The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 461-470

Chapter: 461
Wu Qi’s entire body had completely lost his mind.
At such a time, the psychological implication Ye Chen gave him was extremely strong, driving him to think only of “filling his stomach” in his head!
The three students collapsed and went up to him, desperately trying to pull him away, and he lay on the floor, like a mad dog, eating and cursing.
The class teacher with a few doctors just happened to run out, saw this scene, used to seeing psychiatric doctors are also scared silly.
Mental illness has seen all kinds of mental illness, but this is really the first time to see it….
This was too brutal, right?
So, a bunch of doctors rushed forward and dragged the man back hard from the shit, then tied him to a special bed with a fixed belt and pushed him into the mental hospital.
At this moment, the entire Jinling Finance and Economics College was in full bloom with Wu Qi’s video.
Numerous people would vomit in place after watching it, but everyone still watched Wu Qi’s video of destroying three views with intense nausea.
Many people clapped their hands in excitement at seeing this end of Wu Qi, because many people in the school knew that Wu Qi was simply a super pervert who loved to psychologically control girls and then force them to self-harm and commit suicide to satisfy his twisted mind. A second to remember to read the book
Many right-minded people were very disgusted and even hateful towards him, but since no one messed with him, Wookie never paid any price for his actions.
However, it is not only ironic that Wookie, who loves to give psychological hints to others, has turned himself into an appalling psychopath, but it is also a relief from hatred! It’s really great fun!
The Wu family’s private jet had landed at the Jinling airport.
From Suhang to Jinling was very close, the high speed train only needed about an hour and a half, so between these two cities, there were no flights, and it only took half an hour for the Wu family’s private plane to fly here.
Afterwards, Wu Donghai brought Wu Qi’s brother, Wu Xin, and a few top doctors, and quickly got off the plane.
By the side of the plane, several Rolls Royces had been waiting for a long time, and the group split into three cars and headed straight to the Qingshan Mental Hospital.
The Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital was not far from the airport, so the group arrived at the hospital quickly.
When they arrived at the hospital, Wu Qi was tied to the bed, struggling with his whole body, his mouth was stuffed with a towel because he tried to bite his tongue to kill himself when he couldn’t break free.
At this point, it was as if Wu Qi had rabies, and his entire body went completely insane.
Once Wu Donghai saw his son in this state, he was heartbroken and rushed forward to say, “Xiao Qi, daddy is here!”
Wu Qi couldn’t even recognize his father at this point, he just wanted to fill his stomach now….
So he struggled to tug his feet and arms, his wrists and ankles were tied with a belt, so he quickly earned all the wounds, and even faintly flowed blood.
Wu Donghai hurriedly said to the psychiatrist he had brought with him, “Quickly see what’s going on!”
The doctor nodded and said, “I’ll give Second Young Master a sedative injection first.”
After saying that, immediately from the medical kit that was with him, he took out the syringe and sedative, and without hesitation gave Wu Qi a shot.
However, after the injection, Wu Qi didn’t feel sedated at all, still struggling desperately, whimpering and saying something, but couldn’t hear it because of the towel stuffed in his mouth.
When Wu Donghai saw that the sedative had no effect, he hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?!”
The expert was a bit overwhelmed and said, “Mr. Wu, this injection, not to mention the person, even the cow fell, but Second Young Master he didn’t even react at all…”

Chapter: 462
Wu Donghai took off, “I don’t need you to tell me that he’s not reacting at all, I’m asking you, what now?”
The expert thought about it and said, “I want to increase the dose a little more, no matter what, let Young Master calm down first.”
Wu Donghai nodded his head and said, “What are you waiting for?!”
The expert said, “Mr. Wu, sedatives are overused and can damage the body, so…”
Wu Donghai took off, “He’s already damaging his own body right now, quickly calming him down is the most important thing!”
“Yes!” The expert hurriedly nodded and immediately prepared to increase the dose.
Another shot was given, and Wu Qi still hadn’t changed much.
“It’s really strange…” The expert said, “This sedative is very strong, after two shots, the manic elephant will also stop, but the young master is still so irritable, this is a bit unnatural…”
At this time, a heart specialist on the side said, “No good, Young Master’s body is shaking, as if his heart is beating very fast!”
As he said, he immediately took out a portable ECG monitor, opened it for testing, and Wu Qi’s heart rate at this time was as high as 180 beats per minute! First web site
“This…. This is the heart rate index after intense anaerobic exercise ah…. If Young Master continues at this heart rate, I’m afraid the heart will soon be unable to cope!”
Wu Donghai hurriedly asked, “What happens if the load can’t be applied?”
The cardiologist said, “If you can’t load it, you’ll have heart failure or palpitations or heart attacks, which can be life-threatening!”
Wu Donghai pursued, “What then?!”
The cardiologist said, “The best thing to do is to calm the young master down as soon as possible, otherwise it’s hard for the heart to strain for too long ah…”
The psychiatric expert on the other side said, “But Second Young Master can’t calm down now, two injections of sedatives have gone down and he’s still not getting better at all…”
At this point, Wu Qi was still struggling so hard that his heart was beating faster and faster!
The cardiologist was in a hurry and yelled off the top of his lungs, “It’s not working! The heart rate is still elevated, and if it continues like this it will be life-threatening soon!”
Wu Donghai hurriedly asked a few of Wu Qi’s classmates who had been scared silly next to him, “What’s going on with him tonight? Is there any way he can calm down?”
The three of them looked at me and me at you, and one of them mustered up the courage to say, “Hello Uncle, after Wu Qi went back to his dorm room tonight, he started eating shit, and no one could stop him when he wanted to, and he didn’t regain his senses until he was done…. It’s the same the second and third time…”
Wu Donghai’s face was extremely cold and questioned, “In other words, he could only calm down if he ate that stuff, right?”
“Yes…” The crowd hurriedly nodded their heads.
Wu Xin at the side couldn’t help but say, “Dad, is someone deliberately taking revenge on Xiao Qi? After all, Xiao Qi has been attending college for more than two years, he did hurt some girls from poor families as well, and it seems that two of them died.”
Wu Donghai said with a blank expression, “You said it yourself, those are all girls from poor families, neither the living girls nor the families of the dead girls are capable of making any waves, I suspect something else is going on.”
The cardiologist said at this time, “Mr. Wu, the second young master’s heart rate has already exceeded 220, if it continues like this, it is expected that the young master will soon die!”
Wu Donghai gritted his teeth and after a moment spat out three words, “Let him eat!”
Wu Qi’s brother, Wu Xin, spoke out, “Dad, we can’t let my brother go to the bathroom and eat that stuff! That’s…. That’s disgusting!”
Wu Donghai said coldly, “There is no other way now! The most important thing is to keep the vitamin! Let him eat first! We’ll figure it out when he’s stable!”

Chapter: 463
This night was destined to be a lively one.
While Wu Qi’s side had overturned everyone’s three outlooks, on the other hand, Xiao Yiqian followed Wei Changming and hurriedly returned to the Wei family with the three hundred year old purple ginseng plants.
Not being able to take the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng at the auction, Xiao Yiqian was both regretful and fortunate, regretful because the hundred year old purple ginseng was naturally not as good as the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng; fortunate because it saved over ninety million dollars….
The three hundred year old purple ginseng plants, which Wei Changming had taken with him, to a friend’s place, had only cost a total of three million, while Ye Chen had spent one hundred million on that three hundred year old superb purple ginseng plant.
Comparing it this way, he was instantly more comfortable.
At this time, he only hoped that the Wei family’s improved medicine could cure the stubborn disease on his roots.
Since this medicine, pinned the Wei family’s hopes for the future, the entire Wei family’s sons and daughters were all present, even the Wei family’s head, Wei Yongzheng, carried his frail body hard and came to the large living room to supervise the scene.
Wei Yongzheng was more than sixty this year, wearing a Zhongshan suit, his hair was white, his face was full of folds, he walked with a wobble, he couldn’t even straighten his waist, it was obvious that he had played too much with women when he was young, resulting in a ruthless deficit of essence and blood.
Professor Ke, the Wei family’s chief pharmacist, was now directing several assistants, setting up miniature reactors, refiners as well as centrifuges in the Wei family’s living room, ready to dispense according to the new prescription.
Even though the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng was not taken down, Professor Ke still decided to give it a try with the hundred year old purple ginseng. Remember the website
Because, if this medicine really had to use three hundred years of extremely high quality purple ginseng, it would be difficult to mass produce according to this medicine in the future.
After all, this medicine was too expensive and rare to be found.
Therefore, if it could be proven that a hundred year old purple ginseng, or even second best purple ginseng could be used, then the production capacity could be greatly enhanced, while also greatly reducing the cost.
Everyone up and down the Wei family was incomparably excited.
Because, if this medicine could be successfully prepared and had the expected healing effects, it would be an existence that surpassed the Western medicine Viagra, and the Wei family might even leap into a world-class major pharmaceutical company with this one medicine!
Viagra, a chemical called sildenafil, is very effective in treating that aspect of male hypofunction, and its previous patent had been in the hands of a well-known American drug company, Ruifai.
And with this drug, Ruihui increased its market value by tens of billions of dollars!
In other words, this one drug sold around the world made hundreds of billions of RMB for Ruifai!
And this recipe from the Wei family, if we really get it right, will not only boost male power, but more importantly, it will also regulate and improve the male body, with better results than Wei!
When the time comes, once it’s sold all over the world, won’t it make a fortune?
Xiao Yiqian didn’t know how profitable this medicine would be in the future if it became a success, all he was thinking now was that if this medicine could cure himself, he would have to find a few beautiful women and battle for three days and three nights!
It’s really been suffocating him for a while!
He looked at Professor Ke apprehensively, and Professor Ke first weighed and distinguished a precious herb, then followed the order and put it into the centrifuge.
Prof. Ke is a relatively powerful expert in Chinese traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine using boiling method, the waste of active ingredients is relatively large, and the purity is not enough, so with the reactor, centrifuge and other equipment used to prepare western medicine, the active ingredients in the Chinese medicine can be well retained and purified.
Wei Yongzheng on the side saw Xiao Yiqian’s tense expression, so he smiled and said to Xiao Yiqian, “Xiao Dong, this is a new generation of formula improved on the basis of our Wei family’s top-secret medicinal recipe, in Professor Ke’s calculations and speculations, all the toxic side effects have been completely eliminated, it is a genuine miracle medicine, I can vouch for it, after you take it, you will definitely get rid of the disease! ”
When Xiao Yiqian heard this, he couldn’t help but look excited and said, “That’s really great, I hope the efficacy of this medicine won’t let me down.”
Wei Yongzheng hurriedly patted his chest and said, “Xiao Dong please rest assured, this medicine can definitely cure your stubborn illness, before I improved the formula, I walked the world, relying on this divine medicine, and it’s not a problem to day-govern ten women.”

Chapter: 464
Xiao Yiqian was a little touched by the scene he painted and said, “Is it really that magical?”
Wei Yong Zheng said with incomparable seriousness, “Xiao Dong, our Wei family’s miracle medicine is three times and four times more effective than Wei’s, and the improved formula is even more effective, and can even reach ten times!”
Xiao Yiqian was suddenly ecstatic, there was such a miraculous effect, it seemed that his root disease could be completely cured nine times out of ten.
At this time, Wei Changming asked curiously, “Dad, if this medicine is mass-produced, wouldn’t it be able to be sold overseas and put down the foreign wei?”
Wei Yong Zheng waved his hand and said, “Of course, once it can be mass-produced, all the men in the world will use my family’s miracle medicine, there simply won’t be any more so-called Wei Ge, and there will only be one male miracle medicine on the market!”
Saying that, Wei Yongzheng then said to Xiao Yiqian, “I wonder if Dong Xiao has any intention to invest in the Wei family’s pharmaceutical factory, if Dong Xiao is willing, he only needs to invest two or three billion, and within a year, he can come back with ten billion in revenue!”
Xiao Yiqian was also very impressed, a businessman who valued profits was not exempt.
If the Wei family’s divine medicine was really that powerful, it would definitely make crazy money.
Thus, Xiao Yiqian smiled and said, “If the efficacy of the medicine is true, a billion investment only, I can take it out at will, but I have to see the efficacy of the medicine first.”
Wei Yong was waiting for him to say this, and immediately laughed and hurriedly said, “Xiao Dong, the first medicine, by let you experience the effect first, if you feel good, we will talk about the investment!” One second to remember to read the book
However, Wei Yongzheng didn’t know that Xiao Yiqian’s illness was not something that could be treated by ordinary drugs.
Moreover, although the Wei family’s so-called “miracle medicine” had been improved, but it was still unknown whether it was really effective and free of toxic side effects….
But at this time, Xiao Yiqian’s head was filled with thoughts of regaining his strength, not caring about what would happen if this medicine failed.
At this time, he could not help but feel a bit dry and tongue-tied, wishing that he could immediately take the Wei Family’s divine medicine.
At this time, Professor Ke had already finished dispensing the divine medicine.
Under the action of the centrifuge, all the medicinal ingredients were separated out and eventually purified by Professor Ke into a bowl of deep purple medicinal soup.
“Mr. Wei, the new medicine has been formulated!”
Professor Ke carried the medicinal soup and placed it in front of everyone.
A faint medicinal fragrance immediately surfaced in the air, making people feel hot and dry at the first sniff.
It seemed that the medicine was really strong!
Wei Yong was looking at Xiao Yiqian and smiled, “Xiao Dong, this bowl of medicine is on you.”
Xiao Yiqian was already impatient, his eyes were fiery as he looked at the medicinal soup and swallowed his saliva.
These days, enduring the painful torment of a living eunuch was too much to bear.
Not only was it physically painful, the psychological blow had also tormented Xiao Yiqian.
Thankfully, the heavens pitied himself and allowed him to catch up with the Wei family’s miracle medicine!
Looks like I can finally regain my strength today!

Chapter: 465
Xiao Yiqian held the bowl of deep purple medicinal soup to his mouth and couldn’t wait to drink it all!
Everyone was watching him, even Xiao Weiwei was watching him.
Actually, Xiao Weiwei preferred to follow Xiao Yiqian, after all, Xiao Yiqian’s Qiancheng Group was much larger and Xiao Yiqian was more willing to spend money on himself.
At least, she had gotten the five million dollars of pocket money from Xiao Yiqian.
Following Wei Changming, it’s not like he didn’t get any benefits.
If Xiao Yiqian regained his male virility, then he might actually want himself back from Wei Changming again.
The Wei family was also paying attention to Xiao Yiqian.
It could be said that Xiao Yiqian was the first real-life test subject of this new drug.
Everyone wanted to see him see results, so that the Wei family would be rich!
After Xiao Yiqian drank the medicinal soup, he felt an intense heat flow between his two kidneys. The first website
And it’s getting hotter and hotter!
This hot current continued to build up in his abdomen and then converge towards the root….
Xiao Yiqian felt as if he had an urge to raise his dragon’s head, which made him overjoyed!
He couldn’t help but say excitedly, “This is a divine medicine! I’m feeling hot and feverish right now, and there’s a big sign that I’m going to recover as before.”
Wei Changming, who was on the side, heard this and hurriedly said, “Congratulations to Dong Xiao on his rejuvenation and heroic posture!”
Wei Yongzheng was also thrilled beyond words, he stood up and laughed to the heavens, “God bless my Wei family for meeting the wind and turning into a dragon! From today onwards, my Wei family will become the world’s top pharmaceutical company and stand at the top of the world!”
Afterwards, he immediately said to Professor Ke, “Good job, Ke! When this drug goes on the market, I’ll give you a villa and give you a $50 million cash reward!”
Professor Ke was so excited that he hurriedly bowed, “Thank you, Mr. Wei!”
Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, saw that Xiao Yiqian really seemed to be better and flirtatiously whispered, “Xiao Dong, Weiwei is here to congratulate you…”
After saying that, she did not forget to give him a seductive look.
Xiao Yiqian was provoked by her voice in a strange way, and then thinking that he was about to recover as good as new, he directly said to Wei Changming, “Brother Wei, I know that Weiwei has been accompanying you for the past two days, but I am now recovering from a serious illness, and I need Weiwei to help me properly test the efficacy of the medicine, so I will take Weiwei with me tonight first?”
When Wei Changming heard this, he was somewhat upset.
After all, he also had some fondness for Xiao Weiwei, and men have an exclusive mentality towards things they like.
But when he thought that Xiao Weiwei was after all given to him by Xiao Yiqian, and now he needed a woman to accompany him to properly try out the effects of the medicine, there was nothing wrong with giving Xiao Weiwei back to him for the time being, so he could only nod and promise, “Since Xiao Dong has opened his mouth, I naturally won’t have any second words, old brother.”
Xiao Yiqian nodded his head in satisfaction and immediately said to Xiao Weiwei, “Weiwei, come back to the Xiao family with me.”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, “Yes Xiao Dong, why don’t we go back now? Lest you wait anxiously, Xiao Dong…”
Xiao Yiqian remembered something and hurriedly turned around to ask Wei Yongzheng, “Right, I’m only feeling hot and feverish right now, how long do I have to wait before I can fully recover?”

Chapter: 466
Wei Yongzheng hurriedly Yin: “I guess the effect of the medicine hasn’t come up yet, you have to repair the damaged part of you first, and only after it’s repaired will you be able to regain your strength, but I estimate that after half an hour to an hour, you’ll be able to stand up anyway!”
Xiao Yiqian said excitedly, “Since this is the case, then time is short and Xiao will not bother you all, so I will take my leave first.”
After saying that, he immediately took Xiao Weiwei and left the Wei family directly.
While in the car, Xiao Yiqian was already somewhat unable to hold back, and while driving, he said restlessly, “This heat is getting stronger and stronger, but it seems like we haven’t reached that place yet…”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, “Didn’t the owner of the Wei family say that the medicine has to be repaired first before it can act there!”
“Hahaha!” Xiao Yiqian said excitedly, “It’s like that whatever game you youngsters play, the enemy still has five seconds to reach the battlefield!”
Xiao Weiwei smiled coquettishly, “Xiao Dong, how much longer do you have to reach the battlefield ah?”
Xiao Yiqian said with a smile, “I reckon it’ll be another half hour, how come we should all be here? Hahahaha!”
Saying that, Xiao Yiqian reached out and hugged Xiao Weiwei’s waist and said seriously, “Weiwei, after I’m completely well, you’d better follow me, in the future, as long as you serve me well, I’ll guarantee you a lifetime of glory and enjoyment.”
Xiao Weiwei’s expression was flirtatious as she said, “Weiwei will definitely serve you well!” Remember the URL
Xiao Yiqian nodded his head, then had a voice with a viciousness that said, “That Ye Chen, this bastard has caused me to almost be unable to be a man, I absolutely cannot let him go!”
This time in Jinling himself had been planted in Ye Chen’s hands an unknown number of times, not only had his roots been crippled, but he had also called his grandfather several times.
It could be said that his Xiao Yiqian’s face was all lost on Ye Chen.
When he got well, he didn’t have to scruple Ye Chen or that Shi Tianqi, so he would find an opportunity to kill them both!
That Shi Tianqi is also a fucking nuisance, he doesn’t even let himself use the medicine, and he’s even threatening himself, damn it!
Soon, Xiao Yiqian drove back to the Xiao family.
After they got off the car, they went through the living room and headed straight to the second floor guest room.
Old Mrs. Xiao was sipping tea in the hall, and as soon as she saw Xiao Yiqian pulling Xiao Weiwei back, they hurriedly went upstairs and couldn’t help but ask Xiao Changqian, who was beside her, “Has Xiao Dong’s hidden disease there been cured?”
“I don’t know.” Xiao Changqian said, “Since you’re so anxious to return to your room, it feels like you’re getting better.”
Old Mrs. Xiao smiled and nodded, saying, “Good! Dong Xiao can revive his career, Weiwei can follow him again, and the subsequent seventy million investment of our Xiao Group will be in play again!”
Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said to Xiao Chang Qian, “Go, listen at their room door to see if Xiao Dong has really recovered, and if he has, I’ll talk to Xiao Dong about the second investment in the morning!”
Xiao Chang Qian said awkwardly, “Mom, Weiwei is my daughter, it’s not appropriate for me to go to her door and eavesdrop…”
Old Mrs. Xiao glared at him and said, “Useless thing, can’t you tell what’s most important? At this point, whether Xiao Dong has recovered or not is the most important thing!”
Qian Hongyan, Xiao Changqian’s wife on the side, nodded her head in succession and said, “Mom is right, this is the time when Xiao Dong’s situation is the most important, if you’re too embarrassed to go eavesdrop, then I’ll go!”
Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Qian Hongyan approvingly and said, “Still Hongyan has the courage to do things! Our family ah, always a woman is a little stronger, I do things than your father, you do things, and stronger than Chang Qian, Xiao Churan that elbow outward ungrateful granddaughter, the ability to do things than Hailong a strong cut, is really yin and Yang decline ah!”

Chapter: 467
Inside the room.
Xiao Yiqian was lying on the bed, anxiously waiting for the effects of the medicine to reach the battlefield.
Xiao Weiwei, on the other hand, was wearing a bathrobe and went to the bathroom first.
For some reason, Xiao Yiqian always felt a bit off, his abdomen had been hot and burning since he was in the Wei family, but his own key parts had never changed.
Even now, this kung fu, he vaguely felt a little itchy and sore.
“I guess it’s the medicine that’s working!”
Xiao Yiqian comforted himself, and at this time, Xiao Weiwei also returned from the bathroom.
Like a wild cat, Xiao Weiwei lay in Xiao Yiqian’s arms and asked in a delicate voice, “Xiao Dong, do you feel somewhat recovered now?”
Xiao Yiqian shook his head and looked ugly, “Not yet, but it should be soon.”
Xiao Weiwei was interested in serving Xiao Yiqian well and getting more benefits, so she threw a wink and then lowered her head to unfasten Xiao Yiqian’s pants. One second to remember to read the book
When Xiao Yiqian saw this, he also revealed an expectant gaze, his heart hot and dry.
As a man, he had really endured too much suffering for too long and lost too much weight.
In the next second, Xiao Weiwei suddenly shouted out in fear, her voice piercing the ears.
“Oh my god, Xiao Dong what’s going on with you, why is it starting to turn black and purple, and the roots are festering a bit!”
“What?!” Xiao Yiqian’s brain exploded, pushing Xiao Weiwei away and looking down there.
When he was able to see clearly, his face instantly turned green.
Originally, he thought that it might just be that the effect of the medicine hadn’t arrived yet, but he didn’t expect that his key had turned black and purple and was even somewhat corrupted and festering!
What the fuck is going on here!
Xiao Yiqian’s scalp exploded, instantly going mad!
If he had been looking forward to it just after taking the drug, he was now devastated.
From being a good man to a living eunuch, he had gotten hope several times but was struggling in a desperate situation.
It was hard to get the Wei family’s miraculous medicine, but as a result, after taking it himself, there was an ulcer that turned purple.
It was not too much to say that it was from heaven to hell!
“Damn, it must be the problem with Wei’s medicine, I say Wei Yongzheng, why is this old man so kind to let me take the medicine first, he’s clearly fucking treating me like a guinea pig.”
Xiao Weiwei was also confused and subconsciously said, “Xiao Dong, what should we do now ah…”
Xiao Yiqian directly slapped over with a slap and said angrily, “It’s fucking rotting, what else can you do, hurry to the hospital ah! Tell your father to get the car ready!”
Once Xiao Chang Qian heard that he was going to the hospital again, his entire body almost collapsed as well!
I thought Xiao Yiqian was finally effective this time and that my daughter would be able to regain Xiao Yiqian’s favor, but I never expected it to be a basket case!
And, from what Xiao Yiqian said, it seemed as if the situation was much more serious this time than before!

Chapter: 468
Late at night, Xiao Changqian drove, in this Xiao Yiqian as well as Xiao Yiqian’s two bodyguards, rushed to the People’s Hospital.
Xiao Yiqian didn’t even hang up the emergency number, and broke into the emergency room of the hospital with his bodyguards.
As soon as he entered the emergency room, he saw a male doctor sitting in front of the computer, so Xiao Yiqian removed his belt and took off his pants on the spot.
The male doctor in the emergency room was directly shocked.
“What are you doing? You’re a pervert, aren’t you?”
The male doctor was shocked and shouted, “Get out of here with your pants up or I’ll call security!”
Suddenly encountering this situation in the middle of the night, anyone else would be a little overwhelmed.
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly cryptically explained, “Doctor, you misunderstood, I am not a pervert, I have a serious problem with my body, please give me a look! Or I’ll be rotting out of this!”
At the moment, the ulceration had gotten worse.
The male doctor took a look at it, sucked in a breath of cold air, and said, “You’re muscle tissue is completely necrotic, ah…” First URL
“Completely necrotic? What do you mean?”
The male doctor said, “There just isn’t any saving grace anymore, like some people who have been in a car accident, have their legs crushed to pulp, can’t recover, and are facing serious infections, so there’s nothing left to do but amputate.”
“Amputation?!” Xiao Yiqian’s eyes turned red and collapsed, “Amputate my roots?”
The doctor nodded and said, “You need to amputate it before it triggers ulcers all over your body.”
Xiao Yiqian cried out loudly, “I’m a big man, how can I amputate there ah, I just want to keep my root, even if it can’t be used, I want it to grow there honestly for me!”
Now that he’s not seeking to regain his original function, he can do it without sucking, even as a living eunuch!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly begged, “Doctor, as long as you can cure me, I’m willing to pay no matter how much money you offer, do something!
The male doctor shook his head and said, “It’s not a matter of money, your condition is abnormally serious and is now completely necrotic, I suggest you just cut it out.”
Saying that, the doctor further explained, “If you don’t cut it off, when the ulceration and infection gets a little worse, it will cause a serious bacterial infection that will cause your immune system to collapse, and you will have a life-threatening condition! You know we have several patients every year who end up dragging themselves to death because they refuse to have their legs amputated! It’s death from an uncontrollable bacterial infection!”
Xiao Yiqian had been scared out of his wits.
At this time, the male doctor consoled, “Don’t worry, although cases like yours are very rare, I have done several similar surgeries before, and I will definitely cut you cleanly without leaving any lesions.”
Once Xiao Yiqian heard this, tears couldn’t help but flow down his cheeks, “Doctor, I beg you, please show me a clear path, I really can’t cut it ah, I’m already a living eunuch, if I did, it would be worse than a living eunuch! I….. I might as well be dead.”
The male doctor said helplessly, “I’m sorry ah, our hospital really has nothing to save you, if you are not willing to undergo amputation, we can’t cure you…”
Xiao Yiqian almost collapsed and gritted his teeth, “You bunch of losers, you can’t even stop the ulceration?”
The male doctor was also a little annoyed and said seriously, “Why can’t you people listen to the doctor? I told you, the only way to stop the ulceration in this situation is to amputate it!”
“And don’t think that it’s just the root now, soon the infected bacteria will be all over your body with your blood, and by then you’ll be a full-blown infection, and it could easily be life-threatening!”
Xiao Yiqian completely collapsed inside, the hatred in his heart for the Wei family was about to overwhelm Ye Chen at this moment!
Shit! The Wei family!
If I lose my roots, the Wei family will die!
I’ll turn all the men in your family into living eunuchs!
With that in mind, he shouted to the two bodyguards around him, “Follow me to the Wei family!”

Chapter: 469
Xiao Yiqian was incomparably angry and left from the People’s Hospital, bringing his two bodyguards with him and raging towards the Wei family.
As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Wei family, a servant of the Wei family hurriedly greeted him and asked obsequiously, “Xiao Dong, what are you doing here so late…”
However, Xiao Yiqian looked at him with the same gloomy look and directly threw a slap at him, roaring, “Get out of here!”
The rage and humiliation in his heart right now was like a boiling active volcano that could erupt at any moment!
Immediately, Xiao Yiqian, with two bodyguards, stepped into the gate of the Wei family, and as soon as he entered the courtyard, he said viciously, “Wei Yongzheng, you get out of here! One step later and I’ll have your dog’s life!”
With this roar from Xiao Yiqian, the entire Wei family flew into a frenzy.
Not long after, Wei Yongzheng, who was not even clothed, was supported by Wei Changming and hurriedly came out.
When he came out and looked at Xiao Yiqian, who was full of anger, he was also surprised and quickly asked, “Mr. Xiao, what are you doing? You’ve just taken your medicine and are back to your former majesty, isn’t it just right that you should be at home upside down?”
“Topsy-turvy? I’ll jolt your mother!”
Xiao Yiqian glared angrily at Wei Yongzheng and pointed at him, cursing, “You old fool, how dare you use me as a fucking guinea pig to test your broken medicine! Now my roots are rotting, and if you don’t fix it, I’ll fucking destroy your Wei family!” Remember the URL
Wei Yongzheng’s skull buzzed and he suddenly understood what Xiao Yiqian said, it was a problem with the medication.
So, he hurriedly reassured, “Mr. Xiao, this must be a misunderstanding, misunderstanding ah! You listen to me explain, our Wei family is also kind-hearted, and in no way has the idea of using you as a guinea pig, it’s just that you happen to have this need, we thought of producing the medicine and letting you be the first to eat it, it’s completely out of concern for you ah.”
Xiao Yiqian was so angry that he was shaking, and took off his pants in public, his eyes were cold and frightening, pointing at the already festering there, and said, “It’s so fucking rotten that it’s about to be amputated, and you’re telling me that this is a misunderstanding?”
Wei Yongzheng’s eyes were a little not too good, rubbed his eyes carefully, and at this look, immediately subconsciously clamped down on his legs!
His eldest son, Wei Changming, his illegitimate son, Wei Liang, was watching and was just as scared to death.
It’s really rotten!
How did that happen?
I don’t blame Xiao Yiqian for shipping, who else would have to go crazy?
Wei Changming hurriedly said, “Brother Xiao, don’t be angry… It might be that the effect of the medicine hasn’t fully developed yet, so wait two more days and see…”
Two more days of waiting? You don’t even need to go to the fucking hospital, you’re just going to rot!
Xiao Yiqian brought his pants up and shouted at Wei Changming with incomparable fury, “Wait for your mother, it’s all your fault, you idiot, if you hadn’t swindled me and said that your Wei family’s medicine could cure me, I wouldn’t have ended up in this situation!”
Afterwards, he said to the two bodyguards beside him, “Cripple one of his hands first!”
These two bodyguards were both good at what they did.
When he had brought six bodyguards to Jinling, he ended up having four of them ruined by Ye Chen, and now only these two were left.
However, even if there were only two bodyguards left, the Wei family wouldn’t dare to confront him!
After all, Xiao Yiqian was the chairman of the Qiancheng Group and was much more powerful than the Wei family.

Chapter: 470
The Wei family had hoped that the new medicine would allow them to rise, but now it seemed that it might as well be the old one!
The old medicine at least wouldn’t rot the roots, at most it would be a bit liver and kidney toxic for years and years.
Therefore, if Xiao Yiqian really wanted to fight with the Wei family, the Wei family was really not strong enough.
At this time, Xiao Yiqian’s two bodyguards stepped forward and directly grabbed Wei Changming, allowing him to cry and beg for mercy to no avail, breaking his right hand with a click and folding it into a weird angle, making people look at it with a straight hairy heart.
“My hand, it hurts so much…”
Wei Yongzheng was angry and fearful, Wei Changming was his eldest and most beloved son, yet watching his son’s hand being broken, he dared not speak up.
At this time, that pharmacist, Professor Ke, also arrived and spoke out, “Old Wei, Xiao Dong, what is this?”
Xiao Yiqian looked back and couldn’t help but sneer, “You son of a bitch, you’re just in time, give me a fight!!!”
Professor Ke was confused and said, “Xiao Dong, misunderstanding, but I have cured your illness, didn’t you say that you still want to give me a villa?”
Xiao Yiqian sneered, “I’ll send you to live in a villa in the Palace of Hell!” One second to remember to read the book
The bodyguards pushed that Professor Ke down to the ground and cracked a hammer, one of them punched him in the temple, and Professor Ke directly rolled his eyes and passed out.
At that moment, the entire Wei family was scared silly, Xiao Yiqian was really cruel!
It wasn’t really Xiao Yiqian’s fault, from losing his abilities to now starting to crumble, his entire body and mind had suffered a huge blow that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.
If it really came to the point of needing amputation, he would probably go completely insane.
Xiao Yiqian was still not relieved of his hatred at this point, stepped forward, grabbed Wei Yongzheng’s collar and threatened, “I give you two paths right now, one, I will destroy your Wei family right now, two, cure me immediately, which one do you choose?”
Wei Yongzheng’s face was incomparably pale as he begged, “Mr. Xiao spare your life, I’ll choose the second one, your illness, our Wei family will definitely find a way to cure you!”
Xiao Yiqian coldly questioned, “How long will it take? If I can’t keep my roots, I’ll have you killed! And the entire Wei family will be buried with you!”
Wei Yong Zheng nodded his head like garlic and took off, “Our Wei family also has quite a few very powerful doctors, I’ll have them come over and give you antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment first, it should be able to last for a while for now!”
Xiao Yiqian took a seat on the main seat of the living room sofa and said in a cold voice, “Hurry up and get the doctor over here!”
Wei Yongzheng did not dare to delay and quickly asked Wei Changming to contact Wei’s pharmaceutical team of doctors to rush over.
After the doctors came over, they immediately infused Xiao Yiqian with antibiotics and then treated the ulcerated part, but Wei’s doctors, who shared the same viewpoint as the doctors at the People’s Hospital, could not solve the problem with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory alone, they could only slow down the speed of the ulceration, but the end result was still amputation.
However, fortunately, through treatment, it was able to slow down the process for a few days.
In a few days, if the Wei family could not find a radical cure for Xiao Yiqian, Xiao Yiqian would still have to undergo amputation.
After Xiao Yiqian was infused with fluids, he said to the Wei family, “I’ll give you one day, if you still can’t solve the problem tomorrow night, there’s no need for the Wei family to exist in the future!”
Wei Yongzheng was full of promise and said respectfully, “Don’t worry Chairman Xiao, we’ll do our best!”
The eldest son, Wei Changming, pulled him aside and whispered with a tense face, “Dad, the doctor said that there’s basically nothing that can be done to cure it, what are we going to do?”
Wei Yongzheng gritted his teeth, “Then go figure it out too! Otherwise, do you want to watch the Wei family finish?!”

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