The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 251-260

Chapter: 251
Su Luo rolled his eyes secretly, what is a good name? Isn’t it just another cloud? Look at his narcissism.
Before Su Luo’s defamation was finished, His Royal Highness threw another bomb: “Wait for this king to change clothes.”
Su Luo called out in surprise.
The sound was so abrupt, which made His Royal Highness King Jin’s beautiful thin red lips rise in a playful manner. He leaned down, raised his slender and white index finger slightly, and raised Su Luoguang’s white chin.
This frivolous action, when he did it, had an indescribable charm.
This, this is molested, right? Su Luoba blinked, and he didn’t recover for a moment.
His Royal Highness met her gaze, her beautiful eyes flashed with shining light like stars, the corners of her mouth were evil, and her face was a charming smile: “Are you afraid of this king?”
When he talked, the warm breath that he exhaled lingered on her face, drifting to her sensitive earlobes, causing her to have a crisp numbness, it seemed that her limbs were itchy, and finally the heart seemed to be infected.
Before her eyes, there was his beautiful face that was insulting everyone. Her nose was all his masculine taste. It seemed to take a breath, and the heart and lungs were filled with his taste.
At this moment, Su Luo seemed to be caught in a strange feeling, full of beautiful colors, as if there was a woven net in all directions, and she was a sparrow who was constantly struggling to escape by the net in the center.
But sadly found that there is nowhere to escape.
Su Luo’s mind was full of messy thoughts, her face flushed, and she seemed extremely hot.
From an angle where no one could see, the corner of His Royal Highness King Jin’s mouth flashed a satisfied smile.
“Are you afraid of this king?” His voice is still as natural, but it seems to have a little more of a human breath, warm and playful.
“How is it possible!” Su Luo suddenly raised his head, with determination on his small face.
His Royal Highness Evil Mei nodded lazily, his voice clearer, and his hands stretched out: “Serve this king to undress.”
Why is this person so persistent! Su Luo continued to slander in his heart, but weakly responded.
She drooped her head and moved a little closer to His Royal Highness King Jin, with a bitter face, and rudely pulled the four-finger-wide black obscure belt, and swished it away directly.
Originally such a slave, His Royal Highness King Jin had long given him a reward.
But this time, he seemed to be very patient, so he took a moment to look at the little girl who was only on his shoulders and acted on him.
His Royal Highness King Jin was very tall, so Su Luo had to stand on tiptoes. During this process, his fingers would inevitably touch his blue silk, neck and skin. He raised his eyes and faced his cold but seemingly smiling face. Su Luo’s heart began to be irritable.
Did this girl recognize her? Did you recognize it? The villain in Su Luo’s body rolled on the bed while biting on the quilt, tangled.
However, Su Luo can’t always ask directly? Doesn’t this expose yourself?
Can’t you just remind me? Yinangong’s cleverness, inadvertently a word is to startle the snake.
Therefore, it is difficult to do, it is really difficult to do! After all, she shouldn’t be wrong, she shouldn’t use Nangong’s carriage to avoid Liu Chengfeng’s pursuit. This immediately entered the tiger’s den right after leaving the wolf den. Ugh. Su Luo thought with a bitter face, his head downcast.
After finally untying a robe, Su Luo was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but who knows, His Royal Highness Jin’s cold face frowned again: “Continue to undress.”

Chapter: 252
All this wears only white shirts, and furry clothes! Su Luo became irritable, his eyes glaring at His Royal Highness Jin.
His Royal Highness turned his head slightly, his handsome and unremarkable face was expressionless, and he looked down at her from a high position: “Are you fighting against my king, Su Yun?”
What he said was very calm, steady, and serious, and seemed to be totally discussing matters.
Su Yun… Hearing this painful name, Su Luo complained.
The situation is better than people.
No way, Su Luo bitterly faced his face, preparing to widen his shirt.
However, the first button of the coat is at the Adam’s apple.
Su Luo saw His Royal Highness Jin’s raised apple knot at a glance. It moved and moved, sexy and wild, making people unable to help but blush.
Su Luo found that his hands trembled unconvincingly.
If it were someone else, Su Luo would naturally not have such a big reaction, but this person was Nangong Liuyun.
For Su Luo, he is special.
Clenching his fist and releasing it, Su Luo’s white and slender hands slowly moved to his delicate neck.
Su Luo took a deep breath subconsciously, but who knew that the breath was so strong and too fast that she couldn’t help coughing loudly.
“Cough cough cough–” Su Luo coughed really hard, and it took a long time to stop.
Such a clumsy attendant, if it were an ordinary person, had already been dragged out and killed, that is, Su Luo could not be treated like an ordinary person. Nangong Liuyun’s profound gaze stared at Su Luo for an instant.
Su Luo raised his eyes with a little embarrassment, and faced His Highness King Shang Jin’s eyes that were as calm as a spring, but his eyes were not calm.
“Are you afraid of this king?” A curious and magnificent color seemed to flash through His Highness King Jin’s eyes, and the star-like black eyes stared at Su Luo for an instant.
“No! Absolutely not!” How could she be afraid of him? She Su Luo had never been afraid of anyone in her previous life.
“Then… why are you so nervous? Could it be that you…like this king?” His Royal Highness pretended to be annoyed, staring directly at her without sullenness or anger, with a gentle and lazy voice that was extremely pleasant.
“Cough, cough, cough–” Su Luo was choked by his saliva, “I am a man! Man, do you know that? Is Long Yang as good as King Jin?!”
The surrounding temperature drops to freezing point!
His Royal Highness Jin’s violent gaze swept across Su Luo’s face!
For an instant, Su Luo seemed to feel a sharp sword pierce her chest, it was terrifying!
It was quiet around, and neither of them spoke.
Su Luo wanted to slap himself at the moment! How could she… Now it is not in the Sunset Mountains, but in Prince Jin’s Mansion.
She was not Su Luo, but the little slave Su Yun, who didn’t stop her… Su Luo was annoyed to die.
At this moment, Nangong Liuyun gave her a cold look, “This is the first and last time!”
Although King Jin did not say clearly, Su Luo understood what he meant. This was the last time she was allowed to remain silent.
“Thank you, Your Highness.” In the end, Su Luo had no choice but to bite the bullet.
“Hmph, words and deeds are good.” His Royal Highness sneered.
Su Luo began to unbutton His Royal Highness Jin’s clothes.
The first…
The second…
The third…
Finally, it was all solved.
Su Luo breathed a sigh of relief, and this breath brought out a little voice, so that the calm and waveless eyes of His Royal Highness King Jin looked at her again.
At this time, his shirt slid open to both sides, revealing the delicate skin inside, which was as delicate as beautiful porcelain, and the two dogwoods on his chest were looming, shining with alluring light.

Chapter: 253
Su Luo was stunned by the beautiful scenery in front of him, and for a moment he couldn’t recover.
“Serve the king to take a bath.” His Royal Highness Jin’s voice was evil and lazy, and a smile of non-smile flashed in his eyes inadvertently.
It’s a pity that Su Luo was dumbfounded by the beautiful scenery in front of him, but didn’t notice the chuckle on His Royal Highness’s lips.
“Wait for the king to take a bath, didn’t you hear?” The beautiful eyes of King Jin turned to the side hall.
Shower? These two words were transmitted to Su Luo’s ears, and then to the central nervous system, and finally fed back to her consciousness. In the next instant, Su Luo froze.
Shower? Waiting for him to bathe?
Nangong Liuyun is… is she teasing her? Are you teasing her? Su Luo clenched his fists, secretly slandering in his heart.
At this moment, although he didn’t admit it, Su Luo had a faint suspicion: Did this fellow really see his clues?
Do you want to leave? Or just turn your face?
In Su Luo’s mind, the sensible villain and the impulsive villain were fighting again and again.
Just when she was unable to make a decision, His Royal Highness suddenly stood still, his beautiful eyes turned, and he glanced at her calmly, and his lips were red: “You can imagine the fate of the king.”
Threat! The threat of Chiguoguo!
If you are really dragged out to blame, don’t you have to reveal your identity at the last minute?
Instead of crying bitterly and begging for mercy when the time comes, it is better to wait until now.
When she found the opportunity…When she was out of Nangong’s sight, she immediately looked for a chance to escape from Prince Jin’s Mansion, and that was right away.
Su Luo secretly clenched his fists to cheer himself up, squeezing a stiff smile on his face, and slapped his feet to follow up: “Whatever your Highness said, how dare the villain resist your orders? Now I will wait for you.”
His Royal Highness Jin nodded slightly, seemingly satisfied with Su Luo’s reaction.
The huge side hall was warm and misty.
His Royal Highness King Jin didn’t have any strands on his body. His jade-like body was immersed in the hot spring water, and little drops of water slipped on his beautiful jade-like back. The crisp drops of water dripped on the surface of the water, ripples.
The skin was glowing with a faint pink in the heat, and the water droplets seemed to fall off. Although only a beautiful back, it was enough to suffocate people.
Although it was not the first time I saw him, Su Luo still felt a tight throat, and she measured her face slightly.
You evildoer, evildoer.
This is the enchanting evil in the Nine Layers of Heaven, how come to the world to harm people? Who can resist such evildoers?
“Come here.” Just as Su Luo was thinking about it, His Royal Highness King Jin looked sideways at her, with beautiful eyes like night pearls in the deep sea, staring at her non-stop.
Just two words, but with the powerful and majesty of the king that cannot be resisted.
Su Luo raised his eyebrows secretly. The past is gone, and the person being seen is not her anyway. Besides this rare beauty in the world, if she doesn’t appreciate it, wouldn’t she be violent?
It’s best to give her a camera to take pictures of him, surely you can sell it at a high price, right?
Su Luo slandered, walked to the side of His Royal Highness Jin, and squatted down respectfully, “His Royal Highness, what do you want?”

Chapter: 254
As an attendant, he had to kneel down to show his humbleness and respect to King Jin, but Su Luo took a trick here, but squatted down on one knee.
And His Royal Highness regarded it as missing, and it seemed that he had never noticed it.
“Rub your back for this king.” His Royal Highness calmly threw a piece of Tianyue Brocade to Su Luo, enjoying the service provided to him by him.
At this time, his beautiful back was moisturized by the steaming water, glowing with pale pink fluorescence, it was tempting to commit crimes.
You evil evil evil evil evil… Su Luo slandered in his heart, but did not stay in his hands, took the soft Tianyue Brocade and wiped it on his back.
His Royal Highness Jin’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of mist in the vapor, which seemed extremely satisfying.
A faint smile appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.
Rub your back? Nangong Liuyun, you really enjoy it, but unfortunately, you are really brave to expose your back to others defenselessly.
Su Luo rubbed and rubbed one hand carefully, and the other hand, which was as white as green onions, quietly approached the snow-white neck of King Jin’s Highness, raising his hand and smashing it with a knife at that location!
At such a short distance, the unsuspecting Highness King Jin… logically has a hundred shots.
However, the level difference is too big, the strength difference is too far, so that His Royal Highness Jin made a lightning strike.
His back looked like long eyes, and the long, slender palm with distinct joints gently held Su Luo’s hand knife, and swung Su Luo in front of him a little bit.
Only a “bang” sound was heard.
Su Luo was photographed on the surface of the water. Before she could react, His Royal Highness King Jin had already seated her on her lap and slowly sorted out her messy black hair after being soaked in water.
With his calm and relaxed appearance, Su Luo who was watching really wanted to punch him.
Moreover, while he was slowly tidying up for her, he exclaimed.
Su Luo glared at him annoyedly, but his Royal Highness Jin smiled evilly: “Weird, weird, how did this king’s close servant become a woman?”
Su Luo Yi Rong’s props are very simple, and after being immersed in water, they will show their original shape.
“Nangong Liuyun, you’re enough!” Su Luo glared at him angrily, and she felt ashamed of herself.
Not only didn’t the attack succeed, but was caught on the spot, that’s all, even the disguised identity was revealed by the opponent on the spot.
In this way, wouldn’t all of her forbearance be wasted? Moreover, Nangong Liuyun, the character of a bad man, might laugh at himself in the future.
Look, isn’t this just mocking now?
Looking at the angrily little girl in front of her, and remembering the pretending scene when she pretended to be a servant, Nangong Liuyun suddenly felt very funny.
The more he thought about it, the more funny he became. Suddenly, he smiled so much that he was lying on the white jade wall of mutton fat.
“Hey! Nangong Liuyun, you have enough, don’t laugh anymore! Smile again and be careful I will beat you to death!” The more he laughed, the more embarrassed Su Luo felt, so he stood up angrily and threatened with his arms akimbo.
“Okay, okay, no more laughter, no more laughter.” Nangong Liuyun finally stopped laughing, raised his eyes to Su Luo’s annoyed little face, and for a moment, he chuckled out again.
“Nan, Gong, Liu, Yun!” Su Luo rushed forward and tried to pinch his cheek.
However, when she leaped closer, Nangong Liuyun’s slender calf under the water slightly hooked, and Su Luo couldn’t stand still and threw directly at his strong chest——

Chapter: 255
There was a bang.
Su Luo had a blue nose and swollen face that he thought he would hit, but found that he actually fell on a strong chest. Nangong’s hands firmly supported her back waist so that she would not hit her too hard.
Is there anything better than this to justify your commitment? Su Luo had a bitter face, wishing to beat his chest.
“Nangong Liuyun, let go!” Su Luo stared angrily and said angrily.
“Are you sure?” Nangong Liuyun looked at the puffed up look of the little man in front of him, and the more he looked at him, the more cute he felt. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to pinch the puffed pink cheeks, “What a pretty little girl, why bother Going to pretend to be an infamous little servant? It’s a pity.”
Mentioning this Su Luo felt even more angry.
“You knew it a long time ago? You’ve been teasing me just now, right? Nangong Liuyun, tell me the truth!” Su Luo stuck his neck, the expression on his face was obviously irritated.
Nangong Liuyun smiled calmly and calmly, holding her slender waist that was gripped by her, Su Luo unsuspectingly fell into a seat.
“What do you want me to say?” Nangong Liuyun’s handsome face was filled with a vicious smile, “My fool, you are so cute, just acting… well, a little clumsy.”
Su Luo held a mouthful of blood in her throat and couldn’t get up. She was very uncomfortable choking.
She knew it!
Nangong Liuyun, the enchanting evildoer, knew her true body a long time ago, he knew it from the moment she got under the shaft of the dragon-scale horse!
Yes, Dragon Scale Horse hates the approach of strangers the most. She can get under the car without being driven away. Doesn’t this directly expose her identity? How many people can be recognized by Dragon Scale Horse?
Fortunately, she had always thought that she was acting well before, and even Nangong lied to her acting. Now think about it… Su Luo covered her face sadly… It was shameful!
Nangong Liuyun patted her little head, the corners of her mouth raised, and he smiled evilly: “Okay, OK, this king doesn’t mind, what do you mind? Don’t worry, this king won’t despise you, eh? ”
“Please don’t say it.” Su Luo wanted to cry without tears, turning around to cover his face and wanted to run away.
What a shame, what a shame!
Nangong Liuyun smiled and hugged her: “Don’t be afraid, no matter how shameful you are, that’s the king’s person.”
“It’s fun to tease me, isn’t it?” Su Luo stood up and confronted the wicked handsome face, his heart suddenly stopped anger, “Acknowledge that you recognize me earlier, will you die?”
“But, don’t you think it’s fun?” Nangong Liuyun then stood up from the pool, his white jade-like slender body completely exposed in front of Su Luo.
The messy ink hair, the drops of water dripping down, the cherry blossom dogwood gleams with lustrous luster, the lines are perfect, the two slender long legs…This body is simply God’s most perfect masterpiece, there is no one.
This man, damn sexy, damn temptation!
Su Luo turned her face away a little embarrassedly, but said forcefully, “It’s fun, you scumbag! Is it your fun?” Is she the one being played, OK?
“Good, good.” Nangong Liuyun smiled and begged for mercy, her slender and powerful legs approached Su Luo step by step, and finally stood in front of her, her eyes as deep as stars locked her tightly, and her hands held her thin. Both shoulders, the corners of the mouth raised evil spirits: “Gueluoer, you said, how can you punish this king so that you can relieve your breath?”
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Chapter: 256
Without waiting for Su Luo’s answer, Nangong Liuyun smiled wickedly and approached Su Luo’s ears. He let out a sigh of relief and added: “Or, this king will apologize for you?”
Su Luo blushed slightly and glared at him: “Nangong Liuyun!”
This person is really shameless! There is no lower limit.
Fighting against him, he is definitely the one who loses.
After Su Luo recognized the facts, he decided to change the subject.
She pulled a bathrobe from the hanger and smashed her face on his face, raising her eyebrows indifferently, “His Royal Highness, such and such, what style?
Nangong Liuyun was taken aback when he heard the words, and then he looked up to the sky and laughed.
The wide coat robe envelops her petite but exquisite body, revealing only a small head and those big clear black and white eyes, appearing to be innocent.
Nangong Liuyun chuckled. He pulled Su Luo and sat down by the pool, took a handful of water, and gently washed her black hair.
Seeing this, Su Luo’s eyes wrinkled slightly. This feeling of being treated with warmth was strange and strange, but it felt pretty good.
His sudden tenderness made her a little overwhelmed, but Su Luo did not interrupt his thoughts because she knew Nangong Liuyun.
This man has always done things with a purpose.
Sure enough, Nangong Liuyun gently washed Su Luo’s soft black hair, and slowly stroked his fingers. The movements were unspeakably gentle and delicate. At the same time, he raised the corners of his mouth in a vicious manner: “Silly girl. I don’t know, it’s stupid enough.”
“Huh?” Su Luo raised his eyes with some doubts, and silently asked Shang Nangong’s beautiful eyes that were as dark as stars.
“Is it true that no matter how you pretend or avoid it, you were found by the little Liu family?” Nangong Liuyun flashed a murderous look in his eyes, stroking the big palms of the hair, but he was very gentle.
“You know?” Su Luo was really curious. In fact, during this period of time, she has been thinking about this question, why no matter how she puts on makeup or how to avoid her, Liu Chengfeng can always find her? This problem really bothers her very much.
Nangong Liuyun’s fiery palm brushed her white and tender skin, her enchanting eyes were slightly low, and a bloodthirsty sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth, but her voice was gentle and without a trace of firework: “Silly girl, you don’t even know the trace. Why are you still fucking on this continent?”
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Chapter: 257
Someone actually gave his girl a follow-up mark, good, good, very good. Although Nangong Liuyun was smiling, his smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes. Anyone who knew him knew that he was really angry at this moment.
Once His Royal Highness is angry, the consequences will be very serious!
“Tracking mark? What is that?” Su Luo raised his head like a curious baby.
There is indeed no such high-level information in her memory.
Nangong Liuyun gently cleans her hair in his hands, and there is a flash of coldness and solemnity in his eyes, but his voice is very gentle: “Tracking mark, it is actually a kind of prop, a rune that can only be made by strong people of rank 7 and above.”
“Is there a strong person above rank 7 in Liu Chengfeng’s family?” Su Luo was slightly surprised.
“That’s not it, but this tracking mark can be auctioned for gold coins.” Nangong Liuyun’s slender fingers wrung out the hair gently, and then wiped Su Luo’s long black hair with a clean Jinpa. “I know. Where did the other party put the tracking mark?”
Su Luo suddenly flashed an aura in his mind, and pointed to his hair blankly: “Here?”
Nangong Liuyun scratched her nose indifferently, her eyes filled with tenderness: “Not too stupid.”
Su Luo sighed helplessly, “No wonder! It’s no wonder Liu Chengfeng has been able to send people to follow me. It turned out to be like this. But if I wash it off now, is it all right?”
“Then it depends on who washes it.” Nangong Liuyun slowly had an intoxicating soft wave in the peach blossom eyes, “If you wash it yourself, you will probably be able to wash it up to rank seven.”
what? !
Su Luo was gnashing his teeth at this moment!
Good, you Liu Chengfeng, you actually gave this girl such a vicious tracking mark! If this girl has not been promoted to the seventh step, and if there is no seventh-order Nangong Liuyun to help clean, then even if she is buried under the mud, she will be found?
At this moment, Su Luo had an unprecedented sense of awe for this unknown world.
“Don’t be afraid, there is this king.” After Nangong Liuyun said, he stood up, his slender arms took her into his arms, his eyes locked her firmly, and she firmly prevented her from escaping, “There is this king. Now, who would dare not bully you with long eyes? Looking for death?”
Su Luo looked back at him indifferently, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and said coldly: “You don’t need to be kind, my own hatred will be repaid.”
The light in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes dimmed for a moment, but soon the gas was dazzling: “This king has forgotten, you girl is so talented, come, let this king see, this king’s little princess repairs How is the chain progress?”
Su Luo was too late to react, his wrist had already been clamped.
He didn’t know how Nangong Liuyun tested it, he just put his white jade-like fingers on her wrist.
In an instant, Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful cynical eyes became serious, dumbfounded, so hard to believe…
The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and after taking a deep breath, he fixedly stared at Su Luo, his eyes filled with shock: “You…you are now second-tier?”
She is not only the second order, but also the pinnacle of the second order, and it is very likely that she will break through to the third order in the next instant.
How is this possible? Obviously, when they separated more than half a month ago, she was still a small piece of scrap, with no spiritual power at all.
How could someone jump from scratch to the second order in just over half a month?

Chapter: 258
Even the genius among the geniuses and the legendary His Royal Highness King Jin was shocked by Su Luo’s upgrade speed.
“How on earth did you practice?” Nangong Liuyun’s accustomed indifferent eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment.
Even Nangong was surprised to be like this, then his chain repair speed is really amazing, right? Thinking about this, Su Luo couldn’t help feeling a little proud, raising his eyebrows and smiling, and said innocently, “Just practice and go up like this. Is it difficult?”
Nangong Liuyun patted her head silently, with a touch of warmth between his eyebrows and eyes, and he sighed: “Peerless genius is nothing more than that. I really want to know how amazing you will be when you grow up.”
Su Luo looked at him curiously, her beautiful eyes turning brightly: “Is my chain repairing faster than you?”
Nangong Liuyun simply didn’t want to talk to her anymore. His graceful and magnificent face looked a little complicated, and he said after a long while: “It took me six months to repair the chain to the second level. I still remember the teacher said at the time that the speed of this king’s chain repair has been through the ages Ranked first, this record is now broken by you.”
There is a faint fragrance of fragrant grass faintly on his body, staring at her for a moment, his eyes are mysterious and magical, bright like stars.
It took Nangong six months to reach the second order, and it only took him more than half a month…The arc at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth expanded and then expanded, and finally he couldn’t restrain the sound of joy.
“Bang–” Nangong Liuyun patted her head, her dark black eyes with a touch of seriousness and caution, “Girl, no matter how you practice, but remember, you have to go the right way. Fixing a chain is not a matter of overnight. And it takes a long and endless time, the more difficult it is to overcome the demons going forward, do you understand?”
Could it be that Nangong used to go the evil way? In fact, she clearly repaired the chain using the palm print of the Great Void given by Lord Shenlong, and with the infinite time in the space, the chain repair speed could be achieved.
Su Luo hesitated to say something but stopped, do you want to tell him about Lord Shenlong? If you say it, I am afraid that the identity of the little dragon will not be preserved…Nangong Liuyun, is he worthy of his wholehearted trust?
At this moment… Su Luo hesitated.
Nangong Liuyun’s dazzling star eyes dimmed for a moment, and there were faint scars in his laziness. He rubbed her head vigorously, and said briskly: “What do you want? Don’t worry, this king can still covet your chain Does the exercise fail?”
“I…” For such a moment, Su Luo’s words almost blurted out, but a beautiful and flawless face suddenly flashed in her mind.
That’s his childhood sweetheart, and his favorite objects.
She wanted to ask, if she told him, then if Fairy Yaochi forced him to ask him one day, would he say it?
After such a moment of hesitation, Su Luo’s words stopped again.
She didn’t want to be so sinister as people thought, and she couldn’t bear to use this secret to test Nangong, it was too cruel.
Still can’t be trusted wholeheartedly…Nangong Liuyun turned his head.
The spring flowers were blooming outside, and the sunshine was just right, but he couldn’t feel the warmth. His feeling of depression fell to the bottom in an instant.
“Nangong…” Noting that he was in a bad mood, Su Luo wanted to step forward to comfort him.
“Silly girl, pack up and go out, lest you catch the cold.” Nangong and Yan Yue rubbed her head lightly, the movements were still gentle, and the eyes were still pampering, but Su Luo’s heart was cruel. Painful……………………………………

Chapter: 259
Looking at the back of Nangong Liuyun striding away, Su Luo clenched his hands into fists.
She knew that her momentary hesitation hurt him, but was she wrong?
If Nangong Liuyun is just Nangong Liuyun, with his protection of her and her trust in him, there is not so much estrangement and doubt between them.
However, the truth is not always that simple.
At least, as far as she knows, that Yaochi Fairy can influence Nangong Liuyun…Even if he knows that the other party is chasing him, he can still fool himself without changing his face. How can he make her gamble on all his trust? ?
She can believe him, but she can’t guarantee what happened between Nangong Liuyun and Fairy Yaochi.
So, in order to protect herself and keep the secret, there is nothing wrong with this… there should be nothing wrong, right?
The heat in the hall was steaming, and the mist was steaming, just like Su Luo’s mood at the moment, foggy, confused, and unable to find a way out.
Now that Nangong had dismantled her fake identity, she didn’t have to play the humbling servant again, and she didn’t need to stay in the Jin Palace.
Su Luo shook his head to wake himself up, and then began to organize his luggage.
There are no women’s clothes here, only the large brocade robe of Nangong Liuyun.
No, Su Luo could only put on his clothes first.
The clothes are made of the finest Celestial Silk, which is smooth and soft, and has a slightly soft taste that belongs to him.
Su Luo felt a little uncomfortable, but this is the case now, and it can only be the case first.
After putting on the robe, Su Luo walked directly out, but before she could walk out of Nangong Liuyun’s bedroom, she was stopped at the door.
At the entrance of the bedroom, a row of armored guards, their expressions condensed, and they were full of deterrence.
“Girl, please stay.” One of the guard leaders had a serious face and a cold voice.
“I’m going out now.” Su Luo frowned. Why can’t she go out? Who made the rules?
Dare to call His Royal Highness Jin’s name? The head of the guard stared at Su Luo with a frightened expression. His expression was not obvious. He just blocked the way: “Without your Royal Highness’s order, the idlers cannot enter and leave the palace at will. Please Miss Su not to embarrass us.”
Su Luo smiled, “Why don’t I come in as a messenger waiting? Now I want to go out, let me go, I don’t want to embarrass you.”
The head of the guard looked serious and could not bargain: “No one can come in and out at will without the handwriting of your highness. Miss Su should go back. If you insist on going out, just take the handwriting of your highness.”
If she can get the manuscript from Nangong Liuyun, can she come here to try her luck? simply!
Su Luo secretly gritted his teeth!
When she came in, she was dressed up as a small servant. Now she changed her face when she went out. If Nangong Liuyun hadn’t greeted her in advance, how could the guard leader recognize herself?
Also said that this is not the ghost of Nangong Liuyun?
“What if I insist on leaving?” Su Luo glared at them coldly.
“Then, you can only stun you with your own hands, and then give it to His Royal Highness.” The guard leader looked down.
How could it be so violent! Su Luo made a fist with anger!
“You are simply!” Su Luo pointed at them.
The guards were not moved, and looked at Su Luo with deep eyes: “Girl, please go back, please don’t make us embarrassed.”
“Huh!” Su Luo gave them angrily!
If you can, I really want to kick them, really…These hatreds, Su Luo are all recorded on Nangong Liuyun.

Chapter: 260
Nangong Liuyun, we have to settle this account. Su Luo gritted his posterior molars, his face showing thin anger.
After asking the next person, knowing that Nangong Liuyun was in the dining room, Su Luo walked straight over.
Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo with an evil smile on his lips, and waved briskly: “Xiao Luoluo will come here soon. It’s not as good as it is to come here. You are now in time.”
Su Luo stood still in front of him and glanced at him lightly.
Nangong Liuyun seemed to be unaware of Su Luo’s anger. He happily pulled her into his hands, pushed her silent on the red sandalwood chair, and said to the subordinates who stood respectfully on the side: “The king’s little Luoluo is hungry Now, are you ready to serve?”
Su Luo was speechless for Nangong Liuyun’s enthusiasm.
This man is really strange. He was cold and frowning at her before in the bathroom. The last two of them broke up unhappily. He still looked sad, but now he seems to be totally fine.
The people standing on the side looked at their Royal Highness in disbelief, the unthinking in their eyes was so obvious that they hardly heard Nangong Liuyun’s instructions.
“Hurry up?” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was cold and calm, but there was a deterrent that didn’t threaten himself.
The servants looked at each other with a panic look, and hurriedly stepped back to serve the food nervously.
No wonder they would be so gaffe. After all, before that, they had served His Highness in Prince Jin’s Mansion for more than ten years, and had never seen His Highness be so enthusiastic to someone, and almost whispered in enthusiasm.
Moreover, it was to a woman.
Jin Dynasty Palace has always been a woman stopping, even the princess dare to wait at the gate of the palace and dare not enter the door for half a step, but… now they watched a girl sitting at the same table with her highness, and her Highness actually, unexpectedly Still coaxing her!
Is this his Royal Highness Jin, who is as noble as the nine heavenly gods?
Su Luo didn’t know her special treatment in Prince Jin’s Mansion, and she didn’t know that those servants treated her like gods, she just felt that she was about to be killed by Nangong Liuyun.
What’s the matter with this man? Keep adding vegetables to her bowl?
“Okay, okay, hurry up and eat your own, my bowl is almost piled up into hills.” Su Luo helplessly protected the bowl in front of him, staring at Nangong Liuyun angrily, “Nangong Liuyun, Do you want to make me fat?”
All the people standing on the side gasped coldly… Does this girl’s brain twitch? How dare to speak to His Highness like this?
They closed their eyes sympathetically, predicting that the next table would definitely turn into purgatory, with blood flowing all over the table…
Because His Highness will never tolerate someone ranting at him.
I still remember the last time I was in the palace, the third young lady from Anhou’s family admired His Highness, and said more words in front of His Highness during the meal. The poor girl was slapped flying with a palm and vomited blood on the spot. I had an internal injury for three months.
However, what surprised all of them was–
In their eyes, His Royal Highness Jin, who was as cruel and unsympathetic as Hell Shura, he, he actually smiled evilly and ripplingly, and he, he even approached the girl with his slender white hands, and his slender white hands lifted her sharp and clean jaws, and his eyes were full of waves. Full of intoxicating tenderness, she looked at her in a silky wink.
Glamorous, glamorous like silk…Although using this idiom to describe your Highness always feels weird, in fact, there is nothing more suitable than this word.

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