The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 441-450

Chapter: 441
Hearing Ichiro Kobayashi’s blatant denial, Shi Tianqi said coldly, “I remember that you have three medicines that are sold all over the world, namely a Stomach Powder, a Throat Clearing Powder and an Eczema Wash. The right one, right?”
Kobayashi Ichiro’s expression was a bit ugly, but he still insisted on denying it, “Dr. Shi is joking, right? These ancient Chinese pharmacopoeias from 1,000 to 2,000 years ago are basically junk without any clinical application or scientific basis, so why would a company as big as Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals use a backward pharmacopoeia from 1,000 to 2,000 years ago? What a joke!”
Hearing Kobayashi Ichiro blatantly insult the essence of Chinese medicine left behind by his ancestors, the other Chinese medicine practitioners present spoke up to rebuke him.
Shi Tianqi also said with a righteous face, “It just so happens that I have nothing else to do in these two days, after the exposition, I will personally write three papers, combing out all the details of your three medicines’ prescriptions, their context and the detailed records from our ancient pharmacopoeia, and after they are published, see how you can still defend yourself!”
Kobayashi Ichiro’s face turned a shade of blue.
He was the vice-chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, a company that had been founded by his father, the details of which he naturally knew very well.
The reason why Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals had grown to its current size was entirely due to the prescriptions recorded in the ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia.
The Japanese themselves were good at packaging, so they took ancient Chinese prescriptions, packaged them in a certain way, and advertised them as brand-new results that they had spent a lot of money on research, and with their very good efficacy, they immediately opened up the market.
However, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had been unwilling to admit that their drug formula was plagiarized from the ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia, and for this reason, Shi Tianqi had been very dissatisfied, but had never found the opportunity to express his protest.
The first time I saw him was when I was a kid. The first website
I didn’t expect Shi Tianqi to accurately tell the origin of the three of his own medicines, afraid that Shi Tianqi really published a thesis to skin, so he hurriedly said: “Shi divine doctor, the thesis and so on, there is no need, right? I’m just looking for you to cooperate on a new drug, if you say yes, we’ll cooperate, if you don’t, we won’t, so why hurt the peace?”
Shi Tianqi said seriously, “Since you deny plagiarizing Han Fang, I have nothing to work with you on, goodbye.”
After saying that, Shi Tianqi added, “By the way, I will definitely write the thesis.”
Kobayashi Ichiro gritted his teeth as he looked at Shi Tianqi, but after a moment, he still held back from getting angry, nodded and said, “Fine, since Doctor Shi is not willing to cooperate, I won’t force him.”
Saying that, he asked, “Divine Doctor Shi, I don’t want the prescription anymore, can you sell me a pill, I’m willing to pay 50 million RMB! My father was in a car accident the year before and has been lying in bed paraplegic, and I, as a son, want so much to heal him!”
The offer of fifty million RMB scared Shi Tianqi.
Shi Tianqi looked at Ye Chen, after all, this was Ye Chen’s miracle medicine, if he was willing to sell Kobayashi Ichiro one for fifty million, then he would be helping Master Ye with the matchmaking.
However, Ye Chen quietly waved his hand at him.
He didn’t care about fifty million, and he wouldn’t sell the medicine to a Japanese who plagiarized the Chinese formula for fifty million.
Shi Tianqi saw Ye Chen waving his hand, so he immediately said to Kobayashi Ichiro, “Sorry Mr. Kobayashi, the medicine has been used up, there won’t be any more”
Kobayashi Ichiro gritted his teeth, nodded with a gloomy face and said, “Okay Doctor Shi, I know, I’m not going to force anyone to do anything, we’ll see each other later.”

Chapter: 442
Saying that, he turned around and walked away.
Ye Chen then opened his mouth and said to Shi Tianqi, “This Japanese man, he seems to be a bit sinister, if he thinks that there really is a prescription for paraplegia in you, then you must be more careful, after all, this kind of divine medicine, once produced, can earn huge amounts of money around the world.”
There was a previous movie called “I am not the God of Medicine” about a Chinese leukemia patient who couldn’t afford those extremely expensive drugs in the West and had to go to India to buy generic products.
Through this movie, you can see how black-hearted the large pharmaceutical conglomerates are in making money, a drug is developed and a patient has to spend at least 20,000 to 30,000 a month to be able to afford it, isn’t this the rhythm that drives people to death?
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical also wanted to get a few special drugs that could be sold at a high price, so they aimed at Shi Tianqi.
Kobayashi Ichiro felt that if he could treat a disease like paraplegia, it was simply like having a powerful money-grubbing tool.
A person who had paraplegia and couldn’t get out of bed, walk, or even urinate or defecate on their own for the rest of their lives, the feeling of living worse than death would cause them and their family to suffer.
If it were a billionaire who had paraplegia, and a pill charged him $50 million, he would willingly take it.
If it was a billionaire like Bill Gates who had paraplegia, and a pill charged him fifty billion dollars, he’d give it too!
As for the poor paraplegics, he didn’t care if they died or not, they were dead, what did it matter to him? Want to buy drugs cheap? No way! Remember the URL
However, Kobayashi Ichiro didn’t expect that Shi Tianqi would refuse so cleanly, which made him feel somewhat faint in his heart.
However, he didn’t mind because he had already asked around a lot before, and there should still be that miracle medicine that cured paraplegia on Shi Tianqi’s body.
He only needed to find a way to get his hands on the miracle drug and bring it back to Japan, and have the company’s pharmacists properly study the ingredients in the miracle drug, and he should be able to imitate it soon!
Shi Tianqi also knew what Kobayashi Ichiro was thinking, in front of such a huge profit, there was no way this guy would give up so easily and would definitely look for other ways.
So, he said to Ye Chen, “Please don’t worry Master Ye, I will be careful.”
Ye Chen seriously said, “There is no use being careful, you should understand the truth that a peer is innocent.”
Shi Tianqi hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, what should we do then? The pill you gave me later was also carried close to my body, if they snatched it away…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Later on, I’ll temporarily make a few pills for you, and you carry it with you, so if someone snatches it, give him that pill.”
In Ye Chen’s memory, in the “Nine Xuantian Scriptures”, there was a kind of returning light pill, that kind of pill was actually a poison, if the patient ate it, he would get a great recovery in a short time, but it was only a returning light, right after that, he would exhaust the last of his body’s qi and die violently.
This Kobayashi Ichiro’s father, I don’t know if he’s really a paraplegic or not, but we can set a trap for him, if he’s really plotting against this miracle pill, then he’ll have bad luck!

Chapter: 443
It’s not that difficult to concoct the Returning Light Pill.
It was just some relatively common medicinal herbs that would suffice.
Taking advantage of the fact that the auction hadn’t started immediately in front of the auction for the finale of the finest purple ginseng, Ye Chen found Qin Gang and quoted him more than a dozen medicinal herbs.
Qin Gang immediately went to help him gather the herbs together.
Afterwards, Ye Chen went to the lounge rented by Qin Gang and refined four Returning Light Pills on his own.
Chinese herbs were all ingredients, so once they were boiled out, no matter what the remedy was for or how different it was, the soup would be dark brown after it was boiled out.
The same goes for the pill.
The color of this returning pill was made to be similar to the previous miracle pill, and Ye Chen intentionally made it exactly the same size as the previous miracle pill, so the naked eye couldn’t see any difference at all.
Only after that did he come to the auction venue, and when everyone wasn’t paying attention, he gave the four pills to Shi Tianqi, and then took back the one and a half divine pills Shi Tianqi had with him and brought him for safekeeping.
After doing all this, the auction happened to also enter the bidding for the Premium Purple Ginseng. One second to remember to read the book
Soon, the host took to the stage and said, “Next, it’s time to start the bidding for our final, grand finale herb, the 300 year old Premium Purple Ginseng! Before we start bidding, I would like to invite the famous divine doctor, Mr. Shi Tianqi Shi, to personally appraise this superb purple ginseng of ours!”
Shi Tianqi had promised the organizers before he arrived that he would be on hand to appraise this Extremely Premium Purple Ginseng, so he stepped forward to the center and received this Extremely Premium Purple Ginseng from the ceremonial lady’s hands.
After carefully identifying it, he spoke up, “Gentlemen, in Shi’s humble opinion, the actual lifespan of this superb purple ginseng should be around three hundred and fifty years or even higher, so it can be considered the best of the best, please don’t worry!”
An exclamation from the crowd!
I thought it was 300 years old, but it’s more than 350 years old, which is awesome!
Ye Chen also couldn’t help but be impressed by Shi Tianqi, not expecting him to be able to tell the actual age of this superb purple ginseng, he really seemed to have strong Chinese medical attainments.
At this time, that host smiled and said, “Shi Lao studied the ancient and modern worlds, he is a famous sage of the Apricot Grove, a few days ago, Shi Lao even cured a patient with high paraplegia and created a medical miracle, this matter, I’m sure everyone must have heard of it, so with Shi Lao’s appraisal opinion, everyone can have ten thousand hearts about this superb purple ginseng. ”
When Shi Tianqi returned to his seat, a vicarious voice suddenly came to mind behind him: “Old man Shi, paraplegia is a terminal disease that neither Chinese nor Western medicine can cure, how did you cure it? Why am I so sure you can cure it? Tell me, did a blind cat meet a dead mouse?”
Shi Tianqi looked towards the place where the sound was made, and when he saw who it was, he smiled, “Fang Chunlin, what are you doing here if you’re not staying at the State Medical Center?”
National Medical Center! Upon hearing this title, the surrounding people couldn’t help but be shocked.
This National Medical Center was known as the Contemporary Imperial Doctor! It represents the highest level of Chinese medicine in the country!
Fang Chunlin laughed at this point and said, “I just came to see if you have that ability or not, the rumors out there are too mysterious for me to believe.”
Shi Tianqi smiled slightly and said, “It’s true that it’s all just rumors, you really don’t need to believe it.”
Fang Chunlin was stunned, he didn’t expect Shi Tianqi to be so humble? I thought he would be more serious, but who would have expected that he would directly deny it, which made him suddenly not know what to say.
At this time, the host opened his mouth and said, “Next, we will start bidding for this three hundred year old superb purple ginseng, it’s starting price is five million, each increase must not be less than one million, now everyone can raise their hand.”
The host smiled sweetly and stood to the side after saying that.
As soon as she finished speaking, she heard Wei Changming in the back row directly raise his card and call out, “Ten million.”
The crowd was stunned, this three-hundred year old superb purple ginseng had directly doubled in price on the first call.

Chapter: 444
Wei Changming knew that if this excellent purple ginseng was called all the way to twenty or thirty million, it would probably go to twenty or thirty million, so he simply doubled the price to scare the others away, which might even allow him to steal a chicken.
“Eleven million.” A middle-aged man in the arena also raised his card and called out.
Wei Changming looked at the man with disdain and raised his card again, “Fifteen million.”
“Sixteen million.”
Another person spoke up.
“Twenty-five million.” Wei Changming raised his card.
He was helping Xiao Yiqian participate in the bidding this time, and the asking price would also be covered by Xiao Yiqian, so he was not distressed at all.
The price of twenty-five million made a lot of people have thoughts of giving up.
Although Premium Purple Ginseng was good, there was a limit to what a single strain could do, and twenty-five million was already a very high price.
However, at this moment, someone on the scene suddenly shouted, “I’ll pay thirty million!” First web site
The crowd hurriedly searched to see what was going on, only then did they discover that the one who was bidding was Ye Chen who was sitting next to Shi Tianqi.
Wei Changming and Xiao Yiqian didn’t expect that Ye Chen would even rob them at this moment, so they exchanged a look, and Xiao Yiqian directly took the sign in Wei Changming’s hand and held it up, saying, “Forty million!”
Xiao Yiqian knew very well that Ye Chen was a tough guy, and once he ran out of time with him, there was no telling how high the price would scream!
Moreover, this guy couldn’t buy it at a glance, he must have known that he needed this superb purple ginseng to revive his career, so he deliberately messed with himself and tried to raise the price to disgust himself.
So, he was going to call for forty million in one step, so that Ye Chen wouldn’t dare to follow!
However, Ye Chen raised his hand again at this time and said indifferently, “Fifty million!”
In his pocket, he still had the 100 million yuan check from Song Wanting last time.
The last time he mistakenly gave this cheque to his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, it almost caused a disaster, making him very unhappy with this cheque and he was already thinking of finding an opportunity to spend it, so he was ready to use this 100 million cheque to bid for this superb purple ginseng today!
Anyway, he still had plenty of money in the card besides this 100 million cheque, which in his own eyes was a piece of scrap paper that he didn’t know what to do with, and it finally came in handy today.
Hearing Ye Chen call for fifty million, Xiao Yiqian was furious.
He gritted his teeth and said to Wei Changming, “This son of a bitch is deliberately trying to confront me! Fifty million, it’s a wonder he can get his fucking hands on it!”
Wei Changming also nodded his head and scolded, “This kid is really a bad runny shit soup, this strain of superb purple ginseng, 20 million is actually almost enough, 50 million for it, it’s really too wasteful, it can be said to be an injustice!”
Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth and said, “Damn it, I’ll call another round with him and see, this problem with my body can’t wait any longer!”
Afterwards, he held up the sign and shouted in a cold voice, “I’ll pay sixty million!”
He thought, 60 million you Ye Chen still dare to call?
Unexpectedly, Ye Chen directly raised his hand, “I’ll pay 80 million!”
Xiao Yiqian exploded, standing up and questioning loudly, “Surnamed Ye, what do you mean? What the fuck are you screaming about? And 80 million, can you afford to pay that much?”
Ye Chen said with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry about your good grandson, grandpa can afford it!”

Chapter: 445
Many people at the scene knew that Xiao Yiqian had previously kneeled down and called Ye Chen’s father and grandfather, so when they heard this, they all burst out laughing.
Xiao Yiqian’s face was in the process of hanging on, and he gritted his teeth, “OK! You’ve got guts! I’ll pay ninety million!”
Wei Changming tugged at his sleeve beside him and said, “Xiao Dong, 90 million is too expensive, this thing isn’t worth that much, don’t be impulsive and fall for that dog’s trick ah!”
90 million for a ginseng? No ginseng is worth that much, except for the superlative ones that are thousands of years old!
Although Xiao Yiqian was rich, he was not a wasteful person, sleeping with Xiao Weiwei had only cost him fifteen million, so for him to spend ninety million on a ginseng, that was really a bit up there.
However, what he was thinking about at the moment was that he had to cure himself!
It’s been so many days, there has been no feeling there, it’s simply like nothing, if this continues, he’s afraid he’ll lose all hope in life….
So, he made up his mind, he would offer 90 million, not a single point more!
Just at this time, Ye Chen faintly held up the sign and said, “I’ll offer one hundred million!”
Xiao Yiqian shivered with anger and cursed, “What are you trying to do, you piece of trash? Guess it messes with my good fortune?” Remember the URL
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “I’ve taken a fancy to this purple ginseng, of course I have to bid on it, so what? Can’t anyone else take what your Chairman Xiao likes from you?”
Xiao Yiqian cursed, “Do you think I don’t know the details of you? You’re just a son-in-law, a wimp who waits for death and eats soft food. Your entire Xiao family doesn’t have a hundred million dollars! On what do you get all that money?”
After saying that, Xiao Yiqian turned to the host and spoke, “I suggest you kick this guy out, this man fraudulent shooting! There’s no way he has that kind of money!”
Shi Tianqi frowned and spoke up, “All of Mr. Ye’s expenses today can be counted under my name, Shi Tianqi! I, Shi Tianqi, am not short of this.”
Qin Gang also said in succession, “My Qin family’s funds are also called at will with Master Ye!”
The two of them said this and there was shock!
What’s this Ye Chen, what’s the origin of Shi Tianqi Shi Divine Doctor and Qin Gang, the owner of the Qin family, are willing to pay the bill for him, it’s 100 million!
At this time, Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “A mere 100 million, I can still afford to pay, it just so happens that ah, I’ve got 100 million in my pocket, I’ve been carrying it in my pocket for more than half a fucking month, it’s almost boring it to death, just so, I’ll take this opportunity to spend it.”
Xiao Yiqian said despicably, “What are you bragging about? You think we’re all 3 years old? You’ve got a hundred million dollars in your pocket. Do you know how much that is? 100 million in cash and weighing over a ton! Can you carry it in your pocket?!”
Ye Chen left his mouth and laughed, “You’re really an unseen stinky slinger.”
Saying that, Ye Chen pulled out from his pocket the 100 million cheque that Song Wanting had given himself, which had been crumpled in his pocket for many days and looked not much different from a ball of waste paper.
Ye Chen held the check up and said to the host, “Beauty, have your financial officer come over and check it.”
Xiao Yiqian sneered, “Nima, take a ball of scrap paper and say it’s 100 million? Then I’d have to use up hundreds of millions of dollars to wipe my ass once!”
Ye Chen ignored him and held up the check with an indifferent face.
At this time, the host brought the finance person over, and Ye Chen handed over the check, the other party checked it for a moment and immediately said, “This cheque has a face value of 100 million, it’s real.”
After saying that, everyone present exploded!
A check for $100 million just sitting around in your pocket like a piece of paper?
What if we lose this fucking thing?
What if you slip out of your pocket while squatting in the toilet?

Chapter: 446
What if I accidentally throw my clothes into the washing machine and turn them into pulp?
What a big heart! It’s big and scary!
Xiao Yiqian’s angry face was twitching at this time, he simply couldn’t figure out why this trash could have so much money. Isn’t he just a son-in-law?
Ye Chen then asked the hostess, “Since no one is robbing me and I can take 100 million, this excellent purple ginseng should be mine, right?”
The host hurriedly said, “Now I announce that this three-hundred year old superb purple ginseng, goes to…”
Before he finished speaking, Xiao Yiqian hurriedly said, “Don’t rush! I’m going to raise the price!”
The place was in shock again!
The bidding starts at 5 million and goes up to 100 million… and you want to raise the price?
This purple ginseng isn’t even worth that much! Are these two crazy?
Wei Changming hastily reminded, “Oh my Xiao Dong, one hundred million is a big loss, what’s wrong with having this money to do something?” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Yiqian questioned, “If you can’t shoot, what about your new drug? What about my illness?”
As he was saying that, it just so happened that a somewhat balding middle-aged man hurriedly ran over and said to Wei Changming, “Sorry, Mr. Wei, the lab was just waiting for the results, so I’m late.”
This person who spoke was the chief pharmacist of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, and he had just arrived from the pharmaceutical factory to help Wei Changming gatekeep this purple ginseng.
Wei Changming hurriedly said, “Professor Ke you’re just in time, do you see that superb purple ginseng in the host’s hand, is it worth 100 million?”
“A hundred million?” Professor Ke shook his head and smiled, “It’s not worth it, three hundred years of purple ginseng, the highest maximum market price is thirty million, it can’t be higher, one hundred million, only a fool would buy it…”
“Then what about this illness of Xiao Dong?” Wei Changming asked.
Professor Ke looked as if he had a confident expression and said, “Actually it doesn’t have to be a three hundred year old purple ginseng, we just need to find a few hundred year old purple ginseng to purify it instead, the value of one hundred year old purple ginseng on the market is only about a million, buying five is only five million, the cost performance is far beyond three hundred year old.”
The host then asked Xiao Yiqian, “Xiao Dong, how much do you want to add? Please say the exact number directly, otherwise it will be difficult for us to proceed.”
Xiao Yiqian listened to Professor Ke’s words, and felt that he couldn’t be the wrongdoer, it was better to give this opportunity to Ye Chen and let his flesh ache.
So, he immediately shook his head and said, “I decided not to add it, spending 100 million on this kind of thing is simply retarded, only people with bad brains would do this kind of thing.”
There was a chorus of boos.
What kind of sour grapes mentality is this when you say you don’t have the money and can’t afford to give it up, and call others retarded?
Xiao Yiqian was booed by so many people and was a little irritated, but he didn’t dare to attack, so he had to endure it with a hard scalp.
No one would have trouble with money, and spending tens of millions more to buy a face, he didn’t think it was worth it.
The host spoke at this time, “One hundred million once.”
“One hundred million twice.”
“One hundred million three times, congratulations Mr. Ye, deal.”
Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, looked towards Xiao Yiqian and said with a smile, “Sending you a friendly reminder, your Yang Wei’s disease can’t be cured by any medicine, so I advise you not to waste your efforts!”

Chapter: 447
Everyone’s eyes all looked at Xiao Yiqian.
Xiao Yiqian was shy and annoyed and cursed, “You’re the only Yang Wei, your whole family is Yang Wei, I’m telling you, I’m good!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, “Whoever can’t use it there, knows in his own heart, what’s the use of just talking tough if you don’t harden where you should?”
Everyone looked at Xiao Yiqian and laughed shamefully.
Had this famous Chairman Xiao really lost his male virility?
It seemed to be pretty much the same, why else would he have to come here to bid on an extremely fine purple ginseng? And he was also hanging out with Wei Changming of the Wei family.
The people present today are all from the traditional Chinese medicine community, and everyone knows that the Wei family is working on a new medicine that can strengthen male virility and dramatically restore male ability, so it seems that this Xiao Yiqian is hanging out with Wei Changming to be the first one to test the medicine, right?
Xiao Yiqian gnashed his teeth in anger and scolded off, “Surnamed Ye, don’t you dare spew blood here! I’m more than capable!”
“You’re giving away your lover and you’re still saying you’re capable? If you’re really capable, why would you need to send someone else?”
Xiao Yiqian’s face turned red and said in exasperation, “You…. What are you talking nonsense?!” First web site
Xiao Weiwei also angrily questioned, “Ye Chen, how can you destroy someone’s innocence for no reason!”
When Ye Chen saw the two of them looking furious, he sneered, not bothering to fight with them, and directly received the Premium Purple Ginseng from the host, and said to Shi Tianqi and Qin Gang, “Alright, there’s nothing here that I’m interested in, I’ll leave first.”
After saying that, Ye Chen got up and walked out.
Shi Tianqi and Qin Gang busily said, “Master Ye, we’ll see you off!”
“No need.” Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “I’ll just go by myself, you guys stay and socialize with everyone.”
Saying that, he looked at a short distance away, Kobayashi Ichiro, who had been secretly staring at Shi Tianqi, and reminded Shi Tianqi, saying, “Shi, after today, if someone steals the medicine from you, or steals the medicine from you, you must not resist, if he wants it, give it to him, is that clear?”
Shi Tianqi immediately nodded his head and smiled, “Don’t worry Master Ye, Shi Mou understands!”
Qin Ao Xue’s eyes were always on him, and when she saw him leaving, she was in a bit of a hurry, hesitating before asking in a low voice, “Master Ye, can I see you off?”
Ye Chen saw that Qin Ao Xue had something on her mind when she first arrived and saw that she had something she wanted to say, and seeing that she had finally gathered the courage to say it, he nodded and said, “Okay, you can send me.”
Qin Ao Xue looked at Ye Chen gratefully and said respectfully, “Master Ye, please!”
Qin Ao Xue respectfully accompanied Ye Chen to the door.
Ye Chen looked at Qin Ao Xue who looked like she was about to stop talking and asked, “Ao Xue, honestly, do you have something on your mind?”
Qin Ao Xue bit her lower lip and said with some shame, “Master Ye, you can see it all…”

Chapter: 448
“You’ve got it written all over your face, can’t I see it?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “If you encounter anything difficult, don’t be polite and tell me directly.”
Qin Ao Xue subconsciously touched her face, feeling her cheeks rolling hot.
Although she was originally a valiant and generous woman with a cheerful personality, she would always be shy in front of Ye Chen.
So, she calmed her mind before she said seriously, “Master Ye, I do have something that I would like to ask for your help.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Go ahead.”
Only then did Qin Ao Xue say, “Master Ye, I have a very close girlfriend in the university, she used to be extremely lively, sunny and positive, but I feel that she has recently been brainwashed by her boyfriend and often does many extreme things, once she was scolded by her boyfriend and wanted to go jump off a building, but I persuaded her, and then she was brainwashed by her boyfriend to prepare to She swallowed sleeping pills and committed suicide, I told the teacher before I saved her back….”
At this point, Qin Ao Xue said with some sadness, “But this best friend of mine, now has been completely brainwashed, not only did she not thank me for saving her, but she felt that I ruined her relationship with her boyfriend, several times to fight with me, and even cut off contact with me, these days I see her state seems to be not quite right again, so I want to persuade her, but she directly scolded me, I’m really afraid of the Something will happen to her if she goes on like this…”
Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “Brainwashing? Being pyramided by her boyfriend?”
Qin Ao Xue shook her head and explained, “It’s not a pyramid scheme, I’ve gathered some information and found out that it seems to be a means of chasing girls, conquering girls as well as controlling girls that is very popular among scum!” Remember the URL
At this point, the pro Ao Xue angrily said: “These scum seem to be pursuing girls, and they fall in love, but in fact, but in the end to control the girl to them as a cow, and even for them to die for pleasure, but many girls are very simple, step by step deep into it, and finally be seriously hurt, and even lose their lives, these scum, is simply a bunch of crime. Forgiving bastard!”
Ye Chen frowned and said, “There are still people who are such bastards?”
“Yes!” Qin Ao Xue said, “Before my best friend didn’t have an accident, I didn’t think there would be such people, but after I got to know them carefully, I found out that there are quite a few scum like this, they just take pleasure in playing with women, they don’t have any conscience at all!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Each of their lives were given to them by great women, and as a result, they even take pleasure in playing with women, such scum are simply the dregs of society!”
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, and to help them to make the best use of their time and resources. Mental disorder forced him to drop out of school, anyway, there have been four or five girls who were trapped by him, and two of them died…”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, he had never thought that there would still be such a scumbag, so he immediately cut off the nail and said, “In that case, I’m in charge of this matter! You take some time and take me to meet this best friend of yours!”
Qin Ao Xue burst into tears of excitement, grabbed Ye Chen’s hand and said, “Master Ye, if you are willing to take action, then my best friend will definitely be saved!”
Ye Chen spoke up, “But all such things come from the constant psychological implication at work, so I’m not sure if I can undo the psychological implication the other party gave your best friend, but I can try.”
Qin Ao Xue nodded repeatedly, “I’m sure you can!”
Saying that, Qin Ao Xue said, “Why don’t you come over to my school in the evening and I’ll take you to my best friend.”
“OK.” Ye Chen said, “If possible, I also want to take a look at that scum who played with your best friend, is he also from your school?”
“Right!” Qin Ao Xue said, “He is the school grass in our school, he is very famous in the school, he is handsome, his family is rich, and he can coax girls, so many girls like him, and because of that, he can keep on spoiling little girls.”
Ye Chen sneered, “Good, a scum who likes to give psychological hints, I’d like to meet him for a while, and by the way, let him have a taste of what it’s like to treat others the way they are!”

Chapter: 449
Ye Chen made an appointment with Qin Ao Xue to meet in the evening at the Jinling College of Finance and Economics where she was studying, and then he brought the three-hundred year old superb purple ginseng back home.
On the way, Ye Chen called Hongwu and Zekai Chen separately and told them that someone was thinking about the medicine in Shi Tianqi’s body, so he asked them to send someone to secretly protect Shi Tianqi, while keeping an eye on Kobayashi Ichiro.
Chen Zekai had been working deep in Jinling for many years and had a lot of influence, so Ye Chen told him to set up a secret sentry directly at the airport to keep an eye on Kobayashi Ichiro, so he couldn’t just let him leave Jinling.
He knew that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was definitely premeditating now, trying to steal the miracle drug from Shi Tianqi and return to Japan to study the ingredients in it.
Therefore, he was going to use the plan to dig a big hole for Kobayashi Ichiro.
At this time, Kobayashi Ichiro didn’t know that Ye Chen had already compiled an invisible net and covered him tightly inside.
In the evening, Ye Chen arrived at Jinling Financial College as promised, Qin Ao Xue was already waiting for him outside the school gate.
Seeing him coming over, Qin Ao Xue hurriedly went forward and said anxiously, “Master Ye! That lady friend of mine seems to be jumping off a building, so come with me and take a look!”
Ye Chen hurriedly asked, “What’s the situation?”
Qin Ao Xue said: “After eating dinner in the cafeteria, I secretly observed her, that scum scolded her again, and also slapped her and then left, my best friend was crying and wandered around the artificial lake for a long time, I was afraid that she could not think of anything, let a few students are secretly watching her!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen nodded and said, “It’s not too late, quickly bring me over.”
Before coming, Ye Chen also specifically used his phone to look up this kind of thing that Qin Ao Xue said, which was called the art of picking up in the scum circle, and had now developed to a somewhat monstrous and perverted state.
These guys take pleasure in playing with women and hurting them, and they are immersed and happy to do so.
Many girls were confused by them and could easily do things that would hurt them, and some would even give their lives.
That’s why Ye Chen’s heart was also very anxious and on fire, he only wanted to meet that girl first to see what was going on with her.
Jinling University of Finance and Economics has a great reputation, it is one of the top three finance and economics universities in the country, the school covers a large area with beautiful scenery, and there is a very large artificial lake in it.
Qin Ao Xue brought Ye Chen to the artificial lake, a girl hiding in the shadows rushed over and said to Qin Ao Xue, “Ao Xue, you’re back, Liu Yue she’s been wandering around the lake for a long time, I’m really afraid that she’ll jump in impulsively!”
Qin Ao Xue hurriedly asked, “Where is she now?”
The girl pointed to a dark shadow not far from the artificial lake and said, “There it is!”
As soon as Ye Chen looked over, he saw the shadow suddenly leap and poofed into the lake.
A few girls screamed in fear, and without saying a word, Ye Chen dashed over, plunged into the lake, and fished out the girl who was about to sink to the bottom.
The girl, who was determined to die, suddenly felt herself being fished out and also pushed to the surface of the water, cried out, “Don’t save me, let me die, I’m not pure, I’m not clean, I’m sorry for Wu Qi, I’m sorry for his love for me…”

Chapter: 450
Ye Chen dragged her to the shore as he swam, while coldly shouting, “Your body is like your parents, do you feel sorry for your parents if you hurt your own body for a scum?!”
The girl whimpered, “Please let me die, a dirty girl like me doesn’t have the face to see my parents either, my living is their shame, I can only free them if I die…”
Ye Chen swiftly dragged her towards the shore and threw her on the grass by the shore, pointing at her nose and raging, “Bastard! You live not only for yourself, but also for your parents, who have worked so hard to nurture you, bring you up, and pay for your education, not for you to commit suicide by jumping into a lake for a scumbag! They are there for you to grow up well, become a pillar of strength, and contribute to your country and society!”
A few girls also came around crying at this time and advised, “Willow Moon, why are you so stupid! Do you think it’s worth it to hurt yourself for that scumbag?”
The girl known as Liu Yue broke down and cried, saying with all her might, “I’m too dirty, I’m sorry for him, if I don’t die, he will be tortured, I don’t want him to be tortured, I want him to be happy…”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but furrow his brows.
It seemed that this girl called Liu Yue had been brainwashed quite badly by the other party!
So he immediately said to the other girls, “You guys go to one side first, I will have a private chat with her.”
The other girls were a little hesitant, Qin Aoxue looked at him with big eyes full of admiration and said to the students around him, “Let’s all go to one side and let big brother Ye talk to her.”
Seeing that Qin Ao Xue had said so, the others only then nodded, and a few of them retreated to the distance first. The first website
That Willow Moon was sitting on the muddy ground by the shore dripping wet at this time, chanting, “Let me die, a dirty woman like me doesn’t deserve to live, I want to die to prove that my feelings for him are real, I want to die to prove that I really love him very much…”
Ye Chen could see that Liu Yue’s thoughts were already chaotic at this point.
It must be someone who was repeatedly feeding her this mental implication that she was dirty and that she should die, and over time, it was only then that she herself became steadfast in her belief that she was dirty and that she deserved to die.
This psychological implication needs at least half a year or more to deepen, ferment and nurture.
In other words, that scum, in order for her to die, had been brainwashing her for at least half a year!
So, Ye Chen immediately thought that there was also a powerful psychological hypnosis technique in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, so he gathered some of his body’s aura in his fingertips and gently tapped Liu Yue’s forehead and said, “Liu Yue, look at me.”
Immediately as if under a spell, Liu Yue very obediently lifted her head and looked at him.
Ye Chen asked, “Tell me, what’s going on here?”
Willow Moon said numbly, “I had a boyfriend in my first year of college and gave my body to him on impulse, then I met Wu Qi, he had been pursuing me and I liked him a lot, but after he knew I didn’t have a first time anymore, he got very disgusted with me, and every time he had sex with me, he would beat me, call me dirty, and say that I was sorry…. ”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a tone that carried supreme authority, “Willow Moon, what I’m about to say, you have to keep it in your head for the rest of your life, until you die of old age in the future, can you do it?”
Liu Yue had already been hypnotized by Ye Chen at this time, and this kind of hypnosis technique of Ye Chen, with the aid of aura, was far stronger than the psychological suggestion given to her by that scum, so she hurriedly nodded her head respectfully and said, “You may command, Liu Yue will definitely do her best!”
Ye Chen said word for word, “You remember, you just did what most couples in the world would do, it’s your own choice, it has nothing to do with being dirty, and your life is the most precious in the world, it not only belongs to you, but also to your parents, and everyone who truly loves you, and those who truly love you will never advise you to give up your life, so you must in the future Cherish your life, stay away from scum, be filial to your parents, and contribute to society, got it?!”

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