The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 161-170

Chapter: 161
In Su Wan’s heart, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and the more she thought about it, the more she hated her. She gritted her teeth with hatred, and almost wanted to cripple Su Luo and cut her teeth.
“Then what should I do now? Could it be that Su Luohuo is nourished and moisturized? We are so suffocated?” Su Wan was particularly unconvinced.
To make her look at Su Luo well, it is better to let her die.
Liu Ruohua frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, there was a flash in her mind, and she snapped a finger with one hand: “Yes!”
“What?” Su Wan leaned closer, looking expectant and focused.
Liu Ruohua’s eyes were full of vicious and cruel rays of light: “Although this matter can severely injure Su Luo, it will damage your yin virtue. I’m afraid you won’t dare to do it.”
Su Wanyin sneered: “What if it hurts Yin Virtue? What did she do that Su Luo didn’t hurt Yin Virtue? Say!”
“Well, come here with your ear.” Liu Ruohua whispered in Su Wan’s ear.
“This…will it be too…” A hesitant look appeared on Su Wan’s face, as if hesitated.
“Women’s benevolence! If you dare not even do this, don’t even want to avenge you!” Liu Ruohua sneered again and again, and also used the radical technique.
Obviously, the radical method is very useful for Suwan.
After hearing this, Su Wan looked serious, and suddenly she nodded solemnly, “Okay! Just do what you said!”
Su Luo, you are unkind and I am unrighteous. If you treat me like this, don’t blame me for being cruel!
Poor Su Luo had no idea that the two women were already thinking about it.
But said Su Luo’s yard.
Seeing Su Wan left with a group of people mightily, Luluo didn’t really breathe a sigh of relief until this moment.
She pulled Su Luo’s sleeves with excitement and bitterness, and pleaded pitifully, “Miss! This time is really thrilling. You came too timely, or else the fruit is unimaginable! From now on, you still don’t want to go out again. Huh? The slave girl’s heart is still throbbing wildly now.”
Su Luo knocked her forehead with a thud, and said with a slow smile: “You are the only one who is timid.”
“Miss…” Su Luo walked out, Luluo followed her pathetically, pleadingly.
“Don’t worry, your lady, I won’t go out for the time being.” Su Luo sat on the recliner casually, squinting comfortably in the sun.
I won’t go out for the time being, which means that in the future… Lu Luo wrinkled her face and looked rather helpless, but she had nothing to do with her own lady.
Since waking up from the coma, the young lady has become a lively, cheerful, confident, and very creative.
But this is better. They used to be bullied by others, but now they can always go back against bullying!
Su Luo squinted his eyes, but his mind couldn’t help but remember the cold arrow that was shot at her critical point that day.
is it you? Fairy Yaochi?
Su Luo’s lips curled up with an arc of sarcasm, and a complicated gloom appeared in her eyes, which proved that she was excited, excited to find the target.
Chasing the enemy, time and time again, Su Luo will never forget her!
In time, she will give it back a hundred times.
Su Luo closed his eyes, but his soul had already ran into the space.
Recently, Su Luo discovered that there is another wonderful place in the space. This discovery made her ecstatic.
It turned out that when she was sleeping, her soul could cultivate chain martial arts after the soul automatically entered the space. She tried the volume of “Big Void Handprints” thrown to her by Master Chain Cultivator. Although it only lasted seven days, the effect was gratifying.

Chapter: 162
Lord Shenlong took out his hand as a gift, naturally it was not a mortal thing. Although there is only a short volume, and it is the first volume of introductory volume, this volume of “Handprints of the Great Void” is surprisingly powerful and effective.
Da Xukong mudra, as the name suggests, is divided into three levels: Da, Xu and Kong.
Big means that the handprints formed are getting bigger and bigger, so big that they are boundless.
Void means phantom. After reaching the second realm, the handprint turns into phantom, hurting people invisible.
Empty refers to gravitational space. After reaching the third realm, the handprints became larger and void, and condensed into a gravitational space. In this space, she is the master!
And Su Luo now…
In the space, Su Luo watched as he condensed into palm prints, three black lines erected on his forehead, quite speechless.
Because the so-called mudra is only as big as a tadpole.
Yes, yes, it’s really only as big as a tadpole…
However, compared to what had been considered a few days ago, this has been condensed, and it was impossible to even touch the shadow a few days ago.
And the most relaxing part of this practice method is that her soul can run into the space to practice whenever and wherever she is, even when she sleeps, so she has an absolute advantage over others in terms of time and place.
It is precisely because of her talent and spiritual power that she is super powerful, so she can get half the result with half the effort.
What Su Luo didn’t know was that the most difficult part of the Great Void Palmprint was getting started.
The aptitude is as extraordinary as Su Luo, who can step into the threshold in less than seven days and condense the physical palmprints. Although small, they are condensed after all.
A person with dull aptitude, even if given seven months or even seven years, he may not be able to condense even handprints the size of melon seeds.
The night is very deep.
Everything is silent.
The night sky seemed to be covered by a thin layer of gray veil, and a few residual stars hung in the lonely mid-air, and the moon was cold and gloomy.
Su Luo was sleeping soundly in the bed, but her soul had already ran into the space to repair the handprints in the void.
After condensing the void handprint the size of a small tadpole, Su Luo had a feeling that she seemed to have entered the stage of a first-order martial artist, and it seemed that she was not far away from the second-order.
This discovery immediately made her ecstatic.
In the past few days, what she has done most is lying in bed and sleeping.
Luluo thought that her lady was exhausted from going out this time, so she used sleep to regulate her body.
In fact, where she would think of it, there is a lucky person who can practice the exercises on her own even when she sleeps.
As long as Su Luo stayed obediently in the yard and didn’t go out, she was satisfied, so she didn’t try to persuade her, Su Luo was happy and relaxed.
This night, Su Luo went to bed to rest after washing up early as before.
Three o’clock in the morning, the darkness before dawn.
This short period of time is very strange. It is the darkest moment of the day and the deepest moment of sleep. It is generally difficult to wake up.
In the darkness, a strong figure was as agile as a jackal, quietly approaching the yard where Su Luo was.
He stood at the gate of the courtyard, pouting his lips somewhat speechlessly.
There is such a dilapidated house in General Su’s Mansion?
The wall was in tatters, and it seemed that it would fall as soon as the wind blows. The most weird thing was that there was no courtyard gate, so he didn’t even have to climb the wall and walked in.
Is this really Miss Su Si’s boudoir?
A trace of puzzlement flashes through the eyes of the black man, but what does it matter? As long as this ticket is finished, there will be a thousand gold coins available.

Chapter: 163
He touched into the inner courtyard quietly, and walked towards the room where Su Luo was incomparably precise.
If someone hadn’t secretly told him, how could he tell which room was Su Luo’s all at once?
Who is he?
What do you want to come here in the middle of the night?
In the room, Su Luo, who had been deeply asleep, suddenly opened his eyes. In the black, a pair of beautiful eyes flashed with a violent light.
In the previous life, Su Luo was the ultimate gold medal killer. She had been in the dark for a long time with the inherent instinct and vigilance against danger.
Although the man in black at the door was much better than her in martial arts, she still instinctively regained consciousness.
The man in black probably got a hint from someone, so he acted very cautiously and didn’t regard Su Luo as a waste of martial arts.
I saw him rubbing the window paper silently, carefully blowing smoke into the inner room.
A cruel, bloodthirsty sneer appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.
**Fragrant! She actually used a hundred-gold-worthy fragrance on her, which really looks good at her.
**The incense can only be refined by a pharmacist. The middle one is soft and soft, and there are strong psychedelic aphrodisiac ingredients in the **. After being hit, the ** rises sharply and is very violent. The drug can only be relieved after a relationship .
Su Luo smiled faintly, and slowly approached the small tube.
Staring at that small tube, Su Luo leaned closer, blowing vigorously out.
“Cough cough cough–”
How could the man in black think that Su Luo inside was actually awake, and would blow back the incense from the pipe towards him? Without checking, he sucked into the mouth, and suddenly coughed violently.
Fortunately, when he came in, Luluo fainted easily, so the girl was not awakened and did not scream in panic.
Take advantage of his illness to kill him! Not to be missed!
Su Luo didn’t open the door either, she took out a small tube as thick as incense from the space, quickly pierced the tube into the window paper, and blew it towards the man in black.
The black-clothed man’s incense was only refined by a junior pharmacist, and Su Luo’s incense was made by her hand by the cold pharmacist, colorless, tasteless, and powerful!
Su Luo lucked his dantian, aimed at the mouth of the small tube, and blew three breaths in a row!
“Cough cough cough…cough cough cough…” The man in black was covered with the sudden smoke choking his nose and mouth, coughing ceaselessly, almost coughing out his lungs.
Su Luoyin smiled coldly, then opened the door, kicked over, and kicked the man in black to the ground.
Su Luo squatted down and pulled off the man in black’s mask neatly.
At this time, his face was flushed, his eyes were red, and a strange light gleamed in the darkness.
Obviously, he was poisoned by the incense.
This face is very unfamiliar and ordinary, and it is difficult to find it if it is ordinary submerged in a crowd. It is indeed a killer face.
It’s a pity that if it were the previous Su Luo, he might still be able to win, but Su Luo has been almost Tier 2 recently, and coupled with the fighting skills she possessed in her previous life, the man in black can only be suppressed in front of her.
Su Luo’s eyes were deep and terrifying, exuding a faintly dangerous breath.
She smiled coldly: “Say, who sent you here?”
What do you want to come to her room in the middle of the night?
The man in black had a hideous face, a green light burst out from his body, and he attacked Su Luo with a palm.

Chapter: 164
At this time, although he had a scent in his body, he hadn’t lost his reason yet, and his martial arts had three points left.
He is a dignified third-order martial artist, and he is also in the forefront of the organization, otherwise he would not dare to take this task.
Regardless of what outsiders say, Su Luo is still the fourth Miss of the Su family, representing the face of General Su’s Mansion.
The palm of a tiger became powerful, exerting all his strength.
He originally thought that even if this palm could not kill the opponent, it would cause heavy damage to the opponent.
However, the facts surprised him.
I saw Su Luo avoiding it sideways. At the same time, a small black dot suddenly appeared on her palm. This black dot was very strange. It seemed to shine with a small light circle, carrying a trace of phantom towards the head of the man in black. Smash it!
No one thought that the little black spot was so hard, and only heard a crisp crashing sound. The eyes of the man in black suddenly dangling like mosquito coils, seeming to be dizzy.
Su Luo looked at it, and was overjoyed.
Unexpectedly, the little black dot is so magical, looking at it small, but its power is not small at all.
Moreover, there is no trace, no trace, ghosts and ghosts, unpredictable, and it is impossible to guard against the enemy.
The reason why she came up with the black dot was to test it in practice, and now she is very satisfied with the results of the test.
Su Luo looked at the man in black happily, digging out a handful of red pills in his hand, counting in front of him one by one: “I won’t kill you, but let you eat something. Look, this is heartbroken. Dan, this is Wudu San, this is Ziwu Heart Cone Pill, this is…”
Those bright red pills were all severe chronic poisons, and they were all made specially for her after Su Luo was stalked and beaten.
Every time Su Luo said a name, the man in black trembled.
As a killer, he is not afraid of death or pain, but he is afraid of being tortured endlessly. And these medicines are all poisonous but not fatal, and there is no cure, and they will be poisoned intermittently.
It’s just that he is very strange. Each of these pills is very valuable. How could Miss Su Si, who lives in the run-down yard, own it? As long as she sold one, it was enough to buy a house larger than Su Mansion.
Therefore, he is very difficult to understand.
Su Luo looked at him, and the corner of his mouth appeared to be a dangerously cold sneer: “You can choose not to say it, but I hope you will bear the consequences.”
She and Pharmacist Leng asked for these poisons, because they were used to force a confession in the situation like today, so the poisons were carefully selected.
She believes that these medicines are not effective against a determined master like Nangong Liuyun, but for most people, it is absolutely a hundred spirits.
Sure enough, the man in black stared at Su Luo in horror with a savage face, and said every word: “You have to make sure that after I say it, you absolutely can’t force me to take those poisons!”
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised a sneer.
It seems that the people behind the scenes are also very ordinary. The so-called masters invited are not only ordinary martial arts, but also very weak.
It stands to reason that these assassins have strict professional ethics, and even if they die, they will never reveal any information about their customers. This is the industry rule of the killer world.
“You also said that these poisons are expensive. Do you think this girl is such a wasteful person? Come on, who hired you?” Su Luo slanted at him lazily with his arms around his chest.

Chapter: 165
She looked lazy, like a cat basking in the sun, and like a king who controls everything.
The man in black bit his lower lip and hesitated for a long while before finally gritted his teeth and said, “It’s the third lady of your house. She issued this mission!”
Miss Three? Su Wan?
Sure enough, it was the expected person.
In fact, she was the first person Su Luo guessed, but there was still a lack of strong evidence.
A smile slowly appeared on Su Luo’s face. Chilling is an extremely dangerous smile: “Sister Three? How could it be her? It’s nonsense!”
Hearing this, the man in black became anxious: “I have evidence!” He took out a piece of Chengxintang paper from his arms and handed it to Su Luo tremblingly: “Look, this was signed by the third lady of your house. Mission statement, if you don’t believe me, recognize it carefully!”
Su Luo glanced at the faint moonlight, and indeed, it was Su Wan’s handwriting on it.
It really is her!
“So, what did she invite you to do? Kill me?” Su Luo slowly gathered the note in his arms, and looked at the trembling man in black with a smile.
“No, it’s not…” The man in black looked away timidly.
“To be honest, otherwise…” Su Luo took out a fiery heartbroken pill and dangled in front of him, which was a complete threat.
A trace of panic flashed through the eyes of the man in black, and he intermittently said: “I want to kill you, but I raped and then killed…and…”
“And what?” Su Luo’s expression remained unchanged, but the light in his eyes was extremely cold.
“And… expose your corpse to the wilderness, let the wolfdog bite…” The man in black didn’t want to say, but under Su Luo’s aggressive majesty, he did not dare to conceal everything and explained everything. Clearly.
Rape first and then kill, then expose the corpse to the wilderness and be bitten by a wolf dog? Su Wan, Su Wan, I thought you were just a bit vicious in your mind, but I didn’t expect you to be so snake-hearted!
Didn’t you pick up the first thing, Su Luo passively counterattack? I forbearance everywhere, on the contrary make you have an inch, think I’m a bully?
You can use such a vicious trick.
good, very good, excellent!
If you don’t uproot you this time, how can I have a birthday in the mansion in the future, Su Luo?
I only heard that Thousand Days was a thief, but I didn’t hear of a night guard against thieves.
Since you are unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous.
An icy killing intent flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.
This is the first time that she has the urge to kill.
“You…” Seeing Su Luo’s expression suddenly change, the black-clothed man suddenly had a bad feeling.
This is a kind of instinct inherent to the killer, a quasi-terrible intuition.
Sure enough, Su Luo violently slashed with a hand knife, and instantly stunned the man in black.
Seeing the man in black who fell soft on the ground, Su Luo raised a cruel bloodthirsty sneer.
Rape first and then kill, expose the corpse to the wilderness? Su Man, since these are the rules of the game you set, then let’s follow your game steps.
But before that, let my sister give you a big gift.
Willow shoots on the moon, the night is as cool as water.
This is a good night with high black wind and high wind, suitable for killing.
Su Luo put on a black night clothes, and the man in black turned over and jumped out of the wall.
Her petite and exquisite body rushed in the darkness.
The guards of Su Mansion were still tight, but wherever Su Luo went, no one noticed her existence.
After stealing Tianlingshui last time, Su Luo already knew the terrain of Su Mansion very well.

Chapter: 166
Su Luo lurked in the darkness, and flew toward the Furongyuan where Su Wan was.
Her keen vision made her look like day in the dark.
With keen insight and a sense of danger, she can always spot the patrolman first and avoid it sideways.
Su Luo doesn’t know the subtle footwork here yet, but her hiding skills are not available here.
Cautiously along the way, Su Luo quickly touched Su Wan’s Furongyuan.
Su Wan’s Furongyuan and Su Luo’s dilapidated courtyard are completely different from each other.
The Furongyuan is very close to the main courtyard. The houses are exquisite, luxurious and exquisite, with gorgeousness everywhere.
It was already dawn.
According to common sense, the lights should have gone out long ago.
But now, a lone lamp was still lit in Su Wan’s room, and Su Wan’s graceful figure was reflected on the window.
Su Luo approached quietly, carefully punctured the layer of window paper, and looked inside through the screen window.
At this moment, she was lying on the soft couch, wandering around too much.
She seemed to be in a good mood, and a pleasant smile appeared unconsciously at the corner of her mouth. At the same time, she seemed a little nervous and expectant.
I don’t know what she is happy about, what she is expecting, and what she is worried about…
But Su Luo seemed to understand what she was thinking at the moment.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, Su Wan, Su Wan, enjoy this last moment, after tonight…You will face the most embarrassing day of your life, and there is no end to escape.
Su Luo took out the bit of incense from the space.
She originally wanted to give up a tooth for a tooth, using the half of the man in black’s fragrance, but after thinking about it, she gave up.
Because the quality is really not good, the color and the smell are easy to be found by Su Wan.
Therefore, Su Luo did not hesitate to choose the colorless and odorless high-end perfume produced by Leng Yaoshi.
Poke into the screen window, Su Luo slowly blows the incense in.
It has to be said that the medicinal effect of ** incense is really good.
In less than a while, Su Wan felt completely hot and unbearable, and there seemed to be countless ants chewing on her heart, making her itchy and extremely comfortable.
This kind of wonderful, with a novel feeling, she has never had before.
Her face quickly turned red, her eyes were extremely red, her eyes blurred and moist.
She began to peel off her long skirt unconsciously.
One piece, another piece…
In the end, only a thin bellyband remained.
Seeing that the time was right, Su Luo raised a sly smile at the corner of his mouth.
Su Wan, the time for you to enjoy is up, are you ready?
Su Luo did not hide, she directly pushed the goalkeeper and threw the unconscious man in black towards Su Wan.
Su Wan was originally annoyed when he was hit by a heavy object. However, it was amazing that when he touched the opponent’s hot skin, an indescribable sensation of heat seemed to climb up from the soles of his feet.
It’s numb, itchy, but very comfortable.
At this time, Su Wan was already a little delirious, she was completely immersed in the dreamland she had woven, and there was a wonderful and wonderful world there.
She subconsciously, instinctively, and wildly tore the robe of the man in black.
She seems very urgent, can’t wait, moves wild and rude.

Chapter: 167
Seeing that the time was right, Su Luo raised a sly smile at the corner of his mouth.
Su Wan, the time for you to enjoy is up, are you ready?
Su Luo did not hide, she directly pushed the goalkeeper and threw the unconscious man in black towards Su Wan.
Su Wan was originally annoyed when he was hit by a heavy object. However, it was amazing that when he touched the opponent’s hot skin, an indescribable sensation of heat seemed to climb up from the soles of his feet.
It’s numb, itchy, but very comfortable.
At this time, Su Wan was already a little delirious, she was completely immersed in the dreamland she had woven, and there was a wonderful and wonderful world there.
She subconsciously, instinctively, and wildly tore the robe of the man in black.
She seems very urgent, can’t wait, moves wild and rude.
The man in black is no longer called the man in black at this time.
Because all the clothes on his body had been stripped off by Su Wan.
= At this moment, he is still unconscious, just lying on Su Wan’s soft couch.
Su Wan instinctively climbed onto the man in black, but didn’t know how to relieve his pain.
The man in black was originally caught in the incense, but now the whole room is filled with the smell of incense. His opened eyes are red under the eyes, and it seems to be burning with a raging fire.
His reason has long since ran away from home.
Su Wan’s cold sweat ran out, but he couldn’t stop.
Su Luozhuo looked at the hot sports scene in front of him, a mocking smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
The third Miss Su family was broken by a black-clothed man of unknown origin. This matter is going to be spread out… I really look forward to it.
How could such a good-looking bed action movie and such a generous person like Su Luo appreciate it alone?
Su Luo kindly gathered all their peeled clothes aside, and the sheets in the house were covered, but everything that could be covered was lit by Su Luo.
Together with the flames, the smell of incense will be swallowed.
Scattered flames leaped, reflecting on Su Luo’s face, flickering and dimming, and she couldn’t understand her look at the moment.
Because they were all flammable, the fire quickly began to spread.
Su Luo finally left a cold smile, locked the door, and flew out of the wall.
Surrounded by an endless fire, the pair of red-fruited men and women on the bed are still tightly entangled, pursuing the most primitive fast. The action is explicit and intense, wildly like a fire from the sky.
The two of them didn’t know the fire around them, but that didn’t mean that others didn’t know.
There are not only these two people in Furong Yard, there are many maids waiting for Su Wan.
The fire in the room was fierce, and it was only a short period of time for the incense stick from the beginning to the violent burning.
Seeing the fire, the maid who was at night screamed loudly.
“The water is gone! The water is gone! Hurry up and put out the fire——” The shrill scream that was frightened and panicked cut through the silent night sky, awakening everyone who was sleeping.
As a result, all of them were disheveled, and the clothes were too late to wear, and they all rushed out.
The largest number of people in General Su’s mansion are martial arts practitioners.
The patrol team also discovered the strangeness here, and the leader quickly pulled the team and rushed away to join the rescue team.
Lamei was guarding the door of Su Wan, and she eagerly said to the patrol captain: “Captain Li, go and save Miss San, Miss San is still locked inside!”
Su Wan’s door was locked, it might have been deformed by the fire, so Lamei couldn’t open it.

Chapter: 168
“Doesn’t Miss San have martial arts? Why are they still inside?” The fire inside is not big, why doesn’t Miss San run out? Captain Li found it difficult to understand.
“I don’t know, don’t worry about so much, go up and save people!” Lamei’s eyes flushed with anxiety.
If something happened to the three young ladies, and their maids were fine, the general would definitely kill them with a stick.
At this moment, the bedroom is also a mess.
Because the fire burned the poison of the incense, Su Wan quickly woke up from the psychedelic. She found that her whole body was sore, and she almost shouted out in pain.
She smiled secretly in her heart, but she didn’t expect that she would have a spring dream, and she was still such a domineering spring dream.
However, the subsequent twitching made her completely awake.
Then, she suddenly became sober!
This is not a dream, but a reality, and it is still happening now!
“Ah–” Su Wan suddenly screamed, and she suddenly slammed the man in black.
The man in black didn’t check it for a while, and his head was smashed, but he also woke up at this moment.
Su Wan and the man in black looked at each other.
It was not the first time they met, so they recognized each other at a glance.
“You, you, why are you here?” Su Wan covered her chest with her hands, wanted to cry loudly, wanted to scream up to the sky, but found that she couldn’t do anything except a line of tears.
At this moment, she was panicked, almost on the verge of collapse.
She, she unexpectedly… Oh my god, who will tell her what is going on? How could this be!
The man in black slowly recalled the scene of last night in his mind.
He took the task to kill the Fourth Miss Su Mansion, but she was arrested by her. Later…what happened later?
Just as the man in black was holding his head in painful memories, Su Wan slapped his head and slapped it: “You idiot! Bastard! Rogue! I spend money to rape Su Luo, why are you looking for me here! All with you Said it was Miss Su San, Miss Su San!”
Su Wan collapsed and almost fainted.
The man in black originally wanted to refute, but he found that it would be better for him not to refute…
At the door, the big guy heard the sharp scream before Su Wan, and his face paled.
Lamei kept slapped and shouted, “Miss! Miss! How are you? Come out!”
Captain Li of the patrol continued to hit the door with his body.
The already shaky door made a slamming sound, faltering, as if it would be broken in the next second.
A trace of trepidation flashed in Su Wan’s heart, she couldn’t wait to choke the man in black, but now…
Su Wan looked at the spreading fire, and a trace of panic flashed in her heart, she said loudly: “Don’t hurry out, you get out of me! Run!”
If someone knocked in the door and saw the two of them look like this, then the consequences… Su Wan would be terrified even thinking about it.
“But…” The man in black looked at the bright red marks scraped by the mottled nails on his **** body, and followed with anxiety.
“What about the clothes!” Su Wan yelled anxiously, but no matter how she searched, even if she got under the bed, she still couldn’t find a piece of clothing.
What’s more, not only did he have no clothes, but he didn’t even have a quilt sheet!

Chapter: 169
“Go away? Where are you going?” The man in black looked nervous and looked around in panic.
What made him feel desperate was that all the cloth in the house that could be covered was burned by the fire, not even the tablecloth was left!
Su Wan was also desperate, she was walking anxiously around the room in a hurry.
Suddenly, she saw the intact wardrobe and immediately waved to the man in black: “Quick! Hurry and hide in!”
The man in black was already panicked at this time. Seeing that there was a closet to hide, he got in without thinking.
At this time, there were more and more people in the yard, and in the end even Su Zian was alarmed. He strode forward with a cold face, seeing the bustling crowd, and shouting: “Why are you all around? Where’s Miss San? ?!”
After Captain Li saluted Su Zi’an, he said anxiously, “Miss San should be still inside, just before making a sound.”
“Get out!” Su Zi’an yelled coldly, using only three points with both hands, only to hear the sound of chuckles, and then the burnt red door was pushed open with a bang.
Inside the door, Su Wan almost jumped anxiously.
She wanted to stop them loudly and tell them not to come in.
But then I thought about it, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, and I wanted to go out after all…
After hearing the sound of the door clattering, Su Wan was very anxious. Before she could think about it, she rushed into the closet with a swish, and closed the door with a bang.
Su Wan at this time made the same mistake as jumping back to the lotus canal.
Su Luo always thinks about three, five, seven steps backwards when doing things, but she can only think of the current predicament, but can’t imagine the second and third steps…So, this is doomed to her tragedy.
The door was slammed open. Because of the violent vibration, the thick beam on the house could no longer bear it and collapsed suddenly…
Move the whole body with one move.
Only a violent crash was heard, sparks blasted everywhere.
In the end, the sturdy beams slammed heavily on the closet, and the two people in the closet groaned and slammed into the closet. They only felt the rumbling of their ears.
However, their tragedy is just the beginning.
At first, Su Man would choose this wardrobe. The main reason was that it was a little far away from the fire and it was extremely difficult to be burned. However, after being hit by a beam of a fired room, the fire quickly spread to the wardrobe.
And Su Wan and the man in black who were hiding inside hadn’t noticed at this time, they thought they were safe.
Su Zi’an didn’t know that the excessive force he pushed the door was causing great trouble to Su Wan, so he stepped inside, fanning the black smoke that kept gathering at him, and shouted: “Ban’er! Wan’er! Come out!”
Although the recent Su Wan disappointed Su Zian time and time again, blood is thicker than water after all, and Su Wan has always been deliberately to please Su Zian, so Su Zian still has some father-daughter affection for her.
How could he just watch Su Wan’s accident?
Therefore, he entered the inner room with Captain Li and others, and everyone kept calling Su Wan’s name.
The fire inside the house is now difficult to control.
There were fires everywhere, thick smoke everywhere.
The smoke billowed, it was smoky, and the temperature was very high, standing inside as if in a steamer, the hot person was soaked.
The black smoky eyes are sour and astringent, which is extremely uncomfortable.
“Ban’er! Wan’er!” He kept calling Su Wan’s name, but there was a trace of anxiety in his heart. Could it be… something happened to Wan’er?

Chapter: 170
“Miss San! Miss San, where are you!” Captain Li and the group of subordinates also dispersed, and began a carpet search in the small interior.
But what made them desperate was that Su Wan disappeared out of thin air in this small room?
However, they were pretty sure that Su Wan was in this room because they had heard her screaming from the beginning.
“Master, look, this…” Captain Li pointed to the mess on the soft couch, his expression dignified and puzzled.
Su Zi’an followed his gaze, and suddenly a trace of anger flashed through his eyes!
On that soft couch, bright red blood, messy folds…
It’s obviously a mess, and a discerning person can recognize it at a glance.
Su Zian’s facial muscles couldn’t restrain the beating, his eyes burned with raging fire, a pair of fists clenched, and the back of his hand bounced suddenly.
Impossible, it is absolutely impossible!
His Wan’er would never do such a ruinous thing!
At this time, Su Wan in the closet was not feeling well.
As the fire grew stronger, the black smoke inside the house became thicker and the air became thinner and scarce.
In addition, they are still locked in the closet, and the air is even less pitiful.
The air is thin. The most terrifying thing is the thick smoke, which spreads along the cracks. The whole wardrobe is full of smoke, and she can hardly see through.
What made Su Wan even more depressed was that the periphery of the wardrobe was on fire. The fire was fierce and the temperature rose sharply.
The outside of the closet is full of flames, and the two of them in the closet are like suckling pigs locked inside at the moment. The roasted ones almost fainted.
Su Wan endured and endured, and finally couldn’t help it, coughing loudly.
This violent cough sounded in the quiet room, breaking the silence.
Without waiting for Su Zian’s instructions, Captain Li and his men dashed towards the place where the sound was made. They manually removed the beams placed on it and quickly opened the wardrobe.
As soon as the wardrobe was opened, they were seen rolling out.
“Cough cough cough…cough cough cough…” Su Wan, who was on the ground, breathed fresh air at once, and took a deep breath. As a result, he choked his lungs and coughed more intensely.
The man in black also lay on his back, sucking in big mouthfuls. At this moment, he was like a gossamer, without the style of a generation of masters.
Su Zian, including a lot of people, all of them stared at this scene in a daze…
This weird picture of no one before and after no one.
Captain Li recognized it at a glance. The person who was not covered in clothes was the third lady Su Wan, absolutely correct!
The raging fire is burning, on the soft couch…
All these are combined, enough to give people unlimited imagination.
“Ah–” Su Wan raised her head to see the figure of her father and the crowd. After panicking, she subconsciously put her hands around her chest and screamed loudly!
Why, how can there be so many people? ! And there is even her father inside?
Her body… my God!
At this time, Su Wan wanted to faint immediately, and nothing happened.
It’s just that she is calling now, obviously it’s too late.
Su Zi’an was so angry that his eyes burst, and he trembled all over, clenched his fists, wishing to punch this shameless and corrupt daughter to death.

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