The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5400

Seeing this effect, Wan Pojun was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth from ear to ear, and blurted out: “If this is loaded, just press the switch, wouldn’t the locked target be wiped out?”

“Yes.” Lang Hongjun nodded, and said, “This identification system is still very powerful, there is almost no delay, and coupled with the fast firing rate of the shells, it is estimated that it is impossible to escape.”

At this time, a weapon expert from Wanlongdian said: “Hallmaster, the trajectory of these three cannons needs to be fine-tuned. Considering that the target strength may be very strong and the moving speed may be very fast, if the three cannons are chasing If you fight him, you may not be able to catch up with him.”

“Yes.” Wan Pojun nodded and said: “I don’t know how strong the earl of the Poqinghui will be. The stronger the person, the more agile the body, so when you lock the target, you must fight well in advance.” quantity.”

The weapon expert said with a smile: “We don’t just have to make good advances. When the time comes, the cannon in the middle will chase the target and sweep back and forth horizontally, shooting a horizontal trajectory. The other two cannons will circle around the target and shoot Based on the two circular trajectories, the trajectories formed by these three guns will quickly chase the target clockwise or counterclockwise as a whole.”

As he spoke, he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose, pointed to them and said, “The overall trajectory is like the shape of my glasses, and it is a glasses-shaped trajectory that keeps moving in a circle around the center point. The system will always keep the target Set it in the center of the glasses, so that it is impossible for him to escape in any direction.”

Wan Pojun murmured and repeated: “The shape of the glasses, the constantly rotating trajectory…is that what it means…”

“Yes.” The weapon expert said: “The three cannons will chase the target and shoot a super large barrage that covers the whole area. This barrage is not the barrage posted by netizens on the video website. This barrage is completely made by Hundreds of thousands of rounds of 30mm close-in anti-aircraft shells fully cover the formed canopy. Moreover, each cannon can densely cover hundreds of square meters, and the three cannons cover each other, even if it is a fly. Maybe fly out of the barrage alive.”

As he said that, he chuckled, and said again: “I gave this system a very two-dimensional name, called Death’s Kiss.”

Qiu Zhiyuan, the master of the Wan Po Army, was listening, and unconsciously felt a chill in his back. With such a powerful cannonball, he felt that he couldn’t even catch a single round. If hundreds of thousands of rounds were fired, Da Luo Jinxian might have to explain here too.

At this time, Wan Pojun nodded in satisfaction, and asked him again: “Then what if multiple targets appear at the same time?”

The weapon expert said: “If multiple targets appear at the same time, the system will issue an early warning. If you choose to fire, the system will lock the targets one by one in the order in which the three guns cooperate.”

Then, the weapon expert further explained: “Because the shooting is very fast, basically a target can be eliminated in less than a second, so even if more than a dozen people come in at once, as long as the switch is pressed, the near-anti-aircraft guns will attack one by one by themselves.” Pack it up, it is estimated that the battle will be resolved within 20 seconds.”

Immediately afterwards, he said again: “Let me simulate it for you.”

Then, he picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “All the guards who are waiting outside, come in together.”

As soon as the words fell, more than a dozen Xiao cavalry guards quickly broke into the second-level alert area, and a prompt popped up on the computer screen in front of Wan Pojun.

The near-anti-cannon has locked on to the first Valiant Cavalier to enter, and the muzzle is constantly fine-tuned following his movement.

At this time, the weapon expert said to Wan Pojun: “Hall Master, you can actually choose to fire now. The three close-in defense guns are not loaded. You can press and try. This set of close-in defense guns is not smart enough. Even if it is not loaded, it will be driven by the program to make an attack process.”

Wan Pojun nodded and pressed the fire button. Immediately afterwards, the barrel of the anti-aircraft gun behind him began to rotate rapidly. Immediately afterwards, the turret also began to move rapidly, and the barrel continued to rotate at high speed.

The turret aimed at more than a dozen targets one after another, and the barrel idling. The whole process was very fast, but it stopped completely in less than twenty seconds.

The weapon expert said with a smile: “For the close-in anti-aircraft gun, it has simulated the entire attack on these dozen people just now, but it has not been loaded, so the barrel is just idling, but in its own eyes, it I have already killed all these targets, and if they are reloaded, and the dozen or so people are indeed intruders, the battle has been resolved and we can start preparing to evacuate.”

“That’s good.” Wan Pojun heaved a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “If that’s the case, even if the Four Earls come together, I’m afraid they won’t be able to escape.”

“I can’t escape!” The weapon expert said with a smile: “Our shells are very powerful. Although the 30mm shells cannot penetrate the heavy armor of the main battle tank, ordinary light armored vehicles can penetrate a cup-sized tank with one shot. Hole, no matter how strong he is, he will meet the king of Hades after two shots. We even think he is really awesome, and he can carry twenty shells, which is just a matter of one or two seconds. What’s more, our artillery They are all at the commanding heights, and the guns are solid, so it may be difficult for them to pose a threat to the guns. Once we fire, they can only be beaten passively. At that time, there is no other way but to die.”

“Okay.” Wan Pojun smiled slightly, and said, “In the future, I will guard here, and I will also control the control of the system.”

After finishing speaking, he said to the master Qiu Zhiyuan beside him: “Master, thank you for notifying me. From this moment on, everyone is not allowed to leave the area of the copper mine for half a step without authorization.”

Qiu Zhiyuan immediately said: “Okay, I’ll give the order!”

Wan Pojun said to a subordinate next to him: “Let all the helicopters return to the freighters in the port and stand by 24 hours a day. Once they hear the sound of the guns, the helicopters will immediately take off and come over to hoist the near-anti-aircraft guns. With these three The speed of the door is close to the anti-aircraft gun. When the pilot hears the sound of the gun and starts the engine, the battle is over. They can fly here in five minutes, which is enough time for the explosion bolt to detonate, and make all preparations before hoisting. ”

The subordinate immediately said: “Okay Palace Master, this subordinate will make arrangements immediately!”

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Reading about hero i think. Hero is the same person who was 200 years old and was looking for longativity and got the chance. He might be the last enemy of charlee to face in ending. He also have knowledge of pills.

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