The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 151-160

Chapter: 151
“Naturally it’s true, and it’s been a month.” Su Wan frowned, looked at Liu Ruohua puzzledly, and at her broken wrist, a trace of contempt and disgust flashed through his eyes.
However, Liu Ruohua laughed, almost crying, and she kept patting the table with excitement.
Is this person crazy? Su Wan looked at her madness in disgust, and said in his heart.
On weekdays, Liu Ruohua is noble and elegant, and extremely honorable, but why has she changed so much during this meeting? There is a feeling of falling into a pile of mud from the clouds.
“Su Luo, you’re dead! You’re dead!” Liu Ruohua was crazy, and she burst into tears.
Su Wan’s expression moved. She also looked forward to Su Luo’s bad luck. If Liu Ruohua could destroy Su Luo, she would naturally raise her hands in favor.
So she asked urgently: “What’s the matter? You mean it.”
A vicious light flashed in Liu Ruohua’s eyes. She stared at Su Wan and said every word: “Su Luo never thought behind closed doors in your mansion. She, she has gone to the Sunset Mountains!”
“Impossible!” Su Man vetoed it without even thinking about it. “Su Luo is a natural waste. How could she go to the Sunset Mountains? You must have admitted the wrong person.”
“It’s true! That person is definitely Su Luo, and I absolutely did not admit it!” Liu Ruohua almost danced with excitement. She stared at Su Wan ferociously. “She went with His Royal Highness Jin. This is absolutely not true. Wrong!”
“Impossible! She doesn’t even know His Royal Highness Jin, how could she go with His Royal Highness? And who is His Royal Highness? How could he be with Su Luo? You banned the immortals in the sky and the mud on the ground. Putting it together and comparing it to each other, what is it for you?” It’s ridiculous!
Regardless of the image of a lady, Su Wan also patted the table, denying loudly.
“I know you don’t believe it, but the fact is the fact. Su Luo went down to the Sunset Mountains with King Jin’s Palace, and, hehe, do you really think she is a waste material?” Liu Ruohua smiled viciously.
Although at first she thought that Su Luo was a mess, but when they wanted to kill Su Luo and a group of people were chasing after her, she ran faster than the rabbit, and even Liu Weiming could not catch her. Such Su Luo will be waste?
This stinky girl pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, everyone was deceived by her.
But because it was about His Royal Highness King Jin, who would pull out Fairy Yaochi, Liu Ruohua knew how to measure and didn’t talk nonsense.
Su Wan clenched her fists and walked around the room anxiously. After a while, she stopped and looked at Liu Ruohua firmly: “Are you sure that the person you saw in the Sunset Mountains is Su Luo? wrong?”
“Absolutely not! Her wrist was injured by me, and the scars are still there, and the Royal Highness of King Jin clearly called her to be a girl, and she herself admitted that she is Su Luo! So, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. !” Liu Ruohua said categorically and firmly.
His Royal Highness… Su Wan’s eyes flashed a vicious murderous intent. Even though the lowly girl was divorced, she attracted the attention of the prince, and now it is rumored to have a relationship with His Royal Highness? Okay, very good, it seems she is going to give Su Luo a generous gift.
“Moreover, your fourth lady offended Fairy Yaochi. You have to be careful. If Yaochi Palace refuses to give up, your Su Mansion will be destroyed!”

Chapter: 152
“Fairy of Jade Lake?” Su Luo would offend the fairy-like fairy who is inhumane?
“Fairy Yaochi and His Royal Highness King Jin are a pair of immortal couples, Su Luo crosses the line, if it’s you, wouldn’t you be angry?” Liu Ruohua seemed to induce Su Wan to be true.
If it is true, then Su Luo is really dead! With the existence of Jade Lake Palace comparable to an empire, she dared to offend it!
“Very well, thank you very much for letting me know. If there is a follow-up, I will let you know.” Su Wan picked up his skirt and hurriedly left.
If it is true, this time, let her father drive her out of the house.
Seeing Su Wan’s impatient back when he left, Liu Ruohua smiled viciously.
Su Luo, Su Luo, do you like the present this lady gives you? If General Su knew that you had sneaked out and offended Fairy Yaochi in Yaochi Palace, hehe…
Su Wan was also smart. She was half-believing Liu Ruohua’s words, so she decided to go and check it out by herself, and then ask her father to testify after getting the exact information.
Therefore, Su Wan took the maid and walked slowly towards Su Luo’s dilapidated courtyard.
Luluo was sitting in the yard while basking in the sun while doing needlework, striving to make a new skirt before the lady came back, and surprise her by then.
Basking in the sun and doing needlework, it seemed very leisurely and cozy, but only Luluo knew how uneasy she was.
The lady went there for a month, and there was no news, and she didn’t know where she went. Sometimes she would secretly think, is the young lady running away?
Just as Luluo was sewing the fabric anxiously, there was a knock on the door.
Luluo was taken aback, and the thick long needle pierced into the meat. She almost screamed in pain.
She looked nervously at the crumbling door that was knocked on, feeling like a deer hitting her, and she didn’t know what to do.
In the past month, this door has never been knocked on, and even the food delivery was placed in a small hole on the edge of the wall, and she asked her to pick it up. This door has never been opened. .
Didn’t the general say that the young lady should be closed for three months? Why so fast…
What happened? If it was discovered that the lady was not in the courtyard, then… the result would be terrible. Luluo was scared to almost pale, and her body was trembling constantly, almost suffocating nervously.
Since they are closed tightly, it proves that they must be inside. Then, should I open the door?
Is it open or not?
Luluo stared anxiously at the door that was shattered by the dust, hoping that the other party would leave without a response, but she was disappointed.
Because the longer the knock on the door, there was no response inside for a long time, which made Su Wan’s half-trustful heart, but now he believed it 80%.
If you are not guilty, why dare not open the door?
Therefore, Su Wan raised a cold smile at the corner of her mouth, and said to her close servant maid: “Knock on the door and smash it vigorously. Even if it breaks, this lady will bear it!
Su Wan was rarely arrogant in the mansion, but in Su Luo’s courtyard, she was always unscrupulous.
Just when Luluo was in a hurry, expecting her lady to fall from the sky, she could only hear a huge sound, and with a bang, the already weak door collapsed and shattered into scum.

Chapter: 153
Su Wan’s face with a bad smile appeared at the door.
Su Wan came in slowly and looked around. She didn’t see Su Luo’s figure, her eight-point letter had increased to ten.
Judging from Su Luo’s recent character, she is not easy to bully, but she didn’t come out even if the door was knocked. Then the only possibility is that she, at all, is not there!
Su Wan looked slowly at Luluo, who was constantly trembling in shape, and asked with a smile, “Luluo girl, what are you afraid of? Is this lady so scary?”
“No, no! The third lady is as beautiful as a flower, she is rare in the world, and she is definitely the beauty of the beauties!” Lu Luo praised her seriously. But in my heart secretly cried out, what happened to Miss San, why didn’t she leave.
Su Wan looked at her with a squint, and smiled coldly: “If that’s the case, why don’t you even dare to look at this lady? Could it be that you have done something wrong?”
Luluo was so scared that she paled. She shivered and stubbornly said with a dry smile: “Miss San really loves to joke. What do the slaves and slaves do? No, absolutely nothing!”
Luluo obviously is not good at acting. Her dry tone and expression further revealed her guilty conscience and lack of confidence.
Su Wan was even more proud, and she saw her sneer again and again: “No? So, what about your lady? She didn’t do anything wrong?”
Luluo murmured secretly in her heart. Did Miss San come here prepared this time? What she said was clearly a matter of choice.
“Miss Third, of course!” Luluo had a serious expression, her tone was firm, and finally she nodded solemnly.
“Call your lady out. Our sisters are reminiscing about the old. Maybe she coaxed Miss Ben to be happy. Miss Ben was very compassionate and talked to her father, and she let you out.” force.
Luluo called a bitterness in her heart.
If my lady could have come out long ago, why bother to see your third lady shining here?
Miss ah miss, if you don’t come out again, there will be no chance to come out in the future, and no chance to see my Luluo girl…
Su Man glanced at Luluo with a vicious look, without stopping under her feet, walking slowly, looking around, walking and walking, and finally walked to the inner room.
Luluo was anxious, and her body trembled slightly.
She is dead, maybe she will be killed by a stick today…
The sweat bead on Luluo’s forehead kept dripping down, her chest and back were soaked with cold sweat.
Su Wan smiled openly and triumphantly, her slender green hand pushed the door of the inner room open——
Lulu closed her eyes, waiting to die.
Time seems to freeze at this moment.
The huge interior is old and dilapidated, and the furniture is so small that it is clear at a glance. As far as the eye can see, there is no trace of Su Luo.
Okay, very good, Su Luo, this little bitch is really gone!
At this moment, Su Wan seemed to disperse the haze all over her body, like a clear sky. She turned her head and looked at Luluo with a smile, with a gloomy and cold-blooded smile, as if a sharp sword pierced Luluo’s heart.
“Hahahahaha, good, very good!” Su Wan said nothing, turned and left.
Su Luo dared to run away from home while being confined, and this charge alone was enough to sweep her out.
With such a correspondence, Liu Ruohua’s words are 80% credible.
Then, plus her accusation of offending Fairy Yaochi…Hoho, Su Luo, Su Luo, when you come back, wait for your father to tie you to Yaochi Palace to apologize!

Chapter: 154
“My father! The fourth sister is really gone. I heard that I was thrown outside in embarrassment, but we don’t know anything.”
Su Wan rushed to General Su’s study, concealing the excitement in her eyes, she tried to use a calm tone.
General Su paused with the brush in his hand. He raised his eyes, and his sharp eyes shot towards Su Wan like electricity, his voice stern: “What nonsense!”
“My father, it’s true! Su Luo’s little bit…Father, you think your fourth sister is still in confinement, but you don’t know that she has run away from home. I heard that she was messing around outside and offended Fairy Yaochi! ”
In order to lure Su Zian to inspect it personally, Su Wan released the blockbuster Fairy Yaochi.
Su Zian’s eyes changed.
He naturally knew who Fairy Yaochi was.
He knew the forces behind Fairy Yaochi better than anyone else.
Su Luo actually offended Fairy Yaochi? Where does this come from?
However, it may not be without reason. If there is no such thing, why would others tell her like this?
Su Zian threw away the pen and stood up: “Is this serious?” He was already half-believing about this matter.
“Naturally it is true! Father, my daughter didn’t believe it earlier when she heard this message, but for the sake of family safety and reputation, she went to the fourth sister’s yard. The daughter can guarantee that the fourth sister is really away!” Su Wan Can’t wait to swear.
As long as Su Zi’an can be invited over and let him see Su Luo’s absence with his own eyes, even if Su Luo did not offend Fairy Yaochi, the charge would have already been placed on her.
Su Zian’s expression changed slightly. After thinking about it, he solemnly said, “If that’s the case, go and check it out.”
Because of the involvement of Yaochi Palace, Su Zian felt a little uneasy.
The Yaochi Palace is simply a transcendent existence in the entire empire, because the former palace lord of the Yaochi Palace who has been closed all the year round, he is a rank ten strong, looking at the whole world, there are only a handful of ten strong ones.
It can be said that he is the Dinghai Shenzhen of the Tanglin Kingdom. With him, Tanglin will not be in danger of destroying the country. With such a position, who wouldn’t be sincerely afraid of Yaochi Palace?
On this basis, who would dare to offend Yaochi Palace? Who dares to offend the most favored fairy in Yaochi Palace? Isn’t that looking for death?
If Su Luo really dares to offend Fairy Yaochi, then Su Zian’s first choice is definitely to tie Su Luo up and escort her to Yaochi Palace personally, give her to the other party, and let Yaochi Palace handle it. Not only will he not be sad, but also Will applaud.
Su Zian walked quickly towards Su Luo’s courtyard.
Su Wan, who was behind him, was so excited that he couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes.
“Father, go in, the fourth sister is really not inside.” Seeing Su Zian standing at the door with an unsteady expression, Su Wan persuaded.
“Yeah.” Su Zian lifted up his robe and walked in steadily.
He looked solemn, cold and stern, dull and unclear.
Luluo greeted him nervously, and when she saw Su Zian, she quickly knelt down to salute General Su.
Su Zian coldly glanced at Luluo who was kneeling there, with her hands crossed behind her, with an arrogant expression: “Where is Miss Si? Still in the house?”
Luluo tremblingly didn’t dare to raise her head, her voice was faint: “Yes, yes, Miss is in the house.”
Su Wan sneered and said, “You dare to quibble when you die. The four sisters are obviously not in the house. You bastard dare to be silly and don’t want to live anymore?”

Chapter: 155
Luluo trembled, but firmly insisted: “The young lady is really in the house. This is absolutely true. The young lady has never been out of the courtyard these days. She copied the Diamond Sutra in the interior to pray for the lord. Can you slander the fourth lady so much?”
“Sneez–” Su Wan sneered several times, she didn’t even bother to talk nonsense with this girl.
“My father, the four sisters are not there, how can you listen to a girl? The so-called hearing is false, seeing is believing, let’s go in and take a look, won’t the truth become clear?” Su Wan said, he wanted to push the interior room The door.
At this time, Luluo raised her eyes with a hint of grievance in her expression. She cried and complained: “Miss San, it stands to reason that a slave servant can’t say anything about you, but the servant still dares to ask Miss Fourth, Miss San, what are you? What Juxin?”
“What are you stinky girl talking about? You dare to speak to the master like this and don’t want to live, right?” Su Wan felt incredible, and Lu Luo, who had always flinched, dared to beat her on the opposite side of the gong.
“Miss San, just now you pried the door and destroyed all the doors of the yard. Now you are bringing the master over aggressively. Why is this? What did Miss Fourth offend you? You want to treat her like this?” Lu Luo said. It was red, and tears rolled down.
“You girl is just talking nonsense!” Seeing victory in sight, she was pushed back and forth by this girl. Su Wan’s eyes shot at Luluo like a sharp sword. She made up her mind that this girl would never stay after Su Bai was treated.
Ho ho, does this girl think that Su Luo will come back after delaying time? Stop dreaming.
“Miss Third, Miss Fourth is already very pitiful, why are you still spitting and slandering? What good is this for you? Will you let Miss Fourth?” Lu Luo raised her eyes, tearful in her eyes, but firm And stared at Su Wan resolutely.
“Sure enough, she is the girl taught by the four sisters. She is just as rude and rude.” If it was in the past, Su Wan would of course give orders to let Luluo die, but now because Su Zi’an is here, she can’t expose her. Nature.
Therefore, I saw her smile coldly: “Said that this lady is slanderous? Hoho, girl Luluo, if your lady is really in the house, this lady will knock her head and pour tea to apologize!”
Before she could speak, her hand had touched the door of the inner room.
The door was opened again and again.
Su Wan followed Su Zian confidently, with a triumphant smile on her face, because after today, there will be no such person as Su Luo in the General’s Mansion. This person will become history.
However, when he saw the inner room clearly, Su Man’s brilliant smile instantly solidified at the corner of his mouth, stiffly almost cramping.
She looked at Su Luo who was sitting at the desk like a ghost, with a correct posture, holding a pen in his hand, and writing seriously. She felt that there was a thud in her head and turned into a blank.
What a hell!
How can this be? !
Su Luo, why is she here? !
Moreover, as Luluo said, she was sitting at the desk, carefully copying the vajra gold stroke by stroke. There was a piece of paper on the table. The beautiful and neat small seals showed that she spent a lot of energy.
Obviously, just a quarter of an hour ago, Su Luo was not there yet…
Su Man was stunned. She felt that she was as stupid as a pig at the moment, or the stupidest pig…

Chapter: 156
Su Luo raised his eyes to see them, put a pen in his hand, and stood up Yingying.
Su Zian’s expression turned ugly for an instant. He glanced at Su Wan with a cold gaze, turned his head and frowned at Su Luo, and said, “In the past few days, have you never gone out?”
Su Luo had a calm expression and looked at him in a dumbfounded manner, with a puzzled expression: “Dad didn’t order his daughter to be banned? Where can the daughter go?”
In a simple sentence, Su Zian’s expression changed.
This daughter, who has ordinary words, feels as sharp as a blade, and hits the point every time, and the choking person has nothing to say?
Su Zian felt a little embarrassed.
Su Wan was in a dilemma at this time.
In her own heart, she believed in Liu Ruohua, because she didn’t need to deceive herself. And she didn’t know that Su Luo was banned before, so her words still had a certain truth.
But in fact, she had to wonder if Su Luo could not be found in the yard before, whether she and Liu Ruohua arranged to frame her and let her jump into the trap.
Therefore, Su Wan’s expression at this time was fluctuating, bright and dark, and it was difficult to make up his mind for a while.
Su Zian originally thought that this daughter would come out to save the field, but he didn’t expect Su Wan to be so useless. He coughed, frowned deliberately, and stared at Su Luo: “You really didn’t go out?”
“My daughter has been copying the Diamond Sutra these days, and every page has spent countless efforts. Even if I can go out, my daughter has no time.” Su Luo said she was innocent. Her dark eyes were filled with fresh water mist, and she looked aggrieved. Her cheap father.
Sure enough, Su Zian still eats this one the most, his expression calmed down, and he asked again: “Then Fairy Yaochi, have you really offended her?”
Su Luo pretended to be innocent and asked, “Fairy Yaochi? Did she come to the imperial capital? It’s a pity that my daughter has been locked in the yard and can’t go out even one step. Otherwise, I can sneak to see him. The fairy is beautiful!”
“Cough cough cough.” Su Zi’an felt a little reddened.
Su Luoming hadn’t even seen Fairy Yaochi’s face, so why did he offend her? Besides, Fairy Yaochi is far away from Luoxia Peak, one hundred and eight thousand miles away, how could Su Luo run in front of her in a short time and offend her?
It’s ridiculous!
Looking at this stack of Diamond Sutras, where can they be copied without a month or two? Look at this girl, she is a little thin.
I was really confused, and even if he believed Su Wan’s words, he furiously asked Su Luo.
Thinking of this, Su Zian felt an unprecedented guilt for Su Luo, and an unprecedented dislike for Su Wan. This Su Wan, these days have become more and more unspeakable, it seems that letting her leave the yard early is a wrong decision.
“That’s it…” Su Zi’an was trying to round off this scene, just as it had never happened.
However, Su Wan would not let Su Luo go: “Father, it may not be without reason! The daughter tells her daughter the truth. It is not someone else who told her daughter this message. It was Liu Ruohua, the third lady of Prime Minister Liu’s family. She told her daughter herself. She met the fourth sister in the sunset mountains!”

Chapter: 157
After much deliberation, Su Wan finally chose to believe in Liu Ruohua. She firmly believed that Su Luo was definitely lucky. She ran back during the short time she went to find Su Zian and pretended to copy the Diamond Sutra in the room.
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised a cold killing intent.
Liu Ruohua, you haven’t died yet? How dare you make irresponsible remarks after returning to the capital? It seems that I didn’t kill you last time. It was so cheap for you.
The balance that Su Zian trusted at this time had already fallen towards Su Luo, and saw him glaring at Su Wan angrily, and snorted repeatedly: “Absurd! Others don’t know, don’t you know your sister’s physique of waste material? The lie also came out. It seems that the maid was right. You deliberately targeted your fourth sister.”
Su Luo’s expression was also very aggrieved. His eyes were misty, and he looked pitiful: “Sister Sister, why are you aiming at me like this? What good is this for you? If you say I offend Fairy Yaochi, then… Then you go and invite Fairy Yaochi. You can ask her if Su Luo has offended her. No, you should ask Fairy Yaochi if she has seen me Su Luo.”
Su Luo had an upright appearance that could completely confront the opponent.
That’s because Su Luo knew that Fairy Yaochi was asked to rely on her Su Wan, how could it be possible?
Su Wan was so angry that she almost rolled her eyes: “Fairy Yaochi is the one you want to see, can you see it?! Who knows where she is now?!”
Su Luo said solemnly, “Since Fairy Yaochi can’t be seen by anyone who wants to see him, let’s not say that I am forbidden. I just say that with my status and aptitude, where can I see her, and how can I offend her? ”
“You–” Su Wan was circumvented by his own words, and Su Luo was forced to question him again.
Yes, since Fairy Yaochi can’t be seen by anyone who wants to see him, how did she see Fairy Yaochi with Su Luo’s aptitude and status, and how did she offend her? Su Zi’an became more convinced that Su Luo was innocent, and Su Wan was making trouble unreasonably.
Fortunately, Su Wan’s mind was not stupid. She quickly recalled what Liu Ruohua had said. At this time, she didn’t need to conceal it anymore. She smiled coldly: “Of course you can’t see it. See Fairy Yaochi!”
“Why are you involved with His Royal Highness Jin again?” Su Zian frowned.
First is Fairy Yaochi, then His Royal Highness King Jin, this deity is a big Buddha, and his little general mansion can’t afford to offend him.
“Daddy, ask her if she is going to the Sunset Mountains with His Royal Highness. Humph, Su Luo, don’t deny you, Liu Ruohua has seen everything.”
Su Zian looked suspiciously at Su Luo, although it is hard to believe, but…if that’s the case…
A faint smile appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, and his eyes were as clear as the wind: “His Royal Highness? Ho-ho, third sister, father, who is King Jin? That is the immortal in the Nine Heavens, noble, worldly I feel blasphemy just by looking at it. Do you think he will fall in love with me?”
Although what Su Luo said were all facts, Su Wan firmly retorted: “Maybe… Maybe King Jin suddenly feels good?”
“Okay, Your Royal Highness is in a good mood, as it is, then, how can I go back and forth between here and the sunset mountains in a month?”

Chapter: 158
“This…” At this time, Su Wan couldn’t justify herself. It took a long time before she insisted: “His Royal Highness has a dragon scale horse. The dragon scale horse travels thousands of miles every day, and it won’t go back and forth in ten days. Come on.”
“Since the third sister talked about dragon scale horses–” Su Luo smiled coldly, and stared at Su Zian for an instant. “Father, you must have heard of dragon scale horses. You think it is like a dragon scale horse. The beast, in addition to His Royal Highness Jin, will allow others to mount? I heard that when His Royal Highness wanted to take a ride, he was knocked down in the carriage and almost had an accident. How do you think your daughter He De can ride a dragon scale horse? Still noble? Is martial arts higher than the prince? Or is it by the side?”
Su Luo’s words are reasonable, and they are incontrovertible. They can’t find a single mistake.
Unless Fairy Yaochi stands in front of her and exposes her lies, no one believes that Su Luo will be with His Royal Highness Jin and will ride the dragon scale horse together. This is something I can’t even think of.
How could Su Luo ride the dragon-scale horse that even the Prince and Fairy Yaochi could not touch?
Since the assumption of riding a dragon-scale horse does not exist, the fact that Su Luo has been to the Sunset Mountain Range is naturally false.
So, it can be seen that the liar is Su Wan, not Su Luo.
After Su Zian finished his speculation, he stared at Su Wan fiercely, and left a cold and sharp sentence: “Go back to the yard and reflect on it. The province will be out of nothing all day long and cause trouble!” When the voice fell, General Su Ziansu shook his sleeve , Resolutely turned and resolutely left.
He had completely believed what Su Luo had said, believed that she was innocent, and believed that Su Man was making trouble.
Su Wan was flushed with anger, and her face was gray and black. She pointed at Su Luo with slender fingers, her expression sullen and distorted: “I really don’t know, and I can’t imagine how you went back and forth between home and the sunset mountains, but What Liu Ruohua said, I believe it!”
After speaking, she turned and left.
She will find proof that Su Luo’s words are all sophistry.
However, Su Luo leaned lazily on the door frame, with his hands around his chest, his face was radiant, and the corner of his mouth was a cold smile: “Sister Sister, you are really forgetful, you want to leave? ”
At this time, Su Luo was no longer the fragile and cowardly face she had just faced Su Zi’an. At this moment, she looked so careless, her words and deeds seemed like a winning ticket, without arrogance, impetuosity, and urgency.
Su Wan paused, she turned around and glared at her, and sneered: “What? You want to leave Third Sister for dinner with me?”
She was going to let Su Luo go this time, she was still not satisfied?
“That’s not necessary. I just heard the third sister vaguely say, if Su Luo is here, I will kneel down and pour the tea?” Su Luo looked like he was digging out his ears, his beautiful eyes raised slightly, raising a touch of sarcasm. the taste of.
You may be able to eat rice indiscriminately, but you can’t talk indiscriminately, and you are responsible for what you say.
However, Su Wan sneered coldly: “You got it wrong, there is no such thing!”
After that, she took the skirt and walked quickly, for fear that Su Luo would be held back by Su Luo, and she was forced to kneel and pour tea to make a plea for her.
Su Luo looked at the back of her escaping, and a slight sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.
Su Man, do you think this level is so easy? Do you think Su Luo is such a bully?
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Chapter: 159
Su Wan angrily walked away.
She sat in her room frowning for a long time.
Outside the door stood her two close-knit maids, one Xia Qing and the other Dongxue.
They lowered their eyebrows and bowed their heads, occasionally raising their eyes and looking at each other. No one dared to bother them, because they understood that whoever came forward to persuade them at this time was the cannon fodder from the anger of the third lady.
They know Su Wan’s temper better than anyone else.
Su Wanhu stood up and walked around the room anxiously and angrily. She clenched her fists and realized that she couldn’t bear this.
Why is she always scolded?
Last time Su Luo beat herself into that way, but in the end her father only banned her with a fluttering sentence, and he followed suit.
This time too, Mingming Suluo had run away from home, and spent more than half a month outside. When he came back, instead of being blamed, his father blamed himself instead?
Since when, Su Luo actually took the lead every step of the way, competing with her in everything?
This is absolutely ok!
Su Luo must be thoroughly investigated about this matter, and she must be expelled from the house, otherwise, what status will she have in the house in the future?
Su Wan stood up suddenly and rushed out angrily.
At this time, Mai Huan Lamei came in with a bowl of lotus seed soup, originally intending to defeat Su Wan, but it so happened that when she came in, Su Wan went out without warning, and the two happened to collide.
“Ah–” Su Wan screamed as she was scalded, and she slapped her slap in the face and slapped the Lamei in a circle.
“Even you bitch dare to bully me! I’m so angry!” Su Wan kicked her angrily, then turned and left without hesitation.
In front of these servants, Su Wan never concealed her pampering and arrogant, only in front of Su Zian and the others, she was the weak, helpless, kind, and benevolent Su Wan.
This time, Su Wan went directly to Liu Ruohua at the residence of Prime Minister Liu.
Liu Ruohua feels really good today.
Because she accidentally discovered the secret of Su Luoqiao’s family runaway, she cleverly used Su Wan to borrow a knife to kill people, letting the two sisters fight in their nests, while she was sitting on the mountain watching the tigers fight, very moisturizing and comfortable.
So the corners of her mouth have been shining brightly, and her smile has hardly broken all day.
However, the smile on her face shocked the people around her.
Because since Liu Ruohua returned to the prime minister’s house, every day he lost his temper or threw things, the only thing he didn’t had was a smile.
However, when Liu Ruohua saw Su Wan, his delicate eyebrows were slightly frowned.
What’s Su Wan’s expression? Did she not succeed?
Su Wan promptly asked, “Are you kidding me?!”
Liu Ruohua put down the half-eaten pastry, and there was a dignified look in his eyes: “What’s the matter? Didn’t you go home and report the crime?”
Su Wan was so angry that she had a vague premonition in her heart.
Sure enough, Su Wan sat down angrily, picked up the teacup and poured himself a sip of tea, drank it in one sip, then threw the teacup heavily on the table, and fell down on the wisteria chair.
She stared at Liu Ruohua with scorching eyes, and her voice was as cold as an ice cave: “You better tell the truth, did Su Luo go to the Sunset Mountains?”
“How can I lie to you? It’s true!” Liu Ruohua cut the line without thinking.
“Swear by your life!” Su Wan’s eyes were serious and cautious, and he stared at Liu Ruohua non-stop, aggressively.

Chapter: 160
“Okay, take my life! In the Sunset Mountains, I, Liu Ruohua, did see Su Luo and His Royal Highness together. This is true. If there is a trace of falsehood, I will be struck by five thunders!” Liu Ruohua looked firm, holding his right palm and swearing, his eyes were very religious.
Su Wan originally believed in Liu Ruohua, but now she is completely convinced. Her expression began to slow down, and she sighed heavily: “But, the sunset mountain range is separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, how did Su Luo go back and forth between here? ?”
“What, Su Luo actually came back?” Liu Ruohua’s eyes widened, almost in disbelief.
“Yes, she was there just now when I went to look for her!” Su Wan didn’t tell the embarrassment she did today, she didn’t want to be laughed at once more.
“I really came back…” Liu Ruohua was surprised.
Sure enough, her hunch was correct. Su Luo didn’t die under their chase at the beginning. Then, she was not so easy to be killed the next time.
At Sunset Mountain Range, the last time she saw Su Luo was on the way to the team to hunt down Su Luo.
At that time, because the Shenlong suddenly appeared to chase them, they scattered and absconded.
Later, Fairy Yaochi’s personal maid found her and asked her to lead the way to Su Luo.
Although the maid didn’t say anything, based on the woman’s instinct, Liu Ruohua still clearly felt her murderous attitude towards Su Luo.
It was precisely because of this that she would take the other party to find Su Luo without saying a word.
She originally thought that Su Luo would die at the hands of the other party, but now it seems that Su Luo’s life is really great, and she unexpectedly came back all the way.
Su Wan frowned: “Think about it, how did Su Luo go back and forth quickly?”
“Is it the dragon scale horse of His Royal Highness King Jin?” Liu Ruohua couldn’t believe it.
“Absolutely impossible!” Su Wan denied completely. “It is said that Longlinma doesn’t even approve of Fairy Yaochi, so how could she approve Su Luo? You know, she is a waste material that doesn’t even have the strength of a Tier 1 warrior!”
Liu Ruohua’s mouth was filled with a mocking smile.
“You were all deceived by Su Luo. I don’t know if it was a waste material with zero talent. However, Su Luo is quick and agile, and he is definitely not a leisurely person. At the beginning, Liu Weiming was unexpectedly assassinated by her. , Do you think she is really waste?” After thinking about it, Liu Ruohua finally told Su Wan the secret she had discovered.
“What are you talking about?! Su Luo even avoided Liu Weiming’s assassination?” Liu Weiming had the strength of Tier 3 and 4 at the beginning, and with a full blow, Su Luo could escape?
How can this be…
However, if this assumption holds…
Su Wan suddenly remembered the kick that inexplicably kicked her by the lotus water channel that day!
That same day, that kick kicked her into the canal, and fell into it with Su Xi. In the end, a fire suddenly caught the Prince and a group of people…
This is clearly thought!
The links are intertwined with each other, which is absolutely artificial, otherwise no coincidence will be so coincidental.
Could it be… Su Luo did all this?
If Su Luo is really hiding his strength, then it is really possible that she did it!
I have to say, girl Su Wan, you are the truth. Su Luogan really did the crisp and neat Foshan Wuyingjiao. Moreover, she did it more than once.

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