieved to death, I licked you as soon as I came here, and you still think I look down on you? Do I have to kneel to you to show you respect?
So, Ma Lan hastily continued to flatter: “Oh, sister-in-law, if I compare with you, it’s like a candle meets the sun, far from it, how dare I look down on you! Look at your good fortune, you’re going to live in a Townsend First Class, and look at me, still living in a small shabby mansion, hey, our small shabby mansion, really shabby, how can we compare with your Townsend First Class house! So of course I envy you!”
Qian Hongyan was even more annoyed by these words, so angry that she couldn’t even speak.
Next to her, her husband, Xiao Changqian, gritted his teeth and scolded, “Ma Lan, is it interesting for you to be pointing fingers here? It’s just getting a villa, why are you bull-headed?”
After saying that, he looked at his younger brother, Xiao Changkun, and said coldly, “Changkun, do you and your wife still see me as a brother? Do you still have Mom? The villa is such a big deal and you don’t even say hello to the family?”
Xiao Changkun was stunned, “A villa? What villa? You’re buying a villa? There’s money!”

Chapter: 179
As soon as Xiao Changqian heard this, he thought in his heart that Xiao Changkun was deliberately trying to squeeze himself with words, and angrily blew his whiskers and glared at him, angrily saying, “Okay Changkun, what are you saying such words for? Aren’t you going to live in a villa in Thomson? Get up with me here, don’t you?”
Xiao Changkun was stunned, “What? I’m staying at a Thompson’s villa? Brother can you stop making fun of me all the time?”
Ma Lan was also confused: “Brother, are you mistaken? Is there some kind of misunderstanding here?”
Xiao Chang Qian pointed at Ye Chen and said with an unhappy face, “This son-in-law of yours has gotten a set of villa in Townsend, what’s going on you let him tell you!”
Ma Lan and Xiao Changkun were both dumbfounded and looked at Ye Chen with incredulous surprise, asking, “Ye Chen, what your uncle said is true? Did you really get a Thompson’s villa? Where’s that?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Mom and Dad, there is indeed a villa that was given to someone else after they helped out.

“Who sent it?” With a look of ecstasy in her eyes, Ma Lan took off to pursue the question.
Ye Chen then said, “I helped a friend solve some feng shui problems, so he gave me a villa.”
Ma Lan was so excited that she took off, “Quickly take us on a tour of this villa! Holy shit! A villa in Thomson is a dream come true!” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Choran pulled Ye Chen at this point and asked in a low voice, “Ye Chen, what’s going on here?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and whispered, “Someone really gave me a villa, if you don’t believe me, let’s go see it now.”
When Ma Lan looked at her big brother and sister-in-law again, a sense of superiority arose in her heart!
You bought a big house and you’re just playing games with me, and you even asked me to come with you to look at the houses, and now I’m going to live in Tomson’s villa soon.
So she deliberately smiled and said, “Oh my, big brother and sister-in-law, Hailong and Vivian, since you’re all here too, why don’t we go and visit this villa together, what do you think?”
Xiao Chang Qian hated to immediately shake his hand and leave, but his wife Qian Hongyan still held him back, gave him a wink, and said to Ma Lan, “Well, in that case, let’s go take a look!”
Saying that, she lowered her voice and whispered in her husband’s ear, “Take some photos and videos later, go back and show them to the old lady, if she likes this villa, she will naturally ask them to come over, won’t it be ours then?”
Xiao Changqian brightened up!
So that’s what my wife was thinking!
That’s wonderful!
So, Ye Chen led his group of people and stepped into the villa area of Thomson One.
As soon as they entered the villa area, the crowd looked everywhere, the environment in the villa area was several times better than the high-rise apartments outside, incomparably refined.
“Ye Chen, which villa is your villa in?” Xiao Weiwei deliberately asked loudly.
Ye Chen took the key and crossed over to Xiao Weiwei, smiling as he walked towards a villa in front of him, “This is the one, a05.”
In full view of everyone, Ye Chen did not change his face, took the key and opened the door of the villa and gently pushed it.
The door opened to both sides with a creak, and the exquisite garden scene inside was suddenly presented in front of everyone’s eyes.
The door locked in response to the sound.
Vivian Siu froze!
Xiao Hailong, as well as Xiao Hailong’s parents, were all stunned!
Xiao Chu Ran also held her breath, rubbed her eyes vigorously with her hands and looked forward.
There were pavilions and flowers and trees in the garden, and right in the middle stood a gorgeous and spacious luxury villa!
“This…. This is too luxurious…” Xiao Chang Qian was the first to return to his senses and shouted in shock.
Xiao Hailong’s expression was ugly and he said angrily, “What kind of person would give such a nice villa to you? I don’t believe it!!!”
“There’s nothing you can do if you don’t believe it, but this villa was indeed given to me.” Ye Chen didn’t bother to explain.
Xiao Weiwei stared at Ye Chen and gave a furious “humph” and said sourly, “Ye Chen, do you deserve such an expensive villa?”
Ye Chen smiled, “That’s not relevant to you.”
The crowd was silent in the open space at the entrance of the villa.
No one could have imagined that the owner of the most expensive villa in Jinling City was Ye Chen!!!

Chapter: 180
It was even harder for Xiao Weiwei and Xiao Changqian to accept it, it was simply like being slapped so hard in public that they could not wait to dig a hole into it.
The truth was devastating!
At this moment, an old man walked out from the villa.
The old man came directly in front of Ye Chen and respectfully asked, “Hello, may I ask if you are Mr. Ye Chen Ye?”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “I am, which one are you?”
The old man said, “Hello Mr. Ye, I’m Mr. Wang’s housekeeper, responsible for taking care of this villa, you can call me Uncle Li, I’m usually in charge of looking after the villa and maintaining hygiene.”
“Uncle Li?” Xiao Weiwei on the side was stunned to see him, her entire brain had short-circuited.
This Uncle Li, wasn’t he the housekeeper of his fiancé Wang Yunfei’s house? Why is he here?
Does this villa belong to the Wang family?
In that case, why give it to Ye Chen?
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly pursued, “Uncle Li, what’s going on here? Is this villa owned by the Wang family?”
Uncle Li said, “It used to be, but now it’s Mr. Ye’s.”
Saying that, Uncle Li looked at Ye Chen again and asked, “Mr. Ye, the inside of the villa is still not finished, when do you plan to move in? I’ll have the workers do it a little faster, make preparations in advance first.”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “We won’t move for now, you continue to take care of the villa, I’ll call you before I move here.”
“Yes! Mr. Yeh!”
After saying that, Uncle Li bowed towards Ye Chen again and then moved aside, respectfully waiting for him to enter.
Xiao Weiwei’s eyes were about to pop out, and a group of Xiao family relatives also looked surprised.
“Wang family’s housekeeper?” Xiao Weiwei was stunned and said, “Which Wang family, is it the Yunfei family?”
Ye Chen looked at her, smiled slightly, and said, “Yes, it’s your fiancé Wang Yunfei’s house, this house was given to me by his father.”
“What?!” Xiao Weiwei’s entire brain exploded!
This villa belongs to your fiancé Wang’s family?
In other words, the villa would have been your own in the future?
But why would it be given to Ye Chen!
This is my villa!
Xiao Weiwei’s parents were also puzzled and angry at the same time.
The Wang family was their daughter’s future in-laws, so naturally the Wang family’s villa would be given to their own daughter, why would it be given to Ye Chen? It’s not scientific!
Qian Hongyan asked Xiao Weiwei out of the blue, “Weiwei, what’s going on in this matter? Do you know this villa of the Wang family?”
Xiao Weiwei shook her head repeatedly, “I don’t know, I haven’t even heard Yun Fei talk about it…”
Qian Hongyan immediately snapped, “Quickly call Yun Fei and ask him about it! Ask what’s going on!”
Xiao Weiwei immediately pulled out her cell phone and called Wang Yunfei.
As soon as she came up, she asked Wang Yunfei, “Brother Yunfei, does your family have a villa in Townsend?”
Wang Yunfei said, “It’s a set, what’s wrong?”
Xiao Weiwei said with some discontent, “Then why didn’t I hear you talk about it! Is it a wedding room for the two of us?”
“No.” Wang Yunfei said, “That villa was bought by my uncle for his retirement, he prefers the environment of Thomson One, so how could he be willing to give it to us to use.”
Saying that, Wang Yunfei then asked, “How do you know about this?”
Xiao Weiwei’s tears of frustration flowed out, “Do you know that your uncle has given this villa away!”
“A gift?” Wang Yunfei asked off the cuff, “Who did you send it to?”
Xiao Weiwei broke down crying and said, “Give it to Yechen! It’s that punk brother-in-law of mine, Ye Chen!”

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