The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 801-810

Chapter: 801
At this moment, Tomson Yipin Villa.
Ma Lan was lying on the deck chair on the second-floor all-glass balcony, watching her phone close from ear to ear.
More than 300 people have liked her, breaking her record since playing WeChat.
As for the comments, I can’t count them one after a while, or even return them.
Ma Lan finally felt it today, what is called attention.
People in the entire circle of friends are staring at their circle of friends, and they don’t hesitate to praise her in the comment area, and she is relaxed and happy.
At this time, Ma Lan’s sisters who were playing better, sent a message from @All in the group: “Oh, sister Lan moved to the Tangchen Yipin Grand Mansion today, and she has to entertain guests for dinner!
“That’s it!” Many people echoed: “Sister Lan, you are moving to a big house that sells for more than 100 million yuan. It’s such a big happy event, it’s impossible not to invite us to dinner!”
After a while, all the people in the group came out and lined up for Ma Lan to invite him to dinner.
Ma Lan looked at their compliments while feeling depressed in her heart. First URL m.
invite to a meal? How can I have money?
Don’t think that I live in a mansion worth more than 100 million yuan, but I really can’t even get a thousand yuan.
At this time, someone said: “Sister Lan is worthy, why should I invite a Shangri-La to talk about it!”
An elder sister in the group said, “If Sister Lan is going to have dinner today, I will take everyone to a high-end spa in the evening. It feels great!
“Then I invite everyone to sing at Golden Emperor KTV tonight!”
“After singing the song, how about I invite everyone to squeeze their feet and enjoy a foot massage?”
“You are all arranged so densely, then I will invite a late night bar!”
Everyone has arranged the evening activities, so the eldest sister who took the lead @马岚 said: “Sister Lan, you are saying something, everyone is waiting for you!”
When Ma Lan saw that everyone had arranged so well, she also wanted to hang out with her sisters.
After all, she was too depressed during this period, and really wanted to take the opportunity to relax.
However, everyone asked themselves to treat themselves to dinner, and couldn’t afford to pay for it!
Thinking of this, she could only make excuses and say: “Oh, sisters, I’m so sorry. Just moved, there are still a lot of things to clean up in the house, so I may not be able to spare time!”
“Oh!” Someone said: “Sister Lan, the villa has moved in, so I will slowly clean up! Today is the day of housewarming, and if you miss it, there will be no such good sign!”
Ma Lan was also very excited.
But money is a big problem!
Xiao Changkun has already returned all the remaining money to Ye Chen, so he can only go to Ye Chen and ask for the tens of thousands of dollars back!
So she said to her friend: “Wait for me, I will confirm the time with my family, and I will reply to you later.”
The eldest sister said: “It’s half past one in the afternoon. Give us a quasi-trust before three o’clock, so we can arrange time!”
“Okay.” Ma Lan hurriedly agreed, and then quickly got up and wanted to find Ye Chen.
At this time, Ye Chen was cooking in the kitchen downstairs.

Chapter: 802
Since I just moved to a new house, it took a long time to clean up, so today I had dinner later than usual.
But Ye Chen’s treatment was good. Two beauties, Xiao Churan and Dong Ruolin, surrounded him and helped him in the kitchen, so cooking became a kind of enjoyment.
After preparing the meal and serving it out, Ma Lan also walked down from the elevator at this time.
She was going to ask Ye Chen for money, but when she saw people preparing to eat in the restaurant, she hesitated.
She wasn’t embarrassed to talk to Ye Chen, the key husband and daughter were here, so she felt it inappropriate to speak immediately.
At this moment, she heard the doorbell ringing outside, so she said in surprise: “Why someone came to visit just after moving in?”
After speaking, he turned around and walked out of the gate and went through the yard to open the door.
As soon as the door opened, she suddenly discovered that Mrs. Xiao was standing at the door with Xiao Changgan, Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei.
Ma Lan didn’t know that Xiao’s house had been sealed up. When he saw the old lady Xiao and a group of people, standing at the door like people fleeing with large bags, they frowned and asked, “Why are you here again?”
Seeing Ma Lan opened the door, Mrs. Xiao ignored her, and walked in blankly. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ma Lan hurriedly stood in front of her, and said, “What are you doing? Did you break into the house? Believe it or not, I called the police to catch you!”
The old lady Xiao squeezed Ma Lan away, and while walking inside, she said dissatisfied: “I can’t come to see my son? Now I can’t even enter your house?”
Ma Lan was anxious, and grabbed her, and said, “Why don’t you understand the good words? You are not welcome here, have you heard? Don’t run to our house if you have anything to do in the future, go quickly!”
Old Mrs. Xiao broke free from her and walked in. As soon as she entered the living room, she smelled the scent of the food and she shrugged her nose.
It smells so good…
It’s more fragrant than the duck rack boiled cabbage for lunch!
Before the meal was finished at the crucial noon, the people from the court came to the door, and after crying and crying for a while, the old lady was already hungry and pressed her back.
At this moment, when I smelled the scent, my stomach gurgled.
When Ma Lan heard this voice, she sneered immediately, and said, “It turns out that you are going to our house to beg for food…I think you were so arrogant at the beginning, every meal was cold and hot, why are you hungry now Like this ghost?”
When the old lady Xiao heard Ma Lan’s words, her face flushed suddenly, and she wanted to curse back, but when she thought that she was still planning to live in Tangchen Yipin and want to live a good life, she could only bear her for a while. : “My daughter-in-law, Mom is really hungry. You can always let Mom eat first, right?”
Ma Lan sneered and said, “Stop dreaming, I will give you ten seconds to get out of yourselves, or let the police come and take you away!”
Seeing that the old lady Xiao couldn’t make sense with her, she shouted in a loud voice: “Chang Kun! Do you have the heart to watch your mother starve to death?”
Xiao Changkun walked out with a sad expression and said, “Mom, 1.21 million was just given to you yesterday, what else are you doing?”
Old lady Xiao immediately sat on the ground and cried loudly: “My son, don’t you know that the bank has sealed our villa, and your brother and I have nowhere to stay now!”
After that, she looked at Xiao Changkun, crying and pleading: “Good son, you can’t see your mother starve to death or freeze to death, right?”
Xiao Changkun was a little surprised at once, and blurted out: “What’s the matter? How could the villa be sealed?”
“It’s not because of the debts owed by the Xiao Group!” The old lady Xiao wiped her tears and said, “Good son, you can’t save yourself, your villa is so big, you prepare two rooms for your mother. I sleep in the same room with Weiwei, and let your brother sleep in the same room with Hailong.”
Ma Lan suddenly became anxious, and blurted out: “Old lady, why are you so shameless? We have already said that our family does not welcome you, and licked her face to stay, are you ashamed?”
The old lady Xiao ignored her, looked at Xiao Changkun, and pleaded: “Changkun, you are the head of the family, can you speak for your mother?”
After finishing speaking, he cried: “Mom please, I’m kneeling down for you!”

Chapter: 803
Seeing the old lady about to kneel, Xiao Changkun panicked and hurriedly reached out to support her.
But the old lady was determined to kneel down. She was paralyzed and fell straight down. She thought about kneeling first and then said, see if you Xiao Changkun is really hard-hearted. It’s useless for the old lady to kneel for you?
Xiao Changkun thought the same as Ma Lan.
Although he was at odds with Ma Lan and even planned to separate from her immediately, he and Ma Lan agreed on the matter of the old lady, that is, in any case, the old lady should not be allowed to live in!
So, Xiao Changkun held the old lady in his arms, and said coldly: “Mom, don’t come to me to play any tricks. No matter what you say, I can’t let you live in this villa!”
The old lady Xiao blamed sadly: “Xiao Changkun, do you still have a conscience? You were born in my pregnancy in October. You moved into such a big villa, and you didn’t even let me live?!”
Xiao Changkun nodded and resolutely said: “Mom, you will die of this heart. In any case, I will not agree with you to live here!”
“Have you heard?” Ma Lan pinched his waist and said, “If you still know that you want a face, just leave, don’t wait for me to call the police and drag you out, then your old face won’t look good!”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s face was immediately pulled down, and she snorted and said, “Xiao Changkun is my son! My son! He has the obligation to support me. I have no place to live. He must accept and support me! Starting today, I Just live here, not going anywhere! If you don’t let me live, I will go to the court to sue you. If you move me, I will call the police that you abused the elderly, and you will be arrested at that time!”
Ma Lan pointed at the old lady Xiao and cursed: “You’re old and undead, you’re starting to play tricks, right? I don’t believe anyone dares to catch me! If you don’t get out today, I’ll kill you!” Remember for a second Read it
After speaking, Ma Lan opened her teeth and danced her claws, and hit the old lady Xiao’s face.
Xiao Changgan hurriedly blocked her and said, “What are you going to do? Do you beat the old man? I tell you, my phone can record images!”
Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei also rushed up quickly, surrounded the old lady, and arguably said, “It is reasonable and legal for you to support grandma!”
Xiao Changkun was dumbfounded.
He also doesn’t know how the law generally deals with such problems, but it sounds like if it really gets into the judiciary, it seems that he is really unreasonable.
Ma Lan also panicked. If this really makes them succeed here, how will the good life be? !
I just moved in today, and I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep in this villa. Old Mrs. Xiao, a nuisance, was about to get entangled. Wouldn’t it be annoying to her? !
When the couple didn’t know what to do, Ye Chen suddenly said: “It is indeed his duty to let my father-in-law support his grandmother, but this villa is mine, and I have no obligation to support my wife!”
Xiao Changkun breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Have you heard? The villa belongs to my son-in-law, not mine. I can’t be the master!”
Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Chen, and snorted coldly: “You have been eating and drinking for so many years in my Xiao family, shouldn’t you support me?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “I am not legally obligated to support you, so I am sorry, please go back.”
Old Mrs. Xiao spoofed and said, “Then I don’t care, if you marry my granddaughter, you have to support me! I will live in this villa today. No one wants to get me out. I will die here! ”
Ye Chen frowned and said, “You are trespassing into the homes and provoking trouble. If you don’t leave, I will call the police to arrest you!”
Old lady Xiao sneered: “Catch me? I came to my son’s house and my granddaughter’s house. Why should the police arrest me?! Even if you bring the Jade Emperor over, I’m not afraid!”

Chapter: 804
Ye Chen nodded, since you don’t want to face, don’t blame yourself for being rude.
So, he said lightly: “Old lady, since you don’t have a place to live, how about I arrange a place for you to live? It includes food and housing, without spending a penny.”
“Don’t come to this set with me!” The old lady Xiao said disdainfully: “Do you want me to live in the old house where the four of you used to live? I tell you, there is no door! Old lady, I don’t Maybe I live in such a shabby place, I’ll live in you Tomson first product today!”
Ye Chen sneered: “You think too much, the old house is also bought with money, how can it be for you to live in vain.”
After speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone and sent Chen Zekai a WeChat.
“The Xiao family came to Tangchen Yipin to make trouble. Say hello and get these people into the detention center for half a month.”
Chen Zekai quickly returned the message: “Understand the young master, I will make arrangements.”
At this time, Ma Lan was really upset with Mrs. Xiao, and he just wanted to push her and drive her out. Mrs. Xiao was too anxious, so she took out her mobile phone and called the police directly, blurting out: “Comrade police, come soon. Help me, my daughter-in-law doesn’t support me, she will beat me out and let me die outside!”
The police said very responsibly: “Where is the address? Let’s send someone there!”
The old lady blurted out: “It’s in the Tomson Yipin Villa area a05!” The first website is m.
“Okay, please wait a moment, our police officers will be here soon!”
Ye Chen just finished sending WeChat. Seeing that she called the police, he smiled and said, “Since the police have called, then everyone will wait for the police to decide.”
Ma Lan was anxious about it. She was very afraid that the police would come and forced Xiao Changkun to support the elderly.
So she hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “What police are you waiting for, throw them all out, or else the police will come in a while, and the old things will be here, wouldn’t it be more troublesome!”
Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted and said, “What’s the matter? Are you afraid? If you obediently clean up the room and give it to me, so that I can live here safely, I will tell the police officer well, otherwise, you have to be Catch it!”
Xiao Changgan hurriedly said to the side: “Mom, it is to pack up two rooms and come out! I still live with Hailong! How can I say it is Xiao Changkun’s eldest brother, and he also has a maintenance obligation to me! Otherwise, I will tell the police and say they fight. Broke my heart!”
After finishing speaking, Xiao Changgan looked at Ye Chen again and snorted coldly: “Tell you that the surname is Ye, I have coronary heart disease, and you can lie here anytime and anywhere. If I lie here, you will be responsible to the end!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Then wait until the police arrive.”
Soon, there was a knock on the door.
Xiao Changgan was overjoyed and hurriedly told Xiao Hailong: “Hailong, go open the door!”
Xiao Hailong hurried out to open the door.
At this time, a team of police officers walked in outside the door.
The old lady Xiao hurriedly cried and shouted: “Comrade police, you have to give my old woman the shots. My son is not willing to support me. My daughter-in-law and grandson-in-law have to beat me!”

Chapter: 805
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Comrade police, don’t listen to this old lady’s nonsense. My husband was kicked out of the house by her and severed the relationship between mother and child!”
The police officer looked at Ma Lan, then looked down at Mrs. Xiao, and asked, “Is what she said is true?”
“It’s not true!” The old lady Xiao said hurriedly, “I was just talking for a while!”
“Angrily?” Xiao Changkun was also angry, and blurted out: “You have long stopped letting us live in the Xiao family villa. You also kicked me and my daughter out of the Xiao family group, and detained me and Ma Lan in the Xiao family. The group’s pension, cut off the mother-child relationship with me, and now I’m in a downfall, just tell me it’s a moment of anger?!”
The police officer frowned and asked, “Whose villa belongs to?”
Ye Chen said: “My.”
The police officer nodded and asked, “What is your relationship with this old lady on the ground?”
“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Chen said: “She is my wife’s grandmother.”
The police officer said to the old lady: “You have come to the wrong place. You can consult with your son and daughter about maintenance, but you can’t break into your grandson-in-law’s house and make trouble. You are already suspected of breaking into the house and provoking trouble. .”
“What?!” The old lady Xiao scolded angrily: “Your mind is squeezing the door? My son’s house, I can’t come yet?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The police officer said patiently, “The key is not your son’s house, understand?”
“I understand your uncle!” Mrs. Xiao scolded angrily: “I don’t care about this, they must take me in today, otherwise, I won’t leave!”
Xiao Changqian also confided his heart and blurted out: “I am Xiao Changkun’s eldest brother, I have no place to live now, and he also has maintenance obligations to me. If they don’t take us in, we will not leave!”
“That’s right, we are not going!” Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei also sat on the ground, lying here.
Ma Lan’s face was extremely ugly, and said: “Your family of four is too shameless, right? Isn’t it possible to rely on my house?!”
Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and said, “Anyway, if you don’t let me live, I’ll just sit here, sit here without eating or drinking! I’m going to die at your door! I will haunt you when you become a ghost!”
Ma Lan was stunned.
Ye Chen was also shocked.
Isn’t this the way the mother-in-law used to scold the street in the air?
The old lady Tian and Ma Lan, really are born to be the same.
The police officer looked at these four people, waved to the subordinates beside him, and ordered: “Come on, take these people back.”
The other police officers quickly controlled Mrs. Xiao and handcuffed them quickly.
Old Mrs. Xiao was confused by this scene and said angrily: “Policeman, did you catch me wrong? They abandoned me and what did you catch me for?”
The police officer glanced at her and said: “You have been suspected of provoking troubles. In accordance with the law and order, you will be detained for 15 days!”
Old lady Xiao struggled quickly, and said, “Why are you indifferent? You are turning black and white and wronging good people!”
The police officer frowned and said, “If you don’t abandon your support, you can file a lawsuit in the court, and the court will judge it, but you can’t go to someone else’s house to make trouble. This is already illegal!”
After that, the police officer warned: “The four of you had better be honest, and if you yell or even resist, you will be deemed to be obstructing official duties, and you may be sentenced!”
The old lady Xiao was desperate and blurted out: “Why! Why! Why are you arresting me? I’m just an old woman who has no place to live. Even if you are pitiful and pity me, you can’t take me away!”
The police officer said coldly: “No matter how poor you are, you must obey the law! Take it all away!”

Chapter: 806
Xiao Hailong was escorted out by two police officers. He turned to look at Ye Chen, and said angrily: “The surname Ye, is it because you are a trash framed us!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Guess what?”
Xiao Changgan cursed loudly: “If you have the surname Ye, you will surely be punished! Sooner or later you will be cut by a thousand swords!”
The leading police officer scolded, “Shut up.”
Afterwards, a group of police officers escorted all the four members of the Xiao family into a police car and drove to the police station.
Ma Lan watched the police car drive away, dancing with excitement, cheering repeatedly: “Great, this dead old woman finally got retribution!”
Xiao Changkun sighed, and said to her: “Keep a little bit of morals, don’t let her live, but don’t let her live, but she is my mother after all.”
Ma Lan curled his lips: “Whoever you love, just don’t live in my house!”
Xiao Churan, who had not spoken all the time, sighed and said, “Grandma is also very poor now, or let her live in our old house.”
“Lend it to her?” Ma Lan sneered: “I’m pooh! Even if I buy four pigs to raise, I will never let them live in! You forgot how she treated us?!” Live and read it
Xiao Churan sighed and said, “It’s my grandmother after all, so I can’t bear it more or less.”
Ma Lan waved his hand: “You don’t have to overflow with sympathy with me, this old thing is already owed by Ou Xiao Changgan’s family! This time, just let them go to the detention center and suffer!”
Speaking of this, Ma Lan said with regret: “It’s a pity that I can’t go to the detention center to see the desolate state of Old Lady Xiao in the cell, otherwise, I will take a video and watch it twenty times a day!”
Xiao Churan shook his head helplessly, and said, “It’s okay to let grandma get a little education, it’s better to let her change her son.”
Speaking of this, Xiao Churan said to Ma Lan again: “Mom, if nothing happens this afternoon, I will go to the company.”
Dong Ruolin on the side also said: “I happen to have to go back to the company to do something, or should we be together?”
“Okay.” Xiao Churan said: “Then I’ll give it to you.”
Xiao Churan and Dong Ruolin quickly cleaned up and left in a hurry.
Ye Chen sent the two to the yard and watched Xiao Churan drive away.
At this time, Ye Chen received a WeChat message from Chen Zekai, which read: “Master, all four members of the Xiao family have been detained by administrative detention for fifteen days for provoking trouble and they have been sent to the detention center.”
“Good.” Ye Chen replied: “It’s done well.”
Chen Zekai asked again: “Master, is fifteen days a bit shorter? Would you like me to do it and keep them off for a year or a half?”
“No.” Ye Chen replied: “They have been shut down for a year or a half. Instead, they have a place to eat and sleep. It is better to let them out and let them come out and feel the feeling of being on the street.”
“Good young master.”
Ye Chen put away the phone and saw Ma Lan throw all the luggage of the Xiao family into the trash can outside.
The four members of the Xiao family have arrived home in misery.
When they came out of the detention center, they would definitely not even have a change of clothes.
While sighing, Ma Lan walked back after losing his luggage, went straight to Ye Chen, and said, “Ye Chen, did your dad put all the money left over from buying furniture back into your card?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Yes, what’s the matter?”
Ma Lanyi said impulsively: “Give it to me, I want to use it!”

Chapter: 807
Ma Lan felt that as long as he spoke to Ye Chen, Ye Chen would definitely not dare to disobey him.
As long as he puts the money into his card, he can invite his good sisters to eat together. After the meal, the sisters arrange a dragon. This is the life of the upper class.
Ye Chen immediately shook his head when she heard that she wanted money, “Mom, I can’t give you this money.”
Ma Lan frowned and asked, “Why?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Now dad is in charge of the money at home. If you use money, you have to make your dad nod first.”
“What are you talking about?!” Ma Lan said coldly: “I can’t speak well now, am I?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “For money issues, dad must nod.”
Ma Lan said annoyedly: “You don’t take Xiao Changkun out to press me, I tell you, I am your mother, and if you ask you for money, you have to give it to me!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You can give it. As long as Dad nods, it’s okay to give it to you.”
“You…” Ma Lan was angry, and pointed at Ye Chen and asked, “Do you have to fight against me?”
Ye Chen asked back: “Mom, my dad will take care of the money in the future. You said this by yourself, not me. Am I also implementing your decision?”
Ma Lan gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t talk so much nonsense, quickly give me the money, have you heard?”
Ye Chen stretched out his hand and said apologetically, “Sorry mom, if Dad doesn’t nod the money, even if you kill me, I won’t give it.”
After speaking, Ye Chen didn’t bother to talk to her anymore, and walked back to the villa.
Looking at Ye Chen’s back, Ma Lan was so angry that his lungs were about to explode!
She wanted to go to Xiao Changkun and ask Xiao Changkun to say hello to Ye Chen, but after another thought, she gave up the idea again, because she knew that Xiao Changkun would definitely not agree.
This old guy is better than Ye Chen now. Not only does he refuse to listen to his own words and follow him, he even asks himself to get on the board, and he wants to separate with himself. At this time, he is asking him instead of taking it for himself. Shame?
Ma Lan was so angry and bored in her heart, she didn’t know what to do for a while.
In the WeChat group, the old sisters are still waiting for her reply. She is embarrassed, and she is not willing to give up all entertainment plans like this.
At this time, Ye Chen was cleaning up in the kitchen, and Xiao Changkun was enjoying tea and reading the newspaper on the set of Huanghuali sofa left by his father.
At this moment, Ma Lan’s mind suddenly flashed a light.
Ye Chen, this guy, usually cheats and deceives, under the guise of Feng Shui, to fool those wealthy big people, and he can fool him to two million at a time. Does the ghost know if he has other private money?
Maybe the last time he watched Feng Shui, he actually made three million?
When she thought of this, she immediately remembered Ye Chen’s purchase of two BMWs.
At that time, even the money to buy two BMWs was the private money that Ye Chen saved!
Two cars, nearly a million!
In other words, Ye Chen does have the habit of hiding private money, and he has a lot of private money!
If he can find his bank card and try his password again, wouldn’t he be able to get all his private money?
Don’t ask this guy to have a million, even if there is one hundred thousand, it is enough to spend some time with my sisters!
Thinking of this, Ma Lan’s face immediately showed an inevitable smile, and immediately decided to steal him!

Chapter: 808
So, she went to the second floor non-stop, trying to open the rooms of Ye Chen and Xiao Churan.
When she opened, she found that the door was not locked, and she was immediately happy!
Upon entering the house, she began to dig through the cabinets.
However, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan just moved here today, and they have not been carefully placed in the cabinet, and there is nothing valuable.
Ma Lan searched for a long time, but could not find Ye Chen’s wallet and bank card. When she was upset, she suddenly saw Ye Chen’s coat hanging in the closet, so she hurried forward, rummaged in her pocket, and found one. Black gold bank card.
The bank card was written in English. Ma Lan was a student bastard when he was in college. After so many years, English has been returned to the teacher.
So, after watching for a long time, she only saw that this card was from Citibank, but she didn’t understand what the card came from.
However, looking carefully at this card, the workmanship is very exquisite, and it seems to be extraordinary.
She was overjoyed, and immediately put the black gold card into her arms, thinking to herself, Ye Chen, Ye Chen, if you don’t pay the old woman, won’t the old woman take it by herself?
Also, if your kid behaves better just now, my old lady may still leave you a few hundred dollars in the card. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But your attitude towards me was so bad just now, and you used Xiao Changkun to suppress me, then you really made the wrong person!
Just wait for me, as long as I try out your password, if I can leave you a penny in your bank card, even if I lose!
Thinking of this, Ma Lan, with excitement, quietly left the villa and rushed to the nearest Citibank.

Ye Chen, who was tidying up in the kitchen, had no idea that Ma Lan would steal his bank card.
As soon as he cleaned the bowls, the phone rang suddenly.
He picked up his mobile phone and saw that the contact showed the words “Aunt Li”, and he was immediately happy.
When Ye Chen was eight years old, both his parents died. If it weren’t for Aunt Li from the orphanage, he would have starved to death on the street.
Therefore, Ye Chen has always been grateful to Aunt Li and never dared to forget this kind of grace.
That’s why Ye Chen was cheeky looking for the old lady to borrow money at the birthday banquet of the old lady Xiao, and give Aunt Li a kidney transplant.
Later, Tang Sihai appeared and Aunt Li was also transferred to Xiehe Hospital in Yanjing for the best treatment.
During this period of time, Ye Chen only knew that her surgery was going well, and Tang Sihai also arranged the best recovery treatment for her, but Ye Chen himself had not actively contacted Aunt Li. This was mainly because she did not want to disturb her. I hope she Concentrate on raising your body in Yanjing.
Pressing the answer button, Ye Chen hurriedly said: “Aunt Li!”
Aunt Li’s kind voice came over the phone: “It’s me, Ye Chen, how are you doing recently?”
Ye Chen said excitedly: “I’m pretty good Aunt Li, how is your health?”
Aunt Li smiled and said: “I am recovering very well now, and the rejection reaction is not very strong. The doctor said that I am about to meet the discharge standards and will be able to return to Jinling in a few days.”
Ye Chen was overjoyed: “That’s great. When Auntie, you come back, I will pick you up.”
Aunt Li hurriedly said: “Ye Chen, don’t spend money. If the nurse accidentally said that you missed the mouth just now, I didn’t know that you paid the millions of treatment fees before and after the operation, and the aunt didn’t know. How can I thank you…”
With that, Aunt Li on the other end of the phone couldn’t help sobbing.
Ye Chen felt sour, and said hurriedly: “Aunt Li, don’t cry, this is what I should do. You forgot that when I was eight years old, I wandered on the street for three days and three nights, hungry and skinny. It was not you who brought me back to the orphanage, I might have died on the street long ago…”

Chapter: 809
Aunt Li on the other end of the phone sighed: “It was the duty of auntie to save you at the beginning, but you did not have this obligation to help auntie pay so much medical expenses. What’s more, what’s the situation in your life in Xiao’s house? Auntie knows well. ……”
After speaking, Aunt Li said again: “Ye Chen, don’t worry, Auntie will find a way to pay you back.

Ye Chen was moved when he heard this, Aunt Li really thought about herself everywhere, treating herself as a son.
So he said seriously: “Aunt Li, you don’t have to worry about money, and you don’t have to think about paying me back.”
Aunt Li quickly said: “How can this work? You spent so much money on behalf of Auntie, Auntie must find a way to pay you back!”
Ye Chen refused again: “I always remember your kindness to me. No matter how much money you spend on treating your illness, you should still be treated. If you raise money again, you will treat me as an outsider. , I will never see you again!”
Aunt Li felt very moved when she heard this, but she was also very clear that no matter what Ye Chen said, she must find a way to return the money to him.
But she can only change her mouth and say: “You are sensible now, and the aunt listens to you.”
After speaking, Aunt Li asked again: “By the way, Ye Chen, how are you and Chu Ran recently?” Remember to read for a second
She remembered that the relationship between Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had always been delicate, so she was very concerned about it.
Although she knew that Ye Chen was only married for some special reasons, and it seemed that her relationship with Xiao Churan was not very stable, but she always felt that this pair of young people was indeed a good match.
Therefore, she wholeheartedly hoped that Ye Chen and Xiao Churan could truly have love, and then give birth to a fat boy and grow old together.
Ye Chen heard Aunt Li’s question and hurriedly said with a smile: “Aunt Li, Chu Ran and I are in a stable relationship now. When you come back, I will bring Chu Ran to pick you up.”
Aunt Li breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Oh, then you have to hurry up and let Chu Ran become pregnant. You two are not too young anymore. It’s time to have a baby. Listening to Auntie’s advice, the young couple has a baby. After that, the relationship will be more stable!”
Ye Chen sighed, he hasn’t gotten into Xiao Churan’s bed until now. It’s a little bit early to want children now, right?
But you can’t say this to Aunt Li, so he smiled and said: “I know Aunt Li, don’t worry, we will consider it carefully.”
Aunt Li smiled and said, “That’s good, that’s good! Auntie won’t tell you anymore. The nurse urged me to hang up and said that I can’t talk too much.”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “You must tell me when you return to Jinling!”
“Ok, rest assured! Goodbye!”
After speaking, he hung up.

At the same time, Ma Lan rushed to the nearby Citibank.
She took the black gold card and went directly to the bank’s ATM.
She felt that Ye Chen wouldn’t have too much money in the card, and she didn’t have to toss at the counter, just operate it directly on the ATM and transfer the money to her card.
So, she inserted the black gold card, and the interface immediately popped up: “Hello, honorable Citibank Supreme VIP member, it is a great honor to serve you, please enter your black gold card password.”
Ma Lan curled his lips: “What kind of shit, you still have a supreme VIP member, pretending to be compelling. When the old lady had two million in her card, she was also a wealth management VIP customer at ICBC!”
With that, she was going to try the password of this card.
Because of the experience of successfully trying out the password of Xiao Changkun’s mobile phone, Ma Lan felt that this time was also determined to win.
She thought about it carefully, and thought to herself: Ye Chen, this trash, is really affectionate to her daughter, maybe the bank card password is her daughter’s birthday.
So she directly entered Xiao Churan’s birthday.
Then, the screen prompts directly: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, the password you entered is wrong, you can try 2 more times today.”
“wrong password?”
Ma Lan was stunned for a moment, and then yelled: “Oh, Ye Chen, you say you love my daughter all day long, but the bank card password is not my daughter’s birthday! Look at Xiao Changkun’s dead ghost, the phone password can be set to two The birthday of an old lover more than ten years ago!”
Thinking of this, she frowned again and thought to herself, could it be their wedding anniversary

Chapter: 810
After that, she immediately entered the wedding anniversary of Ye Chen and Xiao Churan.
The prompt on the screen: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, the password you entered is wrong, you can try again today.”
“Damn!” Ma Lan cursed and muttered to herself: “Isn’t it right? Just one chance…”
When her heart was extremely anxious, she suddenly thought, could the password be Ye Chen’s own birthday?
She couldn’t wait to give it a try, but she suddenly realized that she didn’t know when Ye Chen’s birthday was.
So I had to pick up the phone and call his daughter Xiao Churan.
As soon as the phone was connected, he hurriedly asked, “Chu Ran, when is Ye Chen’s birthday?”
Xiao Churan asked curiously: “Mom, why are you asking this?”
Xiao Churan knew that her mother had never looked down upon Ye Chen, so she didn’t quite understand why she asked herself for Ye Chen’s birthday.
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Oh, don’t I think that Ye Chen has made a lot of hard work to get a villa for our family, so I want to find a chance to reward him, give him a birthday or something.” First URL m.
Xiao Churan said: “Ye Chen’s birthday is the second month of the second lunar month.”
Ma Lan frowned and said, “February 2? The dragon raised his head?”
Xiao Churan said, “Yes, it was the day the dragon raised his head.”
Ma Lan hurriedly asked, “What day is the solar calendar?”
“March 13th.”
“Okay, I see.”
After Ma Lan finished speaking, she hung up the phone impatiently, and then she began to fall into thought.
She knows in which year Ye Chen was born, but now she is not sure whether to use 0202 in the lunar calendar or 0313 in the solar calendar.
Now there is another chance to try the password. If you make a mistake, you may just swallow the card.
Therefore, she must do a multiple choice question.
After thinking about it, Ma Lan feels that Ye Chen’s birthday on the Chinese calendar is February, when the second dragon raises his head. This is a more meaningful day, and it is also the dragon’s head festival in the Chinese calendar. In contrast, the birthday on March 13 in the solar calendar looks somewhat Unremarkable.
Therefore, she felt that if Ye Chen used her birthday as her password, she probably also used the lunar calendar.
So she confided her heart and directly entered Ye Chen’s birthday on the lunar calendar into the password area.
Immediately afterwards, a prompt that excited her popped up on the screen: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, your password has been verified successfully, please select a specific service.”
Ma Lan didn’t expect that she had made a mistake, and she was really wrong, and she was overjoyed.
She immediately clicked the option to check the balance, wanting to see how much money Ye Chen had in his bank card.
After a while, the screen immediately showed a large number of numbers long enough to make Ma Lan dizzy.
“Yeah, I can’t think that Ye Chen’s waste money is really a lot. Let me count how many times I can make faces.”
Ma Lan murmured subconsciously, and then carefully counted, the soul was completely scared.
“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million!!!”
“Ten billion!!!”
Ma Lan stubbornly covered his heart, and did not faint when he held it forcibly, and exclaimed in a flustered voice: “What the hell is hell, this waste card has two hundred and nineteen billion?!?!”

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