The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 781-790

Chapter: 781
“Enough!” Old Mrs. Xiao’s chest rose and fell in anger, staring at Ma Lan and scolding her, “You shrew, so what if the Xiao family is now down and out? Sooner or later, we still have a chance to make a comeback, and then your family, begging to think about going back to the Xiao family will be impossible.”
Xiao Changkun then hurriedly said to Ma Lan, “How can you talk to Mom like that? Hurry up and apologize to Mom!”
Ma Lan frowned at Xiao Changkun and said coldly, “Have you forgotten how this old woman drove you out? It’s time to turn to her again, do you treat her like a mother and she treats you like a son?”
After saying that, Ma Lan pointed at Mrs. Xiao and said coldly, “Old woman, I beg you to figure out how miserable you are now, and still pretend with me? I’m telling you, if you get down on your knees right now and beg me to go back, I won’t go back! What a shitty Xiao family, reduced to selling furniture to survive, who the hell wants to go back!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was furious, pointed at Ma Lan’s nose and said word for word, “Ma Lan, I have lived for so many years, you are the first person who dared to talk to me like that, remember what you said today, sooner or later, I will break your legs and make you kneel before me and kowtow in apology!”
Mashi laughed scornfully, “Come on, just you? You want to break my legs even though you’re old enough to be buried? Come, come, my leg is right here, if you can fight, try to break my leg?”
As she spoke, Ma Lan really stuck her leg out and sneered at Old Madam Xiao with incomparable contempt.
This could make Old Mrs. Xiao angry enough to really break Ma Lan’s leg on the spot, making her dare to be so arrogant again.
However, in front of Ye Chen’s face, Old Madam Xiao didn’t dare at all.
She still remembered the scene when Ye Chen beat up a group of bodyguards by himself, causing her to still have heart palpitations. Remember the website
Xiao Hailong used to be arrogant, but now with Ye Chen here, he also didn’t dare to let out a single fart in the middle of the day, and seeing his grandmother being insulted by Ma Lan, he didn’t dare to go forward to help find a scene, so he could only hide behind an angry face.
At this time, Xiao Chang Qian came back with that boss with a black face.
As soon as he returned, he said to Old Mrs. Xiao, “Mom, let’s go, their bid is too low!”
That boss hurriedly said, “Buddy, one million one hundred thousand is really quite a lot, the material of your set of furniture is average, and it’s aged and the damage is quite large, my price is already very fair, you can never get a higher price than this if you change to another place.”
Old Mrs. Xiao was already angry, and once she heard that the offer was only given for one hundred and ten million, she angrily scolded, “Only one hundred and ten million for such a good piece of furniture? You’re too dark-hearted for that, aren’t you?”
That boss said helplessly, “I’m being honest with the price, if you don’t believe me, go ask around again.”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and said to her family, “Go! Another one! I still don’t believe it!”
Xiao Changkun then hurriedly said, “Mom, why don’t I give you 1.2 million and you can sell it to me, to be honest I’m quite attached to Dad’s set of furniture.”
“You wish!” Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and said, “Even if I chopped and burned wood, I would never sell it to you!”
After saying that, he waved to Xiao Chang Qian, “Go!”
Xiao Changqian glared at Xiao Changkun and hurriedly accompanied the old lady to turn around and leave.
Xiao Changkun looked at their backs and couldn’t help but shake his head incessantly, exclaiming, “I never thought that the Xiao family would be reduced to selling off their possessions, that set of furniture was father’s favorite before he died, it’s a pity to sell it!”
Xiao Choran knew that Dad was very sentimental about that set of furniture, but he still came up to comfort her and said, “Come on Dad, it’s impossible for Grandma to sell that set of furniture to you with this temper, let’s look at something else.”
“Hmm.” Xiao Changkun sighed, whirled around and said to that guide, “I’ll take another look, your Hainan material is too expensive to sell, the Burmese material has waited too long.”

Chapter: 782
The guide nodded and said, “You can come back if you need to.”
Turning out, Old Mrs. Xiao’s family was already gone.
Xiao Changkun went to look at a few more stores that sold Huanghuali, but looking around, he didn’t see any that he liked.
Ma Lan was so anxious that she offered to buy the other furniture for the bedroom and dining room first, otherwise it was likely that the day’s shopping would be in vain.
Xiao Changkun also felt that it was not a good idea to look at it this way, so the family rolled over to the living room.
Ma Lan chose a set of tens of thousands of beds for herself, Xiao Churan also chose a set of more than 10,000, and the wardrobe, dining table, storage cabinets and other furniture were soon all matched in the living room.
Along with the home appliances that were needed, and other miscellaneous things all bought, a total of more than seven hundred thousand.
If Xiao Changkun really buys a set of Huanghuali sofa with this money, there will be no money left, but if he buys a set of European style sofa, he will have at least one million left.
So she repeatedly said beside Xiao Changkun, “Changkun ah, can’t touch a suitable Huanghuali sofa, why don’t we just buy a set of European style to use first, and when we have money later, wouldn’t it be better for us to directly buy a set of three million Hainan saffron pear?”
Xiao Changkun knew what she had in mind, so he said indifferently, “You don’t need to worry about what kind of sofa I’ll buy, anyway, I’ve bought all the furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and also the entertainment room now, so it’s enough for you.” One second to remember to read the book
Ma Lan was so depressed that she blurted out, “Why are you so disobedient? You buy a set of ready-made sofas, that will be delivered to your door this afternoon, and tomorrow our family can happily move to a new home! However, if you continue to spend, this amount of money can’t buy Hainan material, and you don’t despise Burmese material, so how long will you have to spend?”
Xiao Changkun was also a little hesitant all of a sudden.
Over one million two hundred thousand, buying a yellow pear was indeed too high to be too low.
If one continued to hesitate like this, it would definitely delay the normal use of the house after moving.
If you buy a set of European-style sofas now according to what Ma Lan said, then it can be delivered this afternoon and you can move in tomorrow.
Just as Xiao Changkun was hesitating, Ye Chen suddenly spoke up, “Dad, I think Old Lady Xiao will definitely contact you later.”
Xiao Changkun subconsciously asked, “Why?”
Ye Chen smiled, “Because of the money! They definitely can’t sell that set of furniture for more than a million and a turn around reckons that you gave the highest price, so they must still sell it to you.”
Ma Lan said despicably, “What are you talking nonsense? Didn’t you listen to the old lady? We won’t even sell it to us if we chop and burn wood!”
“So what?” Ye Chen said indifferently, “They are at their poorest right now, Dad has an extra 100,000 yuan, this 100,000 yuan is a big amount for them, the old lady is such a smart person, surely she won’t throw away this 100,000 yuan for nothing just for gambling.”
Lan Ma left her mouth, “Just you can isn’t it? You think you can read a feng shui bluff and see through everything? From what I know of the old lady, if she can swallow this and sell us this furniture, I’ll eat that furniture raw!”
As soon as the words fell out, Xiao Changkun’s phone suddenly rang, and he said in surprise, “It’s Big Brother calling.”
After saying that, he hurriedly picked up the phone and connected.
Xiao Changqian said in a cold voice on the other end of the phone, “You just said that 1.2 million wants this set of furniture, is it true?”

Chapter: 783
When Xiao Changkun heard this, he said excitedly, “Of course it’s true, 1.2 million, I’ll take it!”
Xiao Changqian is angry, “Okay, since you really want it, put the money on mom’s card and this furniture will be sold to you!”
Xiao Changkun kept an extra eye out and said, “How about this, you deliver the furniture to Thomson, and I’ll pay immediately after the furniture is unloaded.”
Xiao Changqian on the other side of the phone hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Okay, the stuff is in the car now, so it can be shipped over at any time.”
Xiao Changkun busily said, “That’s fine, let’s meet at Tomson Yippin! I’ll meet you there!”
After saying that, Xiao Changkun immediately hung up the phone and said excitedly, “Ye Chen, you guessed it right! They’re willing to sell!”
Ma Lan’s expression suddenly became very ugly.
Not only was what she had just said hit in the face by a phone call from Xiao Changqian, but more importantly, if Xiao Changkun used the 1.2 million to buy the old furniture, wouldn’t his family be broke?
Thinking of this, Ma Lan was extremely depressed, and the way she looked at Ye Chen was even more almost cannibalistic.
Ye Chen didn’t bother to take care of Ma Lan, he knew very well what Ma Lan wanted, so the more she couldn’t get it, the more interesting he would find it. The first website
It just so happened that the family of four had also finished buying other furniture now, so Ye Chen drove the family to Thomson Yibin in his car.
The villa of Thomson Yiyin has been completely completed, in addition to no furniture, the other everywhere incomparable luxury, the living room decorated splendidly, the entire ground is all natural marble polished out, like a mirror, let a person in it, feel incomparably grand.
When Ma Lan looked at the luxurious decoration, her pores were all stretched out, and she couldn’t stop talking.
Xiao Changkun was also inexplicably amazed, verbally lamenting, “The last time I came to see it, the decoration hadn’t finished, and the living room was still covered with anti-scratch mats, so I couldn’t see the details, but when I look again today, it’s even more imposing than the palace!”
Xiao Churan herself was in the renovation business, so she could see the cost of renovating this villa at a glance, she pulled Ye Chen aside and said in a low voice, “This renovation probably looks like it’s going to be tens of millions, why is that Wang Zhenggang so generous?”
Ye Chen said, “After all, he’s a rich man, he’s given away a villa of over 100 million, what’s the point of renovating it with tens of millions of dollars.”
“Alright…” Xiao Choran threw out her tongue and said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a high-standard residential renovation, it’s too scary.”
Ye Chen smiled without saying anything.
In his head, he still had many memories of his childhood in the Ye family.
The Ye family mansion in his memories was many times more luxurious than this a decade or two ago.
Just as Xiao Choran’s family of three, marveling at the luxurious decoration of the villa, Xiao Changkun arrived at the entrance of the Townsend’s villa, leading the truck that was carrying the goods.
Xiao Changkun was overjoyed and hurriedly went out to direct the porters to move the Hainan Huanghuali furniture into the villa.
Old Mrs. Xiao brought Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong, and Xiao Weiwei, got off the truck and looked around the courtyard, seeing that after the villa’s courtyard was decorated out, it was all much more luxurious than before, and the four of them were simply suffering in their hearts.
Because Xiao Chang Qian had to follow in to see how the furniture was being moved, he went in to the villa for a trip, and when he came out, his face was many times more ugly than before.
Old Mrs. Xiao couldn’t help but ask, “Chang Qian, how is the decoration inside?”
“Hey…” Xiao Chang Qian sighed, having a hard time saying, “I’ve never seen such lavish decorations! It’s too dizzying!”
“Yes?!” Old Mrs. Xiao came to her senses at once and said out of the blue, “I want to go in and take a look!”
Xiao Hailong also had a desire to see the world, so he hurriedly said, “Grandmother, I’ll help you!”
Xiao Weiwei looked at this villa with incomparably complicated feelings.
She was once the fiancée of Wang Yunfei, the son of the Wang family, and this villa, which belonged to Wang Zhenggang, Wang Yunfei’s uncle, would have been a villa that she could not only visit often, but might even have lived in if she had married Wang Yunfei in the first place.

Chapter: 784
But now, the one who is going to live here is the one you have always despised and disliked, Xiao Chu Ran!
Thinking of that, she couldn’t help but say, “Grandma, I’m with you too!”
After saying that, he quickly stepped forward to welcome the grandmother and his brother, Xiao Hailong, who was supporting her left and right.
Grandparents and grandchildren stepped into the living room, looking at the splendid and carved decoration, marveling that they couldn’t even speak.
Above the living room was an oversized picket over ten meters high, and in the center hung an incomparably large and extremely luxurious golden crystal lamp, the light refracted through the crystal, colorful and simply beautiful to the point of suffocation!
Old Mrs. Xiao was standing in the living room, both of her legs shivering.
Her own family’s villa, if compared to this place, would be a huge latrine!
The decor here is a million times better than your own villa!
The old lady couldn’t help but think what a pleasant experience it would be to live here.
I’m afraid I just want to stay at home every day, looking here and touching there…. Remember the website
It’s a pity I don’t have that life!
Xiao Changkun, this son, doesn’t look like he’s usually a wimp, but he really has luck in choosing a son-in-law.
Who would have thought that a stinky hangdog like Ye Chen, who came from an orphanage, would have such good luck?
Had I known this, I would have never looked down on Ye Chen in the beginning, and said that I would be polite to him and to Xiao Changkun’s family, then I might have a chance to live in this luxury villa….
Unfortunately, in the beginning, he had clearly severed his relationship with Xiao Changkun, even if he was serene enough to restore his relationship with him, he probably wouldn’t agree….
Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei, who were on the other side, felt even more uncomfortable.
Xiao Weiwei’s eyes even turned red as she looked at this palace-like living room.
If grandmother hadn’t offended Ye Chen in the first place, how could the Wang family have withdrawn from their marriage?
I was supposed to be the young grandmother of the Wang family, but now, after being toyed with by Xiao Yiqian and Wei Changming, my reputation in Jinling had been completely ruined, and during this time, I didn’t even have a single suitor by my side, and it was even more of a dream to marry into a rich family!
While the grandparents were each thinking, the porters had already moved all the furniture into the living room.
Xiao Changkun took inventory and checked each and every one of them to make sure that everything was fine, and he was extremely excited.
He could be really sentimental about this set of furniture, and being able to buy it back could be the best outcome.
So, with an excited face, he came to old Mrs. Xiao and said, “Mom, there is nothing wrong with the furniture, how can I pay you the money?”
Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Changkun with a complicated expression and said, “Ah Changkun, you are also mother’s son, since you like this set of furniture so much, this furniture mother will give it to you.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Mom, how can this be, one size fits all, even if you give this furniture to me, big brother will not agree, besides, isn’t the Xiao family short of money right now, this 1.2 million may still help the Xiao family.”
Old Mrs. Xiao shook her head and said with eager eyes, “Ah Changkun, I know your heart, but you don’t have to worry, the Xiao family is still your mother and I am in charge, as long as I say that this furniture is a gift to you, it is a gift.”
As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he said gratefully, “Thank you, Mom!”
Ma Lan on the side was also excited, is this a change in the old lady’s sex? $1.2 million and you don’t want it? That’s great! You’ve got another chance!
Unexpectedly, Old Mrs. Xiao sighed pitifully at this time, “Chang Kun ah, the villa of the Xiao family will soon be taken away, and then your mother and I will be sleeping on the streets, your villa is so big and luxurious, shouldn’t you leave a bedroom for your mother?”

Chapter: 785
As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao said this, the faces of everyone present changed!
The first one to change his face was Mashio!
She instantly understood what the old lady was up to!
You old bastard! What an old fox! You gave us furniture, but you want to live in our villa!
I had a hard time begging you, getting rid of the Xiao family, and even living a better life than the Xiao family, so I could crush the Xiao family.
And all of a sudden you lick your face and want to live in our family’s big villa?
Why don’t you take a pee on yourself? Do you deserve it?
Xiao Changkun was no fool, and last second, he was indeed somewhat touched by the old lady’s generosity, but this second, he immediately saw through the old lady’s intentions.
He knew that if he let the old lady live in his family’s new villa, it would simply be like inviting a wolf into the house, and the whole family would not be able to have peace, so he could not agree to anything he said.
Ye Chen was also a little worried in his heart, if this old lady really lived in here, then the days would simply be turned upside down! One second to remember to read the book
Not only was Ye Chen’s family shocked, but Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei beside him were even more shocked!
Not only were they shocked, but they were angry!
The old lady’s meaning was too obvious, this was to directly go and suck up to Xiao Changkun’s family and then move over to live with them.
In that case, what would her own family of three do!
Mom had rolled up fifteen million dollars and run away, dad was now almost penniless, and the siblings had no savings at all.
The only thing they rely on is the batch of antiques hidden in the old lady’s hands, and if she defected to Xiao Changkun’s family at this time, wouldn’t their own family be finished!
Once the bank takes away the villa, I’m afraid my family will be sleeping on the streets!
Just when they were getting nervous, Lan Ma was the first to speak up, she looked at Old Mrs. Xiao with contempt and said coldly, “Aigoo, what a good plan you have, to kick us out first, and now that we’re living in a big villa, you want to trade a set of broken furniture for a room? Do you know how much my villa costs? $130 million! Including the renovations, it’s probably a hundred and fifty million, a bedroom is worth at least tens of millions, how much is that furniture of yours?”
Old Mrs. Xiao only wanted to be able to live in this villa now, so in the face of Ma Lan’s mockery, she said with an innocent face, “Good daughter-in-law, this set of furniture is a small gift from Ma to you for your housewarming, how can a thought be measured by money?”
Ma Lan immediately said, “Don’t play games with me, let’s use money, it’s only 1.2 million. We’d rather give it to you than never let you move in, and if you do, will we have any peace of mind as a family?”
Xiao Changkun also had an instant realization.
Yes, if Old Mrs. Xiao moved in as well, then his own life would simply be no different from hell.
Thus, he immediately said to Old Lady Xiao, “Mom, send it even, give me a card number and I’ll send the money over.”
As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao saw that Xiao Changkun wasn’t falling for it, she pulled down her face and asked in a cold voice, “What? You’re going to have to break it off with me, the mother?”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Mom, it’s not me who said to cut it off, it’s you who said it, but in my eyes, you will always be my mom.”
“Where in your eyes is there a mother like me?” Old Mrs. Xiao said angrily, “You’re not even willing to reserve a room for me in such a large villa, you’d rather see me starve and freeze to death out here than support me! Your conscience has been eaten by dogs!”
Before Xiao Changkun had a chance to speak, Ma Lan, who was on the side, said: “Don’t fix that useless, selling sofas, why are you still relying on us? Let me tell you, you were the one who broke off the relationship and drove us out, and now you regret it, but we don’t regret it, we don’t know how happy we’ve been since we left the Xiao family, and we won’t agree even if you beg us to restore the relationship now.”

Chapter: 786
Xiao Changkun also nodded his head repeatedly.
But he knew what it was like to have one shrew in the house, it was like a chicken and a dog.
If there were two shrews in the house, then don’t take this house either.
So he also ruthlessly spoke up, “Mom, give me a card number and I’ll call the money over to you, or you can have these porters move the furniture.”
Old Mrs. Xiao was so angry that she pointed at Xiao Changkun and was about to come up and slap him, but fortunately Xiao Changkun reacted quickly and took two steps back to let the old lady pounce.
She was shivering with anger at Xiao Changkun’s attitude, and what was even more depressing was that she didn’t even have the chance to enjoy such a luxurious and extravagant villa, which simply made every pore in her body as uncomfortable as a needle pricking.
However, there was no other way out at the moment.
She could only look angrily at Xiao Changkun and grit her teeth, “Fine! That’s my boy! From now on, we’re done with each other! Even if I die, you don’t come!”
Mashiro answered, “That’s just fine, save us the trouble.”
“You…” First URL
Old Mrs. Xiao coughed violently a few times, pulled out a bank card and shouted at Xiao Changkun, “Transfer money! You have to give me 1.21 million!”
Lan Ma frowned and asked, “Why should I give you 1.21 million? Didn’t we agree on 1.2 million?”
The old lady raged, “It doesn’t cost me anything to hire a car or a man, does it?”
Lan Ma said coldly, “What does it have to do with me if you hire people and cars? Why didn’t you tell me you wanted more money for the paper you poop and wipe your ass with in the morning? Do I have to reimburse you for that too?”
Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and cursed, “You shrew, I’ll rip your damn mouth off!”
Saying that, the old lady reached out her hand to grab Ma Lan.
Ma Lan was not Xiao Changkun, she was not polite at all, she just threw her hand away and opened the old lady’s hand with a cold voice: “What for? Still want to do it? You’re right, I am indeed a shrew, but you’re no slouch either! You old shrew, fight me in my house, do you believe I’ll smack you with my big mouth?”
After so many years of being oppressed and despised by the old lady, Ma Lan had long wanted to take revenge.
Old Mrs. Xiao didn’t think that Ma Lan really didn’t scruple herself at all, and although she was angry, she really had no half way to do anything about it.
At this time, Xiao Changkun took the phone and operated it, then said to the old lady, “Mom, 1.21 million has been called to you, check it out, if there is no problem, please return.”
Ma Lan said off the cuff, “You have money to burn? I can still have a few spa treatments with that $10,000. What’s she gonna do with it? Isn’t that feeding the dogs?”
Xiao Changkun waved his hand, “Okay, you can cut the crap!”
The old lady Xiao received a text message alert on her phone at this time, took it out and saw that the account had indeed reached 1.21 million, so she glared at Ma Lan and said in a cold voice, “Surnamed Ma, you wait for me, sooner or later you’ll tear your mouth off!”
After saying that, he said to Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei, “Let’s go!”
Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei let out a sigh of relief.
They were really afraid that Second Uncle Xiao Changkun wasn’t firm enough, and if they really agreed to let the old lady live in, their family of three would be finished.
Fortunately, they hadn’t let the old lady have her way!

Chapter: 787
Outside the villa, Xiao Chang Qian saw the old lady come out with her son and daughter, and immediately went forward to ask a question, “Mom, have you paid?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said with a black face, “Here, let’s go!”
Seeing that Old Mrs. Xiao seemed to be very angry, Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly pulled Xiao Hailong and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on? Is your grandmother angry?”
Xiao Hailong waited until his sister and grandmother were a little farther away before he whispered, “Dad, grandmother is so not a thing!”
“How to talk!” Xiao Chang Qian gave a low growl and reprimanded, “We’re all depending on your grandmother now, what if she hears you talking about her like that?”
Xiao Hailong looked angry and said, “Dad! Do you know what Grandma just said to Uncle? She said the furniture was a gift for nothing, as long as Uncle gave her a room in the villa to live in! Fortunately, Uncle Er didn’t pay any attention to her, and Ma Lan even gave her a scolding!”
“What?!” Xiao Chang Qian’s face changed as soon as he heard this!
Your own mother is a real wallflower!
Before the accident, she was the one who despised her brother’s family and drove them away. Remember the website
Now that the Xiao family is dying and her brother’s family is living in a big villa, she wants to turn against them?
You’re so intent on living in a big villa that you don’t think about our family at all!
Your bitch wife ran away with all the money, and your family is without a source of income, all relying on you to sell some old stuff to save the day, and you want to leave us to enjoy yourself!
Thinking of this, Xiao Chang Qian was also furious!
However, he also dared not to say anything in anger, so he could only whisper to Xiao Hailong, “We have to find a way to get the antiques left behind by your grandfather from your grandmother to save ourselves.”
Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, “Grandmother has been reluctant to say ah! I keep asking her and she never answers me directly, the old woman is so smart!”
Xiao Chang Qian said coldly, “Take your time, keep an eye on your grandmother at all times for the next two days, except for going to the bathroom, stay close to her!”
With the Xiao family gone, Ma Lan was in her new villa, proudly laughing.
Although she still held a grudge against Xiao Changkun for changing her phone password to Han Meiqing’s birthday, and for not giving her all the money even though she had spent it all, but today she had viciously disowned Mrs. Xiao, which made her sweep away the grudges she had accumulated for more than twenty years, and she was happy.
Even happier was that she was finally moving into this villa!
Such a luxurious house, I had never dreamed of it before, but now it was in front of me!
Right now it’s just the sofa furniture that’s arrived, but by the afternoon, the people at Furniture City will be bringing in all the other furniture and appliances, and then it’ll be official!
Lan Ma was so excited that she said to Xiao Choran, “Your father and I are going to stay in the biggest bedroom on the third floor!”
Xiao Churan nodded and said, “You guys can stay on the third floor, I’ll stay on the second floor with Ye Chen.”
Saying that, she added, “Right, I had promised Ruo Lin that I would move the villa and leave her a room, Ruo Lin has been in Jinling for quite a long time and has been staying in a hotel, it’s quite pitiful.”
Ma Lan hurriedly asked, “Is that Dong Ruo Lin from the Dong family in Yanjing?”
“Right.” Xiao Chu Ran said, “That’s her.”
Ma Lan laughed, “Yes! The Dong family is very powerful, their strength is comparable to the Song family, you get on good terms with her, you might be of great use in the future!”
Saying that, Lan Ma rushed to the elevator and said, “I’ll go up to the third floor first to see how the bedroom is set up!”
Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, “Why don’t we also go to the second floor and take a look?”
Xiao Choran nodded and walked up the stairs with him to the second floor.

Chapter: 788
The second floor has the same layout as the third, with three rooms, including a large bedroom, and two slightly smaller bedrooms.
The large bedroom was a suite, with a living area outside and a separate bathroom.
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan of course chose this room, and then left the bedroom next door to Dong Ruorin.
There was another room on the second floor, which Xiao Churan planned as her own study, her company often had to do design drawings and construction plans, so she needed a room where she could work.
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan looked around the room and deliberately said to Xiao Churan, “Wife, the bed we bought seems to be two meters and three meters wide, right?”
“Mm.” Xiao Churan nodded and said, “This bedroom is too big, it’s not good to choose a one meter and eighteen meter bed.”
Ye Chen smiled hehely, “A two-meter-three bed is a little too wide for you to sleep alone, isn’t it?”
Xiao Choran instantly understood the meaning of his words, and her face turned red as she asked in a low voice, “What do you mean?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Wife, don’t you understand what I mean? I’ve been sleeping on the floor for three years, so it’s time to move up a level, right?”
Xiao Churan shyly said, “What level up ah, what are you talking about how I don’t understand.” A second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen was busy: “Just from the floor, upgrade to the bed ah.”
Xiao Churan’s pretty face blushed and said, “No one said they wouldn’t let you upgrade, once asked you if the floor was cold, you still said it wasn’t cold, you didn’t want to rise, blame who?”
When Ye Chen heard this, he was delighted and smiled, “Wife, then after we move to a new home, I’ll officially upgrade, okay?”
Xiao Churan was very shy and said, “Suit yourself!”
After saying that, he hurriedly left the room.
Ye Chen’s heart was beautiful, after sleeping on this floor for more than three years, it looked like it was time to turn over the serfs and sing!
In the afternoon, the furniture company came over with a couple of trucks to deliver and install.
The second and third floors were each furnished with two bedrooms, and the second floor was also furnished with an additional study room.
In one afternoon, the furniture and appliances had all arrived, only missing some pots and pans, bedding and pillows and other daily necessities, so that they could live directly here.
Ma Lan lay down on her hundred-thousand-dollar bed, rolling straight up in excitement, and said to Xiao Changkun, “I plan to just stay here today and sleep here at night!”
Xiao Changkun frowned, “How are you staying tonight? No bedding and no toiletries!”
Marashi said, “I don’t want to go back to living in that stupid house anyway!”
Xiao Changkun said with a bit of disgust, “You can stay if you like, anyway, I’ll go back to stay tonight and move in together after I’ve packed and gotten my things in order, if you don’t go, you can stay here by yourself.”
When Ma Lan thought about the fact that this didn’t even have a blanket, she said with resentment, “That’s fine, go back tonight and pack together, and find a car tomorrow and move it all in at one time!”
Saying that, Lan Ma deliberately asked, “How much money do we have left in the house?”
Xiao Changkun vigilantly asked, “Why do you ask?”
Lan Ma said, “I’m just asking, can’t I?”
Xiao Changkun said, “There’s only tens of thousands of yuan in the house, I’m warning you not to get the idea of this money, in the future if you want to spend money you should go out and earn it yourself, otherwise in this house, there’s something for you to eat, something for you to live in, something for you to use, but there’s just nothing for you to spend!”
When Ma Lan heard this, the fire in her heart could no longer be suppressed and she cursed, “Xiao Changkun, did I give you a fucking face? You’re getting arrogant with me these days!”
Xiao Changkun coldly questioned, “Don’t forget that you lost all of your family’s two million dollars, and I’m already treating you so politely!”
Ma Lan cursed angrily, “Don’t you fucking talk to me about this egg! You changed your password to Han Mi Ching’s birthday, I haven’t even paid you back yet! I really didn’t expect that! Your daughter has been with you for over 20 years and you still have that vixen in your head! What, do you still want to be with that fox-voice?!”

Chapter: 789
Ma Lan’s words caused Xiao Changkun to panic all of a sudden!
He knew about Ma Lan secretly unlocking his phone, but he thought that Ma Lan would have guessed incorrectly if he had changed the password, but he really didn’t expect Ma Lan to know that he had changed it to Han Mi Ching’s birthday!
It made him panic in his heart and even more frightened at the same time!
Fortunately, I had set up a separate payment code, otherwise the money might have been gone by now by Mashiro!
When Ma Lan saw that Xiao Changkun was fidgeting and not speaking, her anger immediately exploded and she gritted her teeth and scolded, “Aren’t you very powerful these past two days? Hit me, yell at me, shake my face at me, and now you’re mute? Did I get you right about that dirty mind of yours?”
Xiao Changkun defended out of his mouth, “Don’t you dare bullshit me here, I don’t have any dirty thoughts at all!”
“Bullshit!” Ma Lan cursed, “The password of the phone has been changed to someone’s birthday, and you’re still telling me you don’t have a dirty mind? It’s a good thing that thousand-knife vixen rolled off to America, or else you’d be cheating on me with her behind my back!”
Xiao Changkun blushed and said, “Why are you like this? How come Han Miharu is a vixen? When I was dating Han Meiqing, you were the one who got me drunk and had sex with me, and afterwards you went and interfered with Han Meiqing’s third party, you’re the vixen, okay?”
Lan Ma was furious and said, “I’m a fox? I gave you all my fucking kids and I’m a fox?”
Xiao Changkun was also on fire and took off, “You are the fox spirit! If it wasn’t for you having sex with me while I was drunk in the first place, I would have married Han Meiqing long ago!” First web site
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she took two steps and rushed to Xiao Changkun’s face, went up and slapped him, cursing hysterically, “You fucking dare to call me a fox and defend Han Meiqing, I’ll fight you today!”
Xiao Changkun was slapped and was also shaking with anger, kicking Ma Lan aside and pointing at her nose and scolding her, “I’ve been putting up with you for over twenty years, I’ve had enough of you! If you don’t want to live, we’ll get a divorce! It’s just as well that we’ll be moving into a villa soon, with more bedrooms, so we’ll be separated before we go through divorce proceedings!”
Ma Lan was kicked and sat on the ground, crying loudly, “Xiao Changkun! You ungrateful bastard, I’ve been with you for so many years and suffered so much, and you’re still thinking of another woman! Now you want to divorce me! I’m going to let my daughter decide for me!”
Afterwards, he cried out loudly in the direction of the door, “My good daughter, you can make decisions for your mother, your mother grieves! Your father he’s not a thing!”
At this time, Xiao Choran, who was arranging the study on the second floor with Ye Chen, once she heard the cries and noises upstairs, Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “It’s bad, they’re fighting again.”
After saying that, he hurriedly rushed out the door.
Ye Chen, of course, followed closely behind.
The two of them hurriedly went upstairs, and once they entered the master bedroom on the third floor, they saw Ma Lan sitting paralyzed on the floor, crying blurred tears, while also constantly slapping the ground with her hands, crying and howling, “My good daughter, you can come, if you don’t come, your mother will have your father, the heartless son of a bitch, killed.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly had to assist her, while asking after her, “What’s wrong with you? The new house just got done, isn’t that fun, and why are you two fighting again?”
Ma Lan pointed at Xiao Changkun and cried, “Your father, this shameless one, stole his phone password and changed it to his first lover’s birthday, and just now pointed at my nose and called me a vixen, and even said that if I hadn’t gotten pregnant with you back then, he would have flown with his first lover long ago, he’s disliking us both!”
Xiao Choran was really uncomfortable when she heard this and hurriedly questioned Xiao Changkun, “Dad, is what Mom said true?”
Xiao Changkun looked ugly and very embarrassed, not knowing how to explain at all.
It was true that he had changed the password of his phone to Han Meiqing’s birthday, and he did scold Ma Lan for being a vixen.
But, Ma Lan, this bitch was also really vicious! She never said anything about disliking her daughter herself, but now she had her daughter tied to her chariot too!

Chapter: 790
So he could only forcefully explain, “Churan, what I told your mother is about those things we did back then, it’s not against you, Dad has never disliked you.”
Xiao Churan didn’t know about those stories back then, and couldn’t help but say with a bit of dissatisfaction, “Dad, I don’t care what happened between you and Mom in the beginning, and I don’t care if there was a third party between you and Mom in the beginning, all I know is that you already married Mom more than twenty years ago, and this is a marriage you chose yourself, so you have to give this marriage enough respect! ”
“Changing your phone password to your first lover’s birthday, as you did, is marital infidelity! If you don’t love and hate Mom anymore, you can divorce her and go after your own happiness, but you can’t do something like this while a marriage is still going on!”
Xiao Changkun was at once ashamed of himself.
He also knew that his daughter was right, and it was really wrong that he didn’t divorce Ma Lan and changed the password of his phone to his first love’s birthday.
So he was ashamed and said, “Choran, you’re right about this, it’s dad’s fault, dad apologizes to you.”
Xiao Churan said, “You should apologize to mom, not me.”
Xiao Changkun could only scalp Ma Lan and said, “My fault, I shouldn’t have changed the password to Han Meiqing’s birthday, and I shouldn’t have done anything with you, I review.”
When Ma Lan saw that her purpose had succeeded, she immediately said, “You now immediately change your phone password to my birthday, and then change your bank login password and payment password to my birthday!”
Xiao Changkun scolded, “Aren’t you just trying to manage the money in the end? What’s the point of acting so much?” Remember the URL
Lan Ma said forcefully, “I’m not trying to control the money, but I want you to give me the respect I deserve!”
Xiao Changkun nodded his head and said, “OK! You want to change your password, right, I’ll change it now.”
After saying that, he immediately pulled out his phone, advanced into the mobile bank, and transferred the remaining tens of thousands of dollars to Ye Chen, which then changed the password all over again to Ma Lan’s birthday.
After finishing all this, only then did Xiao Changkun coldly said, “Alright, I’ve finished changing it all, are you satisfied?”
Lan Ma immediately snatched the phone from his hand and said, “I’ll check first!”
Afterwards, she entered her birthday to unlock it, and then hurriedly went into the mobile bank.
The balance turned out to be zero, and she was on fire!
Where’s the money?
There’s tens of thousands of dollars left!
She hurriedly checked the transfer records, only to discover that just a moment ago, Xiao Changkun had transferred all the money to Ye Chen!
This old thing would rather transfer all the money back to Ye Chen than let himself get a single cent!
However, Marashi had no other way out for a moment.
Couldn’t ask for the money in front of his daughter, that would seem like he was all about the money!
I had to bite my teeth and make a note of this sum in my heart, I’ll deal with Xiao Changkun later!

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