The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 351-360

Chapter: 351
Although there are only four short words, it is like the tranquility before the storm, and the depressive atmosphere makes the prince choke, which is almost daunting, and his heart beats a drum.
“If you don’t want to continue to be the prince, just say it, don’t be so euphemistic.” Nangong Liuyun looked at the prince with a sharp cold eye, as if a strong murderous aura filled his handsome face, his eyes were cold, and the whole person looked cruel. Yin.
Nangong Liujue was choked immediately, as if being severely pinched around her neck, she couldn’t say anything.
Bei Chenying covered her lips and smiled and said to the two beside her: “In fact, what Nangong said is wrong, you think, the inhumane prince is a good prince. With such a prince sitting in town, this emperor should do more. Happy and happy, don’t you think?”
Lan Xuan, who has always been stunned with Beichen Ying, pretended to stare in surprise: “Oh my God, inhumane? Who are you referring to? The one in front of us?”
Lan Xuan’s tone of surprise was exaggerated, his voice was just right, and no one could not hear him within tens of meters.
His Royal Highness’s face flushed red in an instant, and the red seemed to drip out. He stared at Lan Xuan’s eyes, wishing to swallow him viciously.
However, Bei Chenying did not intend to let him go, and continued to sing with Lan Xuan: “Of course, or who else? These words have been spread throughout Xiling Kingdom, you are so lonely and unheard of.”
“Shut up all of you!” The prince’s palace was as dark as the bottom of a pot, staring at Su Luo coldly, wishing to kill her on the spot.
It’s all this stinky girl!
When I went to Su Mansion to retreat, this stinky girl had heard the wrong thing and called out in surprise.
As a result, the news about him was spread. At this time, His Royal Highness was very suspicious. Was this smelly girl really misheard when she called out that day, or did she call out on purpose?
“Forget you cruel! Don’t commit crimes to my hands, otherwise…” His Royal Highness gave Nangong Liuyun a cold look, hummed a few times, and left with a group of subordinates. How embarrassed it looks.
Bei Chenying smiled and said to Su Luo: “Sister-in-law, don’t mind, this prince is like this. He owes a scolding. He has to be scolded a few times to make him happy, otherwise he can’t sleep at night.”
Seeing Beichenying who knew the prince very well, Su Luo felt very amused, “You are very rude to him.”
“That is, every time I meet, I have to scold me a few words, but every time I lick my cheeks, do you think this person is cheap?” Bei Chenying smiled triumphantly, and danced with her arms and legs.
Nangong Liuyun glanced at Su Luo thoughtfully and saw that her expression was calm, her lips were crystal clear and moist, and her eyes were filled with intoxicating soft waves with a smile, leading her: “Let’s go, go fishing.”
“Yeah.” Su Luo also felt that he shouldn’t be upset because of a mad dog that suddenly jumped out. He shook his head and quickly left the prince out of his head.
The Bauhinia Island was divided by this group of people, and the best area of ​​the island was divided into two.
In a first-come-first-served order, the best position in the east was occupied by the power of the prince.
The so-called best position is the most bauhinia caught there in previous years.
Nangong Liuyun was not superstitious about this, he led Su Luo towards the cliff to the west. With their current strength, if they want to grab, the prince’s power will naturally be unable to grab them, but Nangong Liuyun is too lazy to care about the prince.

Chapter: 352
The two of them sat on the rock wall of the cliff, with their legs hanging in the air, and the gentle breeze blew them, bringing up the black hair, which did not have a lazy scent.
Nangong Liuyun took out a series of props, helped Su Luo set up the fishing rod, and taught her how to catch bauhinia.
After teaching Su Luo, he sat very close to Su Luo and started fishing.
Su Luo stared at the fishing rod with interest.
The shape of this fishing rod is very peculiar. The dark fishing rod has a light luster and exudes aura. It is a world of difference from the fishing rod of the previous life.
When fishing, you don’t simply carry a fishing rod. Instead, you need to inject spiritual power into the fishing rod, feel the conditions of the seabed, and slowly lure the redbud to the bait.
Su Luo was still very interested in the beginning, and devoted himself to injecting spiritual energy to feel the underwater world. Later, seeing that more than half an hour had passed, he didn’t even see the redbud fish shadow, so he was a little lost.
She was bored with her hands on her cheeks, and bored her eyes around.
It’s no wonder that both Yan Yeming and Lan Xuan vowed not to catch the bauhinia she caught. It turns out that people had known that she could not catch the bauhinia.
But most of the hour, Nangong Liuyun has already fished five, Dark Yeming has fished three, ranking second, Lan Xuan and Bei Chenying have both fished two, she is the only one, not to mention fish, not even a piece of fish scale. , What a shame.
“Oh.” Su Luo boredly complained to the little dragon in his mind, “It’s so ashamed, so ashamed, so ashamed…”
The little divine dragon thought about it for a while, and suddenly, it stretched out its small paw to point to the clear spiritual spring, which is the legendary Tianling Water.
“You said, you can catch bauhinia with Tianling Water?” Su Luo was a little unbelievable.
The little dragon opened a pair of large clear eyes, nodded obediently, and stammered: “Fish…fish…eating…eating…”
The babbling little dragon was afraid that he would not be able to express himself clearly, so he flopped and made a bait action.
The funny and cute little gesture made Su Luole too happy, and chuckled.
“What’s the matter? Are you so happy if you can’t catch it?” Nangong Liuyun had previously worried that this girl would be upset because she couldn’t catch the bauhinia, but she didn’t expect her mentality to be pretty good, and she can entertain herself.
“Can’t catch fish? Humph, you all wait to be surprised.” Su Luo raised his eyebrows and snorted at him triumphantly.
With the help of the little dragon, she didn’t believe that she couldn’t catch the bauhinia. If she couldn’t catch it anymore, she would put the little dragon as bait.
Su Luo took the advantage of being unprepared, and silently took out a few drops of Heavenly Spirit Water, and secretly mixed them in the special fish food.
The fish food was originally turquoise, knead it into a small dough, and remove a little bit when the bait is small. Su Luoshen took a bit of Heavenly Spirit Water into it, but it made the fish food a little bit moist.
This fish food is said to have been prepared by Nangong Liuyun himself. The light materials cost a lot of money, and it is impossible to make it without tens of thousands of gold coins.
Su Luo added Tianling Water to the fish food, stirred again, pinched out a small ball and placed it on the hook, with hope and expectation on his face.
Whether you can catch the bauhinia depends on this trick.
When Nangong Liuyun saw it, he couldn’t help but laughed, “How can you fish like this? The fish food is bigger than the bauhinia’s mouth, how can it be caught?”
However, the smile at the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth had not yet subsided, but the fish hook that Su Luo had just thrown in it moved slightly.

Chapter: 353
This is what the bait means.
Su Luo was pleasantly surprised. She lifted the fishing rod vigorously, looked up, and saw that there was a dazzling purple bauhinia on the hook!
A redbud fish about the size of a palm and similar to a crucian carp.
Under the shining of the sun, the bauhinia hanging on the water did not shake off the struggle, but continued to bite the small group of fish with relish.
Su Luo slammed it hard, and immediately received the redbud on the shore, and then grabbed the little thing that still held the fish food in high spirits.
People die for money and birds die for food, and so are small fish.
Bauhinia seemed to be regaining his senses at this time, turning around and looking at the sea not far away, and then at the person who was holding him, and suddenly and constantly struggling.
Su Luo smiled and nodded its head: “Oh, you know you are struggling now? It’s late.”
As she said, she threw the little bauhinia with her eyes blurred into the small wooden bucket.
I don’t know if Beichenying did it on purpose. The big wooden barrel was allocated to Nangong, but the small wooden barrel used for children’s play was arranged for her. Even if it was full, it could not hold a few fish. Kind.
Su Luo was a little excited when he caught a fish for the first time, staring at the bauhinia and couldn’t put it down.
Just as Su Luo frowned and triumphantly wanted to tell Nangong Liuyun the secret, not far away, surrounded by a group of Nangong Liuyun, came over.
With his hands crossed behind his back, the prince squinted at Su Luo coldly, the corners of his mouth curled up, and sneered: “Oh, I really made you catch a bauhinia. It’s amazing. I thought you wouldn’t be able to catch it when it was over Here comes one!”
Su Luo glanced at the crown prince with a little speechlessness. She really couldn’t figure it out, and she said her words so clearly, why did he come to scold him?
Su Luo was too lazy to pay attention to him, took a small group of bait, and re-applied the bait on the hook.
Seeing that Su Luo was ignoring him, Nangong Liu felt even more angry, and snorted heavily, “Smelly girl, you still pretend to be innocent when you reach this point, and see how you die by then!”
“Oh?” Su Luo glanced at him slowly, and continued to lower his head to play with her bait. The bait was a little wet, and it fell off as soon as it was put on, and it seemed to be waiting to be dried.
“Don’t you know? After your second sister returned to the teacher’s gate, Master Blue Ocean sent her a panacea like flowing water. Within a month, she might be promoted to Tier 5. When that happens, you will be a little girl. Little Tier 3, still expecting to beat her? Life and death battle, life and death battle, either life or death, do you think you can survive?” The prince smiled proudly.
The two girls of the Su family stood in a life-and-death battle, which was spread in the entire emperor, and now almost no one didn’t know.
Although Su Luo’s transition from waste to Tier 3 surprised many people, almost everyone was unanimously optimistic about Su Qing.
Su Luoyun said quietly, there was nothing else to say.
But she was secretly wary in her heart. She originally imagined that Su Qing’s cultivation level would skyrocket within a few months, but she didn’t expect her teachers to attach so much importance to her. The competition a month later… can she really beat her?
Nangong Liu could not see Su Luo lowered his eyes and thought, and was immediately unhappy. He raised his eyebrows and mocked and sneered: “Smelly girl, are you afraid now?”
Su Luo raised his eyes, gaze faintly on him, frowning slightly: “His Royal Highness took the time out of his busy schedule to tell me about this?”

Chapter: 354
The implication is that he is in pain?
The prince was immediately blocked by her, and a word was choked in his throat.
He got the message just now, so naturally he came to mock Su Luo.
Originally thought she would be frightened by this message, so he would take revenge on her just now? But who knows that this stinky girl’s psychological quality is quite good, there is no emotion on her face.
His gaze fell on Su Luo’s small wooden barrel, and he was immediately happy.
“There is only one bauhinia fish until now? You say you are not ashamed?” Nangong Liuyun looked contemptuous. “Looking at the entire island, if you want to say this is the least fished, you are the bottom. What a shame.”
Seeing the Prince arrogantly in front of her, Su Luo suddenly flashed a thought in his mind.
Doesn’t Nangong Liu despise her for catching less bauhinia? So… can she use this to blackmail something and make the prince feel heartbroken?
After thinking about it, Su Luo pulled Nangong Liuyun a bit to prevent his body from standing up slowly.
Because with the prince constantly provoking Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun’s face gradually darkened, and he planned to shoot at any time. Su Luo finally caught the prince, the fat sheep, so he wouldn’t let the prince go so easily.
Su Luo glanced at the prince squintingly, raising his eyebrows and sneer: “You actually despise me for catching less bauhinia? Then do you have the courage to compare with me! See who of us catches more bauhinias in the specified time? !”
How did His Royal Highness know that Su Luo had figured out the trick to fishing for bauhinia? In his eyes, Su Luo had only caught a bauhinia after so long, and it was still too small.
Therefore, Su Luo’s words were in line with the prince’s heart, and he smiled coldly: “Smelly girl, so bold, dare to compare with this palace.”
“Why, the prince who has always claimed to be brave and brave, is this foolish?” Su Luo directly used the radical method.
The corner of His Royal Highness’s mouth aroused a sneer and sneer: “Smelly girl, do you know that this palace has caught three bauhinias so far, you only caught one. Are you sure you want to compare with this palace?”
“Huh, you can kill and not be insulted! Wouldn’t I still be afraid that you won’t succeed?” Su Luo’s cheeks were bulging, and he looked like he was deceived by the spirit and energy.
Nangong Liujue was so miserable by Beichenying and the others just now. He was about to take this opportunity to get back a round. Su Luo’s remarks were exactly what he wanted, but his face was embarrassed: “Huh, compare with you , Isn’t this palace conquering without war?”
Su Luo secretly despised in her heart.
She is the best at figuring people’s hearts.
She could see that the prince was willing to die, but he still pretended to be so pretentious. Who was he deceiving?
Su Luo didn’t cooperate with him at all, so she turned around and didn’t bother to pay attention to him: “If that’s the case, it’s no better, please come back, Your Royal Highness.”
His Royal Highness wanted to retreat as an advance, and Su Luo also used retreat as an advance, forcing the prince into a frenzy.
The prince didn’t expect Su Luo to be so inadequate, and a trace of embarrassment flashed in his eyes, but he was more annoyed, and saw him coldly snorted: “Since you insist on seeking death, this palace will do you well, compare and compare!”
Beichenying has always been his favorite to lively, and has always been the favorite to carry the crown prince, I saw him slowly walking over with a bauhinia fish.

Chapter: 355
Bei Chenying put the fishing rod on her shoulders, and she sneered: “Oh, who seems to be at a disadvantage, Nangong is exquisite. If you have the ability, don’t bully the girl’s house. You can compete with me.”
When the prince saw Bei Chenying, his temple jumped suddenly. This person is simply the nemesis of his life, and seeing him is nothing!
The prince glared at Bei Chenying angrily, “Be nosy, go away.”
Bei Chenying was unhappy: “This is my sister-in-law, why should I be nosy? Nangong Liujue, it’s you who is leaving.”
When two people didn’t agree, you came and we quarreled.
This scene stunned Su Luo.
One is the noble prince of the empire, and the other is the mysterious and unpredictable union president of the mercenary union. These two men are all respectful and arrogant masters in front of outsiders. In the eyes of those below, these two are basically the same. Unattainable existence.
But who would have thought that at this time these two extremely noble characters are noisy like naive children, you come and me, and make a lot of trouble.
Su Luo is planning to pit the prince fiercely, can’t he let the prince go away again? As a result, she could only come out to make a round.
“Okay, okay, don’t make any noise. Beichen, take a break for a while, prince, is this game better? If you don’t compare, then walk away, don’t affect my interest in fishing.” The noisy roar of the two people Even the best bait cannot catch bauhinia.
Su Luo blinked slyly at Bei Chenying. Bei Chenying had seen Su Luo’s intelligence a long time ago. He nodded tacitly and stood on one side with his arms cleverly.
Seeing that Beichen Ying is not quarreling anymore, the prince naturally accepts it when he sees it, and he hums heavily, “Compared, but…only my palace is compared with you, no one else is allowed to interfere!”
With that, his sight swept from Beichenying to Nangong Liuyun. He hates these two people, but he has to admit that they are extraordinary. It is precisely because of his strength that he hates it even more!
Su Luo smiled faintly, “So what about the reward and punishment system?”
The prince thought for a while, and suddenly, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Well, it depends on the number of bauhinia caught. Whoever has more will win. As for the reward and punishment system, the winner will prevail. If it wins, If the party catches ten bauhinias, then the loser will pay the other party ten green spars, and so on.”
Ten bauhinia, lose ten green spars? Su Luo was really excited. This stupid prince didn’t even know that he had the bait of a cheater, so he stupidly laid down this rule. Is he still afraid of losing him?
However, Su Luo was a little hesitant in his expression for fear of revealing a clue.
Nangong Liuyun rubbed Su Luo’s head amusedly: “The mere green spar is still losing. Let go and play.”
The implication is that if he loses, it is his?
Su Luo smiled and nodded at him, and then coldly snorted to the prince: “Okay! That’s it. But it’s no proof, you must establish a written statement!”
The prince was still afraid that Su Luo would fall back on the bill. The two hit it off and ordered them to take the pen, ink, paper and inkstone and spread the Chengxintang paper on the huge stone.
Bei Chenying acted as a witness with great interest. He lifted a brush, and for a while, the pen and ink were dotted on the Chengxintang paper. The handwriting on the paper was completed in one go, and it was pleasing to watch.

Chapter: 356
Beichenying closed his pen and raised his chin triumphantly, “The writing is so good, I just want to keep it away from anyone.”
Su Luo was speechless, this child was really close to Mo and black, and he was as narcissistic as Nangong Liuyun.
Beichenying wrote three copies in total, one for Su Luo, one for the prince, and one for his witness, so that no one would regret it.
After the three signed their names, the game began.
“Within three hours, whoever catches more bauhinia fish is the winner.” Bei Chenying waved his palm, and the game officially began.
In order to maintain the fairness and openness of the game, Su Luo and Nangong Liu must sit in the same place and fish.
Everyone’s bait is his own secret recipe configuration, no one will check the other’s bait, as long as they can catch bauhinia, so Su Luodian feels at ease.
At this moment, not far away, Lan Xuan smiled and shook his head.
“Hey, it seems that Nangong is going to have a lot of blood this time.” Lan Xuan leaned back in the chair leisurely, changed a comfortable posture, and sighed: “That girl is really wayward. She?”
Dark Yeming glared at him, “Don’t comment on her if you don’t want to hurt the friendship between the brothers. Didn’t you see that Nangong is serious this time?”
Lan Xuan’s expression was stagnant, and he glanced at the excitement in the distance, before humming, “But I really didn’t see that the girl was worthy of Nangong. Look at what she did…”
Dark Yeming paused, looking at the blue sky in the distance, and after watching for a long while, he said: “Do you think she will lose this time?”
“Is it unclear?” Lan Xuan spread his hands, of course, “Although Nangong Liujue looks annoying, but his strength is not bad, don’t forget that the bauhinia he caught last year was second only to Nangong. How does Su’s girl compare with him? Isn’t she just hitting the stone with a pebble and asking for trouble? Nangong is really too, even indulging her.”
Dark Yeming smiled faintly, with a soft voice: “No, I’m afraid you will guess wrong this time.”
“Do you believe that girl will win?” Lan Xuan cast a funny glance at Dark Yeming.
“I don’t believe in her, but I believe in Nangong.” Dark Ye said quietly, “Nangong’s vision has always been the most accurate. Ever since childhood, have you seen him lose?”
“This is…but this time, maybe I was clever but was mistaken by cleverness, and the ship capsized in the gutter?” Why didn’t Lan Xuan believe that Su Luo would win.
Dark Yeming only smiled faintly, but stopped talking, only focusing on the fishing rod.
What he didn’t tell Lan Xuan was that he always felt that the girl was not simple, and very mysterious, but the details were unclear.
But said Su Luo there.
The bet spread, so many people gathered around to see what happened.
But compared to Su Luo, everyone was very optimistic about His Royal Highness.
His Royal Highness not only has a higher martial arts cultivation base than Su Luo, but the bauhinia fish caught last year is obvious to all, and his strength is extraordinary.
“This girl really doesn’t know the heights of the sky, she even dared to make a decision with His Royal Highness.”
“This is nothing. The most interesting thing is their bet. How many bauhinias are caught by the winner, and how much green spar will the loser pay. Hey, I’m afraid this girl is going to be bloody. ”
“Whose girl is this girl? Why haven’t you seen it before?”
“Have you heard of the waste material straw bale from the Su Mansion? Have you heard of the raging sister’s life and death battle?”

Chapter: 357
“Ah! So she turned out to be the famous Miss Su Si. No wonder, I heard that she had robbed her sister’s fiancé, so angry that her sister started a life and death battle on the spot?”
“Is there anything else? I can’t tell that this neat and beautiful little looks has done such a wicked thing that even his own sister’s fiance dare to snatch it?”
For a while, everyone was talking and whispering, from fishing for bauhinia to crooked buildings to life and death.
Su Luo’s ears were just fine, and after being promoted to the third rank, he was even more clever and able to hear these words.
She didn’t expect that in just over a month, all public opinion turned to Su Qing, bleaching her into a victim of White Lotus, and she was a cruel and vicious female partner.
Su Luo thought for a while, couldn’t help feeling ridiculous.
If these public opinions were not secretly guided, she wouldn’t believe it. As for who that person is…hoho, Su Luo smiled and said nothing.
Su Luo caught a small group of bait, put it on the hook, and then threw the fishing line into the sea.
After all, it was her first time fishing, no matter how clever she was, her actions would still be inadequate.
As a result, this became a place where she was criticized again, and even the blame was left.
“Cut! I can’t even throw a fishing rod. How can I catch redbuds? Does she think redbuds are the same as other fish?”
“That’s right, the bait is too much. How can there be a whole group underground? It’s strange that the bauhinia will bite.”
“At this level, I dare to compete with His Royal Highness. This shame is lost to grandma’s house. There is no need to predict the result of the game. I will tell you now that His Royal Highness will win!”
These people who watched the excitement all vowed to predict that Su Luo would lose.
The corners of Su Luo’s mouth curled up slightly, his expression focused on the sea, and he ignored these disturbances.
The prince listened to all the negative words about Su Luo. He glanced at Su Luo calmly and mocked: “If you can catch a bauhinia, this palace will…”
Before the words fell, suddenly the ridicule on the Prince’s face froze.
Because he saw that the fishing line on Su Luo’s fishing rod was dragged down.
This is a hint for the bait to bite.
The people around were all excited.
“Oh my God, I took the bait!”
“How is it possible? This is only half a minute away, right?”
“How can it be half a minute? It’s less than ten seconds, OK? By the way, this is too lucky, right?”
Facing these incoherent voices of excitement, Su Luo smiled faintly. She carefully lifted the fishing rod and took a closer look. There was a bauhinia fish jumping around.
This bauhinia is much larger than the previous one. It is about the length of the palms of two adults. It is surrounded by a faint aura, and it shines with purple. You can see that the year is not too young.
Before Su Luo put it down, Bei Chenying ran up very dogmatically, helping Su Luo to remove the bauhinia from the fish’s mouth, grinning and giving Su Luo a thumbs up: “Sister-in-law is amazing. Keep up the good work. People give me seconds!”
“Who is the birdman talking about!” His Royal Highness was depressed, and when he heard Bei Chenying babbled there, he was upset, and gave him a heavy grunt.
“Whoever talks to me.” The clever Bei Chenying immediately bypassed the language trap of His Royal Highness.
If Bei Chenying answered that Birdman was talking about you, then he would admit that Beichenying himself was Birdman in disguise.

Chapter: 358
The prince set up this trap, thinking that the Beichen Film Festival was fooled, so that he could take the opportunity to taunt, instead of being taunted by him every time. Unfortunately, Beichen was not fooled.
The prince was so angry that his forehead temples jumped suddenly, and he yelled with hatred, “Go!”
Bei Chenying carried the bauhinia fish in front of the prince. “What’s the point of fighting? If you have the ability to speak with strength, you should catch one for me to see.”
Seeing that the two of them were pinched again, Su Luo held her forehead helplessly and shook her head. She took a small group of bait and put it on the hook, and threw the fishing rod into the sea again.
Before the quarrel between Bei Chenying and the prince was over, there was another exclamation here.
“Oh my God!!! It moved again, the fishing rod moved again!”
“It’s impossible! How could this be? Isn’t it difficult to catch bauhinia?”
“Could it be that this year’s bauhinia is particularly stupid? Especially easy to fish?”
“You’re so stupid! You haven’t fished just now, why are you stupid? You are obviously thief-like, slipping without leaving your hands.”
“But… but it’s not right, Miss Su Si is obviously easy to fish!”
“Then, do you think the prince caught a bauhinia?”
Nangong Liujue stopped quarreling immediately and looked towards Su Luo, only to see that she pulled up the fishing rod easily, and another lively bauhinia hooked on her fishing rod.
He was so dumbfounded that he was a little dumbfounded.
“It’s impossible!” How could someone catch two bauhinias in a row in just one minute?
What is she being a bauhinia? Ordinary fish? That’s a bauhinia full of spirituality and aura! Take him as an example, it’s very impressive to be able to catch one in twenty minutes.
But this stinky girl is so lucky? Two in one minute! ! ! Two! ! !
The prince couldn’t wait to shout out the three words “You cheated”, but rationally told him, where is there any cheating in bauhinia fishing? No matter what method is used, it is good to be able to catch it.
Su Luo glanced at the prince faintly, and a smile appeared in his eyes: “Hey, the prince doesn’t have one yet? This is not normal, but you have to work hard.”
A light and fluttering word, but like a heavy punch, slammed the Prince’s face fiercely, making him dizzy.
The crown prince glanced at Su Luo and said coldly: “Don’t be proud of it too early, the outcome is still undecided, when you cry!”
“Then wait and see who was crying when I saw it.” After Su Luo put on the bait, he threw the fishing line into the sea casually.
Others want to catch the redbud, every step must be careful, full attention, and the whole body’s spiritual power is poured into the fishing line, always pay attention to the bait, for fear that if you are not careful, the precious redbud will be gone.
However, in Su Luo’s case, there is no such thing as any professional technique.
She just tossed the fishing line so casually, and then leisurely held the fishing rod and waited for the hook to catch the hook, which made the so-called professionals who are proficient in various methods stare.
At first, everyone mocked her for not doing this, but Su Luo fought back fiercely with facts.
Within a few seconds, Su Luo’s fishing line sank again…
At this time, almost everyone around was going crazy with excitement.
“Bite… again…”
“God… my god… ah…”

Chapter: 359
The onlookers were almost stunned by Su Luo’s hand!
How can this be! Is it impossible to be good? It’s incredible!
In less than two minutes, someone was able to bait three bauhinia one after another, and one was bigger than one?
But obviously they have all started fishing, and they all know how difficult it is to fish this spiritual bauhinia!
At this moment, the prince looked at Su Luo stupidly, without knowing what to do, but the muscles on his cheeks couldn’t restrain the shaking, which showed how tangled his heart was.
“This…this…” His Royal Highness pointed to the surface of the water in shock, and said to Su Luo in a daze, “What demon technique did you use?”
Su Luo glanced at him slowly, raising her eyebrows with a smile, “Demon? Your Royal Highness might as well use it to look at him. It’s not right to slander people. If there is no evidence to talk nonsense, others will only say that His Royal Highness can’t afford to lose.”
“You stinky girl!” The prince’s eyes were red, and he couldn’t wait to swallow Su Luosheng alive. This stinky girl spoke as if venom was wiped, and it was carved out of the same mold with Bei Chenying.
“Who is the smelly girl scolding?” Nangong Liuyun glanced at him lightly, his eyes cold and pressing, and the majesty of the strong was covered all over.
The prince suddenly felt like falling into an ice cellar, and he became stiff, unable to speak.
hateful! His Royal Highness’s hand was clenched into a fist. He hated himself for being equal to Nangong Liuyun, but he was defeated every time by his unpredictable eyes.
At this moment, Dark Yeming and Lan Xuan, who were not far away, could not help but feel a little curious when seeing the excitement here, and Lan Xuan directly beckoned for someone to come over.
“What? Three bauhinia fish were caught in less than two minutes? How could this be possible!” Lan Xuan stood up, being so excited that the chair behind him fell to the ground.
Dark Ye Ming was also shocked at this time. Although he glanced at Su Luogao because of Nangong, he didn’t expect the girl’s performance to be so unexpected!
This is incredible to the extreme.
They are also considered top in this group. It takes only two or three eggs in an hour, but Su Luo’s girl actually completed their one-hour result in two minutes?
This is something that only the strong people above the tenth level can do? Even if their parents took the shot, they might not be able to catch three bauhinia in two minutes!
Does fishing for bauhinia have nothing to do with chain repair level now? It’s incredible.
“Let’s go! Let’s see with our own eyes, I don’t believe that girl can really do it!” Lan Xuan didn’t believe it in her heart, pulling Dark Yeming and turning her head away.
Dark Yeming shook his head with a wry smile.
With so many eyes staring under everyone’s eyes, this incident happened not far from them. Could this be false?
It’s just that Dark Ye Ming was also extremely curious in his heart, he couldn’t figure out how Su Luo that girl did it.
The crowd was full of hustle and bustle, all of them were extremely excited, and the eyes that stared at Su Luo were full of emotions.
Shock, surprise, envy, jealousy, resentment… all kinds, but the most is envy, jealousy and hatred.
Su Luo glanced around indifferently.
Just now, these people all vowed to predict that His Royal Highness would win. She only caught three of them and they were already excited like this. If she caught a few more, wouldn’t it drive them all crazy?

Chapter: 360
Su Luo smiled faintly, and then gently tossed the fishing rod to the sea.
At this time, almost everyone was staring at Su Luo’s fishing rod, and those pairs of eyes wanted to pierce a hole in the sea.
Under the gaze of so many excited eyes, Su Luo’s hands were still as solid as a rock, and there was no stage fright that was noticed by the audience.
“Yes.” Su Luo was secretly delighted, and he tugged at will. It was another bauhinia fish jumping around.
This time, it still did not exceed half a minute. It was as if the bottom of the sea had been waiting for the redbuds, just waiting for Su Luo’s hook, the speed was simply too fast.
Dark Yeming watched this scene with a trace of surprise flashing across her expression. Fast, it’s too fast.
Lan Xuan’s reaction was even more obvious. He stared at Su Luo blankly, his eyes were in disbelief. At this time, he simply didn’t know how to react.
He didn’t believe what others said, but now he saw Su Luo throw the fishing rod down with his own eyes, but in an instant, it was a redbud fish that was pulled up. It was like countless redbuds vying to get the bait.
It’s just like, those bauhinias are generally obedient to her.
This girl… is amazing!
Lan Xuan, who originally had all kinds of doubts about Su Luo, stared at Su Luo with admiration and even admiration, wishing to jump on her thigh and ask her how to do it.
As Su Luo pulled a bauhinia fish again, the audience boiled, but they were all silent. Everyone admired Su Luo with god-like eyes, and they all held their breath, staring at her carefully.
Su Luo felt a little hairy in her heart when she was seen by this look. She secretly wondered if she was too pushy?
Seeing that Beichen Ying was about to go up, Lan Xuan happily jumped forward and buckled the struggling bauhinia from the hook, and came up to Su Luo grinningly: “Sister-in-law, tell me, this fish Is there a mystery to the pole?”
Not only Lan Xuan had this question, but everyone present at this time had this question. So, with this sentence, all the eyes of Su Luo condensed on Su Luo’s face, and those eyes were snow-white and bright and gathered together. , We can see how amazing the effect is.
“Cough cough.” Su Luo put his fist to his lips, coughed, and handed the fishing rod to Lan Xuan, “How about you try?”
The mystery is in the fish food, and the fish food was still assigned to him by Lan Xuan, so Su Luo was very sure that Lan Xuan’s attention would never be on the fish food.
Lan Xuan didn’t expect Su Luo to be so straightforward. He took the fishing rod suspiciously and looked up and down, then gave Su Luo a suspicious look.
Su Luo shrugged, “Don’t you believe in my fishing ability? Do you think the mystery lies in this fishing rod? Just try it yourself.”
Lan Xuan was really obedient, took out the fish food he was carrying, took the hook carefully, and glanced at Su Luo secretly, unable to see the expression on her face, then thought suspiciously, and then concentrated on throwing the fishing rod. Into the sea.
Following Lan Xuan’s movements, everyone’s eyes were glued to the little fishing line buoy.
If you can really catch it, then this fishing rod…Almost everyone is staring at the fishing rod eagerly, and can’t wait to grab it right away.
Because if it really proves to be the problem with this fishing rod, then there is no doubt that this question will definitely become a divine weapon in an instant, becoming the target of various forces.

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