The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 661-670

Chapter: 661
In Master Song’s heart, Ye Chen had always been the best candidate for the Song family’s son-in-law.
With his eighty years of life experience, he had already seen at a glance that Ye Chen was a different person!
In all of Jinling, and he was the first to think that this son was extremely strong, comparable to a true dragon on earth!
Plus, he had already seen the effects of the Rejuvenation Pill, and was even more full of clinging to Ye Chen.
Befriending the Wu family was all about being able to give the Song family more access to money.
However, although the Song family wasn’t as rich as the Wu family, it didn’t lack money itself.
There wasn’t much difference between a hundred billion plus family fortune and a two hundred billion plus family fortune, but it was all inexhaustible money anyway.
And to Master Song, money had long since become unimportant, life expectancy and health, that was what mattered most!
Therefore, he dreamed of recruiting Ye Chen into the Song family as his son-in-law, so how could he tolerate other people sneering at him in the Song family’s territory?
Wu Donghai and Wu Xin were both startled as well. Remember the website ´╝Ä
No one had expected Wu Donghai to put it so straightforwardly, and Master Song was still choosing between Ye Chen and the Wu family, choosing the former!
Wu Donghai felt his face burning, and in his heart he already hated Old Master Song, not to mention that this old man was so ungrateful! How dare you embarrass me in front of all these people! Where is the face of the future master of the Wu family?
Wu Xin who was on the side was also very annoyed and frowned, “Grandpa Song, as far as I know, this Ye Chen is just a feng shui reading jianghu liar! You mustn’t be fooled by this loser!”
Master Song’s expression was very ugly.
He looked at Wu Xin and said coldly, “After living for eighty years, I think I have the eye to see people, I don’t need you to tell me what to do!”
When Wu Donghai heard this, his face went cold and he spoke, “Is Uncle Song going to speak for this outsider?”
“Yes!” Old Master Song cut off the nail and said, “In the eyes of the old man, Master Ye is a true dragon on earth, mortal billions, no one can compare!”
The conversation is over!
The atmosphere was instantly frozen!
Wu Donghai was furious in his heart.
He loved to save face the most in his life, but now that he was being squeezed like this by Master Song, he was naturally fuming in his heart.
At this moment, he even wanted to brush off his sleeves and then completely break with the Song family!
The Wu family was more influential than the Song family, and if the Wu family publicly broke away from the Song family, then the Song family would definitely be impacted, and the losses would be at least at the level of billions of dollars.
But then again, he felt in his heart that if he just shrugged it off, his son’s marriage to Song Wanting would never be turned around again!
Wu Donghai had spent his whole life in the gentry, knowing too well the importance of a good wife to a gentry male.
If Wu Xin married the daughter of an ordinary family in the future, the other party would not be of any help to him, and would likely even lower his goals and determination in his struggle .
If Wu Xin married an entertainment star in the future, the other party would be like a vampire, desperately sucking blood from him and wooing him outside, that would only accelerate the speed of defeat!
If Wu Xin married a second generation rich straw man with a big temper and no real talent in the future, that would probably drag him into the loser’s sequence as well, and then, even though he had hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth, it might not be enough to ruin him.
He had seen too many giants regret for the rest of their lives because they had made a mistake in marrying their wives.
Therefore, he must make sure that his son marries a virtuous wife who is a great help to him and his future family!

Chapter: 662
Looking at it, there was no one who was more suitable for this identity than Song Wanting!
When he thought of this, he became somewhat indecisive and hesitant.
The scene, with Wu Donghai’s gloomy silence, fell into a strange awkwardness.
Song Honor at the side saw this and said a bad word in his heart.
If an irreparable rift appeared between the Song family and the Wu family, or even turn against each other as a result, then it would undoubtedly be a big blow to the Song family!
More importantly, it would make it even more impossible for Song Wanting to marry into the Wu family!
If Song Wanting doesn’t get married soon, her future position as head of the family won’t be secure!
Even if he held the position of head of the family, I’m afraid that the Song family’s assets would be divided up quite a bit by Song Wanting!
Therefore, he would never allow Song Wanting to stay in the Song family, let alone allow her to recruit Ye Chen into the family!
So, he even came out and played a haha, persuading and saying, “Uncle Wu, Mr. Wu, today is my grandfather’s birthday banquet, as the saying goes, the elders are the elders, not to mention that he is still a big birthday boy today, you two should not make a fuss and hurt the harmony between our two families no matter what.” A second to remember to read the book
Song Honor said so, undoubtedly giving both sides a chance to de-escalate.
Although Wu Donghai was furious, he didn’t want to make too much trouble with the Song family, but he was just in the way of losing face and couldn’t come down.
Song, in fact, also wanted to be able to have both fish and bear’s paw, if one must choose between the two, then definitely choose Ye Chen, if not must choose between the two, then definitely choose both.
Therefore, Song Honor’s appearance just happened to cater to the deepest expectations of both of them.
So, Wu Donghai was the first to speak up, “What Honor said was, today is the big day of Uncle Song’s 80th birthday, no matter what, you shouldn’t spoil Uncle Song’s birthday banquet, what happened just now, it was Wu who was abrupt, please forgive Uncle Song!”
Wu Donghai’s words not only gave himself a step, but also gave Master Song a step.
He himself, as a junior, took the initiative to apologize for the old man’s birthday, which was an act of respect for the old man, so it was not a loss of face, but also showed his respect and esteem for his esteem.
In his opinion, he first used this step to ease his tit-for-tat with Master Song and stabilize him.
As for this Ye Chen, he had plenty of opportunities to take care of him, not in this little while, after the birthday banquet was over, he had ten thousand ways to take his life!
Master Song’s demeanor also eased up quite a bit, nodded his head and said, “Harmony is the only way to make money, and the old man doesn’t want everyone to be too unpleasant.”
After saying that, he looked towards Ye Chen and asked respectfully, “Master Ye, what do you think?”
Although Ye Chen was unhappy with the Wu family’s father and son, he didn’t need Master Song to stand up for himself, this kind of pretend addicted goods, he preferred to fix it himself.
Besides, today was indeed Master Song’s birthday banquet, there was no need for him to tangle with the other guests at someone else’s birthday banquet.
Even if he wanted to fight, he should go outside out of respect for his master’s family.
So he said indifferently, “Today, Master Song you are the biggest, what you say is what you are.”
Master Song hurriedly laughed and said, “Oh my, a misunderstanding is best when it’s cleared up! Come, come, everyone move to the banquet hall, the birthday feast is about to begin!”
Wu Xin at the side, who was still intensely unhappy and angry deep inside, looked at Ye Chen’s eyes and was almost about to burst into fire.
However, since the two elders had spoken to reach a consensus, he couldn’t continue to hold onto Ye Chen, so he had no choice but to temporarily press down the raging anger in his heart.
At the same time, he stared at Ye Chen with icy cold eyes and swore with gritted teeth in his heart: this trash, he’s dead!

Chapter: 663
The crowd moved to the banquet hall, and the birthday banquet was about to begin.
Master Song exchanged a few pleasantries with Ye Chen and took the main seat.
Sitting beside him were his eldest, third, and fourth sons several large families.
In the second generation of the Song family heirs, Song Honor’s father was the eldest son and Song Wanting’s father was the second son, but Song Wanting’s father died young, so only Song Wanting was left behind in this lineage.
As for the third and fourth son’s family, because they were younger, their oldest child was over ten years old and the youngest was only six or seven years old, and they were all still in school, so there was little competition for the next generation of heirs.
The rest of the guests were also seated at a few other tables in turn.
Ye Chen naturally sat at a table with the Qin family, the Wang family, and the Hong Wu family.
The Wu family, on the other hand, sat with another group of local families, and the Zhao family and Kong family, who had previously kneeled down to them, were directly around them, constantly flattering them.
The table was already prepared with a whole table of delicious food and aged wine.
Ye Chen also sat down on the VIP table, Song Wanting was not able to sit with him, but her beautiful eyes were always on him and never shifted half a point. The first website
The one sitting on Ye Chen’s right hand was Qin Aoxue, and the one sitting on his left hand was Wang Zhenggang.
After Wang Zhenggang sat down, he whispered to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, the villa in Tomson is almost finished being renovated, when do you plan to move there?”
Ye Chen said, “I’ll move there after the renovation is done.”
He had already discussed with Xiao Churan that he would move over after the villa was decorated, not only would the environment be much better, but more importantly, he would be able to isolate himself from his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, from the floor and avoid her disturbance as much as possible.
When Wang Zhenggang heard this, he hurriedly said: “Master Ye, do you want me to purchase some furniture and appliances in advance to go in? You and Mrs. Ye can then move in with your bags.”
Ye Chen thought about it, although Xiao Churan was usually not too wasteful, she was actually quite high in the pursuit of taste and style of life, a set of house besides decoration, the most important thing was the purchase and placement of furniture, if you let Wang Zhenggang do it for you, it would save trouble, but Xiao Churan might not like it.
Therefore, it would be better to let Xiao Churan choose such things according to her own preferences.
So he said to Wang Zhenggang, “Don’t bother about the furniture and appliances, I’ll bring my family to pick them out then, after all, everyone has their different preferences.”
Wang Zhenggang hurriedly said, “I am also considering the same thing, that’s why I didn’t take the liberty of adding home appliances and furniture, but I have prepared a 10 million shopping card for you in advance, which can be used freely in all the furniture and home appliances malls in Jinling.”
Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, “You’re kind, but I won’t accept this money, it’s not appropriate.”
Ye Chen didn’t really lack money, the ten billion given by the Ye family was barely spent, and then from Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, more than ten billion was blackmailed.
Now more than 20 billion was lying in the bank card, it really didn’t know how to spend it at all.
That’s not counting the net profits that kept pouring in from the Dihao Group.
If you counted the net profit of the Di Hao, it would be an even larger sum.
Wang Zhenggang saw that Ye Chen had rejected his good intentions and knew that Master Ye definitely wasn’t lacking this amount of money, so he hurriedly said, “Then I’ll hold it for you, and if you need it, you can always ask me for it.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly.

Chapter: 664
At that moment, he received a message from Song Wanting on his WeChat, “Master Ye, don’t take what happened just now to heart, with the Song family here, the Wu family won’t be too reckless.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and replied to her, “No need to mind, it’s nothing more than some jumping clowns.”
At this time, Wu Donghai and his son were sitting on the other side of the VIP table.
Wu Xin looked at Song Wanting and then at Ye Chen, and saw that both of them were fiddling with their phones, one put it down and the other picked it up, the other put it down and that one picked it up again, seeing that they were talking about WeChat.
He was even angrier at this point, although he had added Song Wanting’s WeChat, but this Song Wanting had closed the friend circle to him!
Even when she talked to her herself, she rarely took care of it.
But looking at the frequency of her chatting with Ye Chen now, it was really afraid of a second delay, almost like immediately picking up seconds back, and even with a little womanly smile on her face.
He was also considered someone who had picked up countless girls, so naturally he could see that Song Wanting had really fallen in love with this Ye Chen now.
Thinking of this, he was annoyed.
The anger that he had just now burned back up again. Remember the website
So, he whispered to Wu Donghai who was beside him, “Dad, I will make sure this Ye Chen dies! Die tonight!”
Wu Donghai looked at him with hatred and shook his head, “You know what the only thing you don’t like about me is?”
Wu Xin shook her head slightly, expressing her puzzlement.
Wu Donghai looked at her and said with a sigh, “The only thing I’m not satisfied with about you is that you acted too quickly and couldn’t distinguish between priorities.”
Saying that, Wu Donghai then said to Wu Xin, “Ye Chen is just an ordinary person with a bit of strength but not much of a background, we can kill him anytime we want, there’s no rush. There’s even no need to break up with the Song family because of him, the main thing now is for you to be able to take down Song Wanting!”
Wu Xin was still a bit reluctant, but he could only stop, “I know, wait two days then, I’ll have someone kill this Ye Chen!”
Wu Donghai said lightly, “Don’t worry yet, although Ye Chen doesn’t have much of a background, he has fooled many supporters in Jinling, not only the Qin family, Wang family and Hongwu, even the Song family has embraced him, this is a problem for us.”
Wu Xin hurriedly asked after him, “Then what should we do?”
Wu Donghai said, “If you want to kill someone, you have to lay out the big picture first!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai explained, “Don’t look at Hong Wu as just an underground world gangster, but he has many little brothers under him, once this kind of person explodes, he will summon thousands of little brothers in minutes, this is our biggest hidden danger, if we kill Ye Chen and he in turn tries to fight us, we may not be able to escape from Jinling alive.”
“Hongwu?” Wu Xin frowned and said off the top of his head, “Then why don’t we get rid of Hong Wu first!”
Wu Donghai nodded and said, “That’s what I’m thinking, to catch Hong Wu by surprise first, to take him out while he’s taking it lightly, and then we’ll help Liu Guang to take over and become the underground king of Jinling!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai’s face flashed with a hint of venom as he said coldly, “When that time comes, we’ll be equivalent to having a strong force base in Jinling! It’s easy to get rid of Ye Chen again, or simply get rid of even the Qin family and Wang family, a bunch of things that don’t know how to hold up their hands, all at once!”
Wu Xin was trembling with excitement and took off, “Dad, when are you going to kill Hong Wu? I’ve been looking at this old dog for a long time!”
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “Don’t worry, I’ll have people get ready and send Hongwu to the West tonight!”

Chapter: 665
Wu Xin was instantly excited inside at the thought of killing Hong Wu tonight!
Dad was right, Hongwu, was the equivalent of a fire point for Ye Chen in Jinling!
If you want to successfully defeat Ye Chen, you must first take him out as a point of fire!
And it’s not enough to take it off!
And you’ve got to make this fire point, into a fire point in your own home!
In this way, this fire point would become the bridgehead for the Wu family’s future march into Jinling!
At that time, Ye Chen would definitely have to pay with his life for insulting himself and picking up his own girl!
As for the Qin and Wang families, they will also have to pay the price for not kneeling to the Wu family!
At this time, Wu Donghai, looked at Wu Xin and said lightly, “Be calm in every situation, be happy and angry, don’t be overly excited and hyper.”
Wu Xin hurriedly put away the involuntary excitement on his face and said, “Dad, I know!” One second to remember to read the book
“Mm.” Wu Donghai nodded, no longer taking Ye Chen’s matter to heart, but asked, “Have you prepared the birthday gift for Master Song?”
Wu Xin nodded and said, “It’s ready, I’ve asked around, Master Song likes Tang Yin and Tang Bohu’s calligraphy and paintings, he also collects them in his daily life, so I specially asked someone to take a pair of Tang Bohu’s “Moon Spring Scrolls” from the family’s collection as a birthday gift, this painting is worth at least two or three hundred million, I believe he will like it. ”
Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and there was also satisfaction in his eyes.
? Even if it was placed in the Wu family, the Moon Spring Picture Scroll was a treasure among treasures, and with this painting as a knock on the door, I’m sure it would knock on the Song family’s door and make Master Song pay more attention to the Wu family, even making him promise the marriage of the two families.
The birthday banquet has now officially begun.
Master Song walked up to the small stage that had been set up and thanked all the guests present for coming to his 80th birthday banquet.
After the speeches, it was time for everyone to take turns congratulating and presenting the birthday gifts.
Two bodyguards in black suits brought up a tai masters chair and assisted Master Song to sit down on it.
The first thing you need to do is to get up and line up in front of the stage.
The three men first kneeled to the old man to kowtow and congratulate him, and then one by one served the birthday gifts.
The first thing that I’m going to do is to tell you that I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.
This, too, was a tacit understanding and habit that had long been formed by the upper class families.
“The eldest son, Song Tian Ming, presents a tropical island in the Maldives, worth five hundred million!”
That was met with a gasp!
A tropical island for Old Man Song right off the bat, it seems that Song Tian Ming is truly atmospheric!
This Song Tian Ming, is Song Honor’s father, Song Wan Ting’s uncle.
Song Tian Ming then opened his mouth and said to Master Song, “Dad, I heard that you contracted wind chill a few days ago when the temperature cooled down, so my son bought a tropical island, and you will go there for the winter when it gets cold in the future!”
Master Song nodded his head in great satisfaction, “Good, good, Tian Ming you’ve got a heart!”
“The third son, Song Tiansheng, gave Hainan Sanya a thousand flat villa set, worth two hundred million!”
A middle-aged man, who was quite a bit younger than Song Tian Ming, hurriedly said, “Dad, my son didn’t expect big brother to be so generous as to give you an island, this villa is really a bit dwarfed by that!”
Master Song smiled slightly, “It’s good that the intentions are here, no need to be overly concerned.”
“Fourth son Song Tianen, send a luxury yacht, worth one hundred and fifty million!”
Another middle-aged man hurriedly said, “Dad, this yacht and the villa in Sanya were bought by me and my third brother in a joint effort, so if you go to Sanya in the future, you can make a yacht to go out to the sea for a relaxation.”
After saying that, he hastily complimented, “But we didn’t even think that big brother could give you an island, and then you can drive your yacht to the Maldives!”
Master Song nodded with a smile and said, “Fine, fine, in the future, when winter comes, our whole family can go to the islands in the Maldives for the winter!”

Chapter: 666
After the three sons finished presenting their gifts, Song Wanting and Song Honor got up together and arrived in front of Master Song.
They both knelt down in front of Master Song at the same time, and also took out their birthday gifts at the same time.
Uncle Yu reported on the side.
“The eldest grandson, Song Honor, presents a pair of old pit ice jadeite ornaments, valued at 80 million, and wishes the old man good fortune and longevity.”
“The eldest granddaughter, Song Wanting, presents a pair of Wu Daozi Wutong perching phoenix pictures, valued at 70 million, wishing the old man a long and auspicious life.”
The other guests were now coming forward and presenting generous gifts one after another.
Although they weren’t as expensive as what the Song family themselves had given, they were all gifts of great value, basically between ten and thirty million.
At this time, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin stood up, Wu Xin holding the gifts, and together with Wu Donghai, they came in front of Master Song.
Wu Xin looked at Ye Chen provocatively, his heart filled with contempt.
He was about to give out the valuable Tang Yin Authentic Artwork, he must be the one with the highest gift value among all the guests! First web site
When the time came, it would also definitely be possible to compare this Ye Chen, and let him know that the difference between him and himself was literally a difference of clouds and mud!
Thinking of this, Wu Xin was able to be incomparable in his heart, holding the calligraphy and painting in his hand, and bowed to Old Master Song along with Wu Donghai.
Then, he walked up to Master Song and said with a smile, “Grandpa Song, this is my gift to you! I heard that you like Tang Yin’s calligraphy and painting, so I had someone bring a pair of Tang Yin’s genuine “Moon Spring Scrolls” from the Wu Family overnight, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and I hope you like it.”
Yu Bo was at the side and immediately reported loudly, “The Grand Prince of the Wu Family has sent a pair of Tang Yin’s genuine calligraphy “Moon Spring Picture Scrolls” worth over a hundred million!”
As soon as this was said, the guests present looked away.
Tang Yin’s calligraphy and paintings were not much in the market, and belonged to the priceless kind.
Any pair of the most ordinary painting would cost at least 30-40 million yuan, and the high ones would be seared.
Once a pair of Tang Yin’s Lushan waterfalls, sold abroad for 3.6 billion.
And this pair of “Moon Spring Scroll” is also a rare treasure of Tang Yin’s.
Five years ago, it was auctioned off by a mysterious tycoon for nearly 200 million dollars, and since then, no news has been heard about the “Scroll of the Moon Spring”.
It was unthinkable that this painting was in the hands of the Wu family.
It seems that the mysterious tycoon who made the purchase back then should be the Wu family.
This painting was worth two hundred million dollars five years ago, and if it was taken out to auction now, it would be completely out of the question to sell for three hundred million dollars!
If we’re lucky, 400 million may not be out of the question!
Master Song couldn’t help but brighten up when he heard this!
I never thought the Wu family would be so generous, it was just a birthday gift, but it was the Moon Spring Picture Scroll worth 300-400 million!
The fact that he liked Tang Yin’s calligraphy and paintings was known to the entire Jinling, and naturally the Wu family could not be ignorant of it.
This time, taking out Tang Yin’s “Moon Spring Scroll” could be considered a standard pitch to him, and at no cost.
Thus, Master Song also couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Mr. Wu has a good heart! This painting has been fascinating to the old man for a long time and is greatly admired, I never thought that Mr. Wu would be willing to gift it to the old man, I am so grateful!”
When Wu Xin heard this, he was so proud.
Haha, as expected, I was right! This old man is obsessed with Tang Yin and couldn’t pull his eyes out when he saw this painting!
However, he was very calm on the surface and said, “Grandpa Song you don’t have to be so polite, this is what senior should do.”
Saying that, he couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen.
Ye Chen hadn’t come out to give gifts so far, and now that he had his most valuable congratulatory gift in front of him, he was afraid that he would definitely be compared to him fiercely!
So, he deliberately smiled at Ye Chen and said, “Brother Ye doesn’t know what congratulatory gift he has prepared for Grandpa Song? Grandpa Song appreciates you so much, you shouldn’t disappoint his old man, right?”

Chapter: 667
In Wu Xin’s opinion, with his own painting of Tang Yin’s Moon Spring Scroll on display, what did Ye Chen, a mere superfluous son-in-law, rely on to compete with himself!
Therefore, he felt that this time, he was bound to be the one who would die to crush Ye Chen and be the one who would surprise all the guests and make Master Song the most joyful in this session.
After all, in Wu Xin’s opinion, Ye Chen was just a door-to-door son-in-law and a poor wasteful hangman who couldn’t possibly come up with any decent gifts.
Therefore, no matter what he gave out, it couldn’t be compared to the Moon Spring Scroll that he gave out!
So he deliberately ridiculed, “Grandpa Song, I’ve heard that Master Ye he’s been hanging around in the fraudulent circle of feng shui secret arts for years, he must have cheated a lot of good things for such a long time, so I’m sure the gift he gave you must be a treasure worth hundreds of millions, even billions, right?”
Saying that, Wu Xin sneered at Ye Chen again, “The gift I gave is worth no more than three or four hundred million, I’m sure Master Ye’s gift is worth much more than mine!”
When Master Song heard this, his brows furrowed and he became even more dissatisfied with Wu Xin and his face became cold, “Whatever Master Ye gives to the old man is priceless in the old man’s eyes!”
Wu Xin was a little startled all of a sudden.
What kind of bewitching soup had Master Song been given by Ye Chen?
And then, when Ye Chen was named by him, he stood up with a smile on his face. Remember the URL
Everyone was staring at him, trying to see what kind of gift he would give.
However, they saw that his hands were empty, and his body didn’t look like it could hold any valuable gifts.
Could it be that this Ye Chen was going to play a game of “karate” for Master Song?
The size of even a casual gift of a calligraphy painting would never fit in your pocket!
And Ye Chen was empty-handed, which made most people think that he must not have prepared a gift.
Even if he had prepared a gift, I’m afraid it would not be worth much, definitely not comparable to this “Moon Spring Scroll” given by the Wu Family’s young master.
Old Master Song himself, at this point, had already raised his heart to his throat.
His eyes, he kept looking at Ye Chen.
Seeing that Ye Chen was empty-handed, he instead trembled with excitement!
What he was most afraid of was seeing Ye Chen holding a gift box, holding a scroll, or holding something else for himself.
Because, he didn’t want anything other than the Rejuvenation Pill!
? The Moon Spring Scroll is indeed good, and as an antique calligraphy, it does cater to your preferences.
But that’s just preference.
If a person is dying, what good is it to have all of his favorite things in front of him?
At that time, he was instead willing to use all of these things for even a few more days of life.
So, Master Song had been looking forward to, for a long time, Ye Chen being able to gift himself a rejuvenation pill! It could even be said to be the greatest expectation in his life nowadays.
At this time, Ye Chen was already pacing unhurriedly in front of Master Song.
Wu Xin didn’t wait for him to open his mouth and mocked, “Oh my gosh I say brother Ye, you’re too small-minded, aren’t you? Grandpa Song is celebrating his eightieth birthday today, and you came to the birthday banquet empty-handed without giving anything away?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and asked him back, “Who told you that I don’t give anything away?”
“What about the gift you gave? Take it out!”
Wu Xin despised and said, “It can’t be that you bought some small souvenir and came along with it in your pocket, right? Don’t you see, which of these birthday gifts given today aren’t worth over ten million?”

Chapter: 668
Ye Chen looked at him and smiled contemptuously, whirling around to pull out a small wooden square box from his pocket.
This small square box was bought casually by Ye Chen at a street stall for five yuan, bought it mainly because, rejuvenation pills are medicines, not suitable to be carried directly in the pocket or wrapped in toilet paper.
As soon as Wu Xin took a look at this little wooden box, he immediately scowled and said, “Oh my gosh, what is this thing? Ten bucks for it on the floor?”
Ye Chen laughed, “You guessed half right, it was indeed bought at a street stall, but it didn’t cost as much as ten, it only cost five.”
Everyone was dumbfounded by Ye Chen’s words!
Ye Chen was also taking Old Master Song too seriously, right?
Master Song is celebrating his 80th birthday, and he gave a five-dollar wooden box?
Even if there was still something inside this wooden box, what valuable contraption could it be?
Things that were truly valuable couldn’t be contained in such a broken box.
Thus, many people around let out a hush. One second to remember to read the book
Even Song Honor, covered his mouth and quietly let out a “cut”.
Wu Xin even grabbed Ye Chen’s handle and said angrily, “Ye Chen, do you still have Grandpa Song in your eyes?! Sending this kind of crap, you’re here to pick a fight, aren’t you?”
Ye Chen didn’t pay any attention to him, but opened the small wooden box to reveal the black and round rejuvenating pills inside, and said to Old Master Song, “Old Master Song, this is my birthday gift for you! It’s a rejuvenation potion that I got by coincidence, I hope you like it.”
The reason why he said that he had obtained it by coincidence was mainly to avoid unnecessary trouble.
Master Song was so excited to see this that his blood was boiling all over!
He only felt a surge of energy go straight to his head, and he stood up in an instant of excitement.
As soon as Master Song got up, his body shook violently, mainly because he was so excited, so excited he didn’t know what to do!
In his dreams, he had longed for Grandmaster Ye to grant himself the same chance as Shi Tianqi, but this chance was so precious that he only dared to think about it in his heart.
However, never in his wildest dreams did he expect that this moment would come true!
Master Ye, you’ve really given yourself a chance!
When he trembled and stepped in front of Ye Chen, all the guests were staring at him.
Those who were unfamiliar with Ye Chen and watched the old man tremble as he walked towards Ye Chen thought that the old man must be furious, probably never suffered such humiliation in his life, and was going to come up and slap Ye Chen before throwing him right out.
When Wu Xin saw that box, it was just a black, inconspicuous pill, and he couldn’t see any miracle at all.
So he couldn’t help but mock it, “Ye Chen, Grandpa Song’s 80th birthday, and you’re sending such a broken pill? You didn’t buy this from the street, did you? Would an ordinary person eat it and be poisoned by your pills?!”
Ye Chen didn’t pay any attention to him, he just explained to Grandpa Song, “Old Song, this rejuvenation pill, has the effect of prolonging life and improving the physique, after taking it, it can make a person at least ten years old, and life span, it will also extend at least ten years.”
Hearing this, Wu Xin couldn’t help but shake his head and mock, “Ye Chen, do you think that someone as discerning as Grandpa Song could be fooled by a liar like you? One bullshit Powerball to make you ten years younger? What kind of international joke are you making here? Treating all of us high end people like fools?”
Most of the guests who didn’t know Ye Chen nodded their heads as well.
Ten years younger? Who would believe that nonsense?
However, no one expected that right at this moment, Old Master Song came trembling in front of Ye Chen and poofed to his knees!
Everyone in the room was instantly struck by lightning when they saw this scene, and the hall was in an uproar!

Chapter: 669
No one could have imagined that the eighty year old Master Song would kneel down to Ye Chen!
It was reasonable to say that a person who had lived to the age of eighty, whose parents and elders were probably already buried, would not be worth kneeling for even if the King of Heaven were to come.
What’s more, Master Song was still the head of the Song family!
The Song family is the biggest family in Jinling!
Their eighty-year-old head of the family was kneeling to a young man in his twenties!
This is, like, unbelievable to everyone!
Wu Xin was also blinded.
What the hell?!
One Power Pill and Master Song is on his knees?
Why didn’t you say so? First web site
I’ll give you $300-400 million for a painting. It’ll last you until your 200th birthday.
And I’m not asking you to kneel to me. Just marry Song Wanting to me!
At this time, the Song family also had different expressions.
Song Wanting looked with uncontrollable excitement and excitement.
Her parents had died early, her grandfather had raised her to adulthood, and she had the deepest relationship with Song.
Moreover, she had heard from her grandfather that the Divine Doctor Shi Tianqi had won the chance to obtain the Rejuvenation Pill, and knew that he was extremely eager to obtain such a chance as well.
To Song Wanting, she also hoped that her grandfather would be able to obtain such a chance and live a healthy life for more than ten years.
However, the rest of the Song family, did not think so.
Seeing this scene, the one who was most depressed was Song’s patriarch grandson, Song Honor.
When Song was still alive, he hadn’t completely handed over power to his father, and if his father couldn’t completely take charge of the Song family, then it would be hard for him to be the sole heir of the Song family in the future.
Now, Master Song has not distributed his inheritance, so no one knows how much he plans to give his three sons and their families after his death.
Even less does anyone know how many assets he will give to Song Wanting, the fatherless and motherless child.
If Song Honor’s father couldn’t get the entire Song family, then he would be even less likely to get it himself.
Therefore, he didn’t want the old man to extend his life for another ten years.
At this time, Master Song was kneeling in front of Ye Chen and was already excited with old tears.
With a smile on his face, Ye Chen placed the box with the rejuvenation pill in his hand and said indifferently, “This medicine is extremely precious and has become extinct in the world, so I advise you to take it as soon as possible to avoid any changes.”
Master Song received the wooden box, his heart incomparably excited!
Whirling around, he slumped down and knocked his forehead right onto the ground in front of everyone’s stunned eyes!
With the palms of his hands upward and the backs of his hands on the ground, with great devotion, he said.
“I am Song Jimo, kowtowing to Master Ye for this opportunity! Master Ye’s kindness is unrewarded, and I hereby swear to the Nine Heavens Gods that I will do my best to be loyal to Master Ye for the rest of my life!”
The place was rocking!
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, who could have believed that Master Song, who had kneeled and kowtowed to a young man, had spoken such pious words!
The most incomprehensible of all is Wuxin!

Chapter: 670
He felt that this old thing must be old and confused, or his brain must have been smashed, otherwise how could he kowtow to Ye Chen!
In terms of seniority, Song was the largest present today, and even though the Wu family was a cut above the Song family in strength, the assets that his own father could control were still less than Song after all, not to mention that Song was still the elder.
Looking at the other guests, although many of them were ordinary second-rate families, they were all at least over a hundred million dollars.
In the entire scene, there was only one true slinger, and that slinger was Ye Chen!
However, Master Song was biased to kneel down and kowtow to this stinky hangman.
On what grounds?
Ye Chen is nothing?
Why was Master Song kowtowing to Ye Chen so low and low?
In other words, with heads knocked, wouldn’t that mean that the granddaughter could be given away as well!
At the thought of this, Wu Xin was very depressed deep inside! Remember the URL
If we don’t destroy Ye Chen’s prestige, maybe Old Master Song would be willing to put Song Wanting in as his mistress!
So, he gritted his teeth and spoke out, “Grandpa Song! How can you believe such a stinking hanger-on? The box costs five yuan, and the pills are probably only ten yuan at most, so you don’t want to fall for it. Otherwise it doesn’t matter if you’re cheated, but if you eat it and ruin your body, you’ll be in trouble!”
Master Song looked angrily at Wu Xin and said coldly, “Mr. Wu, although you are a guest of my Song family, Master Ye is a benefactor of the old man and has saved and recreated his life for him, if you dare to be rude to Master Ye again, you will be blamed for the old man’s rudeness!”
Wu Xin was furious and blurted out, “Grandpa Song, are you old and confused? You believe this kind of liar too?!”
Song Wanting stood up at this time and scolded angrily, “Wu Xin! Watch your mouth, please! Don’t be so presumptuous!”
Wu Xin frowned and questioned Song Wanting, “Grandpa Song is old and confused, are you old and confused too? What use is this crap Popeye pill for, other than to fool demented old people? You’re at least a highly talented student who spent time in the United States at one of the world’s top universities, do you also believe that pile of bullshit Ye Chen said?!”
“Of course I believe that!” Without thinking, Song Wanting said, “I will never doubt anything Master Ye says! Instead, if you deliberately target Master Ye and sarcasm my grandfather again, I’ll have you thrown out!”
“You…” Wu Xin was about to collapse.
What pathway ah this end!
You two are crippled by a single Powerball?
You gave it to me and I didn’t even bother to look at it!
Why do you still think this is a treasure?
If I give a fucking pair of 300-400 million, Master Song will just say thank you!
Someone else gives him a Powerball and Master Song kneels to him?
Shit, if we’re going by value, Master Song has to be on his knees!
He said indignantly, “Come, come, let’s let the people here judge what this Powerball is worth. Will it be more precious than the scrolls I gave you? Why is your Song family so polite to this slinger, but not respectful to me at all?!”
Wu Donghai couldn’t bear to see his son being insulted even after giving him such an expensive gift!
He stood up and snorted angrily, saying, “Uncle Song, even though your Song family is the number one family in Jinling, you can’t wantonly bully my Wu family’s children, right? Why should anyone else giving away a piece of trash make you grovel. My son gave away the Moon Spring Scroll, yet I still have to be treated with indifference by you?”
“If you don’t tell us the truth about this matter today, then I can only think that your Song family, is deliberately targeting our Wu family!”
Master Song held the Rejuvenation Pill in his hand and sternly shouted, “Wu Donghai, in vain you are still the son of the Wu family, yet you are blinded by a single leaf and sitting in the dark! Do you really think that this pill is rubbish? Let me tell you, if you knew the effects of this pill, you would also kneel before Master Ye and beg him to give you one!”
Wu Donghai said coldly, “Me? What a joke! I’m not even sixty years old yet, and you think I’m as old and confused as you are!”
Ye Chen looked at Wu Donghai’s resolute and somewhat sarcastic expression, smiled slightly and said to Song, “Old Song, summer insects can’t talk about ice, insects that can’t live through winter won’t believe that there is ice in the world, and people who have never seen a miracle won’t believe that there is a god in this world.”
At this point, Ye Chen smiled playfully and said indifferently, “In that case, you might as well take this pill in public, so that these people can see the creation of this rejuvenation pill!”

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