The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 471-480

Chapter: 471
Wei Changming was so worried that he said to his father Wei Yongzheng, “Dad, let’s simply sell our family property quickly and run away with the money, otherwise, if Xiao Yiqian really wants to do something to us, we’ll be in trouble!”
Wei Yongzheng heard this and cursed angrily, “Loser thing, selling your family property? Can you sell a billion dollar fortune in such a hurry and get two fucking billion back? This is all my life’s work!”
Wei Liang, the bastard son on the side, also nodded hurriedly and said, “Brother, Wei’s pharmaceuticals are what our father has worked hard to put together all his life, how can we just sell it.”
Wei Changming raised his hand to slap him and angrily scolded, “You bastard, do you have the right to speak here?”
Wei Liang, who had been slapped, took two steps back and covered his face, and although he was aggrieved, he said with a very resolute mouth, “Brother, even if you hit me, I’ll say that Wei’s pharmaceuticals are Dad’s hard work and can’t be sold.”
“I’ll fucking kill you!” Wei Changming was on fire, cursing and about to attack Wei Liang.
Wei Yongzheng, who had always looked down on Wei Liang, stopped Wei Changming, who was about to strike, and said coldly: “Your brother is right! If something goes wrong, do something about it! Instead of selling my life’s blood cheaply and running away!”
After saying that, Wei Yongzheng snorted and said, “Today, I’ll put it down here, you two brothers, whoever can solve this crisis will be the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals in the future, the one who is incapable of solving the crisis is destined to be incapable of leading Wei’s Pharmaceuticals as well!”
Wei Changming panicked and spoke out of turn, “Dad! How can Wei’s pharmaceuticals be given to this bastard!”
Wei Yongzheng snorted, “Wild seed or not, it’s all my seed! If this eldest son of yours is incapable of doing anything, then abdicate my position!” First web site
Wei Liang, who was on the side, was incomparably excited when he heard this.
Having endured so many years of concealment and humiliation in the Wei family, he had finally waited for a chance to rise to the top!
In fact, from Wei Yongzheng’s point of view, the family business naturally could not be handed over to an illegitimate son to inherit, but his eldest son, Wei Changming, was really a bit insufficiently competitive, so he must be given a little stimulus and forced to find a way to solve the current crisis.
While the Wei family was all over the world looking for a cure for Xiao Yiqian, Ye Chen had just returned to his bedroom after taking a shower.
Wife Xiao Churan was wearing a nightgown, lying on the bed, casually kicking her two white jade-like calves, and leisurely brushing her jitterbug.
Xiao Churan is usually too busy with work and stress, so every night lying on the bed playing jitterbug and reading novels becomes her biggest leisure.
Ye Chen had just laid down on his own bunk, when Xiao Churan suddenly screamed, and the phone in her hand was suddenly thrown out and smashed on her face.
Ye Chen couldn’t care about the pain and hurriedly asked her, “What’s wrong with you, wife?”
Xiao Churan’s expression was ugly to the extreme and said, “Shakespeare suddenly swiped a video, it’s so disgusting…”
Ye Chen curiously said, “I’ll see how disgusting it is.”
Saying that, he was going to take Xiao Churan’s phone that he dropped on the floor.
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “Oh don’t look at it, it’s disgusting…”
Ye Chen laughed, “How disgusting can it get any more?”
After saying that, I picked it up and froze.
Well, it turned out to be that Wu Qi who liked to give girls psychological suggestion….
From his hysterical appearance in the video, one thing is certain, the hypnosis he gave him worked.

Chapter: 472
Look at him, this loss of heart is really a great pleasure.
Having to eat every hour, this guy is basically finished for the rest of his life, so where is the chance to spoil a little girl.
So, Ye Chen locked his phone screen, smiled and said to Xiao Churan, “I’ve heard of this guy.”
“Yes?” Xiao Churan asked in surprise, “How did you hear about him?”
Ye Chen said, “This guy is especially bad, he likes to brainwash little girls and then force them to kill themselves.”
Saying that, Ye Chen spoke about this guy’s criminal history.
When Xiao Choran heard this, she said in anger, “This guy is also too damned! Who wasn’t raised by their parents, so why hurt anyone?”
Ye Chen said seriously, “In this society, there are always some scum who like to take pleasure in hurting others, such scum is the dregs of society and must be removed sooner or later.”
Xiao Choran nodded her head in approval and said, “It seems that he deserves to have today!”
After watching this kind of video, Xiao Churan also had some palpitations all of a sudden, so she also stopped playing with her phone, but stretched her waist and said, “Oh, sleepy, Ye Chen, you help me charge my phone, I’m going to sleep first.” Remember the website
“Good.” Ye Chen responded and helped her charge up her phone.
Late at night, Ye Chen was just about to fall asleep when his own phone suddenly buzzed and vibrated twice, he opened it and saw that it was a WeChat sent to him by Master Hong Fifth: “Master Ye, there are a few Japanese people ambushing Shi Shen Doctor’s Ji Shi Hall, it seems like they are going to do something to Shi Shen Doctor!”
Ye Chen said, “The few of them should be trying to steal the medicine from Shi’s body.”
“Damn it!” Master Hong Fifth said out of the blue, “This bunch of bastards, how dare they hit on the divine medicine, Master Ye, with your word, I’ll immediately bring my brothers to arrest them and drag them to my dog farm to chop them up and feed them to the Tibetan mastiffs!”
“Don’t.” Ye Chen smiled, “This gang is not small, it’s a big male of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical of Japan, I’m going to dig a big hole for him, you have your brothers secretly protect Shi’s safety, as for them stealing the medicine, let them take it away, that medicine itself is also deliberately prepared by me for them.”
In order to pit Kobayashi Ichiro, Ye Chen had specially made a few Return to Light pills to give to Shi Tianqi.
This pill was magical, no matter what kind of illness the other party was suffering from, even if they were already on the verge of death and only had one breath left, if they took one pill, they were guaranteed to come back to life and be alive for an hour or two.
But its consequences are also terrible, that is, after this hour or two of life and prosperity, the person who takes the pill will immediately die a violent death, and there is no cure.
The pill, in fact, was not a poison per se, but an elixir that would ensure that the other person would finish his or her dying instructions.
The effect of the medicine is to drain all the life force to support the return of light for an hour or two.
In this way, the person taking the medicine can give a clear account of all the aftermath.
In ancient times, this kind of medicine was specially configured for emperors and prime ministers, usually when the emperor was critically ill, he would prepare a Return to Light pill, so that at least before he died, he could arrange the country and society in a proper way.
But in the modern era, it’s not really useful anymore.
Moreover, its final effect is a bit too hard, even a healthy person, after eating it, after being alive for two hours, it will definitely cool down.
So this medicine was instead more like a poison in modern times.
Ye Chen had already seen this kind of medicine in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, and had always felt that it was of no use, so he didn’t take it seriously.
This time, however, he did feel that the Return to Light Pill had finally come in handy, and could be used to properly trap Kobayashi Ichiro!

Chapter: 473
After interceding with Master Hong Fifth, Ye Chen made another call to Chen Zhaichai.
As soon as the call came through, he immediately instructed him, “After that Kobayashi Ichiro gets his hands on him tonight, he will definitely escape from China in the shortest possible time, so you must set up a heavenly net in Jinling, anyone can run away with his group, but only he can’t!”
Richard Chen immediately said, “Young Master, don’t worry, I’ve made all the arrangements, if this Kobayashi Ichiro runs away, I’ll mention my head and meet him!”
Saying that, Richard Chen reassured, “The medicine that Kobayashi Ichiro took away, I also guarantee with my head that it will never be taken out of China by them!”
“Don’t!” Ye Chen hurriedly said, “All I want is for them to take the medicine away, remember, the medicine can leave China, and so can the dog’s legs, but Kobayashi Ichiro must not leave China!”
Richard Chen was busy saying, “Young Master I understand! Don’t worry, Kobayashi Ichiro will not escape!”
“Yes!” Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “After capturing Kobayashi Ichiro, directly find me a hidden place to guard him closely, and I’ll personally go meet him then!”
“Good young master!”
Kobayashi Ichiro didn’t know that there was already an invisible net that was deadly over his head. A second to remember to read the book
At this time, he was sitting in a Maybach sedan, which was parked across the street from the Jisei Hall, and several of his men were already hidden around the entrance of the Jisei Hall, ready to feel their way in.
His father, Masao Kobayashi, had been bedridden and paralyzed for three years, and for the past three years, his father had been scouting him, and his younger brother, Jiro Kobayashi, who, according to his father, would be able to inherit the position of president of his company, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, who had given Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals credit for their work.
His younger brother, Kobayashi Jiro, was an expert in pharmacy himself, and had been specializing in the study of Chinese prescriptions for many years, so he had successively created many Chinese prescriptions for the family over the past few years, which sold very well, so he was very highly regarded by the old man.
In contrast, Kobayashi Ichiro was a bit sad, he himself did not study pharmacy, but finance, this kind of person is more suitable to do real estate, can all kinds of bubble blowing, but used to do medicine, it is a bit not matching.
Medicine is something that depends on really good medicine to open the market.
If you have a miracle drug, just rely on consumer word of mouth, you can make a lot of money.
But if your drug is ineffective, no matter how much advertising you throw at it, it’s useless, and after consumers have used it once, they will never use it again.
Therefore, his younger brother Kobayashi Jiro’s chances of inheriting the family were much greater than his own, the eldest son.
He had no choice but to travel to Warsaw to attend the Chinese Medicine Exposition, in order to see if he could also discover some good Chinese recipes to bring back to the family for use, and if he could make a miraculous achievement, he would have a chance to take the initiative.
When he heard at the expo that Shi Tianqi, the Chinese miracle doctor, had cured paraplegia some time ago, his entire body became excited.
If he could get this remedy, then he would not only be able to restore his father as good as new, but he would also be able to bring a huge business opportunity to the family! It might even allow Kobayashi Pharma to grow and expand several times, dozens of times!

Chapter: 474
So, your future depends on tonight!
Thinking of this, Ichiro Kobayashi, who was so excited, immediately called his father.
When his paralyzed father received his call, he opened his mouth and asked, “Ichiro, where have you been these past few days? Why don’t you visit me for a few days?”
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly said, “Dad, I’m in China seeking medicine for you! I heard that there is a miracle doctor in China who actually cured a paraplegic some time ago!”
“Is this true?!” Masanao Kobayashi was pleasantly surprised and said, “Is there really a miracle doctor in China who can cure paraplegia?!”
“Right!” Kobayashi Ichiro said, “I’ve investigated the hospital’s records to make sure that patient was really cured, and I’ve asked around, and the people at the hospital said that it was that Chinese miracle doctor who cured the paraplegic with half a miracle pill!”
“Half a divine pill?!” Masao Kobayashi was a little incoherent with excitement!
The three years he was paralyzed felt extremely painful in his life.
He himself was a very famous entrepreneur and had a fortune, but suddenly he was paralyzed in his bed, and all of a sudden he lost the chance to enjoy himself, which at one time made him feel a little misanthropic and light-hearted.
In the past few years, he has been looking for a way to cure himself, but there is no medical treatment that can restore a paralyzed patient to his original state, and even if he were to recover from physical therapy, it would be difficult for him to stand up, let alone walk and live like an ordinary person. The first website
However, when he suddenly heard his son say that the Chinese miracle doctor had such superb medical treatment, he was suddenly inordinately eager!
So, he couldn’t help but excitedly instruct, “Ichiro, even if you have to spend $100 million, you have to buy this miracle drug!”
Kobayashi Ichiro was busy saying, “Dad, that miracle doctor doesn’t know any better and won’t sell me his medicine, I’m ready to do it tonight, snatch his medicine and send it to Tokyo overnight for you to take!”
Saying that, Kobayashi Ichiro said, “Right Dad, I heard that there is more than one miracle pill on this miracle doctor, when you eat the leftovers, you can give them to our team of pharmacists to study and analyze, if we can crack this prescription, then our Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will be developed! We will be able to become the world’s top drug company with this one drug! Glory to Japan!”
“Yes! Great!” Masao Kobayashi said excitedly, “What a good son! You must do this thing beautifully for me, and do it as quickly as possible!”
Kobayashi Ichiro was busy saying, “Dad, don’t worry, my private jet is waiting at Jinling Airport, after the medicine arrives, I will leave a few people behind and then immediately go to Jinling Airport to take a plane back to Tokyo, as long as my plane can take off without any problems, the Chinese will never be able to stop me!”
Masao Kobayashi said excitedly, “Then in that case, three hours after the plane takes off, you’ll be able to arrive in Tokyo! In four hours at most, I’ll be able to take this miracle drug! Great! I finally have a chance to get back on my feet!”
With tears in his eyes, Kobayashi Ichiro said, “Father! You have the blessing of the Amaterasu Great God, and you will surely enjoy endless prosperity and wealth in this life, and the disease, too, will surely leave you!”
“Yes!” Masao Kobayashi was thrilled and said, “Ichiro, you must be more careful and never miss a beat, I’m in Tokyo, waiting for your good news!”
Kobayashi Ichiro immediately said, “Don’t worry, father, I will return with the miracle medicine to help you get back on your feet!”

Chapter: 475
Hanging up the phone, Ichiro Kobayashi was so excited that he nearly went crazy!
If he was able to obtain this miracle drug, he would certainly be able to become the successor of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!
What a great deal to come to China this time!
At that moment, the assistant on the passenger side of the Maybach turned back and said, “Mr. Kobayashi, it’s eleven o’clock, shall we do it?”
Kobayashi Ichiro nodded and sneered, “Do it!”
The assistant took out his walkie-talkie and immediately commanded, “Do it now!”
As soon as the voices fell, six men dressed in black slipped silently into Shi Tianqi’s Relief Hall.
Tonight, Shi Tianqi was staying in the small bedroom at the back of the Jezebel Hall.
He was here, waiting for the Japanese to come to the door.
But to be on the safe side, he let his granddaughter, Chen Xiaozhao, go to the hotel. Remember the URL
After the six black-clothed men felt their way into the Ji Shi Hall, they immediately came to the room where Shi Tianqi was sleeping, and when they saw him lying on the bed, one of them immediately covered his mouth, pointed a gun at his temple, and said in a cold voice, “Don’t scream, be good and cooperate with us and spare your life.”
Shi Tianqi “panicked” and asked, “You guys…. What are you guys doing!”
“Hand over the magic potion!” The man in black said coldly, “Or else, blow your head off!”
Shi Tianqi shuddered in fear and blurted out, “Don’t shoot don’t shoot! I’m giving you this!”
Saying that, he reached into the small pocket inside his pajamas and pulled out a very high-grade small wooden box.
The wooden box still carried the temperature of Shi Tianqi’s body and was kept close to his body, showing how precious it was.
The other party received the wooden box, opened it, and found four pills quietly traveling inside, and was excited, immediately reporting through the intercom, “Report Mr. Kobayashi, we found a total of four divine pills!”
“Four of them?! Great!” Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly, “Retreat! Bring me the medicine!”
The man asked, “What about this old thing?”
Ichiro Kobayashi said, “Knock him out! Just buy an hour of time and we’ve made it!”
“Yes!” The other party immediately struck Shi Tianqi on the back of his head with a gun handle, and Shi Tianqi’s head tilted and he immediately passed out.
At this time, many of the good men that Master Hongwu had found were secretly watching, if the other party really wanted to hurt Shi Tianqi’s life, then follow Ye Chen’s orders and immediately take action against them!
But if the other party didn’t mean to hurt the old man’s life, then it would be hard for Master Shi to endure for a while.
Shi Tianqi was indeed knocked unconscious, but it was good that it was not life-threatening.
After these guys got their hands on it, they immediately exited Ji Shi Tang, and one of them came to the Maybach across the road with the window down, and he hurriedly handed the wooden box to Kobayashi Ichiro and said, “Mr. Kobayashi, the medicine is here!”
Kobayashi Ichiro couldn’t wait to open it and take a look, shaking with excitement at the rich medicinal aroma!
“Great!” Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly, “You guys temple back, we’ll head to the airport and leave for Tokyo immediately!”
Saying that, he immediately told the driver, “Drive! Get to the airport as fast as you can!”
And then he said to his own assistant on the co-pilot, “Tell the crew to get ready for takeoff now, and when I arrive, the plane will take off immediately without the slightest delay! If the Chinese react and stop our planes from taking off, it’s all over!”

Chapter: 476
The assistant smiled and said, “Mr. Xiao Lin, you don’t have to worry, the Chinese can’t react so quickly, we are now driving to the airport, half an hour at most, go through the VIP channel to go through the security check is also very fast, after an hour, we must have taken off! When the time comes, the gods won’t be able to stop us!”
The Maybach that Kobayashi Ichiro was riding in, immediately left the Jekyll and Hyde Hall and went straight onto the airport highway, ready to arrive at the airport as fast as possible and return to Tokyo by private jet.
Along the way, Kobayashi Ichiro’s heartbeat accelerated with excitement as he repeatedly scrutinized the four miracle pills, muttering to himself, “The Kobayashi family is about to stand on its own! At that time, I will also become the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. with it!”
The Maybach sped along and soon arrived at the Jinling Airport.
As soon as the car stopped, Kobayashi Ichiro was ready to get out of the car and enter the airport as fast as he could.
However, the moment he got off the car, suddenly eight Mercedes-Benz Big G SUVs drove over and surrounded him and his Maybach throughout.
Soon, thirty bodyguards dressed in black came down from the eight cars, all of them were experts carefully trained by Richard Chen, with extraordinary strength!
Richard Chen got down from a large G, looked at Kobayashi Ichiro, and said coldly, “Mr. Kobayashi, our young master invites you over for a chat!”
“Your young master?!” Kobayashi Ichiro hid the pills in his pocket and asked nervously in Chinese, “Who is your young master? Do you know who I am? I’m the vice chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals!”
Richard Chen stretched out his hand and patted his face, faintly saying, “Your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a Japanese company, what are you pretending to me in China? There’s an old Chinese saying that a fierce dragon can’t cross the river, and Japan and China are still separated by the sea, so why are you pretending with me?” One second to remember to read the book
Kobayashi Ichiro was a little nervous.
He didn’t know what these people were stopping him for, because of the divine medicine, or something else?
If it’s because of the divine medicine, then it’s really a bit dangerous for yourself this time, not to mention anything else, this gang is so strong that it’s probably hard to escape from them.
However, if they were there because of other things, did that mean that they could still send the medicine back to Japan first?
Thinking about it, he forced his composure and asked, “Who is your young master?”
Chen Zaiqai said indifferently, “Mr. Xiao Lin, your Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical has plagiarized so many ancient Chinese formulas, I’m sure your family must know a lot about China, you should have heard of the Yanjing Ye family, right?”
“Yeh?!” Kobayashi Ichiro was in shock!
How could he have never heard of the Yanjing Ye family?
After all, this was the top family in Huaxia, and the family’s strength could be ranked in the world, even the several major Japanese super-valiers couldn’t compare to the Ye family, not to mention a Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in his own district.
He panicked all of a sudden and asked off the cuff, “I wonder what your young master is looking for me for?”
Chen Zhaiqi said indifferently, “If there’s anything you want, just come with me and we’ll find out.”
Kobayashi Ichiro asked nervously, “What if I don’t go?”
With a faint smile, Chen Zekai pulled out a pistol from his bosom and said indifferently, “Since our young master has commanded, then I must bring you, and if I can’t bring you alive, then I’ll bring you dead!”
Kobayashi Ichiro was apprehensive, but he was more concerned about being able to send the divine medicine back first!
This is the key to laying your foundation in the family!
Thinking about it, he asked tentatively, “Can I go with you and let my assistant go back to Japan first? He still has many important matters to deal with.”
Chen Zhaichai smiled and said generously, “Of course, everyone can go except you.”
Kobayashi Ichiro was relieved, even as he quietly handed the box containing the miracle drug to his assistant, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “You take the plane back first, tell my father that I’m fine, and that I’ll be back to see him soon!”

Chapter: 477
Kobayashi Ichiro gave the snatched miracle drug to his assistant and watched as the assistant entered the airport, which was a relief, and asked Richard Chen, “I wonder where your son is?”
Chen Zekai faintly said, “Come with me and you’ll see.”
After saying that, he gave a wink to the two people around him, and they immediately pinned him left and right and brought one of the big Gs with them.
The convoy quickly left the airport and headed to the dog breeding farm that Master Hongwu ran in the outskirts of the city.
On the way to the dog farm, Richard Chen called Ye Chen and said, “Young Master, I’ve got Kobayashi Yirou under control, I’m taking him to Hongwu’s dog farm, if you want to come over, I’ll send someone over to pick you up!”
Ye Chen took a glance at the sleeping Xiao Churan, hmmmed, and said, “Arrange for a car to come downstairs to my house in five minutes.”
Ever since she had used hundreds of millions of dollars worth of giant clams to make a bracelet for Xiao Churan, Xiao Churan was able to rest very solidly when she wore it, and would hardly wake up at night at all, so Ye Chen was not worried that she would find out.
Five minutes later, Ye Chen went downstairs, a Rolls Royce was already parked downstairs, the driver Ye Chen had never seen before, but he recognized Ye Chen, respectfully pulled open the door and said, “Young Master, please.”
Ye Chen nodded and got into the car, and the car sped out of the city.
When Ye Chen arrived at Hongwu’s dog breeding farm, Richard Chen had already arrived. The first website
This was Ye Chen’s first time coming to Hongwu’s dog farm, although he had heard about this place for a long time, he had never been here.
This is a very remote location, the scale is very large, just off the bus, I heard numerous dogs barking, and these dogs’ voices are very low and deep, it sounds like they should all be large dogs.
It is said that Hongwu engaged in this kennel, mainly for the purpose of raising, breeding and training some of the dogs used for underground dog fighting, the underground world people are obsessed with dog fighting, and often organize fights, the stakes can easily be tens of millions of dollars.
In addition to raising dogs, Hongwu also treats this place as a torture chamber, and some people who need to vanish from the earth are sent here by him to be turned into rations for vicious dogfighting.
In the courtyard of the dog farm, there was a three-story building, which was usually used by the staff to rest and work, as well as an underground warehouse for storing dog food, and a dark room where Hongwu used lynchings exclusively.
At this time, Kobayashi Ichiro was hanging from a rack in the darkroom with his hands tied.
The underground world of the Jinling, and Hong Kong, Taiwan’s underground world is no different, are extremely heavy Jianghu rules, and all kinds of habits are the same as a hundred years ago, the youth gangs, once the interests of the gang is offended, the first thing is on the gang lynching.
The same and Kobayashi Ichiro was imprisoned here together with the six black-clothed men who robbed Shi Tianqi’s “magic pill”.
When Kobayashi Ichiro saw the six of them here, he was scared out of his wits.
He realized that this matter might have something to do with the Magic Elixir, and wondered what the Chinese would do to him if they found out that he had stolen it.
At this moment, Ye Chen stepped in.
Chen Zekai greeted him respectfully and bowed, “Young Master, Kobayashi Ichiro and his six dogs are here.”
Ye Chen nodded and looked at Kobayashi Ichiro, smiling slightly, “Mr. Kobayashi, we meet again.”
“Ah…. You…….. You’re…” Kobayashi Ichiro suddenly remembered Ye Chen!
At the Chinese Medicine Fair, when he went to ask for a prescription from Shi Tianqi, he was right there, and he was still there because he was just one of Shi Tianqi’s assistants or underlings, but he was the young master of the Ye family!
Ye Chen sized up Kobayashi Ichiro, who was being hoisted up, and said coldly, “Mr. Kobayashi, you’ve got a lot of guts! How dare you send someone to steal Elder Shi’s miracle medicine, are you tired of living?”
Kobayashi Ichiro panicked when he heard this and spoke out of turn, “Young Master Ye, this is all a misunderstanding!”
“A misunderstanding?” Ye Chen pointed at the six black-clothed men tied into a zongzi on the ground next to him and asked with a sneer, “Aren’t these six men your men?”
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly shook his head, “No, I don’t even know them!”

Chapter: 478
Ye Chen nodded and asked those six people instead, “Do you know him?”
The six people looked bewildered and didn’t seem to speak Chinese at all.
Richard Chen came up at this time and translated in Japanese, and the six people also shook their heads and jabbered a bunch of words.
Whirling around, Richard Chen said to Ye Chen, “Young Master, they say they don’t know this Kobayashi Ichiro.”
“Oh.” Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Since they don’t know him, let’s pick one of them first, chop it up and feed it to the dogs, and then ask the remaining five.”
“Good!” Chen Zekai immediately translated Ye Chen’s words, and the six people were stunned.
They couldn’t believe that Ye Chen was going to arrest people and chop them up and feed them to dogs with just one question!
Could it be that he really had the guts to do it?
Ye Chen said to Hong Wu at this time: “Hong Wu, you are more familiar with your venue, take these six people out, one by one on the weighing of misery, choose the heaviest one, chop it up and feed it to the dogs, so that the remaining five can observe the scene! And then bring them back for questioning!”
Hong Wu respectfully asked, “Young Master, what if they had recruited earlier?” Remember the URL
Ye Chen faintly said, “It’s too late now, even if you move early, you have to chop!”
Ichiro Kobayashi was scared out of his wits! Unlike the six men, he knew Chinese and understood the meaning of Ye Chen’s words right away!
Living people chopped up and fed to the dogs, is this young master of the Ye family so cruel!
What if he really wants to chop himself off!
Those six unknown black-clothed men were taken out by Hongwu’s group of men.
Ten minutes later, one could hear the dogs in the entire kennel all boiling!
Then, the remaining five men were dragged back like dead dogs.
Without exception, all five men were paralyzed with fear and convulsed violently.
As soon as they entered, the five men went crazy and roared at Kobayashi Ichiro in Japanese.
Richard Chen translated for Ye Chen, “Young Master, these people are telling Kobayashi Ichiro that they saw that fellow of theirs with their own eyes, chopped up and fed to the dogs.”
Ye Chen nodded, and then looked at Kobayashi Ichiro, who was already fainting from fear.
So, Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Kobayashi Ichiro, I’ll give you one last chance to tell the truth, otherwise, you’ll end up exactly like that man just now!”
As much as Kobayashi Ichiro wanted to take credit for his family, it wasn’t based on the premise that he would die, so his entire body was almost scared out of its wits when he realized that there was a real possibility that Ye Chen might kill himself!
So he hurriedly begged, “Young Master Ye, I’ll say, I’ll say it all! I’m the one who let them steal Shi Tianqi’s divine medicine, please forgive me, or name a number, I’m willing to pay whatever amount you want!”
Ye Chen asked with a dark face, “Where’s the medicine?”
Kobayashi Ichiro said, “The medicine had my assistant bring it into the airport…”
Yatsuo asked again, “Has the plane taken off yet?”
Kobayashi Ichiro nodded repeatedly, “It should have taken off and should be out of Chinese airspace by now!”
Ye Chen gritted his teeth and said, “The divine medicine left behind by our Chinese ancestors, and you dare to rob it? Yes! Very well, since China’s miracle medicine has been taken to Japan by your people, leave your life in China!”

Chapter: 479
Kobayashi Ichiro was bawling his eyes out at Ye Chen’s words!
He was not a dead man himself, but a rich young master, and his heart was thinking of winning glory for his family, and that was also based on what he could enjoy.
Now that he was caught by Ye Chen and trapped in a dog farm, and at any moment, he might transform into a delicious meal in the mouths of countless vicious dogs, he was naturally afraid and remorseful at this time.
So he cried to Ye Chen and said, “Young Master Ye, I beg you, please say a number, no matter how much it is, I’m willing to compensate you! How about this, I give my father a call and ask him to inform the crew that the plane will turn back directly to Jinling and return the medicine to you intact, do you think that’s okay?”
Ye Chen said, “Don’t you fucking bluff me, do you think I don’t know? Nowadays, many companies have very advanced ingredient analysis equipment, things can be put into the equipment and a list of all the ingredients can be analyzed in a few minutes, you Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals are a big pharmaceutical company in itself, so this kind of equipment must be available, right?”
Kobayashi Ichiro nodded his head as if pounding garlic and howled, “Yes there is, but I didn’t bring any with me this time in China! So don’t worry, as long as the miracle drug hasn’t been sent to our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical lab, we won’t be able to get the ingredients in it.”
Ye Chen sneered, “You think I’ll believe you just because you say so? Maybe you have this instrument on your plane, or maybe you’ve got a list of all the ingredients of the potion by now, or maybe you’ve scraped a little powder off the potion, and that powder is enough for you to go back and study the ingredients!”
Kobayashi Ichiro cried and said, “Young Master Ye, I’ll vouch with you with my personality…”
Ye Chen slapped him directly and cursed, “You’re a bandit and thief, and you’re fucking mentioning your personality to me?”
Kobayashi Ichiro was at a loss for words. One second to remember to read the book.
Ye Chen was right, he was indeed a robber thief, and it was a bit of black humor to talk about personality at this point….
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly asked, “Young Master Ye, then tell me a solution, as long as it’s within my ability, I’ll do it!”
Ye Chen said, “It’s actually simple, since you guys stole this divine medicine, I guess the formula must have gotten into your hands as well, so why don’t you guys just pay for the formula of this medicine.”
Kobayashi Ichiro immediately nodded his head and said, “No problem! Absolutely no problem! Young Master Ye you name a price, I can report it to my family immediately!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Ten billion RMB, or else I’ll kill you, and by the way expose your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s theft of the formula on the international stage, so that your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s credibility will be discredited all over the world!”
Kobayashi Ichiro was shocked and blurted out, “Mr. Ye, ten billion is too much…. We…….. We really don’t have that much money…”
“Bullshit with me?” Ye Chen said coldly, “I’ve investigated your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is still very efficient, with a net profit of 2 billion RMB a year, plus you just borrowed a large sum of money from the bank some time ago to invest in the largest production base in Asia in Osaka, Japan, this money should be on your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s account, right! ”
Kobayashi Ichiro shivered and said, “Young Master Ye, I won’t lie to you, this money is of the utmost importance to our Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, it’s completely under my father’s control, it’s not up to me ah!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then call your father and tell him! Right away!”
After saying that, Ye Chen said to Richard Chen, “Have someone let go of his right hand and give him his cell phone.”
Chen Zhai Kai personally let go of his right hand and handed him his phone.

Chapter: 480
Kobayashi Ichiro had to summon the courage to call his father.
At this time, Kobayashi Masao was anxiously waiting for the miracle drug to arrive in Tokyo.
He himself, because he really couldn’t wait, had asked his family to move him into an ambulance and take him directly to the airport to wait.
The Kobayashi family was so handy in Tokyo that their own private plane had a separate hangar at the Tokyo airport, and this hangar also had a very high-class lounge inside, all owned by the Kobayashi family themselves, so Kobayashi Masanao and his second son, Kobayashi Jiro, were here at this time, waiting for the miracle medicine to land.
Suddenly receiving a call from Ichiro Kobayashi, Masao Kobayashi hurriedly asked, “Ichiro, I heard that you didn’t board the plane when it took off? Where are you now?”
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly said, “Father, I was left behind by the young master of the Ye family in Yanjing, he accused us of stealing the miracle medicine and the prescription, and now wants us to take ten billion to buy out the patent of the prescription, otherwise, he will take my life, and also expose Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s theft of the prescription…”
“What?!” Masao Kobayashi yelled out of his mouth, “Bastard! Why are you so careless in your work!”
Kobayashi Ichiro cried, “Father, I’ve been very careful, but I still don’t know why they found out, but now you must save me, or else I’ll die!”
Kobayashi Masao said coldly, “Ten billion is simply a fantasy, there is no way I will agree to that! If a hundred million they can agree to, I’d be okay with it!”
Ye Chen had been listening to Richard Chen’s translation, and when he heard this, he sneered and said, “Mr. Kobayashi Masanao, with all due respect, the divine medicine you stole is a divine medicine that copes with its own damage and has a strong repair ability, even paraplegia can be cured, not to mention other similar diseases, if this medicine is put on the market, it will make at least 10 billion a year, you’re picking up a bargain,” Got it?” First web site
Masao Kobayashi snorted and said, “How do I know if this drug is as miraculous as you say?”
Ye Chen said, “Simple, after an hour or so, our miracle medicine will land in Tokyo, I heard that you are also paralyzed in bed, when you take our miracle medicine, you will recover as good as ten minutes at most, when you personally experience the effect of the medicine, call the money over, otherwise, I will immediately expose your son’s theft of the medicine to the whole world, to make your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical credibility Sweep the floor.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Oh yes, when the time comes, your son will also die!”
Kobayashi Masanao was also a bit apprehensive at this point.
When his son was caught and the evidence of stealing the medicine was in his hands, if he refused to cooperate, then once it was exposed, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would indeed be spurned by the world.
At that time, the Japanese government, in accordance with international law, would also ban its own production of this miracle drug.
That would be like hitting a bamboo basket with nothing, not being able to hit a fox, but also causing a fuss.
What’s more, he might also take his own son’s life.
However, if this medicine really had such a good effect, then 10 billion was really nothing, and if you gave this 10 billion to Ye Chen, you would probably make it back within one year, and the next year it would be a blood profit!
Thinking of this, Masao Kobayashi immediately said, “Yes! If your divine medicine can really restore me to my original state, then I’ll give you ten billion dollars to buy out this prescription exclusively!”

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