The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 421-430

Chapter: 421
Manager Zeng of the Champs Spa, seeing this scene, was completely confused.
He didn’t even know what was going on, and one by one, the security guards under him didn’t dare to move.
Liu Ming even howled like a pig killer, “Uncle Hong, stop it! What the hell is going on here?”
Hong Fifth stepped on Liu Ming’s face with his foot as he coldly said, “Liu Ming, I usually call you “great nephew”, did I give you face? Are you fucking out there acting like that?”
Liu Ming said in fear, “Uncle Hong, what have I done to you? If you say it, I will change it!”
Master Hong Fifth kicked him as he scolded, “Master Ye is as kind to me as a born-again parent, how dare you disrespect Master Ye, say it yourself, are you looking for death?!”
Only then did Liu Ming realize that he had messed with the wrong person, he hurriedly cried and begged, “Uncle Hong I was wrong, I’ll admit my fault to this Master Ye, I’ll apologize to him, it’s my fault, it’s my fault, I’m to blame, I’m willing to compensate him for his loss!”
Hong Fifth took a look at his Maserati sports car and sneered, “You’re not the one who’s bullish when you’re driving a new car, are you? Somebody smash up his car! Smash it to pieces! I want to hear it today! Driving a fucking broken Maserati drives you crazy, and anyone would dare to offend you!”
“All right!” The black-clothed strong man in the back of the car, suddenly copied the stick and smashed it at the Maserati.
The Maserati’s plastic-faced woman, who was sitting inside the Maserati, screamed in fear, pushed the door open and ran out. Remember the URL
Master Hong Fifth knew she wasn’t a good bird when he looked at her appearance, and immediately said to his men, “Come, get that plastic surgery face over here and kneel down too!”
So the plastic face was immediately escorted over and threw herself on her knees.
She said angrily, “What are you doing? I’m telling you, I have millions of followers on Jitterbug! Mess with me and I’ll expose you!”
“Fuck you!” Master Hong Fifth slapped her directly, smacking her prosthetic-padded nose crooked, pointing at her and cursing, “A trashy little netizen even dares to scream here, do you know who I am?”
“Who knows you, old thing!” Plastic Face gritted her teeth and muttered.
Liu Ming, who was scared silly, smacked her in the face and cursed, “Are you crazy? This is Master Five! Master Hong V!”
Plastic face just went back to the car, in the car to patronize the Maserati steering wheel to engage in a selfie, did not know that this person is the fifth Hung, and when he heard this, he was frightened and shivered and said, “Fifth…. Right….. I’m sorry, I need to know that it’s you, to kill me, I wouldn’t dare to offend you ah…”
Fifth Master Hong said coldly, “Unlock your phone and give it to me!”
Plastic face doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but doesn’t dare to disobey him, after all, this is the king of the Jinling underground world, he can only do as he’s told.
Hong Fifth got her phone, opened the jitterbug, directly clicked on the shot, filmed the other party’s already crooked nose face, and said loudly, “Come, say yourself to the camera that you’re a stinky framer who’s close to the rich second generation, say it ten times!”
When Plastic Face saw that Master Hong Fifth was going to give him a shake, he hurriedly begged, “No, Master Hong Fifth, I have many fans…. What will I do if they see me…”
“Don’t say it, right?” Master Hong Fifth nodded and greeted, “Directly tie her up and take her away, send her to my ktv as a lady for three years, kill her if she dares to run.”
“Yes!” A few of the younger brothers hurriedly came forward.
The plastic face was frightened and hurriedly cried and begged, “Fifth Master I said! Isn’t it enough for me to say…”
Hong Fifth pointed the camera at her and snapped, “Say it!”
The plastic face cried as she said, “I’m a stinky laminator who is close to the rich generation…”
After saying it ten times in a row, only then did Hongwu stop recording it and send it directly to her jitterbug, then slammed the phone down on the ground, breaking it into pieces.

Chapter: 422
Now, she couldn’t delete it even if she wanted to.
In the ears, the crackling sound of smashing the car was endless, the brand new Maserati, soon to be smashed into a pile of scrap metal.
Liu Ming shivered, no matter how stupid he was, he knew that this time I’m afraid he was kicked in the iron plate, hugging Hong Fifth’s leg and begging for forgiveness: “I was wrong, Uncle Hong, spare me, I really know I was wrong!”
“Wrong your mother!” Hong Wu kicked Liu Ming hard in the chest and turned to Ye Chen, asking for instructions, “Master Ye, what do you think should be done?”
Ye Chen looked coldly at Liu Ming and smiled, “This kid is interesting, he likes to curse and is full of constant feces, by the way, I heard two days ago that someone was also full of feces and ended up being dragged to the toilet to lick the urinal, do you know about this?”
Of course Master Hong knew!
At that time at the Splendid Club, Wei Changming of the Wei family brought a paramour over and offended Master Ye, and was forced by Yu Bo, the Song family’s great butler, to lick eight urinals each, which had already spread in Jinling and became the talk of many people after dinner.
Only, Uncle Yu didn’t dare to expose Ye Chen’s identity to the outside world, so no one in the outside world knew what big person Wei Changming and his paramour had offended to be punished so badly.
Liu Ming had ridiculed Wei Changming two days ago for being humiliated and being screwed so badly, and said that if he was screwed so badly, he would fight back even if he had to fight to the death.
Never thought that Ye Chen would suddenly say such words at this time, and was suddenly scared out of his wits. One second to remember to read the book
He didn’t want to follow in Wei Changming’s footsteps and lick the urinal in the men’s room….
So, he hurriedly begged, “Master Ye, it’s me who has eyes but doesn’t know Tarzan, please forgive me this time, you see my car was also smashed, and you’ve taken out your breath, please forgive me this time…”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, “You seemed to enjoy calling me a poor hangman just now, I see that you seem to be particularly interested in the word [poor hangman]?”
“No no!” Liu Ming hurriedly shook his head and waved his hand, explaining in a panic, “I’m the poor hangman! I’m the one who’s poor! Master Yeh!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Okay, since you know you’re a poor hangman, I suggest you carve these two words on your head so that everyone can know, right?”
Liu Ming was frightened and hurriedly kowtowed, howling, “Master Ye, please spare me this time, I’m willing to compensate you for five million! Oh no! Compensate you for ten million dollars!”
Ye Chen shook his head, “I’m a person who is poor, so I’m not interested in your money, besides, you just scared my wife, do you think it’s enough to compensate some money?”
Afterwards, he asked Hung Ng, “Hung Ng, did you bring a knife?”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly gave a wink to his men.
The hand immediately handed over a sharp folded dagger.
Master Hong Fifth respectfully handed the dagger to Ye Chen and said, “Master Ye, please.”
“My please?” Ye Chen glared at him and asked him, “Do you think this poor hangman is worthy of me inscribing him with my own hands?”
Only then did Hong Wu realize what a mistake he had made!
Yes, how could a Liu Ming be qualified to have Master Ye personally carve a character on his forehead!
So he hurriedly said, “Master Ye, I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Carve it deeper, I’m afraid that if you carve it shallow, he still won’t have a long memory in the future!”

Chapter: 423
As soon as Master Hong Fifth heard Ye Chen’s command, his expression turned stern and he immediately picked up his dagger and said to his men, “Someone, hold his head down!”
Liu Ming was frightened, struggling desperately, shaking his head desperately, he died not willing to let someone carve the two words poor hanging on his head, but these two words, but every day he hung on his lips, scolding other people’s verbal ah!
In the past few years, Liu Ming’s family has earned some money, and his life has become more and more prosperous, so his whole person has become more and more floating.
When he went out, he would see garbage collectors and scold others for being poor.
When you go out on the street and see a car that is not as good as yours, you will call others poor.
Some time ago, a high school student wearing a Metz, accidentally rubbed his milk tea on his dior jacket, he directly hit the other side into a concussion, the other parent rushed to the other side, he also scolded the other side: “A poor family hanging, sell your family are not worth a fucking shirt!”
Afterwards, he sailed away, without a penny of compensation for his medical expenses.
How dare you get in my way? Kick your ass this time, next time I’ll fucking run you over old man!”
After saying that, he directly drove away.
Even just now, his own lack of quality, robbing someone else’s parking space, the result of scuffing the car, but instead, a mouth to scold Dong Ruolin, scold Ye Chen is poor hanging, arrogance can be seen. The first website
If the word poor hangman is now carved on his head, it is truly the best punishment for his life, for his character, for what he has done!
When Hong Fifth saw this kid struggling back and forth, not allowing himself to carve the words, he immediately bit his teeth and scolded, “If you honestly cooperate, I will carve two words on your head, but if you fight with me here, then sorry, I will not only carve the word poor hang on your head, I will also carve the word poor hang on your left and right side of your cheeks, and carve a big two words! ”
After saying that, Hung V felt resentful and said, “Right! Don’t you just think you’re not the one who’s floating away because your dad made two bucks in the last two years? Then I’ll have your father arrested and have the word “Father of the Poor Hanged” carved into his face. And then tell him it’s all thanks to you!”
Liu Ming was really shocked!
Although my own family has a bit of money, it’s really impossible to go up against Master Hong Fifth!
Even Master Hung’s little brother can chop up his own family with one knife!
Also, there is the Song family on top of the Hung Fifth, and who doesn’t know that the Hung Fifth is a dog on the road for the Song family?
However, even if he was just a dog of the Song family, he was never something that anyone could mess with!
If he really carved the word “poor” on his face, how could he ever face anyone again?
If he really carved the word “Father of a Poor Hanged Man” on his father’s face, how could he ever face his father again?
I’m afraid Dad will be so angry he’ll skin himself alive by then!
So he could only cry as he begged, “Uncle Hong, please be merciful, can you carve it a little smaller?”
“Get out of here!” Master Hong Wu slapped him directly in the face and cursed, “Still fucking bargaining with me?”
Liu Ming burst into tears, grieving and scared to death inside, but didn’t dare to say another word to Hong Wu.
Hong Wu had someone grab his head with a death grip and prepared to carve a word of poverty on it with a dagger first.
Ye Chen pulled out his phone and opened the video recording.
Although Liu Ming begged him to carve a smaller one, how could he dare to slow Ye Chen down

Chapter: 424
So carve as big and deep as you can!
This one word took up half of the brain.
And one thing that had to be said was that this old thing, Hongwu, had fucking ugly handwriting!
This poor character might as well be written beautifully by an elementary school student.
Hong Wu also found mending for himself, hehehe smiled, “I’m laughing Master Ye, I’m not used to this writing with a knife, it’s a bit ugly…”
Ye Chen sneered and asked, “Tell the truth, how many years have you read?”
Hong Wu laughed and said, “He’s been studying for years, he graduated from primary school at least, but it’s true that he didn’t study well for six years of primary school…”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Fine, if you carve it too nicely for him, it will be cheaper for him instead.
When Liu Ming heard this, he cried up and down.
The pain on his forehead was completely unimportant, what was important was that it was tantamount to being disfigured, wasn’t it? Remember the URL
Hong Wu looked at the other party’s blood hailing forehead, pulled out a ball of crumpled toilet paper from his pocket and sucked up the blood before saying, “Here, the other side!”
Right after that, Hongwu began to carve another character.
This character, which he also engraved very large, one on either side was really eye-catching!
After carving it, he looked around himself and nodded in satisfaction, then asked Ye Chen, “Master Ye, do you think I’m okay with this craft?”
Ye Chen stopped the video recording, nodded and said, “It feels pretty good.”
Only then did Master Hong Fifth smile and asked, “Master Ye, how do you deal with this plastic face?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “These two will be watched by you from now on, if this Liu Ming dares to remove scars or grow long hair to cover his forehead, then give me the right to kill him, and this plastic face, if she dares to fix that crooked nose of hers, then disfigure her whole face! Besides, if she still plays jitterbug, she’ll just break her legs!”
The two bodies kneeling on the ground were startled….
Liu Ming was thinking of going back and quickly looking for a plastic hospital to remove the scars, then grow his hair longer and cover his forehead with bangs, this should have little effect….
But Ye Chen meant that he was going to let himself live the rest of his life with two big words on his forehead, poor hanging!
And that plastic surgery face is also thinking, go back to quickly find a mobile phone first to log on to Jitterbug, delete the video just sent by Hongwu, and then go to the plastic surgery hospital to get the nose fixed again.
But Ye Chen directly banned her from fixing her nose, and even forbade her from playing Shakespeare, so how can she be a netizen in the future? How do you fool your poor fans? How can you hook up with a rich kid?
The two of them cried and begged for mercy in unison, hoping that Ye Chen would net their future and not drive them to extinction.
Ye Chen, however, was completely unmoved, and he said to Hong Fifth, “Remember what I have commanded you, and if anything goes wrong, I will only ask you!”
Master Hong Fifth immediately stood up straight and said seriously, “Master Ye can rest assured that I’ll be watching these two sluts from now on!”
After saying that, he gritted his teeth and looked at the two of them and said coldly, “Remember you two birds, report to me every other week from now on, let me inspect you to your face, and the day after that I’ll issue a Jiang Hu chase order! At that time, the entire Jinling, and even the entire Southern Canton, will hunt you down! If you flee the province, I’ll send my men across the province to hunt you down too! Until I cut you down, do you understand?!”

Chapter: 425
At this time, Liu Ming and Plastic Face had completely despaired of their future life.
Ye Chen saw that their punishment was also more relieved, so he said to Hong Wu, “These two people I’m looking at really have a headache, so hurry up and get them far away.”
Hong Wu nodded, kicked at Liu Ming and scolded, “Why don’t you get out of here?!”
Liu Ming climbed up, unable to care about slapping the dirt on his body, and panicked, preparing to flee with Plastic Face.
Hong Wu kicked him in the ass, kicking him far and wide and dropping him, then shouted, “Listen, both of you, after a week, report to me at my Heavenly Fragrance House so that I can inspect you, if you don’t come, you’ll be waiting to be hacked to death!”
“Don’t worry Fifth Master, we’ll be there…”
The two of them hurriedly promised before continuing to flee hastily and quickly fled without a trace.
Only then did Hong Wu calmly come to Ye Chen’s side and asked complimentingly, “Master Ye, I wonder if you’re satisfied?”
Ye Chen turned his head to look at Xiao Churan and Dong Ruorin, and seeing that their expressions were a bit odd, he asked, “Wife, Ruorin, are you satisfied?”
Only then did Xiao Chu Ran fidgeted and said, “Ye Chen, isn’t it a bit harsh to treat them both this way?” One second to remember to read the book
The first thing you need to know is that you can’t be sure that you’re not going to be able to do anything about it,” he said. ”
Xiao Choran exclaimed in shock, “Is this person so bad?”
Master Hong Fifth nodded and said, “This grandson loves to bully the poor, the poorer he is, the more he bullies to death.”
Dong Ruolin, who was on the side, said, “Then he really deserves it! What’s the point of bullying the poor? What a son of a bitch!”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly said, “You are so right, Miss Dong! For someone like this, Master Ye to do this to him is to do justice on behalf of God!”
Ye Chen faintly said, “Okay, just don’t flatter me here, you should be busy, I’m going to soak in the hot springs with my wife.”
Hong Fifth was busy pointing at the one on the side, the spa hotel manager, who was already scared, and asked, “Mr. Ye, how do you deal with this person? We can’t just let him go, can we? Shall we carve two words for him too?”
Ye Chen faintly said, “A dog’s leg, tell him to leave his job immediately, get out of Jinling, and don’t appear in Jinling ever again, or else let the brothers of the road cut him off once they see him!”
That Manager Zeng has not dared to speak, and when he heard this, he even shouted: “Master Hong Fifth, don’t mess around, our Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, but Shangri-La’s property, Shangri-La’s Richard Chen, you should know, right? I’m Chen’s man, but if you touch me, Chen Dong won’t let you go!”
Manager Zeng feels that you, Master Hong V, are certainly awesome, with the Song family behind you, but our Chen is also awesome, he is the spokesman for the Ye family, behind which the Ye family can be much more powerful than the Song family!
Hong Wu sneered and spoke up, “Fine, give your Chen Dong a call and see if he bails you out!”
“Just fight!” Manager Zeng was slightly relieved, took out his phone and dialed Richard Chen.
Soon, the call was connected.
Manager Zeng hurriedly said, “Chen Dong, Master Hong Fifth is causing trouble in our place, carved the word Poor Hanging on Liu Ming’s head with a knife, and broke Liu Ming’s girlfriend’s nose, and now he wants to drive me out of Jinling and seal me off, Chen Dong, you have to save me.”
Richard Chen was very surprised and asked, “What’s going on? You give the phone to Hongwu and I’ll talk to him.”

Chapter: 426
Manager Zeng even handed the phone to Hong Wu and said, “Hong Wu, Chen Dong is looking for you.”
Hong Fifth picked up the phone, and Chen Zekai scolded on the other side of the phone, “Hong Fifth, what’s wrong with you? How dare you make trouble on my land? Still want to beat up my guy? Aren’t you being a little too arrogant?”
Hong Wu said seriously, “Mr. Chen, it’s not me making trouble, it’s that Liu Ming, who offended Master Ye, and you, Manager Zeng, have to help that Liu Ming teach Master Ye a lesson, what do you think should be done?”
Richard Chen blurted out, “Master Ye? Is it Master Ye Chen Ye?”
“Of course, which other Master Ye besides him?” Hong Wu smiled.
Chen Zhai Kai’s heart was in shock!
I can’t believe that a dog under his own hand bit his master!
It’s a fucking death sentence!
So he immediately followed that up with, “Hongwu, you turn on speakerphone!”
Hong Fifth immediately turned the speaker on, only to hear the angry roar of Richard Chen from inside, “Zeng Daquan you bastard! How dare you offend Master Ye? Have you lived enough?” First web site
When Zeng Daquan heard this, his legs trembled in fear, “Mr. Chen, I didn’t know this was Master Ye ah…”
Chen Zekai snapped, “You’ve brought about your own death this time, don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy.”
After saying that, he said, “Hongwu, what does Master Ye mean?”
Master Hong Fifth said, “Master Ye means to dismiss this brat, then drive him out of Jinling, and when he gets back, he’ll see and slash him once!”
Richard Chen immediately said, “Yes! Please do me a favor!”
Master Hong Fifth was busy saying, “Please speak, Mr. Chen.”
Chen Zekai coldly said, “Beat him half to death first!”
“Good.” Master Hong Wu promised with a smile, then hung up the phone.
Zeng Daquan was already paralyzed with fear, who the hell was that young man! Why does even CEO Chen respect him so much?
He couldn’t help but crawl to his knees in front of Ye Chen, kowtowing vigorously and begging for mercy, “Master Ye, please let me go, I’ve been living in Jinling since I was a child, my parents, relatives and friends are in Jinling, if I can’t come back for the rest of my life, what’s the point of living!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “As the manager of the Champs-Elysees, I believe that Richard Chen should not give you less money, your yearly salary and bonus is at least one to two million above, which itself is enough for you to live well in Jinling and become a high-income family, but you prefer to be a lackey for someone like Liu Ming, and even brought the security guard of the Champs-Elysees to help Liu Ming beat up other guests, there is now! This end is simply deserved!”
Saying that, Ye Chen questioned again, “Do you know that all of them, including you and these security guards, are employees paid by Champs-Elysees? Champs paid you to come here so that you could serve every customer, you should also treat every customer fairly, why are you biased towards Liu Ming who has to respond to every request! Even helping him assault others, is that a job duty Champs gave you?”
Zeng Daquan cried, “Master Ye, I won’t hide it from you, I was deliberately trying to please that Liu Ming because I thought he had a bit of background and wanted to befriend and cling to him more, I was also momentarily foolish ah…”
Ye Chen sneered, “Adults, you have to pay the price for your momentary confusion!”
Saying that, he looked at Master Hong Wu and angrily scolded, “Hong Wu, what are you waiting for if you don’t do it yet?”

Chapter: 427
As soon as Master Hong Fifth saw Ye Chen getting a bit angry, he hurriedly waved his hand at his men and said in a cold voice, “Give me a good beating!”
A group of strong men surrounded Zeng Daquan and beat him until he was dying of breath, and then they stopped.
Zeng Daquan lay on the ground screaming, and worse was to come, Hong Wu coldly said, “I give you half a day to leave Jinling, if I still see you in Jinling after dawn tomorrow, I want your dog’s life.”
The dying Zeng Daquan was incredibly weak and choked, “Fifth Master, can you give me two days’ grace and let me heal before leaving…”
“Go away and get healed!” Hong Wu coldly shouted, “Call your family and directly charter an ambulance to pull you out of town, just don’t be in Jinling! If you die abroad, don’t go back to Jinling for burial, or I’ll pick up your grave and give you ashes to carry!”
Zeng Daquan was frightened as if he was having an epileptic fit, twitching on the ground for half a day.
This was so cruel!
Kill them all!
They won’t let you come back, not even the ashes?
At this moment, Zeng Daquan really wanted to die. Remember the URL
But he couldn’t help it, he himself knew that he was to blame.
Richard Chen had put himself in charge of the Champs-Elysees Spa so that he could serve the customers properly, but he was good enough to take the Champs-Elysees security guards with him and try to beat up other customers in order to curry favor with individual customers, which in itself was a serious dereliction of duty!
Not to mention the fact that he had messed with a noble guest who was even respectful to Richard Chan, and not killing himself was already considered a mercy!
So he could only shiver and pull out his cell phone, crying and calling his family to find an ambulance to take him to the next city to treat his injuries.
After settling Zeng Daquan, only then did Hongwu look towards Ye Chen in a pleasing manner and smiled, “Mr. Ye, would you like me to accompany you inside to check in?”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “Forget it, you take care of the place, I’ll just go inside myself.”
Mr. Hong Fifth nodded his head in succession and said, “Then I’ll stay, if Mr. Ye has anything to do, feel free to greet me.”
Ye Chen nodded before looking at Xiao Choran and Dong Ruolin and spoke, “Let’s go in first.”
Dong Ruolin only came back to her senses and looked at Ye Chen’s eyes, which were full of hidden admiration and worship.
This man was like this, raising his hands and feet could give people an endless sense of security….
As long as he was around, his own heart was extraordinarily solid, even if the sky was falling, there was no need to be afraid .
The Champs-Elysees Onsen is a Japanese private hot spring.
Customers have a private one suite, and behind the suite, there is a courtyard covering hundreds of square meters, and the private private private hot spring is located in this courtyard.
The water in the hot spring pool was pumped up from the eye of the underground hot spring and flowed continuously into the hot spring pool 24 hours a day, keeping the temperature of the hot spring always very suitable.
Richard Chen knew that Ye Chen was here, and hurriedly arranged for the hotel to upgrade their room to the best set of top-notch suites, with a total of two extra-large and ultra-luxurious bedrooms, even the hot spring was much larger than the other places, and the scenery was even more beautiful.
When they entered the room, Xiao Choran and Dong Ruorin looked at the environment, they were instantly happy, and Dong Ruorin hurriedly urged Xiao Choran, saying, “Choran, quickly change into a swimsuit, let’s go soak in the hot spring for a while to relieve our boredom!”
“Well na!” Xiao Choran was also very happy and immediately nodded her head to agree.
Ye Chen had thought that he would have a chance to see the beautiful view of his wife changing her swimsuit, but he didn’t expect that the two of them would go to the same room….

Chapter: 428
Seeing this scene, he naturally knew that it could only be two beautiful women enjoying each other and his hopes were dashed.
So, Ye Chen went to the other room and changed into the shorts he had brought over.
Due to Ye Chen changing his shorts rather quickly, when he came out, the two girls hadn’t come out yet.
So Ye Chen went to the courtyard first and slowly entered the large hot spring pool.
The warm water gradually diffused over his body, and Ye Chen couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
And a moment later, the sound of footsteps sounded, and Xiao Churan and the two of them also changed their clothes and entered the courtyard.
When Ye Chen turned his head to look, it was a bright moment.
The swimsuit Xiao Churan wore was more conservative, but it also outlined her perfect figure, slender legs, fair skin, all of which did not make Ye Chen’s heart aflame.
And next to her, Dong Ruorin wore even bolder, although Ma Lan stopped Xiao Churan and didn’t let her wear a bikini, but Dong Ruorin was really really wearing a set of pink bikini!
This bikini covers only the important parts and shows most of the rest of the body in the air, literally framing the body like no other. A second to remember to read the book
Her figure was not inferior to Xiao Choran’s, and her looks were also extremely beautiful, because her clothes were bolder and hotter, but instead she was head over heels over Xiao Choran!
Seeing Ye Chen’s somewhat surprised and shocked gaze, Dong Ruolin flirtatiously smiled, then quietly threw a look full of love at him, which was a little bold and a little shy.
When Ye Chen saw this gaze that was as gentle as water and a little bit fiery, his heart even unconsciously throbbed a little bit.
But he could only pretend not to know, he even withdrew his sight, afraid that he couldn’t hold back and showed his original form in the water, and also afraid that Xiao Churan would see the clues.
The two women naturally twisted their brisk waists and walked over with model-like steps, in Ye Chen’s opinion, it was simply a wonderful lingerie show.
Afterwards, they arrived at the hot spring pool, stepped forward with slender white legs, and entered the water one after another.
Xiao Churan was also the first time to wear a swimsuit in front of her husband, so she was a little shy, so she pulled Dong Ruolin and sat two or three meters away from Ye Chen, whispering and chatting about some girlfriends’ topics.
But Dong Ruolin’s mind was clearly on Ye Chen.
While she was chatting with Xiao Churan with a hitch, she used her eyes to sneak a glance at Ye Chen from time to time.
In order to prevent being seen by his wife, Ye Chen could only turn his back and then closed his eyes in the hot spring.
The two women chatted for a while, and since the hot spring made their bodies too relaxed, they were both a little sleepy.
Xiao Churan had been very tired lately, not only because of the many things that had happened recently, but also because the company was new and had been busy tossing and turning, and was already exhausted.
At this time, she was surrounded by warm spring water and felt an unprecedented sense of tiredness, and within a short while, she was sleepy.
So, ten minutes later, she was lying beside the hot spring pool with a towel on her pillow, slowly falling asleep.
And at this time Ye Chen was also closing his eyes to rest his mind, suddenly felt a surge of water around him, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Dong Ruorin’s white tender body, which was now swimming to his side.
Ye Chen was about to open his mouth, Dong Ruorin stretched out a finger and directly blocked in front of his lips, whispering, “Xiao Churan is asleep, don’t wake her up.”
Ye Chen took a glance at Xiao Churan to make sure that she was really asleep, before he was relieved and whispered, “We shouldn’t be so close, especially in front of Churan!”
“Hatsura is already asleep!” Dong Ruolin gave a shallow smile and said with incomparable emotion, “People just want to thank you for what just happened, you saved them again…”

Chapter: 429
Faced with Dong Ruolin’s confession, Ye Chen said with an indifferent face, “It’s just that I happened to meet a few scumbags and cleaned them up in passing, so don’t take it to heart.”
Dong Ruolin said seriously, “Then I’m grateful to you too!”
Saying that, Dong Ruolin sat next to Ye Chen in a smooth manner, and with a stretch of her arms, she embraced Ye Chen’s arms.
Both of them were wearing very little, and Ye Chen’s arm, instantly felt the touch of the smooth skin.
Ye Chen’s body tightened, and he was busy saying, “Ruo Lin, don’t be like this, you’ll be seen by Churan.”
Dong Ruorin smiled and said, “That means that it’s okay if Choron can’t see it?”
“That’s not what I meant…” Ye Chen said helplessly.
Dong Ruolin hugged a little tighter and said, “I’m partial to hugging, it’s best to let Choran see it, then you two divorce so that you can be with me.”
Ye Chen questioned with a righteous face, “How can you do that? You’re a good best friend of Hatsura!”
Dong Ruolin also said seriously, “I know that you and Choron didn’t marry for love, but only because her grandfather was bent on it, that’s why she was willing to marry you, and I also know that the two of you haven’t made any substantial progress or had any conjugal relationship up to now!” First web site
At this point, Dong Ruo Lin couldn’t help but get a little emotional and say, “Why are you hanging on to each other since you don’t have any marriage facts at all? Wouldn’t it be nice to seize the time to divorce and then each find their own true love? No one is delaying anyone!”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “You don’t understand my feelings for Choron.”
Dong Ruolin asked, “Then do you understand my feelings for you?”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, “I understand, but I can’t promise you, sorry.”
“Why?!” Dong Ruo Lin said with an aggrieved look on her face, “Why would you rather have a marriage that has no truth to it than to let go of this false marriage and pursue true love?”
Ye Chen said in a low voice, “I made it clear to you last time, we’re not suitable, even if I divorce Choron, we may not be able to get together, not to mention, I’m not going to divorce Choron at all, it’s completely pointless for you to waste your time on me.”
Dong Ruolin snorted, “I’m willing to waste time, I just like you!”
Ye Chen helplessly said, “You’re purely foolish, instead of wasting your time on me, why don’t you go and find a single man who is not married and has no girlfriend to fall in love with in a serious way.”
Dong Ruolin’s big eyes were suddenly covered with a layer of mist, and she pursed her small mouth and choked out, “Ye Chen, my whole heart is in you, ever since you first saved me, I’ve fallen in love with you, and after so many things in between to now, I’m even more hopelessly in love with you…”
Saying that, two flushes of red rose on her face and she said seriously, “I dreamt about you last night…”
“Dreamed about me?” Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “What did you dream about me?”
Dong Ruo Lin said, “I dreamt that you and I went back to the Dong family, we got married, and then…”
“And then what?” Ye Chen asked.
Dong Ruolin’s pretty face blushed and said like a mosquito humming, “And then I also gave you a big fat kid…”
Ye Chen left his mouth open and said, “Dreams are all backwards…”
Dong Ruolin immediately said, “That’s fine to have a beautiful daughter, I like it too.”
Looking at Dong Ruolin’s serious face, Ye Chen indeed had a headache.
Ye Chen had no choice but to re-emphasize, “Ruo Lin, we really can’t…. You don’t understand me at all…”
Dong Ruolin’s eyes were a bit dim and said, “You can understand slowly if you don’t understand, even if you don’t divorce Choran, I can secretly love you even if I secretly love you forever, I’m willing…”

Chapter: 430
Ye Chen was somewhat speechless for a while, Dong Ruolin’s words meant that she was even willing to be an underground lover for herself?
But how could he agree to such a thing?
First of all, he was true to Xiao Churan, back then she was arranged by her grandfather to marry him, even though she was millions of times dissatisfied, but she finally agreed, and even though the whole family mocked and sarcastic, Xiao Churan never looked down on him.
Moreover, after Auntie Li from the orphanage had fallen ill, she had been saving and saving under Ma Lan’s nose, lending herself money so that she could pay Auntie Li’s medical bills, a kindness that Ye Chen would never forget.
So, how could he agree to let Dong Ruolin be his lover?
At this moment, Xiao Churan, who was sleeping, suddenly moved her body.
Ye Chen was shocked, and even took his arm, out of Dong Ruorin’s bosom.
And Dong Ruorin looked at Xiao Churan and saw that she was still awake, immediately at this instant, she pressed her face to Ye Chen’s mouth and gently kissed him with her lips.
The touch was exquisite and instantaneous.
Before Ye Chen returned to his senses, Dong Ruolin was already swimming away with a red face. Remember the website
And when Ye Chen saw that Xiao Churan was about to wake up, he couldn’t say anything else.
Xiao Choran then stretched her back and opened her eyes, exclaiming, “Oops! It’s really nice to take a dip in a hot spring! It feels like most of this fatigue has been relieved all of a sudden!”
After saying that, she saw Dong Ruo Lin’s face red and was surprised to ask, “Ruo Lin, this hot spring water isn’t hot, why is your face so red?”
Dong Ruorin shyly rubbed her face before smiling and saying, “The hot spring water is not hot, but the key is that I have such a beautiful beauty lying next to me, so I get hot all over when I see you…….”
As he spoke, he reached out to tickle Xiao Churan.
Xiao Choran even dodged, so Dong Ruorin hurriedly flicked water at her, Xiao Choran also hurriedly held the water to counterattack, the two women made a mess.
The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are not going to have to be in a situation where you are not going to be able to do anything about it.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes of the woman.
When Dong Ruolin saw this, she deliberately ridiculed, “Hey, Ye Chen, why are you still sticking your head in the water? No fear of choking!”
Ye Chen spat out a bunch of bubbles in the water, raised his head and said, “That, I’m done soaking, you two soak first, I’ll go get you something to drink over.”
Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “It just so happens that I’m thirsty, Ye Chen, you can help me get a cold Coke.”
Ye Chen nodded, “Good.”
Dong Ruolin busily said, “Then I want Ice Sprite!”
“Good.” Ye Chen agreed and hurriedly got up, escaping from the hot spring pool.
With two big beauties around him, one was his wife and one was determined to be his lover, and they were all so coolly dressed, if they stayed any longer, I’m afraid that he would really be unable to hold on.
Xiao Churan has no intention of performing the deed of marriage with himself yet.
Although Dong Ruorin was ten thousand times more devoted to herself, but since she was already a husband, of course she couldn’t do anything to her.
So these two women were both the type to Ye Chen that could be looked at but not eaten.
If you look at this type too much, not only does it hurt your body, it also hurts!

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