The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 571-580

Chapter: 571
Soon, the crowd was divided into several cars to go to the Splendid Clubhouse.
The old father-in-law’s teacher is old, but everyone rarely get together once, can’t resist the kind invitation, so they also decided to go together.
Ye Chen and his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, sat together in a taxi, and the father-in-law muttered with some annoyance, “This Pan Yuanming is really proud of himself, he keeps chasing after me to dislike me, he’s really angry with me!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Dad, if you’re not happy, then let’s just go home.”
“No!” Xiao Changkun muttered, “I’ve never been to the Splendid Clubhouse, so why should I go and see the world?”
Ye Chen could only nod helplessly.
Everyone arrived at Splendor and gathered in the hall first.
In the hall, everyone was amazed at the luxury of the Splendid Clubhouse.
The lavish decoration of the place had exceeded the level of knowledge these middle-aged and elderly people had about entertainment clubs.
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Zhang Jian with a proud face explained to the crowd, “Uncles, this brilliant club has a total of fifteen floors, the higher the floor, the higher the eligibility requirements for members, up to the higher floors, if the power does not reach a certain level, there is no way to go up, even the most ordinary first floor, casually consume more than a hundred thousand, ordinary people simply can not afford to consume. ”
The crowd exclaims in frightened succession!
It costs at least $100,000 for a visit?
The average family may not be able to make that much money in a year!
This kind of spending could not be afforded by an ordinary family.
Zhang Jian pulled out his membership card amidst the admiring gazes of the crowd.
This card was silver, very beautifully made and glittering, as he handed the card to the front desk, he opened his mouth to the crowd, “Don’t look at the fact that this is only a senior membership card, but the level in the membership card is not low, there is also an ordinary member below, I can go to the seventh floor of this club as well as the seventh floor and below, this time I will take everyone directly to the seventh floor. ”
Saying that, he added, “The minimum spending for the seventh floor is $300,000, very luxurious!”
Pan Yuanming turned his head at this time and proudly said to Xiao Changkun, “Changkun, you’ve definitely never come to such a high-class place on a regular basis, right? This time, you are considered to be in the limelight, and you will also be able to see the lifestyle of the upper class.”
Xiao Changkun was livid as he opened his mouth and said, “Speak as if you’ve never seen anyone before, I’m telling you, I’ve also seen big scenes.”
Pan Yuanming left no room for sarcasm, “Hahaha, what big scene have you seen? Have you ever been to the Splendor Club? Ever spent money here?”
Xiao Changkun was left speechless.
Even before the Xiao family had fallen, he was unable to come to a place like this, not to mention that the Xiao family was now bankrupt….
Therefore, Xiao Changkun could only admit to it.
At this time, Zhang Jian took his membership card and walked to the front desk, opening his mouth to the receptionist and saying, “Prepare a seventh-floor box for me, and all purchases will be counted on my card.”

Chapter: 572
The waiter looked apologetic, “Sir, I’m really sorry, we have all the boxes on the seventh floor today, and currently within your membership card level, the only ones with free boxes are the third floor and below, do you want to go to the third floor to spend?”
Zhang Jian said in a bad mood, “You want me to go to the third floor? Will three levels be worthy of my status? If I go to the third floor, what will people think of me?”
The waiter apologized, “There’s really no way to do it now, because all the compartments from the fourth to the seventh floor have been reserved out in advance, and you didn’t make a reservation in advance…”
Zhang Jian immediately said, “Since the seventh floor is gone, you can simply give me a free upgrade to the eighth floor, or above, which is always fine, right?”
“I’m sorry sir.” The attendant said very seriously, “Our Brilliant Club’s membership card is only downward compatible, never upward compatible, that is, if your premium membership card can only go up to the seventh floor, then you can only spend money in the first to seventh floor, and never go to the eighth floor, this is our club’s hard and fast rule!”
Zhang Jian frowned and said arrogantly, “Then I don’t care, you have to move one room out on the seventh floor or settle for one on the eighth floor if you say so!”
The waiter looked embarrassed and said, “Sir, the eighth floor is for VIP and Senior VIP members only, your level is not enough, and we have a clear rule here that no one is allowed to overstep the rules to book a private room…”
“Rules and regulations, rule your ass! I want a seventh-floor private room now, and you won’t fix it for me? Is it God’s rule that you have no customers here?”
The waiter said apologetically, “Sir, there’s really nothing you can do about this unless you can find a friend with a more premium loyalty card and have him book you a booth on the high floor.”
Zhang Jian raised his eyebrows, “Looking for a friend?” One second to remember to read the book
“Right.” The waiter said politely, “Because most of our members here are regular and premium members, so there is a shortage of boxes below the seventh floor, but there are still available boxes from the eighth to the fourteenth floor, so if you can find VIP members, you can book up to the tenth floor, and if you are a premium VIP, you can book all the way up to the fourteenth floor. ”
Zhang Jian gritted his teeth and sneered, “Fine, you want me to find a friend, right? Okay, to tell you the truth, I’m very familiar with Master Hong Wu, he’s a VIP member who can go up to the tenth floor, I can actually give Master Hong Wu a call and ask him to come over and open a box for me, but you have to think about it in advance, what happens if you offend Master Hong Wu!”
Ye Chen was on the sidelines a bit unable to see past it.
The little girl is a staff member here, and people do things in full accordance with the rules of the club, what are you threatening people for? And threatening to make Master Hong V appear, isn’t that just foxing and tiger power?
So Ye Chen came up to him and said, “Mr. Zhang, don’t embarrass a little girl here, three floors is not bad, even one floor is already luxurious, there’s no need to have seven floors, or more, right?”
Zhang Jian gave him a glance and said disdainfully, “For a slinger like you, being able to sit in the lobby of the Splendid Clubhouse and have a glass of plain water is already the greatest enjoyment, but for a person of my status, going to any box below the seventh floor to spend money is degrading to my status.”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, “It’s fine, don’t be so concerned, anyway, this is the last time you come to the Splendid Club, it’s almost enough, what do you need a bicycle.”
Zhang Jian frowned and asked, “What the hell do you mean?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Have you forgotten what I told you? You will have to carry cement in the construction site for twenty years from now, and this is the last time you will come to the Splendid Clubhouse, it’s not bad to spend a little on the third floor, after all, after today, you won’t have this chance in your life.”
Zhang Jian was furious and scolded, “Ye Chen, right? I’m really giving you a fucking face, if it wasn’t for the fact that my father-in-law and your father-in-law are classmates, you would still want to come to the brilliant club? With a sling like you, you can’t even get in the door without me, and now you’re pretending to be with me, aren’t you?”
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Let’s say, I’ll give you five minutes, and if you still don’t make a decision in five minutes, then I’ll make the decision for you.”
Zhang Jian sneered, “You make the decision for me? Who the hell are you? Today I’ll show you what high society is all about!”
Saying that, he immediately pulled out his phone and made a call .
As soon as the call came through, Zhang Jian immediately put on a flattering appearance and tone and said respectfully, “Hello Fifth Master, this is Zhang Jian ah, there is something I would like to ask you for a favor…”

Chapter: 573
Master Hong Fifth was at the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion at the moment.
Tonight, Wu Donghai, from the number one family in Jiangnan, had booked the Diamond Box at the Tianxiang Mansion to prepare a banquet for the heads of some Jinling families.
Master Hong Fifth knew that the Wu family was a bigger family than the Song family, so he didn’t dare to slow down and personally supervised the chef preparing the food at the Tianxiang Mansion.
While he was arranging the food preparation, he received a call from Zhang Jian, so he asked somewhat impatiently, “What is it, say it quickly, I’m busy here.”
Zhang Jian was just a dog in Hong Fifth’s eyes, and he had many such dogs, so he didn’t think much of Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian also knew that he couldn’t climb high enough to reach Master Hong Fifth, so he said very humbly, “Master Fifth, I’m at the Splendid Clubhouse right now, and I want to ask you for a favor.”
Fifth Master Hong asked, “What is it?”
Zhang Jian was busy, “I’m not bringing my father-in-law over to play, and as a result, the box on the seventh floor is full, my membership card is a premium membership card that you helped me with, and higher floors are not accessible, so I would like to ask you to book a box on the eighth floor for me, after all, you are a VIP member here, much more distinguished than me!”
Hong Fifth said indifferently, “Some other day, I have something going on at the hotel today, I can’t spare myself.”
Zhang Jian hurriedly pleaded, “Fifth, your Tianxiangfu, not far from the brilliant clubhouse, driving an estimated five minutes to, can you come to the hard work? My father-in-law and more than twenty of his classmates are waiting here…” First published at
Saying that, Zhang Jian begged and pleaded, “Fifth Master, just ask you to condescend to come over here, otherwise I really can’t get off the stage today…”
It was true that Fifth Master Hong didn’t want to help Zhang Jian book a box, but when he thought that Zhang Jian was at least a tool to help him launder his gambling money, there were times when he had to send him a little warmth and make him thankful and grateful .
Plus, the Heavenly Fragrance House was really not far from the Splendid Clubhouse, and it would only take ten minutes to make a trip, so he agreed to go over there and said, “Alright, I’ll go over there then.”
Zhang Jian was so excited that he took off, “Then thank you so much Fifth Master! I’ll be waiting for you in the first floor lobby!”
He then hung up the phone and said to the waiter in a very arrogant manner, “Do you hear me? Master Hung will be here soon to help me open the box. You better watch your back!”
The waiter was a little nervous, but still said without being humble, “Sir, I’m sorry, we all do things according to the rules of the club, even if you invite our Miss Song over, I have a clear conscience.”
Zhang Jian’s expression was ugly, and he said offhandedly, “Powerful ah you, using Miss Song to pressure me isn’t it?”
The waiter said, “I dare not, I’m just stating the facts with you.”
“Humph!” Zhang Jian looked at her in disgust before turning around and saying to his father-in-law Pan Yuanming and the others, “Uncles, let’s wait a moment, I’ve invited our famous Jinling’s Master Hong Fifth to come over and help us open an eighth-floor box! The eighth floor is more luxurious than the seventh!”
The crowd was full of praise.
Quite a few old men were thumbing their noses at Zhang Jian, their hearts already incomparably looking forward to the eighth floor of the Splendid Clubhouse!
Ye Chen was funny to watch though.
This Zhang Jian, really couldn’t die idle fast enough!

Chapter: 574
Ask Hung Ng to come over? Isn’t this asking for death?
Originally, I wanted him to be happy and pretend to be a pawn in the Splendid Club before beating him to the bottom, but now it seems that this grandson has cut off his chance to pretend himself….
How did Zhang Jian know that he was so close to having bad blood luck that he had already entered the read second state and was being complimented by so many people, he was so proud of himself that he stepped forward to Ye Chen and smiled arrogantly, “Ye Chen, you just offended me, so this chance to experience the eighth floor of the Splendid Club has nothing to do with you, you and your father-in-law can leave now.”
Xiao Changkun said with an ugly face, “Hey, Zhang Jian, you’ve gone too far, haven’t you? Do you think I’m here to rub elbows with you? I’m here to party with my old classmates!”
Zhang Jian trailed off and said, “A party? Isn’t the party at school over? Now that it’s the second scene I’ve arranged, do you want to follow it in a deadly fashion?”
“Exactly!” Pan Yuanming snorted coldly and said, “Xiao Changkun, weren’t you arrogant before? The school is also known as a rich second generation, since he is so capable, he settled a box in the brilliant club ah! What’s the point of rubbing shoulders with my son-in-law?”
The other students didn’t expect Pan Yuanming and his son-in-law to suddenly start to make trouble with Xiao Changkun as well as Ye Chen, saying such direct words in front of so many students, everyone felt a bit inappropriate.
However, no one still came out to speak for Xiao Changkun, after all, this is really a place arranged by someone’s son-in-law Pan Yuanming, and he was able to come in thanks to his blessing, so how could he dare to speak for Xiao Changkun at this time?
Xiao Changkun’s expression was ugly and he spoke out, “Pan Yuanming, you’re also bullying people too much!”
“Did I bully you?” Pan Yuanming said disdainfully, “I just don’t want to buy you food and drinks, so how is that bullying you?” Remember the URL
Xiao Changkun said with a black face, “Fine, fine! In that case, I’ll just pay my own way! Count out a per capita figure for how much you’re spending today, and I’ll pay for my own two shares with my son-in-law!”
Pan Yuanming said with contempt, “You think that just paying out money is enough? There’s a threshold for that membership too! If I didn’t have my son-in-law’s blessing, how could someone like you get in here? You can’t even get in, no one will give a shit if you pay for it, okay!”
Xiao Changkun gritted his teeth and said, “Pan Yuanming, you’ve gone too far!”
Pan Yuanming nodded and arrogantly said, “I’m just overdoing it, I’m doing it on purpose, so what? Who let you fool me all the time when you were in school? Who made you less mixed up than me now?”
Said Pan Yuanming, “Look at you, over fifty years old and still so hangry, no job, no social security, you won’t even get a pension in the future, I think in a few years, you’ll probably end up begging on the streets, and then we students will have to crowdfund to help you ah.”
Xiao Changkun was trembling with anger and said to Ye Chen, “Not with this kind of bitch, let’s go!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Dad, what’s the hurry, the good show hasn’t happened yet, it’s not too late to leave after watching it!”
Pan Yuanming grinned, “You still want to follow the good show? I’m telling you, there’s no way you two will follow us up to the eighth floor today! If you know what’s good for you, get out of here, don’t wait for security to kick you out!”
Ye Chen laughed, “The good drama I’m talking about isn’t the eighth floor drama, the good drama I’m talking about is a classic ethical drama of a son-in-law violently beating his father-in-law, which is expected to happen in two to three minutes!”
Pan Yuanming was stunned, then pointed at Xiao Changkun and laughed, “Did you hear Xiao Changkun? You’re a punk son-in-law, and I’m going to beat you up! Haha, I don’t know how many rounds of beatings your old bones can carry, hahahaha!”
Xiao Changkun was also stunned and looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Ye Chen, what do you mean?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Dad don’t misunderstand, the ethical drama I’m talking about is Zhang Jian violently beating Pan Yuanming, I suggest you prepare your mobile phone and take the video and post it on Jitterbug, it will definitely get a high number of hits!”

Chapter: 575
When Pan Yuanming heard this, he was furious.
He looked at Ye Chen with contempt and said, “You’re hilarious, my son-in-law is still too filial to beat me, how could he beat me?”
After saying that, he pointed his finger at Zhang Jian and said with a proud face, “Let me tell you, this son-in-law of mine is many times stronger than this trash of yours oh! Do you know how filial my son-in-law is to me? It’s a hundred thousand dollars a month just for my pocket money! Not that I despise you, but do you make a hundred thousand dollars a year?”
Zhang Jian also opened his mouth to ridicule, “Ye Chen, you’re really out of your depth, Master Hongwu will be here soon, if you don’t get out of here, do you believe I’ll let Master Hongwu rip your mouth off?”
“You’re going to let Hongwu rip my mouth off?!” Ye Chen looked at Zhang Jian with an incredulous face.
Zhang Jian sneered and mocked, “What? You don’t believe me? Do you know what my relationship is with the Fifth Master?”
Ye Chen shook his head and asked curiously, “Then may I ask, what is your relationship with Hongwu?”
“I’m a good brother to the Fifth!” After Zhang Jian said that, he sternly questioned, “Is Hongwu also something you can call? It’s going to be called Master Hong V!”
Ye Chen laughed, “When Hongwu comes, ask him yourself, he called him Master Hongwu, does he dare to agree?”
Zhang Jian looked at Ye Chen in surprise, then sneered, “How dare you disrespect the Fifth Master! You’re done! When Master Hongwu comes, I’ll make sure he tears your mouth off!” One second to remember to read the book
As he was talking, Zhang Jian saw at once the fifth master Hong who stepped in.
Master Hong Fifth was followed by two younger brothers, walking with a strong wind.
Zhang Jian hurriedly waved at Master Hong Fifth and said excitedly, “Master Fifth, I’m here!”
After saying that, he sneered at Ye Chen and said, “Ye Chen, the Fifth Master is here, you’re dead!”
Ye Chen didn’t see Hong Fifth when he walked over because his back was to the door, and Ye Chen didn’t look back.
It was only when Master Hong Fifth was almost to the front that Zhang Jian hurriedly said, “Master Fifth, there’s a silly bird over here who actually disrespected you and directly addressed you as Hong Fifth!”
Master Hong Fifth frowned and was about to play a show of authority, when he turned his head and suddenly saw Ye Chen looking at him with a cold face, he thumped in fright and asked in a trembling voice, “Ye…. Master Ye, why are you here…”
As soon as this was said, everyone at the scene was frightened.
What was the situation?
The fiercely famous Master Hong Fifth would call Master Ye Chen Ye so respectfully?
Ye Chen was so young, what kind of master could he be?
At this time, Ye Chen looked at Hong Wu with cold eyes and asked in a stern voice, “Hong Wu, is this man your good brother? How awesome, not only did you whine to me non-stop, but you also said you’d be the one to rip my mouth off!”
Hongwu was trembling with fear!
Who is Master Ye? Master Ye is more important than his own father! How could a stinking slinger like myself get Master Ye’s miracle medicine if he didn’t appreciate it?
Moreover, he used to go to his death to lick Chen Zhai Kai, and Chen Zhai Kai didn’t even take care of him, and now because he’s embraced Master Ye’s thighs, Chen Zhai Kai is also starting to intentionally support him, which is simply going to make him take off!
Therefore, Master Ye was simply his own regenerating parent.
This Zhang Jian was nothing more than a dog to himself! How dare you bite your own biological parents, what the fuck is this if not a death wish?
He then turned his head and looked angrily at Zhang Jian, questioning in an extremely cold tone, “How dare you offend Master Ye?”
Zhang Jian was scared blind.

Chapter: 576
Completely confused as to what was going on right now.
Why was Master Hong Fifth giving so much face to Ye Chen? Isn’t he the son-in-law of his father-in-law’s old school?
My father-in-law’s old classmate is a slinky, and to be a son-in-law to a slinky would be the golden slinky of slinky!
Why does Master Hong V pay so much attention to a golden dangler!
Just before he could sort out the reason, Hong Fifth had already thrown a slap at him!
Zhang Jian’s brain was jerked dizzy and his cheeks immediately swelled up high.
“Fifth Master, what are you…”
Zhang Jian trembled with fear and spoke out, “Fifth Master, where did I go wrong?”
Master Hong Wu gritted his teeth and scolded, “You’re just a dog, how dare you offend Master Ye, tired of living, right? Yes! I’ll drag you to my kennel today and chop you up and feed you to the dogs!” First web site
Zhang Jian suddenly felt his brain explode, and his entire body was paralyzed with fear.
He, as Master Hong Fifth’s lackey, naturally knew who Master Hong Fifth was, and there were countless people who had died at Master Hong Fifth’s hands already, and many of them were buried in the bellies of those fighting dogs that Master Hong Fifth had raised!
He then hurriedly knelt on the ground, kowtowing as he said, “Fifth Master, please spare your life, Fifth Master! I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know he was a friend of yours…”
“Friend?” Master Hong Fifth kicked him in the chest and said sternly, “Master Ye is the bright moon in my heart, I only have to look up and look up, how am I qualified to be Master Ye’s friend!”
Master Hong Fifth’s words were from the bottom of his heart, and the others were even more shocked to hear it, what was Ye Chen’s origin? How can you make Master Hong Fifth respect you to such an extent?
Next to him, Pan Yuanming was also trembling with fear, watching his son-in-law being brutally beaten by Master Hong Fifth, although he was distressed, he was even more afraid!
Master Hong Fifth then said to his sidekick, “Come, get this dog thing to the dog farm!”
The two bodyguards immediately went forward to drag Zhang Jian away.
Zhang Jian cried out in fright and turned to Ye Chen, kowtowing vigorously as he cried, “Ye Chen, it’s all my fault for not being able to see Taishan, seeing as our two fathers-in-law were classmates for many years, please let the Fifth Master spare me!”
Ye Chen smiled, “What? Now you know how to beg? Didn’t you just kick me out?”
Zhang Jian wiped his tears as he choked out, “Mr. Ye, I was really wrong, I’m willing to be a cow for you, I just ask you to forgive me this time!”
At that, Zhang Jian said with a pale face, “Mr. Ye, as long as you forgive me this time, I’m willing to give you all the assets under my name!”
As soon as Pan Yuanming heard this, he subconsciously said out of his mouth, “Zhang Jian are you crazy? You still have a lot of money in your name from the money I gave you! And half of it belongs to my daughter!”
“Shut up, old man!”
Zhang Jian stared at Pan Yuanming in a rage as he gritted his teeth and cursed, “Old immortal dog thing, are you fucking blind? Can’t you see that my life is on the line?!”
Pan Yuanming didn’t expect Zhang Jian to scold himself and became angry, “You…. How are you talking to me?! Don’t forget, I’m your father!”
“Fuck you!” Zhang Jian hated, “How could I have offended Mr. Ye if you hadn’t insisted that I help you, this old man pretending to be an idiot!”
Saying that, Zhang Jian hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and tearfully complained, “Master Ye, it’s all because of this old immortal, who has been urging me since yesterday to help him ridicule you and your father-in-law properly, that I was blind to offend you, so he’s the culprit ah! He’s the one who should be chopped up and fed to the dogs!”

Chapter: 577
“You…. You…….”
Pan Yuanming was so angry at Zhang Jian’s vicious face that his chest rose and fell violently!
Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the son-in-law he had always admired and liked so much, would suddenly turn into a vicious jackal! He’s determined to bite himself to death!
He trembled and cursed, “Zhang Jian, I was really blind to marry my daughter to an ungrateful thing like you!”
How could Zhang Jian care that Pan Yuanming was his father-in-law at this point?
He was now only afraid that Ye Chen and Hongwu were really going to get themselves killed! Then you’re really in deep shit!
If someone did have to die today, he’d rather it be his father-in-law than himself!
Moreover, today’s incident itself was caused by the old father-in-law, if he hadn’t kept letting himself find trouble with Xiao Changkun and his son-in-law Ye Chen, how would he have ended up in this situation!
So, he pointed at Pan Yuanming and cursed, “Pan Yuanming you old dog! The only reason I’ve offended Mr. Ye and Master Hong Fifth today is because of your old dog’s authority! So it’s only fair that you die, why should I die for you?!”
“You’re farting!” Pan Yuanming waved his hand in panic and said to Ye Chen, “Oh my little Ye, don’t believe this bastard’s nonsense, I didn’t authorize him to target you and your father-in-law at all, he took it upon himself to find trouble with you, you mustn’t be compelled by him!” Remember the URL
Zhang Jian cried, “Mr. Ye, you must shine your eyes! Think about it, I have no grudge against you, so why would I come to mock you for no reason at all? It’s not Pan Yuanming, the old dog, he has been jealous of your father-in-law back then to pick up the woman he loved, so he couldn’t let go of it for so many years, so he has been thinking about revenge and revenge, that’s why he begged me to help target you and your father-in-law, and now he has the audacity to clear his name, you must not let him go!”
Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, this old dog’s fate will be miserable, the one charge of using his position to facilitate and embezzling so much money is enough for him to die in prison, I believe he’ll be caught before tonight!”
Pan Yuanming’s heart thudded when he heard this, and his legs went limp, poofing to his knees and begging for forgiveness, “Little Ye, Little Ye, don’t torment Uncle, Uncle’s old bones wouldn’t have lived many years, can’t I kneel down for you?”
Ye Chen ignored him, looked at Zhang Jian and asked indifferently, “Do you want me to spare your life?”
Zhang Jian hurriedly nodded his head as if pounding garlic and spoke out, “I beg you, Mr. Ye, to show mercy…”
Ye Chen said, “It’s fine to spare your life, but I also just said that I want to see an ethical drama of a son-in-law violently beating his father-in-law, so you should know what to do, right?”
How could Zhang Jian still not understand Ye Chen’s words.
At this time, he already hated the crazy dumping Pan Yuanming, so he couldn’t care that he was his father-in-law, he broke away from Master Hongwu’s bodyguards and rushed to Pan Yuanming’s face, so he smashed his fist on his face.
After all, Pan Yuanming was old, and when this punch hit him, he fell to the ground with an ouch.
On the one hand, Zhang Jian had hatred in his heart, but on the other hand, he also wanted to behave better so that Ye Chen could minimize a few points of his anger towards him, so there was no softness in his hands at all!
Not only was there no softness, but it was simply beating Pan Yuanming to death.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future.
However, if he begged for mercy with Zhang Jian at this time, how would Zhang Jian pay attention to him?
So Zhang Jian cursed with his mouth, “You old dog, you deserve to die, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Chapter: 578
At the same time, the hands continued to keep beating, knocking Pan Yuanming unconscious, followed by two more slaps to wake up and then proceeded to beat him….
Pan Yuanming’s old classmates watched in stunned silence, no one dared to come up and stop him, while Xiao Changkun looked thrilled that his great revenge had been avenged, making him thrilled!
Seeing that Pan Yuanming was almost on the verge of being whacked alive by Zhang Jian, Ye Chen then called a halt, “Okay stop fighting, if you hit someone again, you’ll die, I still want him to spend the rest of his life in prison!”
Only then did Zhang Jian hastily stop, and as he got up from Pan Yuanming, he spat at him and cursed in disgust, “Old dog, still trying to harm me? If it weren’t for Mr. Ye’s kind heart, I’d have to kill you!”
After saying that, he hurriedly kneeled on the ground and crawled on his knees all the way to Ye Chen, begging, “Mr. Ye, are you still satisfied with my performance just now? Can you spare my life? Please…”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “It’s fine to spare your life, but it’s hard to forgive a capital crime!”
Zhang Jian hurriedly pursued, “Mr. Ye, what will it take for you to forgive me?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Do you remember what I told you before? Get you ready to go to a construction site and carry cement for twenty years?”
Zhang Jian suddenly went limp and cried, “Mr. Ye, I don’t want to go to the construction site, please, for the sake of me listening to you in everything, just spare me this time, I’ll be your dog from now on, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do!”
Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled playfully, “Good.” A second to remember to read the book
Zhang Jian said excitedly, “Thank you, Mr. Ye!”
Ye Chen smiled, “I haven’t finished yet, don’t be so eager to thank me.”
Afterwards, he laughed and asked, “Aren’t you going to be my dog and do whatever I ask you to do? Then I’ll let you go to the construction site to carry cement, and when you’ve carried enough for twenty years, I’ll give you back your freedom!”
“Huh?!” Zhang Jian almost collapsed….
At this time, Ye Chen said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, find a construction site, give him a dog chain, let him carry cement at the site every day, when will he carry enough for twenty years, when will he be let go, and if he dares to escape in the middle, just kill him and feed him to the dogs!”
Master Hong Fifth immediately nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I have several construction sites in Jinling, and I will find him the hardest and most tiring one when the time comes.”
“Good.” Ye Chen said with satisfaction, “Let him go reflect while he labors.”
Zhang Jian cried and said, “Mr. Ye, twenty years is too long, please be magnanimous and shorten it a little, otherwise, my whole life will be over…”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Don’t bargain with me, there was a father and son before, because they pretended to be too much, they have now gone to the Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng, and they are not allowed to leave the Changbai Mountain for the rest of their lives, if you continue to bargain with me, I’ll arrange for someone to send you over!”
Master Hong Fifth also said coldly at this time, “Zhang Jian, I advise you to resign yourself to your fate, the last time the man and woman went to Changbai Mountain, it was me who arranged for my little brother to drive them, and it took three days and three nights for the car to reach the foot of Changbai Mountain.”
“And it’s only just winter over there, and it’s already freezing cold, twenty degrees below zero outside, seven or eight degrees below zero inside, and the men are freezing half to death, and even the firewood for the bedside fire has to be cut in the mountains themselves!”
“It’s said that when it’s thirty-nine days, it’s forty below zero outside, and you can just freeze to ice if you pee, so if you want to try it, I’ll set you up right now!”
As soon as Zhang Jian heard that he would be arranged to go to Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng for the rest of his life, he was frightened out of his wits and hurriedly cried out, “Don’t, don’t, Fifth Master, I accept my fate, I accept my fate! I’m going to the construction site to carry cement, not to the Changbai Mountains to dig for ginseng!”

Chapter: 579
Zhang Jian had completely resigned himself to his fate.
Compared to spending his whole life digging ginseng in the snow of the Changbai Mountains, being able to stay at the construction site in Jinling carrying cement was already a million times happier.
At least, he could still live in the city, still go home, and still have a basic spare time life.
At Changbai Mountain, it was very much a lifetime of complete ruin.
Seeing that he had resigned himself to his fate, Master Hong Fifth snorted and said, “You’re already lucky, otherwise, I’d just take you to my dog farm today and feed you to the dogs!”
Zhang Jian nodded in panic and said gratefully, “Thank you Mr. Ye for lifting your hand…. Thank you, Master Five…”
Hong Wu said directly to the people under his hands, “Go, take him to the construction site in Jintan County, let him usually live and eat with the workers at the site, he can have two days off every month!”
“Yes, Fifth Master!” Master Hong Fifth’s two men immediately dragged Zhang Jian outside.
Master Hong Fifth also pointed at Pan Yuanming, who was dying on the ground, and asked Ye Chen, “Master Ye, what about this old immortal?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “The police will come to arrest him soon.” The first website
As soon as the conversation ended, a team of policemen hurriedly ran in and loudly questioned, “Who is Pan Yuanming?!”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly pointed at Pan Yuanming, who was lying on the ground, and said, “Comrade police, he is.”
The policeman came forward, compared the photo with the photo, and got out, “That’s him, take him away!”
The man next to him asked after him, “Captain, this man is unconscious from his injuries, what should we do?”
“Take him to the hospital first.” The captain said, “We’ll detain him after he’s resuscitated!”
Zhou Qing, one of the old classmates, hurriedly asked, “Comrade police, what crime has Pan Yuanming he committed?”
The police officer said righteously, “Pan Yuanming is suspected of embezzlement of office and illegal profits totaling over $50 million!”
The crowd was in an uproar.
No one had expected that Pan Yuanming, as the leader of the petrochemical company, whose treatment itself was already very high, would use his position to amass wealth for himself!
The unconscious Pan Yuanming had been taken away by the police, and a group of old classmates were sobbing with emotion.
However, everyone looked at Ye Chen with unprecedented awe.
After all, Ye Chen had screwed up Pan Yuanming, Zhang Jian and his son-in-law so badly, his ability was beyond everyone’s understanding.
Xiao Changkun also felt that his face was really too proud, and it made him feel very good to have so many students coming around to compliment him.
However, there were people who sighed, “Oh my, with Zhang Jian gone, I’m afraid that this second session of ours is not going to end, so why don’t we all just scatter?”
The group of people were a little lost.
Everyone wanted to come and see the Splendid Clubhouse, but they just didn’t expect that they would just enter the hall of the Splendid Clubhouse and what was inside was still unknown.
At this time, Ye Chen said to Master Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, how many floors can you open your card to?”
“Ten floors.” Master Hong Fifth said hurriedly.
Ye Chen said, “You help me open a big box on the tenth floor for the old men to have a good time.”
Master Hong Fifth was surprised and asked, “Master Ye, don’t you have the Supreme…”
Ye Chen waved his hand, signaling him to silence.

Chapter: 580
The entire Splendid Clubhouse, only issued itself a Supreme Card, which not only allowed him to go to the highest fifteen floors at any time, but all expenses were completely free.
He didn’t want his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, to know that he had such a card.
Otherwise, with his temper, he would definitely pester himself every day to bring him over, and would even try to ask for his own card to bring his friends over to brag and show off.
Therefore, it was better not to let them know.
Hong Fifth immediately understood Ye Chen’s meaning, and quickly pulled out his membership card, handed it to the waiter, and spoke, “Prepare a large private room for me on the tenth floor, all expenses, just count on my head.”
The attendant respectfully took the membership card, then smiled and spoke, “1008 on the 10th floor is already open for you, you can go over there at any time, it’s huge and can accommodate thirty people.”
Master Hong Fifth nodded, then respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, you can move up there with the old men.”
Ye Chen then said to the crowd, “Uncles, my friend has already booked the 1008 box on the tenth floor for us, he has covered all the expenses today, please follow the waiter up there now!”
Everyone didn’t expect that it would turn out to be so bright and cheerful.
Many people originally thought that at most they would be able to go up to the seventh floor of the Brilliant Club, but they didn’t expect to reach the tenth floor this instant, what a plug! Remember the URL
Xiao Changkun was also extremely happy and said with a smile, “My son-in-law is still capable! Unlike that Zhang Jian, he just knows how to put cowhide on his lips.”
The crowd couldn’t help but praise and compliment him, “Oh Ye Chen, you’re really deep in hiding! Chang Kun is really blessed to have found such a son-in-law as you!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “All of you are too much of a fan of me, I actually have no skills, I just know a few friends, please hurry up and have a good time!”
Xiao Changkun asked him, “Ye Chen, aren’t you coming up?”
Ye Chen said, “I’ll talk to Hongwu for a few minutes before going up, dad you go up with your uncles first.”
“Okay.” Xiao Changkun nodded and thanked Hongwu, before he went upstairs with his old classmates.
Everyone would go upstairs only, and Ye Chen asked Hong Wu, “How did you handle the matter of Kobayashi Ichiro last time I asked you to deal with him?”
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Don’t worry Master Ye, I found the best computer special effects artist and hired a prop master from the film school to make a fake video of the whole thing and sent it to Kobayashi Jiro, and he’s completely convinced now.”
“Good.” Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Raise Kobayashi Ichiro well, and after a while, send him back to Japan to fight for the family fortune, but I have to make him sign an agreement with me in advance, after the family fortune is taken back, I want 80%.”
Hongwu nodded repeatedly and said, “Okay Master Ye, I know, I’ll tell him clearly when I go back.”
Ye Chen hmmmed and said, “You’ve done well, go back first, I’ll go upstairs to keep my father-in-law and the others company.”
“Good.” Hong Wu bowed respectfully and said, “Master Ye, I’m leaving first. If there’s anything you want, just tell me.”
Ye Chen was waiting for the elevator to go up to the tenth floor, the elevator came down and suddenly opened the door, what he didn’t expect was that Song Wanting, who was incomparably brightly dressed, came out of it.
Song Wanting was very beautifully dressed today, her already stunning and flawless face was slightly powdered, making it even more delicate and touching.
She was wearing a black Chanel dress hip skirt that perfectly complemented her slender and plump figure, as well as her white legs that couldn’t be faulted in any way.
Coupled with her long hair that was carefully coiled behind her head, her entire body looked incomparably mature and perfect.
What surprised Ye Chen even more was that she was emitting a very charming and high-class fragrance, which entered the nostrils and made people feel like they were spreading their pores all over.
Looking at such a stunning Song Wanting, Ye Chen was a little surprised in his heart, and Song Wanting was even more delighted!
She was thinking of Ye Chen in her heart, but she didn’t expect the elevator doors to open and Ye Chen was right outside!
She hurriedly couldn’t hide her happiness, and like a little girl in her first love, she asked in a delicate voice, “Master Ye, what are you doing here? You didn’t even let me know you were coming so I could personally entertain you!”

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