The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 671-680

Chapter: 671
Master Song himself couldn’t wait for this Rejuvenation Pill, and when he held it in his hand, he hated to take it immediately.
After all, he had seen Shi Tianqi’s appearance after taking the medicine and knew that this Rejuvenation Pill’s efficacy was out of this world, so he didn’t feel at ease holding it in his hands for fear of a rampage.
The only way to truly get down to earth was to eat it!
Since Ye Chen had also said it, Master Song naturally hurriedly agreed and gratefully said, “Master Ye, then I’ll take it now!”
After saying that, Master Song carefully took the Rejuvenation Pill in his hands, excitedly put it into his mouth and swallowed it into his stomach!
As soon as it was ingested, Master Song felt the pill turn into a stream of heat that surged into his limbs and hundreds of veins, and his entire body was warm, as if he had returned to his youth, with every cell filled with vitality.
Like Shi Tianqi, Master Song’s entire body was nourished by the medicine everywhere, and his entire body was glowing with a long-lost youth.
He was even surprised to find that the dark wounds and old habits he had left behind years ago were gradually disappearing, and the wrinkles on his face’s skin had become much lighter and tighter.
His scalp also felt itchy, as if new hair was being produced!
In the eyes of the crowd, an astonishing and incomparable change had occurred in Master Song at this time! One second to remember to read the book
Originally, Master Song’s rickety body had become straighter, and the white hair all over his head was gradually turning black, although not all of it had turned black, a significant portion of it had turned black.
The old age lines on his face were also fading to a degree that was visible to the naked eye, and his aura was completely different from before!
If the previous Master Song looked like an old man in his eighties and on the verge of death, then now it looked like he was in his sixties at most!
Moreover, Master Song’s spirits were also suddenly excellent, and the radiance in his eyes had a few shades of a middle-aged man!
Originally, these people who didn’t care about the rejuvenation pills were now stunned by Master Song’s deterioration!
No one had ever seen such an amazing sight, even Song Wanting was completely shocked by it!
The rickety old man from before was now a middle aged man with graying hair, which made Song Wanting think of the old man who had taken himself into his arms when her father died more than a decade ago and told her not to be afraid, that everything was still his.
At that time, grandpa was only in his sixties, and he looked simply the same as he does now.
In other words, grandpa’s life clock had been turned back due to this rejuvenation pill!
It was feared that his lifespan would also be extended by more than ten years….
Does this mean that grandpa will be able to live to 100 years old in the future?
Song Wanting burst into tears of joy!
The other relatives of the Song family, none of whom really cared about themselves, were grieving the death of their father on the surface, but on the inside they were celebrating, celebrating that there was one less person with whom they were fighting for their inheritance.
So the only family she had left in the world was Master Song!
Of course she wanted Master Song to live a long life!
At first, when Master Song was terminally ill, he once told her that his greatest regret was not being able to see her marry.
The old man said that Wanting had lost her parents when she was a child, and was the one child he felt most at ease with, and of course, the one child who was most truly devoted to him and filial to him.
Therefore, he was especially afraid that he would suddenly die and Song Wanting would not be able to get married and start a family.
In that case, Song Wanting would become a lonely and miserable person.
Master Song wanted to see her married, and to a man who loved her, who she loved, who was reliable and stable, and who was capable of taking care of and protecting her.
Only then could he feel at ease to go.
But now, Song Wanting knew that Grandpa didn’t have to worry about not seeing her married anymore.
He had extended his lifespan by at least a dozen years, and could not only see himself married, he could even see himself having children and enjoying the heavenly bliss of four generations!
When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen again.

Chapter: 672
If she were to marry and have children, she would only marry Ye Chen alone.
But, would Ye Chen fall in love with her?
Would Ye Chen be willing to give up his current marriage, which was in name only, to be with himself?
Thinking of this, Song Wanting was also a little worried.
And at this time, the others at the scene had already blown up!
They saw with their own eyes the sweeping changes that had taken place in Master Song, and one by one they were thrilled as if they had seen God!
“This…. It’s impossible…. How did Master Song become so much younger all of a sudden?!”
“My God, this is the effect of the Rejuvenation Pill?!”
“A pill that’s a dozen years younger, it’s a miracle pill!”
“Master Ye is truly a true dragon on earth!” First web site
“I…. I also want a rejuvenation pill…”
“Me too…. I’m willing to buy it even if it’s ten million!”
“Ten million? What are you talking about? I’ll buy all 100 million!”
“Fuck, if Master Ye wants to really sell it, I’ll offer two hundred million!”
The scene had been overwhelmed by a sigh of relief!
Who would dare to believe that there is such a thing as rejuvenation if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes?
This is the kind of thing that can only be seen on TV, but it’s really happening!
All the people present were successful in their own right, most of them already in their forties, fifties, and even older.
People in this age group had already felt the cruelty and pain of the passage of time.
For men in their fifties and sixties, wrinkles had long since crept up their cheeks, their health was much worse than when they were younger, and back pain and lumbar muscle strain were inevitable.
As for the hair loss, fat, night and that aspect of the ability to rapidly deteriorate, are also middle-aged and older men unspeakable pain.
Which 50 or 60-year-old man, do not miss their own young adult years of happiness?
Unfortunately, most men, when they are young, have physical strength but not financial strength, and when they get older, they become wealthy but not physical strength.
If they want to coexist with financial resources and physical strength and energy, how can anyone but a rich second generation like Wu Donghai have such a chance?
A lot of people are young looking forward to the opposite sex, but no opposite sex look at, older, career success, numerous young opposite sex around the time, and has been unable to.
Such older people, already do not have the luxury of being able to experience the wonderful coexistence of financial and physical strength, only the extravagant hope that the next life cast a good tire.
Therefore, when they saw the miracle that happened in front of them on Master Song, everyone’s heart was incomparably expectant and burning with anticipation!
Even Wu Donghai, who had been a wealthy man since he was a child, now yearned incomparably when he saw the changes in Master Song!
He was going through a young age with wealth, physical strength, and energy.
At that time, he was the playboy that countless beauties were competing for, simply a thousand flowers and leaves, he really wanted to be as unrestrained as he could be, not at all inferior to the current national husband, Mr. Wang.
However, that was just the glorious history of Wu Donghai, who had once pissed three feet against the wind, and now was also pissing his shoes with the wind.
The more so, the more he missed the brave and powerful, unrestrained and unbridled youthful days.
Therefore, when he looked at Ye Chen at this time, he no longer had the previous anger and hatred, and instead, there was a strong sense of yearning and expectation….
Thus, he involuntarily walked up to Ye Chen and suddenly cupped his hands, bowed slightly, and respectfully said out of his mouth, “Master Ye, I don’t know if you still have any of this Rejuvenation Pill left, if there is, please bother Master Ye to give me one, I am willing to cash 500 million yuan!”

Chapter: 673
No one present had expected that Wu Donghai, who had just rebuked Ye Chen and even pressured Master Song to give an explanation, would change so quickly.
Even Wu Xin himself was dumbfounded!
His subconscious came out of his mouth, “Dad! Why are you so polite to your son-in-law? Don’t you forget that he just called our family trash when he was outside!”
Wu Donghai snapped out of his mouth, “Bastard! Just shut up!”
There were some words that Wu Donghai couldn’t say in front of so many people.
However, he was already growling in his heart.
You bastard thing, what do you know?
You’re young, in your twenties, and your body is at its peak, and you can sing every night, drink every day, go to bed at three o’clock, get up at nine, and stay up all night, but I’m not your old man anymore!
Your current state is typical of a full man who doesn’t know when a hungry man is hungry!
You eat big fish and meat every day and can’t even figure out why a person who hasn’t eaten for three days would break his back for five dozen rice. Remember the website
That’s because you haven’t even tasted hunger!
You’ll never know the feeling of hunger that makes your heart race, your hair swell, your limbs weak and your breath uneven, without knowing the original intent of someone who would kneel down for a bun!
To Wu Donghai, although one hadn’t really entered old age yet, his body was definitely much worse compared to his youth, he had money, status, and strength, but it was biased against youth, so when he saw how much Master Song had changed, he was already yearning incomparably deep inside.
Not to mention 500 million to buy one such miracle pill, even if it was 5 billion, he would be willing to bite his teeth and buy it!
Wu Xin’s expression became very ugly after being berated by his father.
However, he did not dare to open his mouth again to disobey his father, because he knew Wu Donghai’s temper, and if he said another word, he would probably be beaten by him in public!
Just as Wu Xin was hanging his head and trying to retreat, Wu Donghai saw that Ye Chen was completely unresponsive to his offer and hurriedly snapped at Wu Xin, who was about to retreat, “Bastard, why don’t you roll over and apologize to Master Ye?!”
Wu Xin’s eyes were startled, and he subconsciously said, “Dad, you want me to apologize to him?!”
Wu Donghai snapped in a cold voice, “That’s right! Come here and apologize to Master Ye, or I won’t spare you!”
Wu Xin was being so demanded and reprimanded by his own father under the gaze of so many people, and deep down inside, he simply wanted to die.
Especially since Song Wanting was also looking at herself, and the look in her eyes seemed to carry a bit of mockery and playfulness….
This simply made Wu Xin hold his fire!
At this moment, he just couldn’t take it any longer and snapped out, “Dad! If you were to kill me, I wouldn’t be able to apologize to such a stinking hangman!”
Saying that, he turned around and walked out.
When Wu Donghai saw this, he became furious!
This son of yours, his biggest flaw is that he doesn’t know what’s going on.
Even if you’re a hundred billionaire, there are times when you have to lower yourself; when you have to kneel, you have to kneel.
It’s just as well that you’ve never seen a divine pill like the Rejuvenation Pill, but since you’ve seen it, you absolutely can’t miss it!
It would be a lifelong regret to miss this!
What’s a son’s dignity in the face of such things?
Just as he was about to call out to Wu Xin, Ye Chen, who had been silent, smiled calmly and said, “Mr. Wu, since Mr. Wu is upset, you shouldn’t force him, as the saying goes, a strong twisted melon is not sweet, and a forced apology is meaningless.”
After saying that, he no longer paid any attention to Wu Donghai, and turned to Master Song and said, “Master Song, the Rejuvenation Pill can at least prolong your life for more than ten years, and I’m sure you will live to be a hundred years old easily, I hope you won’t forget to invite me at your 100th birthday banquet.”
As soon as Master Song heard this, his eyes filled with tears in excitement, he poofed to his knees and piously said, “Song Jimo kowtows to Master Ye’s rebuilding grace! I will never forget Master Ye’s kindness!”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded his head, saying lightly, “Don’t just thank me, but also your good granddaughter Wan Ting, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have made the acquaintance of your Song family, and I wouldn’t have given you this precious and incomparable rejuvenation pill, so you mustn’t treat her badly in the future!”
A word that made Song Wanting tremble violently!
In her heart, she knew very well that Ye Chen was giving himself a great gift!
A super gift so big that it could even allow him to inherit the Song family!

Chapter: 674
She looked at Ye Chen gratefully, her feelings for him rising again!
She even felt that Ye Chen’s kindness to her was enough to pay back with her life!
When Song Honor heard this, he resented incomparably.
He resented!
He blamed Ye Chen for minding his own business!
Blame him for renewing Master Song’s life!
I blame him even more for shifting the credit to Song Wanting!
However, he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of resentment in his heart and could only kill it in his heart.
At this time, Song nodded heavily and said piously, “Song Jimo will definitely remember Master Ye’s instructions!”
Saying that, he bowed down again and kowtowed in thanks! One second to remember to read the book
Master Song kneeled and kowtowed twice, and Ye Chen had the opportunity to stop him, but Ye Chen did not do so.
The reason for this was simple, because Ye Chen felt that he should kneel!
The fact that you have given him such a gift and increased his life span by more than ten years is so great that even if you were to kneel down and kowtow to yourself twice a day for the rest of your life, it wouldn’t be too much!
Can an ordinary man, who worships the gods and kowtows to them every day, be granted ten years more life span by the gods?
God can’t, but he can!
So, to receive two kowtows from Master Song is completely justified!
When the Song family sons saw this, they all came forward, starting with Song Tian Ming, the eldest son of Master Song, as well as his third and fourth brothers.
The three brothers came forward and immediately knelt behind Old Master Song.
Song Tian Ming raised his arched hands high and said in a loud voice, “Thanking Master Ye for granting my father such an opportunity, Song Tian Ming, eldest son of the Song family, kowtowing to Master Ye!”
Afterwards, he knocked his head on the ground… and took a long knock!
His third and fourth brothers followed suit, kowtowing in thanks!
Song Honor and Song Wanting also immediately came forward and knelt behind the three of them.
Song Honor was incomparably indignant, but still shouted with a pious face, “Thank you Master Ye for granting my grandfather such a chance, Song’s grandson Song Honor, kowtow to Master Ye!”
Song Wanting looked deeply at Ye Chen, her eyes were quite complex, there was gratitude, admiration, love, and also awe.
Immediately, she also knelt on the ground and said in a very beautiful voice, “Thank you Master Ye for giving my grandfather such an opportunity, Master Song’s granddaughter Song Wanting, kowtowing to Master Ye!”
The rest of the youngest grandchildren followed suit and knelt down to kowtow in thanks.
Today, it was Master Song’s eightieth birthday!
Originally, it should have been him sitting on the throne, receiving the kowtowing blessings of his own sons and grandsons.
But now, all the sons and grandsons present, from the eighty year old Song, down to the seven or eight year old young grandsons, as long as they were surnamed Song, all of them knelt down in one piece, facing the indifferent Ye Chen, incomparably piously kowtowing and kowtowing in thanks!
It was a scene that left everyone in the audience stunned!
This is the first family of Jinling!
Now, this entire family was all kneeling and kowtowing to a young Master Ye!
However, not a single person there felt that it was a shame for the whole family to kneel down together.
On the contrary, they were all inwardly envious! Even jealous!
Why did this great opportunity not fall on your own head!

Chapter: 675
Wu Donghai sprouted an intense jealousy towards Master Song.
Had he known that this pill was so miraculous, he would have had to get his hands on it even if he had robbed it openly!
It’s just a pity that I even had the eyes to offend Ye Chen.
Before this, he wanted to get Ye Chen killed so that his son could better pursue Song Wanting.
But after that, he only wanted to get a Rejuvenation Pill from Ye Chen’s hand.
As for who his son would marry in the future, this issue was no longer that important in front of the rejuvenation pills.
So he took advantage of the gap between the Song family kneeling on the ground and rushed out of the Song family villa, ready to pull back Wu Xin who looked resentful.
Wu Xin angrily said, “Dad, what do you want me to go back for? Go apologize to that loser?”
“Exactly!” Wu Donghai said in a stern voice, “Apologize first, if the apology doesn’t work, kneel down and apologize! If kneeling down and apologizing doesn’t work, then kowtow and apologize, in short, make sure to make him go away!”
“By what?!” Wu Xin exploded! First web site
“Let me kowtow and apologize to him? Then you might as well kill me! Can’t you see that Song Yuan-ting likes him? If I kowtow to him again and apologize and admit my mistake, then I’ll have even less chance to pursue Song Wanting!”
Wu Donghai said coldly, “Right now, the important thing is not whether you can marry Song Wanting, but whether I can get Ye Chen’s Rejuvenation Pill!”
Wu Xin took off, “Dad, you’re still young, what do you need that for?”
“Young?” Wu Donghai laughed to himself and said off the top of his head, “No matter what, we have to get a rejuvenation pill from Ye Chen first, right now, nothing is more important than this!”
Wu Xin was so anguished, “Dad! Have you forgotten our plan? Kill Hung Ng today, kill Ye Chen tomorrow! Are you going to give up everything just for a rejuvenation pill?”
Wu Donghai glared at him and said in a cold voice, “How come you don’t know anything about strategy? If Ye Chen was a mountain standing in our way, then we would definitely have to blow him up and flatten him, but now that treasure has been found in this mountain, are you going to blow him up and flatten him just the same?!”
Wu Xin subconsciously asked, “Dad, what you mean is…”
Wu Donghai’s face flashed a bit grim as he said coldly, “Emptying the mountain of treasure first, then blowing it up and bulldozing it, that’s the choice a smart man would make!”
Hearing this, Wu Xin looked delighted and asked out of the blue, “Dad, you mean to get the Rejuvenation Pill first, and then kill Ye Chen?!”
“Right!” Wu Donghai said in a cold voice, “Didn’t Ye Chen just say that? This Rejuvenation Pill was coincidentally obtained by chance, and since he was willing to give one to Song Jimo, it proved that he definitely had some left over himself! Otherwise, no one else would have been able to give the only rejuvenation pills to outsiders!”
Speaking of which, Wu Donghai snorted and said with a resolute face, “I guess Ye Chen still has at least a few rejuvenation pills on him, and if we can get them all, it will protect my Wu family’s foundation for a hundred years!”
Wu Xin hurriedly asked, “Then after getting the Rejuvenation Pill, do we still have to follow the original plan to get rid of Hong Wu and get rid of Ye Chen?”
“Of course!” Wu Donghai said with a gloomy face, “Not only them, all those who are on Ye Chen’s side in Jinling, I want to get rid of them one by one! Even Song Jimo is a bad old man! Damn, no wonder this old thing won’t even give me face, it’s because it found out that there’s so much value in Ye Chen!”
Wu Xin tentatively asked, “Dad, are you going to do something about the Song family?”
Wu Donghai nodded and looked around to make sure no one was around before he said seriously, “First, find a way to get the Rejuvenation Pill, then we’ll get rid of Hong Wu and Ye Chen all of them, and then I’ll give the Song family a way out so that they’ll be good enough to marry Song Wanting to you, and if they still don’t know what to do by then, then don’t blame me for being rude!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai added, “But until then, you have to do everything I tell you, and you absolutely must not get carried away again!”

Chapter: 676
Wu Xin immediately said excitedly, “Dad, I’ll do whatever you say!”
Wu Donghai nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Go, go in and join me to ask for medicine from Ye Chen!”
“Seek medicine?” Wu Xin was busy asking, “How do you beg?”
“Kneel!” Wu Donghai said with a calm face, “The entire Song family kneels on the ground, we have to kneel too!”
“Kneeling? Kneel to Ye Chen?!” Wu Xin immediately jumped up and said with great excitement, “Let me kneel to him?! Dad, you might as well kill me!”
Wu Donghai frowned and glared at him, “What I just said, did you take it as a fart?”
Wu Xin cried out, “Dad, this is kneeling! When did I ever kneel to anyone but you and Grandpa! Don’t you always say that men have gold in their hands?”
Wu Donghai sneered, “When Han Xin was humiliated at the crotch back then, if it was the same as what you think, then he wouldn’t have been crowned the God of War by his descendants!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai asked rhetorically, “What if a great man can bend and kneel? The one who kneels first and kills later is a true hero!”
When Wu Xin heard this, he nodded his head squarely and said in an urn, “OK, I’ll listen to Dad…” Remember the website
Wu Donghai patted him on the shoulder and smiled, “If you can flex, it’s already a huge improvement!”
He said, unable to hide his excitement, “Come on, follow me in!”
At this time in the banquet hall, Ye Chen had assisted Master Song to get up.
As Master Song got up, the other Song family members also stood up .
Everyone’s birthday gifts had been served as well, so Ye Chen returned to his seat so that Master Song could continue his birthday feast.
When they returned to the table, a crowd of people crowed around Ye Chen, one after the other, speaking all sorts of pleading words with seven mouths and excitement.
Every single one of them was running for the Springback Pill.
There were even people who had started to call for 300 million, 400 million, and even all the way up to 500 million.
Ye Chen said with a calm face, “Gentlemen, the Rejuvenation Pill is something I got by chance, but it’s gone now.”
Someone recognized Ye Chen and knew that he was the Master Ye who had caused lightning to strike Hong Kong Master Yu Jinghai to death at the original metaphysical conference, so they shouted, “Master Ye, you are the supreme of Southern Canton, this rejuvenation pill must have been made by your own hands, right? Please be merciful and refine a batch for us old men as well, we are willing to pay the highest price!”
Ye Chen thought to himself that if people knew that he could refine the Rejuvenation Pill, he would be afraid that he would not be able to have peace in his life, so he said indifferently, “Even if I am the supreme ruler of Southern Canton, there are things that I still cannot do with my abilities.”
Ye Chen said, but he also inevitably revealed a look of regret, saying, “According to my examination, this Rejuvenation Pill is an ancient divine physician and sorcerer, specially made for emperors and prime ministers, this pill is extremely difficult to refine, many of the preparations have even become extinct, even the method of refining has been lost, and it is impossible to refine it again, but rest assured, if in the future I am able to refine the If the Rejuvenation Pill is replicated, it will definitely be shared with all of you at that time!”
When everyone heard this, it was worthwhile to get angry and stop, while hoping that Ye Chen could really replicate the Rejuvenation Pill.
When the father and son of the Wu family who had just entered the door heard this, Wu Xin hurriedly said to Wu Donghai, “Dad, that trash Ye Chen no longer has the rejuvenation pills!”
“Nothing?” Wu Donghai smiled contemptuously and said with conviction, “I don’t believe it!”

Chapter: 677
When Wu Xin saw that his father was convinced that Ye Chen must still have a rejuvenation pill, he looked at him and asked out of the blue, “Dad, you’re not really going to go to him and kneel down to beg for a rejuvenation pill of some sort, are you?”
” Wu Donghai nodded and said, “Later on, you come with me over, I’ll apologize to him for you, you kneel down and plead for forgiveness, then I’ll mention the rejuvenation pills to him.”
Wu Xin’s expression was somewhat depressed, “Dad, you mean I’ll kneel down and admit my mistake for him, and then you’ll sing the red face in the middle?”
Wu Donghai gave Wu Xin a sidelong glance and asked back, “You have an opinion?”
Wu Xin was shocked by the look in his father’s eyes and hurriedly waved his hand, “No I’m fine with it!”
Only then did Wu Donghai nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “I told you, a great man must be able to bend and kneel, if it’s useless for you to kneel, I’ll kneel too, as long as I can get the Rejuvenation Pill, so I can call him father, is there anything in this world more important than life?”
“Alright” Wu Xin knew that his father had been completely seduced by the rejuvenation pills, and it was useless to say anything at this point.
As father and son were walking back, Ye Chen had just sent the crowd around him away.
The banquet banquet was about to begin, but when he looked around the circle, he found that the table he was sitting at was still empty with two seats.
These two seats were reserved for Shi Tianqi, as well as his granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao. One Second Remember to Read the Book
Ye Chen couldn’t help but be confused.
With his understanding of Shi Tianqi, Shi Lao had an extremely strong sense of time and kept his promises, he shouldn’t be so late.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen took out his phone and called Shi Tianqi.
Soon, the call was answered.
However, the person who answered the phone was Chen Xiaozhao.
“Master Ye Ye.”
Chen Xiaozhao’s voice carried a bit of tension and aggravation.
Ye Chen hurriedly asked, “Xiaozhao? Where’s your grandfather? Why didn’t you come to Song’s birthday banquet?”
Chen Xiaozhao’s voice rang out with anger, “Master Ye Ye, my grandfather’s medical clinic has been smashed! He’s busy packing and probably won’t be able to go to the birthday banquet because he didn’t want to affect everyone’s mood, so he didn’t tell you and Master Song.”
Ye Chen was puzzled, Shi Tianqi’s reputation was well-known, how could someone be blind and run to destroy his shop?
So then the question was hurriedly asked, “Who did this?”
Chen Xiaozhao said, “It’s the two fathers from the Wu family in Suhang, they wanted my grandfather to go to Suhang to treat that Wu Qi of their family, my grandfather felt that what Wu Qi did was too despicable, so he didn’t agree to treat him, and as a result they just smashed up the medical hall!”
Ye Chen’s face was cold!
It’s the Wu family and their son?
A few flashes of anger flashed through his heart, and then he asked incessantly, “You and Old Man Shi aren’t hurt, are you?”
Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly said, “No, I wasn’t in the shop at the time, when I came back, the shop had already been smashed, and the Wu family had also left, but Grandfather he was fine, it was just that the shop was smashed.”
Ye Chen heard that the two of them were unharmed before he put his mind at ease and spoke with a cold face, “Xiao Zhao, you tell Shi Lao that I’ll handle this matter.”
Saying that, Ye Chen hung up the phone, a cold flush on his face.
The Wu family father and son were truly arrogant, coming to Jinling also did not know how to restrain themselves, even daring to smash Shi Tianqi’s medicine hall.

Chapter: 678
Why did Shi Tianqi want to open a Franciscan Hall in Jinling? Wasn’t it because you wanted to repay your kindness that you stayed here?
As a result, the Wu family’s father and son had smashed up his medicine hall, and he couldn’t swallow this anger no matter what he said!
Unexpectedly, right at this moment, Wu Donghai brought Wu Xin back with him.
And, instead of bringing Wu Xin back to his table, he brought Wu Xin directly with him, running towards Ye Chen!
When he arrived in front of Ye Chen, Wu Donghai immediately arched his hands and said with great respect, “Master Ye, just now the dog had eyes but no pearls and offended you, now I’ve brought him here to apologize to you, I hope that you will not remember the faults of your lord and don’t treat him with common knowledge!”
The first thing you need to know is that you can’t find any other way to get rid of the problem, so you can’t just go ahead and do it. To Mr. Wu, isn’t it true that a trash slinger like me can curse and beat up whenever he wants?”
As soon as Wu Donghai heard this, he knew that Ye Chen wasn’t going to let it go like this.
So, he immediately snapped at Wu Xin with a heavy face, “Bastard! Kneel to Master Ye yet!”
As soon as this was said, many people shifted their gaze.
In their hearts, they questioned, would the Wu Family Grand Duke really kneel to Master Ye!
Wu Xin’s scalp was numb with anger at this point, and his body was burning with shame! First web site
He is also the young master of the Wu family, the second richest generation in Jiangnan, if he kneels down to a Jinling’s trash son-in-law, how can he face people in the future if word gets out?
Hesitantly seeing, the afterglow suddenly glanced at his father beside him, Wu Xin was frightened, he was afraid that Wu Donghai would be angry, so he could only harden his scalp, his legs bent and resentful knees on the ground.
“Ooh! The Wu family’s young master is really kneeling!”
The place was in an uproar!
Wu Xin’s face was so hot that he wanted to die.
When Wu Donghai saw that he didn’t speak even after kneeling down, he immediately shouted, “What are you waiting for? Don’t apologize to Master Ye yet!”
Wu Xin could only say in an urn, “Master Ye, I’m sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Without a sincere apology, it’s actually better not to say anything, it will also save everyone’s time and don’t waste everyone’s feelings.”
When Wu Donghai heard this, he understood in his heart that just making his son kneel down was not enough to move Ye Chen.
So, he then shouted angrily and said, “Don’t hurry up and kowtow and plead for forgiveness to Master Ye!”
Wu Xin clenched his teeth and leaned over to kowtow, “Master Ye, please forgive me for my impulse, I’m so sorry!”
Ye Chen smiled playfully and said, “Since you’re so sincere in your apology, let’s pretend this never happened.”
Wu Donghai was finally relieved and couldn’t wait to get out of his mouth, “Master Ye, I have one more thing to ask! I wonder if Master Ye can cut a rejuvenation pill and sell it to me, I’m willing to cash a billion dollars!”
People in the audience were screaming out!
A moment ago, it was $500 million, and now it’s a billion in the blink of an eye? The Wu family really is rich ah, a billion or eight hundred million may not even be a thing in the eyes of the Wu family.
Ye Chen smiled slightly at this time and said, “You’re thinking too much, Mr. Wu, not to mention that I don’t have the Rejuvenation Pill right now, and even if I did, I would never sell it to you even if I sold it for one billion!”
At this point, Ye Chen coldly snorted and said, “I’m a person who holds a grudge, I remember very clearly that just now you have been screaming at me to take responsibility for beating up Liu Guang and to make me pay for it, but now you come to ask me for medicine, do you think I’m a goldfish and only have seven seconds of memory?”

Chapter: 679
Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Wu Donghai’s heart tightened.
Knowing that Ye Chen wouldn’t let up so easily, but he had offered a billion dollar sky price, I thought that he wouldn’t take care of that conflict just now on the face of the money.
But what he didn’t expect was that this guy didn’t even take the one billion heavenly price into consideration at all, and when he came up, he was going to go over that old score with himself just now.
If it were normal, no matter how big the business was, Wu Donghai would have brushed off his sleeves when he encountered such a negotiating opponent.
But now, he really didn’t dare to shake his hand and walk away.
Because, deep inside, he was completely unable to resist the seduction of the Rejuvenation Pill, as if he had been struck by its enchantment, so much so that all he could think about was it and the effects of fantasizing about himself after taking it.
So, he almost without hesitation immediately knelt down, cupped his hands and said to Ye Chen with great devotion, “Master Ye, just now it was Wu who had eyes but did not know Taishan, all of his colleagues in Jinling respect you as the true dragon on earth, and please do not get along with me, a mortal!”
Wu Donghai was very well spoken.
In order to not let the other party continue to step on him, he purposely held them up high, and at such times, the average person couldn’t be bothered with him much.
However, Ye Chen was now treating Wu’s father and son, not just that previous feud, but more importantly, they had smashed Shi Tianqi’s Ji Shi Hall. Remember the URL
This breath, Ye Chen had to give out, and not quickly.
So, Ye Chen looked at Wu Donghai, smiled calmly, and said, “One billion is indeed quite sincere, but Mr. Wu, this courtesy of yours seems to be worse than your son ah.”
Wu Donghai was stunned and instantly realized that Ye Chen was complaining that he hadn’t kowtowed.
He didn’t think it was a shame to kowtow, after all, it was for the Rejuvenation Pill!
Thinking of this, he worshipped without thinking, naing his head.
After kowtowing, Wu Donghai raised his head and piously said, “Master Ye, please give Wu a chance, if you are willing to sell a rejuvenation pill to Wu, Wu will immediately deposit one billion yuan in cash into your account!”
Ye Chen looked at him, smiled playfully and said, “Rejuvenation Pill is simple, in fact, you guessed right, I do still have a Rejuvenation Pill, but that’s something I kept for myself, but since you have the right price, I can also consider selling it to you…”
Saying that, Ye Chen reached into his pocket and slowly pulled out a small wooden box that was exactly the same as the one given to Master Song, and after opening it, there was indeed a rejuvenation pill inside.
After taking out the Rejuvenation Pill, Ye Chen stood up and said to everyone present, “Everyone, the Rejuvenation Pill is of great importance, I just hid it from you all, I hope you will forgive me. I’ve made it clear to everyone here, this Rejuvenation Pill, there is indeed one more, but this one is for myself, and I truly have no intention of selling it, but Mr. Wu’s attitude is sincere, and he has quoted a high price, so I really have to think about it.”
Although the crowd was gluttonous for this Rejuvenation Pill, there was nothing they could do about it.
After all, the people who could come up with a billion in cash were too few and far between.
It was estimated that there were no more than five people present.
Moreover, who would dare to rob the Wu family at this time?
Wu Donghai had kneeled down and kowtowed to Ye Chen for this medicine, if he was still barking at him at this time, wouldn’t he be hated to death?
Wu Donghai looked at the Rejuvenation Pill, smelled the fresh medicinal fragrance emanating from it, and said with great excitement, “Master Ye, as long as you are willing to sell it, one billion yuan in cash will arrive immediately!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, there’s one more thing we haven’t talked about before we talk about the Springback Pill.”
“There’s more?” Wu Donghai frowned and asked, “What is it?”
Ye Chen’s expression gradually darkened as he coldly questioned, “I’m also considered a forgetful friend of Shi Tianqi, you father and son smashed Shi Tianqi’s Ji Shi Hall, how do you account for this?”
As soon as this was said, Old Master Song couldn’t help but have his brows furrowed, he looked gloomy and spoke out, “Wu Donghai, Dr. Shi is a high ranking scholar of the Apricot Forest, who has saved the lives of countless people by hanging out of the pot, and he is also a good friend of the old man, so why did you smash his medical school?!”
Wu Donghai’s head was as big as a bucket when he heard this.
Unexpectedly, Shi Tianqi and Ye Chen were still forgetful friends!

Chapter: 680
That’s a bit tricky!
I didn’t know about this relationship before! I thought it was just a famous old Chinese doctor, and since I couldn’t beat him up, I would just smash his shop and put a little pressure on him to force him to agree to see his youngest son.
But I didn’t expect to get into trouble here.
However, he had to rejuvenate his heart, and at this point, his eyes could only point at Wu Xin beside him and say with a face of indignation, “Hey! It’s my son’s fault. He’s impulsive and inconsiderate! It’s my fault for teaching my son!”
Wu Xin’s facial expression twitched.
He really didn’t expect that he would instantly become the backstabber of his own old man.
Although he was extremely indignant, he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.
Since his old man had asked him to take the blame, he could only bite his teeth and take the blame!
So, he lowered his head and spoke, “I’m sorry, I was impulsive and smashed Divine Doctor Shi’s shop, please forgive me, Master Ye!”
Wu Donghai also hurriedly said on the side, “Master Ye rest assured, I will definitely compensate all the losses incurred by Divine Doctor Shi tenfold!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen said indifferently, “There are some things that can’t be solved by paying money.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly asked, “How does Master Ye want to solve it?”
“Me?” Ye Chen looked at him and said with a smile, “My solution is simple…”
Saying that, Ye Chen deliberately slowed down his pace a bit and looked at Wu Xin.
With his four eyes, Wu Xin was frightened by the fierce aura in Ye Chen’s eyes and panicked a bit.
Just when he was still speculating what kind of solution Ye Chen would propose, Ye Chen suddenly made a move and grabbed his right wrist, followed by a gentle twist….
Hearing only a click, Wu Xin’s right wrist was actually directly broken by Ye Chen!
Wu Xin screamed in pain, his face turning incomparably red, and then turning white again….
“Ah…. It’s broken! My arm is broken! Ye Chen, you’re looking for death!”
Ye Chen directly shook his broken hand away and said coldly, “Since you smashed Shi Tianqi’s shop, I’ll cripple your hand, that’s what I call courtesy!”
Wu Xin screamed in pain, shouting, “Dad, this punk broke my arm, I’m going to kill him! I want him dead!!!”
Wu Donghai was also confused, not expecting at all that Ye Chen would actually attack his son directly and be so ruthless, coming up and crippling one of his own son’s hands.
However, at this moment, he was still looking forward to that rejuvenation pill in his heart.
For the current him, if Ye Chen was willing to sell him the Rejuvenation Pill, he would still be able to endure the matter of his son’s broken hand until he took the Rejuvenation Pill and then find Ye Chen to settle the score with him in the autumn!
So, with a dark face, he spoke, “Master Ye, my son has already paid the price for smashing Divine Doctor Shi’s medicine hall, so now you can sell me the Rejuvenation Pill, right?”
“Rejuvenation Pill ah…” Ye Chen took the rejuvenation pill out of the small wooden box and placed it in front of himself a few times.
At this time, Wu Donghai’s eyes were on the verge of glowing as he looked at this Rejuvenation Pill!
Only, he didn’t expect that Ye Chen suddenly smiled faintly at this time and said teasingly, “Compared to your one billion, I still feel better eating it myself!”
After saying that, with a stretch, he put the Rejuvenation Pill into his mouth, chewed it twice, and then just swallowed it!

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