The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 271-280

Chapter: 271
After returning home, Ye Chen didn’t think about Dong Ruolin’s matter.
However, after he calmed down, it suddenly occurred to him that the medicine he had promised to Shi Tianqi and the Song family had never been refined.
To them, this medicine was simply the most miraculous medicine in this world.
But to Ye Chen, this medicine was just one of the most common types of herbs in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures.
If one could refine the more powerful medicines in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, the effects could even bring back the dead and even make one immortal, right?
However, those advanced medicines required many exotic treasures that he had never even heard of, and what’s more, many of them also needed spirit qi as a primer for concocting medicines, and he was just now considered to have entered the door, and there was still a long way to go, so he could only take it one step at a time.
The reason why he was willing to refine medicine for them was also because Ye Chen himself wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to accumulate more experience in medicine refining.
However, he didn’t have any medicine in his hand, and since he was refining medicine for the Song family, he naturally wanted the Song family to help solve this problem, so he directly called Song Wanting.
Recently, Song Wanting had been thinking about how she could have more opportunities to get in touch with Ye Chen.
Grandpa said that if anyone’s family recruited a dragon son-in-law like Ye Chen, the family would definitely get a great promotion, and a master like Ye Chen would simply be a profligate waste in an unpopular family like the Xiao family. Remember the website
Therefore, the best way was to be able to unite strongly.
Only the family that is called a dragon deserves a son-in-law like a dragon.
How could a dragon son-in-law be married to a litter of snakes and rats?
The more she thought about it, the more her inner fondness for Ye Chen grew stronger, and even hinted at a bit of anticipation.
She really wanted to call Ye Chen more, ask him out to meet her and create more opportunities for contact, but she was also afraid that she would be too obvious that she would be seen by Ye Chen.
Song Wanting was proud all her life, it could be said that she was the most eye-catching princess in the entire Jinling, compared to her, the other family’s daughter was simply not worth mentioning, so a woman like her could not be tainted by the men in Jinling.
From the time she was born until now, Song Wanting had never had her heart set on any man, but Ye Chen was the first.
On the contrary, he was still a married man and a door-to-door son-in-law.
Song Wanting also found it somewhat ironic, her heart had always been indecisive on how to develop with Ye Chen.
Just when her mind was always eddled by Ye Chen, she received a phone call from him.
At that moment, her girlish heart was filled with an excited leap.
When she received the call, her voice was even trembling as she asked, “Master Ye, how come you have time to call me?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Miss Song, I am going to start concocting medicine tomorrow, but I need some herbs, so fix me up and send them over.”
Once she heard that Ye Chen was finally going to concoct medicine, Song Wanting was excited.
The Song family had been waiting for Ye Chen’s divine medicine, but there had been no word from Ye Chen, everyone was waiting anxiously, but no one was too embarrassed to rush Ye Chen, after all, Ye Chen was going to send them, and being willing to send them was already very respectful, how could they dare to rush him?
Thus, Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Don’t worry Master Ye, if you give me a list of herbs, I’ll immediately go find the best quality herbs to send to you!”

Chapter: 272
“Very well.” Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Remember to prepare more in portions, I still have my own for him to use.”
Ye Chen did not lack the money to buy herbs, but he needed a reliable channel for herbs, good herbs, like good antique relics, could be encountered but not found, this kind of thing, some things would not be solved by simply having money, it was important to have a path.
Their own roots in Jinling are still shallow, naturally, they are not as powerful as the Song family, they have been plowing in Jinling for hundreds of years, and all kinds of paths are very strong.
Song Wanting hung up the phone and received a list of herbs sent by Ye Chen, so she called the Qin family’s Qin Gang at the first opportunity.
Although the Qin family wasn’t as powerful as the Song family, the Qin family was in the business of antiques, curios, and Chinese herbs.
Even Ye Chen didn’t know that Qin Gang was actually the largest supplier of medicinal herbs in the entire Jiangnan area.
This was mainly because, Qin Gang’s medicinal herbs business was usually not to private individuals, they were all directly supplied to the major herbal medicine factories, as well as chain pharmacies, only wholesale, not retail.
Song Wanting said Ye Chen’s list over the phone, and then asked, “Mr. Qin, I wonder if you can help me get these herbs, I want the best quality kind, and in large quantities!”
As soon as Qin Gang heard that Song Wanting wanted these herbs, he realized something and hurriedly asked after her, “Miss Song, I dare to ask, are these herbs for Master Ye Chen Ye?”
“Yes.” Song Wanting was on good terms with Qin Gang, so she didn’t hide it and said straight, “Mr. Qin should have heard that Master Ye saved my grandfather’s life, and he was gracious enough to send my family some divine medicine the other day, so I came to prepare medicinal herbs for Master Ye.” One second to remember to read the book
Qin Gang immediately said, “Don’t worry Miss Song, I’ll prepare these herbs, and I’ll send them directly to Master Ye at that time.”
Song Wanting said, “Mr. Qin, it’s not quite appropriate to trouble you to deliver them, is it?”
Qin Gang seriously said, “Miss Song, you and I are friends, so I won’t tell you those empty words, I also want to fight to ask Master Ye for a divine medicine for future use, just in case I need to take the opportunity to send herbs to beg Master Ye.”
Song Wanting thought about it, even if she didn’t let Qin Gang go to deliver the medicinal herbs, Qin Gang would still find Ye Chen if he wanted to ask for a medicine, so she simply sent him a favor so that he could take the opportunity to deliver a medicine to Ye Chen to beg for it.
So, she then smiled and said, “Naturally, I have no problem with this, but Mr. Qin must prepare these medicinal herbs that Master Ye wants in a good way, so don’t make any mistakes!”
Qin Gang even assured, “Don’t worry Miss Song, there’s no way I’m fooling Master Ye!”
Only then did Song Wanting smiled, “That’s fine, go prepare it and send it over to Master Ye when you’re ready.”
Hanging up the phone, Qin Gang was impatiently excited.
His daughter, that beautiful striped positive, hot character of the little chili pepper Qin Ao Xue, at this time to see her father excited straight rubbing his hands, could not help but ask: “Dad, what are you alone there excited?”
Qin Gang laughed, “There’s great news!”
Qin Ao Xue was surprised and asked, “What great news?”
“It’s Master Ye!” Qin Gang’s excited rhyme and reason.
Qin Ao Xue’s heart thudded, Master Ye? That magical Master Ye?
She couldn’t help but shyly ask, “Dad, Master Ye he…. What’s wrong?”
Qin Gang blurted out, “Master Ye is going to refine the divine medicine! Miss Song asked me to help Master Ye prepare the herbs, and when the time comes, I’m also going to ask Master Ye for a miracle pill to return!”

Chapter: 273
Qin Ao Xue, ever since she was taught to be a human by Ye Chen, she completely understood what it meant to be outside the sky and outside people.
Knowing that Ye Chen had great prowess, she had always had some admiration for him in her heart, and even more so, some shame.
Naturally, the shame was that she was so self-important that she had to compete with Master Ye.
However, the hotter the character of the beautiful girl, the more she likes a man who is much stronger than herself, because only such a man can make them truly convinced.
Therefore, in her heart, Qin Ao Xue had always regarded Ye Chen as her greatest idol.
Hearing that Ye Chen was going to refine the divine medicine, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “I didn’t think that Master Ye still had this ability to refine divine medicine!”
Qin Gang exclaimed, “We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as to how powerful Master Ye is! I heard that a few days ago, even Doctor Shi Tianqi worshipped Master Ye’s medical book! His injury was because he cornered Master Ye and bought a magic pill that he had casually concocted, and he’s mostly healed ah!”
“Oh my God!”
Qin Ao Xue’s entire body was completely shocked!
Her family has been in the herbal business for years, and she actually knows a lot about the Chinese medical community. First URL
Shi Tianqi, is one of the few super-awesome Chinese medicine tai dou in China, in terms of seniority, that’s really at the level of an ancestor, even some big names, it’s hard to move him to come out of the mountain, unexpectedly, even he can’t compare to the young Master Ye!
Qin Ao Xue’s heart could not help but be filled with fascination for Ye Chen.
Such a man with great abilities is the object of women’s greatest admiration ah!
Especially a strong woman like her would only worship and submit to such a powerful man, so all of a sudden, in her heart, she felt like a deer in the headlights, not to mention how excited she was.
Qin Gang suddenly saw his daughter’s blush, first he was stunned, then he immediately realized that his daughter seemed to have a bit of a girl’s heart for Ye Chen….
His heart turned slightly, and he hurriedly said to Qin Aoxue, “Aoxue, Dad will go to prepare the medicinal herbs now, and when the herbs are ready, tomorrow morning, you will send them over to Master Ye.”
“Me?” Qin Ao Xue was surprised and asked, “Dad, aren’t you going by yourself? Why did you let me go again?”
Qin Gang smiled, “You’re a girl, and you’re similar in age to Master Ye, you’re both young, so you’re naturally better able to talk to each other.”
Saying that, Qin Gang said: “Actually ah, Dad to tell you the truth, you don’t look at Master Ye so strong, so great in magical powers, in fact he is a very low-key person, he has been a superfluous son-in-law in the Xiao family for several years.”
Qin Ao Xue nodded her head and said, “This, I seem to have heard something about it, but I don’t understand, Master Ye is so powerful, why would he backstab the door to be a superfluous son-in-law? Even if he’s in love with that woman from the Xiao family, he can still marry her straight away, so why be a door-to-door son-in-law?”
Qin Gang exclaimed, “This is where Master Ye is so elusive! If you want to say that it’s really because of love, that’s understandable, but I once heard someone say that he and that Xiao Choran of the Xiao family are actually famous but not real, and in the past, Xiao Choran’s mother told someone outside that Master Ye was at home, and he couldn’t even get into Xiao Choran’s bed, so he could only sleep on the floor!”
“Huh?!” Qin Ao Xue was confused: “Letting Master Ye sleep on the floor…. The Xiao family is too much…”
Qin Gang said, “They just don’t understand how powerful Master Ye is! I see, it’s possible that it’s one of Master Ye’s ways of cultivating, many people in the world like to cultivate as hard as they can.”
“So that’s how it is.” Qin Ao Xue nodded her head and said, “Master Ye is really amazing!”

Chapter: 274
At that time, all the big families in Jinling, and even the whole country, will desperately want to suck up to him, and all the big families in the country will send their most beautiful daughters to his bosom, you must seize this opportunity to send medicine to Master Ye! ”
Qin Ao Xue suddenly blushed: “Dad, what are you saying…. I don’t understand…. What opportunity are you grasping…”
“Still playing dumb with me?” Qin Gang squared up, “Dad can see that you have admiration for Master Ye, can’t you?”
Qin Aoxue shyly tweaked for a long while before finally nodding her head.
Qin Gang said, “I have a feeling that this true dragon, Master Ye, won’t be coiled in this little snake nest in the Xiao family for too long, and one day he will definitely leave the Xiao family, so you must make the first move and establish a good relationship or even an emotional base with Master Ye early!”
Speaking of which, Qin Gang incomparably lamented with longing, “If our Qin family could recruit a dragon son-in-law like Master Ye, this would definitely influence our family’s fortunes for the next hundred years! At that time, we will realize our ancestors’ great wish and make the Qin family the best in China. In that case, it’s a real smoke screen! The old ancestor will be immensely pleased even in the ninth heaven!”
When Qin Ao Xue heard this, she was inwardly shy and put away her original shyness.
Dad is right, this, is not something as simple as a child’s love.
This, is the key to whether or not a family can break through the shackles of fate and meet the wind and turn into a dragon! Remember the URL
Meeting the Wind and turning into a dragon is a family’s chance of a hundred years!
There were many families that had once flourished and vanished in less than a hundred years, but there were also many families that had managed to survive for a hundred years and yet, they had never been able to go further.
The Qin family is the latter!
If the Qin family could seize this opportunity of Ye Chen, it could very well soar to the sky!
This, truly, is the perfect opportunity that may not come along in a hundred years!
Now, this opportunity seemed to be clutched in his hands, if he could really recruit a dragon son-in-law like Ye Chen into the Qin family, then the Qin family could at least avoid a hundred years of detours!
The strong sense of family mission had driven her heart to fly towards Ye Chen.
Thus, she immediately said to Qin Gang, “Dad, you go prepare the medicinal herbs! I’ll send it to Master Ye first thing tomorrow morning!”
Qin Gang nodded his head in delight and instructed, “Make sure you dress up beautifully and shinily, my daughter can’t say she’s beautiful, but she’s definitely a top-notch beauty in this Jinling, if she dresses up a bit more, she’ll definitely be gorgeous.”
Qin Ao Xue’s face was a sweet red, but she still nodded very seriously and said, “Don’t worry dad, I will pay attention to it!”
Qin Gang said, “Tomorrow when you meet Master Ye, remember to tell Master Ye that the entire Qin family holds him in great esteem, and would like to serve him in the future, and saddle up for him, and also tell Master Ye that our Qin family has been in the medicinal herbs business for nearly a hundred years, and that Master Ye will need any good medicinal herbs in the future, just ask, and don’t dare to disobey.”
“After you’ve said all this, then beg Master Ye if he can grant the Qin family a divine pill, the Qin family, above and below, will be grateful! I’m sure that after you’ve said that, Master Ye won’t refuse!”

Chapter: 275
The next morning.
Ye Chen was about to go out to buy food when he received a phone call.
The one who called was actually the Qin family’s little pepper, Qin Aoxue.
When Qin Ao Xue made the call, she asked coquettishly, “Master Ye, may I ask if you are at home now?”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “At home, what, you want something from me?”
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years. If it’s convenient, I’ll deliver it to your door.”
Wife Xiao Choran went to work on her studio, and her father-in-law drove her mother-in-law to the villa in Thomson to see the progress of the renovation, so it was not inconvenient for Ye Chen to be home by himself.
So he said, “I am convenient, you can come over directly.”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, “Okay Master Ye, I’ll be there right away!”
A few minutes later, Ye Chen heard a knock on the door. A second to remember to read the book
When he opened the door, he saw Qin Ao Xue, who had long black shawl hair and wore a beige dress, with a delicate and incomparably ladylike appearance, standing in the doorway, dragging a huge suitcase in her hands.
“Ye…. Hello Master Ye…. I’m Qin Ao Xue, I don’t know if you still remember me…”
Qin Ao Xue was nervous at the moment.
Ever since her father told her yesterday about the importance of Master Ye to the family’s future, she had been tossing and turning all night without sleeping well.
In her head, all she was thinking about was naturally Ye Chen.
She was also a young girl at the age of nostalgia.
Which girl doesn’t want to find a handsome, rich and powerful man to be her husband?
And as she looked around, there was not a single man under the universal sky who could compete with Ye Chen!
Now that’s what I call a truly wonderful husband candidate!
Don’t tell me that dad wants to make progress with him, even if he doesn’t say anything, he is still fascinated by him in his heart.
Ye Chen didn’t know why Qin Ao Xue was so nervous, the last time he saw her, she was still unruly and insisted on competing with him.
How come when we see each other today, it’s like a new person?
A hot little pepper that’s suddenly a fresh and delicious cucumber?
So he asked curiously, “What’s wrong with you today? Seems like a big change from before?”
Qin Aoxue was so shy that she said, “Master Ye, in the past, it was Aoxue who was ignorant and Meng Lang was frivolous in front of Master, please forgive Master…”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “It seems that the change is really quite big.”
After saying that, he flashed over and said, “Stop talking at the door and come in.”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly nodded and carefully pulled the box in.
Ye Chen saw her pulling this huge box was even very laborious, to know that Qin Ao Xue was also a practitioner, quite some strength, ordinary strong laborers may not be her opponent, she was still so laborious, it seems that this box must be very heavy.
So he curiously asked: “What are you carrying in this box? Why so heavy?”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, “Master Ye, these are all the medicinal herbs my father has prepared for you, and they are all of the best of the ten thousand miles!”
Afterwards, she set the suitcase down on the living room floor and opened it.

Chapter: 276
The ones that caught my eye were indeed the finest herbs!
It was even the finest medicinal herbs that Ye Chen himself had no access to buy!
Ye Chen was a bit shocked and couldn’t help but ask, “How did your father manage to get so many such good herbs?”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said: “Master Ye has no idea, my Qin family deals in many businesses, one of them is medicinal herbs, our ancestors were medicinal herbs merchants from the Qing Dynasty, we have our own mule and horse team to travel south and north to collect the best medicinal herbs, then transported to the capital to sell to the royals and nobles, transported to the south of the Yangtze River to sell to rich merchants, for so many years, we have not lost this business. ”
Saying that, Qin Ao Xue then hurriedly said, “Right, my father told me to tell Master Ye that if Master Ye has any medicinal needs in the future, just let us know directly, and the Qin family will do their best to satisfy Master Ye’s needs!”
Ye Chen was also surprised.
He had been attracted to the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture ever since he had stumbled upon it by chance, there were extremely many medicine refining skills and recipes in it, but he had never even heard of many of the herbs himself.
Originally, he was still worried about this matter, but it turned out that the Qin family was the medicinal herbs merchant with a hundred-year heritage!
It’s so easy to find!
So he couldn’t hide his delight and said, “Yes! Great! It will be much easier for me to refine medicine with the assistance of your Qin family!” First web site
When Qin Ao Xue heard Ye Chen chatting about medicine refining, she hesitated and plucked up her courage and poofed to kneel on the ground.
Ye Chen was shocked by this sudden action of hers and asked in surprise, “Qin Ao Xue, what are you doing?”
Qin Ao Xue kneeled on both knees and cupped her hands as she begged with a devout face, “Master Ye! When my father heard that you were going to concoct a miracle pill, his heart yearned for it, so he asked me to beg Master Ye if I could, after concocting the miracle pill, also…. Also…….. Also…….”
Qin Ao Xue also took half a day and did not say the rest of the words.
She had been raised to be worshipped and envied since she was a child, where had she ever begged anyone in a lowly manner? Not to mention begging for something from someone else.
So instead, this thin-skinned little girl was now too embarrassed to reveal her true needs.
When Ye Chen saw her fidgeting, he couldn’t help but feel anxious for her.
However, even if Qin Ao Xue didn’t say it, he understood Qin Ao Xue’s request in his heart.
So he said indifferently, “Does your father also want a divine pill?”
Qin Ao Xue nodded her head as if she was pounding garlic when she heard this!
Immediately, she hurriedly said, “If Master Ye is too difficult, we will never force it!”
Ye Chen laughed.
The medicine he was going to concoct for Shi Tianqi and the others, how could it be considered a miracle pill? It’s nothing more than a kind of the lowest grade medicine inside the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture.
This kind of thing, refining it easily and trouble-free, as long as there are raw materials, minutes out of a pile, faster than and noodles steamed steamed bread, the Qin family wants nothing more than a medicine, of course, you will not refuse.
The most important thing is to rely on the Qin family to prepare medicinal materials for you in the future.
If he could take the Qin family under his wing this time and make them his disciples, then it would be much easier for him to prepare the medicinal ingredients in the future.
Thus, he looked at the shy and red-eyed Qin Ao Xue, who was full of pleading, and smiled slightly, reaching out his hand to help her up, smiling, “Your father wants my medicine, it’s not like I can’t give it.”
“Really?” When Qin Ao Xue heard this, she was so excited.
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Of course it’s true, even if I don’t look at your father’s face, I can’t refuse for the sake of your little beauty.”
Actually, Ye Chen was supposed to ridicule a sentence.
But unexpectedly, Qin Ao Xue’s heart deer bumped after hearing it!
Ye Chen then, in order to invite the purchase of hearts and minds, calmly smiled and said, “Just as well, since I’m fated with your Qin family, this time, when I refine the divine medicine, I’ll give your Qin family two!”

Chapter: 277
Whether it was Qin Gang or Qin Ao Xue, they only dared to ask for one extravagantly for the divine pill that Ye Chen had concocted.
In their view, to beg for a divine pill was already smoke from their ancestral graves!
With this one divine pill in hand, in the future, people could be rescued from the King of Hell as long as they still had half a breath left, and it was extremely significant for a family like theirs.
However, no one dared to dream that Ye Chen would give them two of them!
When Qin Ao Xue heard this, she stayed in place as if struck by lightning.
She looked at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes, and in a split second, a layer of mist was masked, and then the tears that were bigger than green beans rolled down, looking at Ye Chen could not help but feel pity for him.
While shedding tears, Qin Ao Xue choked and asked, “Master Ye…. You…….. What you said…. Is it true?”
Ye Chen smiled, “What? Are you afraid that Master Ye will lie to you?”
“I dare not!” Qin Ao Xue hurriedly shook her head, the teardrops were flung up, making Ye Chen find it fiercely adorable.
Qin Ao Xue wiped her tears as she broke into a smile and said, “I just can’t believe it…. Thank you so much! Thank you so much!” Remember the URL
Saying that, Qin Ao Xue bowed her head.
She believed that even if dad was here and heard Ye Chen say that he wanted to give two divine pills, he would definitely kowtow in gratitude!
Ye Chen saw this appearance of her excitement, smiled slightly and said: “Qin Ao Xue, you go back and tell your father, I, Ye Chen, have always been a gentleman to speak, a gentleman’s word is a deal, after the divine medicine is refined, I will give him two of them, but in the future if I have any need for the Qin family, he can never fool me, understand?”
Qin Ao Xue nodded hastily and said excitedly, “Understood Master Ye! Thank you!”
Saying that, Qin Aoxue’s pretty face was as red as a red apple as she shyly said, “Master Ye…. You can just call me Ao Xue from now on…”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Good, Ao Xue, you don’t need to kneel, get up.”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, “Ao Xue follows the order!”
Saying that, he carefully stood up.
Ye Chen smiled: “We are not an ancient martial arts film, there is no need to speak so politely.”
Qin Aoxue was busy saying, “My father always taught me that I must be polite and respectful to my senior and senior masters, Master Ye you have the ability to pass through the heavens, Aoxue naturally has to be respectful and respectful to you!”
Ye Chen faintly smiled and said, “You, before, you looked like you had a big temper, as if you were spoilt since childhood, I didn’t expect that you are now knowledgeable and polite, which impressed me.”
Qin Ao Xue was delighted in her heart, but at the same time, she was also a little shy.
Which of you is knowing and polite.
Before today, I was still that unruly and capricious little pepper.
Seeing no one and choking twice with everyone, that was her own temperament character.
But now, she was really ten thousand percent convinced in front of Ye Chen, plus her father’s eager expectations of her, so she unconsciously wanted to be a good and obedient and lovable kitten in front of Ye Chen.
Ye Chen saw that it was getting late, so he said to Qin Aoxue, “Aoxue, I’ll take the herbs first, but I have to go out to buy food first, so why don’t we go out together?”
Only then did Qin Aoxue realize that she had delayed Master Ye in doing something, she hurriedly nodded her head and said, “Sorry Master Ye, it’s Aoxue who has disturbed you…”
Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said, “Don’t think about it, go back and tell your father that I will contact him after the medicine is refined.”
“Okay Master Ye!” Qin Ao Xue immediately bowed and saluted.
Ye Chen held her arms before stopping her, then Ye Chen hid the medicine in the kitchen, only then did he follow her out the door.
At the entrance of the district, Qin Ao Xue thanked her a thousand times before she reluctantly bid farewell to Ye Chen and drove home.
Ye Chen, on the other hand, reverted to his old look of that wasteful superfluous son-in-law, dragging a small pulling cart sent by a laundry detergent brand and used specifically to buy food, and went on foot to the small food market near his home.

Chapter: 278
Qin Ao Xue carried an incomparably excited heart and returned home with joy.
At this time in the Qin residence, Qin Gang was waiting anxiously.
He didn’t know if Ye Chen would be able to agree to his daughter’s visit to beg for medicine.
After all, although he was willing to be a dog for Ye Chen, he was also afraid that Ye Chen would not look up to a family like his.
The Qin family in Jinling was a bit stronger than Wang Zhenggang’s family, but much less powerful than Song Wanting’s family.
Ye Chen, on the other hand, was the target of even the Song family to tend to, with the Song family in front of him, how could he have a chance to show his face?
Just when I was apprehensive, Qin Ao Xue came back.
Qin Ao Xue’s car, just stopped in the courtyard of the villa, Qin Gang flew out.
It’s just that Qin Ao Xue parked the car, pushing the door down, Qin Gang hurriedly asked: “Ao Xue, how is it? Did Master Ye agree?!” One second to remember to read the book
Qin Ao Xue’s teary-eyed nodded and nodded his head heavily.
“Dad, Master Ye has promised!”
“Great!” Qin Gang burst out laughing in excitement, excited and a little hard to hold himself.
At this time, Qin Ao Xue said again, “Dad, Master Ye said that he wants to give us two of them.”
“What?!” Qin Gang was stunned!
“Two of them?! For us? Master Ye is giving us two miracle pills? You can’t have heard me wrong!”
Qin Gang felt like he couldn’t even breathe anymore.
Qin Ao Xue nodded her head at this time and said very seriously, “It is indeed going to give us two divine pills, I heard it right!”
“Oh my God!” Qin Gang burst into tears, “Is this Master Ye trying to pull our Qin family together?”
Qin Aoxue was busy saying, “Master Ye said that he will have some medicinal needs in the future, so let’s cooperate well.”
Qin Gang said excitedly, “Great Aoxue! Great! Master Ye is promoting the Qin family! With him as the great god, our Qin family’s revitalization is not hopeless!”
Saying that, he asked, “By the way, did Master Ye have any special gesture when he met you?”
Qin Ao Xue’s face suddenly blushed to the base of her neck.
She fidgeted and said, “Master Ye he…. Grandmaster Ye he said…. He said….”
“Oh my, what exactly did Master Ye say?”
Qin Ao Xue lowered her head and said shamefully, “Master Ye said that for the sake of this little beauty of mine, she can’t refuse…”
“Hahaha!” Qin Gang laughed three times and said ecstatically, “There’s a show! There’s drama! It seems that someday in the future, Master Ye might also become my Qin Gang’s son-in-law!”
Qin Ao Xue was incomparably shy and said, “Dad, what are you talking about…. .
Anything is possible!” said an excited Qin Gang. Keep up the good work, Aoshi!”
Afterwards, Qin Gang said with great excitement, “Master Ye has great supernatural powers, his style must be different from that of ordinary people, and he must not care about those worldly gazes and moral restrictions. So daughter ah, you must keep up the good work, strive to be able to cook the raw rice with Master Ye, preferably to be able to give birth to a son for Master Ye, then, my Qin family, will really take off!”
Qin Ao Xue was so ashamed that she could not wait to dig a hole in the ground and cover her face and said, “Dad…. What are you talking about, it’s simply disrespectful for the old man!”
Afterwards, stomping his feet, he ran back to his room….

Chapter: 279
The matter of Ye Chen wanting to refine the divine medicine was spreading among several upper class families in Jinling.
Wang Zhenggang, the owner of the Wang family, Bao Fugui, the owner of the Precious Treasure Pavilion, and Hong Wu, the owner of the Heavenly Fragrance House, all heard the news.
Although all three of them couldn’t help but want to ask Ye Chen for medicine, the only one who really had the face to speak up was Wang Zhenggang.
Wang Zhenggang was bottom-feeding.
After all, he had already made his heartfelt intentions known to Ye Chen and even gave Ye Chen the Townsend Villa that he had bought with over 100 million.
Therefore, he also ran to Ye Chen’s house in the afternoon and kneeled down to ask Ye Chen for a divine pill while Ye Chen himself was at home.
To him, Ye Chen didn’t refuse.
After all, he was the one who was more convenient to use now, although his son and nephew were a bit stupid and bad, but the lessons that should be taught had been taught, and now he was serving himself honestly and obediently, a pill, there was no need to be stingy.
Wang Zhenggang got an affirmative answer and excitedly kowtowed three times to Ye Chen.
The more rich people are afraid of death, the more the divine medicine for them, it is simply equal to a once again regenerated magic potion, everyone wants to be able to get one to defend themselves. The first website
After promising to send Wang Zhenggang away, Ye Chen was at home, taking out some medicinal herbs and refining a batch of medicinal pills.
In this batch, he only used a tenth of the herbs to refine thirty medicinal pills.
Moreover, this time, the medicinal pills were more than ten times more effective because they used a full set of prescriptions and the herbs were much better than the last one.
If the previous one was able to treat almost most moderate internal injuries and have some healing effect on all internal injuries, then this time the pills were able to heal almost fatal internal injuries.
Even a years old and stubborn injury like Shi Tianqi’s could be healed by swallowing half a pill.
If he was being chased by an expert, even if he only had a breath left, he would be able to live if he ate this pill.
After the medicine was refined, Ye Chen kept twenty of them for himself and took ten out himself, calling Song Wanting, Shi Tianqi, Qin Gang, and Wang Zhenggang to tell them that he had refined the miracle medicine and would give it to them tonight at a banquet at Master Hongwu’s Heavenly Fragrance House.
The crowd was overjoyed to hear this.
Unexpectedly, Master Ye was indeed a true dragon! You’ve made a magic potion so quickly! It’s like making dumplings!
That night, everyone arrived at the Heavenly Fragrance Residence early to await Ye Chen’s big ride.
Ye Chen cooked dinner for Xiao Churan, his father-in-law, and his mother-in-law before telling them that he had an old friend from the orphanage returning and wanted to meet for a small gathering, and then slipped out of the house.
At the entrance of the Tianxiang Mansion, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang’s father and daughter, Song Wanting, as well as the divine doctor Shi Tianqi and his granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao, Master Hong Fifth, and others, personally greeted at the entrance.
Today, the Heavenly Fragrance House closed its doors to entertain Ye Chen alone.
Seeing Ye Chen, the crowd’s expressions were in awe and they all cupped their fists in respect, “Welcome Master Ye.”
Ye Chen swept a glance at the crowd and smiled faintly, “You guys are really early, when did you arrive?”
Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, “Master Ye, it’s rare for you to personally organize a game, we definitely need to arrive a little early to show our respect.”
For today’s dinner party, Song Wanting had deliberately dressed up a bit, putting on an elegant and noble black evening gown dress, the gauze lining outlining her perfect and slender curves without appearing voluptuous, instead having a different kind of charm.
Together with Song Wanting’s beautiful and perfect facial features, it showed her temperament to the fullest.

Chapter: 280
Ye Chen couldn’t help but take a few more glances, today’s Song Wanting was truly stunning.
If she was compared to Xiao Churan, their looks and figures were almost rivals, but in terms of temperament, Xiao Churan was more than a grade lower than Song Wanting.
After all, Song Wanting is the daughter of the Song family, and her temperament is beyond the reach of ordinary women.
Qin Ao Xue also walked up to Ye Chen with a red face at this time and gave a salute as well.
Unlike a mature and intellectual beauty like Song Wanting, Qin Aoxue’s valiant posture fused with her current little woman appearance, which also had a different flavor.
Qin Ao Xue painted light makeup, coupled with its own martial arts training, the original temperament, just like the snow lotus on the iceberg, overpowering.
The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.
At this time, when she looked at Ye Chen, a blush appeared on her cheeks, adding a little girl attitude.
Song Wanting at the side had a hint of something strange in her eyes, a woman’s instinct made her subconsciously dike Qin Aoxue.
In her heart, she wondered: this Qin Aoxue of the Qin family, it can’t be that she has thoughts about Master Ye, right? Remember the URL
You know, Grandpa had instructed himself to find a way to recruit Master Ye as the Song family’s son-in-law.
And he was indeed moved by this proposal.
Could it be that this Qin Ao Xue of the Qin family had the same thoughts as his own!
Ye Chen didn’t know what Song Wanting and Qin Aoxue were thinking, he just smiled at the crowd and said, “You guys remember in the future, you don’t need to have too much red tape to get along with me, I’m a person who looks down on everything, you just need to treat me indifferently.”
As soon as the crowd heard this, they waved their hands in succession.
Qin Gang said respectfully, “What kind of status is Master Ye, we should serve him with respect and not break the rules!”
Wang Zhenggang also followed suit, “Master Ye is the supreme of Southern Canton and has been gracious to us again, not to mention waiting a little longer, even if we wait for a day, we won’t say a word.”
Shi Tianqi couldn’t help but also arch his hand at this point and said, “Master Ye’s medical skills are unparalleled, but anyone in the Apricot Grove who knows of Master Ye’s prodigious means will be in awe.”
Seeing this, Ye Chen could only nod helplessly and said, “Alright, let’s not stand at the door, then let’s go in first.”
Song Wanting smiled gently and said, “Master Ye, you first.”
Ye Chen did not excuse himself and walked at the front.
The other big men followed behind Ye Chen in turn, falling half a body length away, not daring to preposterously in the slightest.
Entering the Diamond Box of the Heavenly Fragrance House, the elegant room was ready with dishes full of delicacies.
Ye Chen didn’t invite many people, but all of them were pivotal figures in Jinling City, all of them were big shots, and if people from the outside world saw them, they would definitely be stunned.
As the owner of the Heavenly Fragrance House, Hong Wu spoke in an incomparably respectful tone, “Master Ye, when I heard that you are going to invite guests at the Heavenly Fragrance House, Hong Wu I specially arranged this table of dishes, the dishes are more than a grade higher than the usual diamond box specifications, and the wine is also a hundred year old Maotai vintage that was specially flown over from Guizhou overnight, I hope you will be satisfied. ”
Although Master Hong Fifth had long known of Ye Chen’s skills, the many big men who arrived today shook him completely.
The Song family’s eldest miss Song Wanting, the Qin family’s Qin Gang father and daughter, the Wang family’s owner Wang Zhenggang, and the divine doctor Shi Tianqi’s grandparents.
All of them, singled out in this, were big people who were important in Jinling, but in front of Ye Chen, they were like harmless lambs, so it was all the more reason for a socially mixed person like Hong Fifth to be on the wrong side of the stage!

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