The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 341-350

Chapter: 341
“Have you misunderstood something? Nangong Liuyun and I are really not what you imagined. Don’t confuse us.” Su Luo couldn’t explain it clearly to him, and he felt darker and darker.
Bei Chenying stared at her playfully: “He hasn’t chased you yet? Oh, sister-in-law, Nangong is a good person, why don’t you accept him?”
Su Luo was speechless. The child is so cute and straightforward that she can hardly resist.
Bei Chenying looked at Su Luo tenderly: “Really, Nangong is a good person. A man like him has no shortage of women. But for so many years, he has always kept himself clean and guarded like jade, not letting any other women approach. Sister-in-law, this is simply It’s so rare, don’t you think?”
Su Luo felt a little embarrassed when the idiom Shoushenruyu was used on Nangong Liuyun.
But, saying that Nangong guards the body like jade, is this something wrong?
Su Luo said frankly, “Don’t tell me, there has never been a woman around him.” What is Fairy Yaochi?
Bei Chenying looked at her earnestly, fascinating and enticing: “If a man like him gives a woman a chance, no one can escape. So far, he has only given you a chance. Think about it yourself. Is it this way?”
Bei Chenying’s words caused Su Luo to tremble in the softest place near the heart.
Bei Chenying’s tone was more serious and gentle than ever before, and for a moment, she felt that he was telling the truth.
However, Su Luo’s mind inevitably came up with that extraordinary beauty.
She suddenly smiled, smiling somewhat reluctantly: “Since you are a little girl, don’t you know Fairy Yaochi?”
This person has chased and killed her several times, and she will never let it go. By then, she will be at odds with Fairy Yaochi. It’s hard to say where Nangong Liuyun, who dominates Fairy Yaochi, will stand.
Annoyance flashed in Bei Chenying’s eyes. He sighed silently, and looked solemn and serious: “Is she? Hoho, if Nangong had given her a chance, would the current position of Princess Jin hang? To be honest, Yaochi The palace has always planned to marry, and the emperor of Xiling Kingdom also has this idea. The only person who disagrees is Nangong.”
Su Luo looked at him in surprise, a little unbelievable.
After all, the scene of the sunset over the mountain range left her very impressive.
The pair of bi people are beautiful and picturesque. She smiled at him, and he whispered to her… This picture has always been a deep thorn in her heart, usually silent, and ran out to pierce her at the critical moment Heart.
Beichenying patted her on the shoulder, encouragingly: “I don’t know why Nangong rejected her before, but since meeting you, his whole person has changed. He has lost his gloomy breath and has become more energetic.”
“Isn’t he always a cynical and unscrupulous lord? I think he is alive and moisturizing.” Su Luo’s mind showed the appearance of Nangong Liuyun always teasing her.
Which time did he not tease her like a ruffian? It’s not as worrying as Bei Chenying said.
Bei Chenying slowly shook her head, widened her gaze, and quietly stared at the lingering light in the distance. After a while, she said quietly, “You don’t understand, he has been unhappy since he was a child, and almost completely closed himself up before he was eight. If you don’t listen, don’t ask, don’t talk, it’s completely autistic, and it gets better later.”

Chapter: 342
“Huh?” Such enchanting Nangong Liuyun was still autistic as a child? Su Luo’s shock was all written on his face.
“Well, it has something to do with the death of his mother concubine, but he has to tell you about this. I can’t tell you.” Bei Chenying stood up as she said, staring at Su Luo deeply, with a hint of enlightenment in her tone. It means: “Su Luo, it’s not easy for Nangong to open up to someone. Don’t hurt him again, okay?”
Su Luo looked down at Bei Chenying’s back and thought deeply.
She couldn’t see the shadow in Nangong Liuyun’s heart at all. Did she not notice his emotions at all, or did he hide it too well? And the injuries on his body…are also related to his childhood? He persisted in death, is it related to those things?
Su Luo was full of questions, but Bei Chenying clearly told him that he couldn’t say it. If he wanted to know, he could only find Nangong Liuyun.
“Bang–” A crisp thud blasted on Su Luo’s forehead, Su Luo raised his eyes angrily, and met the smiling handsome face of Shang Nangong Liuyun.
“What do you think so fascinated? Be careful not to be pushed into the water.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice is low and charming, and his smile is clean, just like the faint floating clouds on the lake, giving people a very comfortable feeling.
Su Luo stared at him blankly. At this moment, he looked very casual and relaxed, but he felt like a dragon and a phoenix among the extraordinary.
Originally, she had always thought that Nangong Liuyun was a cynical and unscrupulous master, but since hearing Bei Chenying’s words just now, when Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun again, she couldn’t help but take a look and explore.
There is a smile on his handsome face, his eyes are as deep as a pool, and as clean as a spring.
He is always cold and doesn’t laugh often.
His smile is very clear, almost distinct.
The cold and evil smile under the anger and the evil smile when teasing her.
Other than that, I didn’t seem to have seen him laugh.
At this moment, he crossed his hands behind his back, and the corners of his robe flew, like an independent young master Pianjia, with a smile in his eyes, Qing Shui looking at her with fullness, the smile on his lips widened, it was a bit The smell of warm spring.
His facial features were exquisitely messed up, and it was simply earth-shattering. This smile gave Su Luo the illusion that he was so intoxicated that he would not want to wake up again.
Such him, really, as Beichenying said, has a tragic past that cannot bear to look back? Have an autistic childhood?
Su Luo stared at him blankly, not knowing how to speak for a while, and how to face him.
“Is this king so good-looking? Did you look stupid?” Nangong Liuyun’s mouth evoked an evil smile.
Sure enough, this cynical Nangong Liuyun is most familiar with.
Su Luo slowly took out a sullen breath. Originally wanted to stare at him, but thinking of Bei Chenying’s words, she felt that she was really not good to him, so she changed her tone: “Are you a peacock? You are so narcissistic all day long. , I’m not ashamed.”
“This is not narcissism, but self-confidence, okay?” Nangong Liuyun knocked on her head.
“It’s just narcissism. There is no one more narcissistic than you.” Su Luo hummed.
Nangong Liuyun was not upset either, and seemed to be in a good mood. He took her hand and led her to the crowd.
Looking at the vast ocean outside, Nangong Liuyun lazily asked: “Can you swim?”
Su Luo nodded: “Reluctantly knows a little bit.”

Chapter: 343
Bei Chenying didn’t know where he came out, and winked at Su Luo: “Don’t be afraid, Nangong swims very well. Even if Lord Long invites you to the Crystal Palace, Nangong will get you back.”
Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun curiously,
A person’s energy is always limited, but how can he do everything? Everything is fine?
Nangong Liuyun raised her eyebrows triumphantly, coughed twice, and pressed her lips to make her smile: “Don’t talk nonsense with him, let’s go, let you have fun.”
Seeing his proud energy, Su Luo’s mind suddenly showed what Bei Chenying had just said.
Bei Chenying said, since meeting you, his whole person has changed and he has become more energetic.
Is this kind of Nangong Liuyun more alive? So when he was a kid… there was a scene in his mind of a little boy with a tight face and tightly sealed himself in a dark world. Su Luo’s heart suddenly hurt, his expression condensed.
“What’s the matter?” Nangong Liuyun noticed her look different, and asked nervously.
Only in this way will make him nervous, noble and indifferent? Su Luo didn’t answer, turned the subject, with crooked eyebrows, looking at him with a light smile: “What are you taking me to play?”
At this moment, the dark night, who was sitting in front of the case and playing chess, fell easily: “General.”
Sitting across from him, Lan Xuan grabbed his hair in annoyance, but in the end he was still at a loss and messed up the chessboard indiscriminately: “Oh, I can’t stop, I’m so bored!”
Dark Yeming glared at Lan Xuan: “If you lose, you will destroy the chess. No chess piece, hum.”
Lan Xuan leaned on the back of his chair and glanced lazily at Dark Yeming: “Am I proud to win? If you want to talk about playing chess, Nangong will throw you a few blocks away, and if you have the ability to beat him to chant.
Nangong Liuyun can play chess, and is good at chess? Su Luo’s curious eyes fell on Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun leaned lazily on the recliner, raised his sword eyebrows, but said nothing.
Seeing Su Luo’s curiosity, Beichen Ying said: “Nangong’s chess skills are the most exquisite. At the age of eight, the member of the Hanlin Academy who played chess at the age of eight has fled, and has been invincible in the country since then, but because of this, he He even sealed the chess and washed his hands, and never played it again.”
Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes closed. The faint sunlight shone on him, the slender eyebrows, the white skin, faintly shiny and flowing, the whole body is luxurious, even if you close your eyes, people can’t look away.
At this moment, he seemed to fall asleep, he didn’t hear Bei Chenying’s words, and there was no strange emotion on his face.
Su Luo couldn’t help being speechless.
Isn’t the eight-year-old Nangong still autistic? The Hanlin Academy’s fellows who could play chess all fled? How open is this fellow’s brain.
No wonder his greatest pleasure is insidious people. It is countless strategies. There are endless conspiracies and tricks. For him to dare to love those schemes is as simple as eating and drinking water.
“By the way, where is this ship going to?” Su Luo had the opportunity to ask carefully at this time.
Nangong Liuyun hadn’t said in detail before, and she was pulled over by him without asking carefully. Now that the boat has been out for a long time, she has time to ask questions.
Bei Chenying was a little speechless: “Sister-in-law, you don’t even know the annual bauhinia fishing, do you?”
Su Luo, who had only been in another world for only a few months, shook his head slowly: “Please tell me in detail, I was locked in Su Mansion before, and I am not familiar with the situation on the mainland.”

Chapter: 344
Bei Chenying understood deeply and explained it to her very kindly: “The bauhinia contains a lot of aura. The aura on a bauhinia is equivalent to the aura of a green spar. Therefore, everyone on the mainland wants to catch the bauhinia. .”
Beichen Ying paused, and continued: “However, the bauhinia is very clever, and it is rare to see it on weekdays. Only on the night of this July 15 will it gather around the East China Sea Bauhinia Island. Therefore, if you want to catch the bauhinia, There is only one chance a year.”
It’s no wonder that when she and Nangong Liuyun arrived at the beginning, the words that Dark Yeming complained about turned out that today’s task was to catch the redbud.
“Why is it only possible on July 15?” Su Luo didn’t understand. Is July 15 a very special day?
“No one knows the mystery inside. If you know, I’m afraid you don’t have to wait for this day every year.” Beichenying told the truth.
“Will many people go?” Su Luo asked curiously.
A bauhinia fish is equivalent to the spiritual power of a green spar.
Green spar is relatively rare on the mainland, and the market price is 5,000 gold coins. So this annual fishing convention should be very lively, right?
“No, there won’t be many people.” Bei Chenying explained, “Because not everyone can cross the whirlpool waters and directly reach the Bauhinia Island in the East China Sea. Those who can cross the whirlpool waters, there are only a few luxury cruise ships in the entire Tanglin Kingdom. .”
Whirlpool waters? Su Luo was waiting to ask, but saw that Nangong Liuyun suddenly opened his phoenix eyes, a cold light flashed under his eyes, suddenly he stretched out his hand and directly fished Su Luo into his arms.
“You–” Su Luo didn’t say anything, but saw a violent turbulence coming from the hull.
Su Luo couldn’t stand still, and suddenly hit Nangong Liuyun’s strong chest, causing her nose to hurt and almost bleeding from her nose.
Su Luo was pretty good. The Yingying Yanyan brought by Beichenying next to them were sitting in chairs chatting, but they were hit by a violent impact and soared into the air.
When the cruise ship was swaying down, they were all thrown on the deck mercilessly. The bones of their bodies were almost shattered by this fall, and they kept moaning and couldn’t get up for a long time.
But it’s not over yet.
The cruise ship swung down, and soon floated high, almost flying into the air, and then falling back to the surface. Such loops continued, and the deck shook violently, making it impossible to stand.
The bodies of those Yingying Yanyan who hadn’t gotten up before were thrown up mercilessly, and then landed, just like toys played by nature in their palms.
During this rush, the cruise ship stabilized again.
At this time, the expressions of Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan flashed solemnly. The two of them walked quickly toward the front of the deck, and Bei Chenying also followed. He walked a few steps and turned sideways to ask Nangong Liuyun: “Second brother is not coming. ?”
Nangong Liuyun calmly played with Su Luo’s hair and said slowly, “The two of them are enough.”
Bei Chenying touched his nose with a wry smile, made a grimace at Su Luo, and jumped to the two people with joy.
In Su Luo’s view, the president of the mercenary union was simply the big boy next door who had not grown up.
Watching Beichenying leave, Su Luo turned his head and asked curiously, “This is the whirlpool water area?”
Nangong Liuyun tidied her slightly messy hair in time, with a faint tenderness between her eyebrows and eyes, and smiled, “This is just the beginning, are you afraid?”

Chapter: 345
Su Luo’s beautiful eyes flowed and raised her eyebrows with a smile: “What are you afraid of? My swimming skills are very good. Would you like to compare with me?”
Nangong Liuyun’s intoxicating eyes fluctuated with heartstrings, and he rubbed her head fondly: “Little Crow’s Mouth, I hope you won’t be right.”
The implication is that this huge luxury cruise ship will sink?
Su Luo stuck out his tongue, poked his head out of Nangong Liuyun’s arms, looked towards Bei Chenying and the others, and asked curiously, “What are they doing?”
“Quiet the vortex.” Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo’s hand, feeling very relaxed: “Do you want to go and see? These guys usually take care of themselves. It’s hard to get the strength, but you can take a good look. There are not many opportunities like this. of.”
Nangong Liuyun, who has always been concise and silent, can only say long sentences in front of Su Luo, and only she is worth his huge patience to coax him.
Since it is a rare opportunity, it should not be missed. Su Luo nodded quickly, abandoning Nangong Liuyun’s hand, and ran to the place where Bei Chenying and the others were.
There is the bow position, you can clearly see the sea ahead.
Nangong Liuyun followed her indulgently, ready to protect her at any time, but completely ignored those women who were lying on the ground with a bunch of broken bones.
Su Luo clearly saw that huge whirlpools appeared on the endless sea in front of them, like a mouthful of blood basins, squinting at them with majestic strength.
From a distance, Su Luo saw that a ship evading from left to right was finally caught in it, and it disappeared in no time without leaving a trace.
The ship was about fifty meters long. Although it was not smaller than their current cruise ship, it was not too small. However, the effort was swallowed clean in the blink of an eye, which made Su Luo couldn’t help being careful.
“Are you afraid?” Nangong Liuyun calmly stood beside her, stretched out her hand to wrap her waist, and fixed her in his arms.
Ink hair pouring down like ribbons, the breeze blew, bringing a good smell of viburnum fragrance, he looked at her deeply enchanting, watching her for a moment, as if he was watching the most precious baby.
Su Luo looked at him, then turned to look at the monstrous vortex ahead.
The sea was full of waves, swaying the huge cruise ship, and the huge wave hitting the hull of the ship stirred up an overwhelming curtain of water, making roars and dangers, almost inevitable.
Those dark whirlpools looked terrifying and murderous.
In the face of nature’s anger, human beings seem so small at the time of this huge wave.
Su Luo looked ahead and said lightly: “There is nothing terrifying.” Because he was there, he wouldn’t let her have an accident.
At this moment, the originally stable hull suddenly trembled violently, and the huge waves rushed in one after another. The huge waves rolled up the cruise ship and threw it down again.
Under the protection of Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo snuggled next to him, without even moving half of his figure.
And the girls brought by Beichenying had already taken the rope thrown by the sailor.
One end of the rope is tied to the ship’s hull, and the other end is tied to their waist. This way, even if they are thrown high and fall, it will be painful, but at least they will not be thrown out of the ship and their lives can be saved.
In the stormy waves, Su Luo’s eyes fell on Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan.

Chapter: 346
She didn’t know until then that Dark Night Ming turned out to be a water attribute, and Lan Xuan was a wind attribute.
Dark Yeming’s eyes narrowed slightly, condensing the spiritual power of the whole body, that light seemed to contain infinite power, controlling the vortex directly in front of the person, making it a calm sea.
Lan Xuan controls the wind speed around him and concentrates all wind speeds directly behind the cruise ship, allowing the cruise ship to move forward rapidly.
Since it is a whirlpool water area, there is not only one whirlpool, but an endless stream.
With Dark Yeming’s strength, he could not control all the vortices, but he could control the sea level within a hundred meters in front of him.
Therefore, the current situation is that the dark night Ming concentrates his spiritual power to open up a straight line of calm waters 100 meters long and 50 meters wide, a width that can only be crossed by a cruise ship.
Lan Xuan urged the wind speed to soar the cruise ship’s speed to the highest and fastest speed.
In this huge wave, how difficult is it to create a calm water area?
In less than a quarter of an hour, a layer of sweat appeared on Dark Yeming’s face, and his expression was a little pale.
Lan Xuan’s expression was not much better than that of Dark Night Ming, and there was a trace of embarrassment in his expression.
However, their contribution is worthwhile, because even though the surrounding waves are huge and the vortex is constant, the cruise ship steadily rushes forward at a rapid speed, and is never thrown over as before, causing casualties. .
Just in this silent situation.
“Ah—-” There was a sudden exclamation from the crowd.
Su Luo followed the voice and looked a little complicated for a while.
A ship not far from the left kept leaning towards them.
Su Luo guessed that the other party might have seen the calm sea surface where their cruise ship rushed straight, thinking it was a way of escape, so even if it was hit by a huge wave, they had to move closer.
The other party finally followed the cruise ship, but before they could make a sound of joy, they were instantly swept into the black hell by a huge vortex!
The pitiful thing is that the other party didn’t know that this peace was not created by the world, but created by the master of the water system, and the duration was just a blink of an eye.
After their cruise ship passed, the calmness of that party naturally returned to a dangerous vortex.
Unfortunately, the other party worked hard for so long and finally followed behind the cruise ship, but he was still buried in the sea.
Su Luo frowned slightly: “Even though everyone knows that crossing the whirlpool waters is very dangerous, why did they come to die?”
In her opinion, those who can cross the past can survive safely unless a master of the water system and a master of the wind system, like Anyeming and Lan Xuan, cooperate in tacit understanding.
Nangong Liuyun smiled and shook his head: “People die for money and birds die for food.”
Su Luo thought about it, and felt the same. The green spar on the mainland is so hard to find, but a bauhinia fish is equivalent to the value of a green spar, and it is only once a year. If you can cross the whirlpool waters and catch the bauhinia, even if it is just one, That was also posted.
Nangong Liuyun raised his eyebrows with a smile, and said quietly, “Actually, where is the bauhinia fish so good?”
“Isn’t it hard to catch?” Isn’t it just the fish swimming in the water? Can’t catch it but cast a net to catch it?
Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo’s thoughts at a glance, and slowly shook his head: “How spiritual is the bauhinia? How sharp are the teeth? How can a fishing net hold it? Unless it is willing to be hooked, no one can catch it. ”

Chapter: 347
There is even this kind of exquisiteness? That seems extremely difficult.
“But I’m not afraid.” Nangong Liuyun glowed with a demon-like light, dazzling and evil, “This king’s little princess is very lucky, others may not be able to catch it, but Luo’er will definitely come home with full load.”
“How is it possible!” Su Luo glared at him, “Don’t expect too much from me, otherwise you will be disappointed.”
Nangong Liuyun stood with his hand in his hand, and said calmly, “This time, has Luo Girl ever disappointed this king? So, this king has very high expectations of you.”
“Too lazy to care about you.” Su Luo snorted.
In fact, to be honest, in her last life and her life, she couldn’t even fish, let alone catch any aura of bauhinia. It made her feel big after thinking about it.
The perspiration on the faces of Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan condensed into beads, each of them rolled down, looking extremely tired.
Su Luo stabbed Nangong Liuyun’s arm: “Aren’t you going to help?”
Nangong Liuyun played with Su Luo’s hair and hummed slowly: “This king is busy with Luo girl, where can I take care of them?”
Su Luo was speechless, and at such a dangerous moment, this servant could still tease her carelessly, so he shouldn’t always reason about it.
Fortunately, Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan competed, even though they were exhausted, they still clenched their teeth.
After about half an hour, the waters in front became calm, sparkling in the sun.
Who could have imagined that in the deepest part of the whirlpool waters, it was as if the heavens and the earth were in harmony, with birds flying and leaping, the breeze came slowly, and the water was not happy.
In the sun, the sky is clear and the waves are like smooth silk, sliding slowly and then receding, with a sense of calm and tranquility.
The whirlpool waters surrounded by danger and just now are completely two sides.
Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan fell on the deck without an image, panting heavily.
The clothes were soaked in sweat, and they were wet from head to toe. At this time, they looked embarrassed. They were so tired that they couldn’t even speak. They just kept breathing fresh air.
“Oh, it’s gone.” Beichenying didn’t know where it came from, and kindly offered them two glasses of clear water, but kept complaining: “Needless to say you. Last year, a quarter of an hour passed. Now, it took half an hour this year, are you embarrassed?”
Lan Xuan kicked it directly: “Shut up, I! Nangong played a one-man show last year. Of course it was easy. You have the ability to come next year.”
It really doesn’t hurt to speak while standing. Last year I watched Nangong feel so relaxed and calm. I thought it was easy. I didn’t expect to know how difficult it is to control the vortex and speed.
Bei Chenying was like a rabbit flexibly, avoiding it easily, pursing her red mouth: “What’s the difficulty of this? Next year, I will definitely be faster than you with my sister-in-law.”
After Bei Chenying finished speaking, she greeted Su Luo with a flattering smile, with a brilliant smile, “Sister-in-law, do you agree? Next year, we will show them with our partner.”
Su Luo didn’t reply, but Lan Xuan gave Bei Chenying a white look: “Come on, who doesn’t know if you are careful about it? Telling my sister-in-law to be with you, is it not Nangong who is the last one?
Bei Chenying’s mind was said to be broken, and she was not annoyed, and snorted twice: “Don’t underestimate your sister-in-law, you won’t be scared by speaking out.

Chapter: 348
Suddenly, Nangong Liuyun came to a stroke and inserted: “This is okay. That’s it. Next year, it’s just you and Luo Yatou, and this king won’t make any moves.”
That girl?
An Yeming and Lan Xuan glanced at Su Luo in disbelief.
According to the information they received, the fourth lady of the Su family was declared to be a waste when she was five years old when she tested spiritual power. Later, although she was hiding her powers and cultivating the chain in secret, she was only a Tier 3 strength.
It was only a third-tier level. Even with Beichenying’s partner, how could he cross this whirlpool water without Nangong’s action? Is this a joke?
Even their two Tier 6 cultivation bases are tired enough, OK?
Both Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan shook their heads a little funny.
Love really makes people blind, and I didn’t expect to be as wise as Nangong, and there are times when they are so confused.
Su Luo originally wanted to refuse with one stubbornness, but seeing that the two of Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan absolutely didn’t believe it, if they refused, wouldn’t they be underestimated by them?
While hesitating, Bei Chenying agreed.
Compared with Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan, Bei Chenying had a deeper understanding of Su Luo. After a moment of froze, she immediately nodded and agreed: “Okay, it’s a deal!”
Let’s just say, Bei Chenying smiled and said to Su Luo proudly: “Sister-in-law, have you heard, we will share all the bauhinia caught next year! Hehe!”
Only then did Su Luo know that whoever used his efforts to cross the whirlpool waters would have owned the bauhinia this year.
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes glowed like evil spirits: “You just catch you. Naturally all the bauhinias you catch are yours. They are not embarrassed to grab you.”
“How do you say this, as if we are talking to the robbers.” Lan Xuan said unconvinced.
He turned to wave his hand at Su Luohao angrily: “Sister-in-law, just as Nangong said, even if you catch your own, all the bauhinia you catch will naturally belong to you, and we won’t want one.”
Dark Yeming also took the conversation very spinelessly: “Lan Xuan’s words are my words, and we absolutely don’t want my sister-in-law’s bauhinia.”
Besides, what bauhinia can be caught by a small Tier 3 warrior? It would be nice not to be caught by the bauhinia.
Yan Yeming and Lan Xuan didn’t believe that Su Luo could catch the bauhinia at all, so the two of them vowed in unison and refused.
Poor, they didn’t know. Soon, they would pay a painful price for their decision, and their regrets would be blue.
I don’t know how long it took, and a small island appeared in front of me.
This is the legendary Bauhinia Island. It’s just that the island is bare, a map of Pingchuan, there is nothing, and some cruise ships are scattered around the island.
Seeing this luxury cruise ship under the banner of King Jin’s Mansion, those who were already on Zijing Island looked sideways and stood respectfully, waiting for the arrival of His Royal Highness Jin.
Nangong Liuyun walked out with Su Luo’s hand, stepping out slowly on the log ladder.
The brocade robes with black background and golden sides are layered on top of each other, like clouds and mists, and they are full of aura as soon as they appear.
Su Luo originally wanted to shake his hand away, but his arm was so strong that she couldn’t shake it away no matter what.
For some reason, this time Nangong Liuyun looked particularly stubborn. No matter how Su Luo said soft words, his hand held her firmly and did not relax for a moment.

Chapter: 349
Su Luo had no choice but to bite the bullet and follow him, accepting everyone’s attention.
After that, Bei Chenying, Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan appeared confidently and confidently one by one.
Every time they came out, they gave everyone a strong sense of vision and shock.
All of them are the pride of the sky, and each one has a huge family to rely on, and their status is extremely precious. If these few make mistakes, I am afraid that the entire continent will be in chaos.
The moment he saw Su Luo, one of the people in the crowd turned black.
His Royal Highness’s eyes were gloomy, and his face was gloomy and dripping with water.
It has long been rumored that Nangong Liuyun has a leg with Su Luo. Originally, he didn’t believe it, because how could a character like Nangong Liuyun like Su Luo’s trash?
It’s just that he didn’t expect that this girl who regretted her marriage actually hooked up with Nangong Liuyun in a blink of an eye, which was slapped him in the face!
His Royal Highness stared at Su Luo coldly, watching her walking by her, and snorted coldly: “Smelly girl, who asked you to come? What qualifications do you have to come?”
Su Luo glanced lightly.
Oh? His Royal Highness? Why did you meet him? It’s really bad luck.
Without waiting for Su Luo to reply, Bei Chenying who was on the side jumped out, and he had never dared to be the first to fight with His Royal Highness.
I saw Bei Chenying crossed her hands behind her hands, and squinted at the prince with her head up and chest high: “Oh, who am I? It turned out to be Nangong Liujue. Why, I didn’t catch any of them last year, and this year is embarrassing again? ”
Bei Chenying’s words were straightforward and cute, and the prince who choked with a word was as black as the bottom of a pot.
The prince glared at him fiercely and snorted several times: “My palace is talking to Su Luo, what are you talking about!”
Bei Chenying didn’t care about the prince’s attitude at all, but laughed happily: “I said you are really interesting. People are too lazy to take you. Why are you going up there? Or is the prince? Shameless.”
The prince’s face became ashen!
Will this little kid know how to speak! Every word seemed to be soaked in venom, it was so poisonous.
His Royal Highness glared at Bei Chenying angrily, then turned to Su Luo Leng and shouted, “Come here to this palace!”
Su Luo blankly glanced at the crown prince.
Is this person sick? Does he have anything to do with him? Really consider him a green onion?
Su Luo didn’t seem to hear, tilted his head to the other side, enjoying the distant scenery with great interest.
Unexpectedly, her behavior completely annoyed the prince, and saw him walking towards Su Luo quickly, pulling her long arm to pull her away, but before he could get close to Su Luo, a sword light suddenly appeared. Flew towards him with arms.
His Royal Highness was bluffed.
If he insisted on going to Rasula, then this arm would definitely be gone.
The prince’s gaze cast a vicious look at Nangong Liuyun, then turned to stare at Su Luo: “You come here to this palace! Isn’t it ashamed of you, a fickle woman?”
His words directly defined Su Luo as his possession.
No matter how good Su Luo’s temper was, he was irritated by him, not to mention that Su Luo’s temper was always bad.
The corners of her mouth were cold and provoked, and the Prince squinted at her, but her voice became more and more understated: “Nangong Liujue, open your dog’s eyes to see clearly, we have already terminated the marriage contract, and now there is no relationship at all. Take less from you. The crown prince came to disgust me.”
Today is over~~~

Chapter: 350
Nangong Liujue was simply unbelievable. Su Luo, who was originally docile and cat-like, just took a look at him with no amount of effort, but now speaks to him in this sarcasm and sarcasm!
Nangong Liujue shouted angrily: “Smelly girl, even if you are not the concubine of the palace, you must be a concubine. Do you think you can escape? Why don’t you get out of the palace!”
With that said, Nangong Liujue was going to La Suluo again.
Originally, he really didn’t have much interest in Su Luo, but then I heard that this stinky girl quietly repaired the chain to the third level. Such talent is simply eye-catching, not to mention that she was favored by Nangong Liuyun.
Since childhood, he and Nangong Liuyun have been at odds.
He must take back what Nangong Liuyun wants, and even if he can’t take it back, he must destroy it.
Nangong Liuyun’s sword frowned slightly, and gave Nangong Liujue a faint glance.
This seems to be light and windy, but brutal and vicious, making Nangong Liujue feel like an ice cellar.
Bei Chenying raised her eyebrows with a smile but a smile: “Oh, Nangong Liujue, why is our sister-in-law becoming your concubine? You are so embarrassed to say it, and you don’t look in the mirror to see your own virtues.”
Beichenying has always been merciless to the prince.
Nangong Liu was so angry that he was suffocating, and he was about to scream, but Lan Xuan took the lead.
Lan Xuan looked like an adult, and taught Nangong Liujue with a straight face: “You are really the same. His Royal Highness should have the demeanor and temperament of His Royal Highness. Look at our dark night, the elegant and elegant manner, this is only It’s the style that the prince should have. It’s okay to learn more.”
The prince Nangong Liu Juetang was scolded by being a younger brother, and he was so angry that he wanted to growl.
This time, Dark Yeming glanced at him: “If you want to take your crown prince safely, just take care of your three-acre land and stretch out your hands so long without fear of being chopped off.”
The three of them are not small, each of them is more cruel, and the other is more poisonous, which makes the prince overwhelmed and exhausted.
After finally waiting for the three to finish their lessons, His Royal Highness finally had a chance to stare at Su Luo angrily: “Give you one last chance, will you go with this palace?”
He couldn’t afford to offend the three people, but Su Luo was a little ant, letting him squash it.
Who knows, this little ant is no longer the ant of the past. I saw her face cold, and her words were even more poisonous than those of the three together: “Nangong Liujue, you treat yourself as your Royal Highness. In my eyes, I am not as good as a beggar. I want this girl to follow you? I think it’s pretty beautiful. Dreaming of you!
“Su Luo!” His Royal Highness was ridiculed again, and he couldn’t get off the stage.
He originally thought that Su Luo would at least give him a little bit of a face, he thought that Su Luo at least cared about his old love, thinking that when he gave her a look, she would not want to fly… Unexpectedly, unexpectedly!
The crown prince looked gloomy, and the conversation turned, with a sarcasm: “Oh, this is a patron next to the mountain, right? Don’t think that he will marry you. You are just being juggled. Don’t you have to cry and beg this king?”
Standing by the side, Nangong Liuyun had never spoken. His body was full of coldness, as cold as frost, and his red lips slowly curled up. A hint of arrogant cold light flashed in his eyes, and the prince squinted at him: ” do you have any opinion?”

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