The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 271-280

Chapter: 271
Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo looking at him, raised his eyebrows, raised his mouth evilly, and said lazily, “I want a female superior? All right, this king gives you this opportunity, come on.”
Shameless! A man with no lower limit! Will you die if you don’t take advantage of her words?
Su Luo glared at him bitterly, but at this moment Nangong Liuyun suddenly closed his eyes, and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.
“Nangong, are you—” Su Luo felt something was wrong, she rolled the quilt, and moved towards Nangong Liuyun with confidence.
Nangong Liuyun waved his hand, smiled, and wrote lightly: “It’s okay, I have a little old illness. When the time comes, it will hurt for a while.”
Old disease? What kind of old injury should Nangong Liuyun call the old disease?
When the time comes, it will hurt for a while. When the time comes, it will be painful intermittently after a while?
A touch of pity flashed in Su Luo’s heart. She couldn’t think of how painful it would make Nangong Liuyun’s face change… For a while, she was a little at a loss and didn’t know what to do.
Nangong Liuyun turned sideways, propped it with one hand, and looked at her with a smile.
However, Su Luo clearly saw the cold sweat on his forehead pouring out in drops, his chest and back were soaked with cold sweat, he smiled as before, but he felt as pale as his smile.
“You–” Su Luo wanted to ask him if he had any painkillers or something, but after thinking about it, Nangong’s strength couldn’t restrain this kind of pain. What use could the painkillers do?
Nangong Liuyun suddenly closed his eyes. He turned over and pulled the quilt to cover himself, “Okay, it’s getting late. If you don’t want to sleep here, go out and find Lingfeng, he will arrange everything.”
His tone was a little rush, a little forbearing, covering the whole person with a quilt, making a muffled sound.
Su Luo couldn’t see his expression clearly, but saw him curled up, hunched, and the quilt trembling, which seemed painful.
Su Luo was a little stunned, with waves of anxiety in his heart.
What happened to Nangong Liuyun? How can such a strong and domineering man feel this pain?
And looking at his appearance, it seems that this old disease has been bothering him, periodically?
Su Luo hasn’t left, she sits up, hugs her hands around her knees, her face is sideways, and she keeps looking at Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun fell into a deep sleep, and the quilt covering his face slipped aside, revealing the pale, handsome face covered with sweat.
The wind is violent outside. In such a world, it is easy to catch a cold without drying the sweat.
Su Luo thought for a while, crept out of bed, and went outside.
There were people waiting at the door, and at Su Luo’s order, a pot of hot water and a folded snow-white Jinpa were soon delivered.
“I can go in by myself, you can continue to guard.” Su Luo sent the man off with a word, and personally took the hot water into the inner room.
A strong man like Nangong Liuyun definitely doesn’t want people to see his fragile side.
Su Luo put the jade basin on the table, wrung out the veil, and gently wiped Nangong Liuyun’s sweaty face.
Nangong Liuyun had a face, his brows tightened, his face pale and terrible.
Although he wanted to slap him to death before, but now that he saw him like this, Su Luo felt a touch of pity in his heart, and his fingers involuntarily stroked his face and gently slid towards his eyebrows.
He seemed to stretch a little.
Su Luo felt very happy to be able to do something for him.

Chapter: 272
However, before she was too happy, her hand was pulled by him in her sleep. Even in pain, even in his sleep, his strength is still amazing.
Su Luo didn’t have time to react. The whole person had fallen into his arms and weighed heavily on him.
Nangong Liuyun snorted when she hit him, but hugged her tightly, turned over and fell asleep.
This time, Nangong Liuyun just hugged her, holding her tightly, without any other actions.
His arms were strong and as hard as iron tongs. Su Luo tried to break his fingers several times, but they were all in vain, unable to shake them at all.
Nangong Liuyun seemed to be sleeping deeply, breathing long, still twisting his eyebrows slightly.
Su Luo stopped struggling, and her eyes flashed with tenderness that she didn’t even notice.
This man is so painful that it is rare to fall asleep. How can she bear to wake him up?
Su Luo pulled up the quilt and covered him tightly, then found a comfortable position in his arms and looked up at his face.
The long and thick eyelashes, the handsome nose, the thin lips, the facial features are exquisitely crafted like a master sculptor, and they are beautiful in a mess.
It’s just that even though he fell asleep, he was still restless, and the word “chuan” frowned between his eyebrows. Thinking of his incomparable strength and unattainable status, Su Luo was the closest to his heart.
Suddenly, Su Luo’s inspiration flashed.
She suddenly remembered that she had forgotten a very important thing.
Do you still remember why the little dragon looked at her, and was deceived by her? That’s right, Tianlingshui.
Since Tianlingshui has great attraction to the little dragon, it is enough to show that this is an extremely good treasure, but I don’t know if it will help Nangong Liuyun’s pain.
However, the situation will never be worse than it is now.
Su Luo took out a small glass of Heavenly Spirit Water from the space and held it carefully. Then, she yelled very quietly, “Nangong, wake up.”
“Yeah.” Nangong Liuyun hugged her tightly, and replied in a daze.
Su Luo pushed him very carefully: “Come on, drink some water, maybe it will be more comfortable.”
Nangong Liuyun was half asleep and half awake, opening up obediently.
Su Luo carefully fed him a small half cup of Tianling Water.
Su Luo didn’t dare to feed too much at once for fear of problems.
After drinking the water, Nangong Liuyun fell asleep again, but he still hugged Su Luo and didn’t let go.
Su Luo gently wiped the water stains on the corners of his mouth with his sleeves, and then carefully observed his expression.
I don’t know how long it took, his eyebrows were finally stretched out, and his expression didn’t seem so painful.
Seeing this, Su Luo was very happy, supporting his chin with one hand and looking at him with a smile.
The rain outside is getting heavier.
The thunder roared continuously.
In the arms of this man, Su Luo fell asleep unconsciously.
This time, Su Luo slept very heavily, and when she woke up, she was already three poles in the sun.
Opening my eyes and looking at the ceiling quietly, the memories of last night flooded in like a tide.
Nangong’s teasing, Nangong’s rage, Nangong’s pain… one after another, came one after another, filling her sober head full.
The last memory is his handsome face.
Su Luo suddenly sat up, and when he looked sideways, the man was no longer on the bed outside.

Chapter: 273
This man is in a high position, his martial arts cultivation is unmatched, his power is almost monstrous, but his body is full of mysteries, which is puzzling, but also curious.
Su Luo stretched out, and lingered for a while before getting up and getting out of bed.
Asked the next person, Nangong Liuyun went out early today, and only told her to stay in the palace.
Going out early in the morning? I don’t know if he still hurts… Su Luo thought about it while eating breakfast.
After breakfast, Ling Feng automatically appeared in front of her.
Seeing Su Luo, Ling Feng twitched the corner of his mouth, glanced at her lukewarmly, and stood silently holding his sword.
Ling Feng didn’t expect that the little boyfriend would turn out to be Su Luo after he was cleaned yesterday, and he looked at the sky a little speechlessly. He just said that the little guy was sneaky and gave him a strange feeling. It turned out that his feeling was not wrong.
“Where has Nangong gone? When will you come back?” Su Luo asked Ling Feng while walking sideways.
“The path of the palace has always been kept secret, Miss Su still don’t ask.” After asking, she asked for nothing. Ling Feng, who was used to indifferent, added a sentence in his heart.
When Su Luo was about to roll his eyes, Ling Feng added another sentence at the right time, “His Royal Highness said, if Miss Su wakes up in the morning and thinks about her tightly, you might as well go to Xilinyuan and sit there. There is a portrait of His Highness.”
Su Luo held his breath in his throat.
This Nangong Liuyun! Who missed him? Just ask casually!
Su Luo gave Ling Feng a sullen look: “A arrogant guy, I really think he’s a peacock fanatic. I think he is thinking too tightly. I’m really speechless.
The corners of Ling Feng’s mouth twitched, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
The only person who can evaluate his Royal Highness without life-threatening is the fourth girl Su who is in the blessing and not knowing the blessing.
Ling Feng’s expression remained calm: “Since Miss Su is not going to the study, let’s deal with these account books.”
Ling Feng waved his hand, and suddenly, a row of people filed in. Everyone was holding a thick account book in his hands. The account book was stacked high, blocking their sight, and his steps trembled and looked exceptional. Danger.
Su Luo looked at the account books, then raised his eyes to look at Ling Feng suspiciously, and said, “What do you mean by dealing with these account books? Talking human.
Ling Feng held the sword in both hands, with a calm expression on his face, and said lightly, “His Royal Highness confessed that these things are for the future princess to do. Since you have nothing to do now, you can handle them all.”
Su Luo glanced at him with a smile, and said slowly, “You also said that the future princess will have to deal with it. Why should this girl work hard? Not in her position and not seeking politics.”
Ling Feng’s face was paralyzed with a faint smile on his face, and he snorted coldly at the swaying servant who was holding the account book: “Do you remember what your highness ordered before leaving?”
The six servants in a row all said in unison: “Remember, your Royal Highness said that Miss Su is already a member of your Royal Highness, and she will be the future Princess Jin. It is like a fake replacement, a childlike man!”
Ling Feng nodded in satisfaction, his fluttering gaze fell on Su Luo’s face, only raising his eyebrows and not speaking.
Su Luo suffocated his chest.
That guy who bad her reputation!
What does it mean that she is already his person? Obviously they haven’t done anything, OK!
Fortunately, she was worried about his illness last night and worried about dying. She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and then she took Tianling Water for him to drink. Did he repay him that way?

Chapter: 274
“Wang Hao, these account books…” There were many and heavy account books. The six servants were panting, shaking hands and feet, but they did not dare to put them down without Su Luo’s instructions.
Su Luo snorted heavily, “What princess, don’t bark, do you know that it will ruin the innocence?”
“Yes, we wouldn’t dare to scream without your Highness’s instructions.” The six subordinates replied in unison, “But…the princess, these account books…”
Su Luo was speechless. I just promised not to bark, what’s in this mouth?
“These account books are all moved out. Whoever loves to read it, I won’t read it anyway.” Su Luo waved impatiently. She is not Princess Jin, so why should she take care of the house chores for him?
The six servants looked at Ling Feng together.
Ling Feng waved his hand, motioning them to leave.
The six subordinates all bent over and said to Su Luo in unison: “Following the princess’s orders, the younger ones leave.”
Su Luo was about to stare.
Before she had a seizure, the six subordinates slid quickly holding the half-high account book, where is the weak feeling that was trembling and falling down at any time?
Su Luo couldn’t help being speechless. Has this Jin Palace, all the subordinates practiced Lingbo microsteps? Why is the effort to escape so strong?
“Wang Concubine…” Ling Feng just said, he was interrupted by Su Luo waved.
Su Luo stared at him angeredly: “What? Even you come to tease me?”
“Don’t dare.” Although Ling Feng claimed to dare not, his expression was indifferent, without the humility that a guard should have.
The corners of Su Luo’s eyebrows were slightly raised. She glanced at Ling Feng with a half-smile, and said in a leisurely way: “By the way, Ling Feng, do you remember our last bet?
She didn’t believe it, she didn’t scare Ling Feng away.
Sure enough, Ling Feng’s expression changed in an instant, and he said anxiously to Su Luo: “Miss Su Si was having fun in the mansion. I suddenly remembered that my Royal Highness had ordered some urgent things to be dealt with before leaving, so I retire first.”
“Hey, the last gambling appointment said–” Before Su Luo’s words fell, Ling Feng’s figure had disappeared in the room, as fast as lightning, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Seeing Ling Fengluohuang’s back, Su Luo let out a chuckle.
Last time, because of the urgent need for green spar to save Nangong Liuyun, Ling Feng bet her once in a hurry. If she could gather fifty green spars, Ling Feng would give her a personal guard.
Naturally, she won, but Ling Feng seemed to have completely forgotten the betting agreement, still stubbornly looking at his own way, coming and going freely.
Everyone in the room escaped, leaving Su Luo alone.
This is Nangong Liuyun’s inner study room. It is not allowed on weekdays, and others are not allowed to enter. Only Su Luo is not subject to this restriction.
There are rows of books on the shelves.
Su Luo, who was deeply bored, picked up a copy and scanned the cover. It turned out to be “The Classics of Junior Alchemists.”
In an instant, Su Luo’s eyes suddenly brightened.
I still remember that in the cave house of the old man Zihuo, she got the “An Unnamed Pill” that the world’s alchemist dreamed of.
This “Anonymous Pills” is the handwriting of the old man Zihuo, recording his life’s knowledge and experience in pill medicine, and it also appends some ancient pill prescriptions that have been lost.
It’s a pity that although “An Unknown Pill” was good, it fell into Su Luo’s hands.
The old man Zihuo was the only master-level pharmacist in the mainland, and his level was so high that it was hard to beat him.

Chapter: 275
The “Nameless Pills” left by his old man was poor in other life-long learning, but because he was so powerful, the book he left was very profound, and at least an intermediate alchemist was required to understand it.
However, Su Luo is a refining medicine Xiaobai who has not even stepped into the threshold. Now she has Baoshan, but she can’t find the key to get in. This kind of castle in the air is really uncomfortable.
However, now this “Books of Junior Pharmacists” has just solved the dilemma that Su Luo is facing.
Thinking of Nangong Liuyun’s pain like that last night, Su Luo suddenly thought of an idea…If he upgrades to the rank of a pharmacist, he might be able to cure Nangong Liuyun’s old illness.
Thinking of this, Su Luo devoted himself to reading the “Books of Primary Alchemists”.
This kind of elementary books focuses more on systematic explanations and theoretical analysis. Su Luo is smart at first, almost never forgetting. Coupled with a dedicated attitude, time passed in a flash.
When Su Luo rubbed his astringent eyes and stood up and stretched, he found a man standing at the door.
Today’s Nangong Liuyun wears a black brocade robe. His body is slender, his phoenix eyes are as dark as ink, and as deep as a pool, seeming domineering and full of extravagance. The red lips are rosy and moist, just like the red flowers on the other shore, enchanting and enchanting.
He stood quietly at the door, the sun shining all over him, shining a little bit of light, even if he just looked at her silently, the innate pride, nobility and domineering made it impossible to ignore his existence. .
He just looked at Su Luo lightly and lightly, but there was a sense of oppression invisibly. When he touched the beautiful eyes of the two demon sentient beings, Su Luo found his heart beating out of control.
Enchanting, worthy of the enchanting!
As soon as he appeared, he seized all the brilliance around him, and it seemed that all the brilliance of time gathered in him.
Nangong Liuyun slowly approached Su Luo in a silky and elegant black brocade robe.
Finally, his slender body stopped in front of Su Luo, his beautiful eyes glowing like evil spirits, dazzling and evil, staring at Su Luo quietly, with an evil smile at the corner of his mouth, “Do you look dumbfounded? Do you like this king so much?”
Su Luo suddenly returned to his senses, and rolled his eyes angrily: “What nonsense, who likes you?”
Does this man die if she doesn’t make fun of her? Come this trick every time.
Nangong Liuyun smiled lightly, and glanced at the book in her hand, “The classics of the junior pharmacist? Yes, our girl is a genius pharmacist. It’s a shame not to repair the chain.”
Speaking of this, Su Luo suddenly moved in his heart, staring at Nangong Liuyun quietly, and said in a cold voice: “What happened to you last night? Is the old illness… serious?”
With a long arm, Nangong Liuyun circled Su Luo in his arms and looked down at her with a smile: “This king’s Xiao Luoluo feels distressed? Isn’t it?”
Su Luo glanced at his face and mumbled: “Who is feeling distressed? I just didn’t know, and I was shocked by you. You said, what’s the matter? Are you not King Jin? The pharmacist will treat you?”
Nangong Liuyun pursed his lips and looked at Su Luo with a smile, the ray of bright sunlight hitting his bright eyes, like a light and shadow flowing in front of him, bright and gorgeous.
“Say, what are you looking at?” Su Luo angrily pushed his body as strong as an iron wall.

Chapter: 276
Nangong Liuyun laughed: “The stiff-mouthed girl, she said she didn’t care about this king. Seeing that you were in a hurry, she said a lot of things. It would be difficult for you to talk to this king on weekdays.”
Su Luo also realized that he was anxious for him, a faint color flashed on his face, and he turned his head pretentiously and pretended not to hear anything.
Nangong Liuyun loved her to death because of her shyness. He looked at her with a slight smile on his mouth. His girl is so stubborn and cute, he really likes it more and more.
The two figures leaned against each other, standing quietly, time seemed to stand still at this moment.
So ambiguous, it seems that they really have some kind of relationship.
A panic flashed in Su Luo’s mind, she subconsciously pushed Nangong Liuyun away, her eyes fell on the “Early Pharmacist Classics” that fell on the ground, her eyes moved slightly, and she decided to divert Nangong Liuyun’s attention.
“Nangong Liuyun, can your injury really be cured?” Su Luo asked in a low voice.
Nangong Liuyun looked at her with profound charm, and said lightly, “It’s not that it’s not incurable, but these quack doctors are too bad, but my family Xiao Luoluo is determined to cure this old disease for my king?”
“Shao Dongsi, what kind of alchemist can heal you?” Su Luo knew that he had never been serious, even if he was talking about his old illness, he could still laugh lightly.
“Well… how come you have the master level?” Nangong Liuyun was a little uncertain.
“Zong, Grandmaster level?” Su Luo suddenly felt like a mountain standing still.
It should be understood that the pharmacists are divided into junior pharmacists, intermediate pharmacists, advanced pharmacists, super pharmacists, master pharmacists, and then master pharmacists.
The pharmacist is highly ranked, and every level up is very difficult. Now she still hasn’t even touched the threshold. If she wants to upgrade to a master-level pharmacist…Oh my God, she’s relatively straightforward when she comes to Thunder Strike.
Nangong Liuyun obviously did not pin his hopes on Su Luo, but he entangled Su Luo and forced the responsibility to her: “Well, the master-level pharmacist, this king’s girl has to work hard, try to get early. To cure this king’s disease, speaking of it, this happens once a month, and this king is very impatient.”
Su Luo was speechless: “Don’t expect me anymore, I may not be able to reach that height in this life.”
You know, in the entire continent, only the old man Zihuo was promoted to the master-level medicine alchemist. Although she got the inheritance of his old man, she really didn’t know how far this road could go.
“No, you have to cure this king.” Nangong Liuyun insisted on relying on Su Luo. “Except you, this king will not cure anyone. Just wait for you. Lao girl, for this king, You must work hard to refine your medicine and upgrade it.”
If there is such a wayward person, it is fine to see a doctor and pick a doctor, and pick her, who is still a zero-level rookie. It really makes her pears big.
“Don’t be so capricious!” Su Luo stared at him grimly. This man was unrivaled in front of the outside, but he looked like an unreasonable wayward child in front of her, making her feel speechless.
Nangong Liuyun muttered red lips, and his big watery misty eyes looked at her pitifully and accusingly…
Su Luo was about to be defeated by such Nangong Liuyun, how could he pretend to be so pitiful?
Su Luo was about to be defeated by such Nangong Liuyun, how could he pretend to be so pitiful?

Chapter: 277
“Yes, I promise you good medicine, but you also have to promise me that if you meet a master alchemist in the days to come, you are not allowed to refuse treatment.” Su Luo had no choice but to make a three-chapter appointment with him.
Nangong Liuyun blinked evilly, and muttered: Can this king make a detour?
“What did you say?” His voice was very soft, and Su Luo couldn’t hear him.
“Luoluo thinks about this king, and this king is very pleased. Don’t worry, this king will marry you as his wife and keep the seat of Jin Princess for you.” Nangong Liuyun said cheerfully.
Speaking of this, Su Luo remembered what the people in the mansion did today. If it weren’t for the enchanting evildoer in front of her to speak secretly, how dare those people call her like that?
“Princess Jin’s position, huh, keep it for yourself, I’m not uncommon for girls.”
“But this king is rare for you to sit.” With deep tenderness in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, he grabbed Su Luo, who was about to leave, with an unprecedented seriousness on the faces of all living beings. Location, there will never be anyone else except you!”
What about Fairy Yaochi? Su Luo almost blurted out these words, but in the end he abruptly held back.
Fairy Yaochi…This is a taboo between them that can never calm down. Whenever she was moved by his perseverance, she would always have that beautiful and unparalleled face in her mind, the otherworldly fairy who could not eat the fireworks.
This is a thorn in her heart, it doesn’t hurt or itchy at ordinary times, and it hurts as soon as it reaches a key point.
Su Luo stared at Nangong Liuyun quietly, and finally turned his head away.
She didn’t want to say that name anymore.
If one day, without her speaking out, Nangong Liuyun will automatically stand by her side to protect her and protect her, then maybe she will really give her heart to him, build a river of love with him, and join hands in this other world. Break out a bright sky.
Now, she can’t give him any promises. Because she is afraid of getting hurt again, it is enough to be stupid in the previous life. In this life, she must live for herself and live wonderfully!
Nangong Liuyun is extremely clever, how can he stop talking about Su Luo without understanding? However, at this time, he couldn’t say anything…He looked out the window in silence and let out a sigh of relief.
A lonely smile flashed across Su Luo’s face.
The air in the room is a bit dignified at this time.
Nangong Liuyun suddenly sighed and rubbed Su Luo’s head heavily, “Isn’t Luo Yatou going to make medicine? Come, this king will take you to the medicine garden for a walk, and we will pick back the medicine if we need it.”
“Yaoyuan?” Su Luo looked at him curiously, “You still have a medicine garden?”
Nangong Liuyun smiled non-committal, and naturally took Su Luo’s hand to go outside.
Encountering the servants of the mansion along the way, they saw His Royal Highness coming from a distance, and they retreated to the side of the road early and waited.
After all, there are only a few people who could serve in the dining room yesterday, so now they see with their own eyes that their Asura-like Majesty is holding a girl’s hand with childlike interest…
Some people threw a plate for a while, some twisted while walking, some got crooked necks, and the most common was the chin that fell to the ground…
Su Luo was a little embarrassed and wanted to get rid of Nangong Liuyun’s hand, but Nangong Liuyun’s hand seemed to be held gently, but in fact his wrist was as rigid as iron tongs, and Su Luo couldn’t shake him anyway.

Chapter: 278
There was no one next to Nangong Liuyun, ignoring a group of people, and enthusiastically led Su Luo through all the way.
Su Luo lamented in her heart: It’s over, this is going to be spread, do you want her reputation?
King Jin’s Mansion is very large, and the courtyard is scattered. I don’t know how long it has been, Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo to a garden filled with medicine.
When Su Luo arrived in the medicine garden, the scenery she saw all over made her eyes suddenly bright.
Su Luo identified them one by one, and found that the herbal garden was full of herbs, and almost all the herbs mentioned in the “Books of Junior Alchemists”.
This way, it is much easier to handle, and she will not search for herbs everywhere.
However, for the first time refining medicine, what pill should be refined?
Su Luo weighed his chin with his fingers, thinking quickly in his head.
After thinking about it for a while, Su Luo decided to refine the primary spirit essence pill.
Lingyuan Pill, as its name suggests, is an elixir that supplements spiritual power.
A person’s spiritual power is limited, and it will be exhausted after a battle, but if you swallow a spiritual essence pill on the spot, you can restore your spiritual power.
The elementary spirit essence pill can only restore 10% of its own spiritual power, the intermediate spirit essence pill can restore 20% of its own spiritual power, and so on.
However, after all, there are very few alchemists on the mainland, and the success rate of refining Lingyuan Pills is not high. Therefore, the market price of primary Lingyuan Pills is not low. The general market price is one hundred gold coins. .
Because Su Luo contains wood elements in her body, she has a natural affinity for herbs. When she closes her eyes, she can clearly sense which plant has the strongest activity and which one is lingering.
Su Luo naturally selected all the energetic medicinal materials without hesitation.
After collecting more than a dozen medicinal materials needed to refine the Lingyuan Pill in the medicine garden, Su Luo threw all the medicinal materials into the space with a single thought.
Nangong Liuyun had previously guessed that Su Luo had released the space constraints, but now that it is true, she can use the space in front of her, which is enough to show her trust in him.
Thinking of this, a smile appeared at the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth: “Luo girl, don’t you even have the medicine cauldron ready?”
“Of course, and I’ll tell you, my medicine cauldron is hard to buy, you can never imagine it.” Su Luo glanced at him vividly.
Her medicine cauldron was the purple gun medicine cauldron used by the old Zihuo old man. The success rate of refining medicine was doubled, and it was by no means comparable to those outside.
“The king is even more looking forward to it, but the first refining of medicine will inevitably fail, so don’t cry.” Nangong Liuyun looked at her dozingly. As long as she is happy, he will stay with her no matter what she does, but she is afraid that she will be disappointed if she fails, so Nangong said in advance.
Crying nose? Who is she? Su Luo gave him an angry glance, and she would let him open his eyes to take a good look. Not only did Su Luo have an amazing speed in martial arts chain cultivation, she would definitely not lose in the way of refining medicine.
After driving Nangong Liuyun out, Su Luo closed the door, and his soul entered the space in an instant.
Su Luo followed the steps in “The Classics of Primary Alchemists” step by step.
First of all, the first step is to soak more than a dozen herbs in spring water.
Su Luo in the space did not go to fetch other water. The most in her space was Tianlingshui, and the effectiveness of Tianlingshui had been verified by one person and one dragon, which was absolutely remarkable.
Su Luo took the Tianling Water and soaked the herbs one by one.

Chapter: 279
She didn’t know that it was precisely because of this lazy behavior that she had unexpected consequences and had a huge impact on her future refining career.
During the process of soaking the herbs, Su Luo looked at the purple gunpowder cauldron with interest.
The purple gunpowder cauldron is half a meter high and the whole body is purple-red. The cauldron is carved with four dragon heads with big mouths in the blood basin.
The four dragon tails huddled together to form a special tripod cover. Open the tripod lid, it is a small iron pot the size of a washbasin. This is where the medicinal materials are placed. On the iron pan, there is a flat face mirror, and the refined medicine will appear here.
The purple powder pot material not only increases the flame to a certain extent, but also the rare metals mixed in it can double the success rate in the process of refining the medicine.
Su Luo put the soaked herbs one by one like a fine pot, covered the copper cauldron, and lightly patted the mechanism below.
Flame…Su Luo is indeed a fire mage, and she can now condense a small fireball, but she always feels that something is missing.
Su Luoyuan’s eyes rolled round and round.
Suddenly, Su Luo slapped his palm, thinking about it!
How did she forget that baby!
Little god, the shamisen fire from its mouth is much stronger than its own little fireball, and its power is countless times greater.
Su Luo would lie on his back on the original stone, and the mature little dragon who was sleeping with her belly bulged up, and the little dragon Nunu nuzzled Su Luo’s arms with her small mouth, and her two small paws held her tightly. The skirt of the clothes fell asleep again, and he snored.
Su Luo suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry.
However, for her grand chain repair plan, she still had to borrow a little flame from the little dragon.
Su Luo pinched the little Shenlong’s nose, and it was fine for a while. After a few breaths, the little Shenlong woke up leisurely, with sleepy eyes, looking at Su Luo in a confused and innocent way.
“Hey, don’t sleep first. Give the master a fire first.” Su Luo held the little dragon and pointed its mouth at one of the dragon’s mouths of the medicine cauldron.
Su Luo was anxious to get the little dragon to sponsor the fire, but didn’t realize that her current posture holding the little dragon’s two calves was like holding a little pot friend hushing.
Fortunately, when the little dragon saw the dragon pattern carved on it, most of his sleepy eyes woke up.
In fact, Su Luo was still a little worried, because the little Shenlong kid had always played cards unreasonably. Before thinking about it, in order to kill the tracker, I risked it to shoot, but the first time it sprayed water, it almost caused a big accident. Fortunately, the second time it hit by accident, it sprayed out thunder and lightning, and the chaser was directly blackened. carbon.
Su Luo warned over and over again: “Remember, it’s fire, don’t spray water or thunder, don’t spray water…”
As soon as the water entered, it was all suffered.
It may be that God was also on Su Luo’s side this time, her luck was not bad, and the little dragon squirting out was really shamisen.
After borrowing the fire seed, Su Luo let the little dragon go to sleep, and she began to refine the pill.
Under the control of Su Luo’s palm, the real fire of the three flavors jumped into the open dragon mouth, and the temperature on the medicine cauldron gradually increased little by little.
Later, Su Luo’s mental power became more concentrated.
This is the first time she has refined a pill, and it is not a high-level pill, but she always has an obsession.

Chapter: 280
With the help of Tianlingshui, the three-flavored real fire of the little dragon, and with the help of the purple powder cauldron, if she fails to refine it, even she herself will not forgive herself.
So, in any case, she is not willing to fail.
Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, the spiritual energy in his body slowly fluctuating, the flame spiritual energy in the palm of his hand jumped into the medicine cauldron through the dragon mouth layer by layer, and the flames in the medicine cauldron kept rolling and burning.
Su Luo narrowed his eyes, carefully controlling the noisy flames in the purple powder cauldron, calming them, just like calming a naughty little fire baby.
Under her reassurance, the flames that were running around in their own way bowed their heads docilely and arranged neatly and obediently.
Can you really control the flame? Su Luo looked at his palm with some surprises, the corners of his mouth slowly raised, and his mood became very good.
According to the “Books of Junior Pharmacists”, those who have not yet started have to pass countless exercises, explorations, failures, and comprehensions, and finally they can control the flames as they please, and being able to control the flames is the basic skill of the junior pharmacists. .
However, she had only just tried it for the first time, and she was able to control the flame.
That being said, she has now reached the threshold of a junior alchemist. Su Luo was delighted in her heart, but she forced herself to calm down, because this was just the beginning, and later there were more difficult things waiting for her to do, and she couldn’t relax.
Slowly, Su Luo began to realize the beauty of this purple powder cauldron.
This purple powder cauldron seems to be very familiar with her aura. After her aura flame enters, the obstacle caused by it is extremely small, and it is almost unimpeded.
Su Luo concentrated on controlling the temperature of the flame and the activity of refining medicinal materials.
In Su Luo’s induction, the herbs in the medicine cauldron, the heavenly spirit water and the real fire of the three flavors were undergoing strange changes.
Various active herbs undergoing various changes quietly under the tempering of the flames. The activities of all kinds of herbs are urged one by one. They are combined with each other, and there are exchanges of combinations. Su Luo is fully absorbed and constantly Calculate the pharmacology.
In the end, Su Luo roughly calculated that there were as many as a hundred kinds of medicinal herbs.
But it was the elementary Lingyuan Pill, there were so many subtle combinations, if it were later, God knew how complicated it would be. The master-level pharmacist is really an unattainable existence.
Su Luo didn’t dare to relax for a moment, his eyes closed slightly, condensing all the spiritual power into the medicine cauldron, always observing the situation in the medicine cauldron.
Suddenly, Su Luo had a bad feeling, because she noticed that the meek potions in the medicine cauldron suddenly seemed to be startled, and they wandered around and fled in horror, making Su Luo exhausted. Running around.
Su Luo calmed herself down, feeling it carefully, and comforting it. She felt that the flame in the medicine cauldron was too weak.
She has always respected her intuition, and her intuition has never gone wrong.
In that instant, Su Luo made a choice.
She stretched out her hand and slapped the dragon mouth of the medicine cauldron, and the flame that condensed all the spiritual energy gushed out from her palm, and quickly rushed into the middle of the medicine cauldron. The temperature of the flame in the medicine cauldron instantly doubled.
Soon, Su Luo felt that the spiritual power in his body was about to be exhausted.
Could it be that the first refining medicine really ended in failure?
She is not convinced!
Su Luo clenched his teeth and insisted.

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