The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 681-690

Chapter: 681
Wu Donghai watched in stunned anger as Ye Chen swallowed that rejuvenation pill!
Only then did he realize that Ye Chen had been playing a trick on him from start to finish!
He had no intention of selling the Rejuvenation Pill to himself, just to make a fool of himself and his father and son in public!
And yet, he, himself, was so naive as to think that the billion dollar offer had moved him, and that he would agree to sell that rejuvenation pill to him just by giving him an apology!
At the thought of being teased by him so much and having his son’s hand crippled by him, Wu Donghai was almost furious!
He instantly stood up from the ground and shouted, “Ye Chen, I, Wu Donghai, swear not to kill you!”
Saying that, he immediately took out his cell phone and called his bodyguard.
His bodyguards, all of them were experts among experts, and all of them were retired war gods from the army!
These people, who normally seemed like they were no different from ordinary people, but any one of them would be a top dead man!
You could say that they are all top killers who crawled out of the pile of dead! First web site
Ye Chen, on the other hand, was calm at this time, not moving in the slightest.
A rejuvenation pill went down, his body felt a heat wave rolling, this pill he had already eaten five or six, although it did not work as a youthful effect, but it could improve the quality of the body by a lot, so at this time, he was in a state where he was full of energy, but had nowhere to use it, if the Wu family’s bodyguards dared to come and pretend with himself, just one breath to clean them all up!
However, he didn’t expect Master Song to snort coldly and suddenly stand out, shouting angrily, “Wu Donghai! Your Wu family may be big, but my Song family is not mud, so I’d like to see how mighty your Wu family is, daring to hurt my Song family’s noble guests in my Song family!”
Saying that, Master Song shouted, “Someone, surround the hall! Whoever dares to lay a finger on Master Ye today, give me a death blow!”
Wu Donghai stared at Master Song and gritted his teeth in anger, “Uncle Song, he played my father and son as monkeys and crippled one of my son’s hands, and you’re still trying to shield him! Is your Song family, going to openly oppose my Wu family?!”
Old Master Song said coldly, “Master Ye is Song’s benefactor and is as kind to Song, if you have to go against Master Ye, then you are going against my Song family!”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Wu Donghai gritted his teeth and said, “Your Song family is awesome! You don’t give a damn about my family! Do you think that this is your territory and you can ride on my Wu family’s head and shit on it?!”
Song arrogantly said, “Song Mou has acted honestly all his life, and would never do anything to ride on someone else’s head and shit on them, but if someone has to be on Song Mou’s territory and target Song Mou’s benefactor, then I’m sorry! No matter who he is, Song Mou will never spoil him!”
A furious cry from Master Song deafened everyone present!
The old man himself had experienced countless waves in his life, and had seen all kinds of battles, and had long since developed a non-angry majesty, plus having just eaten the Rejuvenation Pill, he was full of neutral energy, and this cry of anger was truly horrifying!
Wu Donghai was suddenly a bit wary too!
He had come to Jinling with only a few bodyguards with him.
Even though these bodyguards were the best of the best, there was definitely no chance of winning against so many people from the Song family.
After all, this was the Song family’s home base, and the Song family had dozens of bodyguards in the open, so who knew how many more were hidden in the dark?
If it comes to a fight, Wu Donghai’s side won’t get anywhere!
A few top bodyguards might be able to kill like Zhao Zilong, but he and his son don’t have much fighting power, and he might get hurt or even be left here by the Song family.
The Wu family is powerful, but they are all set up in Suhang, and now they can’t put out a fire from afar!
Thinking of this, Wu Donghai could only decide to avoid it for now!
So, he said with a sneer, “Uncle Song means that you are going to tear your face off with our Wu family? Yes! In that case, on behalf of the Wu family, I will make a clean break with the Song family, and from then on, the two Song and Wu families will never be at odds!”

Chapter: 682
When Song Honor on the side saw this, he hurriedly stepped forward and spoke out of turn, “Grandpa, our Song family has been friends with the Wu family for many years, please think twice!”
Song Honor did not want to see, to his death, the two Song Wu families completely break up.
He was still counting on marrying Song Wanting to the Wu family, and if the two families broke up completely, then that would never be possible!
Master Song glanced at Song Honor and said indifferently, “There’s nothing to think twice about, the Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan and our Song family can’t afford to climb up! The Song family and the Wu family, from now on, are severed!”
The words fell to the ground, and the crowd present were all jaw-dropped.
The crowd could never have imagined that a birthday banquet would lead to a complete break between the Wu Family, the number one family in Jiangnan, and the Song Family, the number one family in Jinling….
It seemed that Jinling was going to change in the future!
Wu Donghai’s cold gaze crossed over Master Song and Ye Chen and said in a furious voice, “Good Song family, good Master Ye, I, Wu Donghai, remember you! We’ll see about that! Wu Xin, let’s go!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai assisted Wu Xin and whisked his sleeves to leave.
Ye Chen faintly spoke, “And this is how you think it’s over?” Remember the URL
Wu Donghai turned back and asked with a murderous air, “Surnamed Ye, what else do you want?”
Ye Chen said, “I only taught your son a lesson by ruining one of his hands, but you must make reparations for smashing Shi’s shop!”
Saying that, Ye Chen said without question, “I restrict you to deliver ten times the compensation to Shi Lao within three days, and kowtow to Shi Lao to apologize and pray for forgiveness, otherwise, I’ll cripple Wu Xin’s other hand next time!”
When Wu Donghai heard this, his eyes were cold and murderous!
He bellowed in a cornered voice, “Ye Chen! You’re so awesome! Do you know the status of my family in Jiangnan? If you mess with my Wu family, I’ll let you die without a funeral!”
Ye Chen sneered, “Don’t talk nonsense to me here, your Wu family is not even a hair in my eyes! I advise you to get the hell out of Jinling after compensating Shi Lao, or else your father and son will probably have to leave their lives behind!”
Wu Donghai really didn’t expect Ye Chen to be so crazy!
He had the heart to kill Ye Chen now, but thinking of the attitude of the old and immortal Master Song, he could only reluctantly endure for the time being.
However, in his heart, Ye Chen was already a mortal man!
It’s just that right now, the time to kill him is not ripe.
You can plan well after you go back, if you really can’t, you’ll pull a group of experts from the Wu family over and wipe out Ye Chen and the Song family!
Thinking of this, Wu Donghai waved his hand viciously and took off, “Wu Xin, let’s go!”
Saying that, he left the Song family villa in a mess, taking Wu Xin, who had broken his arm, with him.
Song Honor looked at Wu Donghai’s departing figure, and then at Song Wanting, and the old man who was more than ten years younger, and secretly bit his teeth, his eyes filled with resignation.
What a loss for himself today!
This old thing grandpa suddenly had an extra ten years of life expectancy, the heavenly credit was again counted by Ye Chen on Song Wanting’s head, and grandpa had completely turned against the Wu family for the sake of Ye Chen….
If this continues, it’s possible that one day grandpa will suddenly announce that Song Wanting will be the next generation’s heir!
Then you’ll have nothing to show for it.

Chapter: 683
Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, father and son, exasperatedly left the Song villa.
Wu Xin covered his broken hand and said with tears in his eyes, “Dad! I’ve told you not to beg that Yeh’s cunt, but you didn’t listen! Now I’ve broken my arm, and you yourself have been humiliated by him in public, all humiliated!”
Wu Donghai said with a black face, “Since the one surnamed Ye is looking for his own death, then don’t blame me for being rude! Don’t worry, daddy will avenge you!”
Wu Xin blurted out, “Then we’ll kill Ye Chen tonight!”
“No!” Wu Donghai said coldly, “Let’s stick to the original plan and kill Hong Wu first! Pulling out Hongwu, the point of fire, whether it’s killing Ye Chen or the Song family, it’s easy as pie!”
Wu Xin hurriedly asked, “Dad, what exactly do you plan to do?”
Wu Donghai said, “Let’s heal your hand first, and we’ll discuss the rest in the long run!”
The two of them said that they had already walked out from the Song family courtyard.
Liu Guang, who had previously been kicked out and had been waiting here, hastily covered his red and swollen face and quickly welcomed them.
“Boss Wu, Young Master…” Liu Guang had just run up to the front and was about to ask what they had done to that waste Ye Chen. Did you avenge yourself? One second to remember to read the book
However, he suddenly saw Wu Xin’s pale face and left hand grabbing the shrugged right wrist, his heart thumped, and he couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong.
So, Liu Guang hurriedly asked, “Wu Shao, what happened to your hand?”
Wu Xin’s cold sweat of pain dripped out, and with a muffled grunt, he cursed, “It’s all because of that trash Ye Chen, he actually dared to ruin my hand in public, I’ll make sure he dies without a funeral!”
Originally, after discovering that Ye Chen was the man Song Wanting liked, Wu Xin wanted to use this birthday banquet to trample Ye Chen, a trash, under his feet so that Song Wanting would recognize reality, then come back to her senses and choose to be with her.
Who would have expected that instead of being able to step on Ye Chen herself, she was instead, along with her father, played a terrible trick on Ye Chen!
Just now, myself and dad had taken turns kowtowing and apologizing to Ye Chen, this was simply the second greatest shame for the Wu family after brother Wu Qi had turned into a shit swallowing beast!
And this son of a bitch isn’t just disgracing himself in full view of the public! He even broke his own wrist!
After today, I’m afraid the entire Jinling would remember that he, the young master of the number one family in Jiangnan, was severely beaten in the face in public by Ye Chen, a nameless pawn, and became the laughing stock of everyone!
When Liu Guang heard Wu Xin’s words, he was horrified!
He didn’t think that Ye Chen, a trash, would even dare to beat up Wu Shao!
He then couldn’t help but provoke Wu Xin and said, “Wu Shao, that trash Ye Chen dares to do this to you, you mustn’t let him off!”
Wu Donghai at the side said coldly, “Don’t worry, this Ye Chen won’t live long!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai instructed Liu Guang, “Liu Guang, you are a local, you are more familiar with the local area, I will give you a task.”
Liu Guang hurriedly said, “You may command, Mr. Wu!”
Wu Donghai said, “You first take Young Master to the best orthopedic hospital for injuries and heal Young Master’s hand, so nothing can go wrong!”
Only then did Liu Guang suddenly realize that Wu Xin’s hand had actually been broken by Ye Chen, and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wu! I’m taking Young Master to the best orthopedic hospital!”

Chapter: 684
When Wu Xin heard this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, aren’t you coming to the hospital with me?”
The company’s president and chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, said the company’s strategy is to “make the best use of the resources available to the public in order to achieve its goals. Plan!”
“To pay a visit to Richard Chan?” Wu Xin said with some grumbling, “Dad, why did you pay him a visit, isn’t he just a dog of the Yanjing Ye family? More important than my broken hand?”
Wu Donghai frowned, “What do you know? Although the Wu family is dominant in Jiangnan, it’s nothing more than an earthly fortune compared to the Yanjing Ye family, which is the true top family!”
“That Chen Zekai, don’t look like just a dog of the Ye family, but he is the face of the Ye family in Jinling, representing the Ye family’s face in Jinling, I definitely have to go and pay a personal visit, if I can open a breakthrough from him, I might even be able to take the opportunity to make a connection with the Ye family.”
For the Wu family, although they were obviously holding the name of the number one family in Jiangnan and making a name for themselves in the entire Jiangnan, but when compared to the Ye family, a true top-tier hidden family, it could be said that there was a difference between the clouds and the mud.
If one could take this opportunity to get on board with the Ye family, the entire Wu family would soar to the sky as a result.
Once Wu Xin heard this, he stopped complaining in his heart and nodded and said, “I know dad, then you go to Shangri-La first, after I finish seeing the doctor and putting on the plaster cast
Wu Donghai then said to Wu Xin, “Alright, you guys go to the hospital first, I’ll let you know when I’ve made the arrangements.”
Wu Xin hmmmed and also showed an expectant look, so he followed Liu Guang to the car and went to the hospital to treat his broken hand. First URL
After Wu Xin and Liu Guang left, Wu Donghai was also accompanied by his bodyguards and assistants to Shangri-La.
Along the way, he was thinking angrily in his heart how to kill Ye Chen in order to relieve his hatred, as well as this ill-timed Master Song.
You think you’re powerful because you’ve taken a rejuvenation pill, are a dozen years younger, and can live a dozen more years?
If you dare to talk to me like that, then I’ll just wipe out your entire Song family!
Soon, the motorcade stopped outside the Shangri-La Hotel.
Wu Donghai asked the bodyguards accompanying him to take out his most precious Wuyi Mountain mother tree great red robe tea from the car, preparing to give it to Chen Zekai as a gift.
His great red robe, plucked from the only six remaining mother trees in Mount Wuyi, was so valuable that its annual production was only a dozen pounds, and the price of a pound could even shoot up to tens of millions.
And it’s not something that can be bought with money.
Because, most of this tea’s limited annual output was supplied directly to Yanjing, and the rest, what could flow into the market, was not even two pounds.
And Wu Donghai’s jar of Da Hong Robe, which had a weight of one catty, was something that he had spent a lot of money, thought and favors to get.
Because Wu Donghai treats this tea like a treasure, he carries it with him wherever he goes, and only occasionally, when he wants to drink it, does he quietly brew a gram or two for himself.
When he decided to come to Shangri-La Hotel, he decided not to go to Chen Zekai empty-handed, so he gave him this jar of Da Hong Robe as a gift to get a good impression of him.
As soon as he entered the Shangri-La, Wu Donghai stepped forward to the front desk and said to the front desk lady, “Hello, please inform your General Manager Chen, and tell him that Wu Donghai of the Suhang Wu Family has come to pay his respects!”
The front desk of Shangri-La was by no means an ordinary front desk lady, she already knew the entire Jiangnan Province’s dignitaries like the back of her hand, and when she heard that it was the Suhang Wu Family, she immediately paid attention, picked up the phone and directly dialed Chen Zekai’s office.
“Mr. Chen, Mr. Wu Donghai of the Suhang Wu Family wants to see you!”

Chapter: 685
Chen Zekai didn’t know that Wu Donghai and Ye Chen even had a conflict.
Hearing that Wu Donghai came to pay a visit, he did not slacken off, although he was the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling, the other party was after all the eldest son of the first family in Jiangnan, and he had to give enough respect by taking the initiative to visit him.
Thus, he hurriedly said to the front desk, “Directly invite Mr. Wu to my office.”
The receptionist didn’t dare to slacken off and said to Wu Donghai in succession, “Hello Mr. Wu, our General Manager Chen invites you to his office, please follow me.”
Wu Donghai nodded and followed this receptionist girl, taking the president’s exclusive elevator to reach Chen Zekai’s office.
To Wu Donghai, he was the son of the noble Wu family, so it was natural for him to stay at the best hotel in Jinling.
It just so happened that the best hotel in Jinling was Shangri-La, so it was a win-win situation for him to pay a visit to Richard Chen and deepen his relationship with him.
When Richard Chen saw Wu Donghai come in, he smiled and stood up, took the initiative to reach out his hand to shake with Wu Donghai and said pleasantly, “I heard that Mr. Wu has been active in the area around Suzhou and Hangzhou for years, why did he suddenly come to Jinling this time?”
Wu Donghai sighed and said, “Hey, it’s a long story, my youngest son Wu Qi also doesn’t know who has been offended, something has changed, I came here this time, just to find a solution.”
Chen Zekai nodded, of course he had heard of Wu Qi’s matter, he had even seen the video on Shakespeare at first, so this suddenly came to mind, all of a sudden some nausea, and involuntarily dry heaves. Remember the URL
With this dry heaving of Chen Zekai, Wu Donghai’s expression became embarrassed.
He was not clear about the reason for Chen Zekai’s dry heaving, and to be honest, he was also disgusted thinking about some of his youngest son’s moments.
So, Wu Donghai could only change the subject, “Forget it, today, I came over mainly to pay a visit to Mr. Chen, let’s not talk about these spoilers, I’ve brought some gifts for Mr. Chen, I hope you’ll like it.”
Saying that, he immediately handed the jar of Mother Tree Da Hong Robe tea to Chen Zekai.
“Mr. Chen, this is mother tree great red robe tea leaves from the mother tree of Mount Wuyi, it’s my personal treasure, it’s not normally visible, if you like tea, you’ll definitely like it.”
Naturally, Chen Zekai also knew how precious the mother tree great red robe was, he even waved his hand, “How can I make this, Wuyishan mother tree tea leaves are becoming less and less available on the market, and even more treasured by General Manager Wu, how can I take it away from others.”
Wu Donghai immediately said, “Chen don’t be polite, you are the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling and the whole Jiangnan, our Wu family has been looking forward to cooperating with the Ye family, we will have to count on Chen to help our Wu family in the future.”
Chen Zekai waved his hand at the words, “I’m just a servant of the Ye family, and what I do is all part of my job, Mr. Wu’s words are too important.”
Wu Donghai said heartily, “General Manager Chen is too modest.”
When Chen Zekai saw Wu Donghai’s sincere attitude, he said, “Since Mr. Wu is so sincere, I won’t be polite to you, I have a few bottles of collectible Louis XIII here, I’ll have someone bring you a few bottles to taste later.”
Wu Donghai was flattered and hurriedly said, “Oh my, that’s really a big thank you to Mr. Chen!”
Chen Zhai Kai smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Wu is coming over today, so I’m sure it’s not just a matter of sending tea to Chen, right?”
Wu Donghai nodded and said, “Truth be told, my eldest son and I, as well as a few bodyguards and assistants, may have to stay in Jinling for a while, so we thought that we would dawdle at your Shangri-La.”
Chen Zhaji smiled and said, “Welcome! Since Wu is here, he’s naturally a distinguished guest, I’ll have someone arrange a presidential suite for you and Ling Lang, you can stay as long as you like.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly thanked, “Oh my, thank you so much Mr. Chen!”
Chen Zaijie smiled calmly, “There’s no need to be so polite, Mr. Wu.”
After saying that, she curiously asked, “By the way, where is your grand duke, Mr. Wu? How come it’s not with you?”

Chapter: 686
Wu Donghai was too embarrassed to say that his son had had his wrist broken, so he said, “He happens to be a bit busy, he probably won’t come over until later, and when he does, I’ll bring him to visit you!”
Chen Zekai nodded and said, “How about this, I’ll first arrange for someone to take you back to your room to rest, and when your son returns in the evening, we’ll have dinner together, just as if I’m the host to fetch you both.”
Wu Donghai was delighted in his heart and arched his hand, “That would be a great help to Chen.”
He felt that he and Richard Chen had only been nodding acquaintances before, getting to know each other, and now after he had paid a visit, and Richard Chen had accepted his gift, the relationship was tantamount to a step closer.
And this was what Wu Donghai was most eager for.
As the spokesman of the Yanjing Ye family in Jinling, Richard Chen was a knocking brick, and as long as he could maintain a good relationship with him, he would definitely be able to take this opportunity in the future to embrace the Ye family as a true gnarled tree.
Moreover, Wu Donghai also had his own small mind.
He felt that if the Wu family was unable to find someone who could save Wu Qi, after hugging the Ye family’s thigh, he could also request the Ye family to take action.
With the Ye Family’s strength, there would be countless capable people saddling up for them with a single order.
And Chen Zekai didn’t think too much about it, after all, it was the number one family in Jiangnan, the face that should be given still had to be given. One second to remember to read the book
So, after exchanging pleasantries with Wu Donghai for a while longer, he had someone take him to the presidential suite to rest first.
Wu Donghai brought a few bodyguards with him, and after entering the luxurious presidential suite, he called Wu Xin and asked him to come over to round with him.
At this time, Wu Xin had already finished his plaster cast at the hospital, and after receiving the call from Wu Donghai, he took Liu Guang with him and headed to Shangri-La together.
Sitting in the car, Wu Xin’s expression was still very gloomy and full of depression.
When Liu Guang saw this, he quickly said, “Wu Shao, the doctor has ordered that you have just put on a plaster cast, so don’t get angry, otherwise it will affect the healing of the bones and cause sequelae.”
Wu Xin angrily said, “I will definitely not let that damned Ye Chen go, I will chop off both of his hands!”
Liu Guang’s heart was ecstatic, Wu Xin was the one who was the most excited about being beaten and having his hand broken, because then the Wu family would definitely not let Ye Chen off the hook, and he would be able to take revenge for the carving on his son’s forehead!
However, he was incomparably concerned and said, “Wu Shao, you must take care of your health, it’s not too late to talk about revenge later.”
Wu Xin sneered more than a little and said fiercely, “Just wait and see, that Ye Chen won’t be able to bounce around for long.”
Arriving at Shangri-La, Wu Xin took Liu Guang and headed straight to the presidential suite where Wu Donghai was staying.
After knocking on the door, the bouncer opened the door from inside.
Wu Xin stepped into the huge living room and said to Wu Donghai, who was sitting on the sofa, “Dad, I’m back.”
Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and asked with concern, “How is your hand? What did the doctor say?”
Wu Xin said with a black face, “It’s broken, the doctor gave it a plaster cast, I’m afraid I need to recuperate for a few months before I can see better.”
Wu Donghai nodded and instructed, “You need to pay more attention recently, don’t leave any after-effects.”
Wu Xin took off, “Dad, it doesn’t matter what happened to the hand, so tell us exactly how we are going to deal with Ye Chen!”
Wu Donghai sneered and said, “If you want to kill Ye Chen, kill Hong Wu first tonight!”

Chapter: 687
As soon as Liu Guang heard Wu Donghai say that he was going to kill Hong Wu first tonight, he got excited inside!
He’d been hoping for Hongwu’s death for a long time, but now he’d finally get his wish!
Besides, by killing Hung Ng, not only will he get his revenge, but the Wu family will also promote him to the top!
Wouldn’t that make him the next underground emperor of Jinling!
Thinking of this, he trembled with excitement.
Wu Xin asked at the side, “Dad, Hong Wu has many little brothers in Jinling, I’m afraid it’s not that easy to kill him, right?”
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “You have to understand one thing, to kill Hong Wu, you don’t have to kill all of his little brothers first!”
“Dad, what do you mean?”
Wu Donghai said coldly, “Hongwu’s younger brothers are in the thousands, but they may not all be around him at all times, we just need to know where he’ll be at certain times, then go there to find him and kill him directly!”
Liu Guang said hurriedly, “I know! Hong Wu’s whereabouts are erratic during the day, but at night he’s usually at the Heavenly Fragrance Residence, which is famous in Jinling, and many of his fox and dog friends will go there for dinner at night.” First URL
Wu Donghai asked him, “How many security guards are there at the Tianxiang Mansion?”
Liu Guang thought about it and said, “For security, ten or so, the rest are waiters.”
Wu Donghai snorted, “A mere ten security guards is not enough, these bodyguards of mine are all the best in the army back then, which one can’t take one for ten?”
Saying that, he looked towards a burly middle-aged man who was the leader of his five bodyguards and asked, “Zhang Zizhou, you’ve been with me the longest, you’re the strongest and the sharpest, I’m asking you to take the others with you and go to the Heavenly Fragrance House tonight to kill Hong Wu, whoever gets in your way, can you do it?”
Zhang Zizhou immediately cupped his fist and said, “Don’t worry Master Wu, a dozen security guards are nothing more than ants in front of the few of us, and as for that Hong Wu, I’ll even kill him like a dog!”
Wu Donghai nodded his head in satisfaction and looked at Liu Guang, saying, “Liu Guang, don’t you have a blood feud with Hong Wu? I’m giving you a chance to get your revenge. Take my men to the Heavenly Fragrance House tonight and kill Hung Ng. Kill him, and my Wu family will come out to protect you and handpick you as the new underground emperor of Jinling!”
When Liu Guang heard this, bone-deep hatred sprang up in his eyes, while his heart was already boiling with blood!
What’s the point of being a dog for the Wu family?
Isn’t it just to avenge the death of Hongwu and Ye Chen?
Now, Wu Donghai had also given himself a chance, a chance to become the underground emperor of Jinling!
How could I refuse such a good thing!
Moreover, he had already heard that the Wu family’s bodyguards were all retired soldiers from the army, and it was absolutely no problem to take one for ten.
With five such people, going to the Heavenly Fragrance House to kill a Hong Wu was more than enough!
Once Hongwu died, his little brothers would immediately be left without a leader!
And at this time, there was the Wu family backing him up again.
It would be easy for myself to become the new underground emperor of Jinling!
From now on, with this relationship with the Wu family, it was very likely that he would be on top of his life from now on!

Chapter: 688
At this moment, at the birthday banquet at Master Song, Ye Chen waited for the official opening of the banquet, then toasted a glass of wine to Master Song, and then he hurried to Shi Tianqi’s Ji Shi Hall to see what was going on.
At the table, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Aoxue, Hong Wu, Wei Liang and even Wang Dongxue looked at him with a little more respect than before.
The miraculous effect of the Spring Return Pill was really impressive.
However, everyone was also quite self-conscious and no one had actively mentioned the Rejuvenation Pill to him.
Although Ye Chen still had twenty rejuvenation pills left, he wasn’t prepared to give them away again at this time.
Although Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, and Hong Wu were not young, they were far from entering old age.
Therefore, there was no need for them to take the rejuvenation pills now.
If they remained reserved and solid around themselves in the future, they would definitely give them one each at the right time.
At the dinner table, Ye Chen looked at Wei Liang, whom he hadn’t seen in a few days, and asked him curiously, “How is Wei’s pharmaceutical lately?”
Wei Liang hurriedly and respectfully said, “Back to Master Ye, Wei’s pharmaceutical development is all normal, I am also now organizing some old Chinese doctors, as well as Chinese patent medicine pharmacists, to discover and study our ancient Chinese formula, and prepare to launch some ancient Chinese medicine.” Remember the website
Saying that, Wei Liang said with some regret, “Our ancestors left behind so many good prescriptions that are now either lost or stolen by pharmaceutical companies from other countries, it’s too bad, so I want to discover as much as possible.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said approvingly, “That’s a good idea, the good things left behind by our ancestors have been taken away by these companies in Japan and Korea, if we don’t pay attention to them, then in the future, I’m afraid that the Chinese prescriptions left behind by our ancestors will become the bragging capital of these small countries around us.”
Saying that, Ye Chen suddenly thought of Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had been screwed by himself for over 10 billion, and it was now a time of vitality, and he had also left a hidden problem for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
The Kobayashi family’s second son, Kobayashi Jiro, thought his brother was dead, but he never dreamed that Kobayashi Ichiro, his little buddy, was still feeding dogs and shoveling dog shit at Hongwu’s dog farm.
If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was devastated by this, that was fine, but if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical raised its head a little, he could take Kobayashi Ichiro back to picking peaches with him.
Thinking of this, he asked Wei Liang, “How is Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan, how is it going these days?”
Wei Liang said, “Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical had some problems some time ago, it seems like they lost a large amount of cash, and now they are slightly having trouble with liquidity, but they are now a skinny camel bigger than a horse, not to mention that Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical still has quite a few best-selling drugs, so it shouldn’t take long for them to regain their strength.”
Ye Chen mmmed, already having a plan in mind.
When Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had slowed down, he would send Kobayashi Ichiro back to Japan and say that he would help him squeeze Kobayashi Jiro out of the way.
That way, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would basically be equal to his own.
So he said to Wei Liang, “If there’s any movement on Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s side, report back to me in time.”
“Okay Master Ye.” Wei Liang nodded piously and respectfully said, “I’ll keep a close eye on it.”
Ye Chen asked again, “By the way, how are your father and that brother of yours doing in Changbai Mountain?”
Wei Liang smiled slightly and said, “The people I sent and the Fifth Master’s people are taking turns keeping an eye on them there, I heard that the Changbai Mountain has recently cooled down and snowed off, the two of them are a bit short of food, and there aren’t enough ginseng pickings to count, so they might have to live without clothes and food this winter.”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “It doesn’t matter if they lack clothing or food, as long as they don’t die.”
Wei Liang immediately said, “Master Ye don’t worry, although I hate them in my heart, but after all, there is blood in them, no matter what, I will keep them alive and let them repent by digging ginseng properly in Changbai Mountain!”

Chapter: 689
At this time, the energetic Master Song, with a group of Song family sons and daughters, came to toast Ye Chen.
A crowd of people followed Master Song to the front and called out to Master Ye in unison.
Ye Chen slightly got up, lifted the wine cup, and said to Master Song, “Master Song no need to be so polite, I’ll toast you with this cup and wish you longevity.”
After saying that, Ye Chen tilted his head to finish the wine and said, “I’m going to go to Old Man Shi’s Ji Shi Hall to take a look, I’ll take my leave later.”
Master Song sighed and said, “Oh my, Doctor Shi’s medicine hall was smashed, I should also go over there to take a look, but there were so many guests at the scene, it’s just that I can’t spare myself…”
Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, “Old Song’s birthday today, it’s natural to rejoice with everyone, I’ve already called Xiao Zhao to make sure that she and Shi are both unharmed, it’s just that the shop was smashed, but it doesn’t matter.”
Master Song hurriedly said, “Master Ye, then let Wan Ting go with you, after all, it was Wan Ting who picked you up, it’s not convenient for you to go by yourself from here.”
Ye Chen didn’t refuse and nodded his head to agree, then said to the few people present, “Everyone, you eat and drink well, I’ll go first.”
Everyone got up to see each other off, but when they saw Ye Chen instructing them with hand gestures, they sat back down.
Ye Chen said to Hong Wu before he left, “My father-in-law seems to be treating guests to dinner at Tianxiangfu tonight, if you go to Tianxiangfu, take care of it for me, if not, greet the person in charge there for me.” One second to remember to read the book
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I’m usually at the Heavenly Fragrance House at night, and I’ll do my best to arrange it when your old father-in-law arrives.”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then it will be hard for you to take the extra trouble.”
Hong Wu busily said, “Master Ye you are polite, this is all I should do!”
In Ye Chen’s eyes, the old father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, was quite nice, plus after knowing those things in his past, Ye Chen did feel that he was actually pitiful, so he instinctively wanted to take care of him a little bit more.
After bidding farewell to everyone, Ye Chen, accompanied by Song Wanting, stepped out of the Song family villa.
Song Wanting took Ye Chen all the way to her car and personally opened the passenger door for Ye Chen, and only after he got into the car did she sit in.
As soon as she got into the car, Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen with gratitude and said from the bottom of her heart, “Master Ye, thank you so much for today…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to thank me, the chance of this rejuvenation pill was given to your grandfather, it’s enough for him to thank me.”
Song Wanting was busy saying, “Master Ye, I’m not just thanking you because of this, but also because of what you said to grandpa…”
Song Wanting was very grateful to Ye Chen in her heart, mainly because of what Ye Chen had said to Master Song.
She had lost her parents since she was a child, and although she had good material conditions in the Song family, she rarely felt affection and didn’t have that feeling of being taken care of and protected at all times.
However, just now, Ye Chen would even speak for her and would even give her the credit for sending the rejuvenation pills, this was helping her to establish her position in the Song family, to Song Wanting, it was as if Ye Chen was always protecting her, making her body overflow with a warm current that she had not experienced before.
It wasn’t easy for her to live in the Song family by herself.
Ye Chen looked at her, smiled slightly and said, “I think that in the third generation of the Song family, you are the most suitable candidate to inherit the Song family, as for that cousin of yours, to be honest, it feels like he’s just an outwardly strong man, if the Song family is handed over to him, it will definitely go downhill.”

Chapter: 690
Song Wanting hurriedly waved her hand, “Actually, my brother is also quite powerful, I’m not going to inherit the Song family in the future, I just hope that after grandpa dies, I don’t want to be swept out of the house by them…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously, “With me here, I won’t let this happen.”
Song Wanting was incomparably grateful, rolled her eyes, and said, “Master Ye, I’ll send you to the Ji Shi Hall now…”
Saying that, she started the car and drove out of the villa.
At this time, at the Franciscan Hall, Shi Tianqi was taking Chen Xiaozhao with him to clean up the medicine cabinet that was smashed by the Wu family’s bodyguards.
Seeing Ye Chen and Song Wanting stepping in, Shi Tianqi hurriedly greeted and said in surprise, “Master Ye, what are you doing here? And Miss Song, isn’t it your grandfather’s birthday?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I heard Xiao Zhao say that the Wu family had come over to look for trouble, so I came to see how things were going on your side, did you lose much?”
Shi Tianqi waved his hand and smiled indifferently, “It’s nothing more than the loss of some medicine cabinets and herbs, it’s nothing.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I broke that Wu Xin’s right hand as a little punishment, and I also told them that they must come to apologize within three days.”
As soon as Shi Tianqi heard this, he hurriedly said nervously, “Master Ye, you don’t need to break up with the Wu family over this small matter of old age! The Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan, and I’m afraid they will harbor a grudge against you and intend to take revenge…” First published at
Ye Chen said calmly, “Don’t worry, if the Wu family wants revenge, let them come, I will use the results to tell them that Jinling is not Suhang, there is a price to pay for messing around.”
Chen Xiaozhao said with an adoring face, “Master Ye, thank you for helping me and my grandfather take out this bad breath, the father and son surnamed Wu is really too much, just have to teach them a lesson and make them a little fearful!”
Shi Tianqi looked at Chen Xiaozhao and reprimanded: “What are you talking about blindly? How many times have I told you not to cause trouble for Master Ye, why can’t you understand this girl?”
Chen Xiaozhao could only nod his head in aggravation, not daring to say more.
Ye Chen then spoke up and said, “Old Shi, to tell you the truth, the reason why the Wu family’s father and son came to trouble you, to some extent, is also necessarily related to me.”
Shi Tianqi, Chen Xiaozhao, and Song Wanting were all a bit surprised, not understanding what Ye Chen meant by this.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “None of you are outsiders, so I’ll tell the truth, that second son of the Wu family, Wu Qi, turned out the way he did in the Shakespeare upload because I added a mental note to him.”
“Ah?!” The three present were dumbfounded!
No one would have thought that Wu Qi, who had become famous for turning into a shit swallowing beast some time ago, the culprit behind it was Ye Chen!
Chen Xiaozhao subconsciously asked, “Master Ye, do you have any conflicts with that Wu Qi?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I don’t have a problem with him, I just simply can’t see it.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “This brat doesn’t study well in a good university, always tramples on female students, and even tries to induce Qin Gang’s daughter’s best friend to commit suicide, I couldn’t see past him, so I gave him a little lesson, so that he can’t trample on girls for the rest of his life.”
Chen Xiaozhao immediately looked at him with incomparable admiration and spoke out, “Master Ye, you are truly my idol! I’ve long heard that that Wu Qi is no good, and I wonder how many people are clapping their hands at what he’s become! So it’s you, Master Ye, who is acting on behalf of Heaven!”
Song Wanting on the side couldn’t help but exclaim in awe, “Master Ye, the reason why Wu Donghai is still staying in Jinling is to find the person who did this to Wu Qi, but I didn’t expect it to be you…”

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