The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 281-290

Chapter: 281
With so many big names gathered here, Master Hong Wu didn’t dare to speak out loud at all.
Even in his territory, when he entered the elegant room, he could only be like a lapdog, wagging his tail and begging for mercy in front of Ye Chen, hoping that he would take a second look at him.
When Ye Chen saw that Hong Fifth was so attentive, he smiled at him, nodded his head and said, “Hong Fifth, you have a good heart.”
When Hong Fifth heard Ye Chen’s words, he was excited and said, “It is Hong Fifth’s honor to work for Master Ye, please take a seat.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and sat down in his master’s seat.
Only then did Master Hong Wu respectfully said, “If Master Ye has any orders, just call Hong Wu, Hong Wu is at the door!”
Saying that, he carefully exited the box and guarded the entrance of the diamond box like a waiter.
Hong Wu, he was also considered the King of the Jinling underground.
But at this time, he was just a bum who couldn’t rise to the occasion.
Each of these big men who ate with Ye Chen were much stronger than himself, and with his status, he wasn’t qualified to go directly to the table, so it was already a three-life fortune to be able to speak with Ye Chen. One second to remember to read the book
As soon as Ye Chen’s side sat down on the main seat, Song Wanting followed suit and sat directly on Ye Chen’s right seat.
They were next to each other, only half a body length away, and Ye Chen could even smell Song Wanting’s faint body fragrance.
According to the rules of the dinner table, the most noble person sat in the main seat, and the next level of people sat on both sides of the VIP.
In this, the Song family was the strongest, and as the representative of the Song family, Song Wanting naturally had to sit with Ye Chen.
Therefore, at this time, who could sit on the other side of Ye Chen’s seat became the object of intent competition in the hearts of others.
Qin Gang pushed Qin Aoxue at this time and said to Ye Chen with a smiling face, “Master Ye, you are someone with great powers, my daughter Aoxue has admired you for a long time and has always regarded you as an idol in her heart, how about letting her also sit next to you and serve you tea and wine, what do you think?”
As soon as this was said, Song Wanting’s pretty eyebrows raised, looking at Qin Gang with quite deep meaning.
And Wang Zhenggang cursed in his heart, good old dog Qin, actually wanted to use his own daughter to get closer to Master Ye, really fucking shameless.
The reason why Wang Zhenggang was gnashing his teeth so much in his heart was mainly because he didn’t have a lady’s daughter.
He thought in his heart, if I had a daughter, why would you come out to be rampant, Qin Gang?
At this time, Qin Ao Xue also blushed with shame and shame.
The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.
However, despite the shame in her heart, Qin Aoxue was not the kind of person to squirm, so she simply opened her mouth generously and said, “Master Ye, please give Aoxue a chance to serve.”
Ye Chen was stunned at the words and said indifferently, “Since you have the heart to do so, sit next to me.”
Qin Aoxue was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed in thanks, which was why she sat next to Ye Chen.
Shi Tianqi’s eyes were very envious, in fact, he also wanted his granddaughter to sit next to Master Ye, but, without pulling down this face for a while, he was pre-empted by Qin Ao Xue and took the first step.
If you want Chen Xiaozhao to become Master Ye’s woman, Shi Tianqi did not dare to dream extravagantly.
But if Chen Xiaozhao could be favored by Grandmaster Ye and take her as a maid, it would be a blessing cultivated in eight lifetimes!

Chapter: 282
Because Ye Chen was a superb doctor, even his own ancestral medical skills, he knew more profoundly than he did, and if Chen Xiaozhao was fortunate enough to be able to serve around Ye Chen’s side on the other day, then there would certainly be no shortage of opportunities to learn.
This was also one of his purposes for bringing Chen Xiaozhao to the dinner party.
Naturally, the other purpose was to seek medicine from Ye Chen.
He had been tormented by his own injuries for half of his life, and now, he finally had the chance to cure them in one fell swoop!
Thinking of this, Shi Tianqi gave Chen Xiaozhao a look full of deep meaning, making her make sure to find an opportunity to get closer to Ye Chen.
How could Chen Xiaozhao not be aware of her grandfather’s thoughts, her cheeks suddenly climbed a scarlet seductive color, shy and hot.
Chen Xiaozhao even lowered her head, but her heart was flooded with waves, and from time to time she raised her head to look at Ye Chen, and her fingers tangled together again.
Master Ye was the most powerful divine physician she had ever seen, whether it was character or face value was superior, it was not an exaggeration to describe it as rare in the world, but she was also very clear in her heart, how could she match Master Ye Chen Ye….
In addition to Chen Xiaozhao, Qin Aoxue and Song Wanting, also looked at Ye Chen’s eyes overflowed with different colors, beautiful eyes never moved away from him for half a point.
Ye Chen did not notice the gazes of the three girls, he looked at the crowd and smiled, raised his cup and said: “Gentlemen, Ye Mou is in Jinling, it is fate to know you all, today I am hosting a banquet, I also want to have more contact with you all, in the future in Jinling, there is no doubt that there will be something for you to help.” The first website
As soon as he moved his hand, the crowd at the table full of people also lifted their cups, afraid of being a step too slow.
Song Wanting hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye is too polite, if there’s anything you want, just tell us what to do, it’s all what we should do.”
Shi Tianqi also followed, “Master Ye has reached the world with his medical skills, and his medical skills are divine, the old man also admires you immensely, if Master Ye has any dispatch in the future, the old man will not dare to disobey!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Alright, it’s all in the wine, let’s drink up!”
“Cheers, Master Ye!”
The crowd drank a glass of wine together, then raised the glass respectfully, eyeing Ye Chen but not daring to put it down.
Ye Chen then put down the wine cup first, while taking out a box from his bosom.
The crowd immediately stopped all movements, even their breathing became cautious, their eyes all stared at this box, their excitement was immeasurable.
They knew that inside this box was the divine medicine that everyone was thinking about!
Ye Chen now looked at the crowd and said indifferently, “In here, is the medicine I refined this time.”
Everyone’s hearts were suddenly excited.
Everyone had come for this divine medicine, and at this time, they all couldn’t wait to see the divine medicine.
Ye Chen opened the box to reveal the ten medicinal pills placed inside and said indifferently, “Gentlemen, the medicine I have refined this time is at least ten times more effective than the one I made last time!”
“Ten times?!” One by one, the crowd had become so excited that they couldn’t speak.
They would have been satisfied with wanting a divine pill like the last one, but they didn’t expect this one to be ten times more divine than the last one!
Ye Chen then said: “My medicine, I dare not say it can save the dead and make the living immortal, but it can also play a role in strengthening the body, benefit life and prolong life, and cure all diseases, and even before one is going to die, as long as one’s breath is still there, eating my medicine will bring back a life and a few more years of life is not a problem, so after you take it, you must be cautious and cautious again and again, until absolutely necessary! Never swallow it all at once!”
The crowd was horrified, this time the medicine could be divine to such a degree!

Chapter: 283
The pill that Ye Chen held in his hand was just a medicine that he had casually made based on the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, but it caused the shocked hearts of the crowd to beat wildly.
Everyone’s breathing quickened as they looked at the crystal clear medicinal pills.
The oldest of these people, Shi Tianqi, was instead the most excited, and even the Divine Doctor’s usual calm demeanor was about to become too much to maintain.
His body had serious old injuries that had never been healed, which had caused him to suffer from sickness for half of his life.
Last time, he had occasionally obtained a pill concocted by Ye Chen, which relieved the symptoms quite a bit, but hadn’t been able to do anything to cure it.
Now, hearing that the efficacy of this new medicine was more than ten times that of the last time, Shi Tianqi was so excited that he even felt that he would be able to completely heal the old injuries that had plagued him for half of his life this time.
If Master Ye’s miraculous medicine could really have this effect, then this would be a great favor!
And Song Wanting’s eyes were also incomparably excited.
Although Ye Chen had used acupuncture to save grandpa’s life, grandpa’s body was still weak at the moment, and if he wanted to live and prolong his life, he must also rely on Ye Chen’s divine medicine to support him.
Therefore, at this time, the eyes she looked at the divine medicine were exceptionally hot, and the eyes she looked at Ye Chen were even hotter. Remember the website
As for Qin Gang, he was almost shouting out in excitement at the thought of getting two divine pills.
Ye Chen then faintly said, “Some of the problems that modern medicine cannot overcome, such as diabetes, kidney failure and other malignant diseases, can just as well be cured by taking this pill.”
The words fell to the ground, and the crowd was even more shocked!
The kinds of diseases that Ye Chen casually mentioned were common, but all of them were difficult diseases in modern medicine ah, not to mention that they couldn’t be cured with medicine, even going abroad wouldn’t be able to cure them.
Especially since diabetes was also known as an immortal cancer, there was no cure at all!
But in Ye Chen’s case, a single miracle pill could heal.
This was simply a medical miracle!
Everyone present was inwardly exclaiming that Master Ye was truly an unearthly doctor, the true dragon of the nine heavens!
Qin Ruoxue’s beautiful eyes flashed with a different color, her face was scarlet like fire burning, her heart could not help but think, Master Ye is such a character, he will soar above the nine heavens, he must seize the opportunity and definitely cannot miss it.
Chen Xiaozhao also couldn’t help but reveal incomparable admiration for Ye Chen.
Ye Chen’s skill was an existence that she could not even imagine in her life, if she could learn some subtle means under Grandmaster Ye, it would be enough to vault across the entire medical world.
At this moment, Ye Chen saw the urgency of the crowd’s looking eyes, and with a faint smile, he said, “Alright, I’ll divide the medicine!”
The crowd had already been unable to hold back and was filled with excitement.
Ye Chen stood up, took out a pill with one hand, handed it to the oldest Shi Tianqi first, and said indifferently, “Old Mr. Shi, this one is for you.”
Shi Tianqi trembled all over and knelt down, respectfully brought his hands to his head, and said incomparably humbly, “Thank you, Master Ye for giving the pill! Master Ye is so gracious, Shi is willing to be an ox and a horse for the rest of his life to repay Master Ye!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Old Mr. Shi, you and I are also destined to meet, there’s no need to be so polite.”
Saying that, he placed the pill in Shi Tianqi’s hand.
Shi Tianqi’s old tears of excitement, at the thought of being tormented by an old injury for half of his life, he subconsciously had to open his mouth and take it, completely freeing himself from the pain.

Chapter: 284
But Ye Chen stopped him and said indifferently, “Old Mr. Shi, this medicine is too strong, you only need to take half of it to cure your old illness, the remaining half of it should be treasured well and will be of great use in the future.

Shi Tianqi’s heart was shocked, but he only needed half a pill to heal himself? This is amazing!
With that in mind, he pulled out the razor blade he had used to scrape the dregs of the pill, split the pill in two, and then opened his mouth and swallowed it.
Everyone was watching him with rapt attention, hoping to see a miracle happen.
And a few seconds after Shi Tianqi took the pill, his face instantly turned red and his skin all over his body turned red and sweat heavily.
Shi Tianqi felt as if a magical warm current was moving around in his body.
His own body was like the yellow earth that had been drought-stricken for a long time with mottled cracks, and this warm current was like gentle pure water that quickly filled the cracks in the yellow earth and nourished the entire earth.
He felt that his stubborn, incomparably strong old wounds were beginning to repair rapidly, and he couldn’t help but stare at them with an incredulous look!
“Master Ye…. This, this is amazing! The old illness that has been plaguing me for decades was completely healed within minutes!” One second to remember to read the book
Shi Tianqi was teary-eyed, with beige tears flowing directly down his cheeks.
All these years, he had been tormented by old illnesses and collapsed, not only was he unable to do anything himself to heal and save others, but he was also in danger of losing his life at any time, and his life was incomparably miserable.
But now, Ye Chen’s half a pill directly cured him completely.
This could simply be described as miraculous, it was beyond words!
Shi Tianqi knelt down once again and said with old tears, “Master Ye, you are my Shi Tianqi’s born-again parents, if you don’t mind, I, Shi Tianqi, will be willing to treat you with the courtesy of my father’s elder brother and master in the future.”
Suffering from illnesses and recovering as if he had been born again, this ups and downs, ordinary people simply could not appreciate his excitement.
The crowd saw Shi Tianqi recover like this on the spot, and admired Master Ye’s concocted divine medicine even more!
This one pill alone was worth more than ten thousand gold, and after you got it, you wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money!
Ye Chen looked at Shi Tianqi, helped him up with one hand and said, “Old Master Shi, I accept your kindness, but after all, you are an elder, it’s better not to always salute me in the future.”
Shi Tianqi busily said, “How can I make that, Master Ye is my benefactor…”
Ye Chen saw that he was very axial in nature, so he didn’t say more, but looked towards Song Wanting, took out a pill and said, “Miss Song, this pill is for Mr. Song.”
Song Wanting hurriedly kneeled in front of Ye Chen as Shi Tianqi had done before and raised her hands above her head, “Thank you Mr. Ye for giving the medicine! Your great kindness is something the Song family will never forget!”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, and without missing a beat, he took out two medicinal pills, hiding one pill in his sleeve and putting the other pill into Song Wanting’s hand.
Song Wanting was excited to get the medicine, and was about to close her palm and carefully put the pills away, when she felt another round thing come out in the center of her palm.
She thumped her heart and looked up to see Ye Chen looking at her with a smile on his face and blinked her right eye lightly, she suddenly understood what Ye Chen meant.
This was Ye Chen giving himself an extra one and then telling him to keep it quiet….
Song Wanting was incomparably excited and moved, she never dared to dream that Ye Chen would give her two pills.
Moreover, the second one was still given in secret, did this mean that the second pill was not given by him to grandpa, but by him to himself

Chapter: 285
To Ye Chen, giving Song Wanting an extra pill was nothing.
However, to Song Wanting, it meant a lot.
At this time, in her heart, she was already bursting with emotion towards Ye Chen and even had the feeling of a little girl being protected and taken care of by a big boy.
In her somewhat dazed eyes, Ye Chen walked up to Wang Zhenggang and took out a pill, “Mr. Wang, this one is for you.”
Wang Zhenggang shivered and immediately kneeled on the ground, following the example of the others, and waited respectfully.
Ye Chen placed the pill in his hand, and Wang Zhenggang took off, “Thank you, Master Ye for the pill! Wang Zhenggang will be at your command in the future!”
Looking at Wang Zhenggang’s piety as he kneeled on the ground, he faintly said, “Mr. Wang, your son and your nephew, both of them have angered me in the beginning, if it wasn’t for you being able to do something, the two of them might have been long gone from this world.”
Wang Zhenggang’s heart thudded, and he frantically kowtowed, “Thank you, Master Ye, for lifting up your hand!”
Ye Chen hmmmed and said, “Tell the young people in your family to learn to hold their tails between their legs in the future.”
Wang Zhenggang nodded hurriedly, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I will warn them!” First web site mÔľé
“Mm.” Ye Chen said indifferently, “The medicine you keep, it might save your life in the future.”
Wang Zhenggang got the divine medicine and blushed with excitement, “Master Ye, if it’s useful to my Wang family in the future, please feel free to command!”
Then, it was Qin Gang.
Ye Chen had promised Qin Ao Xue that he would give two pills to her family, so Ye Chen gave one to Qin Gang and one to Qin Ao Xue.
Both father and daughter knelt on the ground together, devoutly.
Qin Gang followed with a statement, saying, “My Qin family will also take Master Ye’s dragon head from now on!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and nodded his head in satisfaction.
At this time, all the medicine that needed to be given had already been given out, but after thinking about it, he said loudly, “Hongwu, come in.”
Hong Wu, who had been guarding the door of the compartment, hurriedly came in, “Master Ye, what do you want?”
Saying that, Master Hong Fifth looked at Ye Chen with incomparable respect and arched his hands in salute.
Ye Chen faintly nodded his head and smiled, “You and I have known each other for quite some time, you are hard-working and diligent, and I have prepared a pill for you today to refine it.”
When Master Hong Fifth heard this, his entire body was confused! All my limbs are burning and my head is exploding!
He had been waiting outside the box just now, and of course heard what Ye Chen said inside the box and what happened after Shi Tianqi took the medicine, he was already extremely envious.
Only, he knew very well in his heart that a socially mixed person like himself couldn’t be on the stage after all, so how could he be qualified to receive Master Ye’s gift of medicine?
However, at this moment, when he heard that Ye Chen was going to give him this kind of divine medicine, he kneeled on the ground without hesitation!
“Master Ye, I, Hongwu, am a coarse man, I can’t say pretty words, from now on my life will be yours, even if you let me go up and down, if I Hongwu frowns, I’ll be struck by lightning!”
Master Hong Fifth was so moved that he couldn’t bring himself to kneel on the ground and respectfully took the pills from Ye Chen’s hands, excited as if he was treating them as a great treasure.

Chapter: 286
Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “Alright, do a good job for me from now on, I won’t forget about your work!”
Hongwu cut off the nail, “Hongwu will definitely not let you down!”
The shock in the hearts of the crowd needed no words when they saw that Ye Chen had actually given a divine pill to Master Hong Fifth…
Although Master Hong Fifth had made a name for himself in Jinling, it was nothing to them, but after such a minor character followed Master Ye, Master Ye was not stingy enough to bestow the divine pill….
Grandmaster Ye treating his own people, what a heavenly grace!
He fell to his knees at the entrance of the box and crawled to Ye Chen with his knees on the ground, his heart moved and tears on his face like rain.
“Master Ye, I never thought you would have a little man like me in your eyes, Hongwu’s heart is truly grateful…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Hong Wu, I, Ye Chen, live my life by the other party’s character, not the other party’s identity, you remember that classmate of mine, Wang Daokun, in terms of status, he is not as good as you Wan Yi; in terms of strength, even less good than your little brother, when he was trapped by a bitch and lying in the hospital, he didn’t even have the ability to commit suicide, but why do I still want to help him and save him Protect him? Because he is a friend of my Ye Chen, and if he is a small person again, I won’t let him go.”
Hong Wu’s heart trembled and he was moved to tears, he choked and kowtowed, saying, “Master Ye, Hong Wu will definitely lose his liver and brain for you in the future!” Remember the URL
Ye Chen handed him the medicine and said, “If you follow me Ye Chen, you have to understand one thing, with my strength, I don’t need your liver and brains, as long as you work for me in a practical way, I will definitely guarantee you a lifetime of glory and prosperity!”
This was not a statement that Ye Chen was just taking his word for it.
In terms of wealth, he had plenty of it, tens of billions in cash and hundreds of billions in businesses that already had inexhaustible wealth to spend .
In terms of strength, he had the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures at his side, and his strength was extraordinary.
Therefore, as long as Hongwu followed him in a steady manner, he would naturally not treat Hongwu badly.
And Ye Chen’s words also made everyone present’s admiration and respect for Ye Chen even stronger in their hearts.
It also made everyone present, in their hearts, make up their minds to follow Ye Chen! A lifetime of bowing down for Ye Chen.
At this time, Wang Zhenggang took out a wearable smart bracelet key and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, this is the smart bracelet key for the Bugatti Veyron Hermes Special Edition sports car, I ordered this car in advance from the Jinling International Auto Show, and you can pick up the car tomorrow when the show officially starts!”
The ordinary Bugatti Veyron was priced at around twenty-six million RMB, while the Hermes Special Edition was priced at over forty million RMB.
Before Ye Chen opened his mouth, Qin Gang hastily pulled out a smart bracelet key as well and said in a panic, “What a coincidence, Master Ye! I have also ordered a sports car for you at the show, but I ordered the Aston Martin limited edition one77.”
The Aston Martin limited edition one77 was also priced at 40 million RMB.
I never thought that these two would even think of going together.
Wang Zhenggang looked at Qin Gang in exasperation and spoke out, “Old Qin, how come you’re like me and you’re sending Master Ye a sports car? Is it deliberately imitating me?”
Qin Gang said righteously, “How could I possibly learn from you! I was thinking that Master Ye should drive the top of the line sports car, that’s why I specifically went to order that Aston Martin!”
Shi Tianqi, who was at the side, saw that the two of them were giving generous gifts, and hurriedly also pulled out a sandalwood gift box from his pocket, after opening it, inside was a very showy and precious colored porcelain wine cup.
He said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, this Chenghua Doucai wine cup was handed down from the Ming Dynasty and is one of my favorite antiques in my life, I specially give it to Master Ye first today, I hope Master Ye will like it!”
Seeing that all three of them were giving out gifts, Song Wanting who had gotten two divine pills, how could she dare to lag behind, hurriedly turned her back, brushed and wrote a check, and served it to Ye Chen with both hands: “Master Ye, this check for 100 million yuan is a small token of my appreciation from Wanting, please smile!”

Chapter: 287
Ye Chen didn’t expect that these people were coincidentally giving gifts to him.
Moreover, the gifts they gave, one was more expensive than the other.
Two sports cars, both at the level of forty million.
The Ming Dynasty Chenghua Doucai wine cups were at least fifty to sixty million.
Song Wanting even gave a direct check for 100 million yuan.
However, these were really indifferent things to Ye Chen.
Firstly, the sports car, which was too flamboyant, he wasn’t very fond of .
Secondly, antiques, which have too much water and he doesn’t like.
As for money, what he lacked the least was money.
However, seeing that these four people were all full of expectation, eager for him to accept their filial gifts, Ye Chen pondered slightly for a moment, but still didn’t open his mouth to refuse, but said indifferently, “Okay, I’ll take the things, you have a good heart.” A second to remember to read the book
Since they wanted to saddle up with him and become a power under his command, it was only right to receive a little gesture from them.
The crowd was relieved to see the gifts under him, which made them smile with joy one after another.
Ye Chen casually stuffed the 100 million yuan cash check, two smart bracelet keys, and a Chenghua Fighting Color Cup into his pocket, before he said indifferently, “Alright everyone, let’s eat!”
The crowd panicked, “Let’s eat and eat!”
Master Hong Wu stood up from the ground at this time and said, “Master Ye, Hong Wu continues to wait at the door.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and didn’t keep him.
To these people sitting here, Hong Wu really couldn’t make it to the stage.
A gangster on the road, no matter how good he was, he was still a gangster, and was himself more than a head of a head than these big family tycoons.
After dinner, Ye Chen declined Song Wanting’s request to drive himself and walked home alone.
Song Wanting thanked him a thousand times before driving her own limited edition Bentley sedan back to her villa.
While holding the steering wheel with one hand, she held two divine pills in her other hand and wondered whether she should give both to her grandfather or simply keep one for herself.
If she gave it all to grandpa, then she was afraid that this divine medicine would not be destined for her, and she was somewhat reluctant.
However, if she took it upon herself to leave one behind, in case grandpa found out in the future, she wondered if it would cause trouble.
Thinking about it, the desire for the miracle pill overcame another thought, and she carefully placed the pill in the glove box of her car, deciding that she would take the pill first, and if she needed it in the future, she would use it, and if she didn’t need it and Grandpa did, she could take it out again.
By then, he would be the one to offer the divine medicine to grandpa twice and continue his life, and I’m sure he would look at himself differently as well.
Back home, Master Song, who was resting halfway on the sofa, was already a bit impatient.
The last time Ye Chen came to his home, although he had saved his life, it had not improved his system, he was now, still a bit old and sickly, after these few days of resting, his body was slightly better, but he still needed the support of others, or crutches to stand or walk.
For a proud and accomplished old man in his life, the physical inconvenience became the biggest regret in their old age.
And now, he pinned everything on the divine medicine refined by Master Ye Chen Ye.

Chapter: 288
If granddaughter Song Wanting could retrieve the divine medicine and take it for herself, she would definitely be able to get rid of her current troubles and regain the feeling of being old and strong a decade or two ago.
When Song Wanting came in with a divine medicine, Master Song struggled to sit up straight and asked with some trembling, “Wan Ting, Master Ye has bestowed the medicine?”
Song Wanting nodded repeatedly and served the pill with both hands, saying, “Grandpa, this is the miracle pill that Master Ye has made this time, you should take it!”
“Okay, okay!” Master Song was so excited that he said several good things, then asked, “Has Shi Tianqi taken it?”
“Take it.” Song Wanting said, “Old Mr. Shi followed Master Ye’s instructions and took just half a pill and it cured all the old injuries and persistent illnesses, simply miraculous!”
When Master Song heard this, he became excited and shivered, “It’s really so magical… Quickly, prepare water for me, I want to take the medicine!”
The servant beside him immediately brought up a bowl of tea.
The Song family’s descendants all guarded in front of the old master, waiting to see the moment of the miracle’s birth.
The current descendants of the Song family all hoped that the old master would live a few more years and be able to shelter these descendants, so they also expected the old master to improve after he took the miracle pill.
The old man trembled and swallowed the pill, sending it with warm water, and after it entered his stomach, it immediately turned into an energy that swept through all the meridians of the old man’s body. The first website
The next thing you know, the old man feels his body is repeatedly filled with energy, so he tries to get up without using crutches.
The next generation of children and grandchildren are nervous that the old man won’t be able to get up and fall, so everyone is ready to go to the rescue.
However, no one expected that the old man would stand up easily with just a slight effort!
Without relying on any external force, the old man easily stood up on his own legs alone, and he didn’t shake at all.
Master Song felt the surging sense of power in his legs and immediately summoned the courage to step out.
This step was a footprint!
No hurry, no fatigue, no panic, no shaking, and no panting!
The crowd looks on in amazement!
How is this still a dying old man? That’s nothing compared to a middle-aged or elderly man in his 50s or 60s, either!
Song regained control of his body and strength and was so excited inside that he tried to take a few quick steps, literally fast and steady!
This made him incredibly excited deep inside, and he laughed out loud, “Great! That’s great! Master Ye is truly a god!”
After saying that, he turned to look at Song Wanting and said seriously, “Wan Ting, if I could get a son-in-law like Master Ye, I could at least live to be a hundred years old, and your father, your uncle, yourself, and your brothers and sisters could all live a long life of a hundred years! Once a family can live past a hundred years old for three generations in a row, it’s simply a god-like family that no one can shake!”
Song Wanting was already looking frightened.
Grandpa was supposed to be dying and was saved by Ye Chen, but after saving him, Grandpa was also exhausted and looked like he was in that state of dying of oil.
But now, Ye Chen’s one magic pill made grandpa seem to be instantly twenty years younger, and now, she believed that he would be able to live for another twenty years, and by then, he would really be a hundred years old!
How many centenarians can there be in the world? Few and far between!
And if the soul character of a large family could live past a hundred years old, it was simply the family’s greatest fortune, because the family could only grow and prosper in the hands of the soul character.
Once a soul figure passes away, it immediately falls into an internal struggle in which the group is left without a leader and you fight for him or her.
How many families had gone into decline because of the death of a soul figure and the centrifugal separation of the family’s offspring, and now Ye Chen had extended the Song family’s heyday backwards for at least twenty years!

Chapter: 289
This night, the few families who got the divine medicine had trouble sleeping through the night.
Song Wanting, who witnessed the miracle happening to her grandfather with her own eyes, was also thrilled in her heart.
Thinking that she still had one of the miracle pills Master Ye had secretly given her in her car, her heart was filled with a strong warm current.
Grandmaster Ye had treated her so well, and she would never forget this kindness!
Also like her, who fell into insomnia because of thinking about Ye Chen, was the Qin family’s little pepper, Qin Aoxue.
Her father, Qin Gang, after getting two divine pills, immediately gave her one as soon as he returned home and instructed her to keep it close to her body.
Now, this pill was stored in her intimate place, and it already carried her own body temperature and fragrance on it.
At the thought of it being a gift from Ye Chen, her heart was happy and almost drunk.
But Ye Chen, as the big man behind all of this, was still lying on the floor beside his wife’s bed, continuing to sleep extraordinarily sweetly as his superfluous son-in-law.
…….. Remember the URL
The next morning, Xiao Churan went to the studio.
After so many days of preparation, her studio was said to have taken shape and was ready to officially open to the public.
Ye Chen wanted to go and give her a hand, but she only wanted to create her own business with her own hands.
Ye Chen understood this feeling of hers, since she left the Xiao family, all she could think about was how to prove herself and not to let the Xiao family look down on her.
A well-dressed Ye Chen was ready to go out to buy groceries and found his pockets bulging, which reminded him of the gifts everyone had given him yesterday.
Two limousine smart keys, a Ming Chao Chenghua fighting-color wine cup, and a check for 100 million yuan.
As for the car bracelet and the check, he originally wanted to put them in the cabinet as well, but on second thought he gave up.
That mother-in-law of his own, nothing like to come to the room to toss and turn, the last time Qin Gang gave himself the emerald bracelet, his wife has yet to wear, she was smoothly taken away.
If the hundred million dollar check and the smart keys of the two luxury cars were found by her, she would definitely take them for herself.
More importantly, if she found out, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself.
The 100 million cheque alone would be enough to scare her to death three times.
So, Ye Chen left the smart bracelet and the check in his pocket and went out to the market.
On the way, Qin Gang called him and after a while to say hello, he carefully asked, “Master Ye, do you still like the sports car I gave you?”
“Oh…” Ye Chen suddenly remembered and said, “I haven’t gone to see it yet.”
Qin Gang hurriedly and respectfully said, “The car is at the Jinling Exhibition Center, there is an international car show going on right now, if it’s inconvenient for you to go there, I can have it sent to the house in a transport truck.”
Ye Chen said, “Forget it, it’s better not to send it to the house, I’ll take the time to check it out.”
The neighborhood he was living in now was very ordinary, a set of houses was only two or three million remarkable, if two forty million sports cars were suddenly parked, the entire neighborhood would probably blow up.
So, he thought it would be better to park the car first at the villa in Thomson, where the villa had a private basement, and it would be more convenient to park the car in the basement.
When he arrived at the market, Ye Chen received another call from his college buddy, Wang Daokun, who asked, “Ye Chen, where are you?”
Ye Chen said, “I’m buying food at the market, what’s wrong Dao Kun, you’re looking for me for something?”

Chapter: 290
Wang Daokun was a bit fiddling and said, “Nei personally, I came to the Jinling International Auto Show today…”
Ye Chen knew that he was a car fan and his favorite thing was cars, when he used to go to college, he used to save up a month’s living expenses and ran to Zhonghai to see the car show.
So he smiled and asked, “You went to see the cars again?”
“Right.” Wang Daokun said, “There are a few of the world’s top limited edition sports cars coming over to exhibit this time, it’s hard to see them.”
Saying that, Wang Daokun hurriedly said, “Oh my, that’s not what I’m looking for you about.”
Ye Chen asked, “Then what’s the matter you’re looking for me about?”
Wang Daokun hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s like this, I was at the car show, and I saw Choran.”
“My wife?” Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “What did she go to the car show for?”
“I don’t know.” Wang Daokun said, “She was with a man, that’s why I called to ask if you knew about it.”
Ye Chen frowned. A second to remember to read the book
Xiao Churan went to the car show with a man?
How come you didn’t hear about it from her yourself?
The two don’t usually communicate much, but there are some things that they will still let each other know, she went to the car show with a man, this didn’t talk to himself, so is there something hidden?
Although Ye Chen was the young master of the Ye family and the Master Ye in the eyes of these big shots in Jinling, he still lacked confidence in his relationship with Xiao Churan.
He was also worried that Xiao Choran might be tempted by something outside, so he said to Wang Daokun, “I know Daokun, thank you.”
Wang Daokun said, “Ye Chen, my mother just called me and said that there is something going on at home for me to go back, on Choran’s side, you’d better come over and take a look…”
“Good.” Ye Chen said, “I’ll take a look at it later, you’d better get busy.”
Hanging up the phone, Ye Chen parked his electric car on the side of the road and then took a taxi to the Jinling Exhibition Center.
The convention center was a sizeable real estate project that specialized in taking on various exhibitions, and basically all the large exhibitions in Jinling were held here.
Ye Chen entered the exhibition hall and took a look around, almost all of the surrounding area were ordinary citizens who came to see the car show, while the surrounding platforms were also filled with luxury cars.
Here, starting from the millions of imported luxury cars like Audi a8, there were also many luxury sports cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari, while in the center of the exhibition hall, on the highest platform, parked one red and one black, two top luxury sports cars.
These two cars were the same two that Wang Zhenggang and Qin Gang had given to Ye Chen.
An Aston Martin ONE77, and a Bugatti Veyron Hermes Special Edition.
These two cars were also the two super luxury cars that were the finale of the entire auto show, and the two cars were surrounded by spectators and reporters almost to the brim.
The two cars were surrounded by two circles of strong and powerful security guards, and the guards had their backs to the two luxury cars, facing the crowd in a circle, so that the crowd was not allowed to touch the two sky-high luxury cars.
The host is being introduced, saying, “These two cars have been ordered away and are private property, you may view and take pictures, but you may not touch them, thank you for your cooperation.”
A reporter couldn’t help but ask aloud, “The auto show has just started and both cars have been booked? Fang can’t reveal who these two tycoons are?”
The host smiled slightly and said, “Not two rich men, but one rich man.”
“One?” The reporter exclaimed, “Did two cars get bought by one person?”
“Right.” The host nodded and smiled, “These two cars, indeed, belong to the same tycoon!”

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