The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 301-310

Chapter: 301
There are even people who start to gamble on whoever wins, His Royal Highness Jin and the seventh-tier Liu Family.
Based on the prestige of His Royal Highness King Jin for many years and the prestige of super genius–
Most people bet His Royal Highness Jin to win.
As a result, those who bet on money, those who did not bet on money, and those who watched the excitement, everyone crowded in the safe area, 300 meters away from the street in front of King Jin’s Mansion, happily watching the excitement outside.
As expected, it didn’t take long for the old man of the Liu family who rushed to the door angrily to prepare for a big fight, but was carried and thrown out. At the same time, there was also the second son of the Liu family who held the family power in the imperial capital.
When they saw Liu Jiaye and his grandson, all the onlookers gasped.
It’s terrible, it’s terrible.
At this time, the old man of the Liu family had blood on his chest, his face was pale as paper, and his hands were trembling, he was thrown on the ground and couldn’t even climb. This is a seventh-order, the dignified seventh-order strongman was thrown out like trash…His Royal Highness Jin is simply not a human, that is a god!
Compared to the old man of the Liu family, the second son of the Liu family is simply worse.
He was in ragged clothes, his head and face were covered with dust and blood, mixed with sweat, and he looked inferior to a beggar. Where is there half of the handsome appearance of the jade-faced Xiao Langjun in normal days? It’s simply not the same.
When everyone was astonished, their admiration for King Jin was like a great river, endless.
“Hey, let me just say, the old man of the Liu family is a bird, so he dared to go to Prince Jin’s mansion, ho ho, he was thrown out now?
“Yeah, the second son Liu boasted that his grandfather had broken through the seventh rank just now, but why does this seventh rank feel weak? I’m afraid it’s bragging?”
“Hahaha, it’s not necessarily bragging, maybe the old man of the Liu family is really the seventh rank? This only shows that His Royal Highness Jin is powerful and unmatched!”
“Yes, the seventh-tier powerhouses have been beaten like this by the autumn wind sweeping down the leaves. God knows how unpredictable the strength of His Royal Highness King Jin is. It’s horrible. He is only under twenty years old!”
For a while, everyone was talking about it, and countless beautiful words were added to His Royal Highness Jin, and he was almost elevated to the altar. As for the Liu Family, he was naturally stepped into the dust.
Ignoring the comments from the outside, there were a lot of people, and the follow-up in the Jin Palace was still developing.
Su Luo curiously played with the dark bronze medal in his hand.
This bronze medal is about the size of a child’s palm. It is square and square. It has only three characters engraved on it. The font is dragon flying and phoenix dancing. Even if you recognize it carefully, you can’t recognize it. Other than that, there is nothing. come out.
Su Luo couldn’t see what was going on, so he raised his eyes and asked Nangong Liuyun, “What is this?”
The furious appearance of the old man Liu family after losing it is enough to show that this thing is a treasure, but she really can’t see the mystery here.
Nangong Liuyun raised his eyebrows and smiled: “I really don’t know what to say about you, this girl is so good. Yesterday, I refined a medicine that can be comparable to the intermediate Lingyuan Pill. I also broke through to the third level. Today I got this treasure from the old man of the Liu family. , Hehe, this is the secret method that the Liu family didn’t pass on, have you seen it, what is written on it?”
“What character?” Su Luo stared at the scribbled and scribbled characters on the front of the bronze medal, “Spirit dance step?”

Chapter: 302
“Yes, it’s the spirit dance step.” Nangong Liuyun’s mouth evoked a wicked smile, “Liu Jialing dance step, that is the unique martial arts skill in the world, you can get it this way, you should say that luck is so good. ”
Su Luo expressed puzzlement: “Since Liu Jialing dances alone in the world, none of Liu Chengfeng and the others seem to have learned it? Is there any requirement to learn this?”
Nangong Liuyun smiled and squeezed Su Luo’s small face, nodded and smiled: “Russ can be taught, Luo is really smart, and she has the point when she talks.”
“Obviously you attacked the Liu family from the very beginning. No one is qualified to learn.” Su Luo rubbed his sour cheeks and glared at him with his cheeks puffed. The same thing?”
Nangong Liuyun smiled, teasing her, and at the same time explaining to her: “To learn the shadow dance step, the prerequisite is to have strong mental power. Do you remember your spiritual power? When you tested it, it was purple. Only talents can cultivate chain spirit dance steps, and the generation of the Liu family has no junior with such qualifications.”
“So, it’s no wonder that the old man in the Liu family regretfully wanted to take it back before betting, but you flicked it away.” Su Luo grinned badly and gave him a white look. It’s not easy for the old man.”
Nangong Liuyun was overwhelmed by Su Luo’s eye-catching glance, and he hugged Su Luo and laughed loudly: “Even if you don’t know the reason for each other, the girls are not acting with the king? This tacit understanding is still there. Does anyone have it? Or do you follow this king?”
“Thinking is beautiful!” Su Luo hummed and pushed him away, “Now that the Liu family and grandparents have been carried back, those who secretly ambush outside the house are also removed?”
Nangong Liuyun hummed noncommittal.
“I’ve been out for a few days, and I don’t know what happened to Su Mansion. I have to go back and see.” Su Luo sighed helplessly, “I really hope it doesn’t happen.”
“Huh!” When he heard that Su Luo was going back, Nangong Liuyun turned his face awkwardly with a full face.
“What are you doing?” Su Luo squeezed his cheek angrily. The guy looked so mighty, how can he be so naive sometimes, she said helplessly, “What are you angry with for no reason? It’s like a child. Okay, don’t be angry.”
“Then you don’t go back!” Nangong Liuyun grabbed her hand and stared at her with dark eyes, with deep expectations and hopes.
Not to mention Su Luo, at this time, the people of Jin Dynasty’s mansion standing below were messed up in the collective wind!
Oh my god~~~~
Is this person really their wise and martial King Jin? This coquettish, ro-ro, grievance and cute demo is obviously that there is something wrong with a kid who wants sweets from an adult? Compared with King Jin like this, they are more accustomed to that His Highness Jin, who has broken limbs at every turn, has blood and rushing wildly?
A group of people stared at Nangong Liuyun strangely with their eyes wide open, wishing to rush to see if their Royal Highness had been replaced.
Su Luo is such a sensitive person, she immediately felt the strange light in the eyes of the people under her. She remembered that she was under the eyes of the public, and she pretended to cough slightly: “Nangong Liuyun, you are His Royal Highness. , What about the image?”

Chapter: 303
Which one didn’t appreciate her kindness at all, so he leaped forward and hugged her, breathing near her ear, exhaling a hot breath, and slowly said, “Since I met you, my image has left home. , Do you want to get him back?”
Su Luo was speechless to the utmost. She pushed away Nangong Liuyun a little hurriedly: “A lot of people are watching, you give me a little more seriousness! Don’t ruin my reputation!” She will marry a woman, a husband and a child. Too!
Nangong Liuyun is almost like the upper body of a rogue, no matter how much she pushes, his figure does not move at all, and the strength of his arms is as strong as iron tongs.
It seemed that at this time, he noticed that there were many light bulbs bright as daylight around him. So, His Royal Highness King Jin, who was still coveting with a smile at Su Luo just now, glanced at them lightly.
Sweeping this eye away, the gaze seemed dull, but after being swept away, the people who were under the control were all startled, their hearts beating, and they almost knelt tremblingly.
This look is terrible!
Yes, yes! This person is really their Royal Highness of King Jin, that look, that murderous intent, and that majesty, that is clearly!
His Royal Highness is still that His Royal Highness, so terrible… a group of people immediately acted as birds and beasts, and walked clean in the blink of an eye, leaving no trace.
It was not the first time that Su Luo saw such a scene, but she still coughed ill-adaptedly and turned away a little speechlessly.
Who knows, at this time, Nangong Liuyun kindly pulled her sleeves with a smile on her face to please: “Okay, now the idlers are cleared, can we continue?”
“Continue what?” Su Luo said she was confused.
“You lied to me!” Who knows that Nangong Liuyun stared at her complainingly, her little appearance was so cute.
“What did I lie to you?” Su Luo blinked and looked at him innocently.
With such a big reaction, people who don’t know thought she ruined his innocence.
Nangong Liuyun hummed twice, and complained bitterly, “Just now you were unwilling to make love to the king because you were too obtrusive. Now that everyone is gone, you are not coming to the king!”
Three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead! Naive, this person! It’s still the prince!
She knew that Nangong Liuyun had no lower limit, and you would lose if you were serious with him.
“Okay, I won’t play with you anymore, I’m going home now.” Su Luo took a hard breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and said solemnly.
Nangong Liuyun saw that Su Luo had decided to go, but he could only pull her sleeves: “This king will go with you?”
“Don’t, don’t!” Su Luo decisively refused, “What’s the matter if you go back with me? People thought that the married daughter would come back! I can’t do it!” If you do, the consequences will be serious. .
This is not okay, and that was also rejected. The grievances in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes became more and more obvious. He opened a pair of watery peach eyes and did not speak. He just looked at Su Luo like that, kept watching, kept watching… Su Luo’s scalp is numb.
“You…I’ll go back first, you can figure it out, as long as you don’t affect me!” Before finally slipping away, Su Luo finally threw out ambiguous words.
But Su Luo didn’t know what kind of “surprise” Nangong Liuyun was about to bring to her just because of these ambiguous words.
If you know, I’m afraid she will severely tie Nangong Liuyun to Prince Jin’s mansion and not let him out one step?
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Chapter: 304
Su Luo washed away his makeup, changed back to his usual attire, and slipped back into Su Mansion quietly.
Seeing the current situation in Su Mansion, Su Luo couldn’t help taking a breath.
It didn’t take long for her to leave, and it was only a day to count her, but Su Mansion has changed too much, right?
Originally, the majestic, luxurious and majestic Su Mansion, because of the frenzied Tier 5 Fierce Leopard, most of the Su Mansion was destroyed. It looked so majestic that it was really unbearable.
But Su Luo’s luck was not bad.
Because Liebao bites Su Qing, he has the heaviest hatred for her, and it is also the courtyard around Su Qing that collided with Su Luo’s courtyard, and Su Luo’s courtyard was far away from Su Qing’s, so he avoided the hardest hit area. Her courtyard looked intact.
Originally seeing this situation, Su Luo was still in a good mood, but when she walked into the Wisteria Garden, she pulled her face down in an instant.
At this time, Luluo was forced to hold her hands and feet by the two maids, and in front of her, Su Xizheng stood bravely, and said to Xiaoyu, the maid beside her: “Fight, give this lady a heavy blow! Don’t kill today! This stinky girl, this girl won’t go back yet.”
While talking, Su Xi sat comfortably in a chair, holding a small tea cup, and sipping tea leisurely.
She heard the crisp sound of Luluo being slapped, her mood improved, she looked radiant, and she was still humming a small song leisurely.
When Su Luo stepped into the yard, he heard Luluo’s applause.
She frowned slightly, and shouted coldly, “Stop!”
Seeing Su Luo appearing, Su Xi seemed a little surprised, but soon, the corners of her mouth were filled with an unpredictable sneer, “Oh, look, who is coming back? Do you still know this is your home? Come back home?”
Su Luo glanced at her lightly, frowned, and glanced at Xiaoyu: “My lady said stop, didn’t you hear?”
Who knows, Xiaoyu raised her head and smiled sarcastically at Su Luo: “Is the fourth lady talking to the servant girl? The servant girl is not your girl, so naturally you don’t have to listen to you.”
Although she kept claiming you, Xiaoyu didn’t see any respectful expression in her expression. When she returned Su Luo’s words with yin and yang, she lifted her palm and drew it toward Luluo’s cheek!
She is not a trash who doesn’t know anything about martial arts, she is still a Tier 1 martial artist, much more noble than the trash Fourth Miss.
Just when Xiaoyu’s hand was still a little away from Luluo, Su Luo’s mouth evoked an indifferent sneer. She didn’t know how she moved, and saw the afterimage of a leg drifting by, and after that, it was Xiaoyu’s mouth. Screamed violently.
At this moment, Xiaoyu, who had not reacted at all, was kicked out by Su Luo, then hit the wall with his back, and finally slid off the wall, rolled to the ground, and fainted motionlessly.
For a moment, almost everyone stared at Su Luo in disbelief… with a ghostly look, they stared at her unbelievably, their eyes widening.
Isn’t Su Luo a waste? Isn’t there no cultivation base at all? How did she do it? How could she kick the first-order Xiaoyu directly?
Is this still waste?
Su Xi’s reaction was the biggest. She was stunned at first, and then a vicious look flashed under her eyes, and she shouted angrily, “Su Luo, you bitch, you dare to hit my maid? I killed you!”
Before he finished speaking, Su Xi patted Su Luo directly with a palm.
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Chapter: 305
When Su Xi’s palm came, Su Luo turned around and swiftly walked around Su Xi’s back, kicking heavily according to her beautiful plump buttocks!
Su Xi was completely unprepared when the incident happened suddenly.
After being kicked by Su Luo, due to gravity, she suddenly rushed forward, unable to stop her strength.
And in front of her, it happened to be a round and strong iron-wood pillar.
Only heard a huge bang, Su Xi’s head was in close contact with the iron-wood pillar, and her entire head was attached to the pillar.
Her whole head was dizzy due to the huge impact, and she didn’t get back to her senses for a long time, and she was totally confused.
The surrounding maidservants were all stunned when they saw this scene. They all looked at Su Luo dumbfounded, and turned their heads to stare at Su Xi who had almost passed out in pain after being hit.
Didn’t Miss Five say that she had been promoted to the third rank a few days ago? But how could she be kicked so easily by the legendary waste of Miss Fourth? This world is crazy, messy…
Su Xi finally came back to her senses. She shook her dizzy head and turned her head to look at Su Luo blankly. Soon she recovered her senses, covering her painful forehead, her eyes burning with raging fire!
“Su Luo! You slut! You dare to kick me! It’s almost death!” Su Xi was so angry that she didn’t realize what was wrong with being kicked by a trash, and she immediately slapped Su Luo’s face. Pump up!
Su Xi hit with all his strength and his hands were terrifying.
At this moment, Su Luo’s mouth conjured up a sneer.
She didn’t evade, her right hand clenched into a fist, and in everyone’s stunned eyes, she bumped into Su Xi’s palm.
The palms of the fists intersected, and there was a violent crashing sound. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Su Luo, who originally thought she would be flew by Su Xi, actually took the palm steadily and stood firmly on the spot. Su Xi, she unexpectedly backed up seven steps continuously.
“You–” Su Xi was shocked by such a strong contrast.
She didn’t believe that this trash could actually take over her palm, and it could also lift her into the air.
She could clearly feel the surging spiritual power in Su Luo.
How can it be? She is obviously a trash. She has never repaired the chain for so many years. How could she surpass her little genius at once? This is impossible!
There was incredible color in Su Xi’s eyes, a flash of anger flashed across her face, she gritted her teeth and grunted.
What if you Su Luo is not a trash? Even if you reach Tier 3, don’t even think about fighting with me Su Xi!
“Netherworld Sword!” Su Xi immediately shouted, and a soft piece of software burst out of his sleeves. The sword seemed to flash through, and it pierced Su Luo’s throat like a light.
Because of two and three defeats in Su Luo’s hands, Su Xi felt an unprecedented crisis. At this time, she was already killing Su Luo.
“The Nether Sword is Miss Miss’s best skill, Miss Fourth is dead this time!” Xiaoyu who regained consciousness was sitting against the wall with her chest, watching the fight in front of her, and watching Su Luo, a vicious light appeared in her eyes.
The Nether Sword was divided into two and two into four. When it reached Su Luo’s throat, it was already divided into eight sharp blades.
The eight sharp blades formed a circle, and the sword head pointed directly at the vital part of Su Luo.

Chapter: 306
Su Luo stared coldly at the eight cold swords that came quickly.
Although Su Xi’s Nether Sword was a mammoth, prosperous move, and extremely fast, it appeared to be full of flaws in Su Luo’s eyes, and it was slow as if it were being played back in slow motion.
There was a sneer in Su Luo’s eyes.
Tier 3 Su Xi, if it were placed a few days ago, she would have to use assassination methods to defeat her.
But now, she accidentally also advanced to the third rank. Tier 3 vs. Tier 3, she can beat Liu Chengfeng, so why is she afraid of a little Su Xi?
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched slightly, and without hesitation, eight small fireballs condensed, wrapped around the sharp blade.
“Huh! Huh! Huh!”
The small fireball slammed into the blade, and the blade that had been illusory suddenly became invisible, leaving only the cold sword in the middle that took Su Luo’s throat!
Su Luo shot a dagger that cuts iron like mud, and the dagger flew towards the sharp sword, and the two intersected in midair!
Suddenly, there was a burst of cremation with lightning, crackling loudly.
Afterwards, the dagger that had the upper hand pierced the sharp sword and pierced towards Su Xi’s throat fiercely!
Seeing the dagger that came so fast, Su Xi flashed a panic in her eyes, she felt a murderous aura passing towards her throat in amazement, she seemed to see the figure of death.
As the dagger got closer, the horror in Su Xi’s eyes became more obvious, and she even forgot to avoid it.
At this very moment, a gold coin quickly shot towards the dagger, only a clear “ding -” sound was heard.
The dagger collided with the gold coin, trembled a few times, and finally fell weakly towards the ground.
However, before falling to the ground, he was caught by Su Luo.
“Second Sister!” Su Xi turned her head and saw the beautiful shadow that appeared. She was overjoyed and she cried with joy while holding her arm.
When the people around saw Su Qing’s arrival, their expressions suddenly changed, and there was awe in their eyes. They shrank and tried to hide back, begging to avoid Su Qing’s sight.
Su Qing, the legendary genius and the closed disciple of Master Blue Ocean, has broken through to Tier 4 at a young age, and his future is beyond limit.
Su Qing is used to being cold as a lotus, known as an ice beauty. She never screams at people, but she kills people without mercy and uses brutal methods, so people fear her even more.
Su Qing wore a light green plain skirt, and his slender waist was gripped. The delicate face was like frozen frost at the moment, and his eyebrows were slightly frowned, obviously not happy.
“Second Sister! You are here at last! Woo-” Seeing Su Qing, Su Xi suddenly felt like a master. Two crystal clear tears slipped from her frightened and misty eyes, and she held it. Su Qing could not cry, but pointed at Su Qing angrily, sobbing, but also complained loudly: “Second Sister! Give me revenge! Su Luo, this bitch wants to kill me!”
Su Qing gently wiped off the tears on Su Xi’s face, and her voice was as light as the wind: “Silly girl, I can’t even beat a piece of rubbish, specifically to shame my father and mother, and see if you dare to be lazy in the future.”
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a slight sneer.
Su Qing’s words are really interesting. She said that Su Xi specifically embarrassed his father and mother, she did not regard herself as Su’s family at all.
But it’s also right. In her pure and arrogant eyes like Su Qing’s white lotus, how could Su Luo, who was a trash, have a sense of existence?

Chapter: 307
Sure enough, after calming Su Xi, Su Qing’s cold beautiful eyes shot towards Su Luo like a sharp sword, and glanced at her with a faint look, frowning, “You are Su Luo?”
“I wonder if the second sister has any advice?” Su Luo faintly greeted her scrutiny.
Su Qing glanced at her coldly. It was obvious that she still didn’t put Su Luo under her eyes, but snorted slightly, “I didn’t expect your girl to hide quite deep.”
Su Xi’s strength is not bad, and Su Xi can be forced to be like this. Su Luo’s cultivation is definitely above Tier 3, but what is strange is that she can’t feel the aura in her body at all. This makes Su Qing a little puzzled.
“How can I get into the eyes of the second sister with this little cultivation base?” Su Luo’s eyes were faint, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he glanced at Su Qing with a smile.
Su Qing’s condescending aura of arrogance is everywhere. Even if she knew that Su Luo was not a waste, Su Luo still existed like an ant in her eyes at this time. She didn’t put Su Luo in her eyes at all.
Of course, Su Luo didn’t have a good impression of her either.
However, although Su Qing’s expression was faint, it was far more terrifying than Su Xilai. Although Su Xi was spoiled and arrogant, her strength was there, and her joy, anger, sorrow, and joy were all on her face, and she could tell the depth at a glance.
On the contrary, Su Qing was indifferent to everything, her complexion blank and indifferent, but she seemed unpredictable, and no one could guess what she was thinking.
Su Qing gave Su Luo a cold look, and twitched the corners of her mouth slightly: “You know what you know.”
Su Luo raised an eyebrow lightly, noncommittal.
Su Qing said coldly: “If this is the case, I will kneel down and kowtow to Xiaoxi. I will kowtow to nine hundred and ninety, and I will forgive you not to die.”
Knock nine hundred and ninety-nine heads? Su Qing is really unfeeling.
Su Luo glanced at her indifferently, and said coldly: “Second Sister doesn’t know anything. It was not Su Xi who made the first shot and hurt people.”
Who knows, Su Qing nodded coldly: “If she loses, I will naturally teach her, as for you, you must kowtow and apologize.”
Now that he knew that he would dare to be so demanding of her, there were really two completely different standards, and Su Qing was really confident. Su Luo sneered in his heart, but didn’t show it on his face, but asked coldly, “What if not?”
Su Qing frowned impatiently: “Since you didn’t care about your sister’s feelings and even the creek dared to shoot, then, try my dagger.”
As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Su Luo to answer, the dagger in her sleeve suddenly flew towards Su Luo, and the goal was to take her throat!
The strong wind that broke through the air was many times stronger than the previous Su Xi.
The fourth-order martial artist is worthy of the fourth-sister martial artist, far from the third-order comparable.
However, the fourth-order warrior Su Luo hadn’t killed her before, her face sank, and a sneer flashed in her heart.
Since Su Qing dared to do it, let’s see how powerful she is today, and see what kind of capital can make her so arrogant!
Before Su Qing had finished speaking, the sharp dagger shot directly towards Su Luo, aggressively, with a weird trajectory of action, which was almost impossible to guard against.
Su Luo’s hands intertwined on his chest, condensing a large black handprint, and slammed it at the dagger with a bang!
The big black handprint and the dagger hit each other, and Su Luo suddenly felt a sharp pain from the tiger’s mouth…

Chapter: 308
A puff of blood surged from his chest, and Su Luo vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot.
She didn’t dare to make a second at the moment, she stepped back on the ground quickly, and went straight for more than a dozen steps, and finally, her back hit the wall hard.
With this collision, her blood surged, her throat was sweet, and another mouthful of blood spurted out.
Su Luo simply wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, staring at Su Qing with bright eyes.
Tier 3 and Tier 4 are really worlds apart.
And looking at the way Su Qing just shot, she clearly didn’t enter Tier 4 for the first time, but looked like the middle of Tier 4 instead.
Because she was hunted down by Fairy Yaochi’s subordinates in the Sunset Mountains, but it was not Tier 3 or Tier 4 who chased her, so Su Luo knew a lot about martial artists at this stage.
At this time, Su Qing glanced at Su Luo, but those clear eyes were wrinkled.
She was obviously very dissatisfied that the previous dagger could be blocked by Su Luo. Because that dagger cost her seven points of strength, she thought that she could directly assassinate Su Luo on the spot.
But even so, so what? Su Luo was not her opponent at all.
A hint of sarcasm appeared in Su Qingmiao’s eyes: “Since you insist on seeking death, then I will fulfill you.”
Perhaps Su Qing hadn’t put Su Luo in his eyes before, and only regarded her as a dispensable ant, but now she had clearly focused on Su Luo, and she didn’t intend to let her go.
She snorted coldly, and moved to Su Luo again.
This time, she did not use weapons, but instead condensed her spiritual power into her right palm, and the right palm was directly drawn toward Su Luo’s face door.
Just now, Su Xi was kicked by Su Luo with this trick, and Su Qing saw it clearly.
Now that I am looking for a place for my sister, it is naturally best to use this trick.
Su Luo’s eyes flashed, and a touch of coldness appeared.
In this Su Mansion, Su Qing and Su Xi were aggressive towards her, and they were really bold when they bluntly said they wanted to kill her. Are they not afraid of Su Zian?
No, a mocking sneer flashed in Su Luo’s eyes. Su Zian was never happy with him. In addition to the last time, he didn’t like him even more. If Su Qing really killed himself, he would immediately look for him. Excuses for Su Qing, right?
That’s the way it is, so Su Qing has such confidence that he keeps claiming to kill her?
In the face of that menacing palm, Su Luo once again sacrificed a big black palm print in mid-air, fighting for today’s serious injury, she would never let Su Qing feel better.
At this moment, an angry voice sounded outside the door.
“Stop it all!”
Because of this voice, Su Qing’s palm print slowed down and then retracted.
The big palm print that Su Luo sacrificed was also taken back.
The two looked at the place where the sound was made.
I saw Su Jingyu walking quickly from outside the courtyard, with fine beads of sweat on his forehead, and a trace of anxiety in his expression, and said angrily: “What are you two doing? I think the house is not destroyed enough. ?”
Su Qing frowned, and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Su Jingyu on the spot. Su Jingyu picked up Su Qing’s hand and left immediately: “Second sister, the eldest brother has finally found you after searching for a long time. Come on, follow the second brother. Go up to the hall.”
Su Qing shook off his hand faintly, and said with a cold voice, “Big Brother’s temper is too anxious.”
But instead of listening to advice, Su Jingyu almost stomped her feet in a hurry: “Second sister! You are really calm, do you know who came to our house?”

Chapter: 309
“No matter who comes to the mansion, the eldest brother should be calm and calm, shouldn’t be so anxious and urgent, otherwise, how dare father hand over this huge Su Mansion to you in the future?” Su Qing frowned, obviously to Su Jingyu What he did is very dissatisfied.
Su Jingyu almost stomped her feet in a hurry: “What are you still calm and calm? Your Royal Highness! Our Royal Highness is here!”
“Who?” Su Qing’s face was dull, staring at Su Jingyu with a complex expression.
“Who do you think it is? Will there be a second Royal Highness in this world?” Su Jingyu’s anxious voice was accompanied by a trace of excitement, “Second sister, you are also true, and King Jin is here. Why are you hiding it so tightly from us? My father and mother were caught off guard.”
“Huh?” Su Qing was puzzled. Except for the last time she learned that King Jin has a good impression of him from the large population of Beichen Ying, she has not seen His Royal Highness Jin recently…
Su Jingyu was so excited that he was almost dancing and dancing. He said with joy: “His Royal Highness brought a lot of gifts. He said that he heard something happened in our mansion. He came to visit. Actually, we all know that King Jin Your Highness must be here to see you. Walk around and waste any time with this trash, let’s see Prince Jin go down quickly.”
Su Jingyu glanced at Su Luo disdainfully, took Su Qing and left.
Although Su Qing’s face is still cold as frost at this time, but with his drooping eyebrows, and the nervously helpless shy look, how do you look like a girl with spring, where is there half of the temperament of an ice beauty?
Seeing the eldest brother drag the second sister away quickly, a hint of anger flashed in Su Xi’s eyes.
His Royal Highness, how could a god like King Jin like the second sister? Although the second sister is indeed very good, but… I originally thought that she would be the happiest and noblest woman in the world if she could get married with His Royal Highness, but compared with His Royal Highness Jin, the position of the Crown Princess seemed tasteless.
If she can choose, she will certainly choose King Jin!
But everyone knows that His Royal Highness King Jin and Fairy Yaochi are a pair, how could they suddenly fall in love with the second sister?
Su Xi couldn’t figure out what she thought. The more she thought about it, the more she became unwilling. She finally gave Su Luo a hateful look, and shouted: “Fool! His Royal Highness has a deep love and infatuation with the second sister. Soon, the second sister will Become the Princess Jin, I am envious of you! Humph!”
Su Luo weighed his chin, looked at the siblings drifting away with some playfulness, and glanced at Su Xi in front of him playfully.
This is really interesting.
After Beichenying’s trouble last time, did Su Qing really feel that Nangong Liuyun had a good impression of her? According to her relationship with Nangong Liuyun in the past few days, she didn’t even see any connection between him and Su Qing. She didn’t even mention her.
The crooked misunderstanding here is really fun. If Su Qing knows that this is actually just an oolong made by Beichen Ying, then it really is… I look forward to her drastically changed face.
Su Luo thought about this and couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
Su Xi glared at Su Luo in disbelief, staring at her like a lunatic: “You idiot! What are you giggling? Don’t you be jealous or envious? That’s King Jin, King Jin! Which one in the world? The girl doesn’t dream of marrying His Royal Highness Jin? Are you still smiling? What a fool.”

Chapter: 310
Su Luo glanced at her slowly: “Aren’t you hooking up with the prince? Why, are you also looking at His Royal Highness Jin?” I didn’t expect that Nangong Liuyun still has a lot of fans. Look, this little girl in front of you Loli has a fiance, the prince, but she is still his loyal fan.
Su Xi’s complexion condensed, and she turned her face displeasurely: “Shut up! I won’t talk to you anymore! Humph!”
With a heavy grunt, Su Xi lifted her skirt and turned away.
“I’m leaving now? Let’s go without a cup of tea?” Su Luo cried coldly towards her back.
Su Xi glared at Su Luo in echo, and turned around and left in stride.
The second sister is gone, why can she stay without leaving? Can’t beat her again! She was really annoyed. When did the strength of this waste surpass her?
Su Xi decided to retreat after going back and repair the chain carefully. Next time, she must leave Su Luo’s armor and kill her spirit.
The leader Su Xi is gone, what are the others still doing? A group of people fled in shame.
Su Xi walked angrily. Suddenly, she glared bitterly at the servants behind her, and pointed her white fingers at them: “You remembered this for this young lady! No one is allowed to talk about today’s affairs! A person……”
Today I was ashamed and lost to grandma’s house!
A group of subordinates only promised, all of them bowed their heads and said they would not spread it.
Xiaoyu covered her aching chest, and asked in a low voice, “Miss, the fourth young lady is capable of martial arts…” Isn’t it possible to hide this?
“Huh! If she wanted to go to Daddy to claim credit, she would have said it a long time ago, why wait until now? You will remember it to me, no one will mention that she is capable of martial arts!” Since Su Luo, a bitch, doesn’t say it herself, Isn’t that just right?
“Yes, yes.” A group of slaves nodded hurriedly.
Miss Five behaves perversely and brutishly, and who dares to defy her orders if she says she does what she says.
Said the front hall.
Nangong Liuyun sat high-level on the master chair of the main seat, holding a cup of white jade teacup in his hand with a clear valuation, slowly sipping tea.
And below, Su Zian and the others sat with the lead in fear, and in this depressing atmosphere, everyone did not dare to show up.
Although Su Zian learned from Beichenying that His Royal Highness Jin had a good impression of Qing’er in his family, he just smiled and didn’t take it seriously, but he didn’t expect this to be true! His Royal Highness King Jin, who had never set foot in the Su Mansion, brought gifts to the door.
His Royal Highness King Jin would actually go to his subordinates’ homes in person…If this is said, who would believe it?
Su Zian took a peek at His Royal Highness Jin tremblingly and saw that his eyes were unpredictable, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. He was obviously in a good mood. Su Zian was relieved by this look.
Nangong Liuyun took a sip of tea slowly, narrowed his phoenix eyes, and glanced at Su Zian faintly: “General Su is so blessed, just such a wonderful and amazing daughter. How many people in Xiling Country should envy you? what.”
Not only is his talent amazing, but he is also a wood-fire dual-line pharmacist. The junior pharmacist can refine the intermediate pill, and she is also a long-lost space mage in the mainland. Piece by piece, just taking it out is enough to shock people, and his girl is a combination of these advantages.
Indeed, with such a daughter, who in this world is better off than Su Zian?

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