The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 341-350

Chapter: 341
Xiao Weiwei was slapped by the old lady and ran out, but before she ran out of the courtyard, she was stopped by Xiao Changqian.
Xiao Changqian persuaded her to come back, but she was dead set against it, always feeling that a lot of the blame for her ending up in this situation was on Old Madam Xiao, if not for her, how could she be so miserable?
So she was so angry at the moment that she wanted to run away from home and go as far away as possible.
However, her father’s words still made her dispel this thought.
Xiao Changqian said, “Weiwei, if you want to run away from home, where do you want to go? You don’t even have a job, and there’s no place to live outside, so you’re a girl, you can’t just go out and rent a room and work, can you? There are some things your grandmother did wrong, but what else can we do now but cling to your grandmother? After all, she’s the head of the Xiao family!”
Xiao Weiwei was silent for a moment, repeatedly pondering her father’s words.
It was true that she had nowhere to go when she left the Xiao family, so she couldn’t wander the streets, could she? After all, you are the second miss of the Xiao family in other people’s eyes, if you wander on the street, you will not be ridiculed to death?
So she could only grudgingly say, “Dad, Grandma is too overbearing and authoritarian, so why don’t we just move out…”
Xiao Changqian sighed and said, “Move out? If you move out now, you’ll lose everything. How many years does your grandmother have left? When she dies, this villa and the rest of the Xiao family’s assets will be ours. This is our family. What if we move out and your second uncle’s family comes back? Then there’s nothing left?”
A sudden realization dawned on Vivian Siu. A Second to Remember to Read the Book
Don’t look at the current Xiao Choran family, their relationship with the old lady stinks, but if their own family moves out, it is likely that they will take advantage of the weakness.
Thinking of this, Xiao Weiwei shed tears in distress and said, “But it’s not a good idea to keep going on like this, I can’t stand her anymore.”
Xiao Chang Qian could only comfort: “Don’t think so much about it yet, after all, there are guests at home, we can’t let them see the joke, when the guests leave, dad will give you a little money, you go out for a trip and relax.”
Only then did Xiao Weiwei nodded gently and agreed, saying, “Okay…”
When she followed her father back to the villa, Old Mrs. Xiao had just personally sent Xiao Yiqian to the guest room and walked downstairs alone.
Seeing Xiao Weiwei return, she hurriedly went forward and said with an apologetic face, “Weiwei, just now it was grandmother’s bad, grandmother was impulsive and apologized to you, I hope you can forgive grandmother!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was still counting on Xiao Weiwei to handle Xiao Yiqian, so as soon as she saw Xiao Weiwei return, the first thing she did was to take the initiative to apologize.
Xiao Weiwei did not expect that her grandmother would take the initiative to apologize, which was extremely rare for a grandmother who was tough all her life, so she felt a lot more comfortable all of a sudden.
Old Mrs. Xiao pulled Xiao Weiwei’s hand and went to sit down on the sofa, saying with great care, “Weiwei, our family is facing very big difficulties right now, you know this, right?”
Xiao Weiwei nodded, “Grandma, I know.”
“You’ve now been divorced by the Wang family and have become a joke in Jinling, although grandmother doesn’t want to mention this matter, but it’s also the truth, you should know it in your heart, right?”
Once this matter was mentioned, Xiao Weiwei couldn’t help but crow again.
The entire Jinling knew that she was the woman who had been divorced from the Wang family, so it was basically impossible if she still wanted to marry into a noble family in this life.
At least, it was impossible in Jinling.

Chapter: 342
So her own future, too, immediately became extremely slim.
I spoiled you, your parents also spoiled you, and your brother also spoiled you, so you didn’t study hard before, and you didn’t want to go to work after graduation, which was fine, but now our family is not what it used to be, you have to change, you have to mature as soon as possible, and you have to work for this. The family shares part of the responsibility, otherwise, we can only become more and more miserable.”
Xiao Weiwei nodded her head repeatedly and said guiltily, “Grandmother, I’m sorry, I was too playful in the past, and I didn’t learn any skills to help share the family’s worries…”
Old Mrs. Xiao held her hand tightly and said seriously, “Ah Weiwei, the past is the past, you are Grandmother’s precious second granddaughter, how could Grandmother blame you and blame you?”
Saying that, the old lady spoke again, “Now, there’s a perfect opportunity to kill multiple things in one fell swoop, not only will it solve the family crisis, but it will also give you a chance to find your way back up, and even, it will make you a man of the people, do you want to grab it?”
As soon as Xiao Weiwei heard this, she immediately kept nodding her head and said excitedly, “Grandma, I want to!”
When Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong heard this, they also hurriedly gathered around.
Among them, Xiao Chang Qian couldn’t hide his excitement and asked, “Mom, what’s the best way?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said seriously, “It’s the one who lives in the upstairs guest room, Xiao Dong, Xiao Yiqian!”
“Him?” Xiao Changqian hurriedly asked, “He agreed to help us?” First web site
“No.” Old Mrs. Xiao shook her head and said, “He and we, to be frank, are not related, and came only for his father’s will, so he has no obligation to help us.”
Xiao Changqian didn’t quite understand and asked, “Then what do you mean?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said, “What I mean is, let Weiwei seize this opportunity of Xiao Yiqian! I can see that he’s interested in Vivian!”
Xiao Changqian was shocked and blurted out, “Mom, you’re not asking Weiwei to accompany that Xiao Yiqian, are you? He’s older than me, though!”
“So what?” Mrs. Shaw asked rhetorically, “What’s wrong with being older? Wang Yunfei is not that old, but Weiwei has been with him for so long and even had an abortion for him, what happened? What did he give Vivian besides hurting her?”
Xiao Changqian said urgently, “That’s also normal male and female love, but Xiao Yiqian is already an old man ah!”
Old Mrs. Xiao said seriously, “What’s wrong with the old man? The old man, rich and powerful, with connections and resources, if you follow him, wouldn’t you want everything?”
Xiao Changqian waved his hand vigorously, “No, no! I think it’s acceptable for Vivian to be with Wang Yunfei, but if she’s allowed to be with Xiao Yiqian, how can I, as a father, accept it?”
“Can’t accept it?” Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and asked rhetorically, “Then can you accept being poor? If the Shaw Group goes bankrupt, what will you inherit from me? This old villa? Don’t you forget that the Xiao Group still owes the bank loan, and when the bankruptcy is paid off, the court will have to repossess the villa! I don’t care. I don’t have many years left to live. Do you? What will you do then? Like Xiao Changkun, going to live in a shabby tube building?!”
Xiao Changqian was suddenly speechless….
He didn’t want to betray his daughter, however, he also didn’t want to be poor….
Just when he didn’t know what to do, Xiao Weiwei, who hadn’t spoken, suddenly spoke up, “Grandmother, if he can help the Xiao Clan, then I’m willing to go with him! But I have one condition!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was so excited that she asked, “What conditions?!”
Xiao Weiwei gritted her teeth, “I want to be the Director of Xiao’s Group! It’s the same seat that Xiao Chu Ran was in before!”

Chapter: 343
That night, Xiao Weiwei knocked on the door of Xiao Yiqian’s room across the street after taking a shower and wearing only a towel.
That night, she did not come out of Xiao Yiqian’s guest room again.
The next morning, when the red-faced Xiao Yiqian, and Xiao Weiwei walked downstairs together, Xiao Changqian and his wife Qian Hongyan looked a little ugly, but more embarrassed.
Xiao Yiqian also saw that the two couples might not be too happy with this relationship between himself and Xiao Weiwei, so he said almost without hesitation, “I’ve decided to invest eighty million dollars in the Xiao family to help them get their industry back up! In order to show my sincerity, I’ll put ten million on the Xiao Group’s account today, and the remaining seventy million will be paid within a month!”
As soon as this was said, the entire Xiao family became excited.
Xiao Changqian and his two couples were also devoid of any embarrassment or discomfort, and immediately treated Xiao Yiqian as a respectful guest of honor.
Naturally, Old Madam Xiao was also overwhelmed with excitement, and immediately announced that after ten million dollars had arrived, the Xiao Group would be re-operated, with Xiao Weiwei as the director!
To the Xiao family, they were at this moment sweeping away all the gloom from before, just as close as buying a firecracker and letting loose to celebrate.
While accepting the compliments from the Xiao family, Xiao Yiqian came up with his own representation.
He asked the company’s finance to immediately send 10 million funds over to the Xiao Clan so that the Xiao Clan could temporarily get rid of the broken capital chain. Remember the URL
At the same time, he also privately transferred five million to Xiao Weiwei as pocket money for her.
Xiao Weiwei used all her strength to serve him last night, which really satisfied him too much, Xiao Yiqian, who was over fifty years old, hadn’t experienced this kind of incomparably exciting passion for a long time, and it was Xiao Weiwei who made him feel young again.
Therefore, after one night, he doted on Xiao Weiwei extraordinarily, and even had the idea of taking her as a paramour for a long time.
Thus, after paying the money, he said to Old Lady Xiao as well as Xiao Chang Qian and his wife at the dinner table, “Old Taijun, Chang Qian, and siblings, I have an unkind request, please be able to grant it!”
The old lady was already trembling with excitement, so she naturally said with joy on her face, “Oh Xiao Dong, we’re all one family, don’t talk about two families, just feel free to make any requests you have, you’re a great benefactor of the Xiao family, your requests, the whole Xiao family dare not disobey.”
When Xiao Yiqian looked at Vivian Xiao, he said, “Vivian Xiao and I are also pretty much in love, although the age difference is a bit big, but true love always knows no age limit, so I hope, you guys can agree to let Vivian Xiao be my lover all the time, in the future, I will definitely do my best to help the Xiao family, and also do my best to treat Vivian Xiao well!”
Although Xiao Weiwei’s heart was somewhat resistant to Xiao Yiqian, the old man, but there was no resistance to his money, just received five million and heard this, she naturally rejoiced, as long as she clung to Xiao Yiqian’s thighs, in the future she would certainly be able to soar!
And as soon as Old Lady Xiao heard this, she was also very excited and agreed on the spot, saying, “Xiao Dong, since you and Wei Wei are in love, then I will naturally raise my hands in support of you guys being together!”
Although Xiao Changqian was somewhat unable to accept it, but when he thought that the Xiao family would be on a big boat in the future, he was relieved, so he said, “It’s fine if you guys decide these things yourselves, we’re fine with it.”
Qian Hongyan was slightly dissatisfied and said, “Xiao Dong, I’ve heard that you are a family man, and we Weiwei haven’t gotten married yet, how can we behave in the future if things with you get out?”
Xiao Yiqian immediately said, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, when the time is ripe in the future, I will definitely marry Weiwei!”
The family exploded with excitement upon hearing this.
Marry Xiao Weiwei?
Wouldn’t that make the Xiao family completely close to the listed group?
This is great!
To show his sincerity, Xiao Yiqian opened his mouth and said, “Actually, you all have no idea, I also have many businesses in the Southern Canton Province, and I am also the president of the Southern Canton Chamber of Commerce myself, in the future, I will be able to help the Xiao family in many ways, and I will definitely make the Xiao family the top family in Jinling!”
The Shaw family cried tears of joy at this statement!
Xiao Weiwei even cried non-stop in front of her grandparents, parents and brother, hugging Xiao Yiqian’s waist.

Chapter: 344
She felt that she had a chance to rise at last!
Xiao Yiqian then said, “By the way, there is a renovation industry summit in Jinling in two days, I have also received an invitation, you will come with me then, I will solemnly introduce the Xiao Group to everyone and announce my decision to invest in the Xiao Group!”
Xiao Weiwei asked in a meaty voice, “Yiqian, how will you introduce our relationship to others then?”
Xiao Yiqian smiled, “For the time being, let’s begrudge you the fact that I’m your native uncle, and when the time is right later, after I divorce the yellow-faced woman in my family, I’ll marry you in the open!”
Xiao Weiwei was delighted and said in a whiny voice, “Yiqian, that would be wonderful, I want to stay with you and grow old with you!”
Xiao Yiqian touched her smooth hand and said emotionally, “Don’t worry, my little sweetheart, we will definitely stay together!”
The resurgence of the Xiao family was not announced to the public in a hurry, so Ye Chen was not aware of this variable.
These past few days, he was just running both home and hospital, taking care of his old father-in-law who was in the hospital.
The old father-in-law was no more serious now, just resting in the hospital for a few days and recovering well. One second to remember to read the book
These days, Ye Chen naturally had to take on the responsibility of delivering meals and taking care of them.
The news of Xiao Changkun’s paraplegia being cured had already caused a sensation in the country after it had passed through the hospital.
Almost no one in the medical community dared to believe that such a medical miracle could happen in China.
However, once they heard that this was the handiwork of Divine Doctor Shi Tianqi Shi, many people were relieved.
Shi Divine Doctor Shi’s name was truly thunderous in the country, especially in the medical world, where almost no one knew about it or knew about it.
And this time, curing the paraplegia, made Shi Tianqi’s fame even higher, and had become the first person in the field of Chinese medicine in China.
Countless reporters wanted to interview Shi Tianqi, even foreign reporters wanted to interview him, and there were many top pharmaceutical companies that wanted to find him to cooperate in the treatment of high paraplegia, but Shi Tianqi refused them all.
He didn’t want to take advantage of Master Ye Chen Ye’s skills to steal the limelight, after all, these generalist skills weren’t all his own, but were unique to Master Ye!
To express his respect and gratitude to Master Ye, Shi Tianqi made a decision to stay in Jinling!
He felt that he could only repay Ye Chen’s kindness if he stayed in Jinling, so he wanted to open a medical school in Jinling, where he could treat people and catch medicines while being at Ye Chen’s disposal at any time.
His granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao, once she heard that her grandfather had decided to stay in Jinling, she was so excited that she couldn’t speak.
It was said that young girls were the most nostalgic for spring, and Chen Xiaozhao was also at the age of nostalgia, her heart was at the stage where her love was in full bloom.
Moreover, no woman could resist the charm emanating from a powerful man.
Therefore, she had also long been charmed by Ye Chen, and every day when she closed her eyes, what surfaced was Master Ye’s handsome and indifferent face.
Although she knew that Ye Chen was already married, but like several other girls, she felt that Ye Chen and Xiao Choran’s feelings were not that deep, and she still had a chance.
Being able to stay in Jinling, she also had a few more possibilities.
Ye Chen had sent a meal to his father-in-law, and on his way back, he received a call from Shi Tianqi, who said respectfully on the phone, “Master Ye, Shi Mou has rented a shop near Mrs. Ye’s company and opened a traditional Chinese medicine museum, so he will stay in Jinling for a long time from now on, if you have any errand, feel free to call Shi Mou, he will be on call! ”
Ye Chen hmmmed and said, “Good, you’re kind.”

Chapter: 345
This morning, Xiao Churan got up very early and was wearing makeup.
After the make-up, she was daisy eyed and beautiful, making Ye Chen look particularly impressed.
However, he was very strange and asked, “Wife, usually she works with a plain face, why is she still wearing makeup today? Is it something important?”
On weekdays, Xiao Churan always had a plain face, and that was because her face was already stunningly beautiful when she didn’t wear powder, so she rarely wore makeup.
Xiao Churan returned seriously, “Today is the summit of the Jinling decoration industry, you and I will go over there together, our company has just opened, it’s rare that the organizers will invite us, this is a good opportunity to show our faces in the industry, we have to behave well and try to be able to stand in the industry.”
Ye Chen was a bit surprised and asked, “Which one is hosting it? We’ve just opened, how could we be invited…”
Xiao Choran smiled, “It was hosted by the Imperial Group, and Wang Dongxue Wang, the deputy director, sent me an invitation.”
“No wonder…” Ye Chen usually didn’t care about the group’s affairs, so he didn’t know that Emperor Group was actually the organizer of this summit.
I guess Wang Dongxue also deliberately made such a summit because his wife’s company had just opened and wanted to help his wife’s company expand its popularity.
In the end, it was to set the stage for his wife to sing. The first website
After Xiao Churan finished putting on her makeup, she found a suit for Ye Chen to put on before taking him out.
By the time he arrived at the venue, the place was already overcrowded, and there were middle-aged men in suits everywhere, bringing flowery beauties to the conference.
Ye Chen didn’t have much contact with the decoration industry, so he didn’t have an acquaintance, but Xiao Churan had been in contact with this industry in the past, so when he came in, he met many acquaintances to greet him.
After accompanying Xiao Churan to hand out a circle of business cards, Ye Chen suddenly found that the crowd, seemingly all of a sudden, were heading towards a middle-aged man, with a large number of people surrounding him, boasting about him.
Ye Chen was sharp-eyed, and saw at a glance that the strange middle-aged man with him next to him was actually Xiao Weiwei!
He couldn’t help but ask Xiao Churan curiously, “Honey, isn’t the Xiao Group bankrupt? What’s Shaw Wee Wee doing here?”
Xiao Churan also took a few glances and shook her head, “I’m not very clear, I heard my mother say that the Xiao family has pulled in another investment in the past few days, and some businesses are functioning normally.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown.
An investment in the Xiao family? Who’s so blind?
Not to mention the conflict between themselves and the Xiao family, Song Wanting, Wang Zhenggang, and Qin Gang all knew about it, and even if they didn’t, they should have heard that the Xiao group had been blocked by the Emperor Group, and still investing in the Xiao family at such a time, isn’t that sick in the head?
At that moment, there were two people talking to each other, and one of them said, “Eh, that’s Xiao Yiqian, the chairman of the Qiancheng Group!”
“He’s Xiao Dong ah?!” Another person exclaimed in shock, “The president of the Southern Canton Chamber of Commerce seems to be him, right?”
“Yes, that’s him!”
“How did a Yanjing man become the president of the South Canton Chamber of Commerce?!”
“The Qian Cheng Group also has a lot of business in Southern Canton and it’s mainly because the Song family didn’t compete with them for the position of this chairman, otherwise, this chairman would definitely be the Song family’s.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown.

Chapter: 346
It turns out that the thigh that Xiao Jiaxin has embraced is the chairman of a Yanjing listed group!
Moreover, the other party is also surnamed Xiao, is he a relative?
He couldn’t help but ask Xiao Churan, “Honey, do you know the relationship between the Xiao family and this Xiao Yiqian? Are they distant relatives?”
“I don’t know.” Xiao Chu Ran said, “I’ve never heard of the family being involved with him before…”
“Strange…” Ye Chen muttered, “Normally, the chairman of a listed group with a tens of billions of scale market capitalization, it’s impossible for him to hang out with a low-end low cur like the Xiao family, let alone bring Xiao Weiwei to show his face, is there an affair inside?”
Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “Don’t talk nonsense, that man looks older than my uncle, how can there be any adultery…”
At this time, Xiao Weiwei, surrounded by the crowd in the middle, finally felt that feeling of being in the limelight!
Xiao Yiqian, who is around him, is not only the chairman of the listed group, but also the chairman of the Southern Canton Chamber of Commerce, so naturally these businessmen present one by one, they all tend to follow him and keep on sucking up to him!
And when Xiao Yiqian introduced Xiao Weiwei to them, he used titles like his native niece and future heir of the Xiao family, and even took the initiative to say that he had invested in the Xiao Group, instantly making these people respect her!
Even quite a few people who had previously been lazy about the Xiao family had taken the initiative to cooperate deeply with the Xiao family in order to befriend Xiao Yiqian! Also full of humility, handing Xiao Weiwei business cards and exchanging phone numbers. Remember the website
This made Xiao Weiwei feel the treatment that only high society and powerful people had, and she was naturally excited.
Before this, the Xiao family was already hated by people and dogs in the construction and decoration industry, but after hugging Xiao Yiqian’s thigh, it immediately became an object that everyone in the construction and decoration industry wanted to befriend and cooperate with.
The shopping mall, as expected, was just so snobbish and realistic!
She couldn’t help but think of Xiao Churan in her heart, didn’t you Xiao Churan think you were something? Didn’t you mock me for being divorced from the royal family? Not only am I now with the more powerful Xiao Yiqian, but I’ve even become the director of the Xiao Group! How can you compete with me when even my grandmother has to be so respectful to me!
Thinking of this, she immediately thought that Xiao Choran, now that she had started her own business and studio, should also be attending this kind of summit in the industry, right? I wonder if she’s here yet!
Thus, she immediately stood on tiptoe and peered out into the crowd, trying to find Xiao Choran’s figure.
Sure enough! An incomparably beautiful figure leapt into her eyes!
It’s Xiao Chu Ran!
And next to Xiao Choran was that damned waste, stinking hangman Ye Chen!
Xiao Weiwei gritted her teeth in hatred at this moment.
Xiao Choran, today I’m going to get back all the humiliation you gave me before, with all the benefits!
Thinking of this, she immediately pulled Xiao Yiqian beside her and spoke, “That cousin of mine and her useless husband are also here, let’s go say hello to them!”
Xiao Yiqian nodded his head and said in a spoiled voice, “Weiwei, the two of them humiliated you so much before, today I will make them pay double the price!”
Xiao Weiwei was so touched that she took off, “Yiqian, you are so good to me…”
Xiao Yiqian smiled slightly, “I treat you well, isn’t it a natural thing to do?”
Afterwards, he sneered and said, “Where’s that cousin of yours, and that stinking hangman? Take me there to meet them, I’ll teach them how to behave today, and by the way, I’ll get the whole Southern Canton Chamber of Commerce to ban them! Bullying the women of my Xiao Yiqian, I see that they are tired of living!”

Chapter: 347
At the thought of finally having a chance to seek revenge on Xiao Choran and Ye Chen, Xiao Weiwei, filled with excitement, took Xiao Yiqian by the arm and stepped towards the two.
As soon as the person reached the front, Xiao Weiwei proudly said, “Aigoo, who do I think I am! So it’s a woman who’s been evicted from her home and a door-to-door son-in-law stinking hangman, and you’re qualified to attend such a summit?”
After saying that, she looked up and down at Xiao Churan again and snorted, “Xiao Churan, your studio has just opened, and you don’t even have a single employee yet, right? Does this dangling company qualify for an industry summit? I see that this Imperial Group is also really blind!”
Ye Chen saw Xiao Weiwei’s visitors and coldly questioned, “Xiao Weiwei, have you forgotten the lesson you learned a few days ago when you kneeled down to beg for forgiveness and were slapped by your grandmother? I think you’re just forgetting about the pain!”
Once Xiao Weiwei heard Ye Chen say the angriest point of her heart, she became furious and shouted, “Ye Chen, you damn well shouldn’t be pretending with me here! You think I’m still the same Weiwei Xiao from before? I’m telling you, you’ll have to be on your knees to talk to me today!”
Ye Chen said disdainfully, “Under the universal sky, someone who can make me kneel down, Ye Chen, has yet to be born! Even if the King of Heaven comes, don’t even think of making me kneel, have you had enough of living?”
Xiao Weiwei roared in a despicable manner, “Ye Chen, you think you’re great just because you’re fooling a few big shots yourself? How can you trample on the Xiao family? I’m telling you! The Xiao family is not what it used to be now!”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “What? You guys got a leg up?”
Xiao Weiwei pointed at Xiao Yiqian and said in a villainous manner, “This is the chairman of the Qiancheng Group, Xiao Yiqian Xiao Dong! It’s the original Xiao family! Now an investor in our Shaw Group too! With him backing us up, how dare you, Ye Chen, a trash, be arrogant here? I don’t believe that one word from Director Xiao will completely shut down Xiao Choran’s studio! And at the same time leaving you without a place to stand in Jinling?!”
Saying that, she looked at Xiao Choran with a vicious face again and coldly shouted, “Xiao Choran, don’t you think you’re awesome? Didn’t you think that you could get the Emperor’s Group, to help you shut down the Xiao Group?” One second to remember to read the book
“I’m telling you, from today, the wheel of fortune turns! With Chairman Xiao here, not only will the Xiao Group not be shut down, but it will soar to great heights and sky high!!!”
“And you! Xiao Chu Ran! You’ll be killed in Jinling! You’ll have nothing! When the time comes, I’ll make sure you come on your knees in front of me and Grandma and kowtow for mercy!!!”
Faced with Xiao Weiwei’s series of arrogant manifestations, Xiao Chu Ran instead said with a calm face, “Don’t worry, although I’m not much of a person, I just have more backbone than you guys, you will beg me on your knees for money, but I won’t beg you on my knees for money!”
Xiao Weiwei didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be afraid at all when she threatened Xiao Choran!
This tough attitude of Xiao Choran made her even more furious!
She was furious and scolded, “Xiao Churan, you’re still arrogant to the point of death! Yes! Wait until you see how Chairman Xiao will reduce your family to the streets!”
Ye Chen sized up Xiao Yiqian beside Xiao Weiwei and asked with a smile, “By the sound of it, you want to stand up for the Xiao family?”
At this time, Xiao Yiqian’s eyes were staring straight at Xiao Choran.
Xiao Weiwei was originally a great beauty, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Choran was much more beautiful than Xiao Weiwei, and he was so lustful that he lost his mind for a brief moment.
Moreover, he was also a bit indignant at this time.
He had already spent fifteen million dollars to screw Xiao Weiwei who was far inferior to Xiao Choran in terms of posture!
Among them, ten million was invested in the Xiao Group and five million was given to Xiao Weiwei for pocket money.
But I didn’t expect that Ye Chen, a wasteful door-to-door son-in-law, would have such a good fortune and get involved with a woman like Xiao Choran, it’s just like a human being!

Chapter: 348
So, he also looked Ye Chen up and down and sneered, “You’re that trash door-to-door son-in-law, right?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “It’s me, what can I do?”
Xiao Yiqian said in a cold voice, “I heard that you have never failed to bully Weiwei in the past, I will settle these scores with you slowly for Weiwei!”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said disdainfully, “It’s better to choose the sun than to hit it, if you want to count it, count it now.”
Xiao Yiqian thought that revealing his identity and saying a few harsh words would be enough to make Ye Chen kneel down and beg for mercy, but he didn’t expect that a trash in the district would dare to talk to him like that! A little insulted for a moment, so I gritted my teeth and said, “Boy, you seem arrogant, huh? Do you know who I, Xiao Yiqian, am?”
Ye Chen laughed shamefully, “Trash like you are not worthy of letting me know.”
Xiao Yiqian was furious and said, “Although I, Xiao Yiqian, am not from Jinling, but with my strength, I am a fierce dragon in Jinling! You’re the first one to dare to disregard your life and talk to me like that!”
Ye Chen put away his cynical smile and stared at Xiao Yiqian with frosty eyes, saying word by word, “In Jinling, you have to lie down even if you are a tiger! Even if it’s a dragon, keep it coiled! Because in the entire Jinling, there is only one true dragon in me, Ye Chen!”
Xiao Yiqian was shocked by Ye Chen’s stern gaze, but whirled back to his senses and forced himself to calm down a bit before sneering, “Vivian was right, you’re really an ungrateful stinking hangman! With you, a real dragon? What a laugh, you’re not even as good as a fucking worm in my eyes!”
After saying that, he deliberately looked towards Xiao Churan and smiled obscenely, “Miss Churan, I’ve heard that you’re beautiful and touching, and today’s sight is really worthy of the name, you won’t have a future in your life if you follow such a hangman, why don’t you follow me, I will definitely not treat you badly!” First web site
Then, he pointed to Xiao Weiwei and said to Xiao Choran, “If Weiwei follows me, I gave her five million pocket money, if you follow me, I’ll give you ten million!”
Xiao Choran said in annoyance, “You’re simply shameless!”
Xiao Yiqian laughed, “Although I’m a bit shameless, I’m still very strong in bed, and I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with me completely after you try it once!”
Ye Chen couldn’t stand it anymore at this point and suddenly punched him in the face without mercy!
Xiao Yiqian’s entire face instantly caved in from this punch!
He’s got a crushed and broken nose! Four front teeth were also broken with one punch!
All of a sudden, the attention of the entire venue was focused here.
No one expected that someone would dare to hit Xiao Yiqian!
This man is not only the chairman of the Qiancheng Group, but also the chairman of the Southern Canton Chamber of Commerce, with an extremely high status and extraordinary strength, who dares to beat him up? Don’t you want to live long enough?
At this time, Xiao Yiqian, bloodied and paralyzed on the ground, pointed at Ye Chen and shouted in pain and anger, “Stinky Hanging Wire, how dare you fucking hit me! I’m going to kill you!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “I’m not only going to beat you, I’m going to cripple you!”
After saying that, Ye Chen stepped his foot on the front of his crotch and sneered, “Chairman Xiao, don’t you like to play with women? From now on, you can say goodbye to women once and for all!”

Chapter: 349
Xiao Yiqian thought that Ye Chen was going to stomp on his roots and scare his face and soul away!
Even though he still felt that Ye Chen was a stinking loser that he could kill with a hook, but right now, if Ye Chen really stomped down on him, he would be completely useless!
Turning his head, even if he cut Ye Chen to pieces by a thousand cuts, what use would it be? Your own roots will still be a puddle of mud!
As a man, especially one with money and no shortage of women, he must not lose his roots by any means! What’s the difference between that and taking your own life!
So, he hurriedly begged for mercy loudly, “Brother Ye! Brother Yip! If you have something to say, say it right!”
Ye Chen hung on his toes and asked with a smile, “What? Afraid?”
Xiao Yiqian, his face covered in cold sweat, nodded his head repeatedly and said, “I was wrong! I was so wrong! Please, my lord, spare me this time!”
What Xiao Yiqian was thinking was that a big man could be submissive, first admit to saving his roots, and then later find someone to come over and directly kill Ye Chen to avenge today’s deep hatred.
How could Ye Chen not know what he was thinking, at this time, it was a kind of cat playing with a mouse mentality, smiling and saying, “Fine, since you want to beg me to spare you, then call me a father to hear it.”
The people at the scene were all scared silly! Remember the URL
This guy is too tough, isn’t he?
Let Chairman Xiao Yiqian Xiao, call him a young father?
What’s that if it’s not bored with living?
Xiao Yiqian’s face was also a bit uncomfortable.
So many people are watching, you want me to call you father? I’m old enough to be your father!
If I really called him father today, wouldn’t I be laughed at by millions of people?
However, right now his lifeblood was controlled by Ye Chen, even if he had a great background, he couldn’t quench his immediate thirst with distant water….
Just when he didn’t know what choice to make at all, Ye Chen smiled and said, “Oh my, I didn’t expect Chairman Xiao to have such guts, good! In that case, I’ll do it for you! Say goodbye to your lifeblood in your heart!”
Just say it and lift your foot to step down!
Xiao Yiqian was so frightened that he peed his crotch and a big puddle of yellow liquid oozing out from under his buttocks, and he cried out, “Daddy! I was wrong, Dad! Please stay rooted to your feet!”
After saying this, Xiao Yiqian cried out in pain.
What a blunder! Why didn’t you bring your own bodyguards in?
If the bodyguards had followed them in, how could they have been so humiliated by Ye Chen! I’d have beaten him so badly he’d have called himself Dad!
At this point, deep inside, he already hated to cut Ye Chen into pieces!
And his call of dad immediately triggered a thousand gasps in the venue!
The chairman of the Himshin Group, who was beaten up by a young man who pissed his pants and called him father? This is simply stunning!
Seeing this, Xiao Weiwei angrily yelled at Ye Chen, “Ye Chen! How dare you touch Xiao Dong? You’re finished! You’re dead!”
Xiao Yiqian also felt ashamed and indignant, looking at Ye Chen and questioning, “Are you satisfied now? Can you leave me alone now?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Good! Since Xiao Dong is able to flex and has been good enough to call me daddy, then of course I have to keep my promise and will never step on your roots!”
Xiao Yiqian finally let out a sigh of relief.
But in the next second, Ye Chen sneered and said, “But well, your root will definitely not be usable in the future, I think it’s more interesting to let you stare at a lump of rotten flesh every day in the future and weep with grief than to let you stare at a root that is intact, but unusable!”

Chapter: 350
Xiao Yiqian didn’t understand and subconsciously questioned, “You…. What do you mean!”
Ye Chen laughed, “It’s fine, I won’t step on your roots, but I’ll scrap it!”
After saying that, Ye Chen’s toe gently tapped on his small abdomen, and a stream of true qi ferried out along the toe.
Ever since he had the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, his desire to control his true qi had become very handy, and this bit of true qi directly cut off the nerves there in Xiao Yiqian, making it impossible for him to exert any male virility there anymore.
However, Xiao Yiqian was completely unaware of what Ye Chen gently nudged himself this time.
He couldn’t realize that he had already lost his manhood, and in the future, he could only look at an intact root and then pound his chest at that hit-and-miss thing.
Right now, he was just incredibly resentful and terrified, desperate to get away from here quickly, then bring in the bodyguards outside and just beat Ye Chen half to death, then crush his root!
With that in mind, he asked through gritted teeth, “Can I go now?”
Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “Who are you asking?”
Xiao Yiqian said angrily, “Of course I’m asking you!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen asked again, “Then who am I to you?”
Xiao Yiqian’s face suddenly turned ugly to the extreme, he was a smart man and knew the meaning of Ye Chen’s words, this was to make him call him daddy again!
Damn it, I can’t take this humiliation!
So he said angrily, “Yeh Chen! Don’t go too far! You said just now that you’d spare me if I called you daddy, why are you going back on your word now?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Because I’m shameless~~~”
After saying that, Ye Chen stared at him and coldly said, “If you don’t scream now, then I might accidentally step on it, in that case, you can’t blame me!”
Xiao Yiqian was completely afraid and said through clenched teeth, “Yes! I call!”
As far as he was concerned, since he had already called out once and lost face, calling out again was irrelevant, the key was how to get Ye Chen to leave himself alone for the time being and give himself a chance to go out and call someone!
So, he pleaded once again, “Daddy, please let me go…”
Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, “Good boy is really good, okay, daddy spared you this time, get out of here!”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Yiqian hurriedly scrambled far away and ran out with Xiao Weiwei.
Because he had peed his pants before, Xiao Yiqian’s urine dragged far on the smooth floor, looking disgusting.
When the crowd saw him in this mess, they couldn’t help but laugh, Xiao Yiqian heard these jeers and felt like being repeatedly stunned by a knife, his feet sped up to run outside, but because the urine flowed down his pant legs, it caused his feet to slip and poof, he fell down.
The scene erupted into laughter, and Xiao Weiwei hurriedly did her best to pull Xiao Yiqian up, and only then did the two of them run out in a blaze of glory.
Xiao Choran was now a little worried and said, “Ye Chen, this Xiao Yiqian is very powerful, if you provoke him like this, what will he do to take revenge on you in the future?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Wife, didn’t I just say that? He’s a tiger lying down for me, a dragon coiling for me, no chance for him to be arrogant in this acre of land in Jinling!”
Xiao Choran said without concern, “I know you have some friendships with some local bigwigs, but that’s unstable after all! What if they don’t help you anymore?”
Ye Chen patted her lightly on the shoulder and said, “Honey, you can doubt the world, but you must not doubt your husband!”
Xiao Choran was suddenly a bit startled when she saw his face full of confidence.
She found that she actually saw a few points of proud world dominance from this waste husband’s face….

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