The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 71-80

Chapter: 71
Through the hazy frosted crystal glass, the entire Jinling could see this incomparably grand wedding.
Numerous people were extremely envious, but at the same time, they were also wondering in their hearts who the pair that got married in the Sky Garden were.
Also, these two were too mysterious, their wedding was attended by just the two of them, not even a single friend or family member, not even, not even a single witness!
On the crystal stage, Ye Chen took Xiao Churan’s hand and pulled out the emerald necklace that had already been prepared.
“Choran, this is my wedding anniversary gift to you, I hope you like it!”
Xiao Churan looked at the crystal clear emerald necklace and exclaimed in shock, “This…. This shouldn’t be the treasures of Jade Pavilion’s town, right? Ye Chen, where did you get this?”
As she spoke, Xiao Churan’s heart was shocked.
Could it be that Ye Chen was the divine tycoon on the video?
Otherwise, why would the emerald necklace be in his hands?
But…. One second to remember to read the book
But it’s not scientific!
Ye Chen was no more clear than he was, how could he be a divine tycoon?
He’s not even close to the word “rich”!
Ye Chen saw Xiao Churan’s surprise at this time and had an urge to tell her his true identity, to tell her that he was a scion of the Yanjing Ye family and the heir to a trillion dollar fortune.
However, in the next moment, he suddenly thought of a very serious matter.
What was the Ye family’s current situation, he wasn’t sure!
I had the impression that I had met my uncles and uncles when I was young, which meant that there was more than just dad in the entire previous generation of the Ye family.
Since it wasn’t just dad, then those uncles and uncles of his own, I’m afraid they also had children, and these people, would definitely see themselves as a thorn in their side.
If you were to boldly reveal your identity before you knew everything and were not capable enough to protect yourself and Xiao Choran, you might cause a death sentence for Xiao Choran!
The means of the noble family to compete for property is very cruel, he really does not want his beloved wife, because of his own risk.
Thinking of this, he deliberately lied: “This necklace, it looks exactly the same as the Cui Hen Pavilion’s town treasure, but it’s an imitation that I paid someone to make, although it also used not bad jade material, but it’s still far from the Cui Hen Pavilion’s one, and it cost tens of thousands of yuan in total, right?”
Saying that, Ye Chen nervously asked Xiao Churan again, “Churan, you won’t dislike it, right?”
Xiao Chu Ran was relieved!
So much more reasonable.
So she laughed hastily and said, “Silly me, how could I dislike it! You’ve done so much to do this, I’m touched more than I can say!”
Ye Chen was also relieved and hurriedly put the emerald necklace on for Xiao Churan with his own hands.
He looked at Xiao Churan with sincere eyes and said emotionally, “Churan, these three years of marrying me have caused you a lot of grievances, but from today onwards, I can promise you that no one can bully you anymore!”
Xiao Choran nodded her head repeatedly in emotion, at this moment, she realized that this husband of hers was finally going to raise his head to be a man!
The wedding ended and Ye Chen left quietly with Xiao Churan from the Sky Garden’s exclusive elevator.
The countless onlookers at the scene who were outside were feeling listless .
The hero and heroine were leaving this way?
The two of them ran over and mysteriously fed the world a handful of dog food and then ran away

Chapter: 72
For a while, the whole city was discussing this grand wedding that was ancient and unprecedented.
Only, no one knew who the man and woman of the wedding were.
Ye Chen drove the BMW 760 converted into a BMW 520 and drove his wife, Xiao Churan, back home.
On the way, Xiao Churan was still immersed in great happiness and couldn’t help herself.
She couldn’t help but ask Ye Chen, “Is this how you booked the Sky Garden? It’s like there’s never been an open house there, right?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “To be honest, an executive from Shangri-La is a good friend of mine from the orphanage, we used to live a hard life together, and I would share half of a steamed bun with him, so this time I asked for his help, and he was very kind enough.”
Xiao Churan nodded gently, “So that’s how it is, how come I haven’t heard you talk about it.”
Ye Chen said, “There are too many friends in the orphanage to talk about for three days and three nights, I thought you didn’t like to hear this, so I never said anything.”
Xiao Choran said seriously, “You are my husband, I am naturally very interested and eager to know about your previous affairs.”
Ye Chen then smiled and said, “Then I’ll tell you more later!”
Back in the community, Ye Chen drove the car downstairs.
Just parked the car and got off with Xiao Churan, just met his father-in-law and mother-in-law walking back.
The mother-in-law saw the two of them immediately and exclaimed, “Ran Ran, where did this BMW sedan come from?”
My father-in-law’s eyes glazed over when he saw this car!
“Ooh! BMW! Ranjan, you bought it new? A big deal!”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “Dad, Mom. I didn’t buy the car, it was Ye Chen who bought it.”
“Ye Chen?” My father-in-law frowned and asked, “Ye Chen, where did you get the money to buy this car? Did you use our Ran’s money?”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “No ah dad, this was all bought with my private money…”
The mother-in-law on the other hand pulled her father-in-law around the car and said with a flare, “Hmph! Eating our food and living with us every day, saving up for a BMW on his own without knowing how to honor us, what a white-eyed wolf!”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t say that about Ye Chen…”
Father-in-law sounded envious and jealous: “Hmph, and buy a BMW 520, just Ye Chen’s level, can he afford such a good car? Buying a BMW 3-series isn’t enough for him?”
My mother-in-law snaps, “I’m telling you, your father still doesn’t have a car! Half of his body is going into the ground, and if we don’t let him enjoy it, I’m afraid he won’t be able to enjoy it later!”
Said the mother-in-law, “Let’s say this car is for your father, as a token of filial respect for you two!”
Xiao Choran looked at Ye Chen and asked tentatively, “Ye Chen, do you think it’s okay?”
Ye Chen thought to himself, yes it can be, but this isn’t a BMW 520, this is a 760!
Speaking from the heart, this father-in-law of his own, is a wife’s hangdog, and is not favored in the old lady’s place, for him, the 760 is too wasteful….
Thinking of this, he hurriedly complimented: “Oh dad, this is a BMW 520, the second lowest in the BMW 5 series, nicknamed Beggar’s Edition, if you drive this car out, you’ll be laughed at.”
Mother-in-law’s eyebrows twisted, “What? You couldn’t bear to give me away?”
Ye Chen waved his hand in succession: “No, no, no, which can’t be relinquished, I was thinking, can’t let you drive a beggar version ah, or so, this 520 will not give you, I’ll buy you a 530, 530 than 520 a gear higher, you drive out also have face not!”
My mother-in-law frowned and asked, “You still have money for 530?”
Ye Chen said, “I’ve only made a small down payment on this car, and I still have some money in hand, so don’t worry, I’ll go buy you a car early tomorrow morning!”

Chapter: 73
As soon as my father-in-law and mother-in-law heard that Ye Chen would go and buy them a better one tomorrow, they immediately burst out laughing.
And the father-in-law didn’t even know that what he was missing out on was a top of the line BMW 760.
Xiao Churan was a little worried, after returning to his room and washing up, he quietly asked Ye Chen, “Do you still have money to buy a car? I still have some private money here, so why don’t you take it tomorrow and buy a car?”
Ye Chen hurriedly waved his hand, “No need, I still have some here, it’s enough.”
Xiao Churan said apologetically, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect my parents and my mom to be like this…”
Ye Chen smiled, “What are you talking about, your father and your mother are also my father and my mother, we are all family, it’s only right to be filial to them.”
Saying that, Ye Chen lay down on his small bunk and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll go and buy another one back tomorrow morning!”
Xiao Choran said movingly, “Ye Chen, thank you!”
Ye Chen laughed, “What’s there to be polite with me, wife!”
Xiao Churan’s pretty face flushed as she asked him, “You sleep on the floor, will you be cold at night?”
Ye Chen blurted out, “No, it’s not cold at all, don’t worry, it’s fine!”
Xiao Choran suddenly snapped, “If you’re not cold, fall asleep! Pighead!”
It was so hard to kind of want him to sleep on the bed, but this pig turned out to be so unethical….
Ye Chen then suddenly realised that he seemed to have accidentally missed something….
So he hurriedly said, “Oh my wife, the ground is so cold, it’s so cold that I’m shivering!”
Xiao Choran said in a bad mood, “If you’re cold, add a blanket!”
Ye Chen was suddenly depressed.
A long while later, he asked unrelentingly, “Honey, it seems like it’s cooling down, I’m so cold!”
Xiao Churan ignored him, directly kicked down a blanket, and said in an energetic voice: “How cold can it be on a summer night? If it’s still cold, I’ll find you a down jacket to put on!”
Ye Chen’s heart despaired, it seemed that his wife really wouldn’t let him sleep in bed tonight!
The next day, Xiao Churan was ready to go to work early in the morning.
Ye Chen made her breakfast, handed her the keys of the BMW car and said, “Drive to the office today.”
Xiao Churan couldn’t help but say, “You bought the car, it’s not appropriate for me to drive to work, right?”
Ye Chen said, “What’s so inappropriate about this? You’re my wife ah, and the car was bought for you, not for myself.”
Xiao Churan nodded gently and said thankfully, “Thank you!”
After saying that, he took the keys of the BMW from his hand.
The father-in-law on the side looked envious and took off, “Ye Chen, you didn’t forget what you said about buying me a car, did you?”
“No forgetting no forgetting!” Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Wait for me I’ll go buy it for you, just wait at home for the new car to come back!”
My father-in-law burst out laughing and happy, “Then I’ll be waiting! BMW 530, you said it yourself, don’t buy the wrong one!”
Ye Chen was amused, nodded and said, “Don’t worry Dad, I’ll buy the BMW 530 for you today!”
After saying that, he followed his wife downstairs and pulled his little electric donkey, from the BMW, out of the trunk of the BMW 760.
Xiao Churan drove this BMW 760 to work, while Ye Chen himself, once again rode the little donkey and headed to the BMW 4s store.
When he arrived at the BMW 4s store, he happened to pass by the entrance of the Audi store.

Chapter: 74
The Audi shop was the first to see him, and a salesman took off, “Fuck, the guy who bought the BMW 760 is riding the little donkey again!”
“Shit, even if I have to kneel down to him today, I’m going to stop him and sell him a top-of-the-line Audi A8!”
At one point, a whole bunch of Audi salesmen raced out and surrounded him.
“Sir! Come to our shop and see the latest top-of-the-line Audi a8!”
“Sir! Our a8 is powerful, with a w12 engine that’s even more powerful than the BMW 760’s v12 engine!”
Ye Chen curiously asked, “Is it really that awesome?”
“Really!” One of Audi’s sales hastily introduced: “Brother, I tell you, we this w12 engine, is can be left and right off, 12 cylinders off half is 6 cylinders, so more fuel-efficient!”
Ye Chen despised and said, “Are you sick? I’m buying a 12-cylinder car with 6 cylinders off to save fuel? So why don’t I just buy a 6-cylinder car?”
“This…. This…. This….” One second to remember to read the book
The sales all of a sudden realized that they had said the wrong thing, and their faces held red.
Ye Chen smirked at them and said, “I know what you guys are thinking, yesterday you saw me buy a BMW 760 and felt bad, today you say you want to keep me as a customer, right?”
The group of people hurriedly nodded their heads in succession.
Ye Chen grunted, “Tell you guys! Late! Yesterday you were all lovey-dovey with me, but today I’ll make you unreachable!”
After saying that, Ye Chen pressed the horn of the little electric donkey.
“Get out of the way, get out of the way! My brother is going to the BMW store to buy a car!”
The BMW salesman ran out at this point, angry, “What are you doing, Audi’s grandson? Robbing our clients isn’t! Can’t you see that our clients don’t give a shit about you? Surrounding our valued guests again, I believe I’ll have the TV station expose you!”
The Audi man couldn’t hang on to his face, so he could only leave in shame.
The manager of the BMW 4s store personally came to greet Ye Chen and came up and respectfully asked, “Mr. Ye, do you still want to buy a car today?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Is there a BMW 530 available? I’m driving away today!”
“There is there!”
The manager is so excited.
Buying a BMW 760 yesterday and a BMW 530 today, that’s a big customer!
So he hurriedly said, “Sir, please follow me, I’ll show you the exhibition car.”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and followed him into the showroom.
There happened to be a BMW 530 in the showroom, and Ye Chen sat in and felt it, and found that although the car looked similar to the 7 Series, it was really much worse inside, but for his father-in-law, the middle-aged and elderly big hangman, it was already considered a high configuration.
So he was ready to buy the car directly, when he suddenly heard a somewhat familiar voice, saying in a whiny voice: “Oh dear, I really like the BMW x6,” he said. How about you buy me an x6?”
Sitting in the car, Ye Chen followed the sound, but the result was that the fiancée of his good friend Wang Daokun in college, Liu Lili, was now holding a strange man, with an intimate and ambiguous face.
Ye Chen suddenly frowned tightly, thinking, Liu Li Li tube the other party called dear, is this woman to Wang Daokun cuckolded?
He couldn’t help but feel annoyed because he hated this kind of woman in his life who had no moral boundaries and was unfaithful to his feelings.
Moreover, Wang Daokun was reserved and busy with his career, and she came out to cuckold him, this kind of woman was too disgusting!
At that moment, I heard the man with a lustful face ask, “If I buy you an x6 now, how will you explain it to that Wang Dokun?”
“Wang Dokun?” Liu Lili said with a disgusted face, “Forget about that wimp, a loser, the family wants money, no money, no skills, if it wasn’t for the fact that he looked quite honest and down-to-earth, I wouldn’t be with him!”

Chapter: 75
The man grinned, pinched Liu Li Li’s face and asked, “Now that you’re my woman, are you going to continue with him? My Zhao Dong’s woman will not allow other men to get their hands on her!”
Liu Lili hurriedly said, “Don’t worry Brother Dong, I haven’t let him touch me since we were together, I think he’s dirty! My body will always be used to serve you and you alone, Brother Dong!”
Saying that, she explained, “Actually, I originally wanted to break up with him right after the hotel opened, but I didn’t expect that this guy knew a classmate who was still somewhat capable and helped me get rid of the scar on the gangsters over in the development zone, I wanted to wait until the business of the store was a bit more stable before breaking up with him and directly kick him out of the hotel.”
Zhao Dong laughed and said, “A scar is just a scar, what’s the big deal? If you had told me earlier, I could have sent his big brother to apologize to you with a phone call.”
Liu Lili smiled and said, “Oh my, you’re still great, Brother Dong! It was an emergency, I didn’t have time to call you, and that Wang Dokun was there, I was afraid you’d be unhappy if you saw him!”
Zhao Dong pinched a hand on her waist and laughed, “You’re quite sensible!”
Liu Lili hurriedly used her front to rub herself back and forth on his arm and said, “Brother Dong, are you willing to buy someone a BMW x6 or not!”
Zhao Dong laughed and said, “So, later, what about later, first go to my house, let me feed you properly a few times, then you go break up with that hangman, and tomorrow I’ll come and buy you a BMW x6!”
Liu Li Li asked in surprise, “Brother Dong, are you telling the truth? Really buy me an x6 tomorrow?”
“When have I ever lied to you?” Zhao Dong grinned and said, “But you have to serve me comfortably first!”
Liu Li Li immediately fawned and said, “Don’t worry Brother Dong, I’ll definitely serve you well when we get to your house!”
The two of them said, turning their heads and leaving the 4s store again.
Ye Chen was very annoyed with the pair of dogs in his heart, and immediately took out his phone and called Wang Daokun.
As soon as Wang Daokun got on the phone, he immediately said excitedly, “Ye Chen, what are you doing? Why did you think to call me?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Calling to greet you, what are you working on now?”
Wang Daokun said, “I’m helping out in the back kitchen of the hotel, it’s not almost noon, so I’m going to be serving customers soon, so I’m helping out.”
Ye Chen asked, “You’re busy at the restaurant every day, ah?”
Wang Daokun said, “Yes, the hotel just opened, there are many things going on, besides, more than half of the money for this hotel is paid by Lili’s father, if I don’t work harder, I’ll make their family look down on me.”
Ye Chen asked again, “How much money did you contribute?”
“I paid 100,000, it’s my entire savings from when I graduated from college until now.”
Ye Chen continued to ask, “Who is the owner of the hotel?”
Wang Dokun said, “It’s me!”
Ye Chen asked, “Is your name written in the business registration?”
Wang Daokun said, “That’s not true, the business registration is in Lili’s her father’s name, Lili and I are not married yet, and it’s not appropriate to write my name when people are paying for it.”
After saying that, Wang Daokun said, “But her father said that after we get married, he will change the actual owner of the hotel to me.”
Ye Chen shook his head as he listened, this idiot, he was being used and didn’t even know it!
Liu Li Li put him as a cow as a slave, let him busy hotel business in the development zone, he came out to steal people, get together with rich men, but also ready to stomp him.
Now the hotel is on the business registration, and Wang Daokun has nothing to do with it, once Liu Li Li turned on him, he can only leave the house!
By then, not only will he have worked for nothing, but he’ll have thrown his hundred thousand dollars into it as well!
At the thought of this, he felt even more disgusted with Liu Lili and directly asked Wang Daokun, “What is Lili doing now?”

Chapter: 76
Wang Daokun smiled, “She, ah, went to do her hair, what’s wrong?”
Ye Chen sneered, “Doing hair? She said that?”
“You believe her when she says so?”
Wang Daokun spoke in a somewhat surprised tone and asked, “Ye Chen, what exactly do you mean? Just say it straight, no need to beat around the bush.”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “Then I’ll be straightforward, I saw Liu Lili at the BMW 4s store, and she was cuddling with a man named Zhao Dong and verbally calling that Zhao Dong dear, you might have been cuckolded by her.”
“No way!” Wang Daokun blurted out, “Lili isn’t like that at all! Could it be that you’ve got the wrong person?”
Ye Chen said with certainty, “I’m not mistaken, it’s her.”
“I don’t believe it!” Wang Daokun’s tone became cold and said, “Ye Chen, we have a good relationship, but you can’t speak ill of my wife just because we have a good relationship!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Wang Dao Kun, wake up! Your wife is already with another man, that Zhao Dong also promised to buy her a BMW x6, and now Liu Lili has gone home with him and is planning to break up with you when she gets back tonight! As an old classmate, I urge you to prepare yourself!”
Without waiting for Wang Daokun to reply, Ye Chen continued, “You’d better transfer that painting I gave you first, keep that painting and you still have the capital to make a comeback, but if you don’t believe me, then I can’t do anything about it.”
Wang Daokun also got anxious and said, “Ye Chen! Don’t talk nonsense here! Lili is my fiancée, I know her best, she would never betray me! If you falsely accuse her again, I’ll cut you out of my life!”
Ye Chen frowned and said indifferently, “Well, as a friend, I’ve already given the warning I should have given, if you don’t believe me, then there’s nothing I can do, good luck!”
After saying that, Ye Chen directly hung up the phone.
What a fool who was carried away by love, I should have secretly recorded a video and sent it to him just now!
At that moment, the manager of the BMW store knocked on the window and asked him, “Sir, are you still satisfied with this 530?”
Ye Chen nodded, “Quite good, I’ll take this one, bring me a new one from the warehouse.”
The manager was immediately pleased, “You wait a moment, I’ll go and arrange for someone to bring the car over!”
Soon, a black BMW 530 was driven over by the salesman, and Ye Chen simply swiped his card fluently to pay for and pick up the car, then folded up the little electric donkey, stuffed it into the trunk, and drove off in a big swing.
On the way back, his father-in-law and mother-in-law took turns calling, asking if he had returned.
When Ye Chen arrived downstairs, he found that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were already waiting downstairs.
Seeing that Ye Chen had actually bought a BMW 530, the old couple was all smiles with excitement.
Father-in-law circled the BMW several times and exclaimed, “Good car! Nice car! I really didn’t think I’d be able to drive a BMW!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Dad, you might even be able to drive a Rolls Royce in the future.”
Father-in-law laughed, “That depends on your skills!”
The mother-in-law was also happy on the side, and her attitude towards Ye Chen had also changed quite a bit.
Father-in-law got into the car for a test drive and came back and said, “The car is really good and comfortable to drive, but the car is too long and not too maneuverable, Ye Chen, this afternoon you will be my driver and accompany me out to do something, I just happen to have an appointment with someone to see something.”
Ye Chen nodded his head, “Okay dad.”
His mother-in-law spoke excitedly, “Turn around and be my chauffeur too, take me out for afternoon tea with my friends! Let them also see that I’m going out with a BMW for transportation!”
“Okay Mom!”

Chapter: 77
After lunch, father-in-law Xiao Changkun was already fully dressed and urged Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, get ready quickly, drive our new car and come with me to Antique Street, there is a shop that has a new official kiln vase from the Tang Dynasty, I want to go over and appreciate it.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but advise, “Dad, you’re playing with antiques again now? Our family doesn’t have much money, so isn’t it a bit too extravagant to buy antiques?”
Xiao Changkun is not much of a money-making skill, but he has dreamed a lot about getting rich, and all right, he likes to stroll around the antique street, dreaming of picking up a leak, but over the past few years, he has basically been pitched a lot.
It had subsided for a while before, but I didn’t expect that now not only did it not completely stop, but it had resurfaced again.
Xiao Changkun saw that Ye Chen even dared to point his finger at himself, he snorted coldly and said, “Don’t be so nonsensical, hurry up and send me over.”
Ye Chen had no choice but to disobey, but he had no choice but to drive his father-in-law to the Antique Street.
Jinling was a famous historical city, and the Antique Street located outside the scenic area was also a little famous in China, gathering antique dealers from all over the country, as well as punters.
The local tourism department also took advantage of the situation and spent a huge amount of money to renovate the Antique Street and turn it into an attractive tourist attraction.
Arriving at the Antique Street, Xiao Changkun familiarly arrived at the entrance of an antique shop, explaining to the receptionist that he had an appointment, and to the convenience of inviting the two to the VIP room at the back to look at the goods.
Ye Chen was about to follow and walk in, but Xiao Changkun turned back and said, “Don’t follow me in, you won’t be able to understand if you go, wait for me at the entrance of the VIP room!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen could only nod his head, “I know dad!”
With his hands behind his back, Xiao Changkun followed the receptionist into the VIP room, so Ye Chen sat down in the rest area.
A few minutes later, Ye Chen suddenly heard a banging sound coming from the VIP room.
After that, Ye Chen saw his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, running out from inside with a panicked look.
He was mumbling, “It’s over, it’s over! It’s over!”
Ye Chen hurriedly walked forward and looked behind his father-in-law, only to see that a tall and skinny ceramic bottle on the ground had broken into two pieces, and there were many tiny ceramic fragments on the ground.
Through the fragments, it could vaguely be seen that the one that was broken should be a Tang Dynasty jade pot spring vase.
He had grown up in the Ye family back then, and was also knowledgeable, so he could tell at a glance that the bottle was a genuine antique, and it wouldn’t be much of a problem to sell it at a market price of several million.
It seems that the old father-in-law is in big trouble this time.
In the VIP room, a middle-aged man said with a black face, “Mr. Xiao, this jade pot spring bottle of ours, but more than five million recovered, and now that you have broken it, you must compensate it according to the price!”
This person, was the manager of Jiqing Hall, Zhou Liang Yun.
Xiao Changkun pulled Ye Chen over and said with difficulty, “This is my precious son-in-law, do you know how much money he has? I don’t care if it’s 5 million, it’s 50 million! You two talk about the compensation! I have things to do, so I’ll be off!”
After saying that, Xiao Changkun pushed Ye Chen inside and twisted his own head and ran out.
Ye Chen was confused, this father-in-law was too shameless, this was a clear attempt to make him take the blame!
Zhou Liang Yun looked at Ye Chen and asked in a cold voice, “This gentleman, a total of five million three hundred and eighty thousand, are you going to swipe your card or transfer the money?”
Ye Chen spread his hands, “I don’t have money.”
It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford to pay, but he just wanted to teach his father-in-law a lesson and avoid having to greet himself every day in the future to come to the Antique Street.
“No money?” Zhou Liang Yun gritted his teeth and said, “After smashing our Jiqing Hall’s stuff, do you think you can hide by saying you have no money?”
Ye Chen said helplessly, “I didn’t want to hide, but I really don’t have any money, besides, I didn’t smash this bottle of yours, so why do you want me to pay for it?”

Chapter: 78
Zhou Liang Luck was anxious: “Isn’t that your father-in-law?”
Ye Chen nodded: “You also said, it’s my father-in-law, not me, who smashed it you find to compensate ah, this is called an injustice, misfortune is not as bad as family, this truth you do not understand?”
Zhou Liang Yun was annoyed, but thinking about what Ye Chen said made sense.
If he didn’t let him compensate without a word, and word got out, the sign of Jiqing Hall would be ruined.
So he hurriedly took off and said to the few people around him, “You guys, hurry up and go get that old guy!”
Ye Chen watched them chase after the old father-in-law hand and foot, and one person laughed without saying anything.
Actually, he could have just swiped his card and lost the money, but wouldn’t that be a bargain for his shameless father-in-law?
Rather than that, it was better to make this old guy suffer.
Otherwise, if he encountered something like this again in the future, he would still trap himself.
All the people from the Jiqing Hall went out to arrest Ye Chen’s father-in-law, and Ye Chen himself was idle, so he looked at the bottle that was broken in half on the ground.
The bottle was about half a meter tall, and now it had broken in half as well as a pile of fragments, which looked a bit of a pity.
However, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be something hidden at the bottom of the lower half of the bottle.
He hurriedly reached in and pulled out a small wooden casket!
I never thought there would be such a mystery in this bottle!
The Jade Pot Spring Bottle is a small and unique mouth, this wooden casket is obviously two or three times larger than the mouth of the bottle, and it seems that it wasn’t just stuffed in at a later stage, but the wooden casket was made directly into it when this bottle was made!
So it seems that this wooden casket should be left over from the Tang Dynasty as well!
He took the wooden box in his hand and looked at it carefully, then used some force and opened it with a pop.
As the wooden box opened, an extreme fragrance escaped, and Ye Chen inhaled a mouthful, feeling only refreshed.
Taking a closer look, inside the wooden box lay an ancient book that was less than palm-sized!
Ye Chen picked up this very pocket-sized ancient book, only to see four ancient seal characters written on the title page, “Nine Xuantian Scriptures”.
“The name is a bit interesting, I don’t know what it’s recorded about.” Ye Chen flipped open the book and looked backwards.
The first one, was the “Healing Chapter”, which contained a large number of cases, and treatment methods.
Ye Chen frowned slightly, he had come in contact with Chinese medicine and knew some of the basic theories of Chinese medicine, but what was recorded in this book was clearly much more advanced than the methods used in the Chinese medicine world today.
Some of the diagnostic and treatment methods were even unheard of, and even at the end of the medical chapter, Ye Chen saw alchemy, and the effects of some pills were simply beyond the real world.
Ye Chen became interested and sat on the floor, flipping constantly.
Unexpectedly, there were also feng shui divination, as well as all sorts of divine means such as treasure identification and restoration, and other than that, there were quite a few other strange and bizarre things in this “Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures”.
Ye Chen read for a long time, only feeling that every word in the book was drilling into his brain, his heart was like boiling water.
Picking up on this!
It’s the ultimate treasure!

Chapter: 79
In great joy, Ye Chen immediately prepared to stuff the Nine Xuantian Scriptures into his bosom.
As a result, the book immediately turned into powder and disappeared.
However, every word in the book was clearly imprinted in Ye Chen’s brain.
At this time, the fleeing father-in-law was brutally escorted back by several big five and three thick men.
Seeing that both sides of his face were red and swollen, it looked like he had been caught and smacked!
Ye Chen only wanted to laugh in his heart as he looked at his wretched appearance.
This old man, who had caused trouble and still wanted to dump the blame on himself, was really outrageous! Let him take a little punishment.
The old father-in-law Xiao Changkun is particularly wretched at this time, he just ran as hard as he could, tired enough.
But he didn’t have the car keys, he was old and fat, and couldn’t run fast enough, which was the opponent of these young people.
It’s not a big deal, he was caught, tied up, and slapped several times, so it was miserable.
The manager, Zhou Liang Yun, gritted his teeth when several people arrested Xiao Changkun and said, “Old man, smashed our bottle and wanted to run? You don’t even ask about the background of our Jiqing Hall!”
The old father-in-law said in horror: “I didn’t do it on purpose ah, it’s this bottle it’s too slippery…”
Zhou Liang Yun said coldly, “Cut the crap with me! I’ll give you one afternoon to raise the money, and if you can’t afford to pay, I’ll report a warning for intentional damage to other people’s property, and a case value of over five million is enough to put you through jail!”
Xiao Changkun was trembling with fear and looked at Ye Chen as if he saw a straw that saved his life: “Ye Chen, my good son-in-law! You can’t see death without saving it!”
Ye Chen helplessly said, “Dad, I don’t have that much money either!”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly blurted out, “Then you’ll go to jail instead of me! My Xiao family has raised you for so long, and it’s time for you to repay your kindness!”
Ye Chen thought to himself, why do you have the face to say such a thing?
Just about to refuse, that middle-aged man took the lead and spoke, “An injustice has its owner, we at Jiqing Hall are most trustworthy in business, you broke the bottle, so you have to compensate!”
Saying that, he said to Ye Chen, “You can go, but you better raise enough money for him, or else, after this afternoon, I’ll send him to the police station!”
Ye Chen nodded gently.
Xiao Changkun was terrified and cried, “Good son-in-law you can’t go! What am I going to do when you’re gone?”
Ye Chen saw him scared like this and couldn’t help but laugh.
But of course he couldn’t laugh on the face.
He was trying to find an excuse to raise money and leave, so that his father-in-law could stay here and suffer a bit.
But it suddenly occurred to him in his head that there was an ancient method for repairing porcelain artifacts in the “Nine Xuantian Scriptures” just now, so he had a thought and said, “Manager Zhou, if I can repair that jade pot spring vase, will you be able to let my father-in-law leave?”
Zhou Liang Yun sneered and said, “Who do you think you are, you still want to restore antiques, to tell you the truth, I’ve already sent the photo to the Jinling relic appraisal expert to look at it, and the other party said that it’s shattered like this, it’s not possible to repair it anymore.”
Ye Chen shook his head, “This bottle of yours is broken anyway, it’s useless to keep it, I won’t lose anything by trying…”
Zhou Liangyun sneered disdainfully and said, “Fine, the heart won’t die until the Yellow River, right? Okay! I’d like to see what you’re capable of!”
Ye Chen said, “Prepare me a rice paper, a brush, five eggs, and the eggs should be raw.”
Zhou Liangyun waited to see what kind of joke Ye Chen would make, and without hesitation, he quickly found a basket of raw eggs for Ye Chen.
But he still couldn’t help but mock, “Using eggs to repair relics, I’ve never seen such tactics, I’m warning you, don’t play any tricks, either you take the money to compensate, or we take your father-in-law to court, five million, it’s enough to put your father-in-law in jail for the rest of his life.”

Chapter: 80
Ye Chen nodded and said, “What if I fix it?”
Zhou Liang Yun snorted, “If it is indeed repaired after a professional appraisal, and it can recover most of the damage, then you can leave!”
“Yes!” Ye Chen nodded, “It’s a deal!”
Afterwards, he immediately stopped talking to him, took up the brush and sketched out the outline of the jade pot spring bottle on the rice paper.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the bottle, and then you need to take a look at the antique.
Everyone held their breath for fear of disturbing his restoration process.
Soon, half an hour passed.
When Ye Chen straightened up again, what was presented before everyone’s eyes was a newborn-like Tang Dynasty jade pot spring vase.
He smiled at Zhou Liangyun and said, “You can look at it, where there are still flaws.”
Zhou Liang Yun picked up the bottle and looked it up and down for a few moments before saying disdainfully, “Are you kidding me? You’re fixing it with a fucking egg wash? I’ll break your leg and paste you with egg wash too, okay?” One second to remember to read the book
“Don’t mess with that bottle!”
Just at this moment, a crisp, urgent voice suddenly came from the door.
Immediately following, a cold beauty wearing a small white casual suit, stepped in.
Her face was clear and beautiful, her body perfect and tall, close to one and a half meters tall, exuding noble momentum, her pair of beautiful eyes looking towards the house, her eyes filled with cold arrogance, just like a frost queen.
The moment Zhou Liang Yun saw this woman, his face changed dramatically, he even bowed his head and respectfully said, “Eldest Miss, what are you doing here?”
The person who came was the actual owner of Jiqing Hall, the eldest daughter of the top family in Jinling, the Song Clan, Song Wanting.
Song Wanting snorted coldly with an angry face, “I’m afraid that if I don’t come, you’ll ruin this shop! What’s going on?”
Zhou Liang Yun accosted and smiled, busy returning, “A customer broke the bottle by mistake while looking at it, his son-in-law repaired it with an egg, I was about to say it was worthless to repair it this way and communicate with them about compensation.”
Song Wanting leaned over to the side of the jade pot spring bottle and observed for a moment, her complexion changing abruptly!
Then, she immediately turned back to angrily scold Zhou Liangyun, “Put it down! Who told you to touch without understanding!”
Zhou Liang Yun was confused: “Miss, what are you?”
Song Wanting said angrily, “This is a newly restored relic, other than the experts who restored it, no one else can touch it with their hands yet, don’t you even understand this rule?”
Zhou Liang Yun said with some hesitation, “This…. It’s just a paste with egg mixture, it’s not a repair, right?”
Song Wanting’s beautiful eyes contained anger and rebuked, “You fool, after this bottle is repaired, the price will at least double, but just because you touched it with your hand, you’ll lose at least two million! Pack your own things and don’t come tomorrow!”
She had previously seen a porcelain plate from the same period as the Jade Pot Spring Vase at an auction in Hong Kong City.
The history of that porcelain plate was very interesting, it was a porcelain plate from the Tang Dynasty, which was broken during the Song Dynasty, and then repaired by skilled craftsmen of the Song Dynasty using the same method.
And because this restoration technique is extremely rare, history has long been lost, so the porcelain plate was eventually sold for thirteen million, far more than the actual value of the plate.
Now that this jade pot spring bottle was restored by Ye Chen using a lost technique, the value of this bottle would all rise!
Zhou Liangyun’s face was pale, completely not expecting that just touching the Jade Pot Spring Vase would cause so much damage and lose his job.
Song Wanting then asked, “Where is the master who repaired this jade pot spring vase? Quickly take me to pay my respects.”

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Interesting web novel. So far so good. I admire Ye Chen. Although he has “regained” his identity and has received billions of yuan, he still chose to honor his arranged marriage with Xiao Churan. It’s just that it seemed unnatural for such a happy wife not to have allowed her husband to sleep on the bed with her that night. It would be nice to see the romance bloom.

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