The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 61-70

Chapter: 61
Wang Tengfei really wanted to die!
What the hell!
Did you not read the lunar calendar today?
How come you’ve been hit in the face by Ye Chen, the stinking hangman?
I wouldn’t have thought that the painting was real, and it’s worth over 200,000 dollars!
But, you’ve made your bold statement, now what? Do we really eat the table?
That’s impossible!
If the car burns, it burns, and if it burns, you can buy more, but how can the table eat it?
If you eat it, you’ll be dead, right?
The other students also took him to ridicule at this time, “Gee, Wang Tengfei, you yourself said you’d eat the table, you wouldn’t go back on your word at this point, would you?”
“That’s right, people are waiting for your show!”
I don’t know who slapped the table, “Brother Tengfei, please start your performance!”
Wang Tengfei looked extremely ugly and took off, “We were all classmates, there’s no need for you to be so down on yourselves at this point, right?”
“A downer?” Ye Chen laughed and said, “You’re the one who started this, everyone is just urging you to fulfill your promise, how did it turn into a downer?”
Wang Tengfei knew that he couldn’t get through this mix up today, he could only hold back his anger and said in an urn, “It was me who was impulsive just now, I was blind, I apologize to Ye Chen and to everyone, I hope everyone can forgive me.”
Seeing him suddenly soften up, everyone was very surprised, was this still Wang Tengfei? When did he ever give in?
But Wang Tengfei had no choice.
What to do?
If you don’t admit it, you’re going to have to eat the table, and there’s no fucking way you’re going to be able to do that.
If you were to cheat, you would definitely have committed public anger, and everyone wouldn’t know how they would taunt you.
So, the only way to get over this hurdle right now is to admit to being a wimp.
Sure enough, as soon as he conceded on his side, a student said, “Oh my, it’s not easy for Wang Tengfei to admit his mistake and apologize, and besides, it’s impossible for everyone to really force him to eat the table, so let’s just forget about it!”
“Just, forget it! Eating a table is out of the question, and everyone hasn’t eaten yet, so let’s just get started!”
Ye Chen also knew that Wang Tengfei was not going to eat the table, but now that he had conceded, he had achieved his goal of letting you pretend to be a pussy, and pretending to be a pussy, you had to be cleaned up.
But you are so pretentious, taking such a little clean up is definitely not enough, now is still just the beginning, there will be even worse waiting for you later.
So he mouthily said, “Since Wang Tengfei student has admitted his mistake and apologized, then the table eating thing is forgotten, today is the big day of the opening of the Dao Kun Hotel, it’s better not to steal the limelight from others!”
Wang Tengfei was relieved.
But in his heart, he wanted to kill Ye Chen to relieve his hatred.
Ye Chen was not prepared to let him go, he sent a text message to Wang Dongxue: “Which vice president of the company surnamed Wang, whose son is named Wang Tengfei, help me check.”
Wang Dongxue quickly replied: “There is a vice president named Wang Donghai, his son is named Wang Tengfei, what’s wrong chairman, what’s the order? ”
Ye Chen replied, “Drive him off and let him go now.”
Wang Tengfei didn’t know that his dad was now going through the dismissal process by the Imperial Group.
He who had finally overcome the difficulty of the gambling curse was slightly relieved, but in his heart he was thinking that he must find a chance to take revenge on Ye Chen!

Chapter: 62
More importantly, he had to find a way to regain his dignity in front of his classmates, otherwise how else could he pretend to be a pussy in front of his classmates in the future if he was beaten in the face by Ye Chen twice in a row?
Just when I didn’t know how to get my face back, a sudden noise came from the entrance of the hotel.
Everyone looked away.
They saw a group of vicious social youths barge in, all of them with tattoos and holding baseball bats, galvanized water pipes and the like in their hands, they were not easy to mess with.
Seeing such a group of people rushing in, everyone’s face changed, especially Wang Daokun and Liu Lili, their eyes filled with fear.
After the head of a scar face came in, he first swept around the hall, then pointed at Wang Daokun and smiled fiercely, “Boss, opening such a big thing without giving advance greetings, are you looking down on our brothers ah?”
Liu Li Li paled, squeezed out a smile and said, “You guys…. What are you guys doing?”
Before opening, Liu Li Li heard that there are social people here to collect protection fees, the last owner of this restaurant, it is said that these hooligans were ruined and had no choice but to transfer this shop out.
But Liu Lili felt that the clear blue sky, those black society people do not still dare to rob money in broad daylight? That’s why she took the place at a low price and was going to run it properly.
Unexpectedly, as soon as it opened, all these socialites came calling! One second to remember to read the book
Scarface grinned, “Doing business here, naturally we have to take care of our Piao, we don’t want much, give us twenty percent of your dry shares in this restaurant, and we’ll cover anything that happens to you here in the future.”
Saying that, Scarface said again in a cold voice, “If you don’t give it, then don’t blame me for being rude, you’ll have to close today!”
Hearing this price, both Wang Daokun and Liu Lili sucked in a breath of cold air.
Twenty percent of the dry shares at the first opening!
This is an open robbery!
“I’ll give you a minute to think about it.”
Wang Tengfei suddenly felt that his chance to get ahead had come!
So he came out at once and spoke up, “Who are you guys hanging out with?”
Scarface asked with a sardonic smile, “What are you, do I have to give you a self-report?”
Wang Tengfei grinned, “Let me tell you, my father has plenty of contacts in the black and white of Jinling! I’m going to make a call to the head of the development zone and ask about it!”
Scarface looked at him with some scruples and tried, “You know the leaders of the development zone?”
“Of course!” Wang Tengfei said coldly, “If you don’t want to die, then get out!”
Scarface frowned, “Well, if you can find someone you can talk to, I won’t come to this shop anymore, but if you can’t, then don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
Liu Li Li looked nervous and said, “Brother Fei, please help us get in touch, please!”
Wang Tengfei smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll call the leaders of the development zone!”
The company’s main business is the development of a new product, the company’s newest product.
The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right person,” he said. It all came to my classmate’s shop!”
There, stunned, he said, “Tengfei ah, what’s going on?”
Wang Tengfei said: “A friend of mine opened a restaurant and met a disturbance subjected to protection money, so I want to ask District Chief Li to ask whether it’s in charge or not.”
That head chanted for a moment, slightly embarrassed: “Sorry ah Tengfei, you said these things, not my control, I am now in a meeting, hang up first.”
Without waiting for Wang Tengfei to speak, the other end hung up the phone.
Wang Tengfei was dumbfounded.
What was going on? Didn’t District Chief Li always stammer Dad and hope to get more investment from the Imperial Group before?
Why don’t you give yourself any face now?
How could Wang Tengfei know that the news of his father’s expulsion from the Imperial Group had already spread throughout the entire leadership team of Jinling!

Chapter: 63
Wang Tengfei didn’t know why, so he was annoyed, but now that so many students were watching, he could only bite his tongue and find other relationships.
Wang Tengfei made another call to the person in charge of the District Public Security Bureau.
This person also had a good friendship with dad.
As soon as the call came through, Wang Tengfei immediately said, “Chief Chen, it’s me, Wang Tengfei, I’ve encountered something in the development zone…”
Said Wang Tengfei, Wang Tengfei told the matter once again.
The other party was embarrassed and said, “Tengfei ah, the other party is Ah Piao’s man, Ah Piao is Hongwu’s man, you’d better not get involved in this matter.”
Wang Tengfei asked, “You just don’t care about meddling in it?”
The other party said, “You should also know the status of Master Hong Fifth.”
Wang Tengfei also panicked a bit and said, “Then you can always sell face and help put in a good word with the other party, right?”
The other party accosted, “This face really can’t be sold, sorry.”
Wang Tengfei was furious and said, “Bureau Chen, I seem to remember that you still want the Emperor Group to donate a number of police cars to your precinct, right? Don’t you want any more?”
The other party simply stopped being fake polite with him and said in a cold voice, “Wang Tengfei, your father has been fired from the Imperial Group, you didn’t know?”
“Fired! When was that?”
“Half an hour ago!”
They said, and added, “You can figure it out yourself first.”
And said, “Hang up the phone!
Scarface looked at his stunned face and sneered, “What? Can’t find anyone?”
Wang Tengfei was about to open his mouth to speak, but unexpectedly Scarface slapped him across the face, causing Wang to stumble, knocking over the table and chairs!
The audience was in an uproar!
Everyone’s face went white, but no one dared to step forward to stop this Scarface.
“You dare to hit me?”
Wang Tengfei covered his face, his white face showing deep anger.
“What’s wrong with me hitting you?”
Scarface smiled heedlessly and kicked Wang Tengfei in the stomach again, knocking him to the ground and going up for a pounding!
Wang Tengfei was beaten and screaming, but at this moment, no one could help him at all.
In a short while, Wang Tengfei was beaten into a pig’s head, and his face covered in blood looked horrible.
Wang Tengfei was terrified from the beating and begged as he cried, “Big brother, big brother, I was wrong! Please don’t fight!”
“Wrong?” Scarface snorted coldly, “Just be wrong? You’re fucking pretending with me, if I don’t kill you, how can I still hang around?”
Afterwards, he greeted the others, “Damn it, give me a good beating!”
The crowd immediately rushes up and punches and kicks Wang Tengfei!
Some people, even used a baseball bat to smash on his body, the scene was gruesome.
Seeing that Wang Tengfei was beaten half to death, Scarface at this time walked up to Wang Daokun and threatened in a cold voice, “Your friend faked with me, the original 20%, now becomes 40%! If you don’t, he’ll end up as an example to you!”
Wang Daokun was panicking, but if he wanted forty percent of his own shares in one breath, then he would be working for these social youths?
So he plucked up his courage and said, “Forty percent, then you might as well kill me!”
Scar frowned tightly and said coldly, “Yes! Then I’ll do it for you!”
After saying that, he immediately pulled out a shining sharp knife from his pocket.
Everyone was frightened, and the female students even screamed out.
Ye Chen saw that this scar was going to attack Wang Daokun and immediately took off, “Put the knife down!”
The scar face turned his head and cursed under his breath, “Who the hell still wants to die?”

Chapter: 64
Turning his head, he saw Ye Chen, and his eyes were first confused, then turned into deep fear, and plopped down on his knees!
When everyone didn’t regain consciousness, the scar face had dropped his sharp knife, smacked himself left and right, and confessed, “Mr. Ye is sorry! It’s my eyesight that didn’t see you here!”
Ye Chen was slightly stunned, looked at Scarface and said, “You know me?”
Scarface nodded vigorously and said, “Mr. Ye, I’m one of Biao’s men, I’ve seen you at the Heavenly Fragrance House…”
Ye Chen suddenly realized.
So that was it.
The person who was looking for Wang Yunfei and Xiao Hailong in the Heavenly Fragrance House that day was Master Hong Fifth’s younger brother, named Biaozi.
No wonder he was so scared when he saw himself.
Master Hong Fifth’s legs were weak at the sight of himself, let alone Master Hong Fifth’s little brother….
The class was stunned! Liu Lili was also shocked as if in a dream. Remember the website
Everyone didn’t understand why a fierce Taoist big brother, Scarface who dared to beat up even Wang Tengfei, would kneel down to Ye Chen, the door-to-door son-in-law! And acted as if he was afraid of Ye Chen?
Xiao Churan was also foolish and asked Ye Chen, “What’s going on? You know him?”
Ye Chen was afraid that she might misunderstand that he had ties to the mob and hurriedly said, “I don’t know him!”
When Scarface saw this, he also hurriedly said, “No recognition no recognition! I don’t know Mr. Ye, and Mr. Ye doesn’t know me, I’ve just always heard of Mr. Ye’s great name and have admiration for him…”
This flattery….
Heartfelt admiration, for Ye Chen?
People can’t accept this reality, it’s really magical!
Scarface hurriedly said to Wang Daokun, “You’re Mr. Ye’s friend, then from now on, I’ll cover this restaurant and won’t charge you a penny for protection! Anything that happens, I’ll set it right for you!”
The whole room is shocked at this statement!
Liu Li Li’s heart was on the verge of tears in surprise.
This day by day, the contrast was too exciting!
Because of Ye Chen’s face, he had saved himself 40% of the dry shares, and more importantly, this Scarface was willing to cover his own hotel for free in order to suck up to Ye Chen!
That’s a great way to rest easy in business!
Ye Chen this is simply a lifesaver!
Wang Daokun was also grateful and said from the bottom of his heart, “Ye Chen, this matter is really too much.”
Ye Chen laughed, “Saying thank you to me as well, you’re too out of touch.”
Scarface now looked at Wang Tengfei, who had been beaten unconscious, and said with a frightened and worried face, “I’m sorry ah Mr. Ye, I have beaten your friend…”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, he’s not my friend, he’s just an acquaintance, and not much of a friend.”
Saying that, he added, “You guys take him to the hospital, don’t interfere with the opening ceremony here.”
Scarface immediately nodded, “Then we’ll take him to the hospital! Mr. Ye continue, we’ll leave you alone!”
After saying that, he hurriedly greeted the crowd of brothers, carried the unconscious Wang Tengfei, and fled in a panic.
The eyes of the crowd looking at Ye Chen had changed from disdain to surprise, from surprise to awe.
No one knew why Ye Chen had so much power.
This door-to-door son-in-law seemed to have turned into a different person all of a sudden!
At the banquet, many people came to fawn over Ye Chen, including Liu Lili who was the first to despise Ye Chen.
Liu Li Li has now worshipped Ye Chen as a true god, thanking him vigorously and even offering a permanent waiver of the bill.
Ye Chen didn’t mind this, he was just giving Wang Daokun a face, and was considered to be helping Wang Daokun solve a little trouble.
But in the eyes of others, what he had done today had taken on a few magical tints!
Everyone wants to know what happened to this soft-spoken son-in-law.

Chapter: 65
Xiao Churan was also curious about what happened today.
First, why on earth was Ye Chen’s BMW 520 twice as fast as Wang Tengfei’s BMW 540?
Then there was Ye Chen’s ancient painting that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars!
And that’s why Ye Chen knew someone from the road and the road was very respectful to him.
On the way back, Ye Chen explained to her that he told Xiao Churan that this BMW 520, which was a test drive modified by the 4s shop, had been modified a little in order to give the user the wrong impression that the car was very powerful.
Xiao Churan didn’t know much about cars and believed it in a muddled way.
As for the ancient painting, it had been explained before that others had transferred it to themselves at a low price; they had given it to Wang Daokun out of friendship.
However, Scarface’s matter was a bit tricky.
After all, he called Mr. Ye one mouthful of Mr. Ye that was so attentive, it was hard for Ye Chen to explain.
In the end, he could only say that this Scarface’s big brother was a relative of one of his friends, and he had seen him at a friend’s gathering before, and people only gave him a few points of respect on his friend’s face. One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Choran felt that something wasn’t quite right, but seeing Ye Chen’s certainty in what he said, she knew that it was useless to ask further questions.
Dong Ruorin had been observing Ye Chen and felt more and more that Ye Chen wasn’t a simple person, so she decided to stay more attentive on him in the future to see what secrets he had!
Wang Tengfei is said to be miserable, and he was already in a coma when he was brought to the hospital.
His father was fired by the Emperor Group, and was found to be using his position for personal gain, and has been prosecuted by the Emperor Group’s legal department, and was immediately arrested by the public security authorities.
It could be said that Wang Tengfei’s family was completely finished.
However, Wang Tengfei’s family is not very famous in Jinling, and people don’t pay attention to their life or death.
What really gets everyone’s attention is still the divine tycoon on Shakespeare, and the mysterious big man who is about to wrap up in the Shangri-La Sky Garden.
Everyone can’t wait to find out who they really are. Are they the same person or not!
Soon, time arrived on the wedding anniversary.
Because he had already told Xiao Churan that he wanted to give her a surprise, Ye Chen forced Xiao Churan to change into a noble and elegant white evening dress before he went out.
Xiao Churan helplessly agreed while muttering, “It’s just going out for a meal, why do you have to make me change into such a formal dress, even if today is our wedding anniversary, I don’t need to be so grand, right?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Today is our third anniversary, so it’s natural to be more formal, I’ve already booked a place to eat, and tonight’s arrangements are guaranteed to make you happy.”
He had done a good job of keeping secrets for the past few days, and did not let his wife have any doubts about this at all.
Xiao Churan smiled gently and was touched.
The wedding anniversary of the previous two years, both of them had casually spent it at home, although it was usual and unremarkable, but at that time, even though Ye Chen was penniless, he would prepare some small gifts with a heart to please himself.
However, this year Ye Chen was unnatural and kept it mysterious, instead making her unable to guess what new tricks this door-to-door husband of hers was going to do.
A moment later, the two changed their clothes and went out to take a taxi, all the way to the Shangri-La Hotel.
Ye Chen stepped out of the car and looked at Xiao Churan who was standing beside him, his gaze couldn’t be described as gentle and said, “Churan, tonight, we’ll celebrate our third wedding anniversary here, what do you think?”

Chapter: 66
Xiao Churan looked odd, Ye Chen booked the restaurant tonight?
She asked subconsciously, “You’re not lying to me, are you?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Of course not!”
Saying that, Ye Chen explained, “A few days ago, I made a reservation here, if you don’t believe me, let’s go in and check the information.”
Xiao Churan shook her head, three years of marriage, Ye Chen had never lied to himself at any time, let alone on such an important day as today, then she said, “No, I believe you.”
Saying that, she then asked, “The bit you booked shouldn’t be the Sky Garden, right? Wasn’t there a big man wrapped up there today?”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “I’ve booked a spot next to the Sky Garden, so I can just see the inside of the Sky Garden, and then we can also see what kind of big people have booked there, don’t you think?”
Xiao Chu Ran laughed, “I’m not as gossipy as you are!”
The two of them then walked into the Shangri-La Hotel.
As they were about to go upstairs, a woman’s scream suddenly came from their ears, “Oh my, School Flower Xiao, what are you doing here?!”
When Xiao Churan raised her head, she saw a couple of young men and women walking towards her.
The man is wearing an expensive suit, one can tell he is a rich young master of a certain family, while the woman is wearing a brand name and beautiful makeup, but her eyebrows and eyes are full of arrogance, and her outfit is a bit vulgar and flirtatious.
This woman Xiao Churan did know, it was her roommate, Zhao Liqing, when she was in college.
However, although Zhao Liqing was in the same dorm room as Xiao Chu Ran, they were not classmates.
Although they were in the same dormitory, the relationship between Xiao Chu Ran and Zhao Li Qing was very ordinary.
This was mainly due to the fact that Zhao Li Qing was pretentious and jealous.
She had always felt that Xiao Churan was not worthy of the name of school flower and that the real school flower should be herself.
But the reality was that she was much inferior to Xiao Churan, no matter her looks, figure, strength or connotation.
However, this woman had one advantage, which was that she was especially good at hitting on men, and it was said that she had hit on many rich men before, and all the expenses for the four years of the university were given by those men.
Xiao Churan’s eyebrows furrowed, but seeing as we were all classmates, when they got closer, she could only harden her scalp and say out of politeness, “Li Qing, long time no see. I came here with my husband to eat, how about you guys?”
Zhao Li Qing was surprised and said, “Yah, that’s a coincidence, my husband and I are also here for dinner!”
After saying that, she once again asked with a pretense of curiosity, “By the way, which seat did you book, the regular box, the premium box, or the deluxe box?”
Xiao Churan was foggy about Ye Chen’s arrangement and could only truthfully return, “I’m not sure about this, the location was booked by my husband.”
It was only at this time that Zhao Li Qing noticed Ye Chen’s existence and covered her mouth with a smile, saying, “Oh, this is that door-to-door husband of yours, Ye Chen, right? Back then in school, he was a very famous soft-serve king!”
The shame implied between the words was extraordinarily harsh.
Xiao Churan looked embarrassed.
Zhao Li Qing came back to her senses and hurriedly apologized, “Oh my, sorry sorry, I’m blamed for being blunt, don’t mind if you don’t mind Hatsumoto ha…”
Ye Chen frowned slightly, this Zhao Li Qing, it seemed like she had come from a bad place na!

Chapter: 67
Zhao Li Qing didn’t pay attention to Xiao Choran’s face, pulling over the man beside her with a smug face, greeting, “Let me introduce you, this is my husband Zheng Hao!”
Saying that, she boasted, “He, ah, is the young master of the Jinling Zheng family, and the heir to hundreds of millions of dollars of the Zheng family’s fortune!”
Xiao Churan nodded politely.
Ye Chen’s expression, on the other hand, was somewhat gloomy.
He had brought his wife for his wedding anniversary, who knew that such a nasty product would appear halfway through!
Zhao Li Qing continued to be proud, “By the way, my husband is a platinum member here and has a lot of authority, I guess Ye Chen has booked an ordinary box at the most, right? How about I ask him to help you upgrade directly to the deluxe compartment later?”
Xiao Churan was about to politely refuse, Ye Chen hehehehe smiled and said, “The location I booked is also quite good, so let’s forget about this.”
One must know that what he had booked was the topmost sky garden, used to make up a grand wedding for his wife, what was there to be proud of in her district, a platinum member?
What’s more, the entire Shangri-La Hotel is owned by his family, so if he takes his wife to a luxury room that only comes with platinum membership, wouldn’t that be a degradation of his status?
At this time, Zhao Li Qing said with some dissatisfaction, “Choran, look at this husband of yours, he doesn’t know how to behave at all, how do you usually discipline him ah?”
Saying that, she then took Zheng Hao’s arm and nestled her head on his shoulder, smiling, “Ye Chen’s mannerisms are not suitable for such a noble occasion, in the future, you can ask him to consult with my husband for more advice on noble etiquette, after all, my husband has stayed in England.”
Zheng Hao disdainfully looked at Ye Chen and smiled, “Wife, don’t arrange such an impossible task for me, Mr. Ye is such a maverick, I’m afraid it will be difficult to teach him noble etiquette.”
Zhao Li Qing nodded, sighed, and said to Xiao Chu Ran, “If you want me to say ah, you should get a divorce quickly, how aggravating to live your life with a poor man like Ye Chen!”
Zhao Li Qing just opened her mouth without any concealment, not caring at all about Xiao Churan’s feelings.
Xiao Chu Ran couldn’t stand it any longer and immediately said in a cold voice, “Zhao Li Qing, what do you mean by that? My husband, it’s not your turn to be judged.”
Zhao Li Qing covered her mouth and laughed, saying, “I didn’t like you when I was in college, otherwise you had a few stinking dollars at home at the time, how could you possibly judge a college flower? And now you’re not allowed to talk about it when you’re not married well?”
Ye Chen was very unhappy at the news.
This Zhao Li Qing, when she was in school, she was a watery flower, relying on her having a passable face, in the end, she hooked up with rich men, and now that she was lucky enough to marry into a rich family, she really thought she was a rich young lady?
And, how dare you mock your own wife?
What a death wish!
When he thought of this, his heart couldn’t help but swell with anger.
Thus, he took out his phone and sent a text message to Shangri-La’s CEO, Richard Chen.
“Within three minutes, I want all the information on the Jinling Zheng family’s daughter-in-law, Zhao Liqing!”
Zhao Li Qing saw Ye Chen looking down at his phone without saying a word, and even more mockingly said, “Look at this husband of yours, I’m being sarcastic eh, he doesn’t even dare to open his mouth to defend you, what a laugh! hahaha!”
At this time, Ye Chen suddenly received a text message from Richard Chen: “Young Master, the information about Zhao Li Qing has been sent to you.”
Ye Chen looked at the content of the long text message, and then at Zhao Li Qing, and her husband Zheng Hao, and asked with a smile, “I have some interesting information, do you guys want to listen to it?”
Zhao Li Qing frowned and asked, “What information?”
Ye Chen said loudly, “Zhao Liqing, female, 26 years old, graduated from Jinling University.”

Chapter: 68
“During the first year of college, it was verified that there were no less than a hundred records of open rooms, and there were eight different men who opened rooms, including one named Li Hu, one named Ma Fei, and one named Du Xiaoping.”
Zhao Li Qing was dumbfounded, her face pale white as she scolded out of her mouth, “What are you talking nonsense! Beware of me suing you for slander!”
Zheng Hao, on the other hand, had his eyebrows furrowed, clearly shocked.
Ye Chen added, “Oh my, this is awesome, how many other times did you have a room with two men, one called Dong Bin and the other Dong Jie, these two men still seem to be brothers, are you guys having a threesome?”
Zhao Li Qing roared in horror, “You’re lying! You’re lying!”
Ye Chen continued, “Also, during your sophomore year, you were kept by the vice president of the Shenghua Group for 30,000 per month, and you were kept for a total of three years, during which time you aborted four times for him, each time at the Jinling Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the last abortion doctor declared you to be infertile for life.”
Saying that, he curiously asked Zheng Hao, “Mr. Zheng, if I’m not wrong, you should still be childless by now, right?”
Zheng Hao’s expression was suddenly unsightly as he looked angrily at Zhao Li Qing and asked after her, “What’s going on?!”
Zhao Li Qing was sweating profusely and said in a panic, “Ahao you don’t listen to his nonsense, my first time was for you! You know it!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Don’t worry don’t worry, there’s more to come!” One second to remember to read the book
Zhao Li Qing pulled Zheng Hao away in panic as she dragged him away vigorously and said, “Stop it! Honey, let’s go! It’ll be too late for dinner!”
Zheng Hao frowned and remained motionless as he said to Ye Chen, “What else?”
Ye Chen laughed, “Listen carefully, after graduating from college, Zhao Li Qing underwent a complete plastic surgery at a plastic surgery hospital, and a month later, she entered the Zheng family’s company and intentionally met the Zheng family’s youngest youngster, Zheng Hao, by rubbing against his Bentley car.”
Saying that, Ye Chen looked up at Zheng Hao, “Am I right?”
Zheng Hao was stunned.
He knew these himself, they were all true, so that meant that those before were also true?
Zhao Li Qing had already turned white and her entire body was shaking with panic.
She begged Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, I’m begging you to stop, I’m begging you!”
Ye Chen sneered, “Now you know how to beg me? Sorry it’s late!”
After saying that, he added, “Half a month after she met Zheng Hao, she took the opportunity of a certain business trip to Haicheng to have her first female membranes repaired at a plastic surgery hospital in Haicheng, and after she came back, she officially became boyfriend and girlfriend with Zheng Hao, and got married half a year later.”
Zhao Li Qing’s entire body had been paralyzed on the ground, she didn’t know how Ye Chen could reveal all of his secrets, it was almost as if he was shaking out his old secrets to his own husband!
Zheng Hao was also so angry that he turned his head to look at Zhao Li Qing furiously and stormed out, “So that night you lied to me that it was your first time, but it’s actually been your hundreds of thousands and thousands of times, right?”
Zhao Li Qing hastily denied, “No, I didn’t, Ahao you are my first time!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Don’t worry, I can find the records of her visit when she had the membrane repair, you’ll know when you go to the hospital to verify it.”
Zheng Hao grabbed Zhao Li Qing’s collar and smacked her with a slap, “Still not telling the truth, right? If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll sweep you out of the house, your father, your mother and your brother, all of them will move out of my villa, and your brother won’t work in the Zheng family anymore! I’ll make your whole family end up on the streets!”
Zhao Liqing broke down crying, kneeling on the ground and begging for forgiveness, “Honey don’t be angry, I was wrong, it was all my previous mistakes made by my young age and ignorance, I have since changed my evil ways, dedicated to living with you.”
Ye Chen mended his words at this time, “Don’t believe her words, after she got married to you, she also had a few breakup sex with the man who kept him, and that breakup sex, the other party even made a video to keep as a souvenir, if you want, I can find the video and send it to you for viewing!”

Chapter: 69
Zheng Hao’s face was very ugly and incomparably livid.
Right now, he finally felt what it was like to have a great grassland above his head!
When he couldn’t stand it any longer, he went crazy and smacked Zhao Li Qing countless times, cursing, “You bitch, you’ve been lying to me all along! You’re a cuckold! I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll kill you!”
Zhao Li Qing was beaten and screaming, her hair scattered, collapsing into tears.
As Zheng Hao beat her, he scolded, “Divorce! You’re out of my house! Or else I’ll find someone to kill your parents and your brother all over Shenjiang!”
Zhao Liqing completely collapsed!
I have tried so hard to marry into the Cheng family. I thought I could be a rich young lady for the rest of my life, but today, my dreams are completely shattered!
It was all because of Ye Chen!
She hated Ye Chen, but Ye Chen smiled contemptuously at this time and said to Xiao Churan, “Wife, let them dog eat dog, let’s go.”
After saying that, he pulled up Xiao Churan’s hand and walked to the elevator.
Xiao Churan’s beautiful eyes lightly trembled, her heart shocked and somewhat unbelievable, where did Ye Chen know so much of Zhao Li Qing’s black history?
When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen and unbelievably asked, “Did you have those things investigated?”
“How is that possible, where am I capable of that?” Ye Chen played along and said, “There was a classmate who was viciously injured by Zhao Li Qing, he’s been digging up black material about Zhao Li Qing, I didn’t expect it to come in handy now.”
Saying that, Ye Chen had brought her into the elevator.
As soon as he entered the elevator, Ye Chen pressed the button for the top floor, Xiao Churan hurriedly asked, “Ye Chen, did you press the wrong floor? Isn’t the top floor a sky garden?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Wife, what we’re going to now is precisely the topmost sky garden!”
As soon as this was said, Xiao Chu Ran’s entire body was struck by lightning!
An empty garden? How is that possible?
In all of Jinling, who knows that the Sky Garden tonight has obviously been booked by a mysterious person?
Even if Ye Chen had a heavenly ability, he couldn’t have booked a spot inside the Sky Garden to celebrate each other’s third wedding anniversary ah!
But in the next moment, a bold thought suddenly popped up in Xiao Choran’s heart: difficult…. Could it be that Ye Chen was the mysterious man who had bagged the entire Sky Garden!
Although, it was as if it were a fantasy, at the moment, was there any other possibility than this explanation?
Thinking of this, Xiao Churan couldn’t help but ask, “Ye Chen, did you bag the Sky Garden?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Yeah, I’m going to give you the biggest surprise today! To make up for a grand wedding that no one can duplicate!”
Xiao Choran felt her brain short-circuiting!
If this really was the heavenly surprise that Ye Chen had prepared for himself.
Then, wouldn’t he be the happiest woman in the entire Jinling tonight?
Thinking of this, even Xiao Choran’s breathing became rapid and he simply lost the ability to think.

Chapter: 70
Just as her inner world was churning, the elevator had arrived at the top floor of the Shanklack Hotel.
When a service staff at the door bowed slightly, he said with a smile, “Miss Xiao, on behalf of our Shanglak Hotel, I would like to present you and Mr. Ye with my most heartfelt wishes for tonight’s wedding anniversary.”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said to her, “You all can leave now.”
Immediately, all staff members left the room.
The entire Sky Garden was left with only Xiao Churan and Ye Chen’s world.
Xiao Churan was suddenly in a dream.
At this moment, what came into view was a huge space with a luxurious style.
The gorgeous crystal ceiling cast clear light, making the entire Sky Garden appear elegant and tranquil.
The soft piano masterpieces filled the entire sky garden, slowly taking over one’s heart, making it difficult to feel tension and anger.
From overseas air, fresh high-grade flowers, emitting bursts of fragrance, not thick and not demon, but if there is no one in the changing mood, can not say the quiet, beautiful. Remember the website
At this time, as the piano track changed, the most classic wedding march song named Midsummer Night’s Dream suddenly sounded, and the melodious sound was endless.
While Xiao Churan was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery, Ye Chen had already changed into a decent suit and was holding a bouquet of flowers, walking towards her.
With every step he took, a series of beating and beautiful red love hearts rippled on the floor made of crystal glass.
It was as if these hearts were dancing to the sound of the piano, giving people a very powerful visual impact.
At this moment, outside the Sky Garden, countless people were looking at what was happening inside with longing through the crystal glass exterior walls and floor.
The only pity was that all the glass in the Sky Garden had been blurred, and everyone could see a pair of young men and women, flowers, and incomparable beauty inside.
And the floor of the red love that keeps popping up on the floor, countless women longingly said: “This is so romantic! I’ve never seen such a romantic scene in my life…”
“If I were that woman, I’d do it even if it made me die right now!”
“Geez! That man’s figure seems to have mysterious rich men printed all over it!”
“Too bad you can’t see the face! Oops! What torture!”
The scene in the garden in the air completely made the people watching from outside, all of them immersed in it, unable to escape.
Tens of thousands of people at this moment longing, envy, everyone’s eyes are full of blessings, gazing at the grand garden is like suspended in the air.
Numerous women with tears in their eyes, heart unrestrained envy, but also for the fall, jealous to hate tonight they are the heroine of this grand wedding.
Even though, one couldn’t see the real faces of the two tonight, one could feel how happy the leading lady was now.
Ye Chen, on the other hand, stepped in front of her, pointed at the Jinling night scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window, and said with love in his heart, “Choran, I love you! I didn’t get to give you a wedding back then, and I hope you like this one, just the two of us!”
Xiao Churan came back to her senses and covered her mouth, but she was crying pearls, tears were like pearls breaking on the ground, constantly sliding down from her pretty face.
After hearing this, Xiao Churan could no longer endure the churning in her heart, took a step forward and immediately jumped into Ye Chen’s embrace and said with tears like rain, “I like it! I really like it! Thank you Yeh Chen! Thank you!”
Speaking of which, Xiao Churan sobbed even more, at this moment, she felt that the grievances she had suffered for three years were worth it!
No matter how Ye Chen had managed to do all this, at least now, he was very happy, and tonight was the happiest woman in all of Jinling!

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