The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 31-40

Chapter: 31
Ma Lan was now screaming in fright and had closed her eyes and prepared to be smacked, but suddenly realized that the vicious slap didn’t come down.
She opened her eyes and was shocked!
That wasteful son-in-law of his, Ye Chen, had come out and blocked the other party’s slap at this time!
She short-circuited her brain a bit and didn’t react, how did this waste of a man, Ye Chen, have such guts?
Master Hong Fifth didn’t think that anyone would dare to stand up for this damned old woman and questioned in a cold voice. Do you want to die too?”
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Fifth Master Hong, right? Give me face, you can beat that dead dog next to you all you want, but not my mother-in-law!”
Master Hong Fifth said with a gloomy face, “Is this old woman your mother-in-law? And what are you, then, worthy of my giving you face too?”
As he said this, anger had risen in Master Hong Fifth’s heart.
He had always been revered by countless people in Jinling, but today he had suffered a series of disrespectful encounters.
First there was a Wang Yunkai yelling in front of himself, and there was a disgusting old woman chirping beside him.
It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time before you get to the point where you’ll be able to do anything you want.
When he thought of this, he immediately became furious and shouted to the people around him, “Kill this ungrateful fellow!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly at the words and said, “Don’t worry yet, I’ll make a call and let the person on the phone talk to you.”
Saying that, he took out his phone and made a call to the person in charge of Shangri-La, Richard Chen.
Once the call was made, he said respectfully to the convenience, “Young Master, what do you want?”
Ye Chen then asked faintly, “There’s a man called Master Hong Fifth in Jinling, do you recognize him?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly smiled and said, “Young Master, I know this Hong Wu you’re talking about, the outside world says he’s the underground king of Jinling, but he’s just a small punk!”
He said, “This grandson knows I’m a member of the Ye family and is determined to suck up to me, he has begged me for dinner several times in order to suck up to me, and I’ve been ignoring him, what? You know him, young master?”
Ye Chen said lightly, “Oh, this pimp wants to kill me now.”
Richard Chen on the other side of the phone immediately blew up, “Damn, does this punk Hong Wu not want to live? How dare you mess with the young master! Where are you now? I’ll bring someone over right away and cripple Hong Wu, that scumbag!”
Ye Chen said, “Give him the phone, you talk to him.”
After saying that, he handed the phone to Master Hong Fifth and said, “Here, you can take it.”
Master Hong Fifth was filled with suspicion.
What’s the situation? It doesn’t look like this guy is acting either.
Does he really have a great background?
It doesn’t look like it either, the dress is ordinary, the whole body probably doesn’t add up to five hundred dollars, even the phone he uses is the kind that costs a few hundred dollars, what could he be capable of? What kind of cowboys can you find to back you up?
In his heart, he was very disdainful, but Hongwu subconsciously picked up the phone and asked tentatively, “Hello, this is Hongwu. Trying to back this kid up?”
On the phone, Richard Chen split his face and cursed, “Hongwu! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? How dare you mess with our young master? Believe it or not, I’ll let your whole family of twenty-five die tonight without a burial place!”

Chapter: 32
Hong Fifth heard the voice, wasn’t this the Richard Chen that he had been cutting his teeth trying to suck up to?
He said he messed with his young master?
Could it be, could it be this kid in front of us?
Besides, he named his entire family of 25 right off the bat, did he already know everything about himself?
He’s the Ye family’s spokesman in Jinling! The Ye family is so powerful that trying to kill yourself is no different than killing a mole cricket!
As soon as he heard this, he was scared out of his wits.
Taking off his mouth and begging for mercy, “Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen, don’t be angry, I’m making a little misunderstanding, I’m with Young Master…”
“You shut up!” Chen Zhai Kai scolded, “Our young master’s identity is highly confidential, if you talk too much and leak it out, watch out I’ll kill your whole family!”
Hong Fifth was trembling, shaking worse than Parkinson, and panicked, “Chen I deserve to die, I deserve to die! I will deal with this matter properly…”
One Chen was enough to make him kneel and lick, and the Yanjing Ye family above Chen was the ultimate existence that he could look up to for the rest of his life…. One second to remember to read the book
But now, you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’ve directly offended the young master of the Ye family?
Thinking of this, Hong Fifth’s eyes focused on Ye Chen’s body, he subconsciously both legs weakened, kneeling in front of Ye Chen, and said in sincere fear, “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was your mother-in-law, I was confused, I apologize to you! I beg your forgiveness!”
Saying that, he weakened his legs and kneeled in front of Ye Chen.
Everyone present was dumbfounded as they watched Master Hong Fifth kneel down and apologize to Ye Chen, a trash?
Even Young Master Wang was a dead dog in front of Master Hong Fifth, yet this young man was able to make Master Hong Fifth kneel on the ground, who the hell was this divinity!
Master Hongwu’s minions were scared silly too!
Master V is the underground king of Jinling! What kind of a young man could bring him to his knees!
Ye Chen also didn’t want the life of Master Hong Fifth, after all, it was his mother-in-law that his men were beating up, and not himself.
And, speaking from the heart, Ye Chen also felt that it was quite fucking refreshing to watch his mother-in-law being beaten!
So he said to Hong Fifth, “I can forgive you this time, but the money you cheated my mother-in-law of, you must return it with interest!”
Hong Fifth was as if he had been pardoned, really didn’t expect Young Master Ye to forgive himself, and after the robbery, he hurriedly kowtowed and took off, “Don’t worry, I’m on my way!”
Saying that, he immediately snapped at Zhou Huaxin, who was beside him, “Go process it now! Keep dawdling or I’ll break your legs!”
Ma Lan’s entire body had been silly, was this still that wasteful son-in-law of his? Even the famous Master Hung V had to kneel and kowtow to him?
In an instant, Ma Lan felt that Ye Chen’s image became taller and even more inscrutable in his own eyes.
Wang Yunkai who had received several big mouths was also stupid, wasn’t this Ye Chen famous for being a loser? How come even the Fifth Master is afraid of him?
At this time, Zhou Huaxin, pale and carrying a black suitcase, came over to Ma Lan and said in horror, “Auntie, your principal of 1.3 million, and the dividends promised to you, 200,000, a total of 1.5 million, here is 2 million, the remaining 500,000 is our little apology, please smile…”
Ma Lan’s entire body was silly!
When did this wimp of a son-in-law of his own get so much power?
I got my principal back. I got my $200,000 in dividends back, and they gave me an extra $500,000.

Chapter: 33
One million and three hundred thousand turned into two million in seconds, which made Ma Lan immediately overjoyed and somewhat unbelievable.
Immediately, she asked Zhou Huaxin with a surprised face, “Is this two million really for me?”
Zhou Huaxin nodded hurriedly and said, “Of course, it’s all yours!”
“Gee, that would be great!” Ma Lan was immediately excited.
Eyeing Mashi got two million! Seven hundred thousand dollars more than the principal! The other old men and women were all crazy with excitement, and they thought that since she had her money back, they should get their own money back with interest, right?
So a few people took the lead and asked, “Manager Zhou, what about our money?”
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.
Back off! For Mr. Ye’s sake, all of everyone’s money will be returned with interest!”
The crowd burst into an excited cheer.
Ye Chen then suddenly said coldly, “Master Hong Fifth, these people have nothing to do with me, what do you mean by looking out for my face? Playing moral kidnapping with me?”
Master Hong Fifth was shocked and asked out of the blue, “Mr. Ye, what do you mean? Little confused, can’t understand ah…”
Ye Chen said, “These people’s money has nothing to do with me, you can return it if you want to or not, but if you dare to say that you’re returning the money for my face, then don’t blame me for turning my back on you right now!”
These old men and women had just been mocking themselves along with Mashiro, now why should they help them to get a debt?
On the contrary, instead of helping them with their debts, I’m going to put some eye candy on Master Hung Ng so he can figure out that refunding the money to these old men and women will offend him!
Master Hong Fifth instantly understood and immediately spoke out, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye, I understand!”
Afterwards, he said to Zhou Huaxin, “Only Mr. Ye’s mother-in-law’s money will be refunded, nothing else!”
“Huh?!” The old men and women who were in ecstasy just now, one by one, went crazy, some even cried out loudly and wailed.
There were also people who loudly begged Ye Chen for mercy, but Ye Chen turned a deaf ear to them.
How did a bunch of things that were old and disrespectful just now ridicule and insult themselves?
Now that you’ve found out you can calm down Master Hong Fifth, you start wanting his help?
Fuck you all!
Master Hong Fifth saw this group of old men and women blow up and burst out, “All of you shut the fuck up! I’ll fucking kill anyone who says another fucking word or makes a noise to Mr. Ye!”
This group of old men and women didn’t dare to utter a word….
Master Hong Fifth looked at the stunned Wang Yunkai again and asked out of the blue, “Mr. Ye, this Mr. Wang, is he your friend?”
Ye Chen looked at Wang Yunkai, who hurriedly begged, “Ye Chen, Ye Chen! Yeh Chen, help me! Tell Master Five that we’re good friends! Please!”
Ye Chen snorted coldly and said to Master Hong Fifth, “I don’t know this person, you continue to keep your promise and let him go when you’ve beaten him enough.”
Hong Fifth Master understood at once and ordered his men, “Damn it, keep beating me, this little son of a bitch, I get angry when I see him!”
Wang Yunkai was incomparably terrified as he wailed, “Ye Chen! It’s my fault for not recognizing Tarzan! Help me, I’m begging you…”

Chapter: 34
Ye Chen looked at him and said coldly, “I have no family or grudge against you, yet you repeatedly speak sarcastically of me, and now you beg me to save you? Wake up and stop dreaming!”
Wang Yunkai broke down and cried, “Ye Chen, I really know I’m wrong, please save me…”
When Master Hong Fifth saw Ye Chen’s expression was not good, he immediately shouted at his men, “Damn it, you bunch of rice barrels, why aren’t you doing anything yet? Looking for death?”
A few of the men were shocked, panicked and grabbed Wang Yunkai’s neck and hair, crackling and slapping.
Soon Wang Yunkai’s mouth was covered in blood and his teeth were all broken, but he didn’t stop, and every slap was extremely hard.
Master Hong Wu accompanied the smile and asked Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I wonder if you are still satisfied with this treatment?”
Ye Chen nodded, “Okay, that’s it, I have to go.”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly handed his business card to Ye Chen respectfully, complimenting him, “Mr. Ye, this is my contact information, if you need anything in the future, you can just tell me, I’m definitely on call.”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and casually pocketed the business card.
Then he said to his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, “Mom, it’s getting late, let’s go back.” Remember
Although Ma Lan had received a few slaps, but she had finally earned 700,000, so she was now happy and couldn’t close her mouth, seeing that Ye Chen was also full of pride, feeling that her son-in-law was really giving himself face!
Ye Chen took the money and prepared to leave with Ma Lan, those old men and women gathered around Ye Chen’s front and said with an attentive face, “Oh my, Ye Chen ah, just now it was auntie who was wrong, I didn’t expect you to be so great, you are really young and talented!”
“Yes, Ye Chen you look like a talent, at a glance you’re the best of the best, my family’s son-in-law can be far from you.”
“See if you can help us also talk to Mr. Zhou and give us a refund too, that’s all our hard-earned money ah!”
Ye Chen frowned tightly and said coldly, “Why should I help you? Aren’t you all above the fray? If you don’t want the money back, you can get your own sons-in-law to help you!”
Saying that, he stepped forward and left.
Everyone heard the words and felt incomparably remorseful.
I blame myself, what’s the point of counting Ye Chen for nothing, now it’s good…. The chance to get back their hard-earned money has completely gone down the drain….
Thinking of this, some people were so angry that they gave themselves two slaps on the spot, while others sat paralyzed on the ground losing their minds and crying for their parents, but this was their own coffin! If it’s gone, it’s all over!
However, there was nothing they could do, and if they really wanted to blame it, they blamed themselves for being cheap-mouthed and for not having a good son-in-law like Ye Chen.
On the way home, Ma Lan asked Ye Chen with a flattering and smiling face, “Ye Chen, how do you know that Hong Fifth Master? Why is he being so nice to you?”
Ye Chen played haha and said, “How could I know someone like him ah, just a call to a classmate, he has the ability to make Huaxin refund the money.”
When Ma Lan heard this, she was disappointed.
I thought that Ye Chen had some great ability that he didn’t know about, but I didn’t expect that he was also still begging for help.
Thus, the eagerness in her heart was instantly doused again.
But the good thing was that she got her money back and made an extra seven hundred thousand, which made her somewhat change her mind about Ye Chen.
She opened her mouth and said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen ah, today’s matter, you have to keep it a secret for mom, don’t tell anyone, even though mom is old, she still has to have a face, right?”
Ye Chen had no choice but to smile and agreed, “I know mom.”

Chapter: 35
After taking care of his mother-in-law’s trouble, his mother-in-law took the cash and happily went to the bank to deposit it.
Ye Chen, on the other hand, returned home directly.
As soon as he entered the house, he saw his wife Xiao Churan’s shoes had been changed at the door, so he knew that she had returned, so he went straight to the bedroom.
As soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw his wife Xiao Churan just hanging up the phone, full of surprise and excitement.
He curiously asked, “Wife, who did you just call?”
Xiao Choran said excitedly, “It’s my good BFF Dong Ruorin! Do you remember her?”
“I remember.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “She also used to study at university in Jinling, and was quite close to you, she seems to be the daughter of a big Yanjing family, right?”
“Right.” Xiao Chu Ran said, “Ruo Lin’s family is quite powerful in Yanjing.”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “What? She’s coming to see you in Jinling?”
Xiao Choran said, “Not just coming to see me, she’s coming to work in Jinling!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen asked in confusion, “She’s a daughter of a big Yanjing family, what’s the point of coming to Jinling to work when she’s not going to run her own industry properly?”
Xiao Choran said, “I’m not too sure, she said that she was coming to work at the Emperor Group, but as for why she came so far to the Emperor, I’m not sure anymore.”
Ye Chen nodded his head, but in his heart, he was wondering: although the Dong family was far inferior to the Ye family, it was also somewhat powerful in Yanjing, and Dong Ruorin had no need to give up her family’s business and come to work in her own Imperial Luxe Group.
Did this woman have some special purpose for coming to the Imperial Hero Group?
Ye Chen was confused, but he couldn’t be sure for a while.
It seemed that one could only wait for Dong Ruolin to join the Imperial Hero Group and then let Wang Dongxue feel her bottom properly.
At this time, Xiao Choran seemed to have thought of something, patted her forehead and said, “Right Ye Chen, I have a meeting tomorrow with the people from the Imperial Hero Group and can’t get away, can you go to the airport for me to pick up Ruo Lin and arrange a place for her by the way.”
Ye Chen promised, “Then I’ll arrange it early tomorrow.”
Xiao Churan added, “Right, you find a better place, don’t be afraid to spend money, take my bank card.”
Saying that, he was about to hand him his wallet.
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “No need, I have an acquaintance who owns a restaurant that seems to be pretty good, I’ll just arrange it.”
Saying that, Ye Chen directly pulled out his cell phone and wanted to send a text message to Chen Zekai of Shangri-La, asking him to arrange a banquet for him.
But he carefully thought about it, Shangri-La was a surprise left for his wife to entertain Dong Ruolin, it would be better to have a different place.
So he sent a text message to that Hung V.
“I want to host a banquet for my friend, you help me arrange an upscale hotel, but not in Shangri-La.”
Soon, Master Hong V replied with a text message, “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I have a Tian Xiang Fu in my name, it’s a top hotel in Jinling on par with Shangri-La, tomorrow I will help you arrange the best diamond box as well as the best banquet, I’ll be waiting for your arrival.”
Ye Chen only returned him with one word, “Mm.”
On the following day, Xiao Churan was at the Emperor Hero Group the entire day, busy with matters related to the cooperation.
Ye Chen called Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of the Imperial Hero Group, and asked her about Dong Ruolin’s coming to join the group.
Wang Dongxue was surprised that Ye Chen knew about it, she said Dong Ruolin applied for the executive director, a middle management position, the group saw her resume is not bad, decided to hire her, and has been set to start in a few days.

Chapter: 36
Ye Chen then instructed her to observe the woman more after Dong Ruorin joined the company, and report to herself at all times if there was any movement.
After arranging for Wang Dongxue, Ye Chen went out to take a taxi in the afternoon and headed to the airport to pick up Xiao Churan’s best friend Dong Ruorin.
Take a taxi to the airport, Ye Chen is preparing to go to the arrival hall, a Mercedes Benz big g suddenly a sharp braking, horizontal parked in front of themselves.
Xiao Churan’s cousin, Xiao Hailong, suddenly got his head out of the car window and looked at Ye Chen with a strange frown, asking, “Ye Chen, why are you here?”
“I’m here to pick up one of my girlfriends. What are you doing here?”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, and he found that the people sitting on this big G were all acquaintances, besides Xiao Hailong, there was also Wang Yunfei and Xiao Weiwei.
Xiao Hailong despised and said, “You’re talking about Miss Dong, right? Miss Dong has us to entertain, we don’t need you, so get lost!”
Ye Chen snorted coldly and said, “If you want to roll, you can roll yourself.”
Saying that, Ye Chen no longer paid any attention to them and directly stepped into the arrival hall.
Xiao Hailong was about to break out in anger, next to him, Xiao Weiwei hastily reminded, “Brother, Miss Dong will be arriving soon, but grandmother reminded you that you must leave a good impression on Miss Dong! If you can turn her into a sister-in-law, your status in our family would be unparalleled, so don’t be ordinary with this loser yet.”
Xiao Hailong woke up with a start.
He had almost forgotten the main purpose of today’s visit.
In fact, giving Dong Ruolin a reception was still secondary, leaving a good impression on her and then getting her on board was the most important thing.
The Dong family’s strength in Yanjing was extraordinary, if he could get together with her, then he would be on the same level and the Xiao family would also be able to rise to the top.
Thus, he endured his dissatisfaction with Ye Chen, and the carload of people hurriedly got off and rushed to the arrival hall as well.
At that moment, only a particularly conspicuous, young and beautiful woman appeared among the crowd.
She wore long chestnut hair and a white overskirt, outlining an exquisite body posture.
Although she was wearing sunglasses, her skin was as white as porcelain, her cherry lips were flaming, and her beauty couldn’t be hidden from the city.
If you look at her carefully, her appearance is by no means inferior to Xiao Chu Ran, the two can be said to have their own merits.
For a time, the sight of the crowd outside the passage, brushed and focused on her.
Xiao Hailong was already dumbfounded.
Even Wang Yunfei, who was following the crowd from the side, was so amazed that he couldn’t help but open his mouth and exclaim, “Worthy of being a lady’s daughter of Yanjing, her temperament is really different.”
At this time, Dong Ruolin also saw the crowd and hurriedly walked over from the crowd, after waving her hand at them, “Hailong, Weiwei, and Ye Chen, long time no see!”
Xiao Hailong’s heart swelled with fire and snapped, “Long time no see, Ruo Lin, you’ve become even more beautiful.”
Ye Chen smiled and also said, “Long time no see.”
Xiao Hailong then hurriedly said, “Ruo Lin, knowing that you are coming, I have specially booked a compartment in the best hotel in Jinling, waiting to receive you, let’s hurry over there now.”
Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen and apologetically said to Xiao Hailong, “Hailong, I’m really sorry, I’ve already made an appointment with Choran and Ye Chen in advance, let’s make another appointment some other day, anyway, I’m going to stay in Jinling for a long time this time, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”
When Xiao Hailong heard this, he couldn’t help but be furious inside, on such an important day, this stinky hangdog Ye Chen still came to mess up for himself, it was really detestable to the extreme.
So, he deliberately said, “Ruo Lin, in order to welcome you, I’ve booked the most famous Heavenly Fragrance Mansion in Jinling, and it’s a golden box with a minimum consumption of 300,000!”
Saying that, he looked at Ye Chen with a despicable look and said with a grin, “I wonder where this door-to-door brother-in-law of mine booked the banquet? If the grade is too low, wouldn’t it be a slacker!”

Chapter: 37
Upon hearing that Xiao Hailong had booked the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, Ye Chen was also a little surprised.
What a coincidence, didn’t Hongwu say that the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion was owned by him?
He seems to have prepared a feast for himself at the Celestial Fragrance House as well, right?
At that moment, Wang Yunfei, who was on the side, said in surprise, “Hai Long, you were able to book a golden box at the Heavenly Fragrance House? It’s not something you can just book!”
Xiao Hailong smiled proudly and said, “To be honest, other than the top diamond box of the Heavenly Fragrance House, which I really can’t book, it’s really nothing.”
That being said, this was just Xiao Hailong’s boast.
In fact, in order to book this golden compartment, Old Lady Xiao had personally appeared and paid a lot of money, consigning several people before she managed to book it.
Dong Ruolin had heard of the great name of the Heavenly Fragrance House even in Yanjing, and hurriedly said, “We are all friends, there is no need to be so ostentatious.”
Xiao Hailong said flatteringly, “You are a distinguished guest, how can you be the same as an ordinary friend.”
Saying that, he then asked Ye Chen, “Brother-in-law, I wonder where you booked the banquet?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Coincidentally, the one I booked is also the Heavenly Fragrance House.”
“Hahaha!” Xiao Hailong laughed recklessly and said, “Ye Chen, you are not afraid of bragging and flashing your back, with a status like yours, you can’t even book the second lowest bronze compartment of the Heavenly Fragrance House, and you still dare to brag here.”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, “What does it matter to you whether I brag or not? It’s not like I’m buying you dinner, so why are you worrying so much?”
Xiao Hailong said coldly, “Che, I don’t think you can even enter the Heavenly Fragrance House with your appearance!”
Dong Ruolin who was on the side saw Ye Chen being targeted and felt some intolerance.
She knew that Ye Chen was a door-to-door son-in-law who had no money or status in the Xiao family, and it was not realistic to really say that he was receiving himself in a top hotel.
It was estimated that Ye Chen was saying this on purpose because he wanted to save face.
So she didn’t want Ye Chen to be too embarrassed, so she opened her mouth to round things out for him, “Oh my, there’s no need to argue too much about this, since we’ve all booked the same place, we can simply go together.”
Xiao Hailong said sarcastically to Ye Chen, “Well, for Ruolin’s sake, I’ll let you rub up against me for a meal today, and I’ll also let you see what a high-end hotel looks like!”
Ye Chen grinned and ignored him.
Master Hong Fifth would kneel down when he saw himself, what was the hotel he ran in his eyes?
Too bad a loser like Xiao Hailong is nothing more than a blindfold!
The Heavenly Fragrance Mansion was an antique Chinese hotel, the decor and style was filled with traditional classical charm, extremely luxurious, even the signboard at the entrance was made of the finest yellow rosewood.
Ye Chen was surprised when he looked at the decorations inside the Tian Xiangfu.
I can’t imagine that this restaurant of Master Hong Fifth is really quite good, and I can bring my wife over to try it in the future if I have the chance.
Dong Ruolin looked around and exclaimed, “I’ve heard of the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion’s great name when I was in Yanjing, and it really is worthy of its name.”
Xiao Hailong smiled, “Ruo Lin you come over, of course you have to be entertained with the best restaurant.”
After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and scoffed, “Unlike some people, if it wasn’t for your light, they probably wouldn’t have the chance to come to such a high-class hotel in this life.”

Chapter: 38
Xiao Weiwei deliberately asked at this point, “Ye Chen, didn’t you also book a private room at the Heavenly Fragrance House? Which one is it? Take us out to open our eyes?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I can’t remember which one exactly, I just sent a text message to their boss and asked him to help me arrange it, wait for me to look at the text message record.”
Xiao Hailong disdainfully said sarcastically, “Do you know who the owner of this place is? Just tell a big lie here, the boss here is the famous Master Hong Fifth, this kind of big lie even dare to say, beware of Master Hong Fifth hearing it and one finger to kill you.”
At this time, Ye Chen opened his phone to look at the text message that Master Hong Fifth sent to him last night, and said indifferently, “He said that he reserved a diamond box for me.”
Xiao Hailong immediately scoffed when he heard Ye Chen’s words, “Hahaha…. Diamond compartment? Ye Chen you’re not going to laugh me to death, do you know who can go to the Diamond Box? No more than ten people in Jinling are eligible to enter the Diamond Box! You’re nothing!”
Dong Ruolin hadn’t said anything, but her heart also inevitably thought, this Ye Chen is also too prideful, just how could he get the diamond box with his identity, before I just felt that this person has no money and no power and also a bit lame, but I didn’t think that he was such a vain person.
How disappointing!
Ye Chen laughed without saying anything, in his opinion this group of people who spoke out to mock him were all dog-eyed retards without exception, but he didn’t bother to be knowledgeable with them.
Wang Yunfei also said sarcastically, “Ye Chen, even my father is not qualified to eat in the Diamond Box, you really dare to brag!”
Xiao Weiwei chimed in, “Brother Fei, this kind of person isn’t even qualified to eat leftovers from the Diamond Box, let alone enter the Diamond Box to eat!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen looked at Wang Yunfei and couldn’t help but sneer.
You silly bird, just yesterday, Fifth Master beat up your brother, and you still dare to come to his restaurant to eat now?
So he deliberately asked, “Brother Yunfei, I heard that something happened to your brother yesterday?”
Wang Yunfei frowned, “How do you know?”
Saying that, Wang Yunfei said, “My brother was attacked yesterday and is still unconscious, we are investigating who hurt him and will pick his skin when the time comes! Do you know the clue?”
Ye Chen shook his head and deliberately played dumb, “I don’t know, I just heard that something happened to him, I don’t know exactly what happened.”
“Hmph!” Wang Yunfei said in a despicable manner, “You trash don’t talk about my Wang family behind my back, next time, beware I’ll be rude to you!”
Ye Chen laughed and didn’t pay any more attention to him.
It really was a family of idiots!
You don’t even know that his brother was knocked unconscious by Master Hung Ng? It was really interesting.
At this moment, a man in black clothes came straight to the crowd and greeted them.
Ye Chen saw that he looked familiar, and that’s when he remembered that he was one of the bodyguards beside Master Hong Fifth.
The man saw Ye Chen and recognized himself, with a face full of eagerness and pleasantness, almost about to bow to him immediately to greet him.
Ye Chen hurriedly shook his head at him.
The man in black hurriedly paused, thinking that Mr. Ye should not like to be too high-profile, so he simply said, “Please follow me, all the distinguished guests, the box has been prepared for a long time.”
Xiao Hailong was stunned at the news, when had the Golden Box service of the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion been so attentive, and before he even gave his name, someone had actually come to greet him personally.
How honorable!
Wang Yunfei at the side exclaimed, “Hailong, you’re so proud of yourself, I think he seems to be someone close to Master V. It seems that Master V holds you in high regard, do you know Master V? I’ve never heard you talk about it, you’re really low-key.”
Xiao Hailong laughed and said with a smug face, “There’s no need to show off such things, it’s better to keep a low profile! Hahahaha!”

Chapter: 39
Dong Ruolin was a little surprised in her heart.
I didn’t expect that Xiao Hailong really had some connections in Jinling, that was really much stronger than Ye Chen.
It seems that in the future, if you walk in with him some in Jinling, it will be much easier to act on a daily basis.
That black-clothed man was respectful and led the crowd to the entrance of the diamond box.
After that, he took out the list and handed it directly to Ye Chen, saying softly, “Sir, please sign it.”
This diamond box was left specifically for Ye Chen, and he needed to sign to confirm it.
Ye Chen received the pen and paper with a smile, and was about to write down his name when Xiao Hailong’s voice suddenly sounded.
“Damn it, put the pen down!”
Xiao Hailong walked over with a sunken face, snatched a pen and paper from Ye Chen’s hand, brushed down his name, and snapped at Ye Chen, “Do you want to be shameless? Don’t you have any idea who booked the box? What right do you have to sign this!”
The man in black was confused and looked at Ye Chen, giving him a questioning look, which meant, do you need me to help you teach this son of a bitch a lesson right now.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, let him sign if he wants to.”
In front of Dong Ruolin, Ye Chen didn’t want to make things too embarrassing, after all, he was his wife’s best friend.
Soon, everyone in the box sat down.
Xiao Hailong arranged for Dong Ruolin to sit on the main seat, while Ye Chen sat alone in the corner, only Dong Ruolin said a few words to him from time to time.
Soon, the exquisite dishes and wine were presented by the waiter.
All the dishes were made with very exquisite materials, top quality abalone, ten jin of Australian lobster, all of which could only be used as an accompaniment here.
Even the fine wine was also a hundred years old national wine, a single bottle of half a catty could be sold for more than a hundred thousand.
Dong Ruolin was also considered a knowledgeable person and was shocked by the extravagance of the meal.
Wang Yunfei exclaimed, “How much is the standard for your meal, Hailong?”
Xiao Hailong said proudly, “My meal is the standard of three hundred thousand.”
Wang Yunfei said in shock, “This is not the standard of three hundred thousand ah, these bottles of wine alone is more than three hundred thousand.”
Xiao Hailong was secretly frightened, suddenly feeling that something was not quite right, thinking about the attitude of the man in black towards himself just now, could it be that Master Hong Fifth was giving himself some special treatment this time?
But, I don’t even know him!
Dong Ruolin’s beautiful eyes twinkled as she gave Xiao Hailong a high look and said, “Hailong, thank you!”
When Xiao Hailong heard Dong Ruolin’s words, he said with a smile on his face, “Where, where, where, this is all the right thing to do.”
Saying that, Xiao Hailong smiled and asked Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, you’ve definitely never eaten such good food in your life, right?”
Ye Chen sneered, “Who gave you the confidence?”
Xiao Hailong despised, “Eating my food, that damn mouth is still so hard! If you ever had a fucking chance to eat something this good before, I’d rip your head off and kick your balls!”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, the days he lived as a child could be the ultimate luxury that ordinary people could not imagine, such a meal in the Ye family was just a servant’s meal.
Xiao Weiwei saw that Ye Chen was dead and didn’t bow, and said angrily, “Ye Chen, what kind of attitude are you using to talk to my brother, you piece of trash? I’ll get you out of here right now! How dare you have the nerve to be shamed! What a fucking cocksucker!”
And yet, just like that!
The compartment door was kicked open vigorously and a fierce voice rang out, “Where did you idiots come from, who the hell let you into this compartment!”
The voice of a man wearing an Armani suit, a large gold chain, and a scar like a centipede on his face, spreading from the corner of his eye to his chin.
This man had a list in one hand and a stick in the other, and was full of viciousness!
The ten or so burly, tattooed and scarred strong men that followed closely lined up and surrounded everyone.
The crowd was all stunned and panicked, what the hell was this?
The man headed by the name Biao, was Master Hong Fifth’s right-hand man, who had fought with him in the early years, and was also a well-known name in the entire Jinling.
This time, Master Hong Fifth ordered him to say that the extremely distinguished Mr. Ye wanted to use the diamond box of the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion, and told him to make the proper arrangements.
But never thought that when he checked the use of the box, he found that the diamond box was signed and used by a yakuza named Xiao Hailong, and he was angry and afraid.
The anger was that this damned Xiao Hailong had taken over the compartment he had prepared for the VIP.

Chapter: 40
I’m afraid that there’s only one table for the top banquet in the Diamond Box, and what should I do if the real VIPs come and lose it?
At that moment, Xiao Hailong stood up and said, “What are you guys doing? I booked this compartment, what are you barging in here to mess with?”
Billie pointed at Xiao Hailong and questioned him, “Are you Xiao Hailong?”
Xiao Hailong nodded his head and said proudly, “I am!”
Billie said coldly, “Get him over here!”
When the two brawny men heard the news, they directly dragged Xiao Hailong up and over.
“What are you guys doing? Let go of me!”
“Drafting? What are you talking about!”
A brawny man kicked him directly in the knee, and Xiao Hailong took the pain and kneeled directly in front of Brother Biao.
Brother Biao’s cold gaze sized up Xiao Hailong’s body like a blade that chilled people.
The signature slip was dumped directly on Xiao Hailong’s head.
Brother Biao split his head and scolded, “Who gave you the right to use this box?”
Xiao Hailong pretended to be calm, “Misunderstood misunderstood, I booked this golden box in advance, and all three hundred thousand deposits have been paid!”
Wang Yunfei also chimed in, “What are you guys doing? This compartment was ordered by Sea Dragon, do you still have any rules?”
Biao pooh-poohed a mouthful of spittle and smacked Xiao Hailong, “Gold box? It’s a fucking diamond box for VIPs! You’re worthy of this trash?!”
Everyone was stunned by the words.
The Diamond Box?
No wonder this compartment was extremely luxurious, with top-notch food and wine, it wasn’t even a golden compartment!
Wang Yunfei sweated coldly, how prestigious was the Diamond Box, with the status of people like himself, he was not qualified to enter, let alone use it.
Xiao Weiwei quickly said, “Brother, don’t you know Master Hongwu, quickly explain to them ah.”
Xiao Hailong cried out and hurriedly said, “Shut up, what are you talking nonsense about, how could I know Master Hong Fifth with my identity.”
Xiao Weiwei said, “But didn’t you just say…”
Dong Ruolin saw the siblings’ performance in her eyes, how could she not know that Xiao Hailong’s words just now were all bragging.
There was also some disappointment in her heart.
Brother Biao then sneered and said, “You fucking dare to pull the banner of Master Hong Fifth, you’re tired of living!”
Biao said, standing straight up and telling his younger brothers, “Hold this kid’s hand down! I want to teach him a lesson.”
Xiao Hailong was immediately pinned down and couldn’t move!
Next second!
Bill held the stick and smashed it straight down without hesitation!
“Ah…. My hand, my hand is ruined!”
Xiao Hailong was screaming madly, cold sweat was coming out all over his body, and there was also a foul smell in his crotch, and he passed out very humiliatingly.
Seeing this, Wang Yunfei and Xiao Weiwei were even more pale and frightened.
Xiao Hailong, who was so radiant just now, was instantly beaten back, who could not be afraid?
Dong Ruolin was also frightened enough that her entire body was trembling and hid behind Ye Chen’s back, saying in fear, “What should we do? They’re not going to kill anyone, are they?”
Ye Chen patted Dong Ruolin’s shoulder and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, with me here, no one will touch you.”
Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen gratefully, although she knew that Ye Chen couldn’t possibly solve such a trouble, but with his words, she still felt slightly relieved.
Over here, Biao kicked Xiao Hailong who was giving the dead pig a glance and scolded, “What a wimp!”
Billie turned his head and looked at Wang Yunfei again.
“And you, you’re the one who just said that I have no rules, right? Get the fuck over here!”

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