The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 431-440

Chapter: 431
When Ye Chen, his wife and Dong Ruoling were soaking in the hot springs, Liu Ming, who had the word “poor hanging” carved into his head, and his plastic-faced girlfriend who had a crooked nose, were sitting in a dilapidated van, making a bumpy trip back to Jinling City.
Liu Ming, who was sitting in the van, kept his bloodied forehead covered for fear of being seen by the van driver.
He was on his way out of the Champs-Elysees and stopped this van, and the two sides had negotiated to send himself home for 200 yuan, so now he just wanted to get home quickly and didn’t want any complications.
However, that driver saw Liu Ming’s forehead continuously oozing blood from the rearview mirror.
After observing it for a long time, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Young man, are you injured?”
Liu Ming didn’t have a good mood and said, “It has nothing to do with you, drive your car well and cut the bullshit!”
The driver got a little upset and said, “I’m just concerned, aren’t I? Besides, you keep bleeding from that forehead, so don’t get the interior seats in my car dirty!”
When Liu Ming heard this, he exploded, cursing: “Mom’s poor hanging, this piece of junk Wuling Hongguang, new car is worth only 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and he’s still fucking afraid that I will dirty your car? So fucking poor and hung!”
Poor Hanging had long since become Liu Ming’s mantra, even though the word poor hanging had been carved into his brain, he simply wouldn’t be able to change his habits for a while, that’s why the ancestors said that it’s easy to change rivers and mountains, but hard to change one’s nature!
The driver didn’t expect this guy to curse, when he also got angry and said, “You’re too uneducated, aren’t you? How can you export it as dirty?” One second to remember to read the book
Liu Ming heart is annoyed to death, see him unforgiving, out of the mouth cursed: “grass, you poor hangers have finished? If you don’t stop pestering me, I’ll call someone to kill you. A poor hangman like you, no one would even care if I screwed you over!”
The van driver is also angry enough, just at this time to drive through the city center a crossroads, watching a traffic police car leaning on the corner of the intersection on duty, he drove directly to the traffic police to stop, then immediately pushed the door to get off: “traffic police comrade, I have a customer in the car threatened to kill me, I suspect he is carrying a weapon, has been a serious threat to my personal safety! !”
As soon as several traffic police officers heard this, they immediately got out of the car and surrounded the van, then pulled the door open and shouted at Liu Ming, who was sitting inside, as well as the plastic surgery face, “Hands on your heads and get out of the van!”
Only then did Liu Ming realize that he had stirred up trouble.
This was a downtown area!
Let yourself get off with your hands on your head and off the bus, and wouldn’t the word poor hanging on your forehead be impossible to cover up!
So he made up his mind that he wouldn’t go down there, alive or dead!
He then blurted out to the traffic police, “What are you doing? I’m just taking a cab. What’s wrong with you guys? Hurry up and get that driver to come back and drive me home, or I’m not done with him!”
Traffic police see him arrogant and domineering look, will know that this person must not be any good stubble, and look at his hand over his forehead, which is constantly seeping blood, estimated that it is just participated in an armed fight, such a person basically have a case record, most of them are still at large, a catch!
So several traffic police officers gave each other a look, and one of them pulled out the pepper spray used by traffic police for law enforcement and said to Liu Ming, “Now you are warned, immediately put your hands on your head and get out of the car for inspection, otherwise, we will take coercive measures against you according to the law!”
Liu Ming was annoyed and anxious, and took off scolding: “According to your uncle, I know your traffic team captain Xue Wei, he is my father’s good friend, if you are not convinced, make a phone call and ask him if he recognizes Liu Ming, the son of the Liu Group!”
The traffic cop sneered, “The son of the Liu Clan? You’re too bold to brag, you’re out in a van, and you still have the nerve to say you’re the son of the Liu family? Is it possible that you, the Liu Clan, give your own son a car with a $40,000 Wuling Hongguang?!”
Liu Ming hates people doubting their own strength, and also hates people mocking them, seeing that a few traffic policemen dare to mock them, he immediately took off his mouth and cursed: “Grass, a bunch of poor hangers on here to pretend with me? Do you believe I’m calling your captain right now?”

Chapter: 432
The traffic cop said coldly, “Fine, insult the law enforcement officers! You’re already openly defying the law! Then don’t blame us for being rude!”
After saying that, he immediately pulled out the pepper spray and sprayed Liu Ming’s face.
Liu Ming instantly felt that his eyes were so spicy that it was about to hurt, subconsciously reaching out to rub it, it didn’t matter, the two bloody characters on his forehead were instantly exposed.
“I’ll go…” One of the traffic police exclaimed, “Look at his forehead, he has carved a poor hang on it!”
“What kind of tattoo is that? It sure is hardcore!”
“Hahaha, no wonder this kid is so fond of calling others poor hangers-on, he has those two words engraved on his forehead!”
When Liu Ming heard this, he panicked and went to cover his forehead, but just then his eyes swelled and he didn’t see that a few traffic cops had reached over!
Immediately afterwards, Liu Ming was dragged out of the car and then pushed to the ground.
The traffic police immediately put his hands behind his back and handcuffed him with handcuffs, so that there was no way to bring him to his feet, let alone cover up the word poor hanging on his forehead.
The traffic cop then got both him and the plastic face to the side of the road, had them squat on the side of the road, and called the team to send someone over to bring the guy back for investigation. First URL
It’s downtown, one of the most heavily trafficked intersections!
Almost everyone who passed by here could see a young man with red and swollen eyes squatting on the side of the road, the most frightening thing was not his pepper-sprayed eyes, but the two large characters on his forehead: poor hanging….
Many people pulled out their cell phones to take pictures, and Liu Ming was so ashamed and outraged that he crouched in place and frog jumped, trying to turn around and point his butt at passersby.
However, the traffic police directly pressed him there and said in a cold voice, “Don’t move, don’t you like to say those two words? It’s just as well, here’s an exhibition for the public!”
Liu Ming wanted to die….
If I had known that, why would I have bothered to pretend with that van driver, if I had endured a wave, I would have been home by now.
Just at this time, an old BMW car stopped at the side of the road, and a young man came down from the car and ran over with some pleasantness, asking, “Oh my gosh Liu Shao, what’s wrong with you? Oops, what’s wrong with your forehead! Who carved a poor hang for you on it?”
Liu Ming, who had been desperately keeping his head down, suddenly heard someone calling himself Liu Shao, and his heart wanted to die even more, the last thing he wanted at the moment was to be recognized, and it turned out to be biased….
At this instant, he was so angry that he wanted to kill!
He looked up and the person who spoke looked familiar and couldn’t help but question, “Who the fuck are you?”
The man hurriedly and attentively explained, “I am Sea Dragon! Xiao Hailong of the Xiao family, we used to eat together, with Wang Yunfei, the young master of the Wang family, don’t you remember me?”
Liu Ming gritted his teeth and looked at him, suddenly a mouthful of bloody spit in his face, angry and cursed: “Roll your mother to Xiao family poor hang, dare to come here to look at my joke, I do not believe that I will kill you later?”.

Chapter: 433
Xiao Hailong’s heart also suffocated badly.
What the fuck is this called?
I saw Liu Ming handcuffed by the traffic police on the side of the road and wanted to come over to say hello and smooth things over, but I didn’t expect this guy to come up and curse and spit in his face, which is fucking disgusting!
He said in exasperation, “Liu Shao, you’ve gone too far! I also came over to ask about the situation out of concern for my friends, how can you do that?”
Liu Ming was furious and cursed, “Do I fucking need you to care? Besides, you’re not worthy to be my friend, are you? Who the hell are you? You’re such a stinker and a poor man, and you want to get close to me? Get out of here!”
“I….” Xiao Hailong was grieving badly.
But he didn’t dare to confront Liu Ming, after all, the Liu family’s ability was a thousand times stronger than the on the verge of bankruptcy, the Xiao family, and offending him himself would definitely not end well.
So, he could only use his sleeve to wipe the phlegm on his face, and said with resentment, “Liu Shao, it’s my own fault, I’m sorry.”
After saying that, he quickly turned around to get into the car and drove away.
At this time, he was going to be as aggrieved as he could be. Remember the website
What the fuck do you call this, this….
It’s really pissing me off!
Over here, Liu Ming’s heart wasn’t good either.
He was also sighing, what the fuck is this? Originally wanted to keep a low profile back home, but didn’t expect that he was now engaging in an exhibition at the downtown intersection.
Many people took a wild shot of him with their cell phones, and some even posted it on Shakespeare, and the good people gave him a new nickname: “Jinling’s First Poor Hanging.”
Liu Ming’s deeds spread throughout Jinling all of a sudden….
The night at the Champs Hot Springs was doubly torturous for Ye Chen.
Originally, he was going to shamelessly sleep directly with his wife, Xiao Churan, in the same bed.
As a result, I don’t know if Dong Ruorin was intentional or unintentional, she insisted on pulling Xiao Churan to sleep with her, and also beautifully called it girlfriends time.
Thus, Ye Chen was left on his own and slept in another room.
The next day, was going to get up and then check out to go back to the city, but both women couldn’t let go of the private soup hot spring here, so they soaked for another morning before reluctantly checking out with Ye Chen.
However, after the baptism of the hot spring, both of them looked glowing and beautiful.
When it was time to check out of the room, Richard Chen personally came.
He chased after Ye Chen and Xiao Churan and apologized repeatedly, and warned all the employees of Champs-Elysees on the spot that if there were any future incidents of treating customers differently and treating them badly, they would be directly scrapped.
The entire Champs staff finally realized the importance of serving customers well.
Afterwards, Richard Chen took the Champs’ top management and politely sent Ye Chen and the others out the door.
Richard Chen was going to send Ye Chen to the parking lot, but Ye Chen gave him a look and said indifferently, “We’re going straight to the parking lot to pick up our car and return to the city, so there’s no need for Mr. Chen to see us off.”
Chen Zekai was also very upbeat and knew that Ye Chen didn’t want him to always follow, so he hurriedly and respectfully said, “Master Ye, you take care.”
Out of the gate, Dong Ruo Lin incomparably enchanting stretching a lazy waist, opened her mouth, “Soaking hot springs is really comfortable, Choran, if you two want to be fine, we stay here for a few days before going back how good!”
Xiao Choran smiled, “My company has just opened, and I have a lot of things to do, how can I come here for a few days…”

Chapter: 434
Saying that, Xiao Chu Ran asked, “Don’t you have to work?”
Dong Ruolin threw out her tongue and said, “This job of mine is originally running outside, and I haven’t seen the chairman of the board since I came to the Emperor Group, and he can’t control me, so I belong to the staff that no one cares about, so it’s fine if I don’t go to work occasionally.”
Then, Dong Ruolin said, “But since you have something to do, I’ll send you two back first.”
When he arrived at the parking lot, Ye Chen found that Hong Fifth was actually guarding Dong Ruolin’s car, and the place where the rear of the car had been scuffed yesterday had been repaired.
Only when Hong Fifth saw him come over did he even welcome him, respectfully saying, “Mr. Ye, are you still having fun?”
“Not bad.” Ye Chen took a few glances at the rear of the car and saw that the repair was as good as new, so he said, “You’ve got a good heart.”
Master Hong Fifth was busy saying respectfully, “Master Ye, I just happen to have an auto repair shop, so I had my workers bring their tools over to work on it, are you going home? Do you need me to send some men to escort you back?”
Ye Chen even waved his hand and refused, “You’re busy with your work, we can just go back by ourselves.”
“That’s fine, if Mr. Ye has something, just look for me anytime.” Master Hong Fifth arched his hand, which led his men to leave.
When Xiao Choran saw this scene, she shook her head and said to Ye Chen, “I don’t know what kind of demons these people are under, how can they be so respectful to you.” A second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen smiled, “Can’t it be that I’m capable?”
Xiao Choran gave him a blank look and said, “It’s some kind of secret feng shui skill again, isn’t it? The more they trust you now, the more vicious their revenge will be in the future when they find out they’ve been cheated by you, so you’d better be careful.”
Ye Chen smiled and didn’t argue.
The three of them got into the car and drove towards the city.
On the road, Dong Ruorin asked as she drove, “Churan, are you two going home or where are you going?”
“Go home.” Xiao Choran said, “Go home and get some rest and rest, and you’ll be back to full blood on Monday!”
Dong Ruolin nodded and said, “Then I’ll send you two home first, and then go back to the hotel.”
Xiao Churan asked in surprise, “You’re still staying at the hotel now?”
Dong Ruolin hmmm and said, “Where else can you stay if you don’t live in a hotel, I’ve been staying in Shangri-La.”
Xiao Chu Ran asked, “It’s very lonely to live in a hotel by yourself, right? Why don’t you buy a house in Jinling?”
Dong Ruolin smiled bitterly, “It’s more trouble to buy a house to live in yourself ah, might as well live in a hotel, every day someone to clean up the room, clean the room, what you want to eat directly a phone call, food truck to the room, laundry is also a phone call to come to the door to pick up, dry and iron and then send me over.”
For people like Dong Ruolin who have a very wealthy family, a lot of times it’s about spending money to save themselves time and effort.
Xiao Churan asked again, “Then how are things at home? Is your cousin still targeting you lately?”
“No more.” Dong Ruolin said, “I told my family before, but they said there wasn’t enough evidence to be sure that everything I said was true, but my cousin seems to have subsided a lot now and doesn’t dare to do anything to me.”
Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen in the back row through the rearview mirror of the car and mouthed a “thank you”.
She knew clearly in her heart that it was Ye Chen who warned those in the Dong family who wanted to target themselves, and they were only able to restrain themselves.
So, Ye Chen really didn’t know how many times he had saved himself.
Xiao Choran suddenly felt a bit sorry for Dong Ruolin, a good girlfriend who had come to Jinling to work alone, had always had to live in a hotel, and had suffered betrayal and chasing by her family….
Thinking of this, she opened her mouth and said to Dong Ruorin, “Ruorin, the Wang family gave Ye Chen a villa, it’s in Thomson One, when the renovation there is done, I’ll reserve a room for you, you can move over and live with us.”
“Really?!” Dong Ruorin was incomparably excited and asked.
Xiao Chu Ran smiled and said, “Of course it’s true! I’m your best friend, can I still lie to you?”

Chapter: 435
Xiao Choran and Dong Ruorin, two good girlfriends, quickly made an appointment to live together in the future at the Townsend Villa.
Both women were very happy, only Ye Chen was a little depressed.
Xiao Churan is really simple, I wonder if Dong Ruorin has always had thoughts about your husband?
You invited her to move into the villa with you, silly wife. That’s a trap!
However, Ye Chen couldn’t explicitly refuse this kind of thing, and he didn’t have a reason to reject it.
So, even if he had anything he was dissatisfied with, he could only hide it in his stomach first.
Dong Ruolin was extremely happy.
Because this way, she will be able to spend time with Ye Chen, in that case, the possibility of her being with him will be much greater.
The car drove to Xiao Churan’s house downstairs, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan said goodbye to Dong Ruorin, then got off and prepared to go upstairs.
The first time I saw it, I saw an old man get off the car and hurriedly stepped forward to welcome it. The first website
When Ye Chen took a look, it was actually Shi Tianqi.
Xiao Choran was very excited at the sight of Shi Tianqi, and welcomed him, and spoke respectfully, “Doctor Shi, what are you doing here, last time you saved my father, I haven’t had the time to thank you properly.”
Shi Tianqi even waved his hand and said, “Mrs. Ye needn’t be polite, I don’t dare to take credit for what happened last time, I came here this time because I have something to look for Mr. Ye.”
“Then let’s go upstairs and talk, shall we? There’s still good tea at home that my father treasures, and when you come here, he will definitely take it out to treat you properly.” Xiao Churan invited.
Shi Tianqi smiled and declined, “Shi Mou just wants to have a few words with Mr. Ye, so I won’t bother Mrs. Ye and your father.”
Ye Chen saw that there was no end to their politeness, so he interjected, “Churan, you go up first, I’ll have a few words with Divine Doctor Shi.”
Xiao Churan commanded, “Then you have to entertain Divine Doctor Shi ah.”
Ye Chen nodded and agreed, only then did Xiao Churan go upstairs.
Only when he saw Xiao Churan leave did Shi Tianqi give a respectful salute to Ye Dust and said, “Master Ye, I came to find you because I have something to report to you.”
Ye Chen nodded, “You say.”
Shi Tianqi spoke up, “There is going to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine Exposition tomorrow in Jinling, I heard that there is also a three hundred year old superb purple ginseng to be auctioned off, the entire Traditional Chinese Medicine world is quite a sensation, I thought to myself that this divine medicine has not been released for a long time and is very rare, you might be able to use it, so I came to ask you if you want to go take a look tomorrow?”
“Three hundred years of the finest purple ginseng?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but think for a moment.
According to the records inside the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, purple ginseng was indeed a very rare and good thing, and a three-hundred year old superb purple ginseng was an even more rare and precious herb!
If this herb was available, he would be able to refine some more powerful pills, such as the Rejuvenation Pill that could bring the dead back to life.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen nodded and promised, “Alright, then go over and take a look.”
Shi Tianqi panicked and said, “Then Shi Mou will go take care of the invitation and come over to pick you up tomorrow morning.”
“Okay, it’s settled.”
“Then Shi Mou will take his leave first.” Shi Tianqi arched his hands and bowed.
“Go.” Ye Chen nodded, then stepped up the stairs.

Chapter: 436
The next morning, Shi Tianqi came over to pick up Ye Chen and went to the Chinese Medicine Exposition.
What Ye Chen didn’t expect was that the venue of the expo was also chosen at the Gao family’s Jinling Exhibition Center.
The last time he came here, Gao Junwei was still arrogant in front of him, but now, Gao Junwei, along with his old man Gao Jianjun, had turned into ash, leaving no trace in the human world.
It is just like the saying, “I don’t know where to go, but the peach blossoms are still laughing at the spring breeze.”.
The first step into the exhibition center, Ye Chen saw at a glance, on the wall of the hall, also posted Gao Junwei and Gao Jianjun’s missing person notice.
The Gao family had added the bounty to thirty million, but still hadn’t found the slightest trace of the father and son.
It was just that these efforts were destined to be in vain.
When Ye Chen and Shi Tianqi walked in together, Qin Gang brought Qin Ao Xue with him and welcomed them together.
The Qin family itself was in the medicinal herbs business, and this kind of Chinese medicine expo, they were also the exhibitor, that’s why they were here early in the morning to prepare.
As soon as he saw Ye Chen, Qin Gang excitedly bowed forward and said respectfully, “Master Ye, you are here!” Remember the URL
At the side, Qin Ao Xue seemed to have some heartache and her face was a little haggard, not knowing what it was because of.
However, seeing Ye Chen, Qin Aoxue’s mood still jumped up, slightly shyly walked up to Ye Chen, bowed nicely, smiled shallowly, and softly said, “Hello, Master Ye.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and stared at Qin Ao Xue for a moment, knowing that she had something in her heart, but the other party didn’t say, so he couldn’t ask, so he said to her, “Ao Xue, you don’t look too good, you need to pay more attention to rest.”
Qin Aoxue’s cheeks blushed as she heard this, not expecting Ye Chen to actually care about her in an unprecedented way, it couldn’t help but make her heart even happier, nodding her head repeatedly.
Qin Gang also opened his mouth to respectfully say, “Master Ye, I wonder if you’re here this time for the three hundred year old Premium Purple Ginseng?”
Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Any specific news?”
Qin Gang smiled, “This three-hundred-year-old superb purple ginseng was acquired by chance by a medicinal herb company near the Changbai Mountains in the northeast, it is said that the starting price this time is just five million, just looking at the price is not high, but five million for a purple ginseng is actually quite high, it is estimated that the final bid will be over thirty million, the cost performance is not too high.”
Ye Chen nodded his head.
A strain of superb purple ginseng really wasn’t of much use to an ordinary person, or an ordinary Chinese medicine practitioner.
Whether it was Purple Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum, or Cordyceps Sinensis, these expensive Chinese herbs were basically of little use if eaten directly, the effect of strengthening the body was indeed there, but the ability to cure all diseases was not.
Therefore, if you want to get the most out of a good herb, one depends on the prescription and one depends on the ability to refine the herb.
The fundamental reason is that the ratios of the ten herbs are different, and the difference in ratios alone can lead to such a big difference.
As for the ability to refine medicine, it was based on a good recipe to make good medicine.
If the ability was not good, 10 points of herbs ended up being refined into 1 point.
If the ability is extremely strong, a 1-point herb ends up being refined into a 10-point one.
If all aspects were strong, a 10-point herb could even be refined into a 100-point.
Ye Chen’s ability was the kind of medicine that was 10 points to refine a 100 point medicine.
Plus, he had a long-lost classic recipe that could even refine a drug far beyond 100 points.
Therefore, something like the Extreme Purple Ginseng was useful to him, and it really didn’t mean much to anyone else.
But if it was in his own hands, he would be able to refine a much better divine medicine than the pills he had rewarded the crowd with last time!

Chapter: 437
At this time, Ye Chen suddenly heard, from behind him, a few familiar voices.
A man said, “Xiao Dong, don’t worry, this time, as long as we take that three hundred year old purple ginseng, all the herbs we need for our new prescription will all be matched up, and by then, your illness will definitely be cured!”
The one who spoke, was Wei Changming of the Wei family.
That is, the one who was forced to lick the urinal a few days ago.
At this time, the original Xiao family’s Xiao Yiqian spoke up, “Oh my, that’s really something I have to thank Wei in advance, when my illness is cured, I will definitely strengthen the partnership with the Wei family, and when that time comes, my family and I will both dedicate some resources to help the Wei family, our two families will be strong together and our friendship will last forever!”
Wei Changming was also very excited and said excitedly, “Then I also have to thank Dong Xiao in advance first, hahahaha.”
Ye Chen turned back and saw walking from far and near, it was Wei Changming and Xiao Yiqian.
Followed by the two, there was also Xiao Weiwei.
Xiao Weiwei at this time also did not have the embarrassment of licking the urinal on that day, she was holding a Hermes limited edition bag in one hand, one arm around Wei Changming’s arm, walking with her eyes above her head, completely in the posture of a noblewoman.
Behind a few people, there was also a person who looked somewhat similar to Wei Changming following, Ye Chen did not know this guy, this person was Wei Changming’s illegitimate half-brother, who had been variously disliked in the Wei family, Wei Liang. A second to remember to read the book
And just at the same time Ye Chen saw a few people, a few people also discovered Ye Chen.
Xiao Yiqian, Wei Changming, and Xiao Weiwei, these three people, all of whom had a blood feud with Ye Chen and simply hated him to the bone, were all filled with rage at the sight of him and wanted to tear him alive.
And when Wei Changming saw him, he was even more furious, as if his mouth was again overflowing with that slutty to the extreme disgusting smell of a urinal.
Xiao Weiwei couldn’t help but dry heave even when she thought about the beginning, after so many days, her tongue had no taste for anything she ate and felt everything stinky, all thanks to Ye Chen!
When he saw Ye Chen, Xiao Yiqian, who had the strongest background and strength, was the first to speak, and he gritted his teeth, “So it’s you, you stinking hangman, we meet again!”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, “Last time, you were so happy to call your father and grandfather, but you changed your name in the blink of an eye? You’re a bit of an ungrateful grandson, aren’t you?”
Xiao Yiqian heard him mention that incident, and even more so, he squeezed his fist in hatred.
That incident made him lose face and somehow lost his ability to be a man, it was simply the greatest shame in his life!
But he knew he couldn’t beat Ye Chen and didn’t dare to do anything, so he could only sneer, “That’s called a good man doesn’t eat immediate loss, a great man can bend and stretch, what does a trash like you know? Don’t think you’re a fighter just because you know how to fight! This world is very dark, you should be careful when you walk at night in the future.”
Ye Chen sneered, “I see that you can only flex now, you can’t stretch, right? Did you get your male virility back during this time?”

Chapter: 438
Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth in anger as soon as he heard Ye Chen scold him for being able to bend!
“Don’t you fucking be arrogant!” Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth and cursed, “Sooner or later, I will regain my strength, don’t worry, I will not spare you in this matter!”
Shi Tianqi snapped in a cold voice, “Xiao Yiqian! I’ve warned you repeatedly to be respectful and polite to Master Ye and not to offend, so if you ever target Master Ye again, don’t blame me for turning my back on him!”
As soon as Xiao Yiqian saw Shi Tianqi speaking for Ye Chen, his brain ached with anger.
His own mother had also been urging him to repair his relationship with Shi Tianqi as soon as possible and invite Shi Tianqi to Yanjing for her 84th birthday banquet.
However, this Shi Tianqi was just a bit stubborn!
Hanging around with a stinky hangman like Ye Chen all day, what is he after?
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product. Old man, you’re shrewd for once in your life, don’t let the old horse lose its hoof!”
Wei Changming, who was on the side, also laughed with a face full of disdain and said, “This kind of wasteful liar can only bounce around for a few days in a small place like Jinling, but when he really gets to a big place, he’ll be scared to death? It’s just these unseen things in a small place that are held hostage by his deception!”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “Was the toilet in the last Splendid Clubhouse not big enough? Your mouth still stinks, the toilets at the convention center are amazing, there are twenty or thirty urinals in the men’s room alone, do you want to have a little more fun?” First web site
Wei Changming’s expression was extremely ugly, but he also carried seven points of scruples and said, “You… Don’t think that you can run rampant in Jinling just because you fooled Uncle Yu!”
Qin Gang had been standing at the back, when he heard Wei Changming targeting Ye Chen, he immediately spoke with a cold face, “Wei Changming, what kind of a thing are you, daring to speak out against Master Ye?”
Their Qin family was one of the Wei family’s medicinal herb suppliers and had more than a few contacts before, but he didn’t expect that Wei Changming would be disrespectful to Ye Chen!
Wei Changming didn’t see him just now, and at this time swept Qin Gang with disdain in his eyes, “Qin Gang, our two families have been working together for more than ten years, why are you even speaking for this trash?”
Qin Gang snorted coldly and said, “Master Ye’s skills are simply not something that someone like you can know, if you insult Master Ye, you are insulting my Qin Family, our Qin Family will henceforth sever all ties of cooperation with your Wei Family, and all medicinal herbs will no longer be supplied to the Wei Family!”
Wei Changming’s face changed slightly, losing the Qin family as a supplier would also be a bit troublesome for them.
But what can’t be lost can’t be lost face, so he gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Losing your Qin family as a supplier, our Wei family is still alive and well, but your Qin family, having broken off cooperation with us, I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy in the future, right?”
Qin Gang’s face was ashen, and he said firmly, “The Qin family’s medicinal materials are nationally famous, even if we don’t cooperate with you, it won’t have any big impact on us, but your Wei family, if you don’t have my Qin family’s medicinal materials, I’ll see how you can guarantee the quality of your medicines in the future!”
The middle-aged man who was following behind Wei Changming was now very apologetic to Qin Gang, “Don’t mind too much, Mr. Qin, my brother was just joking, the two of us have been working together for so long, it’s not good for either of us to rashly terminate the cooperation…”
Before he finished speaking, Wei Changming turned back and kicked him with a cold voice, “Wei Liang! Since when do you get to talk here? What do I need you to teach me to do? Remember who you are, you’re a frame-born bastard, and if you jabber with me again, go back to your Changbai Mountain!”

Chapter: 439
Wei Liang was kicked over to the ground, dying in pain and covering his stomach, his face reddening.
However, he didn’t dare to say anything anymore and just quietly stood up and stood behind Wei Changming again.
Ye Chen took one more look at Wei Liang.
From his body, Ye Chen more or less saw a little bit of his old shadow.
He was despised, looked down upon, and even humiliated, but could only choose to endure and be invisible while quietly waiting for an opportunity to rise.
It was only then that Xiao Weiwei spoke to Wei Changming and said, “Darling, make no mistake about getting angry with a loser and a bastard, let’s go in quickly.”
Wei Changming nodded his head.
Ye Chen, the trash, and Wei Liang, the bastard, were trash in his eyes, and even though he had suffered a big loss under Ye Chen’s hand, he still didn’t think that Ye Chen was any great person.
Instead, he was still waiting for the opportunity to take revenge on Ye Chen to relieve his hatred.
Ye Chen didn’t bother to argue with this group of people, the reason why he came to the expo was for the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng. Remember the URL
As for Xiao Yiqian and Wei Changming, if they still dared to continue pretending with themselves, then they would have plenty of opportunities to slowly take care of them.
Seeing Xiao Yiqian, Wei Changming and the others leave, Shi Tianqi shook his head and sighed, “This Xiao Yiqian, is really making his own mistakes!”
Qin Gang spoke up, “Master Ye and Doctor Shi, let’s go in as well, don’t let these villains affect your mood.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “A bunch of jumping clowns, of course I won’t take it to heart.”
A few people walked into the center of the exhibition hall, where there were already display counters for all kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs, each displaying many different kinds of herbs.
Qin Gang first invited Ye Chen to inspect the booths in front of his own home, the Qin family was worthy of being a herbal merchant with a hundred years of history, they themselves had more than a dozen display counters with all kinds of rare herbs on display.
Qin Gang said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, if there are any herbs in here that you need, just ask, I’ll bring them out to you.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “After I get the three hundred years of the finest purple ginseng, I might refine a new medicine, I’ll tell you what I need then.”
Qin Gang hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye has any request, just tell me, Qin Gang will do his best to make it happen for you!”
Ye Chen looked around at the expo and didn’t find any herbs worthy of his attention, which made him somewhat disappointed.
It seemed that the vast majority of the medicinal herbs could actually only be considered ordinary goods, nothing special about them.
After strolling around for a while, it was almost time for the auction, so Ye Chen went to the auction hall with Qin Gang, Shi Tianqi and the others.
The entire auction hall could accommodate millions of drop-offs and was huge.
Right in front of the auction hall, a transparent stand with four sides of glass was erected, and placed right in the center was the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng.
After Ye Chen saw the purple ginseng, he was delighted.
He could perceive that the medicinal power of this purple ginseng was strong, and with his eyesight, this purple ginseng said that it was three hundred years old, but it was actually about to approach four hundred years old, and the quality was even better than expected.

Chapter: 440
There are many kinds of ginseng, including common ginseng, American ginseng, red ginseng, purple ginseng, and wild ginseng, among which purple ginseng is the most rare and expensive.
Therefore, it does not mean that if a ginseng has not been picked, it can become a hundred years old or several hundred years old, but most ginseng will die even if no one picks it.
Ginseng that can live for more than two or three hundred years is the best of the best, while those that can live for more than five hundred years are so rare that some people never have the chance to see them even though they’ve been picking them all their lives.
As for ginseng that were over a thousand years old, they were even more priceless, existing almost only in legends and rarely seen taken out.
Therefore, this three-hundred year-old superb purple ginseng was extremely precious.
The auction hall was already overcrowded with people, most of them were famous bigwigs in the traditional Chinese medicine, medicine, and medicinal herbs worlds from all over the country, as well as many old Chinese doctors who could be called national medical sages.
Among them, many of them were quite familiar with Shi Tianqi, and after seeing him come in, they all came forward to congratulate him.
Congratulation was to congratulate him for successfully curing paraplegia in a high position, creating a miracle in medical history.
However, Shi Tianqi was incomparably ashamed.
The credit for saving the high paraplegia, everyone felt that it was his, but only he knew that the credit was completely his alone, and it was Master Ye Chen Ye who liked to keep a low profile, so he let himself accept it on his behalf. One second to remember to read the book
Many people gathered around Shi Tianqi, asking him about the method to cure paraplegia, and Shi Tianqi said, “Actually, the treatment of paraplegia is not my own skill, but a divine medicine that I occasionally obtained exerted a tremendous therapeutic effect.”
Someone asked after him, “Old Shi, can you publish the recipe for this miracle medicine? If it’s published, it’s a benefit to all mankind!”
“Right.” Someone chimed in, saying, “Dr. Shi, by announcing this prescription, you are likely to get the Nobel Prize in Medicine!”
Shi Tianqi said awkwardly, “Let’s forget about this, there are indeed some hidden secrets that are inconvenient to talk about.”
At this time, a young man in a suit came in front of Shi Tianqi, bowed slightly, and said in less than fluent Chinese, “Hello, Doctor Shi, my name is Ichiro Kobayashi, I am the Vice Chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical of Japan.”
Shi Tianqi nodded and said, “I know about your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I wonder what you are looking for me for?”
Kobayashi Ichiro said seriously, “Doctor Shi, we, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is the strongest pharmaceutical company in Asia, there are a lot of very popular classic medicines that we have developed and produced, with such strong support, we have the ability to carry forward your remedy for paraplegia and make it sell to more than 200 countries around the world, so I sincerely hope that you, Be able to sell us this remedy!”
When Shi Tianqi heard the other party’s words, he couldn’t help but frown and said, “I remember, many of your medicines aren’t developed by yourselves, and those medicines use our Chinese formula!”
The so-called Chinese prescriptions are actually the ancient prescriptions of Chinese medicine.
Japan and Korea were profoundly influenced by Chinese culture in ancient times, and their medicine was naturally inspired by Chinese medicine, and now pharmaceutical companies in these two countries are making a big deal out of Chinese medicine, which, to put it bluntly, is plagiarism from the Chinese ancestors.
Since the ancient Chinese prescriptions are recorded in some pharmacopoeia works, and there is no clear patent copyright protection, these Japanese and Korean pharmaceutical companies have plagiarized all kinds of prescriptions from the TCM dictionary, and then produce all kinds of drugs to sell all over the world.
It would be just fine if they said clearly that these drugs are derived from ancient Chinese prescriptions, but they want to advertise to the public that they have researched and developed those prescriptions themselves.
Some even shamelessly claim that the prescriptions are handed down from their own ancestors, making consumers around the world think that these medicines are really the historical heritage of Japan and Korea.
This kind of blatant plagiarism had already made Shi Tianqi, and a whole bunch of Chinese medical scholars, indignant!
Kobayashi Ichiro was now arrogantly saying, “Doctor Shi, I would like to correct your mistake, none of our Kobayashi Pharma’s medicines use the Chinese formula, all of them are our own improvements based on the essence of our Japanese national medicine!”

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