The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 241-250

Chapter: 241
“You…” His throat was cut, and he couldn’t utter a word. He could only stare at Su Luo unwillingly with a bit of resentment. He fell back heavily and made a violent crash.
The third-order martial artist was attacked to death by Su Luo.
“The third child!” A roar came from behind Su Luo, and the short man flew over in an instant, looking at the third child who fell on the ground with blood in his throat in disbelief.
“Smelly girl, you dare to lie to me! You dare to kill the third child! Take it to death!” The short man was extremely angry, imagining complicated moves in his hand and slashing towards Su Luo, carrying murderous aura, and his tricks were lethal.
What Su Luo threw out a while ago was not a blue spar at all, but a red spar, but he successfully transferred the short man away.
The black mist enveloped the sky, covering Su Luo below, making a rumbling sound.
At this moment, Su Luo made a move, and a big golden slap patted the short man on the head.
“With this broken handprint, I dare to come out and be embarrassed!” The short man didn’t put Su Luo’s big void handprints under his eyes at all. He moved slightly to avoid it.
However, who would have thought that this was just a false move by Su Luo.
At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly leaped towards the man in black, biting his calf!
“Ah!!!” The short man let out a terrible cry.
Because the little dragon is so cruel, it bit off the short man’s half of his leg with one bite!
The short man with only one leg resting on the ground forcefully resisted the severe pain, and the long sword in his hand hurled at Su Luo!
Today, even if he wants to explain here, he must avenge his third child! The third child must not just die like this!
However, what made the short man almost fainted was that he had never expected that the puppy who bit him was so fast, and its small body did not know when it actually lay on the long sword thrown by him.
When the long sword flies to the other side–
Well, the long sword is gone.
How could the long sword disappear?
The short man opened his eyes in disbelief, he couldn’t imagine…what did he see? He actually saw a puppy lying on the sword, swallowing the entire long sword in such a short instant.
Just when the short man was at a loss, Su Luo’s big void handprint slammed it from top to bottom.
“Bang!” The short, unsuspecting man, his head was suddenly opened, and blood rushed out.
At this time, the short man seemed to come back to his senses. Although he was inconvenient, he was still agile, took out a cold dagger from his boots and stab it towards Su Luo.
At this moment, the little dragon standing on Su Luo’s shoulders snorted over—
it is good! Su Luo yelled, and the dragon’s breath passed, how could this short man have left? Don’t you see the butterfly that was sprayed into ashes by the little dragon’s breath?
However, the next moment, Su Luo’s smile stiffened at the corner of his mouth.
What is the little dragon doing?
Why is it not fire this time? But—water?
The short man who was watered looked at the little milk dog in front of him like a ghost. He really couldn’t understand, what kind of creature was this? What magic is there in it?
Could it be that the little milk dog can’t make water elements? Is this still not a dog? It’s just perfect!
At this time, Su Luo almost went up to the sky and screamed: “Please, spraying water is useless, use fire, fire!”
The broken change drops are all completed! ! Also, the male protagonist will be on the stage at the most critical moment. It’s coming soon. Let’s count down everyone——

Chapter: 242
The little dragon slumped a little bit wrongly, but it didn’t want to.
Obviously wanting to breathe fire, who knows that water is coming out? I can’t control it if I want to control it~~
“Mythical beast! This is mythical beast! It’s definitely a mythical beast!” Suddenly, the short man seemed to have discovered a huge secret and yelled in excitement. Suddenly, he turned to stare at Su Luo coldly: “If so, then Let you live another day!”
Because there is one more mythical beast that popped up suddenly, the short man is not sure that he can kill the opponent in such a situation and can still grab the mythical beast, so the safest way is to bring the message back and ask the Lord to post it.
If the Lord knew that there was such a beast, he would be very happy! The short man was very excited.
As soon as the short man’s voice fell, his body was like an arrow from the string, rushing forward quickly.
“Never let him get rid of it, don’t let him suffer endlessly!” Su Luo felt a sense of anxiety. The other party knew about the existence of the little dragon. If this message were to be spread out, it would be a big trouble for her, and she would not want to have a good life in the future.
Thinking of this, Su Luo’s eyes suddenly saw murder, and the cold light burst out.
“Huh!” Su Luo’s speed reached its limit, and the dagger in his hand volleyed towards the short man’s back. Attempt to kill with one hit.
However, the difference in grades became apparent at this time.
The short man seemed to have eyes behind his back, and he quickly tilted to the left, easily avoiding this trick, and the dagger fell to the ground with a bang.
The short man regained his senses, contemptuously: “Want to kill Lao Tzu? Next life! Hahaha—”
The voice fell, before he turned around and continued to run, but suddenly, a thunderstorm struck him in the clear sky, and it happened to hit him in the head!
For an instant, the short man was held in place like a whole person, stiff as a wooden stake.
Originally the short man was fine, but who told him to be sprayed with water by the little dragon before, he was wet all over his body at this time, so when a Jiao lightning hit him, he was electrocuted. , The whole body was trembling constantly, and the green smoke continued to blow out.
“Okay! Great, go ahead and keep playing!” Su Luo was originally worried, but was immediately excited when he saw this, and urged the little dragon to cheer.
Yes, the thunder just now was punished by the little dragon on behalf of God.
In fact, the little Shenlong wanted to breathe fire after hearing Su Luo’s words. Who knew that it was so hard to control that it spewed out thunder and lightning?
Who calls it a baby dragon? It is normal for human babies to have incontinence.
It originally blamed itself very much. Who would think that it was actually making a profit now that the short guy was electrocuted.
Seeing the bad people spit white foam and tremble all over the body, the little dragon was extremely excited, and it started to spray elements continuously in its mouth.
There will be water for a while, fire for a while, and lightning for a while!
I saw crackling, sparks splattering, endless.
At this time, the short man was trembling like a convulsion. The white foam in his mouth couldn’t help spraying out. The hair on his head was soaring to the sky. The whole body was scorched like charcoal, almost indistinguishable from the original face. .
Today’s short man can be considered to have been bloody mold for eight lifetimes. It’s not good for him to chase after him. He wants to offend Su Luo. It’s fine to offend Su Luo. He prefers the little dragon who happens to be crazy, so he is destined tragedy.

Chapter: 243
In the end, the short man was charred all over, like a black charcoal, stiffly and stiffly to the ground, and the whole person fell to pieces.
Finally killed this short man!
A big rock in Su Luo’s heart finally fell to the ground.
Today, it is really thanks to the help of the little dragon, if she is the only one, I am afraid that this short man will get rid of it. Su Luo thought with lingering fear, must hurry up the martial arts chain, otherwise there will be a time when she collapses, because the enemy will only get stronger and stronger in the future.
Su Luo retrieved the scarlet spar from the short man, and then rewarded the little dragon as a snack. Today’s little dragon performed very well and deserves a good reward.
After tidying up the scene and sweeping away the traces left by him, Su Luo hugged the little dragon and walked quickly to Su Mansion.
It’s been a long time since I came out, and I don’t know how the house is now.
I still remember when Su Qing’s Lie Leopard went mad, ran across the Su Mansion, destroyed countless buildings, and called the whole Su Mansion a miasma. I don’t know if it is controlled now.
If the show is still on, it will be fun, and she doesn’t mind taking part in it again. Su Luo thought, humming a small song and took a relaxed step towards Su Mansion.
Just one hundred meters away from the gate of Su Mansion, Su Luo suddenly had a bad feeling, and her pace began to slow down.
Out of the instinct of a previous life assassin, Su Luo unfortunately discovered that she was being followed.
She didn’t know when the other party followed her, but she was sure that the martial arts cultivation base of the person who followed her was much higher than her.
Fortunately, fortunately, I haven’t stepped into the Su Mansion.
Su Luo held the little dragon’s hand tightly, looking at the majestic and mighty stone lions at the entrance of Su Mansion, Su Luo didn’t stop, and went straight forward without looking back.
It seems that Su Mansion has nothing to do with her.
The identity of Miss Su’s Fourth Miss cannot be revealed, let alone at this time.
And Su Luo really wanted to know who was following her, and if she was in the same group as the two people before.
Su Luo had been walking unhurriedly, and the people behind him did not go too far, as if he had no intention of going forward and robbing him.
On the way, Su Luo tried to get rid of the opponent. She used the anti-tracking techniques familiar from her previous life, but unfortunately, the level gap was too large, and she could not lock the opponent’s figure.
What should we do now? Can’t lock the opponent, and can’t get rid of the opponent… A trace of condensation flashed in Su Luo’s drooping eyes.
We have reached the downtown area of ​​East Street.
People come and go on the street, there is a constant stream, all kinds of hawks come and go, and it is very noisy.
There is the biggest inn on East Street.
Seeing this, Su Luo flashed a sly light in her eyes. She entered the inn with the little dragon in her arms, and then calmly asked Xiao Er for a room.
After entering the guest room, Su Luo closed the door, and after throwing the little dragon into the space, he quickly took out a set of men’s clothing from the space and put it on. At the same time, he began to put on makeup in front of the mirror.
Not long after, the girl with a sallow complexion soon turned into an ordinary teenager.
I saw him in a light blue gown with ordinary features, and he was immediately submerged in the crowd, and it was difficult to find out.
Su Luo was very satisfied with the self in the mirror. She inspected it carefully, and when she couldn’t find any flaws, she started to act.

Chapter: 244
Su Luo did not go out from the front door, but opened the window and hung from the window on her side to the side room two feet away.
She is agile and agile, and she succeeds in one breath.
There was a scholar living in the opposite wing. He was shaking his head and reading poetry and books, completely unaware that someone had broken into his room.
Su Luo stepped lightly and quietly walked around the scholar, then opened the door of the room with a calm expression and walked out.
In this process, she feels as if walking around her back garden.
The warrior guarding Su Luo’s door didn’t even know that Su Luo had left. He still held the sword in both hands, guarding it like a rock.
About a quarter of an hour later, Liu Chengfeng and a group of people rushed over and kicked open the door, only to find that the person was gone.
Liu Chengfeng was so angry that he almost jumped his feet, and slapped a slap at the person who followed Su Luo before: “Idiot! Didn’t you say that you have been tracked? People? Where are they?!”
That smelly girl has a blue spar in her hand! Moreover, I was scammed time and time again today, this account must not be left alone, absolutely not let her run away like this!
The person who followed Su Luo before was called Liu San, the high-level guard of the Liu family.
He looked at the empty room in disbelief, and said in a daze, “Master, the stinky girl actually lived in this room before, but I didn’t expect that girl was so cunning that she would slip away!”
But when did that stinky girl slip away?
“Soo? Ho ho, did she think she slipped away?” Liu Chengfeng’s mouth flashed a sullen smile, and with a big wave of his hand, one of the people immediately hugged a soft-haired fox.
Liu Chengfeng took out a piece of slender hair and smelled it for the fox, and fed another pill to the fox to swallow. Finally, he smiled and patted its head: “Goodbye, let me find this man soon. After you find it, you will get rewards!”
The hair was pulled from Su Luo’s head before she was not paying attention. Because it was not pulled out by the root, Su Luo didn’t notice it at all.
In fact, he never thought of letting Su Luo leave from the beginning.
The fox in front of me is hard to buy. Its most powerful feature is its keen sense of smell, and the sense of smell of the fox dog after eating Tango is even more magnified ten times. And now Liu Chengfeng had fed the spirit fox the extremely rare olfactory pill in order to catch Su Luo, showing how determined he was to hunt down Su Luo.
The fox dog swallowed the smell Tango in one bite, and its small body ran around the room, constantly searching for something.
Then, I saw its small body shoot at the opposite window.
It actually found out Su Luo’s escape route!
“Chasing!” Liu Chengfeng smiled at the corner of his mouth and waved his big hand. A group of people immediately followed behind him and chased him mightily.
On the street, Su Luo, who successfully got rid of the surveillance, was not in a hurry to return to the Su Mansion. At this moment, she just happened to be strolling the streets and admiring the downtown here.
Suddenly, she felt a danger approaching and getting closer.
She looked back and suddenly felt bad!
At a glance, she saw Liu Chengfeng rushing towards her with a group of menacing men, and the one running at the front turned out to be a small fox.
Su Luo was originally calm, because at this time she was no longer what she was before, even if she stood in front of Liu Chengfeng, he might not recognize it.

Chapter: 245
The fox dog’s eyes were staring at him, and he rushed towards him. This posture… clearly recognized himself and came directly at him!
Su Luo’s heart jumped!
Although he did not understand the reason, the fox recognized himself as a fact.
If it was just Liu Chengfeng alone, he could still fight, but now Liu Chengfeng is clearly prepared. He has countless masters around him. How can he fight him alone?
What’s more, in this case, no matter how opportunistic it is, it is useless.
It is useless to think more at this critical juncture, the only way is: run!
Let’s talk after running this time!
At this time, Su Luo didn’t mention how aggrieved.
She couldn’t understand why she had changed her outfit and changed her face, but she was still being followed by Liu Chengfeng. Thinking about it this way, Liu Chengfeng was the one who was followed the previous two times.
Su Luo squeezed his fist secretly: This person is really lingering, when there is a chance, he must be killed, otherwise there will be endless troubles.
Su Luo walked like flying, and his figure was as fast as lightning, while Liu Chengfeng behind with a group of masters chased after him, getting closer and closer.
Seeing that the distance between the two sides keeps getting closer, getting closer…
The originally lively Dongjie Avenue was disturbed by this chase at this time. People turned their backs on their horses, and everyone was afraid to avoid being involved.
Su Luo was secretly anxious: No, if he doesn’t make changes, he will be chased sooner or later!
If Liu Chengfeng only needs the cyan spar, it’s nothing more than that, but he is so enthusiastic that he is clearly in love with his own fat sheep. If he was caught this time, I’m afraid I won’t have a good life in the future!
A cold light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, and suddenly, she saw a carriage galloping not far away.
Dragon scale horse! ! !
Su Luo was overjoyed immediately.
What the dragon scale horse represents, Su Luo knows better than anyone.
At this moment, do you want to call for help with Nangong Liuyun?
No, that would be too cheap.
Su Luo’s eyes flashed and he made up his mind, and would never ask him for help before trying hard. It’s okay to owe other people’s debts. If he owes Nangong Liuyun’s humanity debts, and he has to pay it by himself, what should he do?
Su Luo had already made up his mind as soon as his thoughts flowed.
Under the cover of the wall, when the dragon-scale horse galloped past, she silently hooked on the car wall and sneaked into the bottom of the car. Her two hands were lightly pressed against the red sandalwood board under the car, and her body was parallel to the bottom of the car.
And Liu Chengfeng, who was chasing after him, didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, Su Luo disappeared, and his complexion suddenly became very ugly.
The sharp-eyed servant immediately attached to Liu Chengfeng’s ear, and said in a low voice, “Second Young Master, the younger one just saw the young man hiding in the carriage.”
“Well, don’t you stop the carriage? I want to die!” Liu Cheng was so angry that he drew a whip.
“But that is…”
Before the voice of the servant fell, Liu Chengfeng slapped him back: “No matter whose carriage it is, I must leave it to Lao Tzu! Do you understand? No matter who it is, carriage!”
In the last sentence, Liu Chengfeng bit his back molars and said word by word.
That cyan spar is too noble to their Liu Mansion, the old man just passed the word over, be sure to get the cyan spar, do whatever it takes. Therefore, Liu Chengfeng, who is backed by the old man, now has a lot of confidence.

Chapter: 246
The man was slapped by Liu Chengfeng, and he really didn’t dare to go against him, so he could only stop the dragon scale horse.
“Stop! Stop the carriage!” The servants of the Liu Mansion were not afraid of death with their hands on their hips, standing directly in the middle of the road, trying to stop the dragon scale horse.
But how can the dragon scale horse be so easy to stop?
Seeing someone blocking the front somehow, the mighty dragon-scale horse flew a pair of front hooves, and kicked it directly without hesitation.
“Ao–” Suddenly, the bodies of the people in the Liu Mansion were kicked high, drawing an arc in the air, and finally slammed to the ground. By the time he landed, his body was already torn apart.
At this moment, the original noisy street was silent for a moment, and everyone gasped and stared stupidly at the dragon scale horse whose scales shone in the sun.
Liu Chengfeng was also stunned by this sudden upheaval, but in the next moment he recovered quickly, and he wanted to swear, but saw the dragon scale carriage on the cowl, with a cold face. Sweeping at him: “Those who dare to block the dragon scale horse, die!”
Under the car shaft, Su Luo rolled his eyes suddenly.
Ling Feng was obediently like a cat in front of Nangong Liuyun, but he didn’t expect to be awe-inspiring in front of people.
Dragon, dragon scale horse? Liu Chengfeng’s heart was shocked. At this time, he recognized that the proudly standing horse in front of him was nothing but the dragon-scale horse of His Royal Highness.
Looking at the world, it is unique, this is the only dragon scale horse! The symbol of the honorable status of His Royal Highness King Jin.
Liu Chengfeng suddenly held his breath in his throat, unable to go up and down, only to hold himself blush. Just now, he was really awkward, and he actually sent people to stop the dragon scale horse of His Royal Highness King Jin!
Soon, Liu Chengfeng came back to his senses. He licked his face and leaned forward with enthusiasm and a flattering smile: “No, I didn’t expect His Royal Highness Jin to be here. Yes, he is going to be reckless. Your Majesty, don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised.”
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng’s posture was very low.
There was silence in the carriage, there was no sound, but there was a sense of oppression that people could not ignore.
But the more so, the more Liu Chengfeng’s heart trembled. He bowed to his knees, the cold sweat on his forehead kept coming out, and his body was shaking constantly…
It seemed that after a long time, an evil and low voice came from the car: “What are you up to?”
This voice is as gentle as nature, not hurried, and low and evil.
Everyone guessed that under this evil and lazy voice, there is a face that reverses all beings? It’s a pity that His Royal Highness King Jin has always lived in a simple way, and very few people have seen him truly.
At this time, almost all the people present were concentrating and holding their breath, for fear that they would spit out a foul breath and desecrate the unparalleled King Jin.
The people around couldn’t help bending over and kneeling. In front of King Jin, who would dare to stand up straight and proud?
The King of Jin is like the king who is gazing at the world.
Even sitting in a carriage, the domineering nature of the king is not to be ignored.
Liu Chengfeng tried his best to resist the panic in his heart, and whispered: “Return to His Royal Highness Jin, our Liu Mansion has entered a thief, and we have lost a very precious treasure. Under the order of the Patriarch to search for the thief, he did not expect to alarm His Highness. ”
“A thief?” The corner of His Royal Highness Jin’s mouth in the carriage made a playful smile, and the whole person looked lazy.

Chapter: 247
“Yes!” Liu Chengfeng added fuel and jealousy, “This thief has stolen the cyan spar, the treasure of our Liu Mansion, so be sure to capture it below, and I hope that it will be convenient for Jinwang Palace.”
“The huge Liu Mansion can allow a thief to take away the treasure of the town mansion, ho ho, the strength of the Liu Mansion is so weak that it is so weak.” His Majesty King Jin said carelessly, but it was like a slap. Liu Chengfeng body.
Liu Chengfeng’s complexion turned red, and he couldn’t say it. At this time, he was extremely embarrassed.
“Go back.” His Royal Highness Jin asked indifferently. At this time, he was cold, arrogant and lonely, but he was aggressive and arrogant.
There was a neigh from the dragon scale horse’s mouth, and his hooves moved forward, and he wanted to dash away.
However, at this time, the little fox dog jumped up on the carriage like death, as if there was something to attract it.
“Young master, I have searched around, but no trace of that person has been found.” At this time, a servant of the Liu Mansion returned to Liu Chengfeng and whispered.
Liu Chengfeng looked at the fluttering fox, a complicated light flashed under his eyes. It’s not hard to guess that you can’t find it because you are in the carriage of His Royal Highness King Jin!
But His Royal Highness… Out of awe of King Jin’s instincts, Liu Chengfeng’s heart condensed, but he suddenly remembered that his grandfather’s breakthrough to the seventh rank is in sight, and he may not be inferior to His Royal Highness Jin by then. His Royal Highness King Jin was so sincere and fearful.
Moreover, this cyan spar must be obtained!
Liu Chengfeng had already made a decision while turning his mind. He stepped forward, stopped the dragon scale horse, and said loudly: “His Royal Highness, the thief may be hiding in your carriage. For your safety, you Get out of the car and check it again, lest the thief hurt you.”
With a bunch of warriors around Liu Chengfeng, a group of people stood still in front, surrounding the dragon-scale horses in the middle. Although he spoke politely, he put on a posture of forcing His Royal Highness Jin to get out of the carriage.
Inside the carriage, His Royal Highness Jin made a low and evil smile: “Little Liu Family, are you threatening this king?”
Liu Chengfeng was flustered, but he always held it on his face and laughed with him: “I dare not dare, I just want to ask His Royal Highness Jin to get out of the carriage for a while to rest, so that I will have the opportunity to invite His Highness to drink a bowl of tea. Okay?”
His Royal Highness Jin did not speak.
The car seemed very silent.
After a while, there was a faint hum in the car.
With just a light hum, it shocked the scene. People were afraid to make a sound, and they all bowed their heads in fear, as did Liu Chengfeng.
“You still insist?” His Royal Highness Jin’s voice was like a clear spring.
“Yes, please get out of the car, King Jin.” Liu Chengfeng clenched his fists, forcing his legs not to tremble.
His Royal Highness seemed to think this was ridiculous, and he laughed loudly: “Drink tea? Hoho, Ling Feng, invite them to drink the blood tea from Prince Jin’s Mansion. It doesn’t taste good.”
“Yes.” Ling Feng’s voice was crisp and clear.
Before the words fell, the sword was out of its sheath.
Su Luo hiding under the cowl did not know how Ling Feng made the move, but only heard the sound of the sword breaking through the air in his ears, the blood mist kept gushing, the remains of the broken limbs flew around, and the screams kept screaming. Sounded…
In fact, all of this only happened in an instant.

Chapter: 248
But it seems to have been extremely long.
When Su Luo came back to his senses, the battle was over.
Liu Chengfeng’s face was covered with blood, his eyes were dull, his hair was messy, and his clothes were ragged. At this time, he looked very embarrassed, and he couldn’t bear to look at him.
He was the only one standing among all the people in the Liu Mansion and the only one who was not injured. But he, who was not injured at this time, looked more terrifying than injured.
I saw him standing in a daze, staring at the carriage stupidly, his eyes widened round, as if the whole person had passed stupidly, and he couldn’t get back.
In an instant, all the masters he brought were solved, and until it was over, he didn’t know how the opponent made the move…this, how could this happen…
The most terrifying thing is that the person who shot this time was only the personal guard of His Royal Highness Jin. It is said that King Jin’s strength is even stronger, more terrifying, and more unpredictable…
Legend has it that the most terrifying thing about His Royal Highness King Jin is not martial arts, but temper.
According to legend, His Royal Highness King Jin was moody, uncertain, cruel and tyrannical… The moment before he was smiling lightly and lightly, the next moment his sword was out of its sheath.
Legend has it that His Royal Highness Jin only has no one who dare not kill when he is too lazy to do it…
According to legend, there are countless legends about His Royal Highness Jin in the arena. He knew it, but he still committed the crime. He was really stupid! At this moment, Liu Chengfeng’s regretful intestines were blue.
Ling Feng slowly wiped the long sword in his hand, faintly swept towards Liu Chengfeng, and said to His Royal Highness King Jin in the carriage: “Your Highness, there is still a living mouth left.”
“Yeah.” His Royal Highness leaned back on the jade chair lazily, fingered the white jade in his hand, and said casually, “Keep it, and let him go to the Liu Mansion to report.”
The dialogue between the master and the servant made Liu Chengfeng almost roaring!
He is not just a cat or a dog, he is the second young master of the Liu family, the second young master of the first generation, and is now the second young master of the third-order martial artist! In the eyes of His Royal Highness King Jin, is he no different from ordinary people? Is he so unbearable in his eyes? Liu Chengfeng’s suffocated complexion flushed, staring straight at the carriage.
However, Ling Feng and Long Lin Ma didn’t even bother to look at him, and left straight away, let alone the King Jin who had never appeared in the carriage from beginning to end.
The streets filled with blood and fog are silent, and everyone around them hides far away.
Only Liu Chengfeng’s stupid figure stood alone.
Liu Chengfeng recalled the previous clips over and over again.
He still didn’t understand that he just wanted to ask His Royal Highness Jin to take down the carriage. Why did he want such a killer? Why?
Will these Liu’s families just die in vain?
There is also that blue spar, absolutely can not fall into the hands of His Royal Highness Jin.
Isn’t His Royal Highness a Tier 6 warrior? Their ancestors are also Tier 6, so they may not lose him!
Thinking of this, Liu Chengfeng spread his legs and ran to the Liu Mansion.
The dragon scale horse walked unhurriedly on the road to Prince Jin’s Mansion.
Su Luo finally let out a sigh of relief under the car cowl.
The disgusting Liu Chengfeng was finally sent away, and she finally escaped.
Hiding under the carriage was not a long-term solution, and Nangong Liuyun… could not see this person, Su Luo never wanted to see him.
Su Luo originally planned to fall silently to the ground, and after waiting for the dragon scale horse to pass, he got up again and returned to Su Mansion.
Thoughts are full, but reality is very skinny.

Chapter: 249
At this time, Su Luo was shocked to find that she couldn’t take the palm of her hand close to the shaft of the car!
The bottom of the car was like super glue glued on, tightly sucking her palm, no matter how hard she tried, the palm remained motionless!
At this moment, Su Luo couldn’t help being a little frightened.
What happened? She was able to move her palms when Ling Feng was fighting with the members of Liu Mansion just now. Why can’t she now?
And not only is it impossible to use two palms, even two legs, as if they are under a car, can’t move at all, let alone escape!
Su Luo kept struggling, twisting, trying to get out of trouble, but there was nothing she could do. At this moment, she was really anxious.
opposite of this.
Inside the carriage, His Royal Highness Jin was flipping through the scrolls.
It seemed that something funny had been thought of, Liu Meiruodai, the water was silky, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was eye-catching.
He buckled the table with his long, well-knotted fingers, and his phoenix eyes were raised, and a playful smile flashed across his gaze.
Struggling to no avail all the way, the dragon scale horse carried His Royal Highness Jin and Su Luo under the carriage back to the Prince Jin Mansion.
At the gate of the mansion, got off the carriage, and His Royal Highness stepped out of the carriage and headed to the inner courtyard surrounded by the crowd.
At this time, Su Luo was suddenly surprised to find that he had resumed normal actions again.
Su Luo thought to himself, when will he not leave now? Things changed when Nangong found out.
Su Luo sneaked out of the carriage and just got up to run away. Suddenly, His Royal Highness Jin looked back and stared at the sneaky figure with scorching eyes.
“You, newcomer?” His Royal Highness Jin’s voice sounded like a natural sound, but he was not angry or pretentious.
With a word, Su Luo’s body suddenly froze on the spot. rub! Why was it discovered at the last minute? How to break?
However, Nangong did not recognize herself? Su Luo bowed his head, yes, at this moment, he was dressed up as men’s clothing, and it was common sense that King Jin could not recognize him.
“His Royal Highness asks you something, are you a new recruit in the mansion?” Seeing that Su Luochi did not reply, Ling Feng glanced at her coldly, went forward and sent Su Luo to the palace of King Jin. before.
Ling Feng’s speed was like wind, and the level gap was too large, and Su Luo had no time to resist.
At this moment, Su Luo felt a sorrow in her heart, but even though she felt awkward in her heart, she still acted like a solemn expression.
Su Luocheng humbly bowed his knees in fear: “Yes, the young one is a newcomer, and he just took the wrong path as a handyman in the wood shed. Now the young one will go back immediately.” With that, Su Luo wanted to slip away. go.
Unexpectedly, the black pupils of King Jin’s highness shined with dark dark lights, and they were strange and faintly said: “Seeing you are quite clever, please follow this king and wait next to you.”
Paste, close to serving? Su Luo was dumbfounded.
What is this Nangong Liuyun doing? Did he do it on purpose? Did you see your disguise and deliberately play on yourself? How come you are required to wait on your side?
Ling Feng glanced at Su Luo displeasedly, “What are you still doing? Hurry up and wait!”
But Su Luo changed his mind again and thought, his own face has changed so much that Nangong Liuyun should not be able to see it.

Chapter: 250
In the end, did he see it, or did he not see it? Su Luo felt tangled in her heart, and her head was knotted.
His Royal Highness King Jin was surrounded by more than a dozen maids and servants, who huddled him further and further.
While thinking wildly, Su Luo held his forehead depressed, and slowly followed the huge team.
Ling Feng held the sword in both hands, narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at the young man suspiciously.
Being able to be favored by His Highness to stay with him, the future of this young servant is limitless, but Ling Feng suddenly felt that this young servant whose eyes were flickering and slippery gave him a very familiar feeling…
Along the way, Su Luo found that the Jin Palace was simply magnificent, luxurious and gorgeous to the extreme.
Ten steps one scene, five steps one person, the guards are extremely strict.
From her point of view, the black gold-rimmed robe of King Jin’s palace was as high as his identity, which made people look up.
It wasn’t until this moment that Su Luo truly realized that the person in front of him was His Royal Highness King Jin, the noble existence with countless beautiful words and legends.
Rather than Nangong Liuyun, who is used to being cynical about her hippie smile.
For no reason, Su Luo suddenly felt a bit of loss in her heart, and a faint sourness flashed past, even she herself had never caught it.
In a short while, everyone gathered around the palace of King Jin to his main hall.
The white mutton jade floor is covered with imperial green jade as a bead curtain, and the adult-high red coral is placed at the two ends. It is rich and gratifying and luxurious.
His Royal Highness King Jin stepped into the bedroom, and the maid embraced him, crawling to crown him.
However, His Royal Highness Jin’s deep and majestic voice sounded: “Retreat.”
His Royal Highness, the maids and guards all bowed to their knees, and then left respectfully, almost too fast for people to react.
At this time, Su Luo was clinging to the wall and trying to reduce his sense of existence. Hearing the instructions of His Royal Highness King Jin, she wanted to slip away.
However, His Royal Highness King Jin’s black eyes, as deep as stars, fixedly stared at Su Luo, with a charming and gentle voice, and raised his hand to her: “Come here.”
Su Luo stopped halfway through her body. She stared angrily, but she had to bow her head under the eaves. Su Luo turned her head stiffly, pointed her right hand to herself, and squeezed a smirk on her face: “Your Highness, you call I?”
The color under King Jin’s Palace was cold, and her long black hair poured down her shoulders like a waterfall.
He tilted his head slightly with bright eyes, fixed a glance at Su Luo, his thin lips lightly opened: “What’s your name?”
what name? Su Luo was a little bit distressed.
Did Nangong recognize her? Did you recognize it?
“Do you want this king to repeat it again?” His Royal Highness looked at her lazily with a pair of deep beautiful eyes, and his evil lips slightly raised.
No, I didn’t ask! Su Luo secretly cheered himself up in his heart, normal Nangong Liuyun is not like this.
Thinking of this, Su Luo settled slightly, lowered his head and lowered his eyelids. After thinking for a long time, the incompetent Su Luo just whispered: “Little man…little man Su Yun.”
Su Luo didn’t notice at all, a joke flashed across the eyes of His Royal Highness King Jin who was staring at her head at this time.
After a while, His Royal Highness made a clear cough, and finally spoke again: “The last name is not good, the name is good.”
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