The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 771-780

Chapter: 771
Once Ma Lan heard Xiao Changkun mention the divorce again, her anger exploded.
However, she didn’t let her anger out at all.
Because she knew that this was the time to endure.
Who let herself lose over two million dollars in gambling?
At this time, let’s endure for a while and then settle this debt with Xiao Changkun properly when we find the opportunity.
When she thought of this, she sighed and said, “Hubby you are right, it is indeed too expensive to do a spa, I’d better save a little money for my family and not go.”
Xiao Changkun saw that she was quite upbeat, and her face eased up a bit.
At this time, Xiao Changkun’s heart was a little proud of himself.
After so many years, it hadn’t been able to suppress Ma Lan, and there were times when Ma Lan said something, and if he raised a different opinion, he would definitely get a scolding from Ma Lan in return.
But now, Ma Lan seems to have started to compromise with herself. Premiere URL
If Ma Lan could serve herself obediently in the future, wouldn’t she be turning over a serf and singing?
But Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but be cautious again in his heart.
This bitch had been overbearing all her life, could she really change at once?
With that in mind, he was ready to try this woman!
So he said to Ma Lan, “I’m going to take a shower, so you can make me a cup of hot tea and bring it in.”
Ma Lan was surprised and asked, “What are you doing in the afternoon bath?”
Xiao Changkun said, “I’m happy to do it, what do I care?”
Marashi gritted her teeth in anger, but then she thought, if he went to shower, wouldn’t he be able to touch his phone? Why don’t you just transfer the $2 million to your own card!
When the money is in your hands, why are you still pretending? I can go to a facial if I want, a spa if I want, or play mahjong if I want, don’t you agree? Get out of here!
So, Ma Lan immediately nodded and said very respectfully, “Honey you work so hard every day, I will definitely obey you in everything from now on! Well, go ahead and take a shower, and I’ll make you some tea and bring it in!”
“Mm.” Xiao Changkun proudly responded, put his hands behind his back, and swaggered back to his room.
After returning to his room, Xiao Changkun first took off his jacket and outer pants, then threw his phone on the bed.
In order to make a mark, he specially pulled a hair from his head, then placed it on top of the phone screen and memorized the location of the hair.
If Ma Lan came to get her phone, it would be hard to see the black screen with a strand of hair on it, and if she picked it up in passing, the strand of hair would definitely fall off, and she would know that she was peeking at her phone.
It doesn’t matter if Ma Lan has this anti-surveillance awareness, she may not be able to remember the exact location of the hair please, once she moves, and then put it up definitely not in one place.
By the time she comes back from the shower, she can compare the location to determine if she has moved her phone or not!
With that done, Xiao Changkun went to the bathroom humming a tune, and Ma Lan quickly brought him in with a cup of tea.
After coming in, Ma Lan searched with her eyes to see if Xiao Changkun had brought in a cell phone while also taking the initiative to ask if he wanted to help himself to a back rub.
“No, no, hurry out, don’t delay me in the shower!”
Xiao Changkun said, and just waved his hand, like he was sending her out like a dog.
Ma Lan wasn’t angry either.
Because she looked around the bathroom and didn’t see Xiao Changkun’s phone, then she should have never brought it in!
So the first thing she did as soon as she came out was to think of going to the bedroom to look for Xiao Changkun’s phone!
Upon entering the bedroom, she indeed saw Xiao Changkun’s phone on the bed.
Ma Lan was delighted!
In three or two steps, she rushed to the front and picked up the phone, not even noticing a single hair that slipped off the phone’s screen.
She hurriedly tried to unlock Xiao Changkun’s phone with her fingerprints, but was surprised to find that she couldn’t recognize her own fingerprints!

Chapter: 772
When Xiao Changkun first switched this phone, he overbearingly demanded that his fingerprints be recorded in it so that he could consult it at any time, did this guy delete his own fingerprints?
Marashi couldn’t help but bite her teeth.
Damn, this guy was even starting to guard himself!
Exasperated, Ma Lan hurriedly tried to unlock the password again.
Not only did she record her fingerprints in Xiao Changkun’s phone, she also knew his phone’s six-digit unlock code.
However, after she entered the password she remembered, the phone prompted that the password was wrong!
Marashi didn’t believe me and typed it again, still an error!
She was on fire!
Damn it, Xiao Chang-kun is a bastard! You erased your own fingerprints and changed your password!
Is this an anticipation of stealing his phone to transfer funds? Or have you been guarding yourself like a thief since you got the two million? Remember the URL
That’s outrageous!
Ma Lan was so angry that she tried a few more passwords that Xiao Changkun might have set, but to her surprise, they were all wrong!
The password used to be the two’s wedding anniversary, but it’s been changed.
Try Xiao Changkun’s birthday, no!
Not on your own birthday, either!
Daughter Xiao Choran’s birthday, still not right!
Even when Mrs. Shaw’s birthday is lost in, it still doesn’t show up right!
Lan Ma was beginning to wonder.
What kind of a password would this old thing set up?
She thought hard about it, but she just couldn’t come up with an answer.
It was in this electric moment that she suddenly thought of someone!
Han Miharu!
The school beauty! He was also Xiao Chang-kun’s first love!
And I was Han Miharu’s roommate, even her “good sister”!
To say that at that time, you were jealous of the two of them would be a real jealousy!
At that time, Xiao Changkun was a handsome man with a great sense of style, and his family had money, so he was really the prince charming in the hearts of many young girls.
At that time, Ma Lan was so determined to get Xiao Changkun to marry into a wealthy family that she had no choice but to have sex with him while Xiao Changkun and Han Meiqing were drunk.
It was through this trick that she was able to anger Han Meiqing away and became the ultimate winner of the battle.
However, Lan Ma knew in her heart that this Xiao Changkun, hadn’t been able to forget Han Meiqing for many years! Had even called Han Miharu’s name several times while talking in her sleep! I’ve put all these things on the books for him, Xiao Changkun!
So, at this point, she came up with a thought, Xiao Changkun’s phone password, could it be Han Meiqing’s birthday!
As Han Meiqing’s best friend back then, Ma Lan still remembered the year and month and date of her birthday, so she immediately entered Han Meiqing’s birthday into the password input area of her phone.
Lan Ma was really angry, hateful and excited!
Angry and hateful, of course it’s this old man Xiao Changkun who is so stubborn, after so many years, he still misses that damned Han Meiqing!
Excited that you guessed the right password, doesn’t that mean that you can transfer the two million?
Good, isn’t it true that you, Xiao Chang-kun, are thinking of your first love?
Then I’ll transfer all your money and kick you out of the house!
Anyway, that old lover of yours is in America and you don’t have the means to go over there and find her, and she’s supposedly doing very well and may not look up to you!
You old dog, you’ll be penniless and wandering the streets by then!

Chapter: 773
While gnashing her teeth at Xiao Changkun’s hatred, Ma Lan immediately opened his mobile bank and prepared to go in to first transfer all of the two million that Ye Chen had given him.
When she entered the mobile bank and asked for a password, she directly used Han Meiqing’s birthday, and sure enough, it came in!
At this time, there was 2,027,232.15 yuan in the balance of the bank card.
Of this, two million was transferred in by Xiao Changkun just now, and there was also 20,000 from the last time Ye Chen gave Xiao Changkun to let him treat his guests to dinner, but Xiao Changkun didn’t spend this money.
The remaining seven thousand was Xiao Changkun’s private money.
Ma Lan immediately clicked on the transfer and filled in her own account, then in the column of the transfer amount, she entered 2027232.14 She decided to leave only a penny for Xiao Changkun, so that he would know the price of offending himself!
After all the transfer information was entered and cross-checked to make sure there were no problems, Marashi smirked and clicked on Transfer Now.
Immediately after, a dialog box popped up: “Please enter your payment password.”
Lan Ma entered Han Meiqing’s birthday again, and it didn’t even work this time!
Mobile Banking immediately popped up with the prompt, “Wrong password, can try 2 more times today!” One second to remember to read the book
“Shit!” Lan Ma immediately gritted her teeth and cursed, “The old dog even set a separate payment password…”
As she cursed, she wondered in her mind, what on earth would Xiao Changkun set the payment password to?
Since the unlock password and the online banking login password were both Han Miharu’s birthday, the payment password must be inextricably linked to Han Miharu as well.
However, one couldn’t really think of any other details!
She thought of a Han Meiqing’s dorm room number + bed number at the time, and the system prompted an error again, and suggested that she could try again today, and that if the error continued, the mobile bank was about to be locked.
Lan Ma didn’t dare to try again.
If she tried wrongly, and the mobile phone bank couldn’t be logged in today, wouldn’t Xiao Changkun find out that it would be revealed beforehand?
Thinking of this, she could only bite her teeth and give up, putting Xiao Changkun’s phone back into the distance.
However, she already hated Xiao Changkun in her heart at this time, and was ready to find almost and fix him so that he still had that vixen in his head!
Ten minutes later, Xiao Changkun changed into a clean fall jacket and pants and walked out of the bathroom, humming a little song as he did so.
The first thing you need to do is to check your phone on the bed, and then go back to your room and check your phone on the bed.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.
It seems that the old woman really stole the opportunity to try to unlock her phone!
She must have unlocked her phone for one purpose, money!
Fortunately, I was smart enough to change the password ahead of time, or else if I really hadn’t been watching for two minutes, the two million might have been gone by Mashiro Ma!
Xiao Changkun was glad, it seemed that he was right to be more cautious, the unlock password and mobile bank login password used Han Meiqing’s birthday, as for the payment password, it used the date of the day when he and Han Meiqing first tasted the forbidden fruit.
The latter date was known only to himself and Han Meiqing in the whole world, so he wasn’t at all worried about the possibility of Ma Lan guessing it.
As it turned out, it was true that Ma Lan couldn’t guess it either.
But if Ma Lan knew about it, she was afraid that she could be so angry that she could cut Xiao Changkun with a knife on the spot.
Throughout the afternoon, Ma Lan seemed preoccupied.
She had been thinking of a way to deal with Xiao Changkun and get the money out by the way, but there was no substantial progress.
In the evening, when Ye Chen cooked dinner, Xiao Churan returned.
As soon as Xiao Choran returned, Xiao Changkun told her that she should go to the furniture city together tomorrow morning for a walk.

Chapter: 774
Xiao Choran hurriedly came to ask Ye Chen how exactly the two million came about.
Ye Chen said lightly, “It’s a feng shui reading.”
Xiao Choran was surprised, “It’s too outrageous to give two million for a feng shui reading, isn’t it?”
Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “The Wang family also gave a villa, wouldn’t that be even more outrageous?”
Xiao Choran was at once speechless to retort.
Ye Chen said, “Wife, I know what you’re worried about, but you can rest assured that I helped this big man read feng shui and indirectly helped him solve a big problem in his business, making him earn tens of millions, so it’s reasonable to take his two million.”
Xiao Churan was only able to put his mind at ease a little bit, and asked, “You gave this two million to Dad?”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Give it all to him.”
Xiao Choran said worriedly, “I’m worried that Mom will miss this money, maybe she’ll make a demon again!”
Ye Chen smiled: “All right, we’ll go to the furniture city tomorrow and try to spend all the two million, and then Mom will have no one to miss if she wants to.” The first website
At this moment, the Xiao family villa.
Old Mrs. Xiao was holding the Agricultural Bank’s demand note, her face was even worse than crying.
The Agricultural Bank had more than ten million in arrears, and according to the Agricultural Bank’s requirements, it had to repay 10% every year first, which was more than one million.
Now that the Xiao family was down and out of money, the bank’s collection slips were increasing.
The Agricultural Bank’s one million is still a small amount, and the Merchants Bank still has a hole of more than 20 million that it doesn’t know how to fill.
Xiao Changqian was also worried at this time, and said to old Mrs. Xiao, “Mom, it’s really no good, just sell these mahogany and huanghuali furniture of our family, at any rate, we can sell a million or so, at least fill the hole in the Agricultural Bank first, and then think of the rest.”
“Selling furniture, you just know how to sell furniture!”
Old Mrs. Xiao angrily reprimanded, “These furniture are left behind by your father, you really are a pup to sell your son’s field without heartache!”
Xiao Changqian said helplessly, “Isn’t that the only thing I can do? If you don’t sell, we won’t be able to get over this hurdle in front of us.”
Old Mrs. Xiao grabbed a teacup and slammed it down at Xiao Chang Qian’s feet!
The teacups split apart and Xiao Chang Qian was frightened and hurriedly flashed to the side.
Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Changqian furiously and gritted her teeth, “I told you long ago, give me the money! Give me the money! How about you? You don’t believe me! You don’t believe me! You played small with me. You gave all your money to that damned bitch Qian Hongyan. Now that bitch Qian Hongyan has run away with the money, are you satisfied? Comfortable?”
At the mention of Qian Hongyan, or the thought of her, Xiao Chang Qian’s heart felt uncomfortable.
This woman, she could really cheat people!
For more than twenty years, she had always behaved well, showing that she loved herself, loved her children, and was very responsible for her family.
But, never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would donate all her money and run away when the Xiao family was at its worst!
This incident had dealt Xiao Changqian a huge blow and made him extremely hurt.
He even hated to find Qian Hongyan and cut her to pieces by a thousand cuts.
However, reality did not give him this chance at all.
He asked around for people and looked for clues, but he found nothing.
It was as if Qian Hongyan had vanished from the face of the earth, completely disappeared.
Seeing the old lady’s uncontrollable rage, he could only speak out and advise, “Mom, you’re right, but our biggest problem now is that we need a sum of money to save our lives, these furniture in our house, or those antiques left by my father, you have to sell a few of them so that we can exchange them for some cash to save our lives.”

Chapter: 775
As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard that Xiao Changqian had asked her to sell furniture or antiques, she was furious.
She said with annoyance, “I can still tolerate selling furniture, but don’t even think about selling antiques! Those are the coffin books your father left for me when he died!”
Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly persuaded, “Mom, this person na, it’s still most important to be alive, those antiques, do you keep hiding them until you bring them back to my dad?”
“Don’t you fart!” Old Mrs. Xiao cursed angrily and snapped, “What the hell do you know? The furniture is registered with the bank, and once the bank comes to seize it, it will definitely seize the furniture, but those antiques, the bank doesn’t know, once we end up powerless and the house is taken away by the bank, those antiques can still be used to save our lives!”
Only then did Xiao Changqian suddenly come to his senses!
Selling the furniture now is like secretly disposing of the things mortgaged to the bank in advance to cover the loss.
But selling antiques now, once the bank’s people know, they miss it, then they may have to dig to get them all back.
So, it is true that this antique cannot be sold unless absolutely necessary.
Thus, Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly complimented, “Mom, it’s better if you think about it thoroughly, I’ll listen to you.”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and said, “If you had listened to me and given me the money, it wouldn’t be like this today!” Remember the URL
Thinking of the miserable state of the Xiao family, which has been cut off from its financial resources and is heavily in debt, Old Mrs. Xiao jumped to her feet in anger.
All of this is thanks to Xiao Chang Qian’s wife, Qian Hongyan.
If it wasn’t for that bitch Qian Hongyan who ran away with the money, how could the Xiao family have fallen to its current miserable state?
Moreover, Old Mrs. Xiao had already thought of letting her son take eight million out first to pay off a portion of the bank’s foreign debt, and then drag it out for a while to find another solution.
But now, everything has gone down the drain, there is no money, there is no one to take care of him, and the bank has already urged him to come to the door, the whole Xiao family is already a shabby look of a shabby household.
The more Mrs. Xiao thought about it, the angrier she became. She couldn’t help but slap the table and scolded, “This bitch Qian Hongyan, why didn’t I see that she was born with an anti-bone! She’s just like that bitch Ma Lan! Letting her marry into the Xiao family is the decision I regret the most in my life, I should have kicked her out of the Xiao family and starved to death on the streets.”
At this point, Old Mrs. Xiao gnashed her back groove teeth and raged, “This son of a bitch is cool now! With over two million in cash in hand, and keeping a little white girl, I wonder where I’m having a good time right now!”
Old Mrs. Xiao didn’t know that her daughter-in-law, Qian Hongyan, was much worse off than the Xiao family.
Every day, she digs coal in a black coal kiln where there is no sunlight, and her feet have to be chained with cast iron shackles weighing more than ten pounds, so it is impossible for her to rest until she has worked for twelve hours a day.
Moreover, the boss of the black coal kiln where Qian Hongyan was working was so ruthless that he arranged a vicious overseer for the group of laborers sent by Hongwu, who would beat them severely with a whip if they were dissatisfied.
Qian Hongyan had maintained herself well before, and was still attractive at forty or fifty, so she was missed by the overseer when she arrived at the black coal mine.
However, after being maliciously beaten and deliberately starved several times, she gave in completely and became the overseer’s concubine in the black coal kiln.
After working as an overseer’s concubine, although she had some relief from the physical labor, she was tortured mentally.
At the very least, she was a woman worth tens of millions of dollars, living in a villa every day, and could be considered half a noblewoman.
But now, in a dark, dirty, and even smelly tiled room, she had to do her best to use her body to cater to that nasty old overseer, to her, it was simply the greatest torture on earth.

Chapter: 776
But in order to live, in order not to be beaten or starve, Qian Hongyan could only choose to compromise.
However, at this time, the Xiao family, who didn’t know that she was suffering from such pain and humiliation.
They thought that she was lying in some five-star hotel, being waited on by a young lover twenty years younger than her.
Therefore, when Old Lady Xiao scolded Qian Hongyan, Xiao Changqian and his pair of sons and daughters listened, not only were they not angry, but they were also stirred up anger and discontent in their hearts.
To say that the people who were most miserable by Qian Hongyan belonged to Xiao Changqian’s family.
For Xiao Changqian, both his people and money were empty, and he spent the whole day wondering if Qian Hongyan was out there with the ten million or so, frantically looking for young guys and putting countless cuckolds on himself.
As for Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei, the reason why they both hated Qian Hongyan was simple, it was money!
Without money, the Xiao family was struggling to make ends meet, and even their two rich second generations were down like a dog, living life as suffocating as they could.
“Damn it, this bitch Qian Hongyan, if I catch her one day, I have to break her legs, otherwise I can’t take out this bad breath!”
Xiao Changqian gritted his teeth and cursed loudly and angrily, after cursing, only then did he pull out his cell phone and said with great anger, “I’ll find a car and pull this furniture to the furniture city tomorrow morning, let people look at giving an estimate, if it’s appropriate, then just sell it.” One second to remember to read the book
Old Mrs. Xiao looked at the furniture on display at home with a fleshy face.
When Master Xiao was alive, the Xiao family had also had a glamorous time, some of the furniture were made of good rosewood, not to mention the value, the meaning is not the same.
However, there is no way to give up, if you don’t sell it, it will go to the bank sooner or later.
Thus, she said to Xiao Chang Qian, “If this furniture is sold slowly, it’s worth less than one million six hundred and seventy thousand, we are in a hurry to sell it, the other party will definitely have to suppress the price, so the price will definitely not reach this high, but if we can give one million three hundred thousand, then we can make a move.”
“Good.” Xiao Chang Qian nodded and said, “One million and three hundred thousand is not bad, at least it can be turned around first.”
At this time, Xiao Changkun was lying on the sofa, using his phone to search for pictures related to furniture, wanting to look at the style of furniture he was interested in first.
Ma Lan read with an ulterior motive on the side, “Changkun, don’t spread out when you buy furniture, save some money we still have to live in the future.”
Xiao Changkun grunted disdainfully and said, “My son-in-law said that two million will be used to buy furniture and appliances.”
Ma Lan became anxious and said, “Buy furniture, can’t you live without it?”
Xiao Changkun was dissatisfied and said, “What are you yelling about? This money was given by Ye Chen and specifically used to buy furniture and appliances, if you spent one and a half million and the remaining half million also have to be returned to someone Ye Chen, I advise you not to think about it, I won’t give you a single penny.”
“You….” Ma Lan gnashed her teeth in hatred.
But at this time, Xiao Changkun had two million in his hand and nothing in his own, and he couldn’t do anything until he cracked his password!
At that moment, Xiao Changkun saw a set of classical and atmospheric Chinese all-wood furniture and exclaimed, “It would be perfect if we could receive a set of furniture like this, or get the Xiao family’s previous set of huanghuali with mahogany furniture over here and put it in our new villa.”

Chapter: 777
The next morning, Ye Chen’s family of four ate dinner and drove directly to Furniture City.
Ma Lan thought about it all night, didn’t even think of how to get the money out of Xiao Changkun’s bank account, seeing that it was going to cost her money, she was anxiously scratching her heart.
At the same time, Old Mrs. Xiao’s large family also got up early in the morning and climbed up.
After breakfast, the lorries pulling the goods arrived, and the workers moved the Xiao family’s Huanghuali furniture into the car, so they drove with the Xiao family to the furniture city.
In the west of Jinling, there is a very large furniture city, almost the entire Jinling furniture selling businesses are concentrated piled up here.
There are all kinds of high, medium and low grade furniture here, which can be said to be the best place to purchase furniture.
Xiao Changkun himself had always been influenced by Master Xiao and was especially fond of antique objects, not only did he like to trade in antiques and curios, he also liked old furniture, especially old furniture made of good wood.
He has always liked the set of Huanghuali furniture in the Xiao villa, but unfortunately it is impossible to keep that for himself, so he can only think about it.
It was because he liked old wooden furniture that Xiao Changkun would head straight to the wooden furniture gallery here once he arrived at Furniture City.
As soon as Ma Lan saw him heading straight to the wooden furniture shop, her face immediately pulled down and said offhandedly, “Xiao Changkun, you can’t buy a bunch of rotten wooden furniture back home. Our family is a luxury decorated villa, to buy that kind of European-style luxury furniture, that kind of wood furniture, and dirt and expensive, sitting and also uncomfortable, absolutely can not buy!” First web site
“What do you know?” Xiao Changkun said disdainfully, “Chinese furniture plays with wood and heritage, and it still has a lot of room for appreciation, only educated people can play with it!”
Ma Lan got out, “We’re both from the same university, do you think you’re better educated than me?”
Xiao Changkun waved his hand: “This culture is talking about the bottom line, I can’t understand it with you.”
After saying that, he turned to Ye Chen and said, “Good son-in-law, if we can trade for a set of Huanghuali furniture, we won’t have come for nothing today!”
Ye Chen nodded his head indifferently and said, “It’s good that you like it, Dad.”
Ma Lan saw that Xiao Changkun was not taking care of himself and stomped her foot, if it was to be like usual she would have been furious, but now she didn’t dare to get angry with him casually, after all, she didn’t have a dime now, wouldn’t it be too passive to turn the other cheek at this time?
So she could only pull Xiao Churan aside and spoke, “Churan, you advise your father not to buy that kind of flashy wooden furniture, expensive and unattractive, what for? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a few hundred thousand in the bank for a rainy day?”
Xiao Choran said helplessly, “Mom, since that money Ye Chen has already let Dad make all the decisions, let’s not interfere.”
“You child, why aren’t you oriented towards me at all?” Ma Lan didn’t think that Xiao Churan wasn’t even on the same page as her, and was suddenly furious.
Xiao Churan said seriously, “Mom, you lost so much money in poker, it’s time to learn a lesson and calm down a bit, since you’ve agreed to let Dad manage the money, you have to respect his choice.”
Ma Lan was like a choke, how much harder to feel.
At this time, Xiao Changkun stepped directly into a shop named “Huay Pear House”, which is specialized in selling huay Pear furniture and is quite famous in Jinling.
Once inside, a guide came forward and enthusiastically asked: “What are you looking at?”.
Xiao Changkun said, “I want to see the rosewood furniture for the living room.”
The guide hurriedly asked, “Then how big is your living room?”
Xiao Changkun said, “Almost a hundred or so square feet!”

Chapter: 778
“A hundred square feet of living room?!” The guide was dumbfounded and took off, “That’s too big, isn’t it?”
Xiao Changkun laughed and said, “The largest villa household in Thomson One, can the living room be small?”
The guide’s eyes with full shock, busy: “Sir, such a large living room, then you have to buy more furniture to appear less empty ah!”
Saying that, the guide hurriedly led him to a set of huanghuali sofa and introduced, “Sir, this 3+2+2+1 huanghuali sofa of ours is custom-designed for villa customers, with a total of eight seats, and guests from home can also be seated, it’s very atmospheric.”
Xiao Changkun went forward and touched the armrest of the sofa, and the smooth feel of the entry made him very satisfied, he asked curiously, “What is the price of this set?”
The other party said, “Sir, this set is Hainan Huanghuali, fine good wood, and it’s old, if you like it, we can give you a cost price, a total of 1,980,000!”
“Ooh!” Xiao Changkun was shocked and said, “This is expensive enough for you!”
The other party explained, “It’s Hainan material, good material, so it’s naturally more expensive, but your large villa in Tomson is worth hundreds of millions of dollars less, and such a luxurious villa would have to come with such a set of sofas!”
Ma Lan frowned at the side and said: “What the hell sofa, a set will cost almost two million, after buying this family can simply sleep on the sofa!”
Xiao Changkun glared at her, then said somewhat awkwardly, “This set is over budget too much, is there a cheaper one? Isn’t the price of Burmese rosewood, for example, quite a bit lower than Hainan’s?” Remember the URL
The guide said, “Burmese rosewood such a set also wants about a million, and we do not have the spot now.”
After saying that, the guide added, “Most of those who play with rosewood still prefer Hainan material, and Burmese material is really a bit not up to grade.”
Xiao Changkun smacked his lips, feeling a little regretful.
Nearly two million to buy a set of sofas was obviously already too much beyond the budget.
After all, the family was not only buying a set of sofas, but also other furniture and appliances for the living room, furniture for at least two bedrooms, furniture for the dining room, and appliances for the room.
The bedroom furniture and dining room furniture could not be that good, but at least a few hundred thousand should be set aside to be enough, so if he wanted to buy a good sofa, the budget could not exceed one million and four hundred thousand.
So he hurriedly asked that guide, “If I order a set of Burmese material, about how long will it take to deliver?”
“This ah…” The other party thought about it and said, “It will take less than a month, you know, this kind of wood procurement is rather troublesome, waiting for the wood to come in, then sending it to the processing factory to be processed, and then sending it to Jinling after it’s done, the time cycle is still very long.”
“It’s also too long…”
Xiao Changkun thought to himself, “There can’t be even a sofa in the living room after the family moves in, right?
Looks like I’ll have to go look at some other cheaper sofas.
As I was thinking, I suddenly heard a familiar voice that spoke, “Is the boss there? Do you take used old furniture? The Hainan Huanghuali!”
When Xiao Changkun subconsciously turned back, he was suddenly on eye level with his big brother, Xiao Changqian, who stepped into the store.
Xiao Changkun did not expect to meet Xiao Changkun’s family here, and when he thought of his current downfall, he almost subconsciously wanted to turn around and walk away.
And at this time, a man suddenly walked out of the shop, looked at Xiao Changkun and hurriedly asked in a loud voice, “Are you the one who said you wanted to sell Hainan Huanghuali’s furniture?”

Chapter: 779
Xiao Changkun was blinded by the boss’s question.
He was obviously here to buy furniture, so how did he become a seller?
So he said to that owner, “I’m here to buy furniture, can you hear me?”
The guide also hurriedly said, “Boss, this gentleman is trying to buy a set of Huanghuali furniture.”
After saying that, he pointed at Xiao Changkun who had just come in and said, “This gentleman is the one who wants to sell the furniture.”
Only then did that boss suddenly realize, and hurriedly said to Xiao Changkun, “Oh my really sorry, I was mistaken.”
Then he looked at Xiao Changqian and asked him, “Sir, are you the one who wants to sell the furniture?”
When he heard Xiao Changkun say that he was here to buy furniture, he really wanted to turn around and walk away at this moment.
After all, he did not want Xiao Changkun to see the joke.
However, this shop, which was the largest Huanghuali furniture store in Jinling, was also the one that received the fairest price for second-hand Huanghuali furniture in the current market, and if he turned around and walked away, he might go to another shop and sell less than a hundred thousand. A second to remember to read the book
So, he could only force himself to say to that boss, “Yes, it’s me, I have a set of Hainan Huanghuali sofas and chairs on hand that I want to sell, they’re all old.”
That boss hurriedly laughed, “Yes, we are mainly doing Hainan Huanghuali furniture here, where are your goods? Is it convenient to see it first?”
Xiao Changqian looked at Xiao Changkun awkwardly and said in a low voice, “The goods are in the car, the car is in the parking lot, you can come with me to take a look.”
Xiao Changkun now looked at Xiao Changqian and was secretly surprised.
Because of the disappearance of Qian Hongyan’s roll of money, Xiao Changkun had been very disturbed and worried lately, so his entire body had lost a lot of weight, and his hair had all of a sudden gone white, looking rather downbeat.
Xiao Changkun had never seen such a decrepit big brother before.
And at Xiao Changqian’s side, there was also Old Mrs. Xiao, as well as Xiao Changqian’s one son and one daughter.
These four grandfathers and grandsons all looked decadent, especially the old lady, whose expression was very ugly.
At the thought of selling the expensive furniture left by her husband, Old Mrs. Xiao’s heart was like a knife, not only painful, but also dripping blood.
Suddenly seeing Xiao Changkun, as well as Xiao Changkun’s family, here, her face became even more ugly.
Xiao Changkun hesitated for a moment, but still came over and asked, “Mom, big brother, what are you guys doing here?”
“Huh?” Xiao Chang Qian said coldly, “What? Is this place too far for us to come?”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “That’s not what I meant, you just said that you were going to sell a set of Hainan Huanghuali furniture, it wouldn’t be the one left behind by our father, would it?”
Xiao Changqian was on fire and asked out of the blue, “What does it have to do with you?”

Chapter: 780
Afterwards, he didn’t bother to pay attention to Xiao Changkun and said to that boss, “Come out with me to see the goods.”
“Yes!” That boss nodded and left the shop with Xiao Changkun.
Old Mrs. Xiao now frowned at Xiao Changkun and coldly questioned, “What are you guys doing here?”
Although it was true that Xiao Changkun had obviously broken off his relationship with the old lady, he was at least his own mother, and he still had some respect and scruples when he saw her somewhat.
So, he respectfully replied, “Mom, isn’t Ye Chen’s villa decorated, and we’re seeking to come over to buy some furniture so we can move in.”
What Xiao Changkun said was completely the truth, but to Old Lady Xiao’s ears, it was even worse than hitting her in the face!
As you have a look at yourself, you’re about to be kicked out of the villa, and you’re even about to start selling the things the old man left behind, but the Xiao Changkun family, who were kicked out of their home, are moving to a super-luxurious villa in Townsend, isn’t that taking words out of your face?
At the thought of Townsend One being the best villa in all of Jinling, the old lady felt sick all over and gritted her teeth, saying, “You’re deliberately here to show off with me and look at my jokes, aren’t you?”
“No,” Xiao Changkun shouted injustice and hurriedly explained, “Mom, I didn’t mean it, I only told the truth when you asked me why I was here.”
Ma Lan saw Xiao Changkun’s humble face in front of Old Madam Xiao. First URL
This old lady Xiao has been bullying herself for so many years, and now she’s down to selling second-hand furniture, and she’s still here to boss her around? Who do you think you’re showing your old face to?
As soon as she thought of this, Ma Lan immediately walked forward and mockingly said, “Oh hey, my mother, what are you doing here? And sell Dad’s furniture? Is the Xiao family even this poor now?”
Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Ma Lan’s mocking, playful face and burst into flames, saying, “Ma Lan, who gave you the guts to talk to me like that?!”
“Ouch!” Lan Ma trailed off and said, “What’s the bull about? You’re almost broke and you still think you’re the head of the family? Aren’t you ashamed?”
As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard that Ma Lan was mocking herself, she immediately snapped, “Ma Lan, why are you talking to me? Do you still have eyes for my mother-in-law?”
Ma Lan said disdainfully, “I know you don’t look up to me, you like your eldest daughter-in-law Qian Hongyan, but your eldest daughter-in-law is also really filial to you, I heard that she even gave your son a big green hat and rolled away all his savings.”
At this point, Ma Lan sighed and deliberately scolded, “This sister-in-law is also really cruel, even if she left your family a million or two, you wouldn’t have to sell furniture so miserably now!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and cursed, “Ma Lan! You shrew, I shouldn’t have let you into my Xiao family back then!”
I’m sorry, we’ve left the Xiao family now, we’re not in your Xiao family anymore, and that shabby villa of yours is too old, we don’t like it anymore. But you’ll never get a chance to live in this life, you wife!”
In the past, Ma Lan has never been angry with Old Madam Xiao and has never had a chance to get back on her feet.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you’re wearing.
Old Mrs. Xiao was shaking with anger at this time and said through gritted teeth, “Ma Lan, don’t be too complacent, isn’t that villa of yours because of that trash Ye Chen who cheated people to get it? Sooner or later you’ll be thrown out, and then I’ll be waiting to see you sleeping on the streets!”
Marashi pinched her waist and said, “Waiting to see me sleep on the streets? I suppose you’ll be sleeping on the streets soon, won’t you? I’ve heard that the bank is going to seize your villa soon, and I’ll see what you’ll do then! If you die of hunger, thirst or cold on the side of the road one day, you must reflect on why you ended up in such a miserable state before you die. Is it retribution for doing too much evil in this life!”

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