The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 291-300

Chapter: 291
His Royal Highness… How could he… Liu Chengfeng was incredible. Don’t the rumors all say that His Royal Highness Jin is cruel and ruthless? How could you care about a person so much, and still a teenager…
Liu Po ​​took a step forward in the sky and shielded Liu Chengfeng behind him, “His Royal Highness, hand over that person, otherwise it will be unsightly for everyone.”
“You are not good-looking, this king doesn’t matter.” Nangong Liuyun sneered, “Is this king still caring if you sue you?”
Liu Potian suffocated his chest in one sigh. He knew that reasoning was not feasible. Then, the problem could only be solved with force!
“If this is the case, let God decide!” Liu Potian had been jealous of him since being blocked by Nangong Liuyun just now, so he suggested, “Let Chengfeng compete with this young man to see who wins. Whoever loses, whoever wins, will belong to the blue spar!”
This is clearly an unequal treaty. The blue spar obviously belonged to Su Luo, and if he lost, he would be gone.
How could Nangong Liuyun let Su Luo sign this unequal treaty? He was about to ridicule a few times, but Su Luo stopped him.
Liu Chengfeng slandered her, and Grandpa Liu aggressively brought people up again. How could Su Luo, who has always been fond of enemies, let them go so easily? Even if they can’t use force, they want to cry without tears.
Su Luoman smiled carelessly. Looking at Mr. Liu, the sarcasm in his eyes was so obvious: “Your abacus is really good. If you lose, you will not lose at all. If you win, not only can I get revenge.” Obtaining the blue spar for free, this business is really profitable. Mrs. Liu is so good at calculating, he deserves to be able to buy this huge Liu Mansion industry, I admire it.”
After a few words, even with irony, Mr. Liu, who spoke straightforwardly, could hardly raise his head.
His old man had been in retreat for ten years, but he didn’t expect that when he came out, he immediately ate a big squat and was shaved off by a young boy.
He all wondered if the Prince Jin’s mansion was violent with him, why these two have sharp teeth and mouths, and their lips are as if they are coated with poison, and the words they say are harsh.
Nangong Liuyun smiled with satisfaction at the corner of his mouth. His girl never disappointed him. He stared at Su Luo with a smile, his peachy eyes were watery, and intoxicating soft waves flashed in his eyes. If an ordinary woman took a look, she would miss her life.
But Su Luo turned a blind eye and pushed him to the side, believing that he was obstructing her sight.
Nangong Liuyun sighed helplessly, why is his girl so difficult to follow?
Seeing Mr. Liu staring at his Luo girl angrily, Nangong Liuyun was dissatisfied. He cleared his throat several times with a hum, and squinted at him, “What? Liu Potian, you have to be so irritated. ?”
Old man Liu held a bite of blood in his throat, and his face flushed.
Nangong Liuyun didn’t seem to see it, and said lightly, “Since it’s not, then compare it fairly. The blue spar in Su Yun’s hand is worth 50,000 gold coins. Your Liu Mansion is not a pauper, so you took out 50,000 gold coins. To bet, whoever wins the spar with gold coins will all belong to the winning party, which is fair.”
Liu Potian thought about it, it was true.
Moreover, he had sensed just now that the boy opposite didn’t even have any spiritual power. He was completely a small waste material. How could he compare to his precious grandson?

Chapter: 292
In fact, how did he know that because of the space mage’s relationship, Su Luo’s aura was restrained, and he was not a super master who couldn’t see her depth at all. It was not enough to see her depth with Liu Potian’s strength.
“Okay, just do what your Highness said.” Since it was a test without suspense, and it was cheap, Liu Potian felt violent.
But who will carry fifty thousand gold coins with you? Liu Potian is an impatient person. He took out a dark bronze medal from his arms and handed it to Nangong Liuyun: “Fifty thousand gold coins are too time-consuming and laborious. There is no need. This bronze medal is still worth a few dollars. It’s worth 50,000 gold coins if you press here.”
This bronze medal is…Nangong Liuyun heard this, his eyes drooping, and a sharp glow flashed in his eyes, but the speed was so fast that no one had noticed it, and Liu Potian, who was standing opposite him, had never caught it.
Because of this negligence, the old man of the Liu family will beat his feet and chest because of this incident in the near future, and he vomits blood for almost half a year.
At this time, the old man of the Liu family still didn’t know his upcoming bad luck, he squinted at him with a look of disdain, completely not paying attention to this little waste material.
The same is true for Liu Chengfeng.
Su Luo glanced at the bronze medal in disgust, and frowned, “What is this dark thing, worth fifty thousand gold coins? Can it be worth my blue spar?”
Old man Liu stared at a pair of big copper bell-like eyes and scolded angrily: “Smelly boy, since you don’t bet, I…”
“Oh.” Nangong Liuyun patted Mr. Liu’s shoulder very kindly, took the bronze medal from his hand, and held it firmly in his hand. Then he said, “How do you know the old man like this kid? But the spirit dance steps of the Liu family. Although no one in the Liu family has the qualifications to learn, it is really worth a few gold coins.”
When Mr. Liu heard this, his old face blushed and he snorted heavily.
Nangong Liuyun smiled again, “It’s OK, it’s troublesome to change, just this bronze medal, bet.”
Su Luo originally disliked it, but she had a tacit understanding with Nangong Liuyun. How could two people who are equally insidious, cunning, cheap, and not a bastard make themselves suffer? Therefore, Su Luo realized that when he saw Nangong Liuyun’s behavior.
This bronze medal is a good thing, at least for her, it is definitely a good thing.
Therefore, Su Luo pretended to be very reluctant: “Okay, okay, since His Royal Highness Jin is a guarantee, then bet on this bronze medal.”
At this time, in Su Luo’s space, the little dragon seemed to smell the treasure, with two front legs lying on the space wall, standing upright, his little paw patted the space wall, wishing to fly out immediately.
This greedy little thing. But this also shows that the dark bronze medal is indeed a good thing. Since it’s a treasure, how can it be possible to let him return to the Liu family? Naturally, it belongs to her.
However, Su Luo glanced disgustingly at the bronze medal, and then hooked Liu Chengfeng, “Can you fight?”
Liu Chengfeng didn’t expect this stinky boy to be so courageous, he would challenge his Tier 3 martial artist, his eyes widened, he lifted his robe and tied it around his waist, putting on a fighting posture: “Come on!”
Liu Chengfeng was already a Tier 3 warrior.
Su Luo happened to be promoted to Tier 3 today, but she had just ascended, and she was not completely stable yet, so this battle was still a bit mysterious.

Chapter: 293
Liu Chengfeng looked at Su Luo and sneered: “Give you the last chance, now I can spare your life if I kowtow to admit defeat, or wait for me to do it myself, your life will be hard to tell!”
“In the martial arts arena, life or death is a matter of life and death. The second son of the Liu family, be careful, lest he moves his head but is still chattering there.” Su Luo sarcastically turned back on the spot where he would suffer.
Liu Chengfeng sneered again and again: “What a martial arts arena where life and death matter! What a brazen brat! Okay, since you are not afraid of death, come and die!”
When the words fell, Liu Chengfeng gently stroked, his sleeves fluttered, his hands condensed into a light circle on his chest, and soon, he was filled with water vapor, and slices of ice blades as thin as cicada wings appeared in his palm.
Liu Chengfeng, the third-order mage of the ice system, is good at ice blade art.
Su Luo’s eyes frowned slightly. If she competed with mana, she could only be able to advance to Tier 3. Her chances of winning were too small. Only in close combat, relying on her previous life’s assassination methods, would the chance of winning this battle be great.
Without waiting for Liu Chengfeng to shoot the ice blade, Su Luo had already taken preemptive action. She was as fast as lightning, and when the afterimage flashed by, she had already rushed towards Liu Chengfeng.
Su Luo’s speed was too fast, and the fast Liu Chengfeng was a little surprised.
In Liu Chengfeng’s impression, Su Luo had never fluctuated in spiritual power, so he always felt that Su Luo could deal with it very well, and he could declare the battle over by shooting the ice blade directly.
But the facts slapped him hard.
Su Luo approached quickly, and Liu Chengfeng stepped back again and again.
At this time, not only Liu Chengfeng, but even Liu Potian frowned at this time. He didn’t expect that the other side’s little waste material would have two things. However, he was full of confidence in Liu Chengfeng.
At this time, Su Luo followed Liu Chengfeng like a shadow, because only in close combat, her chances of winning were great, and she could create a chance to win.
Liu Chengfeng retreated from a subconscious action before, but then he came back to his senses. The other party just charged up at a fast speed, a waste with only speed but no spiritual power, what fear did he have?
Thinking of this, Liu Chengfeng snorted coldly: “I don’t know how high the sky is, I really thought I was afraid of you!
Before he finished his words, a row of three ice blades in his hand shot Su Luo’s forehead.
The ice blade is shining with cold, if there is flashing light, it is ten times sharper than a sharp sword!
The three ice blades are in the character line, one high and two low, and they make a cracking sound because of their extremely fast speed.
Two ice blades flew towards Su Luo’s eyes, and the upper ice blade took the center of Su Luo’s eyebrows!
The two are very close, and Bingblade carries a cold murderous aura and is very powerful. If it is stabbed, it will be blind or dead!
At this critical juncture, Su Luo bent his feet into a bow shape in a graceful posture, and his figure was suddenly lowered, and the three sharp blades against Su Luo’s cheeks could not be avoided.
Before Su Luo could return to his senses, Liu Chengfeng had five more ice blades in his hands, which were cold and gleaming, murderous.
“The first time I can hide, and the second time I see how you hide!” Liu Chengfeng fluttered wildly, his eyes showed crazy killing intent, “Ice Blade Technique, shoot!”
Suddenly, the air seemed to be blocked by an invisible cold air.
Five ice blades thin as cicada wings flashed like white light, reaching the extreme speed, and a feeling of horror passed by in an instant.
Unexpectedly, Liu Chengfeng looked like a soft and feeble dude, but his ice blade technique was so sharp.
Seeing this, Su Luo felt a little shock, but he was not afraid.

Chapter: 294
Ice can be suppressed by fire.
Su Luo shot five fireballs in succession, and each fireball rushed up mightily, enveloping the ice blade in midair, and the energy of the ice element and the fire element raged.
Under the same level, the elements are not distinguished by strength, but they are naturally restrained. When ice and fire melt, it is natural. Therefore, when the fire burned, the ice blade quickly turned into water droplets, then turned into light smoke and disappeared into the air.
Fireball! Liu Chengfeng stared at the young man in disbelief, and his expression became quite weird: “You turned out to be a fire mage!” He turned out to be not a waste, really underestimated him!
“Of course, I just want to fight against you, the ice mage, how about it? Are you scared?” Su Luo sneered at the corner of his mouth, and fireball continuously attacked Liu Chengfeng.
In the beginning, because of the unfamiliarity, her fireball was extremely small, and her hands were in a hurry, but as the battle lasted longer, Su Luo became more comfortable, and her techniques became more agile.
Liu Chengfeng was caught off guard by Su Luo and backed back again and again, but he had stayed in Tier 3 for a long time. He was already at the top of Tier 3, and Ice Blade Art was naturally better than Su Luo.
After Liu Chengfeng came back to his senses, he kept throwing ice blades at Su Luo.
Five, ten, twenty…
Liu Chengfeng saw that the ice blade technique had no effect on Su Luo, a flash of insidiousness flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, he folded his palms together and said something in his mouth. Finally, he shouted: “Big Snowball Technique!”
Suddenly, the light in Liu Chengfeng’s palm was blazing, and a huge snowball came into being, and it slammed Su Luo head-on!
The snowball is huge, and the sphere is beating like a divine light, extremely dazzling, making people almost unable to open their eyes, with a icy chill, I really imagine how powerful this palm is! However, once crushed, there must be no bones left!
The big snowball technique requires a lot of spiritual power. After Liu Chengfeng issued this palm, the spiritual power in his body is facing the edge of exhaustion, but he does not regret it at all, because he is convinced that the snowball will crush the opponent with absolute advantage. Press each other into meatloaf.
Su Luo’s heart shook slightly.
Obviously the little fireball can no longer stop the big snowball technique! And now she can’t brew such a big fireball technique at all!
Do you just surrender like this?
of course not! When did Su Luo admit defeat?
The fire element is just a part of her strength. One of her trump cards, the big void palm print, has not been shown yet. Who wins and who loses is still unknown!
Just as the big snowball smashed towards Su Luo with the aura of thunder, Su Luo quietly sacrificed the big void handprint.
With Su Luo advancing to the third rank, the original football-sized handprints have now almost doubled tenfold.
The big black handprints flew from the sky, pressed against the big snowball, and slapped down!
For a time, black and white collided, and the energy was violent in an instant, and the palm print of the big void suddenly turned into nothingness, and the big snowball also fell apart in the rage, split into a pile of snow, scattered on the ground.
Mudra! A big palm appeared out of thin air! This stinky boy even kept this hand.
Could it be that the mudra just now was a big void mudra? Probably not. Da Xukong’s mudra is a world-renowned masterpiece, even he has only heard of it and never really seen it. How could this stinky boy be?
However, Liu Potian’s expression was still quite solemn, because he found that he could not see through this young man.

Chapter: 295
At this time, Nangong Liuyun smiled and stared at Su Luo happily.
His girl is like a magical treasure chest, usually muffled, but at the critical moment, he can always open treasures to make people shine, really a treasure.
The most aggrieved person is actually Liu Chengfeng.
The snowball technique just consumed almost all of his spiritual power. Because he was determined to be able to crush the opponent, his spiritual power was extravagant and unreserved. But now, the snowball technique has been smashed by the opponent. Let him almost cry without tears.
Su Luo smiled coldly, “Ho ho, you have no spiritual power, see how arrogant you are!”
As soon as the voice fell, Su Luo once again sacrificed a large black void handprint in mid-air. For a time, he was majestic and majestic, as if he had crushed a black giant mountain above Liu Chengfeng’s head.
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng’s expression changed drastically, and he didn’t expect that the other party would actually do this!
Liu Potian’s face also became very stiff. With this palm, Liu Chengfeng, who had exhausted his spiritual power, could not resist at all. Not only would his life be in danger, but he would also lose the battle!
In this battle, the Liu family absolutely cannot lose!
Originally, Liu Potian took out the dark bronze medal because of his steady win. He didn’t even think about exporting the bronze medal.
That is the treasure of the Liu family. Although the children of the Liu family are not qualified enough to practice, who knows if the next generation will have an amazing character?
If the treasure is exported in his hands, how can he ask him to meet the ancestors of the Liu family?
Suddenly, Liu Potian’s eyes burst out brightly. Suddenly, his sleeves flicked, and a small emerald green porcelain vase shot straight towards Liu Chengfeng’s door.
Liu Chengfeng took the small porcelain vase and opened it.
Elementary Lingyuan Pill! A spiritual power enough to restore ten percent! It is the best panacea for him now.
Liu Chengfeng was overjoyed when he saw it. He picked one out and swallowed it in his mouth. At the same time, he sneered at Su Luo, “Hahaha, want to beat me? Next life! Now, die!”
When the words fell, Liu Chengfeng screamed at the sky, his black hair standing upright, and when the big void handprint fell, he concentrated all his spiritual power on his right fist, slammed a huge fist towards the sky, and the earth rumbling loudly. !
Liu Chengfeng tore the big void mudra with his bare hands!
“You cheated!” Su Luo pointed at Liu Chengfeng and shouted angrily.
Liu Chengfeng sneered triumphantly: “It is reasonable to carry spiritual pets and use elixir during the battle. If you have the ability, you can also use the elixir, but unfortunately you don’t have it! So brat, you are dead today!
A sneer flashed in Liu Chengfeng’s eyes.
The old man just now gave him a porcelain bottle. There were about five in it. With these spirit essence pills, if he still can’t kill the opponent, then he can really go to jump into the river.
A sneer flashed across Su Luo’s eyes, “Ling Yuan Pill, isn’t it? It’s just a small elementary pill, do you really think you have it in this world?” Su Luo said as he took out a white jade porcelain bottle from his arms. Pour out a round Lingyuan Pill.
“Hahaha—” Seeing the Lingyuan Pill lying in Su Luo’s palm, Liu Chengfeng couldn’t help but laughed, “Hahaha, you really laughed at me. You are ashamed to call Lingyuan Pill? It wouldn’t be which one. You picked up the abolished pill that the apprentice who hasn’t gotten started, right? Fool, the real spirit essence pill is like me!”

Chapter: 296
With that said, Liu Chengfeng kindly swayed the Lingyuan Pill in front of Su Luo, indicating that he was the real Ling Pill, and that Su Luo’s was a fake and shoddy product.
Su Luo was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. Ignorant people are always so ridiculous. When her enhanced version of Lingyuan Pill is auctioned off at the auction, it will spread, and Liu Chengfeng will know how ridiculous he is today.
Su Luo smiled faintly, and casually swallowed the 20% increase in Lingyuan Pill.
In an instant, Su Luo felt the spiritual energy in his muscles skyrocketed, and a rush of heat quickly flowed through his body. It seemed that his whole body was full of strength, his mind was clear, and his speed became much more agile.
well! Liu Chengfeng’s porcelain bottle is so small that it can’t be filled with five or six. Even if this battle is a pill, she won’t lose!
Sure enough, Liu Chengfeng thought he had a chance to win, so he swore to use the big snowball technique again.
But when he collapsed, when his spiritual power was almost exhausted, he unexpectedly saw the big snowball being slapped flying by the big black palm prints.
And what made him vomit blood even more anger was that whenever he swallowed medicine to replenish the spirit, the other party was also swallowing pills, and how did she feel that the spiritual energy supplemented by her pill was endless, and it seemed that it would never be exhausted… Hers turned out to be an intermediate spirit essence pill?
impossible! Liu Chengfeng immediately denied his guess. Because Intermediate Lingyuan Pills rarely appear, once they appear in the auction, they are almost all sold out. How could this stinky guy on the opposite side have Intermediate Lingyuan Pills? And it’s still based on the bottle?
Until the very end, Liu Chengfeng swallowed the last Lingyuan Pill, and Yi however decided to throw away the porcelain bottle.
And what made him feel so depressed that he vomited blood was that the other party also swallowed a pill, and she seemed to swallow another pill just to anger herself…
This, this is simply deceiving! ! !
Su Luo deliberately swallowed two Lingyuan Pills in front of Liu Chengfeng, just to irritate him, disturb his mood, and cause inextricable pressure on his heart.
Besides, it is very difficult for others to obtain the Lingyuan Pill, but for her, it is just a matter of spending a short period of time, and ten can be refined. If it is not efficient, what is the difficulty? Therefore, she doesn’t feel distressed at all.
Sure enough, Liu Chengfeng was still affected by Su Luo’s little tricks.
The Great Void’s palm prints were sacrificed again, floating high above Liu Chengfeng’s head, a piece of black pressed like a dark cloud.
“Pop!” Liu Chengfeng hit the sky with his fist, undaunted, the huge black handprints were shaken away by him on the spot, and suddenly turned into nothingness.
However, Su Luo immediately sent several large fireballs in a row, wrapping Liu Chengfeng unavoidably, and at the same time, a large handprint slammed into Liu Chengfeng’s back with a thunderous force.
This big void handprint formed by condensing all the spiritual power of Su Luo, burst out of the sky, and the light aura made people shocked.
“It’s a mudra again, it’s a mudra again! Do you know anything other than the big mudra!” Liu Chengfeng was almost mad at Su Luo.
The opponent is like a rookie who has just learned how to fix a chain, coming and going is either a handprint or a fireball technique, breaking and condensing, condensing and breaking up, and so on!
But damn it!
This big handprint forced him to almost run out of ammunition and food, and there was no way out.
In fact, Su Luo’s combat skills are really pitiful. In addition to only being able to use the handprints of the void, she only has such a trick.

Chapter: 297
The first form of the Great Void Handprint, smash.
She would just smash.
But being stupid also has the advantage of being stupid, she just smashed with Liu Chengfeng. Isn’t it a spiritual fight? Isn’t it just swallowing medicine? This girl is not afraid of you.
So, after Liu Chengfeng’s Lingyuan Pill was gone, then this was Su Luo’s stage alone.
“Bang–” There was a loud noise.
The big void handprints were heavily smashed, and Liu Chengfeng, who had exhausted his spiritual energy, was unable to stop him. He gave a long roar and waved his fist to crush the big black palm.
However, at this time, he who has no spiritual power seemed so powerless.
The black pressure topped and hit Liu Chengfeng with a heavy blow.
Seeing that his precious grandson was about to lose, Liu Potian’s eyes flashed with a vicious light, his palms gathered, and a fiery flame suddenly rushed towards Su Luo.
This brat! Only by killing him on the spot can the Liu family recover its face and save the bronze medal.
“Taoyangyan.” Nangong Liuyun hummed heavily, his face covered with haze. Liu Potian actually used the trick of “Baoyangyan”!
He even dared to intervene in the battle, and even dared to use the seventh-order unique skills to deal with his Luo Yatou, it was simply a bit of ambition and death!
“One thousand seas return!” Nangong Liuyun sent first, and the huge water ball would instantly wrap up.
The two seventh-tier powerhouses each shot.
The fierce collision made the sky and the earth boil.
The water polo is outside, the flame is inside, water and fire are incompatible, fighting each other, and the battle is very fierce.
In the end, the blue water polo annihilated everything, and it was obvious that Nangong Liuyun was slightly better.
At the same time, the water polo slammed head-on towards Liu Potian. Obviously, Nangong Liuyun was still angry.
Anger flashed in Liu Potian’s eyes! He never expected that His Royal Highness Jin was so young that he was already a seventh-order powerhouse!
Yes, if he can annihilate his surging flames, then his Wan Hai Returnee must be the seventh rank, otherwise, it is absolutely impossible.
No wonder, seeing the same seventh-order self, he would be so careless and not paying attention to himself… A seventh-order powerhouse less than twenty years old, such a chain repair speed, since ancient times, is very rare, and The only ones have all drawn heavy pen and ink in the long river of history, and have become the existence that descendants admire and worship.
Is the seventh-tier Jin Wang really so difficult to defeat? Liu Potian doesn’t believe it!
He then moves!
Nangong Liuyunfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a bloodthirsty and brutality flashed in his eyes. The girl who dares to bully him, no matter who it is, don’t want to escape easily.
The two held hands against each other in the air, each doing their best.
Nangong Liu slammed Liu Peitian’s chest with a firm punch. Liu Peitian staggered, but Liu Peitian, who was desperate for face, tried his best to hold back. He snorted and snorted the blood that would gush to his throat. Press it back.
Nangong Liuyun folded his hands on his back and glanced at Liu Potian coldly.
If he just took advantage of the strength to retreat and unloaded his gravity bombardment, the internal injury was not serious, but Liu Potian wanted face and swallowed the blood on the spot, then what is waiting for him will be the beginning of a nightmare. This internal injury is not After raising him for a year and a half, he did not even want to walk out of the gate of the Liu Mansion.
Liu Potian clenched his hands into fists and looked at Nangong Liuyun in shock. He didn’t understand why everyone was clearly ranked 7th, but his strength was far inferior to His Highness Jin! He is unwilling, really unwilling!

Chapter: 298
But… to lose is to lose.
Moreover, this internal injury was not serious at first glance, but the longer he stood, he found that Nangong Liuyun shot into his body bravely and sturdily, running around in his body, and now he was seriously injured almost unable to suppress it.
Liu Potian is now a mud bodhisattva who can hardly protect himself when crossing the river. Where can there be energy to take care of Liu Chengfeng?
And Liu Potian did not help, Liu Chengfeng was tragedy.
He was heavily smashed by Su Luo’s big void handprint, and his whole body was beaten flat, unable to stop him, and he was no longer visible on the ground. At this time, he was deeply plunged into the ground.
At this time, there was a large handprint-shaped pit on the originally flat ground, and Liu Chengfeng faced the loess, vomiting blood on the bottom of the pit.
“Cough cough cough…” Liu Chengfeng felt that he was buzzing with Su Luo’s head with the last palm, his internal organs were almost moved out of place, and he screamed when he moved in pain.
However, before he got up, Su Luo was covered with a large black handprint over his head.
Facing this big black handprint, Liu Chengfeng almost vomited blood! It’s a big hand again, how can it be a big handprint! Does he recoil with this big mudra?
He didn’t understand, the opponent’s big mudra was so powerful, why didn’t he need spiritual power? Or, why the other party’s spiritual power is endless, as if it can’t be used up!
Seeing that the big black handprint was about to be smashed down again, Liu Chengfeng was frightened suddenly.
Just now he watched his grandfather be seriously injured by King Jin, and he remembered that the other party had said that regardless of life or death on the battlefield, he absolutely believed that if the other party had the opportunity, he would definitely kill himself mercilessly. I wouldn’t spare him for being Liu Potian’s grandson.
Thinking of this, Liu Chengfeng paled with fright, and screamed loudly, “I—”
The word admit defeat hadn’t been finished yet-Su Luo was attacked mercilessly.
Su Luo was angry at his previous pursuit of himself, how could he let him go so easily? If Nangong Liuyun hadn’t just appeared last time, hadn’t he been able to unlock his tracking technique, what would happen to him now is simply unimaginable.
Before Liu Chengfeng said the second word, the dagger in Su Luo’s hand flew out with awe-inspiring awe-inspiring momentum!
“Ah!” The speed of the dagger reached an incredible level, and the sound of that extreme strength made a sound of breaking through the air, and it went directly towards Liu Chengfeng’s throat.
Liu Chengfeng’s expression changed drastically. He exhausted all his strength and rolled to the side!
The dagger is getting closer and closer, coming on fiercely, murderously, terrifying, full of destructive power, and very terrifying.
God, the other party wants to kill him!
Liu Chengfeng was horrified. He jumped with all his strength and could not be attacked by a dagger, but the iron-shaved dagger went into his arm, cutting off his left wrist all at once!
“Ah!!!” Liu Chengfeng let out a painful cry, rolling painfully on the floor of the pit.
There was blood on his face, body and hands, and his wrists were still spraying blood out…looks extremely scary.
Liu Potian’s eyes were like violent storms and fierce beasts, staring at Su Luo, wishing to kill her immediately!
However, Su Luo curled up the corners of his mouth coldly, with a cold voice: “The battle is not over yet.”
Before she finished her words, she sacrificed on Liu Chengfeng’s head the big black handprint that everyone was familiar with.

Chapter: 299
Humph, it’s just a wrist, compared to those things Liu Chengfeng did, her methods are fairly light.
But fortunately, Liu Ruohua’s right wrist was cut off, and Liu Chengfeng’s left wrist was cut off. The brothers and sisters had both severed hands, looking like a family, complete.
Liu Chengfeng had already been scared to death by Su Luo’s big black handprints. At this time, he was so frightened that he screamed: “I give up! I give up! I give up! Stop! Stop!”
With the terrible cry, his tears and nose all rolled down, mixed with blood, and the whole person looked embarrassed and crazy, and he was inferior to a beggar.
Liu Potian felt extremely embarrassed, and roared at Liu Chengfeng angrily: “Get up yet!”
Then, he turned around and stared at Nangong Liuyun, his tone was blunt, and he screamed with strong pressure on his chest: “His Royal Highness, you have also seen it. Chengfeng’s hand was cut off by the stinky guy with his wrists. What are you going to do?
Facing Liu Potian’s aggressive questioning, Nangong Liuyun appeared careless. He glanced back leisurely and said slowly, “What should I do?”
“Yeah! What is your Highness going to do? Is Chengfeng’s wrist cut in vain?” Liu Potian has now understood the unmatched strength of His Highness King Jin, and dare not repeat it like before, but He still insisted on asking for an explanation.
Otherwise, Liu Chengfeng had his wrist severed in front of him, and spreading it out at this time would be very detrimental to his reputation. Because, as the ancestor of the Liu family, he can’t protect his children and grandchildren. How does this make others think of him?
Nangong Liuyun glanced at Liu Potian like an idiot, and said lazily, “On the battlefield, whether you live or die, did you just deaf?”
Xiaoyou, my Royal Highness Jin, can you speak a little more subtle and subtle? Anyway, it was Prime Minister Liu’s father… Su Luo turned his face and couldn’t bear to look again.
“He is the grandson of my Liu Mansion!” Liu Potian looked furious and shouted.
Nangong Liuyun sighed lazily, and said slowly, “It’s just a small wrist now. What’s all the fuss about? There are no dead people yet. Besides, even if there are dead people, there is no way to see the sword on the battlefield. Thing.”
Obviously, he intended to cover Su Luo to the end.
“In that case, hum!” Liu Potian sneered again and again: “This matter must not be forgotten! This stinky boy will never leave Jin Dynasty Palace, otherwise, hum——”
After speaking, Liu Potian stretched out his hand to grab the dark bronze medal placed in the tray, but a slender white hand took a step ahead of him and took the bronze medal away.
“His Royal Highness!” Liu Potian originally intended to swallow this breath. After a long-term plan, he planned to leave King Jin’s Mansion after taking the bronze medal, but the bronze medal was taken away by His Highness first.
Nangong Liuyun frowned contemptuously: “Liu Potian, you are not a child anymore. What you say is just like a fart. Just let it go?”
“His Royal Highness, please speak carefully!” Liu Po’s weather is terrible!
He was originally slapped with blood by Nangong Liuyun’s palm, but now he was damaged word by word by Nangong Liuyun. His forcedly suppressed blood was ready to move and was about to gush out again.
“Isn’t it? The bronze medal just now was used as a bet. Since you lose, you must be willing to accept the bet.” Nangong Liuyun looked at Liu Potian naturally.

Chapter: 300
Seeing the muscles on his face trembling with anger, His Royal Highness asked innocently, “Is this king wrong?”
How could it be wrong? Of course it is! The stakes are indeed like this!
but! What made Liu Potian vomit blood was that he thought Liu Chengfeng would win 100%, so he pressed the bronze medal as a bet. In fact, if the bronze medal is in the hands of a talented talent, let alone 50,000 gold coins. , Even half a million gold coins are definitely bought without blinking.
But what can he say now? Say no to bet? Can’t afford to lose this person… Liu Potian almost grabs the ground with his head.
Today, I was calling the door to talk. I originally thought that even if the thief couldn’t catch it, he could always get back the blue spar!
But who would have expected that a dignified seventh-tier powerhouse would be a scum in King Jin’s mansion and in front of King Jin’s palace! Not even a fart!
Don’t talk about recovering the cyan spar today. He had just been promoted to the seventh rank, but when he was in high spirits, he brought back severe internal injuries. The ghost knew when he would heal.
His good grandson, his wrist was severed by the opponent, but he was unable to stop him, and was unable to avenge him! There is also that bronze medal, which is the heirloom of the Liu Mansion, so it was exported by him…
Liu Po ​​was so innocent that the more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and the more he thought about it, the more he hated him.
“Grandpa–” The blood on Liu Chengfeng’s wrist finally stopped. As soon as he looked up, he saw his Dinghai Shenzhen old man vomiting blood, only scared that his face was pale and he flew over.
At this time, Liu Potian couldn’t wait to choke Liu Chengfeng this little boy to death!
If he hadn’t lied in front of him for coveting that cyan spar, none of this would happen today, none of it!
In fact, Liu Potian didn’t want to think that if he hadn’t coveted the cyan spar himself, none of this would have happened.
“Grandpa–” Meeting Liu Potian’s fierce eyes, Liu Chengfeng was almost scared to death. He could almost foresee… From now on, there will be no place for him to stand in Liu Mansion.
“Go!” Liu Potian kicked towards Liu Chengfeng.
While Liu Chengfeng was kicked flying, Liu Potian couldn’t help it, and a mouthful of blood came out again.
The blood on the ground was mottled, and all were the blood stains of Liu’s grandfather and grandson.
Su Luo frowned, is this bloody smell too strong? The smell is really bad.
Nangong Liuyun pinched his nose impatiently: “Come on, drag them away quickly.”
“Yes.” The subordinates of Prince Jin’s Mansion who had long been standing by came up, and both dragged the Liu family grandfather and grandson out.
The father of the dignified Prime Minister Liu, the dignified seventh-tier powerhouse, but exited in such an embarrassing manner, it is really pitiful and sad…
As a result, the grandfather and grandson of the Liu family came fiercely, spurting blood all over the body.
This morning, when the grandfather and grandson of the Liu family came here, there was a lot of movement, so it caused crowds around.
The onlookers naturally did not dare to enter the Jin Dynasty Palace, but it was possible to form a circle around the Jin Dynasty Palace to watch a good show.
Before Liu Chengfeng entered, he showed off loudly, showing off that his grandfather Liu Potian is a powerful seventh-order powerhouse, more powerful than His Royal Highness Jin.
Therefore, the onlookers all expressed their curiousity. They were all speculating whether Mr. Liu went in this time, whether he would lose or lose.
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