The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 791-800

Chapter: 791
A farce ended with Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan getting nothing for anyone.
Ma Lan wanted money, but in the end, she also didn’t get any, leaving her depressed chest aching for a day.
When the family of four returned home from the villa, everyone started to pack their own things, and Xiao Choran also didn’t forget to call Dong Ruorin to tell her about the move tomorrow, so that she could also prepare for tomorrow, check out from the hotel and move over together.
Dong Ruorin danced with happiness when she heard this news.
Ever since she had fallen in love with Ye Chen, she had always wanted to find more opportunities to spend time with Ye Chen, but she was usually busy with work and had to take care of Xiao Choran, so there hadn’t been many opportunities.
If she could live with Xiao Churan and Ye Chen, there would naturally be much more opportunities.
So she agreed almost without a second thought.
While Ye Chen’s family was busy packing up their things, the Xiao family was exactly in a state of flux.
Ever since selling the furniture and coming back from Townsend, Xiao Chang Qian had been more than a little dissatisfied with his own mother.
Old Mrs. Xiao was determined to go live in Xiao Changkun’s big villa, and this incident stung Xiao Changqian badly. One Second Remember to Read the Book
It made him realize that the old lady wasn’t really favoring herself.
She had been favoring herself before for her own benefit, and once Xiao Changkun’s side was better for her, she would abandon herself and go in favor of Xiao Changkun.
So, as soon as he returned home, he told Old Lady Xiao to transfer the 1.21 million from the sale of the furniture to himself.
He felt that the old lady might abandon him at any time, so he must plan ahead and at least get some money in his hands first.
Otherwise, if the old lady falls out of favor, who can you count on then?
His son, Xiao Hailong, is a loser. In the past, when the Xiao family didn’t have any problems, it was okay for him to be a second generation rich man who was waiting for death.
The Xiao family is so devastated, it’s impossible to expect him to get ahead and make money. His daughter Xiao Weiwei is a canary, and she can’t even cook well.
So he said to old Mrs. Xiao, “Mom, you are the legal representative of the Xiao Group and the person responsible, the money is put here with you, it can easily be frozen by the bank!”
Old Mrs. Xiao didn’t feel that way, and she said indifferently, “The money from the sale of this furniture is itself used to pay back the bank.”
Unless she had to, Old Madam Xiao did not want the Xiao Group to go bankrupt and liquidate, because once the Xiao Group went bankrupt, she would be finished.
She was the legal person of the Xiao Group, if she had the money and didn’t pay back the bank, not only would the bank seize her house, it would even sue herself and arrest her as a rogue.
In that case, the unlucky one is herself, and the one who goes to jail is also herself.
Therefore, she insisted on paying back the bank’s minimum repayment first, and also planned to plead with the bank’s account manager so that the other party could be lenient for a while longer.
When Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he blew up and took off, “Mom, the family can’t even uncover the pot, it’s hard to come by more than a million, you’re paying back the bank, what are we going to eat and drink?”

Chapter: 792
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, “If I don’t pay it back, I’ll be arrested and put in jail! Don’t forget that I’m the corporate entity responsible for underwriting the company’s debts!”
Xiao Changqian hurriedly said, “Then you should at least take out one or two hundred thousand to give us a reprieve! I can’t even afford to smoke a pack of cigarettes for fifty bucks a pop now that I’m living this life!”
“And smoking?” Old Mrs. Xiao said sternly, “It’s good to have a mouthful of food, but you’re still thinking about smoking?”
Xiao Changqian held his fire in his heart, but his mouth sighed, “Mom, I’m old, so it’s fine to be patient, but Hailong and Weiwei are still young! They’ve never suffered much, so we can’t begrudge them that!”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, “That I don’t care, the more we have to scrimp and save and tide over the difficulties together!”
As soon as this was said, Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei became dissatisfied.
The two of them were already pampered and spoiled and couldn’t suffer much, and since Qian Hongyan had rolled up her money and run away, they had been living a hard life for a while.
However, Old Mrs. Xiao was now rich instead of saying to open the warehouse and release the grain, she wanted everyone to scrimp and save, wouldn’t this kill them both?
Immediately, Xiao Hailong was the first to say, “Grandmother, it’s easy for you to say, you’re old, you eat and drink little, scrimping and saving is naturally fine for you, but how can my sister and I be like this, we can’t suffer like this ah, I don’t eat and drink well these days, I’m several pounds lighter!”
“Yes Grandma!” Xiao Weiwei also didn’t have a good mood: “The cosmetics I used to use, which ones aren’t thousands of dollars, now I can only use the most ordinary L’Oreal, seeing that this L’Oreal is running out of money to buy, grandmother do you still want me to use a few dollars of Dabo sod honey ah?” First web site
After saying that, she immediately spilled the beans, “I don’t care, grandmother you must give me 20,000 yuan today, I’ll go buy a set of aquamarine mystery to use, or I’ll ruin this face all!”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, “Poor foolishness! Return the aquamarine mystery? Are you still sorry, Dabao sod honey? Useless things, even Xiao Yiqian can’t grasp them, if you had been able to hold Xiao Yiqian, would our family be in this state today?”
Xiao Weiwei became anxious and got out of her mouth, “What does this have to do with me? It was Xiao Yiqian who was rendered incompetent by Ye Chen, before he didn’t become incompetent, I was coaxing him into doing well, don’t forget that he gave me back five million and tens of millions to the Xiao family!”
“So what?” Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, “Isn’t he gone yet? If you’re really that good, he’ll stay even if he becomes incompetent, and in the end you’re still not good enough!”
Xiao Chang Qian was still holding his fire, but once he heard the old lady say that about his daughter Xiao Weiwei, he was also a bit angry and said out of his mouth, “Mom, Weiwei’s matter with Xiao Yiqian was also at your command, how can you fall into the well and cross the river at this time?”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, “I’m crossing the river to demolish the bridge? Did I go to the river? Obviously it was gone before we were halfway across the bridge, causing me to fall into the water and almost drown!”
Xiao Changqian said in exasperation, “Mom, anyway, I just say, the money can’t all be returned to the bank, said that we have to take 200,000 out to improve our lives, or else you’ll take all those antiques of my father’s back then and sell some money to save the emergency, or else you hide those things and can’t take them away in the future!”
“You curse me to death?!” Old Mrs. Xiao was on fire and said coldly, “The three of you want to turn the tide, don’t you?”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s voice had changed, sharp and frightening.
She did not even think that Xiao Changqian, who had always been flattering and obedient to her, would dare to stomp her nose and speak harshly to her!
At this moment, she also profoundly realized that her eldest son, grandson and granddaughter were not really dead set on following her either.
They were just three parasites clinging to themselves, constantly thinking of opening their mouths to suck nourishment from their bodies!
The more you do, the more you have to hold on to the money and stuff, and never let the three of them get away with it!

Chapter: 793
After Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Changqian centrifuged, an unhealable rift was created in each other’s hearts.
In the end, the old lady only took out 50,000 yuan as living expenses for the family of four, and the rest was paid back to the two banks that owed the money.
After the banks received this part of the repayment, the person in charge of the collection department also gave Mrs. Xiao face, saying that the debt could be postponed appropriately to give the Xiao family a breather.
Old Mrs. Xiao was finally relieved.
Up to now, she was still counting on the Xiao Group to come back from the dead, and as long as she could delay the pace of bankruptcy, there might be a chance.
When might there be a time when the next Xiao Yiqian would come out?
To himself, the Xiao family is currently facing great difficulties, but in the final analysis, it is only a matter of tens of millions of dollars, and if he really encounters a big boss like Xiao Yiqian who is worth ten billion, a little money leaking out from his fingers would be enough to bring the Xiao family back to life.
In contrast to the old lady Xiao who was full of longing and expectation, Xiao Changqian was very depressed.
The old lady only kept fifty thousand yuan of the money from the sale of furniture, and this fifty thousand yuan was still clutched in her own hand.
Xiao Changqian himself is running out of money, to the point where he can’t even afford a pack of cigarettes. Remember the website
That night, the old lady only took twenty dollars out to buy food, and what she bought was a pile of worthless rotten cabbage and half a pound of pork.
Xiao Changqian was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it, so he could only endure it in his heart now, while also racking his brains to research where the old lady would hide the antiques left behind by the old man.
While the Xiao family was grumbling about their poor life of clear water, Xiao Choran’s family had started moving to the Townsend Villa the next morning.
Since the furniture was all newly purchased, the move did not require any large items to be moved, and the four families each packed up their respective clothes and supplies, then packed up their utensils and kitchenware, found a truck and pulled them all over at once.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that you can find in the marketplace.
Xiao Churan shyly said, “Aren’t you all ready to upgrade? What’s the point of bringing all this stuff?”
Upon hearing this, Ye Chen was thrilled!
After the van arrived at Thompson’s, Xiao Changkun set off a few small hand-pulled salutes into the air at the door, and it was considered a housewarming gift.
Then, the family of four began to pack up their respective rooms.
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan packed the master bedroom on the second floor, Ma Lan herself packed the master bedroom on the third floor, and Xiao Changkun, on his own, went to pack up the small room next door in a muffled voice.
In his words, he was going to be separated from Ma Lan.
As for Xiao Changkun, he slept wherever he liked, but he was annoyed to see him now, so the separation was painful.
However, Xiao Churan’s heart is not too good.
The actual time you’ll be able to get the most out of your own home, you’ll be able to get the most out of your own home.
But she also knew that she, as a daughter, couldn’t interfere too much in her parents’ affairs, so she thought that it would be better to let them separate first, so that both of them could calm down and think about it.
If they could both think it over, then the future would be better.
When Ye Chen and Xiao Choran were almost done packing, Dong Ruolin also took a taxi over.
She didn’t have many things, just two suitcases and a bag, Xiao Choran warmly invited her in and then brought her directly to the second floor by elevator.
As soon as she got out of the elevator, she opened her mouth and shouted, “Ye Chen, come and give Ruo Lin a hand!”

Chapter: 794
Ye Chen hurriedly went out, and immediately saw Dong Ruolin who had been specially dressed up.
The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’re in a good position to get the best out of the situation, and you’ll be able to do that.
As soon as Dong Ruolin saw Ye Chen, her little face flushed red, and she waved her hand at him somewhat nervously, saying, “Ye Chen, I’ll be indebted to you for taking care of me in the future!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, nodded his head and said, “Welcome.”
Actually, Ye Chen was a bit helpless in his heart.
He knew that Dong Ruolin liked himself.
If she was just confessing to herself, he would be fine with it, just politely refusing or turning a deaf ear to it.
However, now she suddenly moved over and wanted to live under the same roof with him, which really made him a bit of a headache.
But of course, he couldn’t show anything unusual in front of Xiao Churan.
Xiao Choran pointed at Dong Ruorin’s two big boxes and said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, you’re strong, help Ruorin get her luggage to her bedroom.” A second to remember to read the book
“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and dragged the two boxes into Dong Ruo Lin’s bedroom.
Dong Ruolin followed suit and her heart was sweet.
In her opinion, she would be able to be closer to Ye Chen in the future, and no matter if she could end up with Ye Chen or not, as long as she could be closer to him, she would be satisfied in her heart.
After all, in her heart, Ye Chen was not only the object of her crush, but also her savior twice, so she only longed to be closer to Ye Chen, and then she would be satisfied.
As for whether or not the two would develop, it would have to depend on what was going on with his relationship with Xiao Churan first.
If the two were always in a false marriage, then she would naturally have to fight for it, but if they had true feelings, then she definitely couldn’t steal her best friend’s husband.
Dong Ruolin followed Ye Chen into the room, looked around and said in surprise, “Yah, this room is pretty big!”
“Mm.” Ye Chen smiled and said, “You definitely have enough to live by yourself.”
Dong Ruolin pursed her lips and nodded, whirling to see that Xiao Choran hadn’t come in yet, she hurriedly asked, “How are you and Choran doing lately?”
“It’s pretty good.” Ye Chen replied smoothly.
“Oh…” Dong Ruolin asked obscurely, “Compared to before, what has changed?”
Dong Ruolin wanted to know if Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had broken through that level of relationship, but it was hard to ask explicitly, so she could only subtly side-step the question.
Ye Chen didn’t think too much about it, just casually said, “Our relationship is stable, nothing has changed.”
When Dong Ruolin heard him say that there was no change, she felt a lot more solid, and it was estimated that Xiao Churan and Ye Chen were still sleeping in separate beds, which proved that the two of them still didn’t actually have any breakthroughs.
For herself, this was good news.
At this time, Ma Lan on the third floor was so excited that she took a lot of pictures and selfies in her large bedroom, and even turned the beauty filter on to the maximum, then carefully selected a few pictures of the living room as well as those taken from the outside, and posted them to her friends together.
The caption read: “Oh my gosh, after waiting for so long, I’ve finally moved into my own Thompson villa! This is the largest household in Thomson! With a living room this big and a bedroom this big, I don’t even know if I’d be scared to sleep in here at night!”
After writing this, she thought of Old Mrs. Xiao and added: “Hey, this villa has three floors above ground and two floors below ground, five floors in total, ten bedrooms in total, each of them very luxurious and stylish, but how can a family of four of us live over here? It’s so sad…”

Chapter: 795
After Ma Lan finished editing the copy of the friend circle, she also deliberately paired a few shy expressions on the back, and then also opened the positioning of Thompson, and joyfully clicked send.
As soon as this was sent out, there were immediately many people praising and leaving messages.
The messages were full of all sorts of admiration catering as well as kneeling and licking, marveling at how luxurious her family’s mansion was.
After all, no one had expected that Ma Lan would be able to live in a top-notch villa worth over 100 million, which was simply beyond what everyone who knew her knew about her.
At that moment, the Xiao family was gathering around a pot of duck frame boiling cabbage and eating a handful of bitter tears.
The old lady herself is dead set on the money, and is quite dissatisfied with Xiao Changqian and his pair of children who contradicted her yesterday, so she also intends to toss them.
So, she went out to buy food in the morning and only bought a duck rack, then bought two cabbages and just washed and cut them up and stewed them in one pot.
She felt that she was old and had a small amount of food anyway, and she couldn’t eat anything too meat and greasy, so she made this kind of clear soup, and as for the three of them, they loved to eat or not eat.
Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong, and Xiao Weiwei are nearly broke, and the three of them can’t scrape together the money for a meal at the restaurant, so they can only eat this kind of stuff at home with the old lady.
The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it. The first website
Bored, he ate while brushing his friend circle.
Suddenly, he saw the one posted by Ma Lan and took a closer look, gritting his teeth in anger, slammed his chopsticks down and cursed, “Grass! Ma Lan, the shrew, is living in Tomson’s First Class, damn, she deserves to live in Tomson’s First Class too! What a blind God!”
As soon as the old lady heard this, she picked up her phone and took a look at it, and she was on fire too!
“This damn dog thing is specifically saying that there are ten bedrooms that can’t be lived in.”
Old Mrs. Xiao is extremely uncomfortable, inwardly cursed, so many rooms can not give me one, let me go in to live a stay, and now also issued to deliberately irritate me, really a thousand cuts to her also not hate!
At this time, Xiao Changqian also looked at his cell phone friend circle, looked at the photos of the mansion that Ma Lan sent, and then looked at the duck rack of boiled cabbage in front of him, so angry that he couldn’t eat his rice, and directly pulled Ma Lan into the blacklist.
Out of sight, out of mind!
Xiao Weiwei also had Ma Lan’s WeChat friends and opened a glance, but she was also furious.
Old Mrs. Xiao saw that the three of them were all in a somewhat dejected mood, and hurriedly said, “Don’t you care about the things Ma Lan sent, she’ll have to be kicked out of that villa in a few days.”
Saying that, she cleared her throat and said again, “Our priority is to think about how to get the Xiao Clan through this difficult time and revive it!”
Xiao Changqian said with resentment, “Tide over what difficulty? Tens of millions of dollars in debt have to be settled, right? With what? This villa is so old, I think it can be sold for 17 or 18 million at most, the rest of the hole is still big.”
After saying that, he looked at Old Mrs. Xiao with some complaints and said, “The antiques Dad left behind can at least be sold for tens of millions, right? If you want me to say mom you might as well give me all those antiques, I’ll sell them and realize them, then go buy a house, and you’ll still have a place to live after the bank takes this villa away.”
Old Mrs. Xiao said with a cold face, “Buy a house? You think I can go there just because you bought a house? I could be going to jail for not paying my debts! I’m so old, if I go to jail, I’ll come out alive?”

Chapter: 796
Xiao Changqian summoned the courage to say, “Mom, even if the day the court sentences you to jail, me, Hailong, Vivi and I will be able to live in peace with this money, but if you don’t take out these antiques, if you go to jail, the three of us will starve to death outside!”
“Starvation?” Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, “You three have arms and legs, you can’t starve to death even if you go sweeping the streets! I’m telling you Xiao Changqian, that batch of antiques your father left behind is my salvation, don’t you dare think of hitting on it!”
Xiao Changqian couldn’t hold back his fire, soaring to his feet and coldly saying, “The things my father left behind are for us, his children and grandchildren, why should you be the only one holding on to them?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, “What? Are you rebelling? Fine, just scream at me and bare your teeth at me, I’ll die and none of you will ever know where all those antiques are, you won’t get anything then!”
Said the old lady, grunting and sneering, “Anyway, I’m an old woman, I’ve lived long enough, even if I die now, it doesn’t matter, before I die, I’ll make a will and donate my life insurance to you, and I won’t give you a cent! The three of you will then be the ones to suffer, you three will be incapable and capable, if the Xiao family collapses and I die, you three will not be considered street beggars and will be at the bottom of the social ladder, and then your days of suffering will be long overdue!”
Once Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he wimped out again.
He had no choice.
There was really no way out.
Having no money and not being able to make money was the biggest problem for him and his pair of children, and if the old lady really died and life insurance was donated, he would have no hope whatsoever.
So he could only suppress his anger and humbly said, “Mom, I’m in a hurry, don’t be so mean to me.” Remember the website
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and arrogantly said, “That’s more like it!”
At this time, several bank and court cars suddenly stopped at the entrance of the Xiao villa.
A large group of uniformed law enforcement officers, as well as a few managers from the bank quickly came to the door and clanged and smashed the door.
The family was so surprised that Xiao Hailong hurriedly got up and came out to open the door, and as soon as he opened the door, he was stunned by what he saw!
At this time, a large number of people rushed in and directly commanded many security guards to cordon off the scene.
Then, a court official stepped forward into the villa and said to the old lady Xiao who was eating, “You are the head of the Xiao Group, right?”
Without waiting for a reply from Old Mrs. Xiao, she said righteously to Convenient, “On behalf of the District Court, I am now formally informing you that a number of your creditors have jointly filed an application with the court to freeze the Xiao Group, as well as all assets in your name, and all accounts in your personal name, to force you to fulfill your repayment obligations! ”
Old Mrs. Xiao blurted out, “I just paid back the bank over a million dollars! The manager of the bank even told me that I could be lenient for a while, so why did you change your mind so soon?!”
The other party said coldly, “The bank considered that you no longer have profitability, and you can’t afford to pay it back if you drag on, so together with other creditors, they initiated an application and seizure of all assets under your name, now you have one hour to pack up your things and move out, the place is going to be seized!”
Old Mrs. Xiao shivered and stood up and asked off the cuff, “Seize all my assets?! On what basis?!”
The other said coldly, “By virtue of you not paying back the money you owe, of course! Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you that you can only take your daily clothes, toiletries, and ordinary furniture, and all cash, luxury goods, and valuables must be left behind!”

Chapter: 797
Old Mrs. Xiao’s face turned pale at the news!
She swayed, and the crutch in her hand snapped to the ground.
I thought there was still enough time to get help, but the life-boosting spell was so quickly delivered to the heel!
When Xiao Chang Qian and his children heard this, their faces went pale!
“Mom? What’s going on? We’re being shut down? Haven’t we already given over a million dollars?”
With the Xiao family’s current economic conditions, if the villa was seized, they wouldn’t even have a place to live, and all of them didn’t have a skill, so they would only end up worse off.
Not only would Xiao Changqian and the others have to go out and look for jobs and work, I’m afraid that even old Mrs. Xiao would have to find a place to brush the plates.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to survive at all.
Old Mrs. Xiao sat down on the ground with her buttocks and spilled out, “You’re killing our family of four! I just paid all my money back and you’re going to take my house!”
The person in charge said coldly, “We are acting in accordance with the law, and if you don’t pay the money you owe, the creditor has the right to ask the court to freeze and seize all your assets! Now a word of advice, if you can get the money to pay the debt, the villa and the account will be unblocked, but if you can’t pay the debt in the next three months, then the creditors will have to file a lawsuit against you, and you could then be prosecuted for fraud!” One second to remember to read the book
Old Mrs. Xiao went crazy and hugged the other woman’s leg, saying offhandedly, “You can’t seize my villa, I’ve lived here for nearly twenty years, this is my home!”
The other party ignored her and directly said to a few staff members, “Carry her out first and let her calm down.”
A few people hurriedly picked her up and took her out the door, and Old Lady Xiao broke down and cried out, “You can’t do this! You can’t do that!”
And no one paid any attention to her shouting.
Xiao Changqian and the others were also brought out by the law enforcement officers.
At this time, Xiao Changqian was in despair.
He had seen the state of affairs, it was now a court enforced execution, and if he dared to block it, it would be a blatant defiance of the law.
Who let his family owe someone money?
Now that people went to the court to apply for enforcement, it was also completely reasonable and legal.
Xiao Hailong collapsed at this point: “Dad, what can we do, where can we live as a family after seizing the villa?”
Xiao Weiwei directly cried, “We’re already miserable and poor enough now, if the villa is also gone, then I might as well die.”
The old lady heard, scratching her own hair and cursing, “God damn the bank, how can they do things to such an extent, they don’t give people a chance to live at all!”
Xiao Changqian came out of his mouth at this point, “Mom! Where the hell did you hide those antiques! If they find out, it’ll be all over!”
When the old lady heard this, her eyes went black and she almost fell over.
Xiao Changqian hurriedly stepped forward to help her, she only then slowed down and said nervously, “Those antiques are all in a hidden compartment under the basement floor, they shouldn’t find them…”

Chapter: 798
Xiao Changqian rubbed his temples and said, “If we are discovered, then everything will be over.”
As he was saying that, a young man in uniform came in the door again, holding a strange device in his hand.
This device was a long pole with a circle on the front, and it looked very much like the mine detectors used in movies to clear mines.
Xiao Chang Qian was surprised and asked, “Young man, is this a mine detector?”
The man laughed and said, “No, but the principle is similar, they are all metal detectors, and when they meet the metal under the ground, they will send out prompts, mines are also made of metal, so they can also mine with this, but the sensitivity is almost the same.”
Once Xiao Changqian heard that it was a metal detector, his heart thumped, and he asked out of the blue, “Even if you seize someone’s house, do you still want to go to someone else’s house to remove mines?”
The man said, “With our many years of seizure experience, usually as long as it’s a villa, there are secret compartments in the basement where some valuable things are hidden, so my mission is to find them all and then seize them all according to the law!”
As soon as the old lady Xiao heard this, she collapsed to the ground.
Xiao Changqian’s heart was also thudding, the man rushed into the villa after saying that, only then did Xiao Changqian hurriedly help the old lady up and asked after her, “Mom, what’s in that batch of antiques of Dad’s?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said nervously, “There are two vases, an ancient painting, and some other antiques…” First URL
Xiao Changqian hurriedly asked again, “Is there anything metallic there?”
“There’s…” The old lady said in a panic, “There’s a bronze lamp from the Ming Dynasty, a set of pewter, and two pieces of horseshoe gold…”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Changqian slapped his thigh and said in great pain, “It’s over! It’s over! It’s all over now! You hide all this stuff in the basement, they go down there and poke around with that thing and they’ll find everything!”
Afterwards, he pointed angrily at the old woman and scolded, “Told you that you were the greediest old woman! I told you long ago, take it out, take it out, take it out and I’ll go get some money, you just won’t take it! I’d rather die than take it! It would have been fine if you could have brought it into the coffin, but now you can’t bring it with you when you die, it’s all seized!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was nervous as hell, her mouth was still strong, “It’s impossible, they can’t find it, I hid it so well that no one can find it but me!”
As soon as he finished speaking, the person in charge walked out from inside and came directly in front of the old lady, saying in a cold voice, “Hello, we found a secret compartment in the basement of this house, which contains a number of antique relics and precious metals…”
Just after saying this, the old lady Xiao, who had just been helped up, sat back down on the ground, her face filled with despair.
The person in charge said again, “Since this villa is in your name, we tacitly agree that the things in the secret compartment also belong to you, therefore, we are seizing the artifacts and precious metals in accordance with the law, and when the court auctions them in the future, they will all be sold at public auction, and all the proceeds from the auction will be used to repay the debt you owe.”
“If the total amount of the auction exceeds your total debt, then the funds remaining after repaying the debt will be returned to you; if the total amount of the auction is less than your total debt, then the creditor has the right to continue to file a lawsuit against you!”
After the man finished speaking, he took out a form and said to Old Mrs. Xiao, “If you heard what I just said clearly, please sign this.”
“I’m not signing!” Old Mrs. Xiao roared hysterically, “You have no right to seize my antiques! Those are my coffin books!”
The person in charge said coldly, “Sorry, according to the law, these antiques have been seized by us, even if you don’t sign, it won’t change any established facts.”
After saying that, he directly turned around and returned to the villa.
Old Lady Xiao’s entire body went black, and she instantly passed out….

Chapter: 799
As soon as he saw that Old Lady Xiao had fainted, Xiao Changqian rushed over, grabbed the old lady by the collar and shook her furiously and vigorously!
As soon as the old lady was unconscious, she was vigorously shaken awake again, and as soon as she opened her eyes, Xiao Changqian was furious and rebuked, “Didn’t you say that no one could find the antiques except you? Now all these antiques are gone! It’s all gone!!!! How do you expect us to live as a family?!”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s heart was aching, she was also crying at this time, her entire body was in tears of grief, wailing, “How did I know it would be like this, if I knew it would be like this, to death I wouldn’t have hidden it at home ah…”
At this point, Old Mrs. Xiao’s tears couldn’t stop falling: “It’s over, it’s really over this time, everything is over, my life’s work is all over!”
Xiao Hailong was also desperate and cried, “There’s nothing left, not even a night meal…. There’s no food at night, and you can still go hungry, but where do you sleep at night? We can’t sleep on the street!”
When she heard this, Vivian Xiao also broke down and cried out, “Wouldn’t that mean we’d be living on the streets? I don’t want it!”
By this time, the staff had begun to move the family’s previous items onto the truck.
The old lady watched as all her antiques were sealed and taken away, crying loudly in the courtyard, wanting to rush up and grab them several times, but they were all stopped by the law enforcement officers.
The more Xiao Changqian looked, the angrier he became, so angry that he wanted to give Old Lady Xiao a kick, this old lady is too selfish! Selfish in the extreme!
The key to her selfishness also did not get any good results, all these things are now confiscated, no doubt, this life will not be able to get back. Remember the website
All the valuable things were removed, and the family’s worthless clothes and broken furniture were all moved out by the staff and yarded on the curb outside the door one after another.
When everything was almost moved, the court people put a seal on the door of the villa, and that person in charge came to the courtyard and said to the four Xiao family members, “We are now going to put a seal on the outside gate of the courtyard as well, please cooperate and move to the outside, you are already forbidden to enter here.”
“I’m not leaving! This is my house, why should I leave!”
The old lady Xiao’s eyes are red and swollen as she cries, and the way she looks is simply like in the Jin Yong novels, the wife who has been at the bottom of the well for decades and can only spit out jujube seeds, Qiu Qianzhu!
It’s been sealed off, to be clear, this is no longer your home, and if you continue to stay here, you’re obstructing business!” the manager said. We have the right to detain you!”
When Xiao Changqian’s three mouths heard this, they were frightened and hurriedly went out.
They didn’t want to be caught and put in the detention center for a few days at this time.
The old lady Xiao originally didn’t want to leave, but at this time there was no one around her, not even a support person, so she could only cry and go out.
Once out of the gate, the court put two seals on the gate as well, and then informed Old Mrs. Xiao once again, “You have three months to prepare the funds, and if the funds are not available after three months, these things will be auctioned, and if the auction is not enough to repay the debt, then you will be prosecuted!”
Old Mrs. Xiao sat paralyzed at the entrance of her house, her face full of despair.
The villa, which could at most be sold for seventeen or eighteen million, and the antiques and relics, which could at most be sold for ten million out of ten, may not add up to thirty million.
However, the various debts of the Xiao Group currently added up to at least sixty million.
This money was simply not enough….

Chapter: 800
In other words, for the next three months, she didn’t have a place to land, but after three months, she might have to go to jail….
Old Mrs. Xiao was crying up and down, and almost snapped over several times.
After the warning, the court did not say anything more to them and directly got into the car and left.
The four members of the Xiao family could only sit helplessly on the roadside of their home, guarding a pile of tattered furniture and clothing and daily necessities and crying inwardly.
At this time, they were completely helpless.
Unexpectedly at this time, the house leaked into the rain.
A few security guards from the villa property rushed over and said to them, “You guys, please take your things with you and move out of our villa area as soon as possible, don’t affect the appearance of our villa area here.”
“What did you say?!” Xiao Chang Qian scolded angrily, “I’ve lived here for almost twenty years, and you’re saying that I’m affecting the appearance of this place? And kick me out?!”
The other party said coldly, “Excuse me, I also received a notice that you are no longer our property owners here, since you have lived here before, you must know that our community is closed management and does not allow outsiders to enter, so please leave as soon as possible.”
Saying that, he pointed to a large pile of things on the roadside and said, “These things also please move out as soon as possible, and if you don’t, our property will default to these being abandoned items and dispose of them freely.” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Chang Qian trembled with anger and cursed, “Bully! I’ll fight you!”
A couple of strong security guards immediately stepped forward and shoved him, snapping, “What do you want? You want to do it? There are more than a dozen of us in the security team, how many can you beat?!”
Xiao Changqian puffed up.
Xiao Hailong in the back was furious and scolded, “Beware of me calling to complain about you!”
The security guard sneered, “Complaining about us? We did everything by the book, so who are you to complain about us? I’m telling you, none of you are owners of our community now, and if you still stay here, I’ll call the police and arrest you!”
“You…” Xiao Hailong wanted to open his mouth to curse, but when he saw the other party’s menacing demeanor, he suddenly wilted again.
Xiao Chang Qian knew that it was useless for him to rely on this place now, and it was also true that he was not occupying the house, the house had been seized, and he was naturally not the owner of the community, so it was only right and proper that he was kicked out.
So he could only sigh and said to a few people, “Pack up your things, only bring what is useful and valuable, and leave the rest here for them to deal with on their own!”
Xiao Weiwei cried, “Dad, where can we go now?”
Xiao Chang Qian shook his head and lamented, “I don’t know, but it’s not a good idea to continue to stay here…”
Xiao Hailong also cried, wiped his tears and said, “Dad, why don’t we go and beg my second uncle…. Apologize to him, admit our mistakes, and beg him to take us in… Didn’t Second Aunt’s circle of friends say that her villa has ten bedrooms? It’s enough to beg them to give us two rooms, the two of us will sleep in one room, and let Weiwei sleep in one room with grandma…”
Xiao Changqian’s face was even uglier than a bitter melon as he sighed, “What you said is simple, what kind of person is that second aunt of yours, don’t you have any idea in your heart? It’s too late for her to laugh at us at this point, so how could she be so kind as to take us in and give us a room!”
Old Mrs. Xiao, who had been silent, suddenly stood up and gritted her teeth and said, “Go to Thomson One! I’ll die in front of Thompson’s today, even if I have to! If Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan don’t take us in, I’m going to sue them for abandoning the elderly!”

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