The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 411-420

Chapter: 411
After arriving at the top floor, Ye Chen found Song Wanting and told her roughly about the feng shui of the Splendid Clubhouse.
Hearing that the feng shui of the entire Splendor was mediocre, Song Wanting couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
It seemed that the feng shui master she had found before was indeed very watery and had no ability to engage in feng shui at all.
So, she hurriedly asked Ye Chen, “Master Ye, I wonder if you have any good ways to improve the feng shui of the splendor?”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, said: “you let people in the first floor placed two welcome pine, respectively in the southeast corner and northwest corner, was angled opposite, and then the entrance of the two stone pillars replaced by stone lions, lions can not be a male and a female, nor is it possible to lioness with cubs, must be two male lions, and the two lions can not be parallel, the eyes to be placed at ninety degrees, at the same time, let people do two gold foil. Pressed underneath the stone lion, this would make a pattern of the two lions gathering wealth.”
Song Wanting subconsciously asked, “I wonder if there is any saying about this double lion gathering wealth?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Two Lions Gathering Fortune is a feng shui of fortune, with the two lions as the main focus and the two welcoming pines as a supplement, combined with the gold foil and the pattern of the brilliant clubhouse, as long as it is arranged, it will make the brilliant clubhouse even more fortunate.”
Song Wanting was shocked in her heart, this kind of means that Ye Chen was talking about was something she had never heard of before, and at the same time, she also marveled at Master Ye’s skill, just casually instructing him to have such amazing results, this was simply an immortal means.
Master Ye really was a true dragon on earth as grandpa said!
Song Wanting said with immense gratitude, “Thank you, Master Ye, I’ll have someone do it.” The first website
Ye Chen nodded and looked at the time, it was almost time to go back to buy food and cook.
He then said to Song Wanting, “Remember what I just said, quickly arrange for someone to change it, it’s getting late, so I’ll go back first.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Then I’ll see you off.”
“No need.” Ye Chen said, “I’ll go to the second floor to say hello to Uncle Yu, I saw him just now.”
Song Wanting said, “Then I can’t let you go alone…”
Ye Chen smiled, “Let’s do it this way, you go drive and wait for me outside the first floor lobby, I’ll go say hello and then go down to find you.”
Song Wanting nodded her head and said, “Okay Master Ye, I’ll wait for you in the car.”
The reason why Ye Chen was going to see Uncle Yu was not because he really wanted to say hello to him, but because he wanted to see how Xiao Weiwei and Wei Changming were licking the two of them.
When he arrived at the second floor bathroom, Xiao Weiwei and Wei Changming had just licked the second urinal.
Both of them were extremely pale and the floor next to them was full of filth, seeing Ye Chen coming, Yu Bo hurriedly said, “Master Ye you’re here!”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “This just licked the second one? The efficiency is too slow, isn’t it?”
Uncle Yu hurriedly said, “Master Ye, these two people are almost finished vomiting up their bile…”
Ye Chen coldly said, “Give them an hour, if they can’t finish licking it within an hour, go and lick the third floor with them!”
“Yes!” Yu Bo nodded hurriedly, then snapped at the two, “Do you hear me? If you don’t hurry up, you’ll each have eight more urinals to lick!”
They were pale with fright, and Xiao Weiwei even puffed out a mouthful of bile, but she could only wipe her mouth and continue to shamefully lick the urinal.
At a certain moment, Ye Chen also thought in his heart, isn’t it a bit too much to treat a woman like this?

Chapter: 412
But come to think of it, not at all!
This Vivian Siu has a snaky heart! How many times had she encouraged others to fix themselves, and even tried to cripple herself, if she didn’t have a bit of skill, I’m afraid she would’ve been allowed to pit herself to death.
So, let’s give her a little today, enough to teach her a lesson she’ll remember for the rest of her life!
Ye Chen then said to Bo, “I’m leaving, your eldest sister is waiting for me downstairs, you supervise this side of things, if you dare to drain the water, I’ll be the only one to ask!”
Yu Bo hurriedly bowed, “Don’t worry Master Ye, Yu I will do my best to supervise! Never release water!”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded and turned around to walk away.
After he left, Xiao Weiwei and Wei Changming were afraid that they would be punished extra for being slow and slow, so they could only lick the disgusting men’s urinals even more vigorously.
By the time they each finished licking the eight urinals, both of their tongues were about to break, and the taste on their tongues was even more unbearably foul as if they had been pickled in urine for a year.
Their mouths naturally stank, and not only that, but their bodies were filled with a disgusting, disgusting odor.
They were wanted to borrow some tap water to rinse their mouths, and Yu Bo didn’t even agree, fearing that Ye Chen would turn around and bring down the blame on himself, so he hurriedly called for them to be kicked out. Remember the URL
After they were kicked out, they plunged into the fountain pool at the entrance, gargled, washed their faces, washed their hands, washed their tongues, and after more than half an hour, a mouth or a foul smell, the two had completely collapsed, hating to cut off their tongues and throw them into the sewer.
Xiao Weiwei washed for half a day with no effect, sitting paralyzed on the edge of the fountain collapsed and cried, she had earlier been stimulated by Xiao Choran’s entire body almost lost her mind, and now because of Ye Chen, she was even more about to be driven into a mental illness.
Wei Changming also hated madness!
Shit, I’ve never suffered this kind of loss in my life. It’s fucking pissing me off!
The point is, that Ye Chen, why is he so dignified? When Yu Bo saw him, it was like a mouse seeing a cat, damn, which was the same high and mighty Song family butler from before, simply a fucking kneeling old dog!
So, he asked Xiao Weiwei with a black face, “What is that bastard Ye Chen’s story?!”
Xiao Weiwei said, “This bastard is really just a stinky hangman, he lost his parents at the age of eight, grew up in an orphanage, and later entered our family as a door-to-door son-in-law, he’s a complete loser who is at the mercy of his parents.”
Wei Changming frowned and said, “You speak away from me, it’s too smelly!”
Xiao Weiwei said in her heart I thought you were talking too tastefully, I didn’t even have the decency to say it, but you’re disliking me instead?
But she didn’t dare to disobey Wei Changming, so she had to move back more than half a meter.
Wei Changming then questioned her, “Then why are both Uncle Yu and Miss Song giving face to this trash?!”
Xiao Weiwei said bitterly, “I don’t know! I’d like to know why too! In the past, when I scolded him in front of his face, he didn’t even dare to let out a fart; when I poured water over his head during dinner, he still had to say sorry to me; when our family dinners, we didn’t even give him a chance to come to the table, and let him serve tea and pour water to change the plate next to him as a waiter, and during the New Year’s Eve dinner, he missed and dropped the plate and was slapped by me….”
At this point, Xiao Weiwei was also incomparably annoyed and said, “I don’t know why, all of a sudden, this trash seems to have become a capable person in the eyes of many people, many people called him Master Ye, many people who wanted to embarrass him ended up becoming miserable in a muddled way…”
After saying that, Xiao Weiwei said, “Right! Chairman Xiao Yiqian Xiao, he was still very capable in that area, he could be said to be older and stronger than the young, but after having a conflict with him, he returned home and was inexplicably unable to use it, and still doesn’t know, whether it was Ye Chen who did the deed or not…”
“Damn it!” Wei Changming gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t swallow this even if I die! I’ll have to go talk to Xiao Yiqian about it later!”

Chapter: 413
Song Wanting drove her Rolls Royce all the way to the vegetable market to drop Ye Chen off.
The Rolls Royce stopped at the entrance of the vegetable market and Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, “Thank you for sending me back, I’m leaving.”
Song Wanting nodded her head with a complex look and said, “Master Ye you take care, if there is nothing wrong, you can go to the Splendid Club to relax, I have been there recently, I will definitely serve Master Ye personally.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Good, I’ll go there when I have time, I’ll leave first.”
Song Wanting was busy nodding her head and respectfully said, “Okay, Master Ye take care.”
Respectfully bidding farewell to Ye Chen and watching Ye Chen’s back disappear at the entrance of the vegetable market, Song Wanting couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.
Seeing that Ye Chen, a true dragon on earth with superior strength, had to rush to buy food and cook before his wife got off work, she felt very unbalanced.
Xiao Churan herself wasn’t something she hadn’t seen before, she was indeed good looking and was hard to distinguish from herself, but if it came to temperament, education, ability, and family background, none of her could compare to her.
I have been educated by Western aristocrats since I was a child, and even if I were to communicate with the descendants of European royalty, I would not lose in temperament and manners.
And she was a graduate of Harvard University in the United States, Xiao Churan was only a graduate of Jinling University, and the school level was also eight-tenths of a mile apart;One second to remember to read the book
I’m now in charge of half of the Song family’s property, and every business is progressing steadily, what about Xiao Chu Ran? She couldn’t even get a foothold in a small Xiao family in the district, being pressured by her grandmother and cousin to stand out, incapable of fighting, and with no wrist at all.
As for her family background, she was even less than a dime a dozen of the Song family!
The district Xiao family was already on the verge of bankruptcy, while Xiao Choran’s own studio had only just opened up, the difference was simply a hundred thousand miles.
However, she was only one thing better than herself!
She’s got a great husband!
That’s what drives you crazy with jealousy!
Why is it that she is inferior to herself in every way, yet she has such a good husband by her side, willing and willing to watch over her?
Why can’t I find a man as good as Ye Chen to be my husband even though I’m so good in every aspect?
Song Wanting had been born proud and had never envied anyone, but Xiao Choran, which was the one that really made her envious to the point of jealousy!
She felt that a man as capable as Ye Chen should be with a woman like herself who was very good in every way!
This was how one could be considered to be a talented and strong couple.
There were even a few times when she couldn’t resist the urge to confess to Ye Chen and tell him her feelings for him.
But after careful deliberation, she still gave up.
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to confess, but she was still not sure of victory.
Without the certainty of winning, if she rashly said it, she would probably be rejected or even resented by Ye Chen, and that would be more than enough!
So many years in the Song family, and also in the business world, Song Wanting has already practiced a good skill of judging the situation and acting opportunistically.
Therefore, she could only temporarily hide her heart’s admiration for Ye Chen, first accumulate good feelings in front of Ye Chen and in Ye Chen’s heart, and then confess her love to Ye Chen after her good feelings reached a certain level!

Chapter: 414
Ye Chen returned home to cook dinner, and the father-in-law Xiao Changkun who had been out all day came back first.
Then there was Xiao Churan who had been busy all day.
After Xiao Choran came back, all the food was served on the table, before Ma Lan rushed back with a flourish.
As soon as she entered the door, she began to show off to everyone, saying, “Today I was at the mahjong parlor and won more than seven thousand dollars!”
Xiao Changkun subconsciously said, “Aigoo, wife, powerful yo! Seven thousand a day, that’s two hundred and ten thousand a month!”
But Xiao Churan couldn’t help but frown and said, “Mom, I have no problem with you playing mahjong and relaxing once in a while, and I can understand playing a little bit of jackpot, but winning and losing 7,000 yuan a day is a bit too much, isn’t it? It’s a big risk if you get caught in it!”
Ma Lan waved her hand and said with a disdainful face, “Oh my, don’t come to educate me, I know what I’m doing, the people I play poker with are a bunch of rookies, far less powerful than me, I close my eyes and play poker with them and win! Do you know what your mother’s nickname is? The Sea River Road Sparrow God is me!”
Xiao Churan sighed helplessly, rubbed her temples, and simply stopped paying attention to her.
While eating, Xiao Churan suddenly received a WeChat, opened it and read it, then asked Ye Chen, “It’s the weekend tomorrow, do you have any arrangements?”
Ye Chen said, “What arrangements can I make ah, buy food and cook and wash clothes and sweep the floor.” The first website
Xiao Churan said, “Ruo Lin told me on WeChat that she booked a suite at her hot spring hotel and asked us to go soak in the hot spring, if you don’t have any special arrangements, then I’ll agree to her.”
Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “Soak in the hot spring? Me too?”
Xiao Choran nodded, “She booked the suite, and we have a room for ourselves, just to invite the two of us, she said that she has been here for so long and she hasn’t invited us properly.”
Ma Lan on the side immediately became alert and spoke out of turn, “Choran! You went to the hot spring with Ruo Lin, what did you ask Ye Chen to do? He’s not allowed to go! Stay home and work!”
Xiao Chu Ran said, “Mom, people Ruo Lin invited him! If you’re going to go it must be together!”
Lan Ma glared at Ye Chen and said, “How can that be? You’ll be sleeping in the same room. What if he does something to you? Wouldn’t you be losing a lot of money?”
Only then did Ye Chen understand that this was what his mother-in-law, the mother-in-law who owed him a beating, was worried about….
Xiao Choran was also a bit head-over-heels at Ma Lan’s words and said in a bad tone, “Mom, Ye Chen and I are husband and wife, we’ll solve our own matters, we don’t need you to worry about it.”
Ma Lan also got anxious, slammed her chopsticks down and said in a huff, “What? I’m a mother, and I can’t control you?!”
Xiao Churan returned the color and said with no good grace, “What should be regulated can be regulated, but what shouldn’t be regulated can’t be regulated!”
Ma Lan slapped the table and said, “There’s nothing a mother shouldn’t be involved in! You have to be in charge of everything!”
Xiao Choran’s rebellious stamina was aroused and he took off, “You’re not in charge of this matter! I said, Ye Chen must go! No one can stop me! If you stop me, I’ll move out!”
“You…” Ma Lan wimped out at once.
As soon as Xiao Churan said move out, she was taking hold of Ma Lan’s soft spot.
Ma Lan could only say with resentment, “Okay, okay, I don’t care, you guys go ahead, you better get a grip on yourself, or you’ll regret it in the future!”
After saying that, she turned her eyes and looked at Ye Chen with a smiling face and said, “Good son-in-law, how about you don’t go tomorrow and accompany mom to play mahjong in a mahjong parlor? Mom won’t let you go for free, so I’ll give you two thousand dollars for pocket money!”
Ma Lan thought well, since Xiao Churan that doesn’t make sense, find a breakthrough from Ye Chen, if you convince Ye Chen not to go, then you Xiao Churan can’t blame me, right?
However, Ye Chen smiled faintly at this time and said, “Mom, I don’t know how to play mahjong, so I’d rather go to the hot springs with Choran.”

Chapter: 415
In fact, Ye Chen originally truly didn’t want to go.
If Ma Lan didn’t push it, he would definitely reject Xiao Churan.
As for why he didn’t want to go, he actually had some rejection in his heart for Dong Ruorin.
Ever since he had saved Dong Ruolin for the second time and Dong Ruolin knew that she was her dream lover, she had been confessing to herself non-stop.
She now wants to ask her wife out to soak in the hot springs, but also to take herself with her, I’m afraid the real purpose of asking her wife is false, asking herself is the real right?
In that case, it would be a bit awkward if he really went there.
However, this Ma Lan insisted on jumping out and whining and pushing, causing Ye Chen to be annoyed for a while.
Aren’t you not allowing me to go?
Well, I’m not going!
You’re pissed off! Remember the URL
Ma Lan didn’t expect Ye Chen to disobey her and gasped, but because Xiao Churan was there, she couldn’t say anything else.
Xiao Churan saw that Ye Chen had agreed, and said, “The place Ruo Lin has decided on, in the suburbs of the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, which is said to be a property of Shangri-La Hotel, is said to be quite good, tomorrow she will drive over to pick us up together.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Good, I’ll listen to your arrangements.”
Xiao Churan said, “Remember to pack a pair of swim trunks to take with you at night, you have to wear swim trunks in the hot spring.”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Honey, then wouldn’t you have to wear a swimsuit too?”
Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said, “Of course! What a question!”
Ma Lan hurriedly interjected, “Choran! You’re never wearing a bikini! Get your most conservative bathing suit out and put it on! Lest we let this bastard Ye Chen take advantage!”
And then, remembering something, he said, “Right! I’ve got a face bikini that’s perfect for you! Do you want it or not? I’ll go get it for you!”
The face bikini, a swimsuit worn by some middle-aged ladies at the beach, is not only one-piece and very tightly wrapped, but worst of all, it wraps the whole face in for sun protection, with only a small hole in the glasses, mouth and nose, a level of protection comparable to a face mask worn by a terrorist powder!
If you wear a face bikini, no matter if you’re as beautiful as a fairy or as ugly as an angel, you’ll become a monster with no face or expression….
As soon as Xiao Choran heard that her mother had made her wear a face guinea, she said angrily, “Mom, are you a devil? I’m in my 20s and you want me to wear a bikini? Why don’t you let me go to the hot springs wrapped in a big jacket and two cotton pants?”
Lan Ma said with a serious face, “Mom is afraid you’ll be taken advantage of! This brat Ye Chen, you can tell at a glance that he’s a big pervert in his bones, you must be careful and watch out!”
Ye Chen was furious in his heart.
Damn, should have known that day let Gao Junwei his father Gao Jianjun screwed you to count the ball, save you out for what? What a fucking waste of food!
Xiao Choran didn’t pay any attention to Ma Lan, and after eating, she dragged Ye Chen back to the house.
After returning to the house, she chose a swimsuit for herself that wasn’t that revealing or conservative, but looked very casual and comfortable.
As for Ye Chen, it was simple, a pair of flat-angle swim trunks would suffice.
The next morning, as soon as the two of them had packed their clothes, Dong Ruolin called again, saying that she had already driven downstairs.

Chapter: 416
Out of value, Ye Chen had actually been a little hesitant in his heart.
He really didn’t know how to deal with this passionate and bold girl, Dong Ruorin.
On one hand, he didn’t want to hurt Dong Ruorin, but on the other hand, he didn’t want to feel sorry for Xiao Churan even more.
Therefore, now he was in a complete dilemma.
He was also worried that if he went to the hot spring this time, Dong Ruorin would take the opportunity to confess to himself again, or make any bolder moves.
However, since he had already promised his wife, it was impossible to go back on his word at this time, so he could only follow her out the door.
After following Xiao Churan downstairs, he saw Dong Ruorin peeking out from a Mercedes Benz and said, “Ye Chen, put your luggage in the trunk, you sit in the back and let Ruorin sit in the passenger seat to chat with me!”
“Yes!” Ye Chen nodded and put his luggage into the trunk, which got into the back seat.
After Ye Chen got into the car, Dong Ruolin turned back and blinked at him with a shy face.
Ye Chen pretended not to see it and stretched his lazy waist and said, “Oh my, I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m a bit tired, I’ll squint for a while.” One second to remember to read the book
After saying that, she closed her eyes and fake slept in the back seat.
Dong Ruolin was also slightly lost in her heart, she knew the reason why Ye Chen had such an attitude, but Xiao Choran was here, she couldn’t say anything.
Moreover, she also expected that Ye Chen would be rather cold towards her, but it didn’t matter, since she already liked him, she was ready to fight a long battle with him.
Because she knew that Xiao Churan’s marriage with Ye Chen was in itself famous but not real, so she didn’t feel any guilt at this time.
Dong Ruolin drove the car towards the suburbs, and after an hour or so, the car drove into the foothills of a scenic mountain, and after a few more minutes, it arrived at the entrance of the Champs Elysees Hot Spring.
Champs-Élysées Hot Spring, the only natural hot spring in Jinling, is located at the foot of Nanxiang Mountain, where there are several natural geothermal hot spring eyes, so Shangri-La Group bought the hot spring and the entire mountain and developed the Champs-Élysély Hot Spring Hotel.
The Champs-Élysées Spa Hotel is very pushy and well-spent, so those who can come here to soak in the hot springs are rich people.
However, even so, the rooms here were in short supply, and not only rich people from Jinling, but even rich people from surrounding cities would come all the way over to enjoy the hot springs on weekends.
Today was the weekend, so the business here was exceptionally good, and it was almost impossible to find empty spaces in the parking lot.
Dong Ruolin drove the car, ran back and forth in the parking lot several times before finally finding an empty parking space, so she was delighted, looked left and right, and immediately drove towards that empty space.
When she reached the front of the parking space, Dong Ruo Lin gave a handful of directions and was about to back into it.
And just when the rear of her car was a few meters away from the parking space, a Maserati sports car suddenly rushed over on the side!
The Maserati was so fast that it swerved before it could follow and ran into the parking space where Dong Ruorin was about to park her car.
Dong Ruorin was so shocked and confused that she forgot to step on the brakes, so her car continued to fall backwards.
Only a squeaking noise was heard, and the other side of the car had been scratched by Dong Ruorin’s rear end with a long scratch.
Only then did Dong Ruorin regain consciousness, hastily stopping the car, couldn’t help but frown and complain, “How can you grab a parking space like this? The quality is so bad, isn’t it? Can’t you understand the basic rule that parking spaces are first-come, first-served?”
At this moment, a young man wearing an exaggerated leather jacket and a greasy haircut walked out of the Maserati sports car.
After that youth got out of the car, he took one look at the scratches on the side of the car and looked gloomy!
He gritted his teeth and walked over to Dong Ruo Lin’s car, slapped the window hard and cursed, “Fuck Nima, bitch are you fucking blind? Can’t you see I have to park in this spot already? And fucking scratch my new car, get the fuck down here!”

Chapter: 417
The cut occurred, Dong Ruolin heart is also very upset.
The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car and get out of the car, and then you can get out of the car. Don’t you have the decency to take a parking space? Do you know what you’re doing? And you’re still yelling at people here!”
The youth didn’t think Dong Ruo Lin dared to talk back, and broke into cursing, “Another Nima’s stupid female driver, the road met ten stupid drivers, nine of them are women! Can you fucking drive? If you can’t drive it, go back to your mother’s womb and practice before you come out, don’t fucking come out and embarrass yourself!”
He said, “I’ve just bought this car for over a hundred thousand dollars, and it’s just been fucking cut up, so how much are you prepared to pay for it?”
Jorin Dong frowned and retorted, “Hey, get it straight! I clearly saw this parking spot first, I was ready to back in, you came out in the middle of nowhere to grab a parking spot, it was already your fault, and you have the nerve to yell at people?”
The youth was furious and scolded, “What’s wrong with me scolding you? Isn’t it right and proper to scold you? I don’t just scold you, I beat you!”
Saying that, this youth stretched out his hand and grabbed at Dong Ruoling’s hair.
Dong Ruolin was shocked, not expecting this person to be so rude, and dodged backwards.
Xiao Choran hurriedly shouted, “Ye Chen, something’s wrong, come down quickly!”
The young man frowned at Xiao Choran and sneered, “Yo, this beauty is quite beautiful, come, you accompany me for one night, I’ll leave this matter alone!” First web site
After saying that, he was about to reach out and pull Xiao Choran into his arms.
And as soon as the youth’s hand was halfway out, it was firmly grabbed by a pair of sturdy hands.
When the youth saw that Ye Chen got down from the car and dared to grab his hand, his eyebrows raised and he cursed, “Where the hell did you come from, idiot? You want to die? Let go of me!”
Ye Chen threw his hand to the side, and with a gloomy face, he spoke, “Isn’t it normal to drive a car with a few cuts? What can’t we talk about? Can you get your hands dirty to solve the rubbing problem?”
The youth looked at Ye Chen and said in a despicable manner, “What do I have to say to you poor hangers-on! Three people driving a broken old Mercedes Benz that doesn’t even sell for $200,000 used, and they still dare to pretend in front of me?”
Afterwards, pointing at his Maserati, he said in a cold voice, “The Maserati I just mentioned was scratched by you guys, so tell me, how do you compensate?”
Ye Chen frowned, “The parking space was the first thing we saw and the first thing we were going to park in, you yourself have no quality and suddenly sprang out to grab the parking space, what makes you think we should compensate you?”
The youth arrogantly said, “By what authority? You shouldn’t have parked here with this fucking car! Just because you can’t mess with me!”
Ye Chen laughed instead of being angry and said, “We won’t compensate for this kind of thing, so if you can’t, just call the traffic police, even if the traffic police come to determine the responsibility, it’s still your full responsibility, you should compensate us, understand?”
The youth grimaced and gritted his teeth, cursing, “Waste of fucking words? Talking to me about traffic cops? Do you know that if I say anything, your fucking life is on the line?”
At this time, a heavily made-up plastic-faced woman walked out of the youth’s car, she pointed at Ye Chen and despicably said, “Poor bastard, how dare you even whine here? Do you know that I have three million followers in Jitterbug, and if you don’t pay up, I don’t believe that I’ll film and spread the beatings of you poor bastards on the Internet so that my fans can human flesh you?”
The youth immediately put on a nasty and flattering expression and said, “Oh baby, why are you still down? Get back in the car and wait, my husband can handle this!”

Chapter: 418
After saying that, the youth put on a vicious expression and scolded at Ye Chen, “Kid, if you know what’s good for you, pay up and drive away and don’t disturb me to go in the hot spring with my girlfriend.”
Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “What if I don’t pay for it?”
The youth laughed coldly before speaking, “A bunch of poor hangers-on, so damn fond of pretending, just wait, I’ll let you know the consequences of not paying for it.”
After saying that, the youth took out his cell phone and dialed out.
A moment later, the phone was connected, the young man spoke: “Manager Zeng, I came to play here, the car just to the parking lot was a few poor hangers to scratch, this idiot does not want to pay me money, but also fucking with me whining, you quickly bring a few people over.”
Hanging up the phone, the youth looked at Ye Chen with a cold smile and said, “Poor hangman, finally give you a chance to pay up and then apologize to me, otherwise, when Manager Zeng comes, no good fruit for you to eat!”
Dong Ruolin saw that the other party had called out, fearing that Ye Chen would be hurt, and hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, okay, count me in, tell me, how much compensation?”
The youth sneered, “I’ve scratched this car by you this time, the original paint will never be returned, this is a lifetime of pain, say anything to pay half the price of the car! I’ll give you a discount, let’s call it your eight hundred thousand!”
“What? Eight hundred thousand?!” Dong Ruolin said in exasperation, “You’re blackmailing people! This car of yours, even if you go to a Maserati 4s shop, a single paint job is only two or three thousand dollars remarkable, plus the sheet metal, a two dollars, I count you 10,000 are giving more!”
“Ten thousand?!” The youth super spit on the ground, almost spit on the surface of Dong Ruolin’s feet, bared a mouthful of big yellow teeth and cursed: “You make a scene with me? You know what I do for a living? Ten thousand dollars and you’re thinking about it? I tell you, today eight hundred thousand you less a respectively want to get away, if the money is not enough does not matter, leave ID information, and then give me a note, interest a day eighty thousand, profit and roll!” Remember the URL
“You…. You’re a total extortionist!”
Xiao Churan couldn’t see past it either and angrily scolded, “If you keep messing around, we’ll call the police!”
“Report, report as you wish!” The youth said with contempt, “I’ll lose if I’m afraid of you! You want to play this game with me? Let me tell you, young master I’m black and white, two ways to go!”
Dong Ruolin admitted to planting, she does not care about eight hundred thousand, eight million is also a drop in the bucket, but she really does not want to cause trouble Ye Chen
The reason why she invited the two of them over herself was that she actually wanted to meet with Ye Chen and have more opportunities to touch and get along with him.
Therefore, she didn’t want Ye Chen to get into trouble because of herself, and she didn’t want Ye Chen’s mood to be affected by this matter.
So she bit her teeth and said, “Okay, 800,000, give me a card number, this will be transferred to you.”
“Fuck, are you serious?!” This young man himself didn’t even think that the other party would really be willing to pay 800,000!
He had originally thought that the other party would counter-offer, make concessions, and eventually extort a hundred thousand dollars from the other party and he would have made a fortune.
Unexpectedly, people wanted to pay eight hundred thousand without saying a word!
That’s a big fucking deal!
But at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly stopped Dong Ruolin and said coldly, “Don’t give him a penny, I’d like to see what consequences can come from today!”

Chapter: 419
The youth saw that Ye Chen had blocked his way to his fortune and was arrogant with himself, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Fine, you poor pervert looking for death yourself, if I don’t beat you half to death later, I won’t be surnamed Liu!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “You’re so fond of pretending, I think you can change your surname to pretend instead.”
“Me Nima!” The youth immediately had veins popping up, ready to come up and spar with Ye Chen at any moment.
At this time. A middle-aged fat man, with a few sturdy security guards, hurriedly and quickly ran over.
As soon as he saw him coming, the youth immediately said with a smile, “Manager Zeng, you’ve gotten fat again after not seeing you for a few days, it looks like you’re living a really nourishing life!”
Manager Zeng smiled and complimented, “Liu Shao, my days are not as nourishing as yours ah, I am just making a living under our Chen Dong, unlike you, the family is big.”
Saying that, he hurriedly asked, “Right Liu Shao, what’s going on here?”
The youth pointed his hand at Ye Chen and spoke in a cold voice, “This poor hangman is too damn able to pretend, scraping my car without compensation, the bones are still damn hard, pretending with me non-stop, you see to it!”
Manager Zeng nodded his head and looked at Ye Chen.
After sizing up a few eyes, he found that Ye Chen was dressed in ordinary clothes, and didn’t have the temperament of a second generation rich man, plus driving an old Mercedes-Benz junk car, knowing that the other party was not much of a background, he spoke up: “Kid, out of the house, don’t you have any eyesight? Do you know who you’ve messed with?” One second to remember to read the book
“Who is it?” Ye Chen indifferently asked.
Manager Zeng looked at the youth and said, “Young Master Liu Ming of the Liu family, the Liu family has hundreds of millions of assets, you can’t afford to mess with them!”
After saying that, he immediately said, “If you don’t want to cause trouble, just listen to me, honestly pay the money and move the car, don’t waste Liu Shao’s time.”
Ye Chen frowned and said, “You’re an interesting person too, running over here without asking, coming up here and saying that it’s my problem and asking me to compensate?”
Manager Zeng sneered: “Surely a poor bastard, you open your dog’s eyes to see what cars are parked around you? What kind of car do you drive? Do we have any cars here that are under a million? What gives you the right to park a broken Mercedes here?”
Ye Chen swept a glance to the left and right and said, “I don’t see a sign prohibiting the parking of cars under one million here.”
“What the fuck are you talking about!”
Liu Ming saw that Ye Chen was always greasy, and kicked the tail light of the Mercedes Benz with a snap.
Spin cursed, “Damn, I’ve been putting up with you for a long time, you poor hangman, what are you pretending to pretend here? If you don’t stop whining, I’ll break your legs! You don’t want to pay for it, let these two stupid bitches stay with me tonight!”
Saying that, Liu Ming grabbed onto Xiao Churan who was standing next to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen frowned and blocked in front of Xiao Churan and Dong Ruorin, grabbed Liu Ming’s arm and pushed him out.
Liu Ming became furious and cursed, “You poor hangman still wants to fucking fight back? I’m honored to have my eyes on these two women. If you try to fight back, I’ll kill you! Do you believe that?”
Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, coldness running across his eyes, looked at Liu Ming and said, “It’s best to leave a way out, don’t play yourself to death.”
Liu Ming stretched out his hand and pushed Ye Chen, laughing in anger, “Oh you poor hangman is still acting up, I won’t leave a way out, what can you do to me!”
Manager Zeng also waved his hand aside and had the security guards surround Ye Chen’s group of people in the middle, and spoke, “Poor Hanging, quickly let go of Liu Shao, hurt Liu Shao and get you killed can’t even pay for it!”
Where would Ye Chen pay any attention to this nonsense, raising his leg was a kick that directly kicked Liu Ming’s stomach, sending him flying out.
Liu Ming only felt a sharp pain in his stomach, as if his intestines were broken, and said furiously, “Manager Zeng, kill him for me! Shit! If you hit me, beat me to death! I’m responsible for anything that goes wrong!”
Manager Zeng was about to give the order, but suddenly heard a voice coming from inside.

Chapter: 420
“Yo, what’s up, all this excitement?”
When Manager Zeng heard this, he was shaken and couldn’t hit Ye Chen in time, turning to look over there and eagerly said, “Master Hong Fifth, are you done soaking? How does that feel?”
“Not bad.” Master Hong Wu responded casually, curious, “What are you guys doing here?”
As Master Hong Fifth spoke, he brought his own group of younger brothers and walked towards the heel.
Manager Zeng was busy explaining, “A poor hangman beat Liu Shao, I was about to take revenge for Liu Shao, this kid is not very capable, but his bones are a bit hard.”
Liu Ming covered his stomach and also shouted at Master Hong Fifth, “Uncle Hong, long time no see.”
Master Hong Fifth looked at him twice before smiling, “So you’re the Liu family’s little pup, you’re a bad enough mix, and you’re still beaten up in Jinling? It’s also too humiliating for your old man!”
Master Hong Fifth had a good relationship with Liu Ming’s father, so Liu Ming was half his great nephew, and spoke more directly and in a completely elder tone.
Liu Ming didn’t dare to make a faux pas in front of Master Hong Fifth, so he had to say awkwardly, “Uncle Hong, isn’t this meeting a poor hanged rube, I’ll let him know the cost of beating me up later!”
Master Hong Wu snorted and said, “I really want to see who has the guts to beat you up.” The first website
Master Hong V walked nearby before poking through the layers of security guards surrounding him and looking into the crowd.
Immediately after, he saw Ye Chen who looked indifferent.
Ye Chen looked at Hong Fifth playfully and asked, “Hong Fifth, you’re quite meddlesome, aren’t you?”
Master Hong Fifth broke out in a cold sweat!
He never would have thought that it would be Master Ye Chen Ye who was surrounded by this group of people!
At this moment, in his heart, he was glad that he hadn’t said anything too harsh just now, or else if he accidentally angered Master Ye, wouldn’t he even be unlucky?
The last time Master Ye was gracious and rewarded himself with a magic potion, he had already expressed his loyalty to him, living as his dog and dying as his dead dog, but this time he was almost ungrateful and bit his master, almost causing a disaster!
Master Hong Wu even bowed deeply and respectfully, “Master Ye, Hong Wu didn’t know it was you who had come…”
The surrounding people were suddenly speechless in shock….
The famous Master Hong Fifth was so respectful to a poor hangman!
That’s fucking bizarre, isn’t it?
Ye Chen pointed his fingertips at that youth and asked indifferently, “You know this kid?”
Hong Wu was no fool, he knew that Liu Ming must have offended Master Ye, at this time, how could he care that he was the son of a friend, he immediately walked up to Liu Ming and smacked him to the ground with a vicious slap, then grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head into the concrete!
Liu Ming was smashed with a bang.
Liu Ming endured the pain and asked after him, “Uncle Hong…. You….. What are you hitting me for?!”
Hong Wu glared at him and stomped down on Liu Ming’s head with a vigorous kick straight at him!
“Dare to mess with Master Ye, you’re fucking living beyond your means!”

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