The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 601-610

Chapter: 601
When He Huaqiang heard this, he panicked and hurriedly pointed at He Lian, saying, “Master Ye, that’s my second aunt, she called me yesterday and said that she was going to set up a game for a woman to trap her for a large sum of money, so I agreed to come over and sing blackface when the time came…”
After saying that, He Huaqiang hurriedly said again, “Master Ye, I really was used!”
Ye Chen looked at He Lian, and He Lian was suddenly scared out of her wits.
Ye Chen pointed at her and beckoned, “You, come here.”
He Lian didn’t dare to slow down and crawled to the front in a panic, shivering and saying, “Master Ye, misunderstanding! I want to know that Ma Lan is your mother-in-law, give me ten thousand guts, I wouldn’t dare to lie to her ah isn’t it…”
After saying that, she pointed her finger at Qian Hongyan and blurted out, “It’s all because of this stinking bitch named Qian Hongyan that I’m here! She said that her sibling is particularly rich and proud, so she has been trying to teach her a lesson, so she asked me to play a game with her to win your mother-in-law’s villa over….”
Qian Hongyan was also scared silly, and hurriedly said, “Ye Chen, this is a misunderstanding, I didn’t want to cheat your mother-in-law, I was also cheated by this He Lian, this He Lian has been acting in front of me all day as if she can’t play, I believed it, and wanted to bring your mother-in-law over to get rich together, but instead, I didn’t expect to be cheated by her….”
When Ma Lan heard this, she was furious and cursed, “Qian Hongyan, you bitch still wants to cheat me out of my money and villa?!”
Qian Hongyan got all smart and stepped back, waving her hand, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not!”
He Lian scolded coldly, “How dare you deny it? Fine, then I’ll show Master Ye our chat!” Remember the URL
After saying that, she quickly pulled out her phone, opened WeChat, and played up a voice.
In the voice, Qian Hongyan’s voice came out, “Sister Lian, I heard that you’ve returned to Jinling?”
Then it was He Lian’s voice: “Yes, I just came back two days ago.”
Qian Hongyan: “Sister Lian, you’ve been a lottery officer at the Macau casino for so many years, you must have a good skill at the table, right?”
He Lian: “I don’t dare, I’m barely in the top five in Macau, but in Jinling, I dare say there’s no one I can’t win against.”
Qian Hongyan: “That’s already impressive! Sister Lian, I have a way to make a fortune here, I wonder if you’re interested?”
He Lian: “You roughly introduce.”
Qian Hongyan: “It’s just that I have a younger sister-in-law ah, quite rich, the family’s villa alone is worth more than 100 million, and this silly dog is addicted to gambling, it just so happens that Sister Lian you have a lot of means at the table, why don’t I call her over, you form a game and win her a good deal?”
He Lian: “A villa of over a hundred million dollars? Is that true?”
Qian Hongyan: “It’s true!”
He Lian: “That’s fine, but after it’s done, I want sixty percent!”
Qian Hongyan: “No problem! By then you’ll be six and I’ll be four!”
When the voice played here, Qian Hongyan had been scared silly, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen ah, I didn’t mean it, I’m your great aunt ah, we’re all family…”
Ye Chen looked at her and said indifferently, “Let’s talk about your matter later.”
After saying that, he had her dragged to the side.
Then, he looked at He Lian and asked with a smile, “I heard that your Thousand Techniques are very powerful?”
He Lian hurriedly explained, “Master Ye, actually, this Thousand Arts thing is all about cheating tricks, and I only know a little bit about it…”
Ye Chen nodded and asked, “This today, how did you mainly cheat?”
He Lian was busy explaining, “This mahjong machine is custom-made, I can directly take all the cards of the four houses, preset them in the computer in advance, and then I can start it anytime with my phone, and the mahjong machine will automatically shuffle the cards and rise up as I want.”
Saying that, she further explained: “At that time, I can then use the software to control the dice points and specify who holds what card, I gave your mother-in-law several hands are all heavenly hearing cards, but in fact, they are all dead hu, which means they can never win in their entire lives, plus Rich Hongyan and Niu Guimin cooperate with me, so it’s even more stable to win…. ”
Ye Chen nodded faintly as he listened to her, and asked, “How many people have you harmed using this method?”
He Lian was busy saying, “Not much not much…. I don’t usually do this kind of thing.”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “How many gamblers did you help the casino win over in Macau? How many of these gamblers have lost their fortunes, sold their children, or even died?”

Chapter: 602
“This…. This…” He Lian was already sweating profusely.
For so many years, she had done so many evil things like this that she didn’t know how many people had already lost their fortunes.
Gambling was something that was itself an abyss capable of swallowing everything, some people had fallen into it themselves, and some entire families had fallen into it.
However, He Lian never cared about these victims, she felt that this was how she was able to earn a living, how could she win if others didn’t lose money?
Therefore, she hadn’t felt much guilt either.
But Ye Chen could see into the heart of such people at a glance.
Such people were the most cruel and ruthless vampires in this world.
She was living by sucking other people’s blood, so she didn’t care about how miserable others would die after they were drained of their own blood.
Ye Chen naturally had no sympathy for such people.
He looked at He Lian playfully and said with a smile, “How about this, how about we play a few games?” One second to remember to read the book
He Lian was stunned, surprised and asked, “Master Ye, what do you want to play…”
Ye Chen said, “I’m a person who doesn’t know how to gamble, poker ah, mahjong ah, pai gow ah, I don’t know how to play, I only know one kind, scissors stone cloth.”
He Lian was puzzled and asked, “Are you going to play rock-paper-scissors with me?”
Ye Chen nodded, “Yes, I’ll play scissors, rock cloth with you, ten million a piece, what do you think?”
“This…. This….” He Lian said nervously, “Master Ye, I don’t dare to play with you ah…”
Ye Chen said, “You have to play even if you play or not!”
He Lian could only nod her head in panic, “That’s fine…. Then listen to Master Ye…”
After saying that, she couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, how are we going to play?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Don’t worry, before playing, I need to do a preparation.”
“Preparations?” He Lian looked surprised.
Ye Chen smiled, “You don’t know about the preparations? Just like you designed to trap my mother-in-law, I’m going to cheat on you.”
“Huh?!” He Lian was even more puzzled….
What kind of cheat can you get out of rock cloth with scissors?
I’ve been cheating all my life and I don’t know how this thing cheats!
Are you deliberately a few seconds slower than the other guy? Watch what others produce and then produce your own that can restrain them?
That’s a bit low, isn’t it?
While she was confused, Ye Chen suddenly grabbed her right hand, and after straightening all five of her fingers, he snapped it with force, ka-ching!
All five fingers broke at the same time!
He Lian screamed in pain, but Ye Chen lifted her left hand and also clicked off five fingers of her left hand.
Now, the ten fingers of both of He Lian’s hands were out of control, and all ten fingers were only skin connected and naturally shrugged and sagging.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “This hand shape of yours is the default in my place, if you’re going to produce cloth, you have to make a fist with five fingers if you’re going to produce stone, if you’re going to produce scissors, you have to make a V, do you understand?”
He Lian cried, “Master Ye, all ten of my fingers are broken, I can’t get out rock and scissors!”
Ye Chen disdainfully said, “That I don’t care, whether you can play or not, it has nothing to do with me, and besides, when you cheat on someone, don’t you also give them no chance to win? Today, I’ll give you a taste of what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated!”

Chapter: 603
He Lian collapsed.
Never would have thought that Ye Chen, who looked harmless, would have such ruthless methods!
He broke his ten fingers and then played scissors, rock, and cloth with himself, but now he can only play cloth, so he will lose as many hands as he plays.
Ye Chen then looked at He Lian and said with an expressionless face, “Come, let’s begin.”
Saying that, Ye Chen threw his hands while chanting in his mouth, “Scissors, rock, cloth!”
As soon as the words fell, he immediately drew a scissor hand.
He Lian had no way to control her fingers, so she could only look at Ye Chen with the same eyes as her dead mother.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I’ll play scissors and you play cloth, I win and you owe me 10 million.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Come, let’s play the second game.”
“Scissors, rock, cloth!” First web site
“Oops, I won again, you owe me twenty million.”
“Here, third hand!”
“Scissors, rock, cloth!”
“You’re so honest, why are you always out of the cloth? I really can’t do anything with you, you owe me thirty million.”
Ye Chen amused himself and soon won ten hands of He Lian, accumulating one hundred million.
So Ye Chen said to her, “Come, settle the bill.”
He Lian cryptically said, “Master Ye, I don’t have that much money…”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “That I don’t care, call your family, your daughter-in-law and son, your son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and your husband, bring all the money in your house, all the real estate that can be mortgaged, all of them, if one point is missing, I’ll send you and all the people on your family’s account who are over eighteen years old, to work in the black coal kiln to pay off the debt, two thousand a month, what When it’s enough to offset one hundred million, when will you be free.”
Afterwards, he asked Hong Wu, “Do you know anyone who runs a black coal kiln?”
“Recognize ah.” Hong Wu said off the cuff, “I have a few buddies who committed something in Jinling some years back, and then they went to Jinxi to open a coal kiln, so we can send them all to them then!”
“Very well.” Ye Chen nodded and said to He Lian, “Come, take the initiative to account for how many people are on your family’s account book?”
He Lian was frightened out of her mind and knelt on the ground and wailed, “Master Ye, my son and daughter are both highly talented graduates from prestigious universities and are now pillars of society, you can’t ruin their lives!”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “Well, your own children are graduates of prestigious universities? But what about the families you’ve hurt? Will their children still be able to eat? Is it still alive? Not to mention going to a prestigious university, why didn’t you think of them when you ruined their lives?”
He Lian’s entire body was repentant and fearful, and her face was extraordinarily pale.
It was true that she had harmed quite a few people, countless people had lost their families to her, but she never cared.
All she wanted was to make money, and as long as she made money, nothing else mattered.
So, now retribution was coming.
Ye Chen was going to send her hard-earned pair of sons and daughters, all of them to the black coal kiln to dig coal!
Destroying her life’s work of deceit with her own hands would be the best punishment for her!

Chapter: 604
He Lian was also shocked and cried, “Master Ye, I really know I was wrong, if you want money, I can give you all the money I have! I’ve been in Macau for many years, I’ve also saved up a bit of family money, there’s a total of twenty million in my hand, I’ll give you all this money, please let my son and daughter go.”
Saying that, she immediately pulled out her phone, opened her mobile bank, and showed the balance to Ye Chen.
Her personal account had more than twenty-one million.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “This twenty-one million, you can donate it all to the official donation account of Project Hope!”
Saying that, he pulled out his phone and searched for the official account of Project Hope, handed it to He Lian and said in a cold voice, “Transfer it now.”
He Lian hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, is it true that if I donate this money, you will let me off the hook?”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “Still want to bargain with me?”
He Lian was scared to death by Ye Chen, she hurriedly picked up her phone and transferred all her money according to the Project Hope donation account that Ye Chen had found.
After transferring all of it, she handed her phone to Ye Chen and cried, “Master Ye, I’ve donated all the money and the account balance is already zero, can you let me go this time?”
After Ye Chen confirmed that she had donated all the money, he said in a cold voice, “Don’t forget, just now playing scissors, rock and cloth, but you owe me 100 million, and you still owe me 70 million after donating this 20 million.” Remember the website
He Lian cried and said, “Master Ye, that twenty million just now is already all I have ah…”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Didn’t I say that? Send all of your family’s household books to the black coal kiln to dig coal, two thousand a month, when will you pay back enough to pay off my seventy million gambling debts, when will you be let go.”
He Lian collapsed and blurted out, “Master Ye, two thousand a month, only twenty-four thousand a year, you won’t be able to earn that much money to repay the debt even if you die!”
Ye Chen asked her in return, “Those people who have been victimized by you swindlers to the point of losing everything and getting into debt, how did they pay off their debts, have you ever thought about that? Why would you have done it if you knew?”
Saying that, Ye Chen asked He Huaqiang, “Be honest with me, this second aunt of yours, who are the immediate family members in the family?”
He Huaqiang hurriedly said, “She has a husband, a son, and a daughter, the son got married the year before, the daughter-in-law’s family is a black casino in Jinling, her daughter just got married last month, and found a son-in-law who is a microlender, specializing in pitting young college students, and has already forced several college students to jump off a building.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said coldly, “Well, the old swindler has two children, one married to the daughter of the owner of a black casino, and one married to a microfinance business, your family is really a snake and rat nest!”
As he said, he immediately pulled out his cell phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Zhaichai.
The content of the WeChat was: “There’s a swindler in Jinling who just came back from Macau, called He Lian, help me check on her family, bring her husband, son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, all of them to Thomson C11.”
Although Hong Wu was an underground emperor in Jinling, it was only the underground world, if he were to directly go and kidnap these people, with his ability, he could kidnap them over, but the follow up might not be able to hold it down.
But it was different with Chen Zekai.
Richard Chen was the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling, and in Jinling, even the Song family would have to be polite when they saw him.
Therefore, there was almost nothing that Chen Zekai couldn’t do in Jinling.
Receiving Ye Chen’s orders, Chen Zekai didn’t delay and immediately sent people to investigate and search for He Lian’s family.
He Lian was crying bitterly at this time, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to Ye Chen, praying for forgiveness, her forehead was already bleeding and she didn’t dare to stop.
But Ye Chen had no sympathy for her.
She had caused so many people to lose their fortunes, and it was about time she had a taste of what it was like to lose her family’s fortune, one retribution for another!
But now she’d only get one taste of dumping her family’s money, and that was cheap enough!

Chapter: 605
While He Lian cried out in pain, Ye Chen had Hong Wu’s men again, dragging Qian Hongyan in front of him.
Qian Hongyan was now shaking with fear, looking at Ye Chen and wailing, “Ye Chen, I’m your great aunt, you…. You don’t look at the monk’s face and look at the Buddha’s face, after all, you are our Xiao family’s son-in-law, aren’t you? How about you just spare me this one?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t pull this useless bullshit on me, first tell me, how much money do you have in total now?”
Qian Hongyan’s heart tightened and she blurted out, “I don’t have any money…. I really don’t have any money!”
Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “I’m giving you a chance to take the initiative to give an account, you must grasp it, otherwise, He Lian will be your example.”
Qian Hongyan shivered, and in fear, she also kept an extra eye out and hurriedly said, “I… I have five million here, this is all of our family’s money…”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Okay, open your mobile bank and let me see the balance.”
Qian Hongyan panicked all of a sudden and said, “I…. I don’t have a mobile bank!”
“Yes?” Ye Chen coldly said, “If I find mobile banking installed in your phone, watch out that I’ll break your legs.”
Qian Hongyan shivered in fear and hurriedly said, “I’ll show you, I’ll show you…” One second to remember to read the book
After saying that, she panicked and pulled out her phone and opened the mobile bank.
Seeing the balance, Qian Hongyan panicked all of a sudden.
In this card, there were more than fifteen million.
This was the lifetime savings of herself and her husband, plus the money from the sale of Xiao Weiwei to Xiao Yiqian as her lover!
It wasn’t in her hands before, it was in her husband Xiao Changqian’s hands.
However, as soon as the old lady chased after the money, Xiao Changqian quickly transferred it all to her name.
She was originally going to use this money to buy a house.
But the last time she looked at the house, she met Ma Lan and was ridiculed by her to death.
So she dropped the idea of buying a house, and was going to pit Ma Lan’s money and villa against each other first, then when she had money, she would buy a nice one.
However, if Ye Chen knew that he had fifteen million dollars, then he definitely wouldn’t leave any money for himself….
Just when she didn’t know what to do, Ye Chen grabbed the phone and fixed his eyes, frowning, “Didn’t you say there was only five million?”
Qian Hongyan cried, “Ye Chen, this is our family of four’s savings! The Xiao family will soon be finished, and the old lady’s villa will soon be taken away, we still expect to buy a house with this money…”
Saying that, she said pitifully, “Hailong still hasn’t gotten married yet, and Weiwei hasn’t gotten married either, this is the last of our family of four plus the old lady…”
Ye Chen snorted coldly, “What does it have to do with me? Don’t say I didn’t give you a way out, donate the fifteen million now and I’ll spare your life in this matter today, otherwise I’ll let Hongwu sink you directly into the river later, your choice!”
Qian Hongyan took a look at the fierce and fearful Hong Fifth and said, “I’ll donate! I’ll donate! Spare my life, I’ll donate all the money here!”
Saying that, he immediately used his mobile phone to transfer all of the 15 million deposits to Project Hope.
Only then was Ye Chen satisfied and said, “Alright, since you’re so sensible, I’ll spare your life.”
Only then was Qian Hongyan completely relieved and cried, “Ye Chen, can you let me go now?”
“Let you go?” Ye Chen shook his head and said, “I just said to spare you from death, I didn’t say you could go!”

Chapter: 606
“Huh?!” Qian Hongyan said in a panic, “I donated all fifteen million ah…”
“So what?” Ye Chen said coldly, “You’re the one who flung the mastermind into this today, there’s no reason to just let He Ling treat you like a punishment, right?”
“Yes!” He Lian angrily spoke out, “She’s the real culprit!”
Ye Chen looked at Qian Hongyan and smiled, “Your associates have said that you are the culprit, you must follow your old partner and go to the black coal kiln to dig coal and continue to contribute to Project Hope.”
After saying that, Ye Chen pointed at another woman named Niu Guimin and said, “And you, the three of you, go work together in the black coal kiln to atone for your sins.”
Niu Guimin was frightened and cried, kowtowing as she said, “I’m innocent ah, I was just found by He Lian to come together to play mahjong, no harm!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “You think I’ll believe you? You be sensible and stop jabbering, and I’ll spare everyone else on your account, or else you’ll be like He Lian, and the whole family will set off in one piece to dig coal!”
Once Niu Guimin heard this, she trembled violently in fear, and although terrified, she really didn’t dare to say another word.
Ye Chen whirled around and said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, today these little punks, including He Huaqiang, one of them is counted as one, all of them send me to the black coal kiln to work, give them the worst accommodation and food, pay them two thousand yuan a month, no rest for the whole year!”
Saying that, he then said sternly, “These people, who work hard and consciously work overtime, give an appropriate little wage increase, anyone who doesn’t work hard and grinds foreign labor, have their wages appropriately deducted, anyway, each of them, when will they be able to donate enough 300,000 to Project Hope by working, when will they be let go!” First web site
Two thousand dollars a month is twenty-four thousand dollars a year, and it will take more than ten years to save up three hundred thousand dollars.
Even if it was three thousand dollars a month and thirty-six thousand dollars a year, it would take more than eight or nine years to save enough to cover three hundred thousand dollars.
Ye Chen felt that since this group of people were also a part of this gambling game, it was natural that they should atone for those who had been victimized by gambling to the point of losing their fortune.
What’s more, they had to atone for those children who were young and out of school and experiencing all sorts of hardships because of their parents’ gambling.
Letting them go to the black coal kiln to dig coal for donations was the best punishment for them.
As soon as Hong Wu heard this, he immediately said, “Okay Master Ye, I’ll have someone arrange a bus to pull them all over!”
Ye Chen said, “The gang of punks locked up inside, one of them will break a leg before getting on the train, so that they won’t be disobedient and try to escape when they get to the black coal kiln.”
Hong Wu immediately said, “Master Ye don’t worry, I’ll break one of their legs first, and when we get there, we’ll work, eat, go to the toilet and even sleep with chains tied to us, and none of them will escape!”
“Good.” Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction.
Qian Hongyan cried at this time and said, “Ye Chen, you can’t let me go digging coal for the rest of my life as well…. I still have my husband and children to take care of, and my mother-in-law to support…….”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “This is simple, you’re just like these people, when will you save enough 300,000 donations by working, when will you regain your freedom.”
Qian Hongyan broke down and cried out, “Ye Chen, you can’t be so cruel ah Ye Chen, you have to know, we are all family ah!”
Ye Chen asked her back, “When you pitted my mother-in-law, why were you so cruel? Why didn’t you think then that we were family?”
Ma Lan, who hadn’t said a word, now snapped in anger, “Qian Hongyan you heartless son of a bitch, you even pitied me, and now you’re still saying that you’re family with us?”
Qian Hongyan knelt in front of her, crying and begging, “Sister-in-law, a thousand mistakes are all your sister-in-law’s fault, but I’m still your sister-in-law after all, please spare me this time!”
Ma Lan kicked her to the ground and cursed angrily, “It’s not enough that you’ve pitched my two million dollar deposit, it’s not enough that you’ve pitched my house, it’s not enough that you’ve pitched my house, it’s not enough that you’ve pitched my house, it’s not enough that you’ve pitched my villa, you’re forcing our family of four into a dead end ah! Do you have any conscience or any humanity left?”
At that, Mashi suddenly came back to her senses, slapped her thighs, and bellowed miserably, “Mother, my money!”

Chapter: 607
Ma Lan had just been so focused on seeing these people crying sobs that she had completely forgotten about the two million cash they had won away!
Now that I suddenly remembered, I said to Ye Chen out of the blue, “Quickly make them give me back all the money! And they won me over two million dollars!”
The reason why Ye Chen asked the two of them to donate all the money to Project Hope was to punish them on the one hand, and to teach their mother-in-law a little lesson on the other.
Aren’t you not greedy enough?
Aren’t you a gambling addict?
Didn’t you think you’d get rich by playing mahjong?
Now I’ll make you lose all your cash, and I’ll make you remember!
So, Ye Chen asked the two of them in a hypocritical manner, “The money you won away from my mother-in-law, quickly discuss how to pay it back!”
They looked at each other and cried, “All our money is still able to be donated! Including the money that won her just now was also donated…”
Ye Chen turned around to look at his mother-in-law and said with a helpless face, “Mom, they don’t have any money.” Remember the website ´╝Ä
“What did you say?!” Ma Lan was so mad that she rushed up and grabbed Qian Hongyan’s hair with one hand and He Lian’s hair with the other, shaking her arms vigorously, even pulling their heads together and slamming them together.
She cursed hysterically, “You two thousand-knife sons of bitches! Hurry up and give me back my money! Give it back to me!!!”
Both of them had a large fistful of hair ripped off, screaming in pain, Qian Hongyan cried out in distress, “Sister-in-law spare your life sister-in-law, all your money went to He Lian, I didn’t win you a few hundred thousand in total, and it was all donated ah…”
Ma Lan let go of Qian Hongyan and tore at He Lian’s hair with both hands, and then freed her hands to keep smacking and gouging at her face, soon scratching her face with all the blood trails.
“Surnamed He, if you don’t give me back my money today, I’ll have to gouge a layer of skin off your face! I’ll ruin your face!”
He Lian was in so much pain that she didn’t dare to fight back, so she could only cry and beg, “Sister Ma Lan, Sister Ma Lan you have no mercy, I really don’t have any money, all my money was donated at your son-in-law’s command, and that includes the money from winning you ah, where do I have any money to give you now…”
Ma Lan went mad and tore her mouth off, cursing, “I don’t care! You give it back! Give me all my money back!”
He Lian’s mouth was soon torn and bleeding, and she was crying out in pain.
Lan Ma, however, was now insane, she just wanted all her money back, all the money in her family’s account was in her own account, all designed to be cheated by these people.
Now she just got her house back, nothing else….
Thinking of this, she became even more furious and stomped He Lian to the ground, riding her left and right as she kept pumping.
He Lian was screaming and struggling violently, when all of a sudden there was a crack in her jacket pocket pocket, Ma Lan and He Lian froze at the same time.
A moment later, Ma Lan roared like a mad woman, “The bracelet! Mother’s bracelet! My mother’s emerald bracelet!”
She screamed like a mad woman as she reached into He Lian’s pocket.
Immediately after, she gave a painful ouch and quickly pulled her hand out, her fingertips already cut and bleeding.
Even so, she was able to pull out a small broken emerald bracelet from He Lian’s pocket….
Ma Lan looked at the broken bracelet and sat down on the ground and wailed!
Four or five million bangles!
It was sitting off by itself!
The most valuable jade jewelry is bracelets, so good material bracelets can sell four or five million, but once broken can only do some ring surface or small pendant, that can not be worth, and may not add up to sell 200,000 … … … …

Chapter: 608
Ma Lan had collapsed.
Two million gambling debts could not be recovered, and four or five million bracelets were still sitting broken, which was a terrible loss for himself!
She immediately turned her head towards Niu Guimin and cursed hysterically, “You didn’t donate! You give me my money! Give me all your money! Or I’ll kill you! I’ll rip you alive!”
Niu Guimin frightened on her knees and cried, “Big sister, I’m a poor man ah, a total of more than 60,000 yuan in savings, if you want, I’ll transfer it all to you….”
Ma Lan went up and smacked her a few times and said in a rage, “I don’t believe it! Open your mobile bank and let me see!”
Niu Guimin cried and said, “I really don’t have any money ah big sister, I only earn that much more than two thousand yuan a month, if I didn’t have any money, I wouldn’t have come over to harm people with this vermin He Lian ah…”
Saying that, she opened her mobile bank, which indeed only had 63,000 yuan.
Ma Lan was about to collapse.
Sixty-thousand dollars was enough for what!
I’ve lost over six million dollars! One second to remember to read the book
She couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen at this time and scolded angrily, “It’s all your fault! It’s your fault! You piece of shit, you say! Why did you ask them to donate the money! Why don’t you let them give me the money?!”
Ye Chen frowned and said indifferently, “Mom, I saved your life, that’s the most important thing!”
“I yuck!” Ma Lan was bouncing with anger, “I don’t want you to save my life! I want the money you saved me! My money’s gone, and I have no point in living! I want my money back! Give it back!”
Ye Chen looked at her with cold eyes, not bothering to get acquainted with her in general.
Making her lose money was intentional on her part, in order to make her learn a lesson.
Otherwise, she might not be able to cause much trouble next time.
It doesn’t matter if she dies herself.
It’s just that I’m afraid she’ll get Xiao Churan hurt.
Hong Fifth was also very dissatisfied with Ma Lan’s performance, and he instinctively felt aggrieved for Ye Chen.
What kind of fucking mother-in-law is this? She saved her life and she’s still acting like a jerk?
With that in mind, he snapped harshly, “I’m warning you, don’t think that just because you’re Master Ye’s mother-in-law, you can disrespect him! If it’s too much, I’ll send you to the Black Coal Kiln with them!”
Ma Lan was shocked, her anger immediately went down quite a bit, and said in an urn, “What does our family’s business have to do with you?”
After saying that, he pointed at Ye Chen and said, “Do you know that this guy is a big blunder? You’re being fooled and given a gun to him now, and when you come back to your senses someday, you’ll definitely be the first one to cut him down!”
Master Hong Fifth was so angry that he reached out and slapped her, scolding her angrily, “If you dare to provoke my relationship with Master Ye again, I’ll fix you!”
Ma Lan really didn’t dare to be arrogant this time.
She knew Master Hong Fifth’s tactics, if she really provoked him, how could she bear it?
So she could only take a few steps back and honestly didn’t dare to say more.
Hong Wu now arrived in front of Ye Chen, knelt down on one knee, and said with a sad face, “Master Ye, Hong Wu is really aggrieved on your behalf! There are some things that Hongwu will say even if you are angry and want to kill him!”
After saying that, he raised his volume a few points and spoke out, “Why would someone as capable and supernatural as you want to be the son-in-law of such a shrew? Even if you have a strong relationship with Mrs. Ye, there’s no need to keep this kind of mother-in-law in the world to be an eyesore, and she has disrespected you repeatedly, she should have been killed long ago!”

Chapter: 609
When Ye Chen heard this, he shook his head slightly and said indifferently, “Forget it Hongwu, there are some things you have to learn to accept.”
Hong Wu looked at Ma Lan with a hateful face, while the latter’s heart was pounding with fear.
At this time, Ma Lan didn’t dare to mention the money matter anymore, and could only grieve and ache in her heart now for the time being.
At this moment, several cars stopped in the villa’s courtyard, and Chen Zhai Kai personally stepped in with five people who were tied up solidly.
These five people, one by one, were all filled with fear, and as soon as they entered and saw He Lian, the young man asked her out of his mouth, “Mom, what the hell is going on?!”
When He Lian saw that her husband, son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, were all caught, she burst into tears.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry to you all, I’m to blame…. It’s causing you guys to suffer with me….”
A man in his fifties hurriedly asked, “Honey, what’s going on here?!”
Ye Chen looked at him and said coldly, “Your wife cheats to harm people, do you know that?”
“I…. I don’t know…” The man said somewhat evasively. First URL
Ye Chen took in his reaction and sneered, “Still talking tough with me? Your wife has been a Dutchman for decades, it’s weird that you don’t know what kind of person she is!”
Saying that, he looked the five people over one by one, then asked, “Which one of you is He Lian’s son or daughter?”
A young man and a young woman timidly raised their hands, they still didn’t know, what had happened.
Ye Chen looked at the two of them and sneered, “I heard that you are both highly talented students from prestigious universities, do you know where the money for your university studies came from?”
They looked at each other, neither of them quite daring to speak.
He Lian’s husband probably realized that something had gone wrong, and that his wife must have been caught cheating, so he hurriedly said, “This gentleman, if my wife cheated at poker, then tell me a number, how much should I pay you, is that okay?”
He Lian cried, “Honey, our family has donated all of our small twenty million, and the two million I won today have been donated as well!”
“Donate it?!” He Lian’s husband was surprised and asked, “Who did you donate it to?”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Donate it to Project Hope!”
Saying that, he stared at the family and sternly snapped, “You vampires who specialize in trapping people, you don’t know how many people you’ve trapped and families you’ve destroyed over the years! But you yourselves are doing well, with five people and six people, and your children have gone to prestigious universities and become successful people, so don’t you have to pay this debt?”
One by one, He Lian’s family members looked terrified.
Ye Chen continued, “Today, I will send all of your family to the black coal kiln in Jinxi to dig coal for hard labor, and use your blood and sweat to atone for your sins of so many years!”
“Huh?!” Several young men collapsed.
A man shouted, “I’m not from their family ah, I’m just their family’s son-in-law…”
Ye Chen nodded, “Not even a son-in-law! I hear you’re in microfinance. Tell me, how many young people have you screwed over?”
“I…. I……”
Ye Chen snorted, “From now on, if I hear one more word of nonsense from you, you won’t have to go to the black coal kiln to dig coal, I’ll dig a pit and bury you, and ten million years later, let you turn into coal!”
Another good-looking young woman cried, “I’m just their daughter-in-law, and I haven’t done anything to hurt them!”
Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “I heard that your family runs a black casino?”

Chapter: 610
The woman went pale and blurted out, “I… I’ve never been involved in running a casino ah, I just do financial work…”
“Financial work?” Ye Chen said indifferently, “Financial work is also an accomplice, there’s no wash, honestly go along to atone for your sins, you family, what a bunch of scum!”
Chen Zekai spoke up at this time, “Master Ye, I know this woman, his father’s name is Zhang Laoshi, he’s the one who runs the black casino around here, do you want me to wipe out their nest?”
Ye Chen said, “Check what hurtful things have been done, and if the crime is unpardonable, directly kill it.”
The woman was suddenly paralyzed with fear.
Subsequently, three Toyota Cox buses drove to Thomson One, and a dozen small thugs, including He Huaqiang, were smashed one by one to break a leg, ready to be sent to the car.
Ye Chen said to Ma Lan at this time, “Mom, let’s go.”
Ma Lan’s expression was ugly, pulled Ye Chen aside and whispered, “They took that kind of video for me, you have to help me find it!”
“That kind of video?” Ye Chen frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”
Mashi said anxiously, “It’s that kind of video! They made me take off all my clothes for them to film…. You’ve got to find the video and delete it! Otherwise, if the video gets out there, I won’t live!” Remember the URL
Ye Chen was startled for a moment, not expecting his mother-in-law to have enjoyed this kind of treatment.
After helplessly shaking his head, he pulled that He Huaqiang over and asked in a cold voice, “Did you take the video?”
He Huaqiang cried out in fright, “Master I was momentarily confused ah…”
Ye Chen coldly said, “Cut the crap, say, where’s the video?”
“It’s in my phone!”
“Sent it out?”
“No, no, absolutely not!”
Ye Chen nodded, took out his phone from his pocket, handed it to Ma Lan, and said, “Mom, you can find the video yourself and delete it.”
Ma Lan hurriedly took the phone, found her own video from the album and deleted it completely.
Then she didn’t feel too safe, and simply smashed the phone.
Then, Ma Lan hated it and said, “I have to wait for them all to get on the bus before I leave!”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “Alright, I’ll tell them to hurry up, it’s almost dark, I still need to go home and cook for Choran.”
Seeing the group of people being put into three separate mid-buses, Ma Lan was relieved of her hatred, tossed the car keys to Ye Chen and said, “You drive.”
Ye Chen said goodbye to Chen Zekai and Hong Wu, and drove his father-in-law’s BMW, which drove away from Thomson Yippin.
As soon as the car drove out of Thomson One, Ma Lan sobbed and said, “Today is really bad luck! I’ve lost all the $2 million. I only want $60,000 back! And take in an emerald bracelet…”
The more Ma Lan thought about it, the more distressed she felt, and the more she thought about it, the more she cried as she looked at Ye Chen and scolded him angrily, “It’s all your fault, you piece of trash! Do you think you have too much time on your hands to ask them to donate money to Project Hope for what! Why don’t you let them pay me all the money?!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Mom, if you take their money, after they go missing and the police find out that they gave you all the money before they disappeared, you can’t even dive into the Yellow River, by then, Dad and Choran might know…”
When Ma Lan heard this, she got scared and took off, “Never say anything to your dad and Choran about this, do you hear me?!”

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