The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 501-510

Chapter: 501
Wei Changming did not expect that he just poked Ye Chen’s identity, but he was beaten by both his father and Xiao Yiqian at the same time.
He could still endure when Xiao Yiqian beat him, after all, he also knew in his heart that he was the one who fooled Xiao Yiqian into taking the medicine, and it was normal for Xiao Yiqian to hate him.
However, Wei Changming couldn’t believe that Dad, who had barely laid a hand on himself for decades, slapped himself twice in this short while!
He covered his face and looked at Wei Yongzheng with anger on his face and asked out of his mouth, “Dad, why did you hit me again? Am I wrong?”
“Bastard, shut up!”
Wei Yong Zheng glared at him fiercely, cursing in his heart, this loser, why doesn’t he have any eyesight?
Now even Shi Tianqi was Ye Chen’s licking dog, so now Ye Chen was the Wei family’s only savior, and even if he really was a divine man, he must never speak out or offend him!
After scolding Wei Changming, Wei Yongzheng this “Master Ye, dog mouth, you must not take it to heart…”
Xiao Yiqian also panicked, his heart hated Wei Changming to death, a kick against Wei Changming kicked over, cold voice: “Wei Changming, you do not talk too much here, if you annoy Master Ye, Grandpa Ye, I will fucking chop you!”
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After kicking Xiao Yiqian, he hastily smiled with Ye Chen, “Grandpa Ye, don’t be angry with this kind of trash, he doesn’t deserve it at all, and please treat me quickly!”
Wei Changming was completely blindsided, obviously Ye Chen was just a useless door-to-door son-in-law who had fooled a bunch of big names with his feng shui deception, he was telling the truth, how come he was still the one who got beaten up in the end?
Ye Chen looked at them coldly and said, “If it wasn’t for Wei Liang begging me, I wouldn’t have come here at all, so you people, you have to have it in your hearts that if the Wei family lifted the crisis today, then the credit is solely because of Wei Liang.”
When Wei Yongzheng heard this, he hurriedly praised Wei Liang, “You did a good job this time, I will remember it.”
Wei Liang’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement, so it seemed that as long as Ye Chen cured Xiao Yiqian’s ulcer, then he would be the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals!
However, he didn’t know that Wei Yongzheng already had his own nitric acid U disk in his heart.
In Wei Yongzheng’s opinion, Wei Liang was a village girl in Changbai Mountain who was played by himself and was born a bastard, because his mother came from a humble background, so Wei Yongzheng also despised Wei Liang a hundred times.
He originally said that he and his eldest son, Wei Changming, whoever could solve the family crisis would be the chairman, but in fact, it was mainly to stimulate Wei Changming and make him actively think of a solution, but I never thought that Wei Liang had made such a big breakthrough and invited Shi Tianqi and Ye Chen over.
If he really did what he said, then he would have to let Wei Liang be the chairman when Ye Chen made a move to heal Xiao Yiqian.
But how could that be possible?
He’s a piece of shit who shouldn’t even exist!
In the beginning, I just happened to be in the Changbai Mountains and found a beautiful girl in the family of a cooperative medicine farmer, so I held the purpose of having a little fun, attacked her with flowery words, and then had a few addictions.
But I never thought that the girl would get pregnant!
What was even more unexpected was that he had explicitly refused her request to marry, and then left that village at the foot of the Changbai Mountains, never to go there again, but this woman had bitten the bullet and given birth to the child alone.
When she learned of Wei Liang’s existence, Wei Yongzheng’s original wife, who had fought him for a long time over this, causing the Wei family to be in turmoil, was already filled with disgust at that moment, before he had even met Wei Liang.
Wei Yongzheng himself was an extremely selfish person, he had several illegitimate children outside, but he didn’t want to take any of them back.
Because in his opinion, those illegitimate children were born because their mothers had no self-awareness, let alone any credibility!

Chapter: 502
It’s just a game. If you’re pregnant, you should get an abortion. What the fuck does it matter if you give birth?
So that was why he had always hated Wei Liang.
If it wasn’t for the fact that his old man had heard that he still had a grandson who was living in exile and had to be forced to take him back, he would have never wanted to see this bastard born of a rural woman in his entire life!
Now, even if Wei Liang made a great achievement, he wouldn’t be able to hand over the Wei family’s enterprise to him, so what the hell is he?
However, Wei Yongzheng did not reveal the slander and displeasure in his heart, he was now only thinking of quickly dispatching Xiao Yiqian, the plague god!
Wei Yongzheng then respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, please do something to save Dong Xiao!”
Xiao Yiqian also looked at Ye Chen bitterly, he called his grandfather and apologized, for the sake of curing himself, right?
Otherwise, how could he have endured it until now without getting angry.
Ye Chen smiled playfully and said to Xiao Yiqian, “Come, I’ll take your pulse.”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly stretched his wrist over. Remember the URL
After Ye Chen pretended to take his pulse, he said, “This is because your body itself is stagnant and downwardly moving, and you have also taken the liberty of taking medicines that elevate the liver and kidney fires, causing the effects of the medicines to accumulate, which is why it is absolutely impossible to cure the ulceration by simply reducing inflammation.”
Xiao Yiqian sounded very reasonable and hurriedly followed up with a question, “Master Ye, what should I do to treat this disease?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “This kind of illness you have, you need to use eighteen herbal medicines to make a bowl of medicinal soup.”
Saying that, he waved his big hand, “Bring a pen, I’ll give you a prescription!”
Xiao Yiqian immediately became excited and blurted out, “Great, great! Thank you Master Ye!”
After saying that, he hurriedly looked for Wei Yong to get a pen and paper and respectfully handed it to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen casually wrote eighteen of the most bitter and bitterest Chinese medicines, and the dosage prescribed was very large.
With just this one nonsense recipe, the boiled out medicine, if you take a sip, it’s estimated to make your tongue so bitter that you can’t taste anything else in March.
After the prescription was finished, Ye Chen handed it directly to Wei Yongzheng and said, “Your Wei family is a pharmaceutical company itself, it should be easy to gather this amount of herbs, right?”
Wei Yong Zheng hurriedly took a look at it and saw that the herbs on it were quite common, so he hurriedly nodded and said, “These are all there! It’s in the house! I’ll have someone go get it!”
Saying that, he greeted a servant, handed him the prescription, and coldly said, “Go grab the medicine!”
“Good lord!”
The servants hurriedly went to catch the medicine according to the recipe, while Xiao Yiqian was shaking with excitement and asked out of the blue, “Master Ye, is this medicine caught back, is it decocted in water and drink a pair of it?”
Ye Chen nodded and said inscrutably, “It can be good, but this medicine, ah, still lacks a medicinal primer.”
“A medicinal primer?” Xiao Yiqian hurriedly asked, “What do you need to use as a medicinal primer for this? You say it, and I’ll quickly send someone to prepare it!”
Ye Chen smiled, “You’re suffering from a massive stagnation of Qi and blood, and you need to use human urine as a medicinal draw!”

Chapter: 503
“With human urine?!” Xiao Yiqian immediately said with an embarrassed face, “This…. Isn’t this a bit disgusting ah? Do you really need to use urine?”
Ye Chen snorted coldly, “You think I’m bluffing you?”
Saying that, he pointed at Wei Yongzheng and said, “You should have been in the herbal business for many years, let me ask you, in many of the ancient recipes, is it necessary to use child urine as a medicinal guide?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Wei Yongzheng immediately nodded and said, “Many ancient recipes require the use of child urine as a medicinal primer, and there is even a tradition in the south of using child urine to boil eggs and eat them, so it does have some health benefits.”
Saying that, Wei Yong Zheng said to Xiao Yiqian, “Xiao Dong, you don’t have to worry too much, child urine is a very pure thing in Chinese medicine, it’s not dirty.”
Hearing that it was child’s urine, Xiao Yiqian’s expression softened a bit.
He hadn’t watched many ancient movies and TV dramas in the past, and the appearance of this child urine was really high, so now that he thought about it, it wasn’t so disgusting.
However, just when he had just accepted the child urine, Ye Chen suddenly said, “Actually, this medicinal primer, you can’t use child urine, because child urine is produced by the pure yang body of an untouched woman, so the child urine yang energy is extremely strong, and you’re yourself are stagnant with Qi and blood, if you use child urine again, it will only worsen your condition!”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Yiqian was surprised and asked, “Master Ye, do you have to use a girl’s urine to do it?”
“Not even girls.” Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “To treat your kind of disease, you have to use the urine of an adult male, and this adult male has to have slept with a lot of women, the more the better! Because the more women you sleep with, the more yin the properties of urine will be, and it will have an excellent healing effect on your condition of stagnant Qi and blood.” One second to remember to read the book at
Xiao Yiqian was stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, do you still have a grudge against me, so you’re deliberately playing a trick on me? Why is it that the more I hear about it, the more mysterious it becomes?”
Ye Chen faintly said, “I, Ye Chen, can swear on my life that if you do exactly what I say, your ulceration will definitely be remedied, and if it doesn’t work, I, Ye Chen, will strike thunder from the heavens.”
Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Xiao Yiqian with disdain and said, “That’s all, if you don’t believe me, then I have no other way.”
Xiao Yiqian saw that Ye Chen’s words were incomparably sincere, and he was somewhat convinced.
At this time, when Ye Chen saw that he was still a bit unbelieving, he said, “This way, with so many people witnessing it, if my medicine is done and you are not completely cured within ten minutes of drinking it, I will give you one hundred million.”
The last time Ye Chen spent 100 million to auction off a 300 year old superb purple ginseng at the Chinese Medicine Fair, so there was no doubt that he could come up with another 100 million.
Upon hearing this, Xiao Yiqian felt that Ye Chen was eighty percent not screwing himself.
Otherwise, if he used 100 million in exchange for drinking a bubble of urine himself, wouldn’t he still die?
If you were really open-minded, you could drink him straight into the world’s top negative with a single bite and stomp!
So he gritted his teeth, and for the sake of his roots, got out, “OK! Then as you say!”
Saying that, he thought to himself and said seriously, “Master Yeh, I haven’t fucked too many women in my life, but there’s a little over a hundred, so I’ll drink my own pee, so I should be fine, right?”
Ye Chen frowned at him, “What are you thinking about? If your own urine works, why do you need to drink it? It worked in your bladder long ago!”
“Huh?” Xiao Yiqian blurted out, “Can’t use your own yet? And with whose?”
Ye Chen looked around the room and said, “Come on, everyone here, please report how much experience each of you has had in that area, please answer honestly and don’t brag, or you’ll be responsible for delaying Dong Xiao’s treatment!”

Chapter: 504
No one said anything, but you looked at me, I looked at you, and finally they all looked at the old man of the Wei family, Wei Yongzheng, in unison.
Who doesn’t know that Wei family’s old man, Wei Yongzheng, was a womanizer when he was young?
When he was young, he could eat desperately every day with that poisonous strong goat recipe of his own, eating himself only sixty years old and about to hang up, so he should be the one with the most hands-on women among the people present.
The first thing you need to know is how to make sure that you’re going to be able to get the best out of the situation.
Ye Chen nodded and pointed at Wei Yongzheng and said to Xiao Yiqian, “Alright, it’s him.”
Xiao Yiqian’s expression was ugly.
Letting himself drink the urine of Wei Yongzheng, a bad old man? That’s fucking disgusting, isn’t it?
However, Ye Chen had said that the more experience he had in that area, the better the results would be.
Wei Yongzheng, a bad old man, was more playful than himself, and right now, he really couldn’t find anyone more suitable than him….
So he could only bite his teeth and said, “Then…. So be it then…” First published at
Ye Chen nodded and said to Wei Yongzheng, “Come, Master Wei, first you make two liters of pure water, hold your urine, after you have the urge to urinate, get a basin to catch it, and tell me when you have enough to save a liter.”
“One litre!?” Xiao Yiqian literally broke down: “Master Ye, this is too much…”
Ye Chen said, “What if it’s less in case it doesn’t work well? You’re trying to blackmail me for that hundred million, aren’t you?”
“No no.” Xiao Yiqian hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I sought to take almost two whole sips, one liter is too scary…”
Ye Chen said seriously, “If you want to cure the ulcers in one step, you have to finish one liter, otherwise if there are any after-effects, you just don’t blame me.”
Xiao Yiqian’s heart was depressed and bad, and didn’t know whether Ye Chen was playing with himself or not, seeing that he was serious and willing to swear on his life and attach a promise of 100 million, he always felt that this guy should not be playing with himself.
At this time, the person who caught the medicine came back.
According to Ye Chen’s request, there were more than twenty pounds of dried and dehydrated herbs alone.
Ye Chen said, “Come, divide these medicines into four portions, put each portion in a casserole, add ten liters of water and boil it for an hour on high fire, then mix the four portions of the broth together and boil it for another half an hour, and finally forty liters of water will be boiled to one liter.”
After saying that, Ye Chen said to Xiao Yiqian, “By the time the medicine is cooked and Master Wei has peed enough, you will have one liter of medicine and one liter of urine, drink the urine first and the medicine later, understand?”
Xiao Yiqian was really close to tears.
Two liters in one breath? A litre of bitter-to-the-dead Chinese herbs and a litre of presumably slutty old man urine, that’s just killing me!
However, in order to cure his roots, he didn’t dare to bargain and instead asked, “Master Ye, can we drink medicine first and urine later? In that case, the medicine will be so strong that you won’t be able to taste it if you drink urine again.”
“Are you kidding me?” Ye Chen said despicably, “Medicine Primer Medicine Primer, of course you have to drink Medicine Primer first, then you drink medicine ah! You’ve got the whole thing upside down, so is it urine that leads to medicine, or medicine that leads to urine?”

Chapter: 505
Whether it was medicine that led to urine, or urine that led to medicine, this soul torture left Xiao Yiqian in a daze.
But after just a moment, he figured out the reasoning behind Ye Chen’s words.
Since urine was a medicine inducer, then it was definitely necessary to use urine to induce medicine, which meant that one had to drink urine first.
However, one liter was too much….
Xiao Yiqian’s head felt as big as a bucket when he thought of this.
But Ye Chen smiled at this time and said, “This matter can’t be delayed, if you really have finished rotting yourself there, then don’t blame me for not saving you.”
Xiao Yiqian shivered in fright and said off the top of his head, “OK! I’ll do as you say!”
Ye Chen nodded and said to Wei Yongzheng, “Master Wei, trouble you to drink more water first, in addition, quickly arrange for someone to boil the medicine.”
How dare Wei Yongzheng disobey, he hurriedly nodded and said, “Master Ye is at ease, I’ll go and drink more water…”
Xiao Yiqian sighed a long sigh and had resigned himself to his fate. Remember the URL
To him, healing the ulcer quickly was more important than anything else.
Ye Chen was in an exceptionally happy mood at this time.
Healing that ulcer of Xiao Yiqian, how could one need any child’s urine and the most bitter importance?
Just a little fraction of the dregs from the pill he had concocted earlier would cure his ulcers.
The reason why he was told to use Wei Yongzheng’s urine as a medicinal primer was completely because he wanted to trap him for a while.
After a good while of work, the entire Wei family are filled with bitter to the taste of Chinese medicine, just smell the taste is bitter throat dry mouth astringent, it is hard to imagine really drink it will be how unpleasant.
A few big pots of water, fire boiled into a liter of concentrated black medicinal broth, looking no different from oil.
After the soup was boiled, Wei Yongzheng still hasn’t returned.
Xiao Yiqian was anxiously waiting, so he ordered someone to rush him.
It’s really hard for Wei Yongzheng, he is old and his kidneys are not good, drinking so much water in one breath and forcing himself to urinate is really painful.
After waiting for about twenty more minutes, only then did Wei Yongzheng finally make up enough for a litre, and hurriedly covered his nose and walked in.
“Master Ye, there’s already enough urine for one liter!”
Ye Chen was afraid that the smell would foul him, so he immediately left far away and covered his nose and said to Xiao Yiqian, “Come, drink this medicinal primer first, then drink the medicine!”
“Yes!” Xiao Yiqian nodded hurriedly.
The severe pain there made him realize that this matter could not be delayed, so he did not dare to delay and directly received the large bottle of orange liquid from Wei Yongzheng’s hand.
Wei Changming at the side was disgusted at the sight of it, and seeing that Xiao Yiqian was about to drink it, he immediately couldn’t help but recall the incident where he licked the urinal at the Splendid Club.
Every time he recalled it, he inevitably wanted to vomit.
Xiao Yiqian also wanted to vomit.
This bad old man Wei Yongzheng was really willing to give, a large amount of cups of one liter, the liquid level was even hidden a few millimeters above the one liter scale.
But at the thought that it could save his life, he didn’t dare to have any delay, panicked, closed his eyes, bit his teeth, and directly gulped it down!
In an instant, the inside of Xiao Yiqian’s mouth exploded, and his entire oral nasal cavity was filled with a strong foul odor, so disgusting that he just wanted to vomit.
Xiao Yiqian almost couldn’t hold back, almost vomiting, but for fear of affecting the effect of the medicine, he hurriedly covered his mouth and swallowed it again raw!
Everyone else was about to throw up.

Chapter: 506
This grandson’s situation at this moment, and the rich second generation who snatched shit on Shakespeare some time ago….
Xiao Yiqian gulped down a drink, wiped his mouth, and said in a panic, “Where’s the medicine? Hurry! Serve it to me!”
Ye Chen took a liter of dark, thick medicinal soup from his servant’s hand, and took advantage of the unpreparedness to sprinkle a little bit of freshly picked bits from the pills into it with his fingertips.
Then, with a smile, he brought the medicinal soup to Xiao Yiqian and smiled, “Come, Xiao Dong, please!”
Xiao Yiqian’s mouth was filled with a strong stench, and he couldn’t wait to cover it up with some other taste, so he took a big mouthful of the medicinal soup.
This big mouthful of medicinal soup almost didn’t make him pass out from the bitterness.
In his life, he had never tasted anything so bitter, so damn bitter, like ten thousand bottles of licorice tablets all melted into this bowl of medicinal broth.
And this medicinal soup wasn’t just bitter, it burned like hell!
Into the mouth burns the tongue for a while, followed by the entire mouth is numb.
When you drink it into your stomach, your whole stomach burns like you’re drinking acid. One second to remember to read the book
However, also the moment he drank it, Xiao Yiqian immediately felt a different kind of heat spreading from his stomach to the bottom.
The pain there was immediately relieved quite a bit!
Hey! It’s fucking divine!
Xiao Yiqian was thrilled, and couldn’t care that this ghost stuff was bitter to death, and gulped it in with gusto.
When he drank it, the dregs in the bottom were as thick as black sesame paste, and it was simply unpleasant to drink it in his mouth.
But he still swallowed all the dregs raw for the sake of the medicinal effect.
This time, the whole mouth has been numb to death, he does not know, at this time their taste buds are let this ghost medicine soup to burn bad, the next few months to eat anything is certainly no taste, more importantly, the mouth will always be numb, and burning pain, enough for him to suffer.
What’s more, this medicine burns the stomach and intestines, the next few months, he is expected to scurry a few times a day rare, in short, there is still a lot to suffer.
However, Xiao Yiqian didn’t have the energy to experience the discomfort in other places right now, and he increasingly felt that the ulcerated painful area was cool and comfortable, as if his whole body was much more relaxed.
“It’s amazing, I feel it’s working!”
Xiao Yiqian was so overjoyed that he immediately took off his pants in front of everyone.
Taking a quick look, he almost burst into tears with excitement, the place that was festering was now rapidly healing! This is amazing!
At this time, Ye Chen faintly said, “Your ulceration should have been cured, but the nerves there have died, it will definitely be difficult to regain your strength in the future, and I advise you not to take that kind of medicine indiscriminately, or you might have the same encounter again.
Xiao Yiqian nodded his head repeatedly.
Ever since the root started to fester, he no longer had the extravagant hope of being able to revive it, as long as he could let it stay there in its original state, he was satisfied.
Now it was good that his roots were preserved!
Ye Chen said indifferently at this time, “Xiao Yiqian, you should be lucky that it was me who got the three hundred year old Premium Purple Ginseng at the auction that day and not you, otherwise, with this condition, if you took three hundred year old Premium Purple Ginseng, I’m afraid that it would just rot there and you wouldn’t be able to wait at all!”
Xiao Yiqian was terrified after a while.
At this time in front of Ye Chen, he didn’t dare to pretend and could only respectfully say, “Thank you, Master Ye for rescuing him!”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “Since you’ve recovered now, there’s no need to embarrass the Wei family, right?”
“Of course, of course!” Xiao Yiqian nodded his head repeatedly.
Although he had also suffered a lot, but since the root had been cured, there was really no need to continue to wrangle with the Wei family.
Now, his heart was already filled with sadness towards Jinling, as if his life had not been better since he had come to Jinling.
At this point, his roots were also preserved, and he had a strong desire within him to return to Yanjing and leave the sad place of Jinling….

Chapter: 507
After being wronged so much, Xiao Yiqian did want to go home.
Moreover, he knew that he couldn’t find a way to restore his majesty in Jinling, so he wanted to go back to Yanjing again to see if he could find a senior person.
There was another important matter, his mother was about to pass her eighty-fourth birthday, and as the eldest son, he had to go back to congratulate her on her birthday.
Only, his mother had asked him to invite Shi Tianqi over, but now it looked as if Shi Tianqi still hadn’t forgiven himself.
However, he still asked Shi Tianqi tentatively, “Uncle Shi, my mother’s birthday banquet will be in a few days, I wonder if you can come to the capital to appreciate a gathering?”
Shi Tianqi said expressionlessly, “Xiao Dong, I have already told you that there is no longer any relationship between me and the Xiao family, so there is no need to waste words on the birthday banquet.”
Xiao Yiqian sighed lightly and nodded his head.
In his heart, even though he wanted to press this bad old man, Shi Tianqi, down on the ground and beat him violently, he still said very humbly, “Since Uncle Shi has decided, it is not good for Yiqian to force him, in that case, then Yiqian will return to Yanjing first.”
Shi Tianqi nodded his head.
Yiqian Xiao looked at him and then at Ye Chen, his heart was itching with hatred, but he still didn’t say a word and took his bodyguards with him and left in ashes. The first website
Seeing that this plague god was finally gone, Wei Yong Zheng was completely relieved.
Moreover, he discovered that he had even gotten a good remedy because of the misfortune.
It turned out that the root ulceration could be treated with that dozen or so Chinese herbal medicines boiled in soup, paired with his own urine, which was so divine, that if anyone still had such a thing in the future, then he could totally help treat him!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly took a step forward and said respectfully, “Master Ye is really a Jinling divine doctor, his medical skills are praiseworthy, today, thanks to Master Ye’s help, my Wei family has been able to extend its survival, and the Wei family will always remember Master Ye’s kindness for all eternity.”
The rest of them also arched their hands and bowed to Ye Chen, “Thank you Master Ye for saving the Wei family from the fire and water, I am grateful.”
Ye Chen looked at them and said indifferently, “I’m not here to hear your gratitude to me.”
Saying that, Ye Chen pointed at Wei Liang and said to Wei Yongzheng, “Since Wei Liang solved your Wei family’s troubles, then as you said, he should be the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals now, right? When are you going to make it official?”
When Wei Yongzheng heard this, a hint of dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes, he was the head of the Wei family, when was it the turn of outsiders to call for help?
Besides, how could the position of chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals be that bastard’s turn?
Wei Yongming who was on the side was on fire, this Ye Chen was really too much! How dare you help that bastard take the chairmanship? Don’t you know that you are the eldest son of the Wei family?
Wei Liang, who had been bullied for half of his life, was incomparably excited at this time and looked at Ye Chen with gratitude in his eyes.
At this time, he already regarded Ye Chen as a newborn parent .
Wei Yongzheng was now smiling and said nonchalantly, “Master Ye, I’m not hiding anything from you, this is a family matter of the Wei family, not to mention that the matter of appointing the chairman of the board of directors is of great importance, and we have to plan for it in the long run.”

Chapter: 508
What he actually meant to say was that you, Ye Chen, are just an outsider, so don’t get involved in the Wei family’s affairs!
Once Wei Liang heard this, his originally excited heart instantly dropped into the ice cellar.
He finally realized that he had been played.
And was being played very badly.
Dad wasn’t even prepared to give himself a chance.
Even if he took out the precious snow ginseng that his mother had left him, even if he begged Ye Chen to save the Wei family, Dad still wasn’t going to let himself be the chairman.
At this time, Ye Chen frowned and looked at Wei Yongzheng, asking in a cold voice, “What? You want to go back on your word?”
Wei Yongzheng hurriedly said, “Master Ye, you don’t know anything about this matter, what I told the two dogs at that time was that whoever can help the family solve this trouble will have the chance to be the chairman, Wei Liang has made a meritorious contribution to the family today, of course I will credit him for it, and when it comes to electing the chairman in the future, he will naturally have a few more points to win.”
Wei Yongzheng’s rhetoric is a complete scoundrel, changing the original who solved the crisis, who will be able to be chairman of the board of directors, said who solved the crisis, who will have the opportunity to be chairman of the board.
This “chance”, the initiative of the whole thing completely in their own hands, it is like a coin in their own hands, they put the coin is positive, the opposite hand coin is negative, who can win him? Remember the URL
Next to him, Wei Changming was also somewhat unable to hold back his fire at this time, anyway, Xiao Yiqian was gone, the crisis had been resolved, he was not so scrupulous about Ye Chen, and he directly took off, “Ye Chen, our Wei family’s family affairs have nothing to do with you, an outsider, be sensible and get out of here, the Wei family is not yet your turn to spill the beans!”
In the past, the company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to ensure that the company’s customers are able to enjoy the benefits of its products. I’m young and fiery, and I can’t do anything to her if I don’t fuck all day.”
When Wei Liang heard this, he yelled angrily, “How can you say that about my mother!”
Wei Yongzheng stared at him with one eyebrow and coldly snapped, “What? You still want to bare your teeth at me? It’s a fucking under-bred bastard! In that case, the Wei family has raised you for so many years, and you don’t know how to repay your kindness, but you still try to take over the Wei family business? In my opinion, you should get out of the Wei family from now on!”
Wei Liang stood with his head down, slumped to the side, he had accepted defeat deep inside, blaming only himself for being too naive to believe Wei Yongzheng’s words!
Since that was the case, there was no point in staying with the Wei family, so I might as well make a clean break with them!
Thinking of this, Wei Liang clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. From now on, I’m done with your family, Grace!”
Wei Changming was delighted and laughed shamefully, “You bastard, and you’ve broken up with us, we’ve wanted to kick you out for a long time, understand? After all these years of raising you, it’s not enough to waste fucking food!”
Ye Chen looked at Wei Yongzheng and asked in a cold voice, “Surnamed Wei, are you blatantly trying to avenge your death with grace?”
Wei Yongzheng said disdainfully, “This is Wei family’s matter, it has nothing to do with you, you are not welcome in the Wei family right now, so get out!”
Wei Yongzheng didn’t believe that Ye Chen had any background at all, it was just that he had a recipe and could cure Xiao Yiqian’s illness, this kind of person, he definitely couldn’t do anything to himself.
The first thing is that he is not the only one who can do something about it, but he can do something about it.
Since that’s the case, why should he still put this Ye Chen in his eyes?

Chapter: 509
Wei Yongzheng’s going back on his word was not unexpected by Ye Chen.
As long as there was more than one child in the family, it was human nature for parents to find it difficult to treat everyone fairly.
It was as if Old Mrs. Xiao had always felt that Xiao Choran’s reluctance to leave Ye Chen was insensitive, and Xiao Weiwei, who had always listened to her, was naturally more pleasing to her.
In Wei Yongzheng’s eyes, he didn’t treat Wei Liang as his son at all, and had only been raised as a servant in the Wei family for so many years, so how could he be willing to pass on the entire family business to him.
At this time, Ye Chen looked at Wei Yongzheng and asked him in a cold voice, “Surnamed Wei, the matter of the chairmanship position, I will give you one last chance, think before you speak.”
Wei Yongzheng sneered and said, “I don’t need to think, and I’ll tell you again, there’s no way I’ll give the chairman position to Wei Liang! I’ll tell you the truth, from the beginning I never wanted to give him the chairman’s position, even if he saves the Wei family today, he’ll always be a bastard who can’t make it to the top in my eyes, a loser born behind my back to a rural woman in Changbai Mountain!”
Saying that, Wei Yongzheng looked at Wei Liang again and cursed, “And you, you treacherous dog thing, I raised you for so many years to be a good dog in the Wei family, and you dare to covet the chairman’s position, had I known that you had such wolf ambitions, I shouldn’t have taken you back, but should have thrown you into the Heavenly Pond of Changbai Mountain to drown after that woman’s death! ”
Wei Liang revealed a look of unwillingness and anger, “Wei Yongzheng, you can insult me, but you can’t insult my mother!”
“Your mother?” Wei Yongzheng was full of contempt and said, “A village girl at the foot of the Changbai Mountains, who doesn’t think she can afford to marry me, and thinks of her, it only makes me feel sick!”
Wei Liang was trembling with anger and blue veins, shouting, “Wei Yongzheng, you have insulted my mother three or five times, I’ll fight you!” One second to remember to read the book
He was about to rush up, but Ye Chen suddenly stopped him and said indifferently, “Don’t just fight with this kind of old bastard, as the head of the Wei family and the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, people will gossip about you if word gets out.”
As soon as Ye Chen said this, all the people present were stunned.
Wei Yongzheng was first surprised, then laughed, “You’re an interesting kid, you think you’re the one in charge of the Wei family’s affairs?”
Ye Chen nodded and said calmly, “Today I say he is the master of the Wei Family!”
Wei Yongzheng said in a despicable manner, “Kid, since you cured Xiao Yiqian, I’ll spare you one time, now get lost, I’ll leave you alone, otherwise I’ll let you know that the Wei family is not easy to mess with!”
Wei Changming also kept shouting from the sidelines, “Ye Chen, the account from last time hasn’t been settled with you yet! If you don’t know how to behave today, then I’ll settle the score with you with interest!”
Ye Chen went straight forward and slapped him around in place!
No one expected that Ye Chen would just say he would do it!
One by one, the Wei family’s people were about to rush up, but not only was Ye Chen not afraid at all, he arrogantly said in a cold voice, “Listen up, from today onwards, I, Ye Chen, officially issue a Jiang Hu chase order for Wei Yongzheng, Wei Changming and their sons! Which one of you who isn’t afraid of death can stand up for them, and I don’t mind adding a few more names to the chase!”
The underground world is like the Hong Kong movie “Dark Flower”, once the order to kill is placed and a reward is offered, the entire underground world will mobilize to kill the person who has been placed under the order for the exorbitant bounty.
Kobayashi Ichiro, who was now raising dogs in Master Hongwu’s dog farm, had been placed under a rivers and lakes chase order by his own brother in Japan, and the bounty was only fifty million, and there were already countless people who were already moving, and if a bounty of fifty million was offered for the heads of Wei’s father and son, then they would not be able to rest in peace for the rest of their lives.
As soon as Wei Yongzheng heard that Ye Chen was going to place a rivers and lakes chase order on himself and his son, he immediately sneered, “You think you’re great? My Wei family is worth at least a billion dollars, I can take a hundred million out and give you an order to hunt you down as well!”
Ye Chen said disdainfully, “Trash like you don’t have the qualifications to issue a rivers and lakes chase order.”
Saying that, Ye Chen pulled out his cell phone and directly called Hongwu!
Immediately, the phone connected, and Master Hong Wu asked respectfully, “Master Ye, what do you want with Hong Wu?”
Ye Chen said, “Hongwu, give me an order to hunt down and kill Wei Yongzheng, Wei Changming and their sons! There’s a $100 million reward! It goes into effect at 12:00 a.m. today!”
Hong Wu immediately said, “Don’t worry Master Ye, I’ll inform the city!”

Chapter: 510
Immediately afterwards, Wei Changming’s phone bounced up with crazy WeChat messages.
He had a WeChat group full of families that had a good relationship with the Wei family, and now the heads of these families were going crazy in the
“Chang Ming, why have you messed with Master Hong Fifth? Now he’s offering a reward of $100 million for your and your father’s heads! Effective at midnight tonight!”
Wei Changming’s face was black and frightened.
Before he had time to reply, another message was sent out in the group.
“Fuck, Wang Zhenggang, the head of the Wang family, has added a bonus of one hundred million yuan to the Wei family’s father and son’s rivers and lakes chase order!”
“The Qin family’s head, Qin Zhenggang, has also made a move, and the bonus has now increased to 300 million!”
“Oh my God! The Song family is also making a move! They added two hundred million straight up, and now the bonus is five hundred million!”
Wei Changming’s face was incomparably pale, and the phone fell straight to the ground, the screen cracking.
Wei Yongzheng, who was on the side, hurriedly asked after him, “Changming, what happened?” First web site
Wei Changming was sweating profusely and panicked and told Wei Yongzheng what had happened.
Wei Yongzheng was scared out of his wits when he heard this!
What’s going on?
Why does this young man have so much influence?
Master Hong Fifth is only his head, and the Wang and Qin families are also fawning over him.
What’s worse, the Song family, the largest family in Jinling, is also trying to court him? What is this guy’s story?
Half a billion dollars in bonuses, with that much money on display, I’m afraid the nation’s underground world would consider themselves and their son a treasure!
He was really afraid this time, looking at the indifferent Ye Chen, his legs weakened and he knelt directly on the ground, his face full of cold sweat, and his body couldn’t stop shaking!
“Master Ye, have mercy! Have mercy!”
Wei Yongzheng also kneeled on the ground and began to beg bitterly, “Master Ye I was wrong, I have eyes but can’t see Mount Tai, please spare my life, I won’t dare to do it again, I’m willing to do it even if I have to be a dog for you!”
Ye Chen looked at them coldly and said indifferently, “Want to live now? Weren’t you arrogant just now?”
Wei Yongzheng immediately slapped himself and cried, “Master Ye, I’m old and confused, my brain didn’t turn the corner just now, please forgive me….”
After saying that, Wei Yongzheng immediately said, “Master Ye, from now on, Wei Liang will be the chairman of the Wei Pharmaceuticals, the head of the Wei family! Are you satisfied now?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “If you just said that, I’m satisfied, but if you just say it now, I’m not so satisfied.”
Wei Yong Zheng’s scared liver trembled and hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, how do you want to be satisfied?”
Ye Chen looked at him, and the pale Wei Changming, and said coldly, “Don’t you despise the Changbai Mountain and that woman Wei Liang who grew up under the Changbai Mountain ten thousand times? Fine, then you and your eldest son, get the hell out of here and dig for ginseng in the Changbai Mountains for the rest of your life!”
At this point, Ye Chen’s expression became cold, and he said word for word, “Listen to me, it’s for the rest of your life, you can’t leave Changbai Mountain!”

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