The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 521-530

Chapter: 521
When the Wei family’s news sensationalized the whole city, Ye Chen, who had sent the Wei family’s father and son to hell and raised Wei Liang to the sky, was at home tying an apron and making lunch for his wife and parents-in-law.
At the table, Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were actively discussing the Wei family’s affairs, and they loved to discuss such gossip, especially Ma Lan, who could be happy for three days if she knew something had happened to anyone’s family.
While Ma Lan was laughing at the Wei family’s father and son who had fallen into bad luck, Xiao Choran couldn’t help but say, “Mom, you shouldn’t always look at people’s jokes.”
Ma Lan grinned and said, “I can stop reading other people’s jokes, but I can’t stop reading the Wei family’s jokes!”
Saying that, Lan Ma said mysteriously, “By the way, do you guys know that Xiao Weiwei seemed to have gotten together with Wei Changming the other day!”
“Huh?” Xiao Choran was filled with surprise and said off the cuff, “No way? Wei Changming is over thirty, he’s older than Weiwei, right? I think Vivian definitely doesn’t like him.”
Lan Ma trailed off, “What kind of good thing do you think Xiao Weiwei is? Let me tell you, I also heard that Xiao Weiwei was a lover for the chairman of Yanjing Qiancheng Group, Xiao Yiqian, for a while before! It was later forwarded to Wei Changming by Xiao Yiqian!”
Xiao Changkun said incredulously, “You mean that Yanjing’s Xiao Yiqian? Vivian as his lover? No way, right? Xiao Yiqian is even older than my big brother!”
Ma Lan said, “Your mother was determined to suck up to Xiao Yiqian and get Xiao Yiqian to save the Xiao family, so she authorized Xiao Weiwei to get together with Xiao Yiqian, Xiao Yiqian is also interesting enough, and also invested 10 million Xiao family, this matter is known outside ah, already sitting on the truth.”
“My God…” Xiao Choran exclaimed, “How can grandmother be so outrageous! You let Weiwei go with Xiao Yiqian for money? How did my uncle and aunt agree to this?” One second to remember to read the book
“They?” Mashi laughed with a trailing smile, “They’re probably begging for it!”
Speaking of which, Ma Lan said very sarcastically, “The old lady’s wishful thinking is good, but it’s useless, Xiao Yiqian has only invested 10 million in the Xiao family, and is unwilling to invest more.”
Xiao Choran said, “The outside debt of the Xiao Group is about thirty million, with this ten million it’s a drop in the bucket, grandmother and the others should not have a good time.”
“She deserves it!” Ma Lan said in a despicable manner, “Your grandmother is a really bad person! How much have you bullied our family all these years? I can’t wait for the Xiao family to go bankrupt right now and watch the old lady sleep on the streets, and then she’ll realize how many mistakes she’s made in her life! The thought of it gives me relief!”
The first time I saw it, I was embarrassed and said, “Okay, it’s true that Mom is not doing the right thing, but don’t curse her so much! If the Xiao family goes bankrupt and the old lady sleeps on the streets, how can we ignore her when she comes to us?”
Lan Ma blurted out, “Are you kidding me? Of course not! Don’t say I don’t care if she sleeps on the street. I won’t care if she starves to death! Have you forgotten how she made a face when she kicked us out? I tell you, I’ll never forgive her in my life!”
Xiao Changkun sighed and didn’t say anything more.
It was true that he was also angry at the old lady, but only angry, not about Ma Lan’s kind of hatred.
Ma Lan said with a smug face at this time, “I’m now hoping that the Xiao family is finished, when they’re finished, our family will have moved to the big villa in Townsend, that’s really one day at a time, I’ll definitely let them know what it means to be thirty years east of the river and thirty years west of the river!”
Saying that, Ma Lan then said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, do you still have contact with Wang Zhenggang of the Wang family lately? Tell him to arrange a renovation company to speed up the progress ah, next month we have to be allowed to move in no matter what!”

Chapter: 522
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Wang Zheng has just told me that it will definitely be completed next month, so we can move in then.”
Xiao Churan said, “It’s not appropriate to move in right after it’s just been renovated, right? How should we air out the smell or something.”
Ma Lan busy said, “No no, I went to see with your father last time, people that decoration, all imported non-polluting materials, zero formaldehyde, the room is really no smell at all, and the villa also installed a new air system, 24 hours for fresh air, do not know how advanced, how healthy!”
Only then did Xiao Churan nod her head, not all saying anything else.
In fact, she herself didn’t have any feelings about moving to a villa in Thomson.
But Ye Chen was right last time, moving over there, at least she could not live on the same floor as her parents, so that there would be a lot more private space, not having to be like now, even in her own room, there was no privacy.
Moreover, he had also promised Dong Ruolin that he would reserve a room for her and invite her to come over after moving to the villa, she was a girl and had been staying alone in the hotel, it was actually quite lonely.
It’s not a problem for Ye Chen to have a villa, he was brocaded before he was eight years old, and after eight years he stayed in an orphanage for so many years, he had already reached the stage where he wasn’t happy with things.
At this time, Ma Lan suddenly received a WeChat, picked up her phone and took a glance at it, and was suddenly overjoyed.
She opened her mouth and said to the three of them, “An old sister asked me to go to her house to play mahjong for eight rounds this afternoon, so I won’t be back for dinner.” First URL
Xiao Changkun was surprised and said, “Playing eight laps? That shall not play for ten hours?”
Lan Ma gave him a blank look and said, “What’s wrong with ten hours? Two days and nights and forty hours without firing a shot at a big poker field, it’s not like I didn’t play when I was younger!”
Xiao Changkun persuaded, “It’s getting older now after all! Sitting for a long time is prone to a lot of diseases, what with protruding discs ah, cervical spondylosis ah, high blood pressure ah, all from sitting for a long time.”
Ma Lan waved her hand, “I’m in good health, don’t curse me!”
Xiao Choran’s brows furrowed, and he couldn’t help but say with some worry, “Mom, you occasionally play mahjong for fun, I don’t have a problem with it, but listen to my advice, one is don’t play for too long, and the other, don’t ever play the kind of one that’s as big as winning and losing thousands and thousands of dollars at a time.”
“Oh, isn’t playing mahjong just for fun!”
Ma Lan said, “Besides, I go out to play mahjong every day for the sake of this family. You’re a waste of a father, Ye Chen is not only a waste, but also a big bluff to deceive people everywhere, and you may have to make a lot of trouble for our family in the future, and now you are starting a business, the company has not seen any money back, how can I and your father retire afterwards? I’m just pointing to playing mahjong now to earn money for retirement and to support my family.”
Ye Chen was very unhappy to hear.
This mother-in-law, something like pulling yourself out to mock, still feel like a big blunder, really want a big mouth to smack in her face, and then tell her: since you think I’m a big blunder, that I blundered to the villa, you then don’t lick your face to live!
In the end, this mother-in-law of yours still needs to be cleaned up!

Chapter: 523
Because there was a poker field waiting, Ma Lan didn’t wait for her meal to be finished, she just walked out with her bag on her back and immediately took a taxi to one of the older villa communities in Jinling, West Villa.
One of her old poker friends lives in this villa area.
Twenty years ago, Xiyuan Villa was considered to be one of the better villas in Jinling, but after all, it was old, so it was gradually falling into a bit of decline.
In the past, Lan Ma felt that the West Garden Villa was already a standard mansion, and her own family probably wouldn’t be able to live in such a single-family villa in their lifetime.
But now it’s different. Thinking that he will be able to live in the best Tongchen Yi Pin villa in Jinling soon, Ma Lan looks down on this Xiyuan villa.
The old poker player who lives here is named Chen Shu Yi, a poker player Ma Lan met years ago.
Chen Shu Yi is from a good family. Her husband made a lot of money in the early years, then died in an accident, leaving Chen Shu Yi a large sum of money.
After raising her children and sending them abroad for development, Chen Shu Yi plays mahjong for fun every day.
She has a lot of money and is not very good at mahjong, so Ma Lan always wins when she plays mahjong with her.
So Ma Lan treats Chen Shu Yi as her god of wealth, and if Chen Shu Yi asks her to play mahjong, she will be there. Remember the website ´╝Ä
Ringing the doorbell of Chen Shu Yi’s house, the door quickly opened and a woman of comparable age to Ma Lan, with a warm smile on her face, greeted, “Sister Lan is here, come in!”
This middle-aged woman was Chen Shuyi.
Ma Lan hurriedly greeted her, stepped through the door and said with a smile, “Oh Shuyi, I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Arriving at the living room, the other two mahjong players who often played cards with her were already sitting at the mahjong table at this time, waiting.
“Miss Barbra, you’ve finally come!”
Seeing her arrive, another middle-aged woman said impatiently, “Sit down, sit down, let’s warm up with an eight lap first!”
Once both Ma Lan and Chen Shu Yi were on the mahjong table, the card game officially began.
As Ma Lan rubbed the mahjong, she said, “Shu Yi, you’ve lived in this villa for some years, haven’t you?”
After touching a card, Chen Shu Yi smiled slightly and replied, “This house was bought more than ten years ago, but it was bought mainly for investment purposes, and after my children left the country, I’ve been living in a building in the city, and the villa is too big and creepy for one person to live in.”
“Then have you ever thought of redecorating it?” Ma Lan came to be interested and said, “Let me tell you, my lady daughter happens to run a decoration company, and also has a cooperation with our Jinling’s Imperial Group, the level is absolutely guaranteed, if you want to redecorate, I can ask her to give you a friendly price, and when the time comes, she will definitely decorate this villa of yours as magnificent as the palace!”
“Sister Barbra, thank you for your thoughts.” Chen Shu Yi smiled slightly, whirled around, sighed, and said, “However, I’m already planning to sell this villa.”
“Sell it?” Ma Lan was puzzled and asked, “Why do you want to sell a good one? You are not the one who lacks money, your husband has left you seven or eight houses alone, and you yourself have invested in so much real estate, how good it is to put it here to appreciate!”

Chapter: 524
Chen Shu Yi shook her head and smiled, “Actually, I’m going to go to the United States in a little while, and I’m going to settle there, I’m not going to come back.”
Ma Lan was surprised and asked, “Why are you planning to settle in the United States?”
Chen Shu Yi nodded and said, “I’m not going to lie to you, my son hasn’t been back much since he left to study in the U.S. Now that he’s married there and his daughter-in-law is pregnant, he has even less intention of coming back in the future, so he wants me to go over and live with him, and by the way, I can still help them with the kids.”
A woman at the poker table took off, “Oh my, Shu Yi, are you all ready to make a move on all those houses in Jinling?”
Chen Shuyi said, “Keep a set of flats downtown, and the family will be able to come back for a few days in the future if they have the chance.”
Hearing this, Ma Lan couldn’t help but feel a surge of regret in her heart.
It’s not that she’s sorry that she’s about to lose a good poker player, but she feels that Chen Shu Yi is leaving just like that, and it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to meet another wrongdoer like her, who is a poor poker player and enjoys losing money every day.
At this moment, at the entrance of the West Villa, Xiao Changqian and Qian Hongyan parked their car and waited at the entrance for the appointment with the real estate agent.
Xiao Changqian intended to find a suitable house to spend the ten million, so he contacted the intermediary to help him find a villa of around ten million. One second to remember to read the book
The average price of Jinling house prices is a little over 30,000, but the villa will be more expensive, 10 million if you buy a new villa, basically no chance, so you can only buy this kind of old villa.
Qian Hongyan looked at the entrance of the West Garden villa and said with some dissatisfaction, “Chang Qian, this villa area is a bit too old, isn’t it? Look at these houses, they look a bit older than the old lady’s set, or let’s not look at the rooms here.”
Xiao Chang Qian said, “I can’t help it, the big flat in Tomson Yibin is nice, but you don’t want to buy it.”
Qian Hongyan said in annoyance, “That punk Ye Chen, he has a villa in Tomson Yi Pin, I don’t want to stand guard for Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan and their family in the future! You can’t buy a Thompson’s flat if you say anything!”
Xiao Changqian said, “So, it’s more cost-effective to buy this kind of old villa, the area is large enough, and it’s a single house and a single courtyard, and it’s comfortable to live in, and it doesn’t matter if the house is old, it’s good to redecorate it.”
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, so I’m going to be able to do that. That’s four rooms.”
Xiao Changqian continued, “Mom will have to live with us in the future, right? We’ll have to leave a room for her then, that’s five rooms, so it’s still more practical to have a villa.”
Qian Hongyan said angrily, “Why should your mother live with us? Why don’t you go live with Xiao Changkun?”
Xiao Changqian shrugged his shoulders, “The old lady has already cut ties with Xiao Changkun’s family, do you think Xiao Changkun will let her live there?”
Qian Hongyan was very dissatisfied and said, “That can’t follow us either, we haven’t gotten any credit from the old lady! Now that the Xiao family is almost finished, there’s even less to gain! If you ask me, then send her to Xiao Changkun’s house, whether he wants her or not is his business, we don’t care about the old lady anyway!”
Xiao Changqian said, “You don’t know this, my mother has a life insurance policy that she has bought for more than twenty years, financial type, after her death, this life insurance can take more than six million, if you drive the old lady to their home, then when the old lady dies, this six million can be Xiao Changkun’s!”
“Over six million!?” Qian Hongyan brightened up and asked in surprise, “Is there really that much?”

Chapter: 525
“Well.” Xiao Changqian said, “This life insurance was bought for her by my father when he was alive, in order to leave a way out for future generations.”
Saying that, Xiao Changqian added, “Do the math yourself, how many more years can my mother live in that body? I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money.
“Worth it!” Qian Hongyan rubbed her hands straight in excitement and said excitedly, “That’ll have to take good care of your mother, and definitely not let Xiao Changkun’s family snatch her away!”
Xiao Chang Qian nodded and smiled, “That’s natural! Over six million won’t give a penny to Xiao Changkun when the time comes!”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “Not only will he not be given a penny of the six million, but when your mother dies, the money for the funeral and cemetery will have to be half paid by Xiao Changkun!”
Xiao Changqian subconsciously said, “The old lady has cut ties with him, can he pay for this?”
“Are you stupid?” The first thing that happened was that she said that she was going to give up her relationship with Xiao Changkun, but that was just a verbal statement. After all, he’s still the old lady’s son before the law, and he’s responsible and obligated to contribute half the money!”
Xiao Changqian was overjoyed and laughed, “Wife, you’re right! Not a single penny of Xiao Changkun’s half will go to him! You’re so smart! Hahaha!”
Qian Hongyan was also full of pride and grinned, “How could Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan, those two heartless fools, play against us!”
As soon as the conversation died down, a little real estate agent girl in a small suit came over and politely asked, “May I ask if this is Mr. Xiao and Ms. Qian?” First web site
“Yes, yes, yes!” Xiao Changqian nodded hurriedly and said, “You’re Xiao Sun from Chain Real Estate, right?”
“Right.” The little girl smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Xiao and Ms. Qian, I’ve made an appointment with the owner of this villa, she’s inside the villa right now, so we can just go over to see the room.”
“Good.” Xiao Chang Qian was busy saying, “Then let’s hurry over and take a look.”
The little girl led the way as she said, “Let me introduce you to this villa, the owner is an aunt, she wants to clear out the property and immigrate to the United States this time, so the price is a little cheaper than the market price, you two are considered to have picked up a leak!”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Changqian and Qian Hongyan were both overjoyed.
Cheap and good!
If this villa is suitable, when it’s bought, the money saved will be used to renovate and save money!
On the other side, Ma Lan was playing mahjong with Chen Shuiyi and other poker players when a pleasant doorbell suddenly sounded from outside the door.
Chen Shu Yi said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry, maybe the agent has brought someone to see the house, I’ll excuse myself and go open the door.”
After saying that, she stood up, walked to the entrance and opened the door.
Seeing the agent she had previously commissioned to sell the villa standing outside the door, and seeing her with a middle-aged couple behind her, Chen Shu Yi knew that this was a customer who had come to see the house, as she smiled and greeted, “A few people, please come in.”
The intermediary Sun spoke up, “Ms. Chen, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Xiao, the one next to him, is his lover Ms. Qian, these two are the customers I communicated with you on the phone, who are interested in buying your villa.”
The middle-aged man smiled slightly, took a step forward and said politely, “Hello, Ms. Chen, my name is Xiao Changqian, nice to meet you.”
The visitors were precisely Xiao Changqian and his wife Qian Hongyan.

Chapter: 526
Chen Shu Yi hurriedly smiled, “Oh my, come in quickly come in, I haven’t lived in this villa for many years, feel free to look around!”
“Good.” Xiao Changqian nodded, and after entering the door with Qian Hongyan, he began to take stock of the layout and decoration of the villa.
The intermediary on the side, Sun, said with a smile, “Mr. Xiao, the West Garden villa area is one of the earliest villa areas developed by our Jinling, the facilities are relatively complete, there is access control to fully ensure your safety in and out, and the actual living area of Ms. Chen’s villa is four hundred and seventy square meters, which fully meets your previous requirements…. ”
The reason why Xiao Chang Qian bought the old villa was to try to get a bargain, a normal four hundred and seventy square foot villa would cost at least twenty million in Jinling, but this villa, the offer was usually at thirteen or fourteen million, and there was still room for the price to drop by a few hundred thousand.
So he asked Chen Shu Yi to ask, “Ms. Chen, how much are you going to sell this villa for?”
“I’m going to the United States soon, and this villa is in a hurry to sell, so the price will be relatively cheap…”
Chen Shu Yi smiled slightly and said, “How about this, if the two of you are interested, one price, twelve million, what do you think?”
“What? You’re robbing the money?” Qian Hongyan couldn’t believe it, pulled up her voice and blurted out, “Such an old villa, you actually lionize it and ask for twelve million?!”
Chen Shu Yi wasn’t angry, and said with a smile, “In this district, most of the listings are priced above thirteen and a half million, and there are even more than fourteen million, so I’m quoting twelve million, which is actually a very, very good deal for the reserve price.”
Ma Lan was sitting in the villa’s entertainment hall, and when she heard this particularly familiar sound outside, she quietly peeked out and saw an indignant Qian Hongyan at once. Remember the URL
And beside her was the Xiao family’s eldest son, Xiao Chang Qian.
Ma Lan didn’t expect that these two people would appear here, and combined with what Chen Shu Yi had just said, they were probably the customers who wanted to buy Chen Shu Yi’s old villa.
Wasn’t the Xiao family going to get cold? How can he afford a villa?
At this time, Qian Hongyan said with a arrogant face: “Ms. Chen, your house to be honest, 12 million only a fool would buy, and I heard that you will soon go to the United States, in my opinion, how about this, I give you 8 million a flat price, you sell me the house, we can trade today! You’ll be able to pack your bags and leave for America tomorrow, the best of both worlds.”
Qian Hongyan’s main reason for this price pressure was because she felt that the other party was in a hurry to sell, and since she was in a hurry to sell, she definitely had to kill the price to the death so that she could make a big profit.
She felt that this was just going to America, it wasn’t enough of a rush, it would be better if someone at home was dying waiting for first aid! Maybe five or six million dollars!
However, Qian Hongyan doesn’t know that Chen Shu Yi is rich in money, with several houses alone, so she is not the one who lacks money.
Naturally, Chen Shu Yi also knew that Qian Hongyan did not have good intentions, her eyebrows furrowed, and she said somewhat unhappily, “Ms. Qian, to be honest, although my villa is a bit old, the price I gave you is already considered fair, on the market, you will definitely not be able to find a lower price than mine, as for the eight million price you said, it is simply a fantasy!”
Saying that, Chen Shu Yi added, “Since the two of you don’t have this sincerity, I see no need for us to continue the conversation.”
Xiao Changqian knew very well in his heart that a counter-offer of eight million was bullshit, not to mention eight million for this house, as long as the owner listed eleven million to the outside world, someone would definitely eat it within half an hour, because this house was indeed already very cheap!
So he hurriedly accompanied the smile and said, “Ms. Chen don’t be angry, my wife she doesn’t understand things very well, so she talks nonsense.”
Qian Hongyan glared at Xiao Changqian and said, “I’m not sensible? Who’s in charge at home, you forget? I’m telling you, don’t be a shit-stirrer with this, I’m looking at eight million for this house, I won’t pay a penny more!”
After saying that, he also desperately gave Xiao Changqian a wink, that means, you see me, I specified that I can take this woman down.
At this time, Ma Lan came over with a smile on her face and said cheerfully, “Oh my, big brother and sister-in-law, eight million just to buy a villa, you two are poor and crazy, right?”

Chapter: 527
Qian Hongyan and Xiao Changqian had never dreamed that they would meet Ma Lan here!
The two of them couldn’t even begin to figure out why Mashi was in this villa.
Is she friends with this Chen Shu Yi?
Qian Hongyan’s heart was suddenly a little annoyed.
In fact, she had initially planned to bite down on the price of eight million first, and if the other party really didn’t agree, she could keep increasing the price up to nine million, and reckoned that she could take it anyway.
But, she didn’t expect to kill a Ma Lan at this time!
Moreover, this Ma Lan was usually very respectful to herself, so why did she dare to mock herself today? Did she have the nerve to do that?
Ever since she married into the Xiao family, Ma Lan has been bullied by Xiao Chang Qian and Qian Hongyan for more than twenty years before and after, and has long hated them to the bone.
She also heard that the Xiao family was going to go yellow, so she had long wanted to find a chance to mock these two, but she didn’t expect that the heavens would be so open-minded that she would run into them here!
This gave Ma Lan the opportunity to find revenge at once. One second to remember to read the book
After Qian Hongyan heard her sarcasm, her face was ugly and questioned, “Ma Lan, what do you mean by that?”
Ma Lan laughed, “Oh my sister-in-law, do you really not understand or not? My friend’s villa is worth over 10 million dollars and you’re only giving him 8 million. Shame on you! I know you’ve been crazy poor lately, but poor is poor, and you can’t come out and rob it!”
When she said this, she didn’t have any intention of hiding it, nor did she want to hide it, nor did she care what Xiao Changkun and the two couples would be feeling at this point in their hearts.
Her husband, Xiao Changkun, has no status in the Xiao family, and she has been pressured by the couple for so many years, and has long held a sullen fire.
Now that she had a chance to step on them, she naturally wanted to let them feel the bitterness she had tasted all these years!
Qian Hongyan’s face was even uglier as she glared at her and said, “Okay, Ma Lan, you’ve grown in skill after a few days, haven’t you, you used to be like a mouse seeing a cat when you saw me, but now you even dare to talk to me like that?”
Naturally, she was furious!
In the past, in front of herself, the sister-in-law of the Xiao family, Ma Lan was the obedient and inferior one who didn’t even dare to breathe.
But now, seeing that the Xiao family is about to be finished, this old woman immediately dares to jump out and squeeze herself, what a villain!
When Ma Lan saw her mention the past, she immediately said proudly, “Yo, sister-in-law, I thought I was the daughter-in-law of an old family and wanted to be on top of me in every way? Don’t you see how poor you all are now, and you’re still pretending with me?”
The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old lady’s oldest daughter-in-law, who has been a big fan of your daughter-in-law for years. A bitch who only knows how to kneel down and lick old ladies. Now that the Xiao family has collapsed, what else do you want to pretend with me? I yuck! You might want to take a leak and look at yourself for what you are!”
Qian Hongyan’s face was green with anger.
In the entire Xiao family, am I the only one kneeling down to lick Old Lady Xiao?
When you Ma Lan was rushing to lick the old lady, you simply used everything, much more than me, we are all the same goods, and you have the nerve to talk about me!

Chapter: 528
Xiao Chang Qian’s face was livid as he took a step forward and snapped, “Ma Lan, don’t you dare be so damn petty here, no matter how downtrodden we are, we’re still better than you! Don’t you see what you’ve got? My husband is a loser, my son-in-law is a loser, and my whole family is a loser!”
Mashiro’s eyes crossed, disdainfully saying, “Ouch! Big brother, big brother, my husband is indeed useless, but I can’t help it, all men in the Xiao family are useless, aren’t you clear on this?”
“You…” Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth.
Good you Ma Lan, I scolded your husband, and you brought me and my son into it with this one sentence?
At this time, Ma Lan didn’t give him a chance to continue talking, but cupped her waist and said with a proud face, “But ah, you can’t say that my son-in-law Ye Chen is trash ah, that precious son-in-law of mine, is now very powerful! Not to mention, my son-in-law’s villa will be ready next month, do you have one? Do you?”
Actually, Ma Lan wasn’t really able to look up to Ye Chen.
However, at this time, using Ye Chen to satirize Xiao Chang Qian would be so appropriate!
Xiao Chang Qian’s heart was truly miserable when he heard this.
Damn, that’s right!
That punk Ye Chen was able to bluff his way into a set of Townsend’s grand villas, what about himself? If you want to buy a 20 year old second hand villa like this, the one they have is worth ten of these! First web site
Ma Lan saw Xiao Chang Qian’s ugly and unpleasant expression, her heart blossomed with joy and she was so excited that she almost wanted to do a square dance.
She continued to attack Xiao Changqian, exclaiming, “Oh, before, I really thought Ye Chen was a loser and couldn’t even look down on him, how much I envied my big brother and sister-in-law at that time! Your family, Weiwei, has found the young master of the Wang family, Wang Yunfei, isn’t that just like flying up a branch and turning into a phoenix?”
Saying that, Lan Ma sighed and threw up her hands with a face of regret, “Hey, but who would have thought that Vivian would have been dumped by Wang Yunfei! Tell me about this Wang Yunfei, he’s really the scum of the earth! Playing with Vivian’s belly and dumping Vivian, where is the justice of God?”
Qian Hongyan and Xiao Changqian looked at each other, they were already angry enough to kill!
Damn it, this bitch has the nerve to expose her own family, damn it!
Just then, Ma Lan continued, “But I still envy you guys, although Wang Yunfei has dumped Weiwei, I heard that Weiwei has gotten a son-in-law for her brother and sister-in-law! I heard that he’s the chairman of the Qiancheng Group, Xiao Yiqian, but he’s much more powerful than Wang Yunfei!”
At this point, Ma Lan said again with regret, “However, this Xiao Yiqian is good in every way, but he is a bit older, big brother, Xiao Yiqian seems to be two or three years older than you, can I interview you about how you feel about recruiting a son-in-law who is older than you?”
How could Qian Hongyan not hear the words full of sarcasm, and with a livid face, she snapped, “Ma Lan! You shut the fuck up! Or I’ll rip your mouth off!”
“Yo!” Ma Lan said disdainfully, “Sister-in-law, I’m telling you the truth, why don’t you let me say it? Guilty? And try to rip my mouth off?”
Speaking of which, Ma Lan snorted and said, “I’m telling you Qian Hongyan, don’t think you’re trying to bully me now that you have a son-in-law who’s even older than you! Don’t think I don’t know, Chairman Xiao Yiqian has already dumped your Mei Mei! Am I right?”
“And ah, I heard that Xiao Yiqian also gave your Weiwei to Wei Changming of the Wei family? Oh, this Xiao Dong can be really interesting, Vivi is a person, not a gift or a puppy, how can she just give it away as she pleases?”
“Looking at it, ah, it’s still my precious son-in-law Ye Chen who is better, although he’s a bit of a wimp, but at least he’s a reliable person, he won’t be messing around with our family’s beginning and end.”
Qian Hongyan was so angry by this sarcasm and sarcasm from Ma Lan that she was about to go crazy!
She bared her teeth and was about to rush up to fight Ma Lan, cursing hysterically, “Ma Lan! I’m going to fight you today!”

Chapter: 529
As soon as Ma Lan saw that Qian Hongyan was going to come up and do something, she immediately jumped back a step and said in a cold voice, “I’m telling you Qian Hongyan, you can’t mess with me, you better not mess with me!”
Qian Hongyan’s face was hideous as she cursed, “I can’t afford to mess with you, you stinking old woman? If I don’t rip your mouth off today, my last name won’t be Qian!”
Ma Lan spat and snorted, “My precious son-in-law, Ye Chen, that’s quite a fighter! Have you forgotten what he did to the Xiaos and your punk son, Xiao Hailong? I can’t wait to kick your son into the sky! You mess with me, do you believe I’ll call him over with a phone call right now and have them beat you two old turtles to death?”
As soon as this was said, Qian Hongyan shivered all over, and was suddenly like a deflated ball, and all of her lofty words just now disappeared….
Seriously, Ye Chen had really left a strong psychological shadow on her.
How could she not understand why that loser who used to be able to bully anyone had suddenly become so capable of fighting, he was simply a pervert when it came to beating people up!
Xiao Chang Qian was also afraid of Ye Chen, after all, he had watched Ye Chen do it with his own eyes in the first place, that guy, he almost didn’t pee himself.
Ma Lan saw that both of them didn’t dare to utter a word, so she knew that they were afraid of themselves, and immediately intensified her sneer, “Oh my, it’s really sympathetic to you guys, the Xiao family is going to be finished, Hai Long and Wei Wei don’t have an object, and Wei Wei is now in Jinling, that’s also famous, your future days will definitely be especially sad.”
Said Ma Lan with a serious face, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you guys, with the way you are now, it’s better not to buy a villa, what villa to buy? You have a mine at home? With you guys in this situation where you might eat your last meal someday without a next meal, if you want my opinion, it’s better to go to the suburbs and buy a cheap little house, and take the rest of the money and do some small business.”
Xiao Changqian and Qian Hongyan were so angry that they couldn’t say anything. Remember the website
Mashi continued, “Right on! Why don’t you open a mahjong parlor? In that case, when this villa of Shu Yi’s is sold, I’ll bring my sisters to your mahjong parlor to give you a show so you won’t starve to death, what do you think?”
Xiao Chang Qian was about to have a heart attack.
Qian Hongyan, who was on the side, even wanted to die with Ma Lan.
This was the first time they had been so mercilessly sarcastic by Ma Lan!
Or even the toughest, most merciless sarcasm they’ve ever suffered in their lives!
What’s worse, they can’t talk back!
What’s with the mouth?
Everything is better than this bitch, Mashi!
At the thought of this, Xiao Changqian and his wife were even more furious, and were simply so ashamed and angry that they could not wait to dig a hole directly into the ground!
Ma Lan was so happy at this point that she even hated to pull out her voice and sing a few lines, she couldn’t remember exactly how long she hadn’t been so happy, it was like avenging all the previous hatred with interest!
Xiao Chang Qian knew that this face would not be recovered today, so he said coldly, “Ma Lan, you will pay for your arrogance today sooner or later!”
Ma Lan nodded repeatedly and sighed, “Yes big brother, I think the price is coming soon, I’m moving to a big villa in Thompson next month, the house is so big, I’ll probably get lost in it several times a day, which is not as comfortable as living in this house now, the house there is so big and so high, I’m afraid I won’t fit in there…. ”
She said, Ma Lan said with another sigh, “Hey, when we live in Tomson, we’ll close the gap with big brother, and we won’t see you often anymore, and we won’t be able to listen to big brother and sister-in-law’s bragging rights.
Xiao Chang Qian felt like he was about to explode, and to save his life, he clenched his teeth and stomped his foot, cursing angrily, “Damn it, the house is not going to be bought, let’s go!”

Chapter: 530
After saying that, she pulled Qian Hongyan and walked out.
The agency girl at the side was incomparably embarrassed and greeted her, although she was quite contemptuous of these two customers after hearing Ma Lan’s words, but after all, the customer was God.
Chen Shuyi saw the two leave and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Miss Lan, these two relatives of yours are too strange, do you think I’m an idiot? Open mouth wants eight million to buy this villa of mine…”
Ma Lan laughed and said, “They, ah, are about to go bankrupt, they don’t have any money at all, just a bunch of poor people, even if you promise them eight million to sell it, they may not be able to afford it!”
Chen Shu Yi nodded and said, “What a bummer, let’s ignore them and continue playing cards.”
When Xiao Changqian and his wife Qian Hongyan left the villa, they cursed the street in unison!
The reason why she didn’t dare to curse in front of Ma Lan’s face was mainly because she was also afraid of her son-in-law, Ye Chen.
It would be a real loss if he really took a beating.
The agent followed the two and waited until they had had enough of the scolding before asking carefully, “Mr. Xiao and Ms. Qian, do you two still want to look at other houses?” One second to remember to read the book
Qian Hongyan’s face was incomparably ugly and glared at her, scolding, “Look at your mother, get out!”
After saying that, he pulled Xiao Changqian and walked out of the neighborhood.
The little girl was in tears of frustration, but because of her weak temper, she didn’t go forward to talk.
The more Qian Hongyan thought about it, the angrier she became. She couldn’t help but say to Xiao Changqian, “This Ma Lan, with two stinking dollars, she doesn’t know how to show off. Look at her, she’s so petty and ambitious, even bragging that she’s going to live in Thomson Yat Pin, I’m so impatient for her, whose villa is it, doesn’t she know? Without that punk Ye Chen going around lying to people, what else would she have! Hey, she simply doesn’t want a pussy face, she’s really pissed off at me!”
With a cold face, Xiao Changqian said in agreement, “This bitch is indeed too damn excessive!”
Saying that, he sighed and said helplessly, “However, there’s nothing we can do with her now, who let our Xiao family is about to fail, whether it’s a man or a dog can come over and step on her…”
Qian Hongyan couldn’t help but ask, “Then are we still going to buy a house? If you don’t buy it, your mother is asking you to give her eight million dollars!”
“Buy, of course!” Xiao Chang Qian said, “The house must be bought, but not now.”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked, “Then when do you want to buy it?”
Xiao Chang Qian said, “This bitch Ma Lan has two bucks now, in my opinion, we might as well make a game for her.”
“Make a bureau? Do what bureau?” Qian Hongyan was full of surprise.
Xiao Chang Qian’s face was grim as he said, “Doesn’t she like to gamble? Then let’s make a bet, first use a little fly to lure her into a trap, lure her into a bigger bet the more she plays, and then have an experienced swindler do some tricks to get all her money!”
Speaking of which, Xiao Changkun sneered and said, “It would be best if we could get her to mortgage Townsend’s villa to us as well! That way, we’ll be able to turn over a new leaf!”

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