The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 41-50

Chapter: 41
Wang Yunfei was so scared that his liver and gall bladder were split, and he trembled and said, “Brother Biao, I’m from the Wang family…….”
“The Wang family?” Biao laughed sardonicly, “What is the Wang family!”
Biao spat disdainfully and kicked Wang Yunfei to the ground, saying coldly, “Fifth Master just finished teaching a Wang family idiot a lesson yesterday and had him slapped 10,000 times, and you still fucking dare to mention the Wang family to me?”
“Huh?” Wang Yunfei was suddenly scared silly.
He thought that his brother had been robbed by thugs, but he didn’t expect that it was Master Hong Wu who had beaten him up!
Just as his liver and gall bled, Bill raised the stick directly to his head and smacked it down!
Wang Yunfei only felt the sky spinning, his head was buzzing, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his consciousness was instantly blurred.
Xiao Weiwei instantly screamed loudly in terror!
Wang Yunfei is her fiancé, her only chance to marry into the Wang family, and if anything happens to her, her life is over. One second to remember to read the book
“Ambulance, call an ambulance now!”
Xiao Weiwei shouted in panic and shuddered and took out her phone, but she was so scared that she couldn’t press it, so she could only scream vigorously.
Biao frowned and cursed, “Grass Nima, what’s the scream, smack this bitch’s mouth to make her talk more!”
“Yes, Bill!”
When the little brothers heard this, they smiled cruelly.
What they liked to do the most was to destroy flowers with a spicy hand, especially a spicy and savage delicate flower like Xiao Weiwei.
Xiao Weiwei immediately panicked and frantically tried to back away, but behind her was the wall, there was no place to hide.
“Come here, bitch!”
A one-eyed big man viciously grabbed Xiao Weiwei’s hair and dragged her straight up hard.
Then, the one-eyed big man threw his arms at Xiao Weiwei’s face and smacked her fiercely.
These little brothers were all ruthless men who had fought for many years with Biao, and they were all moving to their death.
In just two or three strokes, Xiao Weiwei’s face was as swollen as a pig’s head, blood mixed with saliva flowing downwards.
A woman beaten like this, even if treated in time, would leave indelible marks on her face, almost equivalent to disfigurement!
Dong Ruolin on the side saw how fierce Biao Bro was, and shivered again in fright, leaning on Ye Chen’s back, the two of them almost fitting closely together.
At this time, Biao saw Ye Chen as well as Dong Ruorin in the corner, and gave an order: “And the two of them, all of them, fight me to death! How dare you occupy the diamond compartment I prepared for the VIPs, you really fucking deserve to die!”
A junior didn’t show any mercy at all, reaching out and grabbing at Dong Ruolin.
“I’ll see who dares to touch her!”
Ye Chen’s eyes became incomparably cold and kicked the strong man to the ground.
When Biao saw this, his face sank and he directly snapped, “Who the fuck are you?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’m someone you can’t mess with!”
“Kid, you’re looking for death!”
Ye Chen shook his head and directly dialed Hong Wu’s number.
“Hongwu, I’m in the Diamond Box right now, get down here and meet me right now!”
After saying that, Ye Chen directly hung up the phone and looked at Biao coldly.
Dong Ruolin’s face was pale, just Xiao Hailong bragged that he knew Master Hong Fifth, what a miserable end, Ye Chen dared to say such great disrespectful words in front of Biao, he might lose his life.
Xiao Weiwei who was smacked into a pig’s head on the side, hearing Ye Chen’s words, her eyes were even more frightened, this grandson is still pretending at this time, is he trying to get everyone killed?
Brother Biao rudely sneered, “Dare to offend Master V in front of me, I think you’re tired of living.”
The words fell to the ground, and Biao waved his hand at his younger brothers and said viciously, “Get him!”
Suddenly, there was an angry curse from Hong Fifth outside the box, “Damn it, Biaozi, you want to fucking die, don’t you? If you even dare to touch Mr. Ye, I’ll fucking chop you up and feed you to the dogs, do you believe it!”
Bill was shaken as if struck by lightning!

Chapter: 42
Master V is here!
Mr. Yip? Who is Mr. Yip?
In the next second, Hong Fifth walked in warily and kicked Piao directly to the ground, “You’re so fucking blind, you can’t even recognize Mr. Ye, I’ll fucking kill you!
Master Hong Wu cursed as he frantically kicked Biao.
Biao, who was unstoppable just now, was now living like a dog in water.
Dong Ruolin was looking stupid, what the hell was this situation?
The younger brothers also panicked immensely, this young man was actually Mr. Ye? He actually just tried to do something to him, he was simply looking for death.
Master Hong Wu scolded the others, “And you bunch of losers, what are you waiting for, kneel down and apologize to Mr. Ye right away!”
“Mr. Ye, I was blind and almost rammed into you! Please detour us.”
The little brothers all brushed their knees and kowtowed madly in apology.
Biao also fell to his knees in fright and smacked his face as he begged for mercy, “I’m sorry Mr. Ye, please forgive me this time as an adult.”
Master Hong Fifth also gave himself a slap and said with a tense face, “Mr. Ye, it’s all my fault for not doing a good job and letting my men ram you and your friend.”
Ye Chen looked at Dong Ruolin and said indifferently, “I just invited my wife’s best friend for dinner.”
After saying that, he looked at the others and said coldly, “They are not my friends.”
Dong Ruolin was completely shocked!
It turned out that Ye Chen wasn’t bragging at all, he had indeed booked a compartment at the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, and it was indeed a top-notch diamond compartment.
What’s more, this compartment was actually reserved for him by Master Hong Fifth himself!
Thinking that she had looked down on Ye Chen before, Dong Ruoling instantly blushed, not to mention how ashamed she was.
At that moment, Xiao Hailong also trembled in fear when he heard the words of several people!
What’s going on? Ye Chen, this trash, is a friend of the Fifth Master?
Xiao Weiwei was also scared silly, Ye Chen actually knew Master V!
The point is, Master V was so polite to him!
And look at his fiancé, Wang Yunfei, who is now unconscious with a bloodied head!
The fifth master was wiping the cold sweat from his forehead at this time as he assured, “Mr. Ye rest assured, this will never happen again, in the future, you can come to the Heavenly Fragrance House and dine at the Diamond Box anytime, if anyone under me fails to recognize you again, I’ll gouge his eyes!”
Ye Chen hmmmed, turned his head to Dong Ruolin and said, “Ruolin, we’ve already eaten dinner, it’s such a mess here, we might as well leave!”
Dong Ruolin was awakened by Ye Chen and subconsciously asked, “What about the others?”
Looking at Xiao Hailong, Wang Yunfei, and Xiao Weiwei’s miserable appearance, she was somewhat worried.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Let Hongwu take care of it.”
Hongwu immediately said, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye, I’ll arrange for an ambulance to send it to the hospital for treatment!”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “In that case, the two of us will leave first.”
Dong Ruolin was a bit stunned and dumbfoundedly followed Ye Chen out of the Heavenly Fragrance Residence.
Coming out of the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, Dong Ruolin’s mood could not be calmed for a long time.
Looking at Ye Chen who was like nothing, she only felt like a layer of fog, mysterious and profound.
“Ye Chen, today’s matter…”
Before Dong Ruorin could finish her sentence, Ye Chen interrupted her and said calmly, “Ruorin, please keep today’s matter a secret for me, if Choran knows that I know these underground elements like Hong Fifth, he will definitely be angry.”
Dong Ruorin could only nod, “Okay, I know.”
After Ye Chen Dong Ruorin left, Master Hong Fifth had someone arrange an ambulance and bring the few people to the hospital.
One of Xiao Weiwei’s faces had been deformed by the beating of her jawbone, which was tantamount to disfigurement.
As for one of Xiao Hailong’s hands, it was almost ruined, and it would take at least a long time for it to recover.
As for Wang Yunfei, he had been smashed with a severe concussion, and although the person had been rescued and was out of danger, the aftermath in the future was enough to make him suffer for the rest of his life!

Chapter: 43
The entry date that Dong Ruolin had set with Wang Dongxue of the Imperial Group was tomorrow.
Leaving Tian Xiangfu, Ye Chen dropped her off at the hotel where she was staying before taking his leave.
Dong Ruolin was continually shocked by the evening meal while thinking about her future development.
This time, she had come to Jinling to apparently work for the Emperor’s Group, but she was also carrying a heavy family responsibility.
Dad told himself that there was top secret information that the Ye family, the top family in Yanjing, had found their young master who had been missing for many years, and they had even bought the Imperial Hero Group and gave it to this young master to practice with.
In other words, this young master of the Ye family was in Jinling, and he was the chairman of the Imperial Hero Group.
Although the Dong family was also a very good family in Yanjing, but Yanjing Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, they could only be ranked at a second-rate level, which was a hundred and eighty thousand miles behind the Ye family.
Therefore, the Dong family hoped that Dong Ruolin could take advantage of the Ye family’s young master’s identity had not yet been announced to the public, and find an opportunity to get in touch with him beforehand, and it would be great if she could get together with him and facilitate a marriage between the two families.
Although Dong Ruolin was somewhat repelled by such a thing, but when she thought that the heavy responsibility of family revitalization was on her shoulders, she did not dare to slow down.
She had come all the way to Jinling to prepare to enter the Emperor’s Group to work, just to find a chance to get in touch with that mysterious chairman of the Emperor’s Group, and then find a way to attract his attention. Remember the URL
Dong Ruolin was also definitely a very top super beauty in Yanjing, the upper class society.
She believed that with her posture, knowledge, ability, and ice-clear body, she should be able to attract the attention of the Ye family’s gentleman.
If she really could marry him, then the Dong family would see an absolute revitalization! A first-class family in Yanjing!
At the thought of this, she was looking forward to tomorrow’s entry.
At the same time, she was also looking forward to the mysterious Ye family’s youngest youngster.
She couldn’t help but secretly think, how old is this Ye family’s young master and what does he look like? Is it graceful and handsome?
She couldn’t resist pulling out her phone and opening the video app.
Clicked on the video that had tens of millions of hits in her favorites.
This video was the one where Ye Chen used cash to beat up the sales director at Jade Pavilion.
She had already analyzed this video and knew that it took place in Jinling, which happened to coincide with the news and the time when Ye’s youngest was found.
Therefore, she surmised that this divine tycoon in the video should be the Ye family’s eldest youngest youngest, the chairman of the Emperor’s Group.
She carefully stared at the back of that divine tycoon in the picture, carefully watching and pondering.
From this blurry video, it could probably be seen that the divine tycoon who was famous online was probably in his twenties, tall and thin, but he couldn’t see his face.
However, looking at his body is still very good, not much worse than those Korean long-legged Oprah.
With such a figure, I’m sure the face wouldn’t be hard to see anywhere!
However, a strange feeling suddenly sprang up in Dong Ruolin’s heart, this person, how did he feel a bit like Ye Chen?
But on second thought, it was unlikely.
Ye Chen was the door-to-door son-in-law of the Xiao family, what kind of power was the Xiao family? Not even a hair of the Ye family could compare, if Ye Chen was really the youngest youngster of the Ye family, how could he inhabit this chicken coop of the Xiao family?
I must have been thinking too much!
On the following day, Dong Ruolin arrived at the Empire Group early in the morning.
Vice Chairman Wang Dongxue personally handled the entry for her.
Wang Dongxue took her around to the administrative department and introduced the job functions to her, then she said, “Ruo Lin, if there is anything you don’t understand in the future, you can ask me directly or come to my office directly.”
Ruo Lin Dong nodded gratefully and asked tentatively, “Vice Chairman Wang, I wonder if I have a chance to meet the Chairman? After all, I’ll be in charge of the company’s administrative affairs, and if I don’t know the chairman, I’m afraid that if I accidentally slack off on him.”

Chapter: 44
Wang Dongxue was alert all of a sudden.
Ye Chen had instructed himself the day before yesterday to pay more attention to this Dong Ruolin, and as soon as Dong Ruolin came to inquire about the chairman of the board, it seemed that it was really a little bit not simple.
I don’t know what this beautiful girl’s intention was to come all the way to the Emperor Group.
She said to Dong Ruolin, “Our chairman rarely comes to the company, but if he does, I’ll tell him that I’ll let you know if he’s willing to see you.”
Dong Ruolin was a little disappointed in her heart, but she still nodded with a smile and said, “Thank you, Vice Chairman Wang!”
When Wang Dongxue returned to her office, she reported this matter to Ye Chen.
As soon as Ye Chen heard that Dong Ruolin had just reported to the company and wanted to meet with him, he was suddenly more wary.
This woman had really come for herself.
What purpose did she have?
Trying to get close to yourself, is it an attempt to harm you or to seduce you? One second to remember to read the book
Regardless of which purpose she had, it made Ye Chen feel a bit disgusted.
So he decided to have as little contact with Dong Ruolin as possible, much less let her know his true identity!
On the night that Dong Ruolin joined the company, Ye Chen’s wife, Xiao Churan, had specially booked a seat in a high-end hotel and was going to invite her for a meal.
Ye Chen, as Xiao Churan’s husband, naturally had to accompany her.
This made Ye Chen a bit depressed.
Just when he was about to keep his distance from Dong Ruorin, he had to have dinner with her again in the evening.
But being depressed was still depressing, he was ready to follow Xiao Churan to the restaurant.
However, when he arrived at the hotel, Ye Chen realized that what Xiao Churan had booked was the Shangri-La Hotel’s Sky Garden!
The Sky Garden Ballroom was usually used to receive high-end guests, so it never offered any kind of private services, but Ye Chen had booked this place for a private party on his wedding anniversary, which was an unprecedented time for Shangri-La.
Today was only three days away from the wedding anniversary.
A large and eye-catching notice had been placed at the entrance of the Shangri-La Hotel: “There will be a private venue for VIP guests at the Sky Garden in three days, all guests will be declined to use it at that time, please excuse us!”
Everyone who saw this notice was shocked!
Someone has booked the Shangri-La’s Sky Garden?
They don’t offer private parties here!
It is said that the children of several big leaders in the city, want to hold a wedding banquet here, without exception all were rejected.
What kind of people have the face to book the entire Sky Garden from Shangri-La?
Xiao Churan also saw this eye-catching tip and said in surprise, “Oh my, the Sky Garden has been wrapped up? It’s unbelievable!”
Ye Chen laughed at the side, “What’s so unbelievable about it? The banquet hall, don’t they let people book it?”
“You don’t understand.” Xiao Chu Ran seriously said, “This Shangri-La, is not our local enterprise, it’s a world chain of top hotels, their sky garden is a major feature of their own, serving only high-end guests, if they open up the venue, today this big shot packs a game, tomorrow that big shot packs a game, other high-end guests can’t use it properly, so they simply don’t Open to the public to charter the venue.”
Saying that, Xiao Choran couldn’t help but exclaim, “I wonder what kind of background this person has, to be able to charter this place, it’s really amazing!”
Ye Chen deliberately smiled and said, “Perhaps a man who loves his wife and wants to throw her a wedding!”
Xiao Chu Ran said in surprise, “A wedding for your wife here? Then he must love his wife very much, and she is so happy!”

Chapter: 45
Hearing his wife say that, Ye Chen was very happy.
It seemed that the place he had chosen, on his wedding anniversary, would definitely satisfy his wife!
They arrived at the Sky Garden, sat down in their reserved seats, and Dong Jorin soon arrived as well.
The two girlfriends hugged each other at once, overflowing with happiness.
Afterwards, the two of them held hands and chatted about their long-ago past, which was only gradually calming down.
Dong Ruorin said, “Choran, you’re too wasteful, you actually chose to eat in the Sky Garden!”
Xiao Choran smiled and said, “You’re here! Then I’m sure I’ll be bleeding out!”
Dong Ruo Lin laughed hip-hop, “What a good girl friend!”
Xiao Churan said, “To be honest, I’m not even qualified enough to book a meal here, this seat or I asked the vice chairman of the Emperor Group, Wang Dongxue, to help book it, using her membership card!”
Dong Ruo Lin exclaimed, “The Sky Garden seems to have really high requirements, you have to be a diamond member or something, right?”
“Mm.” Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said, “To be honest, this is my first time up here!”
Dong Ruo Lin smiled and said, “Thank you so much, my good Choran!”
Afterwards, she said, “By the way, when I came up here just now, I saw a notice outside saying that this sky garden is being booked in three days?”
“Right.” Xiao Churan said, “How strange, the Sky Garden never accepted packages before, and I don’t know what’s wrong this time.”
Dong Ruolin nodded and said in passing, “Some time ago, there was a Jinling’s divine tycoon on Shakespeare, who bought a necklace and brought a dozen Rolls Royces, dozens of black-clad people and over ten million in cash, did you guys watch that video?”
Ye Chen shook his head, while Xiao Churan said, “I saw that the row is quite big.”
Dong Ruolin said, “Everyone is guessing who he really is.”
Xiao Churan said, “What’s there to guess…”
Dong Ruorin laughed, “Gossip! Everyone wants to know who is so domineering, and some say it should be the new chairman of the Emperor Group.”
Ye Chen’s expression at the side was momentarily startled.
But it quickly returned to normal.
Dong Ruolin continued, “Today, the Shangri-La’s Sky Garden was bagged again, I feel that this one who bagged the Sky Garden should be the same person as the one who bought the jade in the video.”
Xiao Choran helplessly exclaimed, “It’s been so long, you’re still so gossipy ah!”
Joanne Tung smiled and said, “Gossip is a woman’s motivation to survive!”
Saying that, Dong Ruolin added, “In three days, I’m going to come here to see what kind of person has such great pride to bag the Sky Garden!”
Ye Chen, who was on the side, had an incomparably big head when he heard this.
He just wanted to give his wife a surprise, to make up for the wedding that he hadn’t fulfilled back then.
But he didn’t want to be noticed by everyone at once.
However, he seemed to have underestimated the influence of the Sky Garden.
It was estimated that there were many people in Jinling right now who had the same thoughts as Dong Ruoling and wanted to see who had bagged the Sky Garden.

Chapter: 46
This was going to be a bit tricky.
I have to say hello to Richard Chen in advance and be prepared for everything in advance, no matter what, I can’t reveal my identity.
While eating, Dong Ruolin said to the two of them, “This time in Jinling, I’ve also met up with our former classmates, and we said that we’re going to take this opportunity to have a class reunion, what do you two think?”
Ye Chen immediately said, “You guys are having a class reunion, so I won’t attend.”
“Why ah?” Dong Ruolin said, “Although we’re not four-year college classmates, but at least we have a year of fellowship!”
When Ye Chen was first taken in by the Xiao family’s old man, the old man sent him to Jinling University in order for him to get to know Xiao Choran beforehand, and he studied in the same class as Xiao Choran for a year in his senior year.
After graduating from the fourth year, they got married immediately.
But Ye Chen and those classmates were only in the same window for a year, and most of them had always looked down on themselves, and there was no friendship between them, so he wasn’t at all interested in hearing about such things as class reunions.
Xiao Churan also didn’t really want to attend the class reunion, so she said, “Ye Chen and I won’t go, I have no contact with most of my classmates after graduation.”
Dong Ruolin hurriedly said, “The reason why we’re having a class reunion this time is mainly because that Wang Daokun in class has opened a restaurant, which opens tomorrow, and he’s opening up for everyone to go and give his restaurant a boost and drop by for a meal together.”
Saying that, Dong Ruo Lin added, “You see people opening for business, it wouldn’t be appropriate not to go, right?”
As soon as the conversation was over, all three of their phones rang with a tweet.
Immediately afterwards, many WeChats crackled and popped up.
Everyone took out their own phones to see, it turned out that Wang Daokun had pulled a group of classmates, and this group soon reached more than thirty people.
Wang Daokun said in the group, “All of you old classmates, I have invested in a small hotel that will officially open at noon tomorrow, the hotel is in Jinling, please Jinling classmates come over to enjoy a narrative, let’s treat it as a class reunion!”
“It just so happens that one of the two golden flowers in our class, Ruo Lin Dong, is also coming to Jinling to work, and she will also attend the party, and it is said that Ruo Lin is still single, so the bachelors in the group can hurry up and make their move!”
Immediately afterwards, a whole bunch of people replied.
“Wow! Congratulations!”
“Oh my, Rorin has come to Jinling? I’ve never heard of it. Be there when it happens!”
“Where’s the other golden flower in our class, Xiao Choran? Is she coming?”
“I heard that Choran is with that interloper Ye Chen from our class? I heard that Ye Chen is still enrolled in the Xiao family?”
“I heard that too, I don’t know if it’s true or not, I haven’t seen either of them since graduation…”
“I’ve heard that they’re just going through the motions as a couple, famous or not, I don’t know if that’s true or not.”
Xiao Churan saw these contents and said to Ye Chen, “Don’t take it to heart.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “It’s fine, what they say is also the actual situation, I’m already used to it.”
Dong Ruorin hurriedly said in the group, “You guys shouldn’t gossip about people nonsense! I’m having dinner with a couple of people right now! He’s so in love!”
“Oh my, it’s Jorin!”
A big bunch of licking dogs quickly gathered around.
At this time, someone was in the group @ Ye Chen, it was the group leader Wang Dao Kun: “Ye Chen, although you came to our class for a relatively short period of time, our relationship was pretty good when we were brothers in school, tomorrow you and your wife, you have to be there!”
Ye Chen’s impression of Wang Daokun was not bad, this person was really quite nice, he was always kind to everyone he met and never ridiculed or sarcastic, he was considered to be one of the few classmates who still had a good relationship.
Seeing that he had said so, Ye Chen immediately replied, “Good, I’ll definitely go over to hold the party tomorrow.”
Wang Daokun immediately said, “That’s really great! We’ll definitely have a good get together tomorrow!”

Chapter: 47
Seeing that Ye Chen had agreed to the class reunion, Xiao Churan reminded Ye Chen, saying, “People Wang Dao Kun Hotel is opening, we have to prepare some gifts, we can’t go empty-handed.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “I’ll go buy a gift for him tomorrow morning.”
“Okay.” Xiao Churan said, “It just so happens that I still have to go to the Imperial Group tomorrow morning.”
Dong Ruolin asked in surprise, “You’re coming to Dihao tomorrow morning? Then you’ll come to me when you’re done, just as I’ll rub up against your car at noon and go to Wang Daokun’s restaurant together.”
Xiao Choran smiled, “Then you’ve hit the wrong spot with this wishful plan oh! I don’t have a car, I usually take a taxi or public transportation, and sometimes Ye Chen picks me up and drops me off on an electric bike.”
“Huh?” Dong Ruo Lin got out, “You’re a director and you haven’t bought a car yet!”
Xiao Churan said, “I haven’t been working for long, and I haven’t earned much money ah, usually the two of us Ye Chen and I have to pay expenses, and also pay my mother’s living expenses, I can only have a few thousand dollars left over in a month, which is not enough to buy a car.”
Saying that, Xiao Chu Ran said, “Also to be honest, I think the bus is quite convenient, and if the weather is good, it’s not bad to take Ye Chen’s electric car.”
Dong Ruolin said seriously, “You ah, sometimes you have to pay attention to a little row, you are after all the director of the Xiao Group now, and you are a partner directly docked with the Emperor, if you don’t even have a car, you will be gossiped about.”
Ye Chen also felt that Dong Ruolin was right. One second to remember to read the book
My wife has just always been too frugal, and most of the money she makes is turned over to her mother-in-law, so she has always treated herself badly.
Mother-in-law is a brave man who only eats and doesn’t pull, and she has saved over a million to invest in unreliable finance, not to mention taking out 200,000 to 300,000 to buy a car for her daughter to drive.
Here, he thought that he had to buy a car for his wife, so that she would be more convenient to go out and do business with, and would have more face to talk business with people.
He decided to go to the 4s store tomorrow morning to have a look.
After having dinner, the two couples said goodbye to Dong Ruoling and then took a taxi home together.
The radio in the taxi was all about the discussion about Shangri-La Sky Garden being booked.
The host was all amazed that this was the first time in history that Shangri-La had ever made an exception to charter out the Sky Garden, and he was curious as to who could be so dignified.
The taxi driver also followed suit and said, “If I were to look at it, the person who chartered the Sky Garden must be that divine tycoon on the Shakespearean short video!”
Ye Chen didn’t say anything, but he was surprised!
It seemed that the news that the Sky Garden on the topmost floor of the Shangri-La Hotel had been booked had really caused a stir throughout Jinling!
That night, the story continued to fester throughout Jinling! Soon the whole town would know about it!
It’s common knowledge that Shangri-La takes a members-only approach and only premium members have access to the Sky Garden! As for the charter, that’s a no-brainer, Diamond members don’t even qualify for that!
So, whoever had bagged the Sky Garden was suddenly the big thing everyone was curious about!
Rumor has it that the one who chartered the Sky Garden was the god-rich man who was on fire all over Shakespeare.
It was also said that an overseas tycoon had bagged the Sky Garden.
What’s more, some say that the one who chartered the Sky Garden was a man of mysterious status, and the reason he chartered the place was to have a grand and romantic wedding….
Surely it was still the third rumor that was easier to believe!
For a time, the community was once again in an uproar!

Chapter: 48
Numerous women were even more envious and jealous after hearing this.
Everyone speculated as to which woman was so happy that one could throw millions at her overnight, bag the entire sky garden and woo her!
A lot of people are looking forward to that day coming soon, so they can get here and find out!
Ye Chen had instructed Richard Chen to make special modifications to the entire Sky Garden in order to avoid revealing his identity, and at the same time, he was looking forward to the day of his wedding anniversary!
He, on his wedding anniversary, was going to give Xiao Choran a grand wedding!
The next morning, Ye Chen left the house early and headed to the 4s store.
He had a 10 billion bank card in his hand, which he hadn’t used much until now.
This time, he was going to buy Xiao Churan a limousine that could go up to the top.
He himself wanted, in one step, to buy her a Rolls Royce.
But on second thought, he was afraid that it would be hard to explain such an expensive car to her, and that Xiao Churan’s character has always been low-key, so I’m afraid he wouldn’t be willing to drive out even if he had such an expensive car.
So he decided to buy his wife a business sedan of about 500,000 yuan, which is respectable, not too flamboyant, and also more practical, and won’t be so distressed if it scuffs or bumps.
Thinking of this, he was ready to buy an Audi a6 to his wife, now talk about business people are driving a6, the car face is full, and a6 is a long business car, very suitable for his wife to drive.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.
A woman in the back hurriedly said, “Oh my, this person came on an electric bicycle, probably scrounging for air conditioning or wifi, don’t pay any attention to him.”
As soon as they heard that he was coming on an electric bike, the others instantly lost interest.
Recently the weather has been hot, there are always poor people who come over early to rub against the air conditioning, and sometimes they are especially shameless to sit in the exhibition car, sit in it and don’t come down, and finally they can only send out security guards to catch them, making these sales unbearable.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product.
No one took care of themselves, Ye Chen also doesn’t matter, he directly came to the a6 sedan showroom to look at the car, found that the price of the car from 300,000 to more than 600,000, more than 600,000 is the model is a6 top, extended executive version.
Honestly, this car looked pretty good!
With a price of over 600,000, it wasn’t expensive, and Xiao Churan should be able to accept it.
So he opened his mouth to greet, “Is this top a6 a new car available? I want to mention it now!”
The guides all looked at him like he was an idiot, and one of them scowled and said, “Have you seen the price? Is it a handful of zeros?”
Ye Chen frowned at him, “Six hundred and eighty-one thousand yuan, I saw it.”
The man sneered, “You saw it, and you’re still yelling? Can you afford it? How humiliating to have a list out for you to swipe your card, when so many people are watching and you can’t take it out!”
Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “Are you sick? Didn’t take your medication when you left the house in the morning? Do you want me to call 120 for an ambulance to pull you out?”
The man grunted, “Cut, don’t get cocky with me here, believe it or not I’ll have security throw you out? A poor guy who scuffs up the air conditioning and wifi, and you’re still pretending with me?”

Chapter: 49
Instead of laughing in anger, Ye Chen asked him, “If you sell one of these cars, how much commission can you make?”
The other said scornfully, “I can lift $10,000!”
Ye Chen nodded, “Very well, you lost 10,000.

After saying that, Ye Chen turned around and went out.
He just met the manager of this store coming in, and the other person’s badge had the words Sales Manager: wang haibo written on it.
So Ye Chen asked him, “Are you the manager here?”
“Right.” Wang Haibo nodded, “What do you need?”
Ye Chen pointed at that sale just now and said to him, “You better fire that sale, he’s here and will only delay your 4s store’s business.”
As soon as the man heard that, he rushed over and said, “Manager Wang you don’t listen to his nonsense, this person is sick! It’s just a slinger who’s here to scrounge up the air conditioning!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Whether I’m a slinger or not, you guys just wait and see.”
After saying that, he immediately went out and went directly to the BMW showroom next door.
Once he arrived at the BMW store, Ye Chen saw one of the most luxurious BMW 760, which was the top of the BMW 7 Series and the most expensive model of BMW, bar none.
The BMW 760 was a 12-cylinder engine, extremely powerful, and the car was also a luxurious mess.
He was also a bit pouty, didn’t these idiots at Audi despise themselves? Well, I’ll buy you a top-of-the-line BMW to show you guys.
I’m rich anyway!
So, he greets a BMW salesman directly and asks, “This 760, can you just pick it up?”
The other little girl was stunned, “Brother, this car just arrived in the showroom today, are you sure you want to buy it?”
“Right.” Ye Chen nodded, “I’m sure, take me to swipe my card!”
“Huh? This car is two million six hundred thousand dollars!” The other party was simply confused.
It’s been quite a long time since I’ve sold cars, and I’ve never seen a customer who comes in directly and asks for a credit card without saying anything.
This big brother shouldn’t be playing with himself, right?
Ye Chen smiled, “I know ah, I’ve seen the price, just tell me if you’re selling or not!”
“Sell, sell, sell, of course…” The little girl said happily, “Then this way please!”
Right after that, Ye Chen was on the other side, swiping his card, paying, and picking up the car in one go.
When the two-hundred-sixty-thousand BMW 760 drove out, the people in the Audi store looked silly.
Ye Chen drove the BMW 760 directly to the entrance of the Audi store, then opened the trunk and loaded his electric car into it, before driving away in a big way.
The guide who looked down on Ye Chen was stunned, and the manager next to him, Wang Haibo, said with a cold face, “Go to the personnel side and hand over, you’re fired!”
“The manager…”
“Get out!”
The other Audi store employees were also scared silly, mama, who didn’t expect that electric bike rider to be so arrogant, two million and six hundred thousand dollar car, but he said he would buy it!
The guide who looked down on Ye Chen was even more regretful, not only did he miss out on a big customer and a commission of ten thousand dollars, but he also lost his job, if he had known that, he would not have killed himself to look down on the dog….
Here, when Ye Chen drove the BMW 760 out, only then did he feel that he had just been a little impulsive.
It wasn’t that he was distressed about the money, it was mainly because the car was too expensive, how would he explain it to Xiao Churan?
2.6 million. It can’t just fall from the sky.

Chapter: 50
Thinking about it, an excellent idea suddenly popped into his head.
Then, he drove to the roadside car repair shop, spent twenty dollars, and asked the owner to change the logo of BMW 760, to BMW 520.
The BMW 5 series and 7 series look very similar, the difference is mainly in the inside, the general public from the appearance is difficult to distinguish, mainly rely on the tail mark to distinguish.
The 520 is the lowest of the 5 series, with average power, average handling, and average in all aspects.
The 760 is the highest in the 7-series, with excellent power, excellent handling, and strong in all aspects.
Ye Chen drove this 760 with the 520 logo on it, surmising in his heart that Xiao Churan didn’t know much about cars and didn’t do much research on cars, telling her that it was a BMW 520, she shouldn’t be able to recognize it.
The owner of the repair shop looked straight smacking his lips and said, “This guy looks quite honest, didn’t expect to be so pregnant, deliberately changed the top 760 to 520, must be thinking of playing pig and eating tiger!
After buying the car, Ye Chen thought that today at noon was the opening of Wang Daokun’s restaurant, and he had to prepare a gift.
Thinking that Wang Dao Kun is also the only one who was good to himself during his college years, he drove straight to a large art consignment shop and spent 200,000 on a pair of early paintings by Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen. A second to remember to read the book
Huang Shen wasn’t too famous, so the general public wouldn’t be able to recognize his paintings.
The reason why he bought such an ancient painting was that on one hand, he felt that he should give a substantial gift to Wang Daokun, but on the other hand, he didn’t want others to know how much the painting was worth.
He thought that if others asked, he would be able to muddle through by casually saying that it was a few thousand yuan.
It was close to noon after buying the painting, so Ye Chen called his wife, Xiao Churan, and told her that he was going to pick her up from the Imperial Hero Group, as well as Dong Ruolin.
But after meeting, Xiao Churan discovered that Ye Chen actually drove a BMW 5 series!
She looked at Ye Chen with a stunned card and asked in surprise, “Where did you get this car?”
Ye Chen smiled, “I bought it for you!”
“You bought it?” Xiao Chu Ran was even more surprised, “Where did you get the money?”
“Private money chanting.” Ye Chen said, “Look, I’ve been a member of the Xiao family for so long, and I didn’t spend a penny when I got married, so what’s strange about saving some private money after all these years of eating, living and using the Xiao family?”
Xiao Churan said, “But it’s good that you’re saving the money for yourself. Why would you buy such an expensive car, it’s 400,000?”
Ye Chen smiled, “You’re my wife ah. If I don’t give you my private money, who will you use it for? You’re not going to give it to a mistress? Besides, you’re a director now, without a car that speaks for itself, everyone will laugh at you.”
At this time, Dong Ruorin also spoke up and said, “Churan, you really need a car that is more business-like, this car is quite suitable for you, people Ye Chen has you in his heart, you should be happy ah!”
Xiao Choran nodded and said with great emotion, “Ye Chen, thank you!”
Ye Chen gently shook her hand and said with a smile, “Why are you still so polite with your husband?”
Afterwards, he greeted the two of them and said, “Let’s go straight to Wang Daokun’s restaurant.”
Xiao Choran hurriedly asked, “Did you buy him a present?”
“Bought.” Ye Chen said, “I bought him a painting.”
“A painting?” Xiao Churan asked curiously, “What painting?”
Ye Chen said, “It’s the kind of ancient paintings sold on the Antique Street, I saw that the painting was of a pomegranate plant, meaning many sons, wealth and happiness, but it’s pretty good, so I bought it.”
Xiao Churan asked, “How much did you pay for it?”
“A few thousand dollars.”
Xiao Choran nodded and smiled, “Then you might have been screwed oh! A few thousand dollars won’t buy any truly ancient paintings.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s mainly just a sentiment, the gift is light and the sentiment is heavy.”
Xiao Choran nodded in agreement and said, “You’re right, the main thing is a sentiment, let’s go straight over there now!”

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