The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5496

An Chongqiu hurriedly said: “Dad, you should take good care of yourself in the villa. We are still waiting for a replay with you tomorrow to see how much you can remember tomorrow.”

The old man waved his hand: “It’s okay to replay at any time, and it’s okay to replay the day after tomorrow. Since your mother is going to the place where Cheng Qi and Chang Ying lived before, I also want to go and have a look.”

An Chongqiu wanted to say something else, but the old lady stepped forward and said: “Chongqiu, your father is right, anyway, we will live here for a while, and the replay will not be today, let’s go together!”

An Chongqiu saw that his mother had spoken, so he stopped talking, nodded immediately and said: “Okay Mom, you and Dad have dinner first, and I will make arrangements.”

Immediately, An Chongqiu winked at Li Yalin, and the two left the restaurant and came to the courtyard.

At this time, An Chongqiu looked at Li Yalin and asked him: “By the way, Lao Li, judging from your experience, will my big nephew go back to that old house after so many years? If we start from the old house , can you find any relevant clues?”

Li Yalin nodded and said: “It’s possible. People are emotional animals after all. Most people have this kind of plot, and in all the cases where the suspects escaped and were arrested, more than half of the suspects were in secret. If he was arrested while returning home or contacting his family, the last memory of Ye Chen and his parents is in that old house, so he should go back and have a look.”

As he said that, he continued: “However, it has been twenty years since Cheng Qi was killed. Even if Ye Chen came back, in such a long timeline of twenty years, it may be difficult to find any useful clues.”

“That’s true.” An Chongqiu nodded lightly, and said: “After all, it has been twenty years. Even if Ye Chen has come back, I am afraid that there is no way to think about it. My mother wants to visit the old house, probably because she wants to visit the old house. Go to the place where my sister’s family lived and have a look.”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “I understand this very well.”

Li Yalin knew very well that Ye Chen’s hands and eyes were in Jinling, and this matter must have been settled long ago. Even if An Chongqiu found the door of his house, as long as Ye Chen didn’t want to see him, An Chongqiu would not be able to find any specific clues.

As for himself, Ye Chen saved his life, so of course it is impossible to betray Ye Chen.

What’s more, he also feels that Ye Chen is really not suitable to recognize An Jia at the moment, so he can only follow the fake appearance to make suggestions. As long as he finally guides them to prevent them from really discovering Ye Chen’s clues, his mission will be completed.

At this time, An Chongqiu said again: “By the way, Lao Li, have you ever thought about investigating the benefactor who saved your life?”

Li Yalin was startled, and said: “The benefactor who saved me, his whereabouts are erratic, and he never shows his true face, even if I want to find him, I have no clues.”

An Chongqiu shook his head: “It’s not that there are no clues, and it’s in Jinling!”

Li Yalin deliberately asked him: “Chongqiu, what do you mean?”

An Chongqiu said seriously: “I told you about the Huichun Pill auction I participated in in Jinling back then, and I’ve always wanted to know who made the Huichun Pill, but I haven’t found anything valuable. I never thought about the clue of Huichun Dan until Anjia was attacked in New York and our family was rescued by Engong.”

Speaking of this, An Chongqiu looked at Li Yalin, and said slowly: “But since you said that you were saved by En Gong’s elixir, I feel that the person who refined the Rejuvenation Pill is the same as the one who saved you and the An family. People, it should be the same!”

Li Yalin was surprised and asked him: “You mean, the benefactor is in Jinling?”

An Chongqiu said: “I don’t know if Mr. En is in Jinling, but there is someone in Jinling who knows him, that is Song Wanting from the Song family in Jinling!”

“Song Wanting?” Li Yalin looked puzzled.

An Chongqiu explained: “The Song family is one of the organizers of the Huichun Dan auction that day, and Song Wanting is the head of the Song family! At the same time, she is also the auctioneer of the auction! These clues are gathered together, and she wants to If you don’t know benefactor, you will see a ghost!”

Li Yalin’s heart trembled, and he said with hesitation on his face: “Chongqiu, that benefactor has great powers. Since he doesn’t want to meet us with his true face, isn’t it inappropriate for us to investigate him like this?”

“It’s not appropriate.” An Chongqiu nodded without thinking, but immediately said firmly: “Old Li, my sister and my brother-in-law were killed in Jinling, and my nephew also disappeared in Jinling. Now, the benefactor’s clues are also connected to Jinling, I always feel… there may be some kind of connection here.”

Li Yalin quickly asked tentatively: “Oh, don’t you think that the benefactor we are talking about is your big nephew?”

An Chongqiu waved his hand: “That’s very unlikely… I was thinking, since this benefactor is a master outside the world, would my eldest nephew just happen to be rescued by him back then?”

Li Yalin coughed twice, and said: “You, don’t think about it. You haven’t found this kind of assumption. It’s very close to the plot of martial arts? Besides, Engong is not the person who settled down in your family. Why did you save your nephew in Jinling twenty years ago, and then fly to the United States to save your family twenty years later, and then save me?”

An Chongqiu said embarrassingly: “Yes… what you said is also reasonable… However, even if benefactor has nothing to do with my nephew’s clues, he still saved our family after all, so I want to take the time to visit Song Wanting, Let’s see if we can get any clues from her, even if she is tight-lipped to us, she will definitely be able to help me bring a few words to Engong.”

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OMG, I the chapters you are allowing to read are so short. I am so excited reading and all of a sudden it ended at chapter 5496. Please send me at least 20 or more chapters for satisfaction. Thank you.

I am excited reading the chapters you sent but it suddenly stop at chapter 5496. Please allow me to read at least 20 or more chapters. Thank you.

I’m disappointed that one has to be begging for chapters. Just make the book available for sale. So that one would stop reading at your pace. Call off the bluff!

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