The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5506

Nanako said helplessly: “Auntie, I spend most of my time studying martial arts every day, how can I have time to learn cooking…”

Emi Ito smiled and said: “Auntie can sign up to learn first, and take time out to teach you at home after learning. The time you are studying martial arts in Jinling is the best time for you to cultivate your relationship with Mr. Ye. If you can learn more about Jinling His culinary skills will definitely impress him.”

Nanako asked in surprise: “Really, aunt? Are you really willing to help me learn first?”

“Of course.” Emi Ito said without thinking, “If my aunt doesn’t want to, why would I tell you this?”

Nanako was about to bow to thank her when she heard the doorbell ringing. She hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye Chen must be downstairs, I’ll go pick him up!”

Emi Ito nodded and smiled, “Go ahead.”

The high-rises of Tomson Yipin all use elevators to enter the home. Without a physical card, they cannot take the elevator. When Ye Chen comes to visit, he can only ring the doorbell at the entrance of the unit door in the garage. After the upstairs is unlocked, he can enter the elevator and Press the button for the designated floor.

Originally, Nanako only needed to help Ye Chen open the door, but she still said to Ye Chen through the access control system: “Mr. Ye Chen, wait a moment, I will come down to pick you up.”

In Nanako’s traditional Japanese concept, if you let your beloved man go upstairs by himself, it means that when the beloved man comes home and says “I’m back” at the door, the wife does not kneel at the door to greet her, but greets her at the door. Sitting and waiting on the sofa in the living room is an absolute faux pas.

So, she hurried out, took the elevator down to the garage, opened the door of the garage elevator hall for Ye Chen, and said with a smile: “Mr. Ye Chen, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long!”

Marven Ye smiled and asked her: “Why did you come down in person?”

Nanako smiled shyly, and said softly: “This is the proper etiquette, Mr. Ye Chen, Odosang and the others are waiting for you, let’s go up!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, and took the elevator upstairs with Nanako.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Ito Yuhiko, Ito Emi, and Tanaka Koichi were already waiting in line in the elevator hall.

Seeing Ye Chen, the three of them bowed at the same time: “Welcome Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen was a little astonished, and asked with a smile: “Mr. Ito, why is it so grand…”

Ito Yuhiko bowed and said loudly: “This is what it should be, Mr. Ye, please come in!”

Ye Chen had no choice but to follow Ito Yuhiko into the door.

Yuhiko Ito invited Ye Chen to the restaurant all the time, took the initiative to open a dining chair for him, and said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, please sit down!”

Ye Chen was a little uncomfortable, so he said seriously: “Mr. Ito, we are old acquaintances. You are so polite today, which makes me really uncomfortable.”

Ito Yuhiko said very seriously: “Mr. Ye, all martial arts practitioners know that outsiders’ kung fu is only superficial, and the real masters are those who master both internal and external skills, and the master of both internal and external skills is Huaxia Martial Arts. I am very yearning for martial arts, but it is a pity that Japan only has ninjutsu and no martial arts, and ninjutsu is practiced in hiding whereabouts and assassinating in secret. She has no idea how happy she is to have the opportunity to truly learn martial arts these days, and as a father, I am very pleased to see it, so naturally I must thank Mr. Ye for his kindness in preaching!”

Before Ye Chen could speak, Nanako beside him couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Odosan, I have some good news for you!”

Ito Yuhiko hurriedly asked: “What good news? Come and hear it!”

Nanako said: “Today, I finally mastered the method of internal inspection, and I have truly realized the circulation of true energy! In other words, I am now a real warrior!”

“Really?!” Ito Yuhiko asked in surprise: “Nanako, have you really become a martial artist? Didn’t everyone say that getting started as a martial artist is the most difficult thing? It is said that the vast majority of people will not be able to enter martial arts in their entire lives.” Most of the very few people who can get started will need a year or even a few years to find the trick, but you have only learned it for a few days, how did you master it so quickly?!”

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