The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5505

Lin Wan’er said: “Okay, it’s none of your business here, go down.”

“Okay miss, the old servant will leave first!”

Old Zhang bowed and left, Lin Wan’er picked up the scroll with both hands, and walked slowly to the long desk. On top of the long desk, there was enshrined the tablet she had always carried with her, on which were written eight large characters: The spiritual seat of the father forest expelling captives.

Lin Wan’er knelt down slowly in front of the spiritual tablet, carefully placed the scroll aside, folded her hands together, looked at the tablet, and said respectfully: “Father, if you are lucky, my daughter will be able to meet her benefactor Ye Chen tomorrow. However, appearing in front of him will surely arouse his full vigilance, it is not yet known whether he can gain his trust, I hope you are the spirit in the sky, and bless your daughter to gain his trust…”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er’s expression was tangled for a moment, she stretched out her hand to caress the scroll on the ground, and said softly: “If…if Ye Chen still doesn’t believe in my daughter…if he regards her as an enemy…my daughter may have to tell all the reasons It’s…”

At this point, Lin Wan’er paused for a few seconds, tears welling up in her eyes.

Two lines of tears slid down her cheeks, she didn’t care to wipe them off, and said with a choked voice: “Daughter has always kept in mind your instructions before you left. Don’t tell anyone about your life experience and past, and my daughter has never violated it.” Your last wish… But if one day my daughter can’t help but tell Ye Chen these things, please be your spirit in heaven, don’t blame her…”

After finishing speaking, Lin Wan’er wiped away her tears, and kowtowed three times to her father’s spiritual tablet.


After the lecture, Nanako Ito drove back to Tomson Yipin alone.

When she got home, her father and aunt had prepared the ingredients she needed according to her instructions.

Knowing that Ye Chen was going to eat at home, Yuhiko Ito was naturally overjoyed.

He had long regarded Ye Chen as the best candidate for his son-in-law, and Ye Chen was also very kind to him, so he appreciated it all the more.

After Nanako came back, she hurried into the kitchen and began to cook for Ye Chen herself.

She first prepared some high-end seafood sashimi, and then heated up the oil to fry a tempura with seafood and vegetables.

Aunt Emi Ito was helping, and after the two of them made several dishes one after another, she couldn’t help but said, “Nanako, it’s time for you to learn some Chinese cuisine. Japanese cuisine is relatively bland, and it’s okay for Chinese men to eat it occasionally. If you eat too much, you will feel dull.”

Nanako was slightly taken aback, and then smiled helplessly: “Auntie, I have been eating Chinese food in restaurants since I was a child, so how could I have the opportunity to learn how to make it… Besides, Chinese food is really complicated. There are countless, and the cooking techniques are also quite particular. Unlike Japanese cuisine, choose some good seafood ingredients and cut them into slices, and then mix them with soy sauce and wasabi sauce with fresh mushrooms. There are also countless cooking points, if no one teaches, it will be difficult to learn well…”

As she said that, she continued: “Actually, I tried it before. I read some online textbooks to make some Chinese dishes, but there were always mistakes in the cooking process…”

Emi Ito smiled slightly and said, “This is easy to solve. My aunt has visited Jinling in the past two days. There is a very good cooking school for beginners, and they are very good at Jinling’s local cuisine. I think it should suit Mr. Ye’s appetite.”

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