The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 131-140

Chapter: 131
“It’s really difficult.” Pharmacist Leng frowned.
Su Luo was completely confused in the cloud and mist, she quietly walked to the side and asked Steward Xu: “What is the green-level spar?”
Someone hasn’t heard of the green spar? Steward Xu was shocked and looked at Su Luo in astonishment.
“What? Isn’t it weird?”
Steward Xu first nodded and shook his head. Then he coughed and said to Su Luo: “As we all know, there are two ways to quickly improve the level of cultivation, one is to repair the chain with concentration, and the other is to repair the chain with crystals. The first type of people often don’t have spars, so they have to repair the chains by themselves. It can be seen that spars are very important for chain repairers.”
Is there such a thing? Su Luo frowned and said nothing.
It’s no wonder that she used to be a legendary waste wood, and naturally she didn’t know anything about chain repair.
Steward Xu said: “According to the quality of the spar, it is said that it is divided into seven types. Just like the natural spiritual power, it is divided into seven types: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. However, there are very few spars on the mainland, and Most of them are red, orange and yellow, and the green ones are very few. As for the following three kinds of blue, blue and purple, they are extremely rare.”
So, is it extremely difficult to find the green spar in a very short time?
“With the strength of the imperial clan, it should be in the large internal storage, but it is very far from the imperial capital, even if it is too late to sit on the dragon scale horse.” Xu Guanjia was anxious to go round and round in the room.
Su Luo was also worried.
What kind of thing is this spar? Don’t ask her to find it, I have never seen her before.
Ling Feng stood up suddenly and ran out, leaving only a voice: “I’ll find it!”
Ling Feng took King Jin’s token and went to the city’s defensive office. He turned the inventory upside down, and almost caused the county guard to be out of trouble. Only then did he get three green-level spars.
There are quite a few red-orange-yellow three-color spars, but these are the treasures of chain repair for ordinary people, and they are useless for a sixth-order master like Nangong Liuyun.
Ling Feng immediately ran to the mercenary union and announced the task of acquiring the green spar.
One green tier spar can be exchanged for 100,000 gold coins!
This exchange rate can be considered extremely high, so the whole city is lively, and countless people begin to pass on messages.
Finally, Ling Feng returned to the manor with a cart of stones.
When Su Luo came out, he happened to see Ling Feng hurried in, carrying a basket of stones weighing thousands of catties.
“Quickly, everyone has a basket of rough stones. If someone cuts out a green-level spar, he will be rewarded with 10,000 gold coins!” Ling Feng was full of pride.
With an order, immediately, the subordinates in the manor boiled.
People do not punish the earth for wealth.
What’s more, this fortune is justified.
“These stones?” When Su Luo’s gaze fell on these stones, he couldn’t help but feel a little stunned. Why did she feel that these dark stones are so familiar, where did she seem to have seen them?
“These are the rough stones from which the spar is formed.” Ling Feng explained quietly, “Raw stones are very strange. No matter how powerful a warrior is, it is impossible to see the inside of the rough stones. Some of these rough stones are just stones, and some will cut out. Some of the red spar will be cut out of orange spar, there are also yellow spar and green spar. No one can tell before they are cut out.”
Su Luo’s eyes were fixed on these black stones, and a flash of light flashed in his mind, “These are the rough stones of the spar?”

Chapter: 132
“Yes, they are all pulled from the nearby spar mining area. It is just that it is difficult to cut out the green spar.” Ling Feng’s eyebrows were always frowned, and his attention was focused on the field. The stone-cutting crowd stared at it like a falcon.
However, as Ling Feng and Leng Yaoshi said, green spars are really rare, and tens of thousands of orange spars may not be able to produce a green spar.
These rough stones are all of the best quality and performance, but after an afternoon of cutting, a total of 500 red spars, 100 orange spars, five yellow spars, and green spars were cut out. But I didn’t even see the shadow.
After seeing the results clearly, Ling Feng’s complexion was very ugly.
“Go and pull another batch of seeds! I don’t believe it, you can’t find a single green spar!” Ling Feng ordered loudly. He was so anxious that his palms were sweaty, and he was extremely afraid.
Su Luo asked Pharmacist Leng, “How many green spars are enough?”
Always give a range, right?
Pharmacist Leng thought for a while, and said, “The more the better, but at least fifty green spars are needed.”
“Fifty?” Su Luo was depressed, Ling Feng rummaged through the entire county town, and now there are only three green spars in his hand. The Leng Yaoshi needs fifty when he speaks! This is too difficult, right?
Pharmacist Leng said, “In fact, you don’t need a green spar. If you have a blue spar, ten are enough. For a blue spar, two are enough. If you have a purple spar, don’t say one. It’s just a little bit of broken pieces, and the spiritual power contained in it is enough.”
Su Luo was depressed.
Green spars are so rare, not to mention the rare cyan, blue and purple spars that are famous for almost the entire continent? This is impossible.
Seeing Ling Feng running by himself but cutting the stone, Su Luo suddenly felt a bright light in his mind.
Why did she forget? There are dozens of dark rough stones in her space! At the beginning of the old man Zihuo’s cave, they almost abandoned them, but later because they could expand the kit space, she wiped them all out.
Su Luo found a secluded place, and his mind moved into the space.
The space still seemed a bit crowded, but what did Su Luo see in the crowded space?
She unexpectedly saw her contracted spirit pet, which was a dragon but was turned into a dog by its father. It was sitting cross-legged on the ground very humanely. In front of it was a pile of rough rocks like a hill. It’s actually holding a rough stone in both hands, it…
Su Luo thought he was dazzled, but rubbing his eyes, the scene in front of him remained unchanged.
Her cute and cute little spirit pet actually tears the rough stone from top to bottom like peeling a banana.
Yes, even a master like Ling Feng can only use a special cutter to cut the rough, because the rough is so hard that even a master can hardly destroy it.
However, the cute little Mengmeng is like peeling a banana and an orange, breaking apart one by one, and then stuffing the peeled spar into his mouth, biting on Belxiang!
and many more!
What did she see?
Su Luo only felt that a green light flashed before her eyes. She had only seen this familiar green color not long ago.
This must not be true!
Ling Feng frantically searched the whole city for green spar. As a result, Xiao Lingchong swallowed it as green spar as a snack? !
It turned out to be green spar?
Su Luo suddenly felt tearful in the wind. Luck is so fucking important! This is character!
Su Luo rushed up, picked up the little Ling pet, smiled evilly and slyly: “It’s robbery! If it’s terrible, hurry up and vomit what you swallow.”
Xiao Menglong’s big wet eyes looked at Su Luo pitifully, and his two paws desperately covered his small mouth, how could he not let go.

Chapter: 133
Looking at such eyes, Su Luo’s heart softened.
“Okay, okay, that one is just your wages, but you can’t steal the rest.”
Su Luo looked at the scattered piles of raw stone waste, and felt a faint pain in her heart. She directly knocked Xiao Menglong on the head, “You prodigal!”
That’s not melon seeds, but green spar, OK? But Ling Feng hung out one hundred thousand gold coins for a green spar.
Little Menglong didn’t understand why his master had a painful expression on his face. He chuckled his food, bounced and seemed very happy.
Su Luo carried it into his arms and let it sit cross-legged in front of him.
Looking at the piles of rough stones in front of him, Su Luo wanted to try his luck, so he chose one of them and handed it to Xiao Menglong. This baby can be processed manually, and the speed is much faster than the cutter. It is a waste of resources if free labor is unnecessary, shameful.
Little Menglong is very conscious of being a free labor force. It took the rough stone the size of a melon. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked at Su Luo curiously with those big clear eyes, as if he didn’t understand why Su Luo would Pick this one.
Su Luo touched its head and urged: “This piece will definitely produce a green spar. Okay, don’t get over it, just break it apart like you break an orange.”
Ok. Although Xiao Menglong was still puzzled, it resolutely implemented the master’s order.
Su Luo held her breath intently, her eyes widened, and she stared at the rough stone in Xiao Menglong’s hand carefully.
I saw that the brownish rough stone was pulled apart one by one, and slowly, the spar inside was exposed.
Su Luo didn’t believe it, she snatched it over, looked carefully, and found that it was really yellow spar!
Although yellow is good, it is useless to Nangong Liuyun.
Su Luo threw the yellow spar aside with a bit of depression, and chose a gray rough stone with mottled stripes and solemnly handed it to Xiao Menglong.
“Come on, be good. Little Claws fight for your breath and peel off a green spar.” Su Luo coaxed Xiao Mengmeng. It seemed that whether he could be green depends on Little Claw’s luck.
Poor Xiao Mengmeng was overwhelmed unconsciously.
Xiao Mengmeng took the original stone, and suddenly raised its big wet eyes. The clear water waves reflected Su Luo’s figure. She looked at the original stone inexplicably, and then at Su Luo.
“What is this kid struggling with? Just peel it off.” Su Luo patted his little head.
Little Menglong glanced at Su Luo like an idiot, lowered his head and determined to start peeling the rough stone that Su Luo picked.
After peeling it apart, Su Luo suddenly collapsed when he saw the color.
Her luck was really bad! This time it was worse than the first time.
It was the first time that a yellow spar was peeled out. This time there was not even yellow but an orange spar.
Su Luo rubbed his temples with some annoyance, and finally cheered up: “I don’t believe my luck will get worse and worse! Come, peel this piece!
Su Luo didn’t have thousands of choices this time. She picked up the nearest rough stone about the size of a watermelon and handed it to Little Menglong with great momentum.
Since it is a fight for luck, there is no need to choose. With luck, even if you close your eyes, you can pick the best. Without luck, you will be cheated away even if you have a purple spar in your hand.

Chapter: 134
This time, Xiao Menglong still looked at Su Luo with those big dark eyes, but this time, the sympathy in his eyes was even more obvious, and the obvious Su Luo could almost be seen.
As a result, peel it out.
Su Luo almost kneeled!
What kind of luck is she today? It’s simply doom possession!
It turned out to be worse every time!
The first rough stone can peel off the yellow spar at any rate, the second rough stone can peel off the orange rough stone, this third piece… is actually red! With such a big red color, she almost made her want to cry without tears.
Su Luo thought, if she chooses another piece, will there be nothing in it?
Su Luo held his forehead and sat depressed on the spot, staring weakly at his own pair of claws.
Little Menglong looked at the depressed master in confusion, tilted his head and thought for a while, feeling that he could not help, so he sat on the pile of rough rocks and played with them.
The well-behaved look is like a child playing in the mud, and it’s so heartwarming to look at.
Su Luozheng was depressed. Suddenly, a greenish object appeared in front of her. She subconsciously raised her eyes and saw a green spar, and this spar was the size of a fist!
Su Luo looked at the green spar in a daze, then looked up and saw a pair of fluffy little paws, and then the cute little face of Xiao Menglong.
Well, Su Luo is jealous.
Why can’t she pick a green spar for a long time, but the little Menglong grabbed one afterwards? And it’s still such a big one?
Is it really so jealous?
But if you can find it! Su Luo rubbed Xiao Menglong’s head in excitement, and the weather suddenly cleared, “Quickly, help the master find a few more.”
Su Luo felt that her luck was too bad, so she didn’t do anything on her own, and directly let Xiao Menglong choose.
What makes her happy and depressed is that Xiao Menglong’s luck is simply too good.
Can’t use good luck to describe it, it should be said that luck is overwhelming!
The first one, peeled out, green spar!
The second one, peel it out, the green spar!
The third one, peeled out, turned out to be a green spar!
This, this… What kind of luck is this? Su Luo, who was so irritating, burst into tears, his eyes flushed.
Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in Su Luo’s mind, and she suddenly realized what she had missed before!
Just now, Xiao Menglong’s puzzled and unbearable eyes clearly showed sympathy! It is sympathizing with itself.
This shows what? This shows that when it picks up the rough stone, it already knows whether there is a spar in it, and what color spar it is. Therefore, it will look at itself with incomprehensible and sympathetic eyes.
Being sympathized by this little guy, Su Luo wanted to cry again.
Isn’t that the case, there is proof, but to prove this is actually very simple.
Su Luo smiled and hugged Xiao Menglong in front of the pile of raw stones, and said coaxingly, “Hey, find a blue rough stone for master, okay?”
blue? The little Menglong wrinkled its little nose in embarrassment, but it still strictly followed the orders issued by its master. A pair of thin claws seemed to contain a thousand catties, and they threw open the rough stone in the upper layer one by one and dig directly under it.
In the end, it accurately grasped a rough stone less than the size of a fist and handed it to Su Luo.
“What’s inside is the blue spar?” Su Luo doubted, weighing the rough stone.

Chapter: 135
“Uh!” Xiao Menglong couldn’t understand his words, but nodded firmly. It can’t speak yet, it can only communicate in this way.
“Okay, then peel it off and take a look.” Su Luo handed the rough stone back.
Xiao Menglong took it very obediently, quickly peeled off the rough stone, and then handed the spar inside to Su Luo as if showing off.
It has a cute look begging for praise, and its little tail is raised high, and it keeps spinning around Su Luo.
Cyan! It turned out to be really cyan! Su Luo looked at the luminous cyan stones in his hand, with joy and surprise, and then excited again!
Fortunately, Yao Shi Leng said that as long as ten cyan rough stones, Nangong Liuyun’s injury can be saved.
Surprisingly, Xiao Menglong could see the inside through the surface.
What’s exciting is that she can go to participate in the gambling in the future and bet all the good spars back at low prices!
However, the most important thing is to save Nangong Liuyun.
So, because she was a little black hand, Su Luo didn’t even dare to touch the rough stones. She asked Xiao Menglong to peel all the rough stones.
After all, its speed is much easier to use than the cutter, and it is a waste to use it.
I don’t know what the material of Xiao Menglong’s claws are, it’s probably the same type as its teeth. Therefore, the dragons naturally have an advantage. Even if they become small dogs, their teeth and paws are very comparable.
Just when Su Luo was thinking about it, Xiao Menglong had already solved all the rough stones.
Because this batch was pulled out from the cave of the old man Zihuo, the probability of the rough stone coming out of the spar is very high.
About thirty or so stones, except for the ones that were eaten by Xiao Menglong as a snack at the beginning and the ones that were touched by Su Luo Xiaohei, the rest were all out, and the worst were yellow spar.
Among them, there were ten yellow spars, five green spars, and even three cyan spars. Finally, a blue spar was peeled off. This probability is almost going against the sky.
In terms of five times the value.
One blue spar is equivalent to twenty-five green spars.
One cyan spar is equivalent to five green spars.
Therefore, Su Luo has twenty-five, plus fifteen, plus five, for a total of forty-five green spars!
The rough stones that Ling Feng brought before were said to be the best performers in the mining area, but there were so many rough stones, not even a single green spar, but there were so many dozens of rough stones!
Su Luo strongly doubted whether the old Zihuo old man, like Xiao Menglong, could see through the original stone at a glance.
Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the high probability that the rough stone will produce high-grade spar.
However, it is also fortunate that she threw these stones into the space from the beginning, otherwise, Nangong Liuyun’s injury still doesn’t know what to do.
After Su Luo calmed down the little Menglong, he left the space.
She came to the empty practice area. It used to be a practice area, but now it has become a site for cutting rough stones.
The atmosphere was very warm, everyone was immersed in the enthusiasm for cutting stones.
Even Butler Xu personally cut off. But his luck was obviously not good enough. Su Luo saw that he had cut three or four pieces in a row, and the inside was completely empty, not even the hair of the spar.
When Mr. Xu saw Su Luolai, he couldn’t help but sighed: “This afternoon, a few spars were unwrapped, but the green spar’s burrs were not seen, and Ling Feng went crazy in a hurry.
“Not even one?” Su Luo stared in surprise.
This afternoon, gold coins were spilled out like flowing water, but not a single green spar was found?
Should Ling Feng’s luck be too bad, or the green spar is really hard to find in the world?

Chapter: 136
The rough stone did not cut out the green spar, but there was a message from the mercenary union that Ling Feng spent 200,000 gold coins to buy the two green spars.
He looked at the only five green spars in his hand, almost frantic with anger, and walked around the room anxiously.
All the manpower and material resources cost, this is only five yuan…The cold medicine master’s request is fifty yuan! How can this be enough? Even a fraction is not enough.
Su Luo watched Ling Feng almost collapsed, clenched his fists and wanted to walk forward, but finally stopped.
Through the scraps of this place, she deeply understood the value of those spars. Although there were only a few of them, they were completely comparable to the existence of Jinshan Yinshan.
However, in what way can she take out the spar, and yet be able to remove herself cleanly? This is a difficult problem.
Su Luo suddenly flashed in his mind.
Didn’t Ling Feng release the task in the mercenary union? Then can she put the spar in the mercenary union? At that time, she could get a lot of gold coins.
But after careful consideration, it won’t work.
Let alone what would happen if the mercenary union leaked her out, she wouldn’t be able to get away with just those millions of gold coins.
Although there is space, space is not omnipotent. It is already crowded inside, and it is impossible to put it down.
How to give the spar to Ling Feng? Su Luo hugged Xiao Mengmeng in the courtyard with some annoyance.
Others are troubled because they can’t find the spar, and she is troubled by too many spars.
If it is known to others, she is really going to vomit blood.
Su Luo thought for a while. After all, she didn’t come up with a perfect solution. She simply broke the jar, put the spar into a cotton bag, and handed it to Ling Feng, who was anxious and crimson, “Here, take it.”
“What?” Ling Feng frowned, looking upset, “Why give me a bag? Miss Su, I have no time to play with you now!”
With that, Ling Feng threw the bag back, acting rudely and rudely.
scare! He only bought one hundred thousand gold coins for the mission, but now he throws the whole bag out?
Su Luo was dumbfounded. She looked at the stupid donkey up and down, and asked solemnly, “Don’t you?”
“Stop it! Go to the mercenary union when you have time. Maybe you can run into a dead mouse and buy the green spar.” Ling Feng waved his hand impatiently, as if asking her to stay alone.
Ling Feng, Ling Feng, why do you think your master raised a fool like you? Don’t give it to your door, have to pay a lot of money to buy it?
Girl, I really didn’t mean to earn your majesty’s money, it’s really that you child is too ignorant to praise. Su Luo secretly said in his heart.
“The mercenary union? By the way, is the task of purchasing the green spar you posted still count? The task of one green spar with one hundred thousand gold coins.” Su Luo confirmed again.
There are cheap bastards, Nangong Liuyun, blame you for raising a stupid subordinate.
“Naturally, it counts! As long as you can take out the green spar, you will definitely give the same amount of gold coins with both hands.” Ling Feng glanced at Su Luo contemptuously, “If you can take one out? If you can , I, Ling Feng, will be a cow and a horse for you as a slave!”
Because the green spar could not be found for a long time, Ling Feng’s accustomed icy character now seemed very irritable.
Ling Feng of Tier 6 strength to take over as a minion? good idea!

Chapter: 137
“It’s hard for a man to chase after a word.” Su Luoyin smiled predictably.
“Okay, whoever regrets it is a puppy!”
A treacherous smile flashed under Su Luo’s eyes. She opened the cotton bag with a smile, and slowly took out a green spar, dangling it proudly in front of Ling Feng: “Look, what a beautiful green spar, Someone even said no.”
That touch of verdant green is almost dazzling.
Ling Feng stared at the crystal clear green spar in Su Luo’s hand in amazement. The next moment, a flash of ecstasy flashed through his eyes, and he snatched the green spar over, and said, “Really! It’s really a green spar!”
“Yeah, you admit it yourself? I said Lingfeng Minion, should I serve my master tea and pour water now?” Su Luo sat on the courtyard stone bench leisurely, with a tricky smile on his face.
Ling Feng had always treated her nose not nose and eyes but not eyes, now it’s okay, he was trapped by his own words.
A trace of embarrassment flashed across Ling Feng’s cold face, but the cold-hearted person deserved to have a thick-skinned face. He automatically filtered Su Luo’s words and said loudly to her: “Is it just one? Is there any more? Where did you find it?”
Su Luo only played with the cotton bag, did not speak, only smiled.
Ling Feng is a smart man, he grabbed the cotton bag and opened it straight to look inside.
This look stunned him suddenly!
How, how is it possible! How could this ordinary cotton bag contain priceless spar?
Not only the green spar, but also the blue spar? No, no, that touch of azure blue… won’t it be blue spar, right?
Ling Feng felt that his entire brain was about to crash. He stood stupidly, staring at the rare and rare spar, and then stupidly raised his head and stared at Su Luo.
People who are so cold and cold are not even able to speak, “Where and where did this, this, all come from?”
From this, it is enough to see how excited it is.
Su Luo waved his hand very casually, and glanced at him calmly, as if he didn’t care about it: “Isn’t it just a few broken stones? Look at you, how excited are you?”
“Broken, broken stones?!” Ling Feng’s first reaction was to open the head of the fourth young lady of the Su family to see what structure her brain was, and even said that these spars were broken stones!
“Isn’t it?” Su Luo smiled awkwardly, typical of the virtue of being cheap.
“Do you know that the total amount of spar here is enough to buy a city!” Ling Feng yelled at her excitedly, “Do you know what kind of manpower and material resources your Highness spent to find a blue spar? , But still can’t, you said it’s a broken stone! Did you know that just such a blue spar is enough to cause many sects to fight? Do you know…”
“Stop–” Su Luo made a pause gesture, “I don’t know anything, but the only thing I know is that if you yell so loudly, these spars may not be saved.”
Suddenly, Ling Feng’s excitement stopped abruptly.
He took a deep breath, calmed his overexcitement, and then trembling hands, counting the spar in the cotton bag one by one.
It took him ten times before he finally confirmed: “One blue spar is equivalent to twenty-five green spars; three cyan spar is equivalent to fifteen green spars; there are five more Green spar…”

Chapter: 138
Is this a coincidence? In addition to the five that he bought with huge sums of money, it turned out to be exactly fifty green spars?
At this moment, Steward Xu came hurriedly, with a rare smile on his face, and excitedly said to Ling Feng: “Good news! Great news! The mercenary union sent a message saying that a customer had a lot in his hands. Green spar, but the price is double the price you gave before.”
“This is also good news?” Su Luo touched Xiao Mengmeng’s soft white fur and smiled.
“As long as you can save your majesty, gold coins are not a problem!” Butler Xu was also anxious about cutting the spar in the afternoon, but he didn’t get anything. He wanted to exchange Jinshan Yinshan for the green spar.
A trace of disgust flashed through Ling Feng’s eyes: “I didn’t sell one before, but now I’m still sitting on the ground and raising the price? Steward Xu, go and take that task away!”
“This…” Steward Xu was anxious.
“Don’t worry, the green spar has been found.” Su Luo said with a smile. As for where she got it from, Ling Feng didn’t dare to ask her. At most, he would wait until Nangong Liuyun woke up to explain to him.
In the room.
Yao Shi Leng was already shocked when he saw the big bag of spar. When he saw the blue spar with a blue light, his eyes were almost sucked in, and he couldn’t get it out for a long time.
The calm and self-sufficient Leng Pharmacist, the aloof Leng Pharmacist, he actually gave Ling Feng a glance and stammered: “Really, really blue spar?”
He has only seen it once from others in his life!
But he didn’t even have the qualification to touch it!
In an instant, he was excited and excited, and he felt that his trip was worth it!
The blue spar exudes a strong spiritual aura of heaven and earth, pure and transparent, as if the soul has been washed clean.
Blue spar…
How is this possible? It is really incredible to be able to collect so many spars in a short day, and there are blue spars that are hard to find in the world.
At this moment, Leng Yaoshi had an unpredictable guess about the strength of His Royal Highness King Jin.
Su Luo saw that Pharmacist Leng’s eyes were almost attracted by the blue spar and couldn’t pull it out, so he asked curiously, “Yakuza Leng, can blue spar replace green spar? There will be no problem, right?”
“There is a problem, of course there is a problem!” His thinking was disrupted. If he were to change to the usual, Leng Yaoshi would have clamored for a long time, but now he dare not come out, for fear of desecrating the pure blue spar.
“What’s the problem?” Su Luo and Ling Feng were anxious.
“Of course there is a problem! Put such a good blue spar in, and the effect of the melted pill that will be refined by then will be almost doubled!” Yaohu Leng smiled and touched a few goat’s whiskers. He was so disappointed, “The old man has never obtained such good materials in his life. This time, he must refine a melting pill that is unparalleled in the world.”
This old guy, his words are really shocking.
But at the same time, Su Luo and Ling Feng breathed a sigh of relief.
In this way, Nangong Liuyun is saved, right?
“Then you are not hurrying to refine?” Su Luo hurriedly urged. Save Nangong Liuyun earlier, and her guilt will be eliminated earlier.
“Okay, I’ll go now, now go!” “Leng Yaoshi’s mood cannot be described by a good word.
In addition to helping His Royal Highness Jin’s refining pills this time, it was also of great benefit to him.

Chapter: 139
He has been trapped in a high-level pharmacist for so many years, the only thing he lacks is the opportunity, and now, the opportunity is in front of him, how can he give up?
Even if Su Luo didn’t let him refine it now, he would cry and cry for him to refine it.
Therefore, when Su Luo looked at Leng Yaoshi’s uncontrollable excitement, she suddenly said, “Hold on.”
Although Leng Yaoshi turned his head, he clung to the bag of rare spar, in a posture to prevent Su Luo from running to grab it.
Su Luo felt funny in his heart.
I’m not afraid that you are rare, just that you are not rare.
If your old man is not rare, what capital can I use to negotiate terms with you?
Su Luo pretended to reach out to take the cotton bag back, but the speed of Leng Yaoshi was incredibly fast, and he didn’t know what wonderful step he was taking, slipping out of the diagonal stab, Su Luo didn’t even touch the corner of his clothes.
“Pharmacist Leng, that’s my spar!” Su Luo yelled angrily. The expression on the face should be fleshy and fleshy.
“What do you want?” Yao Shi Leng blurted out subconsciously, but he didn’t know that his question revealed his lack of confidence.
Where is Su Luo’s opponent, the cold medicine master who has been quietly refining medicine all the time?
Su Luo glanced at him slowly, holding Xiao Mengmeng in his hand, stroking its fur slowly, and said casually, “I have suddenly changed my mind now. I want that blue spar Keep it for yourself.”
“No!” Leng Yaoshi categorically refused, “The blue spar cannot be returned to you!”
“Why? That’s mine, and I’m useful.” Su Luo said she was very upset, “This blue spar will help me improve my cultivation in the future.”
If the advantage is not the bastard, she will not let go of this rare opportunity. The other party was Leng Yan Leng Pharmacist, the only high-level pharmacist in the entire empire. Don’t blackmail some genuine products out, she is ashamed to say that she has seen Leng Yaoshi?
“Pills can also be used to improve the cultivation base! The old man can change you any pill you want, no, you don’t need to change it, the old man will give you directly, let’s say, which pill do you want?” , Jumped directly into Su Luo’s trap.
Su Luo, who was sitting on the floor, was not soft at all. She looked at Leng Yaoshi very embarrassedly for a long time, and then said slowly: “Which pill do you think can match this blue spar on the ground? You think you should be this blue. What price does the spar pay? A high-level alchemist like you shouldn’t take advantage of juniors, eh?”
Ling Feng’s mouth twitched, and she was indeed the woman whom His Royal Highness had fancyed. She was as treacherous and cunning as him.
He wanted to remind Medicine Master Leng that the blue spar was for His Royal Highness Jin, and that Medicine Master Leng had even confiscated the processing fee.
But Ling Feng still didn’t know the medicine master Leng as Su Luo. In the straightforward world of Leng Yaoshi, this blue spar determines whether he can be promoted to the existence of a super alchemist. For his drug idiot, it is impossible to compare with money or pill.
What’s more, for Leng Yaoshi, he may not have other things, but the pill is the most.
Pharmacist Leng thought for a while before he felt embarrassed and said, “Or, half of all the pill that the old man refines?”
In the eyes of Yao Shi Leng, he himself had taken Su Luo a lot of money.
After all, the blue spar back then was only qualified for high light, and now, this blue spar is kicked in his arms.

Chapter: 140
Half of all pills? Even Su Luo was a little bit shocked by the shock.
As expected by Leng Yaoshi, it was a big deal, and it was a prodigal!
“Half…” Su Luo knows how to bargain. She pondered for a while, neither agreeing nor vetoing, giving the other party enough room for imagination.
The biggest shortcomings of people like Leng Yaoshi who have been immersed in research for many years are clumsy speech and a tendon. Leng Yaoshi is the most typical of them.
Seeing Su Luo hesitating, he became anxious, and said hurriedly, “If half of it doesn’t work, then two-thirds! Two-thirds of the pills that the old man has refined over the years will be given to you, how about?!”
What a wealthy cold pharmacist! Su Luo almost choked with this grandeur and grandeur.
But who is Su Luo, a typical bad girl who gets cheap and sells well.
Seeing her face in embarrassment, she looked at Ling Feng hesitantly, and then at Leng Yaoshi, as if it were still difficult to make a conclusion.
Ling Feng turned his face directly, he really couldn’t bear to watch the respected Leng Yaoshi being turned around by a little girl.
Yao Master Leng looked solemn, staring at Su Luo solemnly, holding the bag with spar firmly in both hands, as if he was eager to grab it.
“Then…Well, since it’s the Leng Yaoshi who speaks, how can I save you face, then that’s the deal.” Su Luo hesitated for a while before he agreed.
She wouldn’t tell Medicine Master Leng. In fact, she originally wanted to blackmail some pills, poisons, aphrodisiacs, etc. But who made Medicine Master Leng be so sincere, if she didn’t take the opportunity to strike a stroke, she would feel sorry for the godsend opportunity.
There are cheap ones that do not take up the sky and thunder.
At this moment, Yao Shi Leng was obviously relieved, he touched the cold sweat that didn’t exist on his forehead, and for a while, he felt that this girl was more difficult to deal with than the most profound pill.
Right now, after returning home, Leng Yaoshi began to refine Melting Pill.
After three days of refining, the cold medicine master personally came over with the delicate little brocade box.
At the same time, there is a wooden box ten centimeters square in his carriage.
He handed the wooden box to Su Luo: “Almost all the treasures of the old man over the years are here, take it quickly!”
The treasures of many years were given away all at once, Yaoshi Leng was a little bit reluctant, but he looked very happy, could this old man really become a super alchemist?
Su Luo asked, Yao Master Leng smugly touched the goat’s whiskers on his chin and smiled happily.
Su Luo understood in her heart that this old man must have been promoted, otherwise he would not be so generous, but when she looked at the box…
“This is what you call two-thirds? So few?” Su Luo was a little dumbfounded.
Why is it different from what she imagined? Two-thirds, why should we talk about the box? Just such a small box?
Pharmacist Leng glared at Su Luo like an idiot, blew his beard and stared, and exclaimed, “You girl, what do you think the old man refined? Is it the indiscriminate drugs, poisons, and aphrodisiacs?”
Su Luo suddenly felt an urge to cry…
Who knows Leng Yaoshi still said triumphantly: “The old man refining is a secret recipe. Have you seen the people kneeling at the door of the old mansion? Every one here can make them want to give you their heart! You! This girl who doesn’t know good or bad dared to dislike it.”
“But…” What does she want those hearts!

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