The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 481-490

Chapter: 481
An hour later.
A Global Express private jet, landed at Tokyo Narita Airport.
After landing, the plane taxied all the way to its own exclusive hangar.
Inside the hangar, Masao Kobayashi had been waiting for a long time.
As soon as the plane entered the hangar and came to a stop, the cabin door opened and Kobayashi Ichiro’s assistant eagerly jumped down, holding a medicine box in both hands, and ran to Kobayashi Masao’s face.
Masao Kobayashi was now sitting in his wheelchair warily waiting, with his second son, Jiro Kobayashi, behind him, pushing the wheelchair with a grimace.
Kobayashi Jiro’s heart was very, very annoyed, he had already held his brother down by strength in the competition for the family heir, but he had never expected that he would sacrifice himself to go to China to steal back a miracle medicine.
If this medicine was really as miraculous as it was said to be, it would not only cure the old man’s illness, but it would also bring huge profits to Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.
At that time, the little advantage that I had saved up over the years would be gone!
Kobayashi Ichiro’s assistant, who presented the potion with both hands in front of Kobayashi Masao, took off, “Chairman! This is a miracle pill that the vice president he fought so hard to get, and specifically asked me to bring it to you to take!” Remember the URL
Masao Kobayashi nodded, eager to say, “Give me one!”
The assistant hurriedly opened the box and handed over a pill, and the maid beside him also hurriedly gave a cup of warm water.
Kobayashi Masanao received the pill tremblingly, placed it under his nose and sniffed it, exclaiming, “What a strong pure medicinal aroma, just the smell of this medicine makes one feel refreshed!”
After saying that, he opened his mouth without hesitation and swallowed the pill, then took a sip of water to send it down.
Everyone was staring at him, wondering if this miracle pill was as miraculous as it was said to be.
It was said to be able to even cure paraplegia, wouldn’t that be astounding?
At this time, Kobayashi Masanao felt an immediate surge of warmth in his abdomen, which quickly spread throughout his body and traveled everywhere, making him exclaim, “It’s really amazing, my legs haven’t felt anything for a long time, but this medicine actually made me feel my legs start to get warm!”
A few minutes later, he felt, filled with a powerful sense of power, as if he had suddenly returned to the state he was in ten, or even twenty years ago!
He was so excited, he tried to control his legs to stand up, but with a little effort, he actually stood up!
“Oh my God!”
All the people around him exclaimed!
Kobayashi Jiro has been stunned!
He was the one who studied pharmacy, and he naturally knew how difficult it was to treat a problem with the nervous system.
No matter how rich a person was, once they were paralyzed, they couldn’t be completely cured and it was impossible to even try to stand up.
However, this divine medicine only took ten minutes to make his father, who had been paralyzed for over three years, stand up!
It’s…. It’s amazing too, isn’t it?
So it seems that not only does it cure paraplegia, hemiplegia, strokes, but it even treats conditions like Parkinson’s, after all, they’re all neurologically related!
This drug, then, would truly be an unbeatable miracle drug!
It was then that Masao Kobayashi attempted to step forward, he thought he was going to fall backwards and forwards, but to his surprise, it felt so easy as pie!
Masao Kobayashi was so excited!
He walked faster and faster, even steered, made small jumps, even trotted, and was in such good shape that not only was he cured of paralysis, but he was twenty years younger altogether!
The Kobayashi family’s health care doctor also immediately went forward to check on him, and shockingly said, “Chairman! Your damaged nervous system really is fully restored! It’s a medical miracle!”

Chapter: 482
“Yes! A miracle! This is a miracle that even the Amaterasu Great Spirit manifestation may not be able to achieve!”
Kobayashi Masao was almost mad with excitement.
Just as he was in the midst of his ecstatic excitement, Ye Chen’s phone call came in.
“Mr. Kobayashi Masanao, how does the drug feel?”
Kobayashi Masanao was now completely convinced of this miracle drug and excitement took off, “Mr. Ye, I accept your conditions! For ten billion RMB, buy the patent for this miracle drug!”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “I’ll call you the card number now and send you the money within twenty minutes, otherwise I’ll expose what you’ve done to the world.”
Masanao Kobayashi hurriedly said, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I’ll arrange the transfer of the finance staff!”
The entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, with all the funds on the books combined, amounted to just over 10.2 billion, of which over 70% were loans, but to Kobayashi Masanao, the 10 billion was well spent!
With this miracle drug, Kobayashi Pharma will become the world’s top pharmaceutical company in the future!
A few minutes later, Ye Chen received a text message alerting him that Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, had wired $1.427 billion, or 10 billion yuan, into his account. A second to remember to read the book
With the money already in his account, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said to Kobayashi Masao, “Mr. Kobayashi and I, together, wish you good luck.”
After saying that, he immediately hung up the phone.
Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly, “Young Master Ye, since you received the money, you can let me go now, right?”
Ye Chen smiled mysteriously and said, “So anxious to leave?”
Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly, “I’m going to hurry back to Tokyo and prepare to take over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”
Ye Chen laughed, “Mr. Little Lin, don’t worry yet, in half an hour, I guess you’ll be begging me to take you in.”
“What do you mean?” Kobayashi Ichiro was surprised and asked, “Are you going to go back on your word?”
Ye Chen sneered and arrogantly said, “I, Ye Chen, have never said one thing but never the other, if you want to leave you can leave now, but if you run back later and beg me to protect you, then I’ll have to think about it.”
Kobayashi Ichiro frowned tightly, not knowing what Ye Chen meant by that, but he was now focused on returning to Japan, so he hurriedly said, “Thank you Mr. Ye for your kindness, but please send me and my hand down to the airport, I want to buy the earliest flight back to Japan!”
Ye Chen shook his head, “You can leave, the five of them can’t.”
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly asked, “What does this mean?”
Ye Chen said, “The deal we just made doesn’t include these five people, and the fact that these five people dared to commit armed robbery on my Chinese soil is a heinous crime that must be paid for!”
Kobayashi Ichiro blurted out, “Mr. Yeh, there’s no need to be so driven out, right?!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “If you don’t kill the chicken to show the monkey, tomorrow there might be Daelin Pharmaceutical, Panasonic Pharmaceutical and Sony Pharmaceutical coming to China to wreak havoc, if you push me more, I’ll have your tongue cut out.”
Kobayashi Ichiro’s expression was horrified, took a look at the five men who looked dazed because they couldn’t understand Chinese, and said through gritted teeth, “Fine! Then please take me to the airport first!”
Ye Chen then said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, you personally send him, if he cries to you later and says he wants to come back, then you will bring him back again, but before you bring him back, find a place to stop the car, beat him up and make him remember.”
“Okay!” Hong Wu nodded respectfully and said to Kobayashi Ichiro, “Mr. Kobayashi, please.”
Kobayashi Ichiro looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Mr. Ye, you seem to be overconfident, there’s no way I’ll ever return to this hellhole! Bye!”
Ye Chen smiled without saying anything.
It’s estimated that in twenty minutes or half an hour, your old man, Little Lin Zhengnan, will be cold and cool, and then your brother will 90% think that you deliberately harmed the old man.
The company has a long history of developing its own products and services.
By then, you might be hunted down by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and it would be strange if you didn’t get chopped to pieces if you dared to return to Japan!

Chapter: 483
Hong Wu drove, carrying an excited Kobayashi Ichiro to the airport.
Kobayashi Ichiro was excited inside now, even though the family had hemorrhaged money and given Yatsuo ten billion, dad was cured of his paralysis! Moreover, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had also obtained the divine medicine prescription.
Relying on this prescription, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would soon be able to grow by leaps and bounds.
By then, he would become the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. and then he would be on his way to the true pinnacle of his life!
Therefore, he now wished he could grow a pair of wings and immediately return to Tokyo to accept his father’s parent and the worship of his family.
And right now, far away in Tokyo, Japan, Kobayashi Masao, who had finally recovered his health, was excitedly experiencing the beauty of youth.
His health condition has been so good that he can’t wait to find two young girls to experience the pleasure he has been parting from for a long time.
On the way out of the airport, Masao Kobayashi had to drive himself.
The two things he loved most in life were women and cars.
It’s a good thing that you’ve got a lot of people in your life who are interested in you. First URL
Women are not easy to find for a while now, and if you have to find a woman just after recovery, word might not be good for your reputation either, not to mention that your second son is still around.
But it’s always okay to drive, right?
Of course Kobayashi Jiro didn’t dare to disobey his father’s decision, after all, he was already very passive now, if he waited for his big brother to return, then he would become the hero of the Kobayashi family, and he would be even more passive then, so it was all the more important to coax his father at this time.
So he hurriedly said, “Father, why don’t you drive my Bentley sports car, weren’t you most fond of speed when you were young? That car has a lot of power, and it’s late at night, so there’s not much traffic on the road, so you can let loose and run!”
“Yes!” Kobayashi Masanao laughed and got into Kobayashi Jiro’s Bentley sports car.
Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly sat in the passenger side and said respectfully, “Father, Jiro didn’t expect to be able to sit in the car you drove in this life, when I was a child, Jiro loved to sit in the car my father drove, father you have been driving particularly stable, giving people a strong sense of security.”
Kobayashi Masanao nodded his head and exclaimed, “Jiro, this is what one is made of, Amaterasu Okami probably didn’t expect that I would have such an opportunity! It’s like the second spring of life!”
Next to him, Kobayashi Jiro sat upright in excitement and said, “Father, start the car, Jiro can’t wait to feel the greatness of his father’s love again!”
Kobayashi Masanao hmmmed and smiled as he stretched out his hand to press the button that started that engine.
However, after his hand reached out, he suddenly felt his body stiffen instantly and lost control of his entire body….
Kobayashi Jiro saw his father’s hand hanging in the air, but he never went to press that start button, and couldn’t help but ask, “Father, are you too excited?”
Masanao Kobayashi couldn’t speak, and could only whimper as hard as he could twice, when he already felt like he was having trouble even breathing, almost about to suffocate to death!
Kobayashi Jiro was taken aback when he looked at his father!
My father’s face was already suffocated, the veins on his neck and forehead were all bulging, and a single vein looked terrifying!
Kobayashi Jiro panicked and blurted out, “Father! What’s wrong with you?!”
Kobayashi Masanao felt a pair of large hands being stuck around his neck in a death grip, he looked at Kobayashi Jiro with an extremely pained expression and said with all his strength, “This…. This medicine is poisonous…”
After saying that, his body suddenly unloaded all its strength, and with a tilt of his head, he died foaming at the mouth….

Chapter: 484
The Return of Light Pill finally worked its ultimate effect and killed Kobayashi Masao!
Kobayashi Masao was dying without knowing that what he was taking was such a devilish drug!
Kobayashi Jiro pushed the door open in a moment of panic and yelled to the family members who were about to get into other vehicles, “Father’s dead from poison! The divine medicine that brother brought back is poisonous!”
Everyone was struck by lightning when they heard that!
A large group of people swarmed to the house, and the family doctor rushed to check on them.
It didn’t matter what they looked at, the old man was indeed dead!
At this time, Kobayashi Masanao’s entire expression was extremely distorted and terrifying, his complexion was green and black, his eyes were bloodshot, and his mouth was wide open in a miserable state of death!
After the doctor came forward to examine him, he shivered and said, “Chairman he really died of poison…. Is that divine medicine a poison?!”
The entire Kobayashi clan felt a rush of upheavals and couldn’t stand still!
If this divine medicine was poison, then…. That would be a real loss! Remember the URL
Not only the chairman’s life into it, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical now almost all the cash, but also all to the other side of the remittance, most of which can be a bank loan ah! In this way, the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals just to pay back the loan, it will be at least ten years eight years, which has the opportunity to grow rapidly?
As you can imagine, the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, will be devastated!
Kobayashi Jiro’s expression was extremely gloomy at the side.
He was also heartbroken, but in the bottom of his heart, he also felt faintly excited.
Because he knew that this way, his brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, would never be able to threaten himself.
Not only would he not be able to threaten himself, he would have to put him to death!
It’s a capital crime to kill your father! If he goes back to Japan, I’ll chop him into mincemeat!
Even if he doesn’t return to Japan, I’ll send out my men to hunt him down!
Thinking this, he immediately turned cold and said loudly, “The one who killed father must have been my brother Kobayashi Ichiro! He has done such a treacherous thing, and that is something we absolutely cannot forgive!”
Japanese folklore, similar to that of China, and in the traditions of both countries, patricide is the greatest crime under heaven!
So, Kobayashi Jiro gritted his teeth and said, “Now, I officially declare that Kobayashi Ichiro has killed his biological father and committed treason, and must pay with his life! Pass my orders, I will temporarily take over as president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. while issuing a mission to all the gangs in Japan, whoever can kill Kobayashi Ichiro, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is willing to give him one billion yen!”
One billion yen, that’s almost 50 million RMB, a tremendous amount of money.
Although Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had just lost 10 billion RMB and suffered huge losses, it was a globally renowned pharmaceutical company after all, and a skinny camel was bigger than a horse, so even though the future would be tough, it wouldn’t be hard to come up with a billion yen.
That one billion yen bonus would be enough to send gangs all over Japan to go after Kobayashi Ichiro!
If he dies, he can rightfully become the official Chairman of the Corporation!
Kobayashi Ichiro’s assistant was so frightened by the sight that he hurriedly fled the airport before anyone paid attention to him, and at the same time called Kobayashi Ichiro, who cried out as soon as the call came through, “Young Master! Don’t go back to Japan! The Master is dead, and the Second Young Master believes that your miracle drug killed him, and has now offered a billion-yen reward for your life!”

Chapter: 485
Kobayashi Ichiro winced at that!
Father’s dead? And he died from eating his own magic potion?
This…. How is this possible?
Is that magic potion, itself, poisonous?
Thinking of this, he was so angry and afraid that he could not wait to confront Ye Chen to his face!
Even if you cheat your own family out of 10 billion dollars, you still poison the old man, that’s too cruel, right?
But then again, thinking about how he was no match for Ye Chen, what was the use of confronting him? Father was already dead, it was impossible to come back to life, and there was no way Ye Chen could return the 10 billion….
At this time, the assistant hurriedly said, “Young Master, find a place to hide yourself in China and never show your face for a short time, I reckon that starting tomorrow, there will be a lot of Japanese gang members and assassins, going to Jinling to look for your whereabouts.”
Upon hearing this, Kobayashi Ichiro was even more panicked.
This is going to kill him, a billion yen bounty on his head, this may not even die. One second to remember to read the book
He suddenly remembered Ye Chen’s words, he told Hongwu that if he cried and said that he wanted to go back, then he would bring himself back again, it seemed that he knew something like this would happen….
This son of a bitch! I guess he set up a trap to kill his father with poison!
At this moment, Kobayashi Ichiro would like to shred Ye Chen into pieces.
However, on second thought, he couldn’t go back to Japan now, if the Japanese gangs came over tomorrow to chase after him, then there was nowhere to hide in Jinling by himself….
It seemed that only Ye Chen’s place was the only way to survive, after all, he had a strong background in Huaxia, and no matter what gang in Japan, it was impossible for him to be his opponent .
So, he immediately said to Master Hong Fifth, “Fifth Master! Can you take me back to Mr. Ye? Please!”
Hong Wu gave a curt nod, pulled over to the side of the road, then went to the passenger side, opened the door and dragged Kobayashi Ichiro out, then without saying a word, punched him in the face.
Kobayashi Ichiro screamed from the beating, and took off, “Master Five, what are you doing?”
Master Hong Fifth said, “This is what our Young Master Ye has explained, if you say you want to go back, let me beat you up before I take you back!”
After saying that, he kicked him down to the ground and rode on him, and his big ears went left and right.
Although Hong Wu was old, but at least he was a do-gooder, and his health was exceptional, and these blows made Kobayashi Ichiro dizzy, but Kobayashi Ichiro didn’t dare to pretend with him, for fear of being abandoned just like that.
Only after Hongwu beat him up did he drag him, throw him back into the car, and then drive back to the dog farm.
When he returned to the dog farm, the other five men of Kobayashi Ichiro had all been fed to the dogs, and as soon as he was brought in, Kobayashi Ichiro cried and questioned Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, why did you deceive us with fake medicine? You killed my father, and now you’ve caused me to be hunted by my own brother, what a cruel heart you have!”
Ye Chen left his mouth open and said in a despicable manner, “You Japanese, are you out of your mind? When have I ever lied to you with fake drugs?”

Chapter: 486
Kobayashi Ichiro said angrily, “My father died a violent death after taking your medicine, and you dare to say it wasn’t the medicine?”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “You guys stole the medicine yourselves, okay? The whole flow of this thing is: you grabbed the poison yourself, so pay attention, you grabbed it, understand? I didn’t give it to you!”
After saying that, Ye Chen said, “You yourself stole the poison, you sent someone to give it to your father, and then your father died after eating the poison that you sent over, how can you say that it’s all your own fault, what does it have to do with me? Did I fucking tell you to grab the poison?”
Kobayashi Ichirou was speechless for a moment.
Ye Chen was right, from the beginning it was he himself who had taken people to Shi Tianqi’s place to snatch the medicine, only he didn’t expect that what was taken wasn’t any divine medicine at all, but poison!
Even if Shi Tianqi and Ye Chen had united to set a trap for himself, he had no way to accuse anything, after all, he was a bandit and thief, and was responsible for everything he said .
Therefore, the people in the family, especially his own brother, would not be able to forgive himself, and they would definitely put the charge of killing his father on his head….
Thinking of this, Kobayashi Ichiro poofed down to Ye Chen and cried, “Young Master Ye, this matter is indeed all my own fault, I was the one who had ill intentions and went to steal the medicine from Doctor Shi, please see that I am also indirectly helping you earn 10 billion, save my life, otherwise, I’ll be dead ah….”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I can temporarily take you in to stay in a dog farm for a while, as long as you are still in this dog farm, your brother and the gangs in Japan will absolutely not be able to find you.”
Kobayashi Ichiro was only relieved at this, and kowtowed to Ye Chen, saying, “Thank you, Young Master Ye!” First web site
Ye Chen said, “Taking you in is taking you in, but you can’t just hang around here, you have to put in the effort you need to put in.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Let’s say, you help out at the dog farm first, raising the dogs ah, walking the dogs ah, dealing with the dog’s excrement ah these.”
Although Kobayashi Ichiro was a million times reluctant, but at this moment, he didn’t dare to say a word of no, so he nodded his head repeatedly and said, “No problem Young Master Ye, I can do all these things.”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said to Hong Fifth, “Hong Fifth, you go and arrange for him to help out at the dog farm from now on, and then manage his food and lodging.”
Master Hong Fifth immediately said respectfully, “Young Master, don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements.”
Ye Chen mmmed and said, “Alright, Kobayashi, you go with Hongwu.”
Only then did Kobayashi Ichiro thankfully followed Hongwu out of the darkroom.
After he left, Richard Chen took a step forward and asked carefully, “Young Master, do you really want to keep this little Japanese at the dog farm?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Keep him for now, then wait for his brother’s side to raise the price, for his brother, if his brother doesn’t die, his position as chairman is not secure, the more he can’t find his brother, the more anxious he’ll be in his heart, when he raises the price to one or two hundred million RMB, he’ll sell him to his brother.”
Richard Chen was surprised and said, “In that case, this Kobayashi Ichiro will surely die!”
“He himself deserves to die.” Ye Chen said this with a sneer and said, “It’s just as well that Xiaolin Pharmaceutical has repeatedly plagiarized our Huaxia Han Fang, but this time they even want to directly rob us, do they still think that it’s decades ago, when they invaded us? Since we dare to come and rob, we must pay the price, otherwise won’t we let people laugh at us for not being tough enough for our Chinese sons and daughters?”
Richard Chen said awkwardly, “Young Master, this is considered moral kidnapping, you’ve blackmailed them for ten billion dollars, and they’ve even put the life of the old man of the family on the line, isn’t this price for the Xiao Lin family enough?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Of course it’s not enough, I have to make Kobayashi Ichiro pay with his life for what he’s done! Otherwise he thinks that after coming to China and spreading the word, it’s enough to pay some money and lose his old man’s life? Dream on!”

Chapter: 487
Kobayashi Ichiro didn’t know that the moment Ye Chen took him in, he was already preparing to sell him.
Ye Chen didn’t have any sympathy for Kobayashi Ichiro, on the contrary, deep down in Ye Chen’s heart, he still hated him very much.
It was fortunate that he was on guard tonight, otherwise, what if the true medicine on Shi Tianqi’s body was robbed?
I’m not sure if the Japanese will be able to analyze their prescription or not, but once they do figure it out, won’t they get their way?
So, what these Japanese did, in his opinion, their crimes should be punished!
Both the six black-clad men who were already dead, Masao Kobayashi who was far away in Tokyo, and Ichiro Kobayashi, who would soon die, were completely to blame.
Before dawn, Richard Chen drove and sent Ye Chen home.
On this journey, Richard Chen had a whole new perception of Ye Chen’s strength.
He originally thought that Ye Chen was a wayward young master from the Ye family, and now that he had found him, his greatest dependency was the Ye family.
But he didn’t expect that this wayward young master would have such great strength! Remember the URL
Not only had he made many of the upper class in Jinling pay him the utmost respect in a very short period of time, but now he was even using a scheme to pit Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical against him!
Not only did he give Ye Chen ten billion for nothing, but he also took Kobayashi Masanao’s life into the mix, and it wouldn’t be long before Kobayashi Ichiro’s life was also taken into the mix.
Such a maneuver made Richard Chen impressed Ye Chen, and even deep down, he had a few more strong scruples.
Ye Chen sat in the back of his car, not saying a word the whole way.
It was only when he was almost home that he suddenly opened his mouth and said to Chen Zekai, “Remember not to report today’s matter to the Ye family.”
Richard Chen nodded hurriedly and said respectfully, “Young Master, don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut!”
Richard Chen was only one spokesman for the Ye family in the Southern Canton Province, but for the entire Ye family, the Ye family had dozens and hundreds of spokesmen like him, all over the country and even around the world.
Therefore, it was difficult for Richard Chen to climb up the ladder.
But Ye Chen was in Jinling right now, and this was his best chance to climb up! If he could get Ye Chen’s appreciation, then one day Ye Chen would return to Yanjing and inherit the family, and he would also be able to rise to heaven.
Therefore, he had already made a good decision in his heart to serve Ye Chen as his master, and as the only master, to serve him and be a good dog to him.
Ye Chen was satisfied with his attitude, nodded his head and asked, “By the way, did you hear about the current situation of Xiao Yiqian of the Xiao family in Yanjing and Wu Qi of the Wu family in Suhang, Jiangnan?”
Richard Chen himself had a very powerful presence in Jinling, before Ye Chen appeared, Hong Wu wanted to be his licking dog almost impossible, so his intelligence network in Jinling was very strong, and Ye Chen believed that many things could not escape his eyes at all.
Chen Zekai also replied very simply, “Back to Young Master, Xiao Yiqian ran to the People’s Hospital tonight, it is said that there is an ulcer there, the doctor said that 80% of it can’t be saved, and recommended that he amputate it, then he took his people and went ragingly to settle the score with the Wei family.”
Ye Chen laughed, “I guess Xiao Yiqian took the medicine indiscriminately?”
“Pretty much.” Richard Chen said, “It’s said that the Wei family developed some new drug and had him be the first to try it, and it went wrong.”

Chapter: 488
Ye Chen nodded his head.
Xiao Yiqian’s situation was clear to him, he had directly destroyed his nerves there with his True Qi, meaning that he would never be able to regain his abilities, not to mention that Shi Tianqi hadn’t given him any medicine, and even if he had, it wouldn’t help.
If Xiao Yiqian had to take medicine indiscriminately to try to regain his abilities there, it would only cause the medicine to stagnate at the roots, which could easily lead to tissue necrosis.
It seems that the Wei family is in trouble this time, Xiao Yiqian is not a difficult brat, but an evil demon that demands for his life, and he will never stop until the Wei family is in trouble and loses people and money.
At this time, Richard Chen said: “The second young master of the Wu family is now tied up in the Jinling Castle Peak Mental Hospital, it is said that he is suffering from a strange disease, which requires him to eat shit every hour. The life.”
At this point, Richard Chen sighed, “I’m also considered to be knowledgeable, but this is the first time I’ve heard of this kind of thing, if it wasn’t for the video I saw on Shakespeare, to death I wouldn’t believe that there’s still such a thing, it’s really a world of thousands and wonders.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and asked curiously, “What is the origin of his old man and his brother?”
Richard Chen said, “The current head of the Wu family is Wu Qi’s grandfather, Master Wu, but although the Wu family is still headed by the old man, Wu Qi’s father, Wu Donghai, as the eldest son, has already started to take over the family business on a large scale, and if nothing else, he will definitely be the next generation’s head of the Wu family.”
Saying that, Richard Chen added, “As for Wu Qi’s brother Wu Xin, he just graduated from Cambridge University the year before and has also started to take over a part of the family business under Wu Donghai’s guidance, Wu Donghai is also cultivating Wu Xin as another next-generation heir.”
Ye Chen nodded, he knew that the Wu family had a strong background and was considered the number one family in Jiangnan, but in his eyes, the Wu family was indeed not enough to be feared. One second to remember to read the book
I taught their second son a lesson because that second son of theirs was an animal son of a bitch, and if the Wu family was not convinced and wanted to track it down, then I wouldn’t mind having a good time with them.
At this time, Richard Chen’s car, stopped at the bottom of Ye Chen’s house.
Ye Chen pushed open the car door and said indifferently, “You followed the run all night, it’s been hard, go home early and rest.”
Richard Chen nodded hurriedly, “Okay young master, thank you for your concern!”
After getting off the car, the sky in the east was already white with fish belly.
When Ye Chen returned home, his wife Xiao Churan and his father-in-law and mother-in-law were still asleep.
He gently returned to the bedroom and was relieved when he saw Xiao Churan sleeping soundly on the bed.
Because of the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture, his mental state had been very good, and even if he hadn’t rested all night, he had no intention of languishing, so he took out the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng that he had spent one hundred million on yesterday’s auction and carefully observed it for a moment.
This extremely fine purple ginseng was very strong, and it was more than enough to refine the rejuvenation pills with better medicinal effects.
This Rejuvenation Pill’s medicinal effects were miraculous and could make a dead tree rejuvenate!
When taken by a dying person, it can bring the dead back to life and keep them alive for several years.
Taken by people in their twilight years, it can extend their life by ten years or more.
Even if it was taken by a healthy ordinary person, it could make his body stronger, invulnerable to all kinds of poison and all kinds of diseases, and for ordinary people, it was definitely considered a miraculous medicine among miraculous medicines.
Although Ye Chen’s body was already too much stronger than normal people, for him, if he could refine the Rejuvenation Pill and take it regularly, it would also allow his body to be constantly hardened by the medicine, thus making it even further!
So, Ye Chen decided to take the time to match up the rest of the herbs today and refine the Rejuvenation Pill first!

Chapter: 489
At seven in the morning, Xiao Choran woke up ghostly.
When Ye Chen heard the noise, he hurriedly pretended to be asleep and lay on the floor bunk without moving.
After Xiao Churan got up, she sat on the bed and stretched her waist, looking at Ye Chen sleeping on the floor bed, she suddenly felt a little distressed.
Ever since Ye Chen got married to himself and became a son-in-law, he has been sleeping on the floor bed, and he is still thundering after more than three years.
When she first got married, Xiao Churan really didn’t have any feelings for Ye Chen and didn’t like him at all.
However, after these few years together, for some reason, she felt more and more that she would feel especially secure with Ye Chen by her side.
Some times, she was even afraid that he would suddenly leave her.
Recently, so many things had happened in the family, and it also made Xiao Churan feel more and more in her heart that Ye Chen was actually the person she could rely on the most in the world, besides him, her closest relatives, one by one, were unreliable.
Grandmother’s side naturally, needless to say, didn’t treat herself as family at all .
As for her own mother, it’s also hard for her to say anything, in her mother’s eyes, she is a tool for her to get to the top of her life and live a rich life, even though she has been married to Ye Chen for more than three years, she still looks forward to her divorce from Ye Chen and then marry a rich man. First URL
And Dad is so sparse all day, he’s already burning incense if he doesn’t get into trouble outside, let alone being able to give himself something to rely on at critical moments.
So, looking at it, it was still Ye Chen who was sleeping on the floor that was most reassuring to himself.
Just as she was looking at Ye Chen, her heart warmed up, the door was suddenly pushed open.
When she looked up, she saw her mother, Ma Lan, rushing in menacingly in her pajamas.
Xiao Churan couldn’t help but question, “Mom, what are you doing? Why did you come in without knocking?!”
Ma Lan quickly ran to the other side of the bed and looked down to see Ye Chen asleep on the floor, only then was she relieved and muttered, “I had a nightmare that you were pregnant with Ye Chen’s child, and it almost scared me to death! So I came over to see if Ye Chen had slept in your bed or not! Thankfully not!”
Afterwards, Ma Lan massaged her heart as she reminded, “I’m telling you, say nothing to let Ye Chen get into your bed, do you hear me?”
Xiao Choran was a bit annoyed and said, “Mom, Ye Chen and I are husband and wife, how we sleep has nothing to do with you!”
“Bullshit!” Ma Lan pinched her waist and said, “You were born to me, everything has to do with me! I can’t allow my daughter’s body to be taken over by this stinking hangman!”
Xiao Churan huffed, “Mom! Ye Chen could have saved your life!”
Ma Lan, with one hand at her waist and one hand waving, said seriously, “Don’t pull that useless thing on me, your mother and I have traveled the world for so many years, relying on just four words, heartless!”
Won’t our family be soaring by then?”
Xiao Choran angrily threw off the blanket, got up and said, “I’m not bothering to talk to you, I’m going to wash up.”
“Hey, you child…” Ma Lan hurriedly chased her out, wanting to continue to educate her again.
After the two of them went out, only then did Ye Chen open his eyes, and in his heart, he somewhat held his fire and surmised, this devil mother-in-law, what a white wolf that can’t be fed, some other day I have to give you a lesson to taste.

Chapter: 490
At 7:30, Ye Chen pretended to have just woken up, and after getting up and washing up, he went out to buy some breakfast and came back.
Xiao Churan hurriedly went to the office after eating, and her mother-in-law, Ma Lan, put down the dishes, so she had to drag her father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, to take a look at the villa in Tomson, which still hasn’t been decorated, and she was already losing some patience.
Xiao Changkun was not willing to go and advised her, “There are several floors inside the villa, adding up to thousands of square meters, the renovation would have been a lot of effort, less than half a year’s planning, it’s useless for you to be in a hurry.”
Ma Lan said with dissatisfaction, “I don’t care, I’ve lived in this broken house enough, if it’s still not properly decorated next month, then I’d rather go over and sleep in a rough villa than continue living here.”
After saying that, Ma Lan then urged, “You stop so much nonsense, go and change your clothes, drive me over there to take a look and hurry up the progress, or else I’ll throw away all those bottles and cans you bought!”
Xiao Changkun didn’t have any pursuit in life, he just liked to fiddle with antiques, although he was always being pitied and bought back a big pile of junk, but he himself always felt that those things were worth a lot, even if they weren’t worth a lot now, they would be worth a lot in a few years, so he had always treated them as treasures.
Now that he heard Ma Lan threaten to throw away all his treasures, he immediately softened up and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll go with you, can’t I?”
Ma Lan pushed him and said, “Then why are you still inking? Hurry up and get dressed!”
Xiao Changkun cryptically said, “I haven’t finished half of my fritters here, so at least let me finish my meal!”
“Eat, eat, eat, you just know how to eat!” Ma Lan said in exasperation, “You’re immediately like this piece of trash Ye Chen, eating, sleeping and eating, and a little bit of everything else isn’t there?” Remember the URL
Xiao Changkun said with a depressed face, “Fine, I won’t eat.”
After saying that, he quickly got up and went to change his clothes.
When he returned from changing clothes, Ma Lan urged him out the door.
When Ye Chen saw that his family had left, he took out his cell phone and called Qin Gang, asking him to send over the thirty or so herbs he wanted as per his request, he was going to concoct a little rejuvenation pill.
Naturally, Qin Gang was full of promise and said that he would send the medicine over to him as soon as possible.
As soon as he hung up the phone, Ye Chen received a call from Shi Tianqi.
As soon as Shi Tianqi came up, he asked respectfully, “Master Ye, did you catch those Japanese people who robbed the medicine yesterday?”
“Gotcha.” Ye Chen smiled, “Dug a hole for them, didn’t expect them to just jump in.”
Shi Tianqi said in surprise, “Master Ye, I heard all my friends in the medical circle this morning saying that Masao Kobayashi of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan, died of a sudden illness this morning, this, it can’t be related to those four pills you gave me, right?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Little Lin Zhengnan died because he ate those four pills I gave you, they weren’t magic pills at all, but poison.”
Shi Tianqi had already expected that there was something wrong with the pills that Ye Chen had given him, and when he heard this, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Master Ye, you really have foresight, if you hadn’t planned ahead, the miracle pill you gave me might have been snatched away by the Japanese…”
As he was speaking, the voice of Shi Tianqi’s granddaughter, Chen Xiaozhao, was suddenly heard on the phone, saying, “Grandfather, the Wei family’s brothers Wei Changming and Wei Liang are here!”
“The Wei family?” Shi Tianqi frowned, “What are they doing here looking for me?”
When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled and said, “I heard that Xiao Yiqian’s roots started to fester after he took Wei family’s medicine yesterday, they came over to beg you, probably because they want you to help.”
Shi Tianqi immediately said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, that bastard Xiao Yiqian dares to disrespect you, even if he dies in front of me, I won’t save him!”

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