The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 311-320

Chapter: 311
How did Su Zian think that the so-called daughter of His Royal Highness King Jin was referring to Su Luo?
In his eyes, Su Luo is a discarded straw waste, so when Nangong Liuyun said this, the first person that came to his mind was Su Qing.
A gleam of light flashed in Su Zian’s eyes, and she humbly laughed and said, “His Majesty is absurd. Although that girl has a good talent, but compared with Your Highness, that is the dust on the ground, it is incomparable.”
“Oh?” Nangong Liuyun was surprised.
This Su Zian is a bit like the old man of the Liu family, who treats others strictly and generously.
Luo Yatou’s talent turned out to be dust on the ground in his eyes? He himself is only a small fifth-tier at his own age, yet he still doesn’t like the super talent like Luo Yatou?
If others said about him, he would not pay attention at all, but he was disrespectful to his girl, and Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful eyes flashed with ice and cold.
Two people didn’t realize that they were talking with the same duck, and they were not referring to the same person at all.
Su Zian didn’t notice anything. Seeing His Royal Highness playing with the teacup quietly, thinking that he was right, he kept humming himself: “That girl, thanks to good luck, I worshipped a good master at a young age. , Otherwise, there will be no current achievements, but these achievements are far, far away from your highness…”
Nangong Liuyun frowned unhappily. Have a good teacher? When did his Luo’er apprentice a teacher? Why doesn’t he know? Who is the master? Is it male or female? Does it look good?
Sure enough, the IQ of the man caught in love is not too high, including His Royal Highness, he directly ignored everything and went straight to the subject, entangled with Master Su Luo’s problem there.
Just waiting to be asked, a rush of footsteps came to mind outside the door, and then Su Jingyu’s smiling face appeared.
“It’s all here, are you embarrassed? Don’t dare, come in.” Su Jingyu stepped into the hall, but found that today’s heroine, his precious second sister Su Qing, was left behind. Looking back, he happened to see Su Qing’s blushing and shy face, so he urged him amusedly.
Qing’er girl has such a deserted sex, but when King Jin is mentioned, she becomes a shy little girl, which shows how charming His Royal Highness is.
Su Qing nodded, coughed with a serious face, and forced the shyness on his face to be restrained before he bowed his head and walked into the hall.
As soon as Su Qing came in, Su Zian let out a sullen breath.
Alright, okay, just Qing’er is here, the attention of His Highness King Jin will definitely not be on him again, right? Su Zian relaxed and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead that did not know when to climb up.
However, Su Qing’s speed was a bit slow. She took small and broken steps, growing lotus step by step, swaying gracefully towards His Royal Highness Jin, although her movements were a bit stiff because of tension.
In the hall.
Madam Su, Su Zian, including Su Jingyu, all three of them looked at Su Qing with a smile. This girl is usually cold, but now she finally knows she is shy, right? That’s it.
The smile on Mrs. Su’s face was even brighter, and she was very satisfied with the current situation.
Su Xi’s ability to climb the Prince’s Gao Zhi has made her very happy. Now Su Qing is even better than that. He even made His Royal Highness Jin worry about her, and the honorable Yu came to Su Mansion…

Chapter: 312
Mrs. Su said secretly: She deserves to be the daughter she gave birth to, and she is really charming.
The gazes of everyone present were on Su Qing, she didn’t care about the gazes of others, but… Su Qing secretly raised his eyes to look at His Royal Highness Jin.
Seeing his beautiful, jet-black eyes staring at him, suddenly, the crimson that was hard to converge appeared on the white face with a single brush, and immediately put her shy on her…
Seeing Su Qing’s shy little appearance, Su Zian suddenly laughed: “Hahaha, Qing’er, come over and see His Royal Highness Jin.”
Su Qing half-cast his eyes beautifully and bowed his knees to King Jin: “I have seen His Royal Highness Jin.”
Nangong Liuyun glanced at her lightly, her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, unpredictable, and casually said, “Get up.”
Everyone didn’t care about the indifference of His Royal Highness King Jin. They all thought it was normal, and they also thought that he was very amiable.
Madam Su smiled and looked at the pair of bi people in front of her. The men were as handsome as the women, and the women were unparalleled. They were simply talented men and women, a match made in heaven. There was no better match. Good, good, really great.
The corners of Madam Su’s mouth were wide open, her face couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction. It’s really true that the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law and became more satisfied.
Su Zian kept giving Su Qing a look. Su Qing knew that his father wanted to get him closer to King Jin… But, they are not familiar at all. Since King Jin came here, shouldn’t it be him who took the initiative? ? Why do you want her to come? Really ashamed.
Secretly glanced at His Royal Highness Jin, but saw his unparalleled beauty like the ancient Greek god of war, and his eyes brighter than the stars, and his eyes were faintly shining with bright light…
To be admired by such a man is really a blessing that he has cultivated in several lifetimes.
Well, since he took the initiative to come to the door, he should also take the initiative to respond. After all, His Royal Highness King Jin is aloof, and his ability to come here is very much beyond her expectation.
Su Qing was shy in her heart, and she naturally brought a little bit out of her face. She shyly stepped forward to take the teapot, and poured tea into the white jade teacup placed on the table by His Royal Highness King Jin, “His Royal Highness, naturally there is no tea in the house. The Jin Dynasty’s mansion is good, so take care of it.”
Nangong Liuyun glanced at Su Qing again, with a faint voice: “Set it aside, sit down.”
This woman is the sister of Luo Yatou, right? Alas, it is not easy to marry a girl, and you have to be patient with these messy people. Nangong Liuyun thought impatiently.
However, Su Zian was overjoyed when he saw this. Yes, yes, His Royal Highness Jin is really affectionate for Qing’er. Look, since His Highness entered the mansion, he has been the most amiable to Su Qing and gave her to sit down. These are all enough to explain everything.
Mrs. Beichen was worried that Master Beichen was talking nonsense before. Now there can be no fakes, right? Thinking of this, Su Zian raised her eyebrows to Madam Su triumphantly, Madam Su pursed her lips and nodded secretly.
The couple glared at each other, and all this fell in the eyes of Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun frowned somewhat displeased.
Legend has it that the General Protector of the Nation has a majestic and solemn nature. Who would have thought he would be so frivolous?
There are also Su Qing’s. I heard that they are very cold and noble, but according to what he has just seen, what is the difference between them and those outside girls?

Chapter: 313
Su Jingyu noticed the gaze of His Royal Highness King Jin and suddenly coughed, trying to divert his attention, “Your Royal Highness King Jin, you are too polite. The gifts you brought are enough for the betrothal. If others don’t know , I thought you were hired by our house, ho ho ho.”
Su Jingyu suddenly felt a little embarrassed when his Royal Highness Jin was staring at him for an instant, and laughed.
After he finished speaking, he realized that he was speaking too much.
Who is His Royal Highness, he can talk nonsense about his affairs, right? Thinking of this, Su Jingyu suddenly hit her whole body with a panic, and almost knelt down with a panic on her face.
Who knows, Nangong Liuyun was not displeased when he heard this. On the contrary, his red lips were upturned, with a smile, but he sighed with a bit of resentment: “This king loves to hear what you said. , It’s a pity that even if the king took Jinshan Yinshan as a betrothal, she wouldn’t agree with someone.”
His girl is really hard to chase after, and I don’t know how far his wife chasing her can go to hug the beauty. Sometimes when I think about it, I really want to take her home directly.
Su Jingyu did not expect that His Royal Highness Jin would make such a sigh. After a little thought, he thought he understood, and laughed so funny: “His Royal Highness, you are too worried, how come there are people in this world who do not agree to your proposal? Qinger, don’t you think?”
Su Qing, who had been confused because of the bridegroom just now, was asked by Su Jingyu. She looked down a little shyly, saying, “It’s…I, I, I promised.”
Let’s just say, there was a red glow on her face, her hands were squeezed nervously, her head lowered in shame, she couldn’t even raise her head.
As soon as Su Qing said this, Su Zian and the others were about to fly happily, especially Su Zian, he laughed loudly, with a hearty laugh.
His Qing’er was favored by His Royal Highness Jin, and he must soon become Princess Jin. It seems that his position will soon be moved up again, which is so happy.
Nangong Liuyun’s ears are so good, even if Su Qing said lightly, he wouldn’t be able to hear it. It’s just that he didn’t understand why this girl suddenly said yes or not. The person he wants to marry is not her.
The people in Su Mansion are all brains, right? Isn’t there a normal person except his girl?
How to protect the country? It seems that this position is really going to be moved.
Nangong Liuyun and other places are getting a little impatient. He has always done whatever he wants and is unscrupulous. Today, he can wait patiently in the hall of the Su Mansion because of his slut. Because these are her family members, he will sit patiently.
However, I can’t wait to wait for the girl, Nangong Liuyun is immediately displeased, and his cold phoenix eyes swept towards Su Zian: “General Su, the person this king wants to see, why hasn’t he arrived yet? ”
As soon as these words came out, Su Zi’an’s pleasant laughter suddenly stopped. He looked at His Royal Highness Jin with a bit of bewilderment. It took him a long time to come back to his senses: “Hall, Your Highness, Qing’er is already standing in front of you. ?”
Nangong Liuyunjian frowned and snorted displeasedly: “Qing’er? What is that? It has something to do with the person the king wants to see?”
As soon as this is said!
Suddenly, the audience was cold, everyone gasped, and they all stared at Nangong Liuyun in disbelief.

Chapter: 314
And Su Qing’s face turned pale in an instant, where is there a hint of shyness? Those cold beautiful eyes stared wide, staring at His Royal Highness Jin, eyes full of disbelief.
“Well, what do you say? Your majesty, isn’t the person you want to meet Qing’er?” Su Zi’an’s mouth was stiff, and he whispered.
He felt that his mind was blank and stiff as iron, unable to think at all.
Nangong Liuyun threw the teacup on the table heavily, frowned and said coldly: “What the king cares about you, do you remember what the king said before?”
“His Royal Highness said, I want the general to call the general’s daughter…” Su Zian recalled stiffly, but he found that his brain reacted very slowly, dumb and blank.
“So what did you do?” Nangong Liuyun yelled impatiently, “This king wants to see a certain girl in your house. You asked a messy nympho to deal with this king? Su Zian, hello Be brave.”
Messy flowers, nympho? Su Qing’s originally pale face was suddenly white and completely bloodless, and his whole body was as rigid as iron, and he couldn’t move a single movement where it stuck like a wooden stake.
His Royal Highness actually said that she was an idiot… an idiot…
These two words infinitely circled in Su Qing’s mind, enlarged, infinitely enlarged, and then enlarged…
Su Jingyu and Madam Su were also all dumbfounded. They stared at His Royal Highness Jin in a daze. Seeing that King Jin was furious, there was a chill in their hearts.
Su Jingyu finally plucked up the courage and asked tremblingly, “My palace, your lord, isn’t it Qing’er you want to see? You and Qing’er are not…”
“Not what?” A cold light flashed in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.
Su Jingyu swallowed nervously, finally mustered up the courage, and asked in a low voice: “The person you are going to marry… isn’t it Qinger?”
When Nangong Liuyun heard the words, he was taken aback first, then he felt annoying.
He pointed at Su Qing sarcastically, and said in disbelief, “Are you crazy? You can compare this king with such a nymphomaniac? In your eyes, this king is blind or not? Su Zian! You are so big. Dare!”
Su Zi’an heard the words and couldn’t care about anything else, and immediately knelt down in fear: “Your Majesty calms down your anger, and your Highness calms your anger. They are all ignorance. If you hear some nonsense outside, you will believe it. Please calm down your anger.”
Su Qing was stupid instantly.
If she had a little illusion about His Royal Highness Jin, now, her dream has been completely shattered, and it will never be complete.
She thought about it countless times, but she couldn’t imagine that in the eyes of His Royal Highness King Jin, she was such a person… nympho, idiot, waste… aren’t these Su Luo’s exclusive labels? Why did it stick to her?
Su Qing wanted to cry, but found that she was blinded, and she couldn’t shed a single tear. She felt silly and dumb. The surrounding air made her feel suffocated, depressed, and almost fainted.
She stared at His Royal Highness Jin in a daze, and the other party regarded her like a shoe. In his eyes, she was nothing… and she was still expecting that this cold and affectionate man would fall in love with her at first sight.
Ho ho, he is really stupid and self-righteous. How could such a man stay for a woman? How can it be!
Nangong Liuyun was stingy and didn’t even give Su Qing a look, and glanced at Su Zian lightly.

Chapter: 315
This look was an understatement, but Su Zi’an was frightened and panicked.
Su Zian anxiously shouted at Su Jingyu: “What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and call all your sisters over!”
Su Jingyu was a little dumbfounded, and his expression was a little complicated. He silently glanced at the Royal Highness of King Jin, and said in a low voice, “Who are they called?”
“All!” Seeing His Royal Highness King Jin took a sip of tea, Su Zian’s expression was faint, but his heart became more alarmed. Who knows what crazy things he would do to make this living king unhappy?
Su Jingyu whispered: “Is it necessary? Just call Wumei?”
Anyway, Su Man is already a deceased flower, and Su Luo is nothing but rubbish. What are these two people calling for?
Su Zi’an frowned when he saw His Royal Highness Jin King, his expression was alarmed, and he slapped Su Jingyu’s forehead with a slap. , Hit him out of the door directly.
Su Jingyu rubbed his dull, painful buttocks, his complexion was gloomy, and his expression was gloomy, very unhappy, but no matter what his mood, His Royal Highness was sitting in the front hall, and none of them could offend him.
If His Royal Highness Jin is upset, Su Mansion will be destroyed and disappear into the vast history. This is not unimaginable. After all, King Jin has never done such a thing.
Alas, the poor second sister has been thinking about it for so long, but in the end it was nothing but a basket full of water. Didn’t it make the fifth sister cheaper in the end? It’s just the fifth sister… Su Jingyu is entangled again.
Wumei and His Royal Highness have always been ambiguous, and the father and the emperor have reached a consensus that they will soon give the imperial decree to give the marriage. Now the hand of the Jin King’s hand, they were caught off guard and made it difficult for them to choose.
And His Royal Highness… Su Jingyu rubbed the temples irritably.
Although he privately felt that His Royal Highness King Jin was beyond the reach of the prince, he was still on the side of the prince.
The prince gritted his teeth with hatred for His Royal Highness Jin, and he was incompatible with His Royal Highness. He knew this better than anyone else, but now this situation…thinking about it makes people feel big.
Su Jingyu subconsciously determined that the person His Royal Highness King Jin wanted to see was Su Xi.
Because in his opinion, Su Wan has been defeated, and it is impossible for him to stand up in his life. As for Su Luo, it is simply a waste of waste. He will not even look at her straight, let alone the kind of nine-fold of His Royal Highness. Gods in the sky?
Calling Su Luo to the front of King Jin’s Palace, it all stained His Highness’s eyes.
However, although Su Jingyu was very reluctant to call Su Luo, he had to do so because of Su Zian’s previous instructions. So he ordered two servants to invite Su Wan and Su Luo, and he walked towards Su Xi’s residence. Walked to the courtyard.
“Bang–!” The crisp sound of the porcelain falling to the ground sounded in the room.
Then there were clear crackling sounds, and the people who heard it were frightened.
Su Jingyu frowned slightly, and quickly walked towards the inside with a displeased expression. When he saw the scene inside, suddenly, the sword eyebrows became Chuan.
At this time, the broken tiles and all kinds of things that could be smashed in the room were smashed. Even the tables and chairs and furniture were smashed to pieces. It was like an earthquake.
“Su Xi, what is your temper?” Su Jingyu stared at Su Xi very unhappy.

Chapter: 316
Now the whole family is scorched by King Jin, but she is still smashing antique porcelain here to vent. What is this?
Su Xi turned her head and gave Su Jingyu a bitter look, and said angrily, “Leave me alone! Go and cheat on the second sister! She’s going to fly on the branch to become a phoenix! You guys all cheat her to go.” Why are you coming to me!”
Su Xi was spoiled by Mrs. Su and the others. She had always been unable to hide her words, and her joy, anger, sorrow, and joy were all displayed on her face.
Su Jingyu understood immediately, dare to feel that this girl was eating Qinger’s jealousy, but unfortunately this girl didn’t understand how difficult Qinger’s situation is now.
Su Jingyu folded her arms and glanced at Su Xi in a cool manner: “She is your second sister. If she can be Princess Jin, our whole family will rise, and besides, you and the prince have already made eye contact? Still not satisfied?”
“Before His Royal Highness Jin appeared, the prince was good, but now he can compare with His Royal Highness? Can you? Brother, you touch your conscience and say, can you?”
Su Xi was aggressive, approaching step by step, her apricot eyes widened, her cheeks bulged, and she was angry.
“You stinky girl is really self-willed.” Su Jingyu poked her forehead and took her hand, “Okay, let’s go with the big brother.”
“Where to go?” Su Xi was obviously unhappy, and threw his hand away.
“In the front hall, someone wants to see you.” Su Jingyu smiled inexplicably.
“Don’t go!” Su Xi sat on the head of the bed with enthusiasm, hugged the pillar of the bed, resting his head on it, “I’m not going! I’m not happy to go! I’m not willing to go! Who loves to go, who goes!”
“Oh? Really not going?” Su Jingyu found it fun to tease this little girl, and the haze in her heart was also wiped out. Anyway, whether it is Qing’er or Xi’er, both are his sisters, and both like Jin Jin Wang, don’t care about him as an older brother.
“Well, I don’t want to go, eldest brother, go quickly, I will be annoyed when I see you!” Su Xi waved impatiently.
Su Jingyu lifted his foot and walked away, but when he walked to the door, he sighed slowly: “Oh, then the brilliant Qing’er King Jin doesn’t want him, but why would he just like you as a stinky girl? It’s really puzzling. Okay, since you are not going…”
“Ahhhhh!!!” Su Xi jumped three feet high and knocked her head on the bedpost, tears coming out of her eyes because of the pain.
But she didn’t care about the pain, so she rushed towards Su Jingyu, the excited muscles on her face were shaking: “Big brother! What were you talking about just now? What were you talking about?”
“Nothing, I didn’t say anything.” Su Jingyu spread his hands and shrugged innocently.
“Big brother!!!” Su Xi pinched Su Jingyu’s neck with both hands, with a grim face, and said angrily: “Say quickly, do you want to be crazy, am I?”
Su Jingyu sighed helplessly.
How could His Royal Highness Jin have such a big charm?
These girls in the family usually arrogant and arrogant, they don’t buy any of them, but when they meet His Royal Highness, they all curl up into kittens, very well-behaved.
Sure enough, that sentence was right, and Wang Jin was mistaken for life.
In fact, not only these girls, but even their fathers and mothers, including themselves, weren’t they afraid to show up in front of the Jinwang Palace?
It can be seen that there is a kind of person who has a charm that makes people surrender.

Chapter: 317
“Big Brother! Don’t say I will strangle you!!!” Su Xi’s face was distorted, and he stared at Su Jingyu fiercely, so anxious that black smoke appeared in his forehead.
Su Jingyu sighed helplessly: “Alright, elder brother won’t tease you anymore. His Royal Highness did not see Qing’er. Everything before was misunderstood. But the only thing that is certain is that His Royal Highness took a fancy to us. The girl in the house.”
Su Jingyu didn’t say a word, and the light in Su Xi’s eyes brightened, her excited little face was flushed like blood, and her lips couldn’t help trembling.
Su Jingyu rubbed her head fondly and continued: “You said, besides Qing’er and you, can there be anyone else in our house? In other words, since Qing’er has been ruled out, then, the only possibility It’s you, do you understand now?”
Su Xi was dumbfounded, and after a long time he came back to his senses. The corners of his mouth were grinning, his smile getting bigger and bigger… the whole person was almost silly.
“Brother, is what you said is true? King Jin really likes me? He wants to marry me as Princess Jin? Oh my God!!!” Su Xi was exasperated at this time, and she felt that the whole sky was clear, and the world looked like The child becomes beautiful.
“Of course, who else is there besides you?” Su Jingyu said cheerfully.
For him, no matter who these two sisters become Princess Jin, the benefits to him are the same.
“My God, my God~~ God is so kind to me, right? My God!!!” Su Xi happily happily, carrying the circle around in the inner room, excitedly almost going crazy.
“Ouch -” Su Xi suddenly screamed, and then the whole person fell to the ground. The ground was covered with broken porcelain pieces that she had thrown away. Suddenly, her entire hip was stabbed with countless wounds, and blood was mottled .
“Xiaoxi–” Su Jingyu pulled her up distressedly, and scolded her face to blame: “Why are you girl so careless? Does it hurt?”
Su Xi was laughing all the time, laughing almost from ear to ear, and hurriedly waved his hands: “It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all, hehehe–”
“You girl is so silly.” Su Jingyu nodded her forehead irritably.
“Hehehe–” Su Xi pushed Su Jingyu away and ran out of the door, “Brother, I’m going to see His Royal Highness Jin, take your time.”
“Hey-Xiaoxi, wait for me!” Su Jingyu called out loudly, but before he turned around, Su Xi’s entire figure had disappeared.
Su Jingyu could only shook his head helplessly.
Seeing Su Xi’s appearance, Su Jingyu sighed inwardly: His Royal Highness Jin gave up Qing’er, and I don’t know if it is a good thing.
But it said that Su Xi ran quickly and hurried towards the hall.
Standing outside the door, Su Xi took a hard breath and calmed down her excitement. Then she pursed her lips to cover the joy of the corners of her eyebrows and eyes, and walked in.
Su Zian and Madam Su were particularly complicated when they saw Su Xi’s arrival, and both looked at Su Qing distressedly.
Su Qing’s beautiful eyes stared at Su Xi, who was swaying gracefully. His eyes were as cold as a thousand-year-old ice, and like a thousand-layer ice blade. If his eyes could kill people, Su Xi would be dead at this moment.
Noting Su Qing’s jealous eyes, Su Xi raised an eyebrow and squinted at her.
Hmph, my second sister has been more talented than her since she was a child, and she worshipped a good teacher at a young age. It’s okay if she doesn’t come back, she will take away all her own attention and eyes when she comes back, she really thinks she is a peacock open Everyone likes the screen!

Chapter: 318
Hmph, it happens that His Royal Highness Jin just likes herself, let her be jealous! Su Xi, who had always secretly hated Su Qing, seemed to have come back. She didn’t care about Su Qing’s feelings. On the contrary, the more uncomfortable the latter, the more comfortable she felt.
Originally, they were relatives of the same father and mother, and they were in the same boat on the same day, and they were intimate, but because of a man, the sisters suddenly felt a rift.
Su Xi moved to the front of King Jin swayingly, and saluteed.
Nangong Liuyun casually drank tea, ignoring her meaning at all.
Su Xi felt anxious. Didn’t the eldest brother say that His Royal Highness Jin is interested in him? How could this attitude be? Did Brother guess wrong?
No, it’s not like that! It definitely won’t be like this! His Royal Highness King Jin belongs to her!
Su Xi’s stiff face hurriedly squeezed out a smile, she clung to the front of King Jin’s Palace like a cat, and stretched out her slender wrist to hold His Highness Jin’s hand——
When it was said that it was too late, only a flash of light and shadow, Su Xi’s figure had been brushed out of the door, and it took a long time for a scream to be heard from afar.
Su Zian, Madam Su, Su Jingyu and Su Qing all stared at this moment, staring at the flying figure in shock, unable to speak for a long time.
Madam Su was very worried about Su Xi’s injury, but because of the presence of His Royal Highness, the whole hall was enveloped by his aura. She didn’t even dare to show the atmosphere, let alone leave midway.
However, His Royal Highness…he actually beat Su Xi directly…this is simply…
However, Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was calm, and he sipped a sip of tea, his voice was like ice in a cold pool, and his voice was as cold as the bones: “Su Zian, your good daughter.”
Su Zian’s heart suddenly sank, he knew that the unfathomable King Jin in front of him was already a little angry.
It’s just that he couldn’t guess how, King Jin came to Su Mansion and kept saying to see his daughter Su Zian, but Qing’er was rejected and Xi’er flew off, who on earth he wanted to see! What if you give me a hint?
Su Zian was a little bit burnt.
“His Royal Highness…Did you make a mistake?” Su Zian bit his head and replied, “Since Qing’er and Xi’er are not the people you are looking for, the girl you are looking for is definitely not in my house. His Royal Highness Wang Jin has checked it out.”
Nangong Liuyun took a sip of tea slowly and calmly said, “Su Zian, are you blaming my king for making trouble at your house?”
Yun Qingfeng Qingqing tone, understatement, but in Su Zian’s ears, it seemed that a Jiao Lei exploded violently in his mind. Su Zian knew that His Highness Jin was displeased.
However, what he said was clearly a good intention, so why is your Highness unhappy? It really made him puzzled by the second monk.
Poor he didn’t even know, because he accidentally excluded Su Luo, so the man who became stingy when he faced Su Luo was now angry.
Su Zian hurriedly defended herself: “His Royal Highness, the final general is not accusing you, but telling the truth. With these two daughters, the final general can no longer find the person you are looking for.”
Nangong Liuyun still sitting elegantly drinking tea, a trace of chill flashed in his dark eyes, he said lightly, “Su Zi’an, Su Zi’an, you don’t know the blessings of your being in the blessing, I’m afraid you will regret it for the rest of your life.” That’s it.”

Chapter: 319
“Huh?” Su Zian didn’t understand the meaning contained in the words of the unpredictable King Jin. He looked at Nangong Liuyun inexplicably, hoping King Jin could say something simpler.
Nangong Liuyun sat there quietly, holding the lid of the cup with his distinct fingers, gently touching the floating leaves in the teacup, his eyes drooping slightly, and he said contentedly: “You really only gave birth to these two wastes. daughter?”
There was even a smile in the light and fluttering voice of Nangong Liuyun, but Su Zian’s ears made him shiver.
Su Qing and Su Xi were called waste by King Jin. Su Zian could not refute this, because in front of King Jin’s extraordinary talent, who is not waste?
But what does King Jin mean? Does he still have a daughter who can shoot?
Su Wan has been destroyed, it is impossible to turn around in this life, as for Su Luo…Su Luo? For some reason, Su Zian’s mind suddenly came up with the scene of Su Wan suing him that day.
Su Wan came to the study to look for him that day, claiming that Su Luo ran away from home and went to the Sunset Mountain Range with His Royal Highness. Later, because of insufficient evidence, the matter could not be resolved, but now…
Su Zian suddenly a wisp of sweat appeared on his forehead. Could it be that the person that His Royal Highness Jin was looking for had always been Su Luo, not Qinger and Xier?
No, no, very wrong.
With such talents as Qing’er and Xi’er, King Jin called them a waste. How could a real waste like Su Luo get into King Jin’s eyes? This is simply a fantasy, it is absolutely impossible, it is ridiculous!
However, His Royal Highness King Jin was aggressive, and his posture of bloodbathing Su Mansion without surrendering made Su Zian had to shoot Su Jingyu cross-eyedly: “Didn’t you let you call your sister? Where’s Luo’er? What about Wan’er?
No matter what, call those two girls to let His Royal Highness King Jin see him. When he doesn’t look down on him, he doesn’t care about Su Mansion, right? Will he be able to send away this hell Shura?
Su Jingyu was really hit hard today.
First, it was expected that Su Qing could be the Princess of Jin, but the dream was shattered, and then it was determined that Su Xi could be the Princess of Jin, and the result was another emptiness. Instead, Su Xi was thrown out mercilessly…
Now he was dumbfounded, completely unaware of the unpredictable thoughts of His Royal Highness King Jin.
Hearing Su Zian’s yelling, Su Jingyu recovered in an instant. He stammered and said, “I’m afraid that there will be no time for the third and fourth sisters, so I’ll let the next person inform…or else, I , I am going now?”
Just here, there were a few small footsteps outside.
Everyone looked towards the door.
Surrounded by the maid, Su Wan was helped in weakly.
The moment everyone saw her, their eyes widened, and then they glanced at her.
But for a short period of time, Su Wan’s whole person was completely changed.
In the past, she was slender and slender, like a morning dew, not superb, but she was also a rare beauty.
However, she is now bloated, she looks a bit fatter than before, and her whole body is trembling as she walks.
Oh my God, is this still the graceful and slender Su Wan back then? She is just a fat pig now!
It’s simply unbearable.
Su Zian glanced at the lofty Highness King Jin. His Highness King Jin was still drinking tea slowly. With such indifferent appearance, it seemed that the person he was looking for was clearly not Su Wan.

Chapter: 320
Also, how can Su Wan, who is like a fat pig, be the one that His Royal Highness is looking for? If His Royal Highness Jin really chooses such a Su Wan, it would be… blind!
Su Zian waved his hand disgustedly: “Hurry up and take her down, just look down.”
“Daddy–” Su Wan suddenly burst into tears, and broke free of the maid’s hand and rushed to hug Su Zi’an’s thigh: “Daddy help me, dad — my daughter drinks water every day, but I don’t know why she gets so fat. Come on. Think about saving your daughter, dad—”
Su Wan really didn’t understand, she didn’t eat much at all, and how did she become like this now.
Now that she can finally see her father again, how could she lose this opportunity? Otherwise she would really be ruined in this life!
Su Zian looked uncertain and frowned, “His Royal Highness is here, you can give me some peace, come and take her down.”
Since it was not the person that His Highness was looking for, he naturally didn’t need to be polite. What’s more, Su Wan… Thinking of what he had seen in the fire, he wanted to directly choke the daughter who had embarrassed him.
Su Wan was finally released, so where would he give up easily? I saw her clinging to Su Zian’s thigh, and hearing that His Royal Highness Jin was here, she turned around and cried to King Jin: “Your Highness, please persuade your father to ask a pharmacist to come back and heal me. I can’t take it anymore, please.”
Nangong Liuyun finally raised his eyebrows with a faint smile: “This is?”
Su Zi’an said with a dry smile: “Let your Highness laugh. This is Su Wan, the third daughter of the final general. It’s just that something happened a few days ago, so…come, hurry up and take the third lady away!”
Su Zi’an gave an order, and a group of vicious servants immediately came up, pulling Su Wan with all hands and feet to drag her down.
The three girls in Su Mansion…a dark color suddenly flashed in Nangong Liuyun’s mind, and he slowly raised his hand, “Slowly.”
With a soft word, those fierce servants stopped, they let go of Su Wan and looked at His Royal Highness in doubt.
After Su Wan got out of the control of these people, she knew that even her father was unreliable, so she stumbled towards Nangong Liuyun, knelt down on her knees, and choked: “Your Highness, help, please help your Highness——”
At this time, the adults were all dumbfounded. Is His Royal Highness really interested in Su Wan, who is like a pig, who is like a pig?
If this is true, then the taste of His Royal Highness King Jin is too, too heavy?
At this moment, everyone focused their attention on Nangong Liuyun’s face, looking at him for a moment, fearing that he might miss a message.
Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Wan faintly, with a pair of beautiful eyes hiding evil and charm: “Oh? Someone wants to harm you?”
“Yes! Someone has poisoned my food. Otherwise, I will never get fat like this in a few days. Your Majesty, please tell my father a few words. You can tell me better than me. Ten thousand sentences are strong.”
Su Wan’s tears were hazy, and the crying pear blossoms were raining, but it was a pity that she could not see a trace of beauty now, with that obese body, the more she looked at it, the more disgusting.
However, His Royal Highness King Jin didn’t even dislike it, but laughed.
Nangong Liuyun’s articulated fingers buckled the armrest of the armchair once, and he raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Maybe you did something wrong and got the punishment you deserve?”

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