The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 511-520

Chapter: 511
Hearing this, Wei Yongzheng was in despair!
He had always been very unhappy with that bitter cold place in the Changbai Mountains!
Back then, if it wasn’t for the beginning of the business and the need to personally collect medicine, he wouldn’t have been willing to go to that freezing cold place.
Precisely because he despised that bitter cold place, he also despised Wei Liang’s mother ten thousand times and just felt that it was a temporary plaything to play with.
However, never in his wildest dreams did he think that Ye Chen would punish him and make him never leave the Changbai Mountains for the rest of his life!
That’s a place you’ve always hated so much!
What’s the difference between getting yourself out there and never leaving, and taking your own life?
He’s already had health problems. He wouldn’t have survived more than a few years, but if he went to a place like Changbai Mountain, he would have died even faster, right?
Besides, living in that place would be worse than death for an old, pleasure-hungry mess like him!
He looked at Ye Chen in despair and cried and begged, “Master Ye, I won’t be able to live for a few more years as a bad old man, please be merciful, I’m willing to pass on Wei’s Pharmaceutical to Wei Liang, please let me stay in Jinling and live a peaceful old age…” Remember the URL
Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “Have you ever thought that Wei Liang’s mother has been dead for twenty years? You’ve earned it by outliving her for twenty years, you scum! So for the rest of the day, go to Changbai Mountain and repent! Not only do you have to go into the mountains every day to dig up ginseng, but you also have to clean Wei Liang’s mother’s grave every day!”
Saying that, he looked towards Wei Liang and ordered, “Wei Liang, after you accept Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, immediately organize some people to go over there and supervise them every day, let them clean your mother’s grave every morning, go into the mountains to pick ginseng every morning and afternoon, don’t allow them to use cell phones, surf the internet or watch TV, let them live a sunrise to sunset life every day! If they dare to be passive, they’ll just smash their legs and throw them in the snow to freeze!”
Wei Liang’s blood was boiling with excitement, he didn’t expect that Ye Chen would not only help him get Wei’s pharmaceuticals, but also help him punish Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming and their sons, and more importantly, the way he punished them was a perfect ending that he never dared to dream of!
It’s ironic, black humor, and a relief to have them go to the Long White Mountains and spend the rest of their lives in that place they spit on!
His heart was incomparably grateful to Ye Chen, and he immediately knelt on the ground and said respectfully, “Thank you, Master Ye for your success! And please don’t worry Master Ye, Wei Liang will do it right!”
Ye Chen hmmmed, looked at Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming’s father and son, and said coldly, “If these two dare to escape from Changbai Mountain, they will automatically activate the 500 million Jiang Hu chase order, and if they dare to leave Changbai Mountain in their lifetime, they will die!”
Wei Changming cried snotty tears when he heard this.
He was already the second-in-command of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, and with his wide connections in Jinling and his family’s prosperity, his daily life was truly a florid and paper-drunk one.
Suddenly letting him go to the Changbai Mountains to dig ginseng and not being allowed to leave for the rest of his life was more painful than a life sentence!
After all, if you served your time in prison, you would at least be able to get a little bit of the fireworks of modern society.
However, if one went to the Changbai Mountains, that bitterly cold place, how could one stand it?

Chapter: 512
So he broke down in despair and cried out, “No! I’m not going! I’m not going to dig up ginseng in a hellhole like Changbai Mountain!”
After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen as he kowtowed and said, “Master Ye, please spare me, I’m willing to leave China and never come back, never look for Wei Liang again, please don’t let me go to a place like Changbai Mountain,
Ye Chen, however, didn’t give them a chance at all and directly ordered the rest of the Wei family, “Listen to me, from now on, there are only two ways for you to go, either, follow Wei Liang and do a good job, Wei Liang will also make sure that you each have your own vested interests; or, follow the two of them to the Changbai Mountain to dig for ginseng!”
After saying that, Ye Chen’s expression was austere and he drank, “I’ll give you ten seconds to stand in line and figure out who to follow!”
As soon as Ye Chen said this, everyone in the Wei family immediately moved.
However, they all scrambled, without exception, to stand behind Wei Liang’s back!
Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming cursed in anger, “You bunch of white-eyed wolves, our Wei family has really raised you for nothing!”
The crowd completely ignored their father and son’s accusations, as the saying goes, the tree topples a monkey and the wall topples everyone, the father and son have obviously lost power, at this time the fools will not stand them and then follow them to Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng for the rest of their lives ah!
Wei Changming wailed, and Wei Yongzheng, who was on the side, twitched all over.
The two of us are not born of the same mother, but at least we’re one father,” he said. Half of our blood is the same, have mercy on me, plead for Master Ye, please spare me! From now on, the Wei family is all yours, I don’t want anything, just don’t send me to Changbai Mountain!” One second to remember to read the book
Wei Liang looked at him with cold eyes and said, “I’m not going to disobey Master Ye’s decision for scum like you! What’s more, for all these years, you didn’t even treat me like a younger brother, you bullied me for so many years, abused my mother for so many years, I already hated you to the bone! You’re completely to blame for what happened to you today, and I’m not even happy enough!”
Wei Yongzheng shuddered and said, “Wei Liang, I’m your biological father no matter what, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven for treating your own biological father this way?!”
“No fear!” Wei Liang asked in a cold voice, “Rather you, you’ve hurt so many women and failed so many of your own flesh and blood, aren’t you afraid of retribution?”
At this point, Wei Liang said seriously, “Actually, you’re already getting your comeuppance! You know in your heart that you don’t have many years left to live. Even if by some miracle you could live a few more years, in your physical condition, that extra time would mean more suffering! This is what you deserve!”
“You…. You…….” Wei Yong Zheng was so angry that he couldn’t speak, and he coughed violently for a while.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Give you and your master an hour to prepare, after an hour, I will arrange for someone to send you to Changbai Mountain!”
After saying that, he immediately made a phone call to Master Hong Wu and said, “Hong Wu, you arrange for a few clever little brothers to arrange two cars to come over to the Wei family to pick up the father and son and send them all the way to Changbai Mountain!”
Master Hong Fifth immediately said, “Okay Master Ye, I’ll arrange it!”
After that, Master Hong Fifth asked, “Right Master Ye, what happens after you send them to Changbai Mountain?”
Ye Chen said, “Send them to a village at the foot of the Changbai Mountain, and once there, you buy them a small mansion that is barely sheltered from the wind and rain, and let them and their father and son shelter, and buy them some rice, flour, grain and oil, and from then on, this father and son will live as people of the Changbai Mountain and die as ghosts of the Changbai Mountain, and even if they are cremated, their ashes will be buried at the foot of the Changbai Mountain! Got it?”
Master Hongwu blurted out, “Master Ye, Hongwu understands!”

Chapter: 513
The Wei family father and son sat on the ground and cried bitterly, until now, they were unwilling to accept the fate of being sent to the Changbai Mountain.
When Ye Chen saw that they were still inking there, he said indifferently, “Although it’s only autumn, it’s already very cold there in the Changbai Mountains, so if you don’t prepare thick clothes for winter and freeze to death there, you’ll be entirely to blame.”
As soon as father and son heard this, they realized that if they delayed any longer, when Hongwu’s men came, they would really have to go to Changbai Mountain empty-handed.
So father and son looked at each other, got up in despair, and cried as they headed to their respective rooms to pack their things.
At this moment, they had completely given up fighting in their hearts because the strength Ye Chen had shown was far beyond their carrying capacity.
Several big families in Jinling were giving themselves bonuses for Ye Chen, and if they didn’t leave, they would really die in Jinling!
Everyone else in the Wei family shunned both father and son, even if Wei Yongzheng wasn’t too well and had difficulty moving, the others didn’t want to come forward to help, after all, no one wanted to offend Wei Liang, the new head of the Wei family, and no one even wanted to offend the handy Ye Chen.
While the father and son were packing up their things, Master Hong Fifth personally brought over a few of his younger brothers.
This time, Fifth Master Hong had arranged a total of six little brothers to bring three land cruisers with strong comprehensive and adaptable performance, ready to drive all the way north, directly to Changbai Mountain.
More than two thousand kilometers of road, it will take at least two days to drive to. The first website
These few little brothers that Master Hong Fifth had found were good men with extraordinary strength under his hands, and with the six of them here, the Wei family and their sons would have absolutely no chance to escape.
Even Ye Chen felt that if they were allowed to run, they might not even dare to run, because once they did, they would be hunted down by people from all walks of life, and then they would really lose their lives, so they might as well honestly go to the Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng.
Half an hour later, the Wei family father and son, who had packed two large suitcases, came to the hall with their luggage full of despair.
When Ye Chen saw this, he spoke, “Alright, the people and cars that sent you north have arrived, hurry up and get on the bus, we’ll leave now.”
The father and son could only nod dejectedly, and then they were taken away by a few of Master Hongwu’s younger brothers.
As they left, they took one step and turned back three times, but even if the two of them had a million things to say, they had to get out of here at this point.
Wei Yongzheng was most regretful in his heart.
Had he known that, it would have been better to honestly give Wei Liang the chairmanship he had promised after he had solved the crisis, so that Wei Liang would definitely not drive himself to Changbai Mountain.
So, the reason why there was today, in the end, it was still his own doing.
Wei Liang witnessed Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming get into the car, and the three cars left the Wei family, heading straight for the Changbai Mountains, more than two thousand kilometers away.
Until the convoy disappeared from view, he still had hot tears in his eyes.
Whirling, he stepped in front of Ye Chen, without saying a word, when he kneeled down on both knees and kowtowed three times with great force, only then did he raise his head and choked and said, “Thank you Master Ye for accomplishing this! From now on, Wei Liang’s life is Master Ye’s, and Wei’s medicine is Master Ye’s. From now on, Wei Liang is always at your service! Mountains of daggers and seas of fire as long as you say so, Wei Liang dares to blink an eye, and the heavens will strike thunder!”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, “Wei Liang, you have backbone and are a filial son, what is lacking is opportunity, I appreciate you, so I am willing to fulfill you, but you must remember that you must never live like the person you hate, if I find out in the future that you, Wei Liang, live as another Wei Yongzheng, then I will kill you with my own hands, understand?”
Wei Liang kowtowed one head down and didn’t get up for a while, saying loudly, “Wei Liang understands! If Wei Liang bears half a resemblance to Wei Yongzheng in the future and fails to live up to Grandmaster Ye’s instructions, Wei Liang is willing to die to thank you!”

Chapter: 514
Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Get up, take care of the Wei family’s industry and manage it well, one day in the future, I might need you.”
Wei Liang immediately said, “If Master Ye has any orders, Wei Liang will not dare to disobey!”
For Wei Liang, his life was completely complete today.
Therefore, there were only two thoughts in his head for the rest of his life.
First, to repay Ye Chen’s great kindness.
Secondly, live differently from Wei Yongzheng!
Ye Chen patted Wei Liang’s shoulder and calmly said, “Do a good job and make your mother proud of you even in the Nine Springs!”
Wei Liang nodded heavily, unable to stop the tears from flowing.
Ye Chen then said to Shi Tianqi and Chen Xiaozhao, “The matter is also settled, let’s go.”
Chen Xiaozhao looked at Ye Chen at this time, as if looking at the God of Heavenly Descent. Remember the URL
She had never thought that a man could be so domineering, even so charming, and the boldness that Ye Chen had just sent out the Wei family’s father and son was unprecedented.
Although Shi Tianqi had seen a lot in his life, he had grown to admire Ye Chen more and more, and felt more and more that his decision to stay in Jinling was one of the most correct decisions he had made in all these years.
On the way back, Chen Xiaozhao drove, Ye Chen and Shi Tianqi sat in the back row, Shi Tianqi was still exclaiming, “Master Ye, your handling of the Wei family is really well-reasoned and appropriate, making Shi admire it!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “The best way to punish a person is to force him to accept the things he hates the most, Changbai Mountain is the treasure mountain of our China, it is rich in bounties, there are countless natural treasures, yet he, Wei Yongzheng, hates and spits at the mention of Changbai Mountain, in that case, why not let him live in Changbai Mountain for the rest of his life.”
After a pause, Ye Chen continued, “If he can still realize the beauty of the Changbai Mountains for the rest of his life, that would count as him having lost his way; if he is stubborn until death, then he himself will spend the rest of his life in pain and die in pain.”
Shi Tianqi exclaimed, “Master Ye, you are trying to make Wei Yongzheng cross himself!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’m not that great, I just want to give him a deep enough lesson for the rest of his life, as for whether he can cross himself or not, it’s none of my business, maybe he can’t stand the environment there and hang himself after arriving at Changbai Mountain, or he can come to a great realization and have a good end in Changbai Mountain, but all of that depends on him and has nothing to do with me. ”
Shi Tianqi arched his hand and said in a heartfelt manner, “Master Ye, you are a man of great wisdom!”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “Great wisdom doesn’t dare to be, just a little bit of cleverness.”
Saying that, Ye Chen remembered something and took out a small wooden casket from his pocket and handed it to him, “Old Shi, this is the medicine I’ve saved for you, keep it.”
Shi Tianqi hurriedly took it and said gratefully, “Thank you, Master Ye.”
Ye Chen pulled out another newly concocted rejuvenation pill and handed it to him, “This medicine is newly concocted by me, take it at night before you go to sleep, it will make you at least ten years younger, and if nothing else, your life span will increase by ten years.”
Shi Tianqi was jaw-droppingly frightened, “Ye…. Master Ye…. This pill, it really has such a miraculous effect?!”

Chapter: 515
The Rejuvenation Pill could indeed be considered an immortal medicine for ordinary people.
After all, this thing could really make one young and even extend one’s life span.
However, to Ye Chen, there was nothing special about this pill, even if it was a rejuvenation pill, it was just a relatively low-grade pill recorded in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.
This time, a total of thirty pills were made, and he was going to keep some of them for himself to take and use to strengthen his body, while the other part would be kept and if there was someone who was more obedient and understanding, then he could reward one of them.
Although Shi Tianqi was very old and an old senior in the field of Chinese medicine, but in Ye Chen’s eyes, he was actually just half a disciple of his.
He was determined to be by his side and repay the kindness he had recreated for him, and often times, although he couldn’t help much, it was good that he had a sincere heart, plus he was old, so giving him a rejuvenation pill would be a favor in passing.
Thus, he said to Shi Tianqi, “Don’t be reluctant to take this medicine, and don’t keep it, take it tonight and then have a good sleep.”
Shi Tianqi held back his excitement and said respectfully and incomparably, “I understand, thank you Master Ye for giving the medicine!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “I hope you can be healthy and healthy, and make more contributions to the common people in the Relief Hall.”
Shi Tianqi immediately said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, Shi opened the Ji Shi Hall not to make money, but only to treat and save people, patients never charge for medical treatment, and only charge the cost to get medicine, and often even waive medical fees when they encounter family difficulties!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen said with satisfaction, “This is a good thing, keep it up.”
When Ye Chen had just returned home, Xiao Yiqian, whose root ulcer had finally been cured, had also just left the People’s Hospital and returned to the Xiao family.
The main reason why he came to the People’s Hospital was to find a doctor to confirm the diagnosis again and see if he was really cured already.
The doctor also thought it was amazing that the severe ulcer, which was obviously going to be amputated, had unexpectedly recovered as good as new.
After a series of tests to make sure the ulcer had healed, Xiao Yiqian was completely relieved.
After leaving the hospital, Xiao Yiqian looked up at the sky of Jinling and shook his head bitterly.
He felt that Jinling was a place where the eight characters of qi did not match himself, so he was ready to pack his belongings and return to Yanjing immediately.
Jinling, which had become a sad place for Xiao Yiqian, would not want to come back in his life if he didn’t have to.
Before coming to Jinling, he was a dragon and phoenix among men .
After coming here, he lost his masculinity.
Not only that, but he was humiliated in every way, and even came close to losing his most precious possession, and what did he gain?
I got nothing!
Even for the young and beautiful Xiao Weiwei, he had only been on board for a few days before he completely lost his ability to get started.
And he had spent fifteen million for those few days of happiness!
Even thinking about it now, Xiao Yiqian still felt flesh pain.
Where did Xiao Weiwei know that she was already the least cost-effective woman in Xiao Yiqian’s eyes.
She had been waiting for Xiao Yiqian to come back, waiting for Xiao Yiqian to be able to revive his strength.

Chapter: 516
After Xiao Yiqian returned to the Xiao family, she saw Xiao Yiqian return and hurriedly greeted him with joy, “Yiqian, you’re finally back, has the Wei family cured you of your illness?”
Xiao Yiqian said irritably, “The Wei family couldn’t cure me at all, but they ended up begging Ye Chen to cure me.”
“Ye Chen?” Xiao Weiwei hurriedly asked, “Did he heal you?”
Xiao Yiqian sighed and said, “It only cured the ulceration, but it still doesn’t work…”
Xiao Weiwei said indignantly, “Then you shouldn’t let the Wei family off so easily, especially that Wei Yongming, he was the one who fooled you into eating their inferior medicine in the first place, making you suffer so much and suffer so much, so you should let them cure you no matter what!”
Xiao Yiqian said with a cold face, “Today Ye Chen is here, this matter will not continue with the Wei family, I’ll ask for an explanation after I return to Yanjing!”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Weiwei was surprised and asked, “Yi… Yiqian, you’re going back to Yanjing?”
Xiao Yiqian looked at Xiao Weiwei and said indifferently, “Of course I have to go back, aren’t I unlucky enough to be in Jinling?”
As soon as Xiao Weiwei heard that the Great Fortune was leaving, she immediately panicked a bit and quickly said coquettishly, “But Yikian, people don’t want to leave you, so take me with you to Yanjing, okay.”
Xiao Weiwei knew that the Xiao family had no hope of turning over this time. The first website
Xiao Yiqian promised to invest 80 million, but only 10 million were actually invested, which was not enough to pay off the debt.
She now feels that she is at the end of her rope, the fact that she is Xiao Yiqian’s lover is already well known in Jinling, and the chance of finding a good man to marry in Jinling in the future is almost zero.
So, you can only cling to Xiao Yiqian’s thighs now, otherwise you will never be able to turn over a new leaf in this life.
However, how could Xiao Yiqian take her to Yanjing, he is a family man after all, otherwise his wife would not be in trouble?
Besides, it’s useless for Xiao Yiqian to want Xiao Weiwei now, she can only look and not eat, so what’s the point of having her?
So, Xiao Yiqian rudely said to Xiao Weiwei, “Yanjing is not something you can go to, so stay honestly in Jinling.”
Xiao Weiwei’s heart panicked, and she said off the cuff, “What should I do then?”
Xiao Yiqian said coldly, “What else can we do? The two of us have exhausted our fate, as for whether there will be any fate in the future, we’ll talk about it when I return from Yanjing one day.”
The entire Xiao family was confused when Xiao Yiqian suddenly wanted to leave.
Old Mrs. Xiao was still counting on Xiao Yiqian to make up the promised 80 million, and if Xiao Yiqian left at this time, it would be tantamount to kicking the Xiao family into the abyss.
At that time, the Xiao family would have no other way out but bankruptcy.
Moreover, since the company still had quite a few debts that could not be paid off, I’m afraid that even this old villa of Madam Xiao’s would not be able to keep it by then!
Therefore, Xiao Yiqian became the only straw for Old Mrs. Xiao.
So, with red eyes, Old Mrs. Xiao begged and pleaded with Xiao Yiqian, “Xiao Dong, if you leave, our Xiao family will be ruined, we are the family, and Weiwei has followed you, you can’t leave us alone.”
Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao busily said, “Xiao Dong, why don’t you take us back to Yanjing with you, from now on we’ll follow you and everything will be subject to you!”
Xiao Chang Qian who was on the side also begged and said, “Yes, Xiao Dong, these days that you were in Jinling, our Xiao family was respectful to you, and my father also saved your father’s life, so be a good boy and take us to Yanjing.”
Xiao Yiqian looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Changqian, disgust flashed in his eyes, and said coldly, “Joke, we are not related, what’s the matter if you follow me to Yanjing?”
At this point, Xiao Yiqian said, “Moreover, although your old man did save my father back then, I invested ten million in your Xiao family, which is considered to be repaying the favor, so from now on, we don’t owe each other!”

Chapter: 517
Xiao Yiqian didn’t despise Old Madam Xiao’s group of people, so it was impossible for him to care about the Xiao family’s life or death.
Now, he just wanted to hurry back to Yanjing and then visit the famous doctor in Yanjing to see if there was a way to cure himself.
At this point, Old Lady Xiao still wanted to come over and beg for a few words, but Xiao Yiqian didn’t give her a chance at all and just waved his hand, “Alright, I’ll go up and pack my things now, so you guys behave yourselves!”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s face paled as she continued to plead, “Mr. Xiao, you can’t leave us behind, you know the current situation of our Xiao family, without your support, it will definitely collapse completely….”
Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly gave a wink to Xiao Weiwei.
Xiao Weiwei also followed and pleaded, “Yiqian, what Grandma said is true, and didn’t you also say before that you wanted to invest 80 million in the Xiao family? Only 10 million has been given so far, it won’t solve the Xiao family’s problems at all ah!”
Saying that, she busily added, “Why don’t you call us the remaining seventy million so that we can continue to maintain it, how come in the future you will return to Jinling, we may have already slowed down.”
The others also revealed an expectant look, Xiao Yiqian can go, but the money has to be paid before he can go, otherwise the Xiao family will be all finished.
Xiao Hailong also licked his face at Xiao Yiqian and said, “Xiao Dong, my sister has followed you, who doesn’t know about this upper class society in Jinling? As you know, she is still an unmarried girl, and now Jinling is until she is your woman, you can’t see her suffer when you are gone, can you?”
What the Xiao family didn’t expect was that Xiao Yiqian would instead look even worse after hearing all this! Remember the URL
He scolded with a dark, angry face, “Money money money money, you grandparents, every day you know how to ask for money! I didn’t take back your $10 million, and now you dare to ask me for money? It’s a dream!”
Old Mrs. Xiao, however, still didn’t give up, and squeezed out a few tears, saying, “Xiao Dong ah, please be merciful, without your help, our Xiao family would be finished!”
The others followed suit and begged, simply no different from the beggars on the roadside.
Xiao Yiqian was annoyed by the noise and directly threw his hand and slapped Mrs. Xiao: “One more word of nonsense and I’ll immediately have my lawyer find you a claim for the return of your previous 10 million investment! It’s up to you!”
Old Mrs. Xiao covered her face and didn’t dare to say anything more.
If she really provoked Xiao Yiqian and asked for the ten million, what would the Xiao family take to give?
Thus, she could only lament and lament while watching Xiao Yiqian finish packing his luggage and leave with his bodyguards.
After Xiao Yiqian left, the five members of the Xiao family fell into an atmosphere of pathos.
Old Mrs. Xiao was distraught, Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei were filled with confusion, while Xiao Changqian and his wife, Qian Hongyan, were each harboring their own thoughts.
Actually, Xiao Hailong still had some savings in his hands.
He himself had about ten million in savings, and later the five million that Xiao Yiqian gave to Xiao Weiwei also went into the pockets of the two of them, and this fifteen million was intended for buying a house.
If he took out this money, he would be able to pay off most of the Xiao family’s debts, but where would he be willing to do that?
The Shaw family is a bottomless pit now, money filled in will get no return, so why invest money if that’s the case?
In the future, if the court seizes the company, it will only seize her villa and funds, and will not find itself in charge.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company’s website, and then you can see that the company has a lot of information about the company and its products. I’m afraid even this villa will be seized and auctioned by the bank by then, you have to be prepared in advance ah…”

Chapter: 518
Old Mrs. Xiao was also filled with sadness.
What to do? What can we do?
The Xiao family now has no source of income, owes a pile of foreign debts, and the capital chain has long been broken, the only thing they can do at a time like this is to quickly find investment to come in, otherwise, it will soon fall apart.
However, the most likely to help the Xiao family, Xiao Yiqian, has also left, so who else can the Xiao family look for now?
Old Mrs. Xiao let out a long sigh and said, “Things have come to this, we can only take one step at a time.”
Saying that, she suddenly brightened up before her eyes, looked at Xiao Weiwei and said out of the blue, “Weiwei, didn’t Xiao Yiqian give you to that Wei Changming? Although the Wei family’s strength is not as strong as Xiao Yiqian’s, but the scale of assets is at least a billion or two, why don’t you go beg him and try to get him to invest tens of millions of dollars in us and help us tide over the difficulties?”
Xiao Changqian also said excitedly, “Right! How could you forget that Wei Changming of the Wei family! Vivian, you’ve had some stories with him at least, and he can’t see death at this point, can he?”
Xiao Weiwei couldn’t care less about being ashamed of her own human rush at this point, and as soon as she thought of Wei Changming’s ability to solve the Xiao family’s troubles, she immediately pulled out her cell phone and called Wei Changming.
But how did she know that Wei Changming was now, sitting in a Land Cruiser, speeding to the north.
The driver of the car did not know whether it was intentional or not, and played a song by Jay Chou, “All the way to the north”, Wei Changming heard the song, his heart was cold. A second to remember to read the book
Moreover, his phone had already been taken away and turned off because Ye Chen had clearly ordered that he could not use his phone or surf the internet.
Therefore, he had no idea that Xiao Weiwei was looking for him at this time.
When a few calls couldn’t be made, Xiao Weiwei was a little surprised, she took the phone and muttered, “What’s going on? Wei Changming’s phone is even off, their Wei family just solved Xiao Yiqian’s trouble, now should be the time to breathe a sigh of relief ah!”
Old Mrs. Xiao said, “Maybe the phone battery is dead, try again later!”
Xiao Weiwei was about to try again later, when the huge upheaval that had just occurred in the Wei family had already spread throughout Jinling.
In particular, the pharmaceutical industry had directly turned up the waves of shock.
Hearing that Wei Yongzheng, the head of the Wei family, and his eldest son and future successor of the Wei Pharmaceuticals, Wei Changming, had been driven to the Changbai Mountains, and there was even a chase order issued jointly by multiple families, everyone realized that this Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming must have offended some remarkable person.
But who exactly they had offended, no one knew.
The Wei family didn’t dare to say anything, and Master Hong Fifth wouldn’t say anything at all.
The news spread wider and faster and soon reached Xiao Chang Qian.
After he learned that Wei Changming and his father, Wei Yongzheng, had completely lost power and were now on their way to the Changbai Mountains to dig up ginseng, his entire body sank into incomparable despair.
When he told the Xiao family about this, Old Mrs. Xiao’s blood pressure rose on the spot and she fell backwards, if it wasn’t for Xiao Changqian’s quick eyes and hands, the old lady would have fallen out.
If it wasn’t for Xiao Changqian’s quick eyesight, the old lady would have fallen to her death. Xiao Changqian helped the old lady to sit down on the sofa.

Chapter: 519
Old Mrs. Xiao’s entire body had fallen into complete despair.
She didn’t want her life’s hard work to all go down the drain in the end.
Moreover, she no longer had any other properties in Jinling, only this villa.
If the Xiao family really went bankrupt, this villa would definitely be seized, and at that time, herself and her eldest son’s family would all end up on the streets.
She suddenly remembered that her eldest son, Xiao Changqian, should still have some money in his hands, so she hurriedly asked him, “Changqian, how much money do you have on hand now?”
Xiao Changqian’s heart thudded as he blurted out, “Mom, I don’t have much money on hand, just a few million…”
“A few million? Why so little?” Old Mrs. Xiao frowned and asked, “Xiao Yiqian alone gave five million to Weiwei, you yourself have been eating and living at home all these years and receiving a salary from the Xiao Clan, what about your savings?”
Xiao Chang Qian said with a wry face, “Mom, where do I have any savings ah, although my expenses in life have been less over the years, but I also have to support Hailong, Weiwei and Hong Yan and their three mothers, plus my own spending hand is also quite big, so basically I didn’t save any money.”
Old Mrs. Xiao said, “In that case, you first take this money out and invest it in the company, and if you can delay it for a while, then I’ll try to find some investments to come in.”
Xiao Changqian hurriedly said, “Mom, I’ve bought all this money for regular finance…. I can’t withdraw it!” First web site
“Don’t you dare follow me on this!” Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and said, “Don’t think I don’t know about that little mind of yours, don’t you just want to keep a little savings for yourself?”
Xiao Chang Qian did not dare to make a sound.
Old Mrs. Xiao questioned, “Have you ever heard of a saying? How can there be a perfect egg when the nest is upset? If the Xiao family collapses, do you think you’ll be able to live?”
Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Mom you’re right…. But that money of mine is really saved on a regular basis.”
“So what if it’s regular?” It’s not like I’ve never saved money before,” said Old Mrs. Xiao in a cold voice, “Fixed-term finance can be taken out in advance, it’s just a loss of interest, and now in this situation, you’re still thinking about that interest from fixed-term finance? I’ll give you one day to get the money out and into the company’s account, then I’ll talk to a few creditors and see if we can get an installment repayment, preferably to buy us a year or two of breathing room!”
These days, it was also troublesome for creditors to collect debts, so in some cases, if the debtor had a good attitude, could clearly give a way to pay off the debt in installments, and could pay off a little bit first, most creditors would agree to pay off the debt in installments.
What Old Mrs. Xiao wanted was to first use Xiao Changqian’s several million to stabilize the remaining debtors, and then buy herself some time.
If not, this villa of his may be seized next month.
Xiao Changqian’s heart, however, was ten thousand times reluctant.
He knew that the Xiao family was now a bottomless pit and said that he would not be willing to throw money into it, but since his mother had asked so strongly, he could only nod his head and pretend to agree, saying, “Don’t worry mom, Hong Yan and I will go to the bank later to raise the money from the wealth management and put it into the company’s account!”
Old Lady Xiao was only slightly satisfied with this, opening her mouth, “I guess you have at least ten million in cash, so let’s say, you first hit eight million to the company’s account, not enough to say.”
Xiao Chang Qian cursed in his heart, the old lady’s appetite was really big, presuming that he had ten million, and opening his mouth to ask for eight hundred?
I won’t give you any of this money!
Thinking of this, he face full of promise, while at the same time quietly giving Qian Hongyan a wink.
After promising, Xiao Chang Qian said to the old lady, “Mom, Hong Yan and I will go to do business now, you wait at home for a moment.”
Old Mrs. Xiao nodded in satisfaction, “Go and return quickly.”
Xiao Changqian pulled Qian Hongyan out of the house, and Qian Hongyan couldn’t wait to ask as soon as she left the house, “Are you crazy?! Why did you promise the old lady $8 million? We’ve only got about fifteen million in total!”

Chapter: 520
“I’m not crazy!” Xiao Changqian hurriedly said, “Promising my mother is only a reprieve, let’s spend the money quickly so that she won’t miss it again, it’s best to find a nice house to buy today!”
Qian Hongyan was surprised and asked, “Go buy it now?”
“Right!” Xiao Changqian said, “Doesn’t my mother think I have 10 million? Then we’ll take ten million dollars to buy a house, and then we’ll throw the purchase contract in front of her and tell her that the money is for the house, what else can she say?”
Qian Hongyan burst out laughing and said, “Good for you Chang Qian, you’re really something! Go! Let’s go see the house now!”
While the Xiao family was once again in trouble, the Wei family was now famous throughout Jinling.
What had just happened to the Wei family had caused countless people to sigh and lament, realizing that as long as your strength wasn’t top-notch, you were likely to fall into the flesh of the powerful at any moment!
Wei’s Pharmaceutical is also considered a large pharmaceutical company in Jiangnan, Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming were once infinitely prosperous.
But now? In the blink of an eye, the two are sent to the Changbai Mountains and become lowly, hard-pressed ginseng pickers who can never leave the mountain… it couldn’t be worse!
And that most unpopular, illegitimate son Wei Liang, who had almost no presence in the Wei family, had swung into becoming the head of the Wei family and the chairman of the Wei Pharmaceuticals, which was truly shocking.
However, surprise aside, it was also clear to everyone that Wei Liang inherited the entire Wei family by himself, which was definitely a rhythm that was about to rise. Remember the URL ´╝Ä
Moreover, it seemed as if the Hong Fifth, Wang, Qin and even Song families were all behind the scenes helping Wei Liang to sit in the chairman’s position.
This proves that Wei Liang has some sort of relationship with these families, representing that Wei Liang’s strength will be a step up from the Wei family’s original foundation.
Before today, Jinling had bullied many people who bullied Wei Liang.
Previously, Wei Liang was just a bastard, and his status in the Wei family was no better than that of a servant.
He came out with Wei Yongming, and was really not spared from being bullied by other people, many of whom had even deliberately bullied Wei Liang in the first place because they wanted to please Wei Yongming.
It was thought that Wei Liang would never be able to turn over a new leaf in his life, but no one expected that he would just really turn over a new leaf, and he did so completely.
Therefore, from noon onwards, the Wei family suddenly had many people who came to congratulate them.
They all presented Wei Liang with generous gifts, congratulating him on his ascension to the chairmanship of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals.
There were many of these people who had bullied Wei Liang, and even beaten and abused him.
Not only did they prepare generous gifts, they even sincerely hoped that Wei Liang would forgive them, fearing that Wei Liang would seek revenge on them after his rise.
And Wei Liang really didn’t have any desire to take advantage of the opportunity to take revenge at all.
He was smiling and polite to all those who had bullied him.
Because in his heart, he always followed Ye Chen’s instructions to never live as the kind of person he hated the most!
The humiliations and oppressions that he had suffered in the past were all trials and tribulations given to him by the heavens, if not for those experiences, how could he have had the fortune to be elevated to a high position by Master Ye?
Therefore, he didn’t dare to float, and he didn’t dare to float at all.
He only wanted to do his duty, keep a low profile, and do a good job with Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, so that Master Ye would be satisfied and have more abilities and opportunities to repay his kindness.

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