The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 41-50

Chapter: 41
“Just…right…” The guards were afraid to tell the truth. If the young master was wronged, wouldn’t it be… At this moment, he wants to slap himself with a little regret, just not saying much.
“Say!” Su Zian kicked over, kicking the guard to the ground heavily.
“Yes… it’s the eldest master!” The guard was kicked out of blood, and he covered his chest and said loudly, “This jade pendant belongs to the eldest master!”
“What are you talking about!” Su Zian gave him a vicious look again, “Who is not good? It is said that this jade pendant belongs to the young master? How is this possible!”
At this moment, someone reported back loudly.
“General! The culprit disappeared after entering the Young Master’s Universe Courtyard!”
This sentence fell like rain, and immediately saved the life of the guard.
“What are you talking about? The culprit disappeared after entering the young master’s yard?” Su Zian’s face was cold and terrifying. He grabbed the collar of the man with a ferocious face, “You say it again!”
The guard didn’t know what happened here before. He just reported it according to the facts. So Su Zian raised his collar. He was puzzled, but he repeated intermittently: “The little one didn’t lie, the culprit really disappeared in the young master. In his yard, and… and Mother Gui was killed on a path not far from the young master’s yard, and there is a girl as proof…”
Now, almost all the evidence points to Su Jingyu.
However, Su Zian still didn’t believe it.
Su Jingyu is his most respected son and the heir to the Su Mansion’s future choice. He has no reason to do so!
Impossible, it is absolutely impossible!
Su Zian said that he would not believe anything, his son would betray him.
However, now the culprit has indeed disappeared in the Universe Academy, so he still has to go there to clarify the matter.
Su Zian led a group of people to the Qiankun Courtyard.
Arriving at the Qiankun Academy, he found that Su Bowu was confronting Su Jingyu.
“Jingyu!” Su Zian stared at him coldly, “What do you want to do? Do you want to deceive the master and destroy the ancestor?”
Su Jingyu was preparing to compete with Su Bowu. When he saw Su Zi’an, he was busy saying to Su Zi’an, “Daddy, you are finally here, you have to call me the shots! I don’t know what happened, but the second grandfather is one. Vigorously accuse me of being a thief!”
Su Zi’an looked at Su Bowu.
Su Bowu sneered and said, “It’s not who you are? The thief is hiding in your yard. If you are innocent, why don’t you dare to search for it!”
“Second Uncle–” Su Zian was about to speak, but was interrupted by Subowu.
“Zi’an, your second uncle saw the Qiankun courtyard where the culprit entered. Even if Jingyu was your son, he would not escape the relationship.” The culprit was seriously injured and he was walking hesitant. He would not run far at all. Stopped on the ground, he had caught the opponent long ago.
Su Zian’s face was full of pain, and finally closed his eyes, and said in pain, “Second Uncle…The Treasure Pavilion was stolen.”
“What are you talking about!” Subowu’s face changed suddenly and became very ugly, “What was stolen?”
“Tian Lingshui, and…the treasure map…” Su Zian almost wanted to hit the wall in depression!
Su Bowu’s face suddenly became very ugly, he shook, almost squirting blood.
He didn’t know until now that it turned out that the other party’s agent was to adjust the tiger away from the mountain!
The opponent transferred him away, and then another person took the opportunity to steal into the treasure chest. As soon as he thought about this, Subowu wanted to slap himself on the head.

Chapter: 42
Su Bowu gave Su Jingyu a cold look and said coldly, “Go in and search!”
“Father!” Su Jingyu looked blank and at a loss. What Tianlingshui, what treasure map, he has no idea, OK?
“Come here, buckle Su Jingyu!” Su Bowu’s expression was ashen, unsparing.
“Father!” A trace of horror flashed through Su Jingyu’s eyes.
Su Zi’an gave Su Jingyu a cold look and said in pain, “The real can’t be fake, and the fake can’t be true. If you prove that you are innocent, no one will wrong you.”
After speaking, he raised his hand and looked majestic: “Go in and search!”
With an order, a team of more than 20 guards swarmed in and quickly scattered to the rooms of Qiankun for detailed inspection.
Su Zian and Su Bowu were not idle either, and they scanned the entire yard like electricity, fearing that they would miss a trace of information.
After searching the periphery, Su Zian moved into the inner room with the guards.
Searched it again, but found nothing.
There was a complicated look in Su Zian’s eyes. He was relieved that the matter had nothing to do with his son, but he was depressed and couldn’t find a clue.
But at this moment, a guard suddenly shouted: “What is that?”
The direction his finger was pointing was at the bottom of the bed, where there was a faint black shadow, looming under the dim light.
“Take it out and have a look!” Su Zi’an’s face suddenly turned pale.
The guard got the order, and quickly squatted on the ground, reaching out to lift the mass of things.
“This is…” Seeing the group of black night clothes, Su Zian’s face suddenly became as black as the black night clothes, and he could hardly see his original face.
At this moment, there was a buzzing in his head, even more collapsed than a defeat.
He did not expect that this search actually found something…
He moved his gaze down and saw a familiar small wooden box.
Su Zian and Su Bowu’s faces turned pale in an instant.
Because both of them recognized it, this small box is the box that hides the heavenly spirit water.
But now the box is empty, not to mention the heavenly spirit water, even the treasure map underneath is gone.
Su Zian’s eyes were staring at Su Jingyu like poisonous snakes, and he grabbed his throat and shouted loudly, “Nizi! Come on, where is Tianlingshui? Where is the treasure map? Come on!!”
At this time, all the evidence and all the coincidences point to Su Jingyu, making him unable to argue with anything and cannot deny it.
Su Jingyu is extremely innocent, and also very at a loss: “Daddy, what are you talking about? What heaven spirit water? What treasure map?” Why does he know every word when he disassembles it?
“Also pretend I am stupid and say! Where is the heavenly water? Did you drink it? Hurry up, or I will choke you to death!” At this time, Su Zian was really angry.
That Heavenly Spirit Water was the precious treasure that was promoted. The old man used it only when he was going to attack the seventh rank, but it was kept, but it was stolen!
If the old man can rush to the seventh step, then their Su Mansion will really jump up and become the first family of Tanglin Kingdom.
But now, nothing… nothing. I don’t know if the old man will vomit blood after leaving the customs.
“Daddy…I really don’t know, I really didn’t steal it!” Su Jingyu yelled wrongly.
In fact, he was really wronged, but who made him offend the petty Su Luo before?

Chapter: 43
“What is this?” Su Zi’an endured the pain, and threw the piece of amethyst jade to him.
“Amethyst jade pendant?”
“This is yours, right?” Su Zian’s eyes were gloomy, and she sneered, watching Su Jingyu’s feet trembling.
“It is indeed the son’s, but the son accidentally lost it three days ago.”
“Lost? Now you say you lost?” Su Zian sneered again and again, approaching step by step.
“Lock him up and interrogate him! Even if the thief is not him, he will definitely have something to do with him.” Su Bowu held the warm purple fish jade pendant, and a vicious trace flashed in his eyes.
The remote courtyard of the Su Mansion.
The entire Su Mansion was brightly lit and extremely noisy, only this remote courtyard was silent as late at night.
After Nangong Liuyun threw off a group of tails, he smiled and ran to find Su Luo.
At this time, he had changed into a night gown.
At this moment, he is as handsome as a stunning man walking out of the painting, with a silhouette like an ancient Greek sculpture, with sharp edges and corners, with a gentle and lazy look, and an enchanting smile in the evil charm.
“How is it? My king’s performance is okay?” Nangong Liuyun leaned against the Qionghua tree, his slender hands wrapped his arms, and he stared at Su Luo with a small smile
“Simply pass.” Su Luo sat on the stone bench in the courtyard. On the stone table in front, there was a pot of tea. The fragrance of the tea was lingering.
Faced with her attitude of lukewarmness, Nangong Liuyun didn’t mind, but licked her face and moved close to her. The heat hit her ears, and her voice was low and ambiguous: “Good girl, take it. It’s Tian Lingshui?”
“Of course, it doesn’t depend on who is going on.” Su Luo’s mission has never been defeated. Even now in ancient times, the difficulty has increased countless times, but she still can’t stand her.
She handed him the Heavenly Spirit Water, with a trace of triumph in her eyes, “I thought it was so strict, but that’s all.”
Nangong Liuyun touched her forehead with a slender and moisturizing finger: “Just blow it. If it wasn’t for this king to divert the old man away, do you think it’s that simple?”
“By the way, what is this picture? Have you seen it?” Su Luo gave him a blank look, and then handed the yellowed paper to Nangong Liuyun.
She didn’t understand the weird and crooked text on it.
Nangong Liuyun took it and took a closer look. He originally watched casually, but after reading a few lines, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes changed slightly.
There was a slight smile in his original expression, but after a quarter of an hour, his expression changed slightly.
It must be something that can change His Royal Highness Jin’s expression.
Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun seriously and kept staring at the expression on his face.
Su Luo blinked curiously, her beautiful eyes moving brightly: “What? Is it really a hidden treasure map?”
“Where did you get this thing?” Nangong Liuyun rarely asked seriously.
This thing is definitely not simple. Where can I take it out casually? And as far as he knew, Su Luo was the prostitute of Su Mansion, and she was still a very unloved kind. How could she have such a treasure in her hand?
Nangong Liuyun was puzzled, so he looked at Su Luo quietly, waiting for the answer from her mouth.
Seeing Nangong Liuyun so serious, Su Luo was a little confused.
What the hell is this? Nangong Liuyun, who can provoke, takes it so seriously?

Chapter: 44
“I didn’t find it specially. It was hidden in the box of Tianlingshui. I originally wanted to plant the box to Su Jingyu, but when I saw this note, I took it out, lest it would make Su Jingyu cheaper.” Luo blinked innocently, and finally shrugged.
Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo speechlessly, and after a while, he rubbed her head vigorously: “What did you girl grow up with? How lucky is that? Going to steal spiritual water can still come out of the treasure map. ”
Although he is also the legendary pride of heaven and the darling of God, he is really envy, jealous and hate compared to Luo Girl’s luck.
After just a few days of getting along, seeing that she was not a high-ranking purple-level gifted spiritual power, she was a wood-fire dual chain repairing pharmacist, or a space mage, and now she was able to get her a treasure of the Eight Desolation Temple. Figure!
It really gave him the urge to hit the wall.
Nangong Liuyun couldn’t help but guess secretly: This girl will not be the illegitimate daughter of Goddess of Luck?
Su Luo was hairy with his deep eyes, and poked his arm with a slender finger: “What can I say to you, just say it, is this really a treasure map?”
“It’s a real thing at a fair price. The old man is not deceived.” Nangong Liuyun said with certainty, but his tone was a little weak. It was obvious that he had not recovered from the blow.
“That is, it’s very expensive?” Su Luo raised his slapped face, her beautiful eyes gleaming.
“How can it be described as precious?” Nangong Liuyun disapproved, “This is a priceless treasure at all, and Tianlingshui can’t be compared with it.”
“Really?” Su Luo was immediately excited. She looked at her white and tender hands in a puzzled way. How lucky is this hand?
“Can I lie to you? This fragment is one of the maps of the Tomb of the Eight Desolates. The Tomb of the Eight Desolates… It is a transcendent existence in endless years. It is said that the people who come out there, even the most ordinary people, can be destroyed with one move. A country on our continent.”
“A most ordinary person coming out with only one move can destroy our country?” No matter how calm Su Luo is, her eyes wide as water are inevitable.
This, this still makes people live? Su Luo is simply unimaginable. If the most powerful come over, wouldn’t it be possible to destroy their entire country with one move? This is simply… unimaginable!
“The legend is true.” Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful eyes were beautiful and profound and unpredictable. He said lightly, “It is said that many years ago, the strong in the Eight Wastes fought and died in a rage. Among them, the corpse of the most powerful Buried in the tomb of the Eight Desolates.”
Nangong Liuyun paused, staring at Su Luo earnestly with a pair of deep beautiful eyes, “including the artifacts they carry with them, all buried in the tomb of the Eight Desolates.”
The most powerful person’s portable artifact… Su Luo took a breath.
Let’s not talk about the most powerful people, just talk about an ordinary person who came out of the Eight Wastes, who can destroy their entire city with one move.
And now, buried in the tomb of the Eight Desolation Gods is the weapon of the most powerful… I think it makes the population flow.
“I really want to go digging for treasures.” She loves Taobao or something.
“Then you have to wait.” Nangong Liuyun’s black eyes exuded dazzling light, as gorgeous as the sun. He rubbed her head with a smile, as if rubbing a pet, “Don’t talk about the first order now, just I don’t even have the most ordinary aura, how can I go?”
Well, Su Luo admitted that she was hit.

Chapter: 45
“Besides, there are three other treasure map fragments. I don’t know where they are hidden.” Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo speechlessly, “You girl, luck is really nothing. I really doubt that one day you are closed. Eyes, the treasure map will automatically fly to you. It seems that this important task can only be entrusted to you.”
Later, when Nangong Liuyun really watched one of the treasure map fragments automatically fly into Su Luo’s hands, and then recalled what he said today, he really burst into tears… and said that he was a prediction. emperor.
“Luck or not depends on character.” Su Luo taunted Nangong Liuyun vaguely, “By the way, now there is space grass and heavenly spirit water, then when shall we go find dragon blood?”
After the fight between Nangong Liuyun and Subowu tonight, Su Luo understood that in this world, strength is king.
Her space could not be opened for a long time, and the wood and fire dual system could not be repaired for a long time. It was really embarrassing for her.
This feeling of knowing that there is Baoshan but not being able to open the key is really depressing.
Nangong Liuyun touched her head, her light phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, with a slight doting tone: “When do you want to go?”
“Let’s talk about it when this matter subsides a little bit.” Su Luo sighed, she really created a problem for herself.
The sunset mountain range is not close, and a trip back and forth, even if it goes well, it will take a month.
If she disappeared suddenly now, her cheap father would look suspiciously at her, it would be bad.
It seems that she is thinking of a way to disappear secretly for a while.
Su Luomei narrowed her eyes, lost in thought…
It’s just that Su Luo didn’t expect that before she could come up with a solution, someone would automatically send it to her door to help her solve the problem.
This person is not someone else, but Su Luo’s third sister Su Wan.
That day, Su Luo went for a walk after lunch.
When I came back, I found that my yard was smashed and broken. The only girl, Luluo, was also blushed and bruised all over her body.
At this moment, Su Wan was still there, whipping Luluo with whip and whip, like he was torturing a dog!
“Stop it!” Su Luo narrowed his eyes and shouted.
Su Wan looked back at Su Luo, glanced at her contemptuously, and then drew a whip directly at her!
Su Luo strained his hands and grabbed the tail of the whip, a chill flashed in his eyes: “Are you looking for death?”
The corner of Su Wan’s mouth was teasing: “Su Luo, it’s important to know that you are self-aware. You, an ordinary person, dare to talk to me like this? Do you want to die?
Su Wan is now a Tier 1 warrior, although she is not good enough, but compared with Su Luo, she has a sense of superiority.
Su Luo smiled coldly: “Then my noble first-order martial artist, what kind of anger do you feel when you come to my courtyard?”
“Su Luo, do you still want to hide it now? Huh! Did you see the lotus pond that day?!” Su Wan has been humiliated and insulted by Su Xi since that day. She couldn’t live that day. .
Later, in the maid’s mouth, she accidentally learned that Su Luo had passed there that day. When she remembered that she was so embarrassed by Su Luo, she couldn’t help but feel angry.
Su Wan didn’t expect that not only did Su Luo pass there, she was also the initiator.
If Su Wan knew, I’m afraid he would have the heart to kill Su Luo.
Su Wan is gentle and kind in front of others, but in front of Su Luo, her nature is undoubtedly revealed. She doesn’t even bother to pretend!

Chapter: 46
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evokes a sarcasm: “What happened to the lotus pond that day? Oh, Sister Sister, you mean that I fell into the lotus pond that day but suddenly encountered a big fire, and then jumped in again, but was finally thrown up. Are there embarrassments in front of countless aristocratic children?”
“You—you saw it!” Su Wan screamed with anger!
“Yeah, I watched it openly. What’s the matter, Sister Sister, are you afraid that others will watch it after you do it?” Su Luo’s mouth curled up with a mocking arc, and her beautiful eyes burst into a cold light.
People’s inferiority is really terrible, and they specialize in picking soft persimmons.
Su Xi bullied her so much, she didn’t dare to resist, because she was a waste in her eyes, so she asked herself to scatter her if she was angry. It was really bullying!
Not only this time, such things have happened many times in the past!
“Su Luo! You damn it! You damn trash!” What she experienced that day was the pain of a lifetime in Su Wan’s heart. As long as she remembered the events of that day, she wished to choke Su Xi severely.
Su Wan couldn’t get the whip back.
Su Luo grabbed the tail of the whip, leaned close to her, and said one word at a time: “Su Wan, you are only a first-order martial artist, and you are just a concubine, but you have always been high in front of me, and you have a strong sense of superiority. Rank martial artist, is it amazing?”
“You trash will never understand the world of chain repairers, go to hell!”
Su Wan dropped the whip and slapped Su Luo’s face bitterly!
Su Luo smiled coldly in her heart, she stepped back to avoid her assault, and then the whip in her hand turned back and drew it towards Su Wan’s face!
The crisp whip sounded.
This whip not only drew on Su Wan’s face, but with such force, it flew away several meters away.
At this time, Su Luo’s face was so cold and cruel, like a demon from hell, making people’s heart trembling.
She slowly conjured an arc of icy mockery: “As an ordinary person, it’s really cool to hit a Tier 1 warrior in the face.”
At this moment, she was standing there quietly, and the blowing wind slowly raised the skirt, and the skirt corners fluttered like a cherry blossom.
Su Luo’s cold and cruel words sounded coldly in Su Wan’s ear.
Su Wan was taken flying, hit the corner heavily, and let out a scream on the spot.
There was a clear whip mark on her face, the whip was split, blood was flowing, and the wound was terrible.
Su Wan covered the wound, her eyes filled with horror, she stared at Su Luo in anger: “You…”
Seeing Su Luo’s unsentimental cold eyes like a thousand years of ice, a trace of fear and panic flashed in her heart suddenly, and a coldness began to jump up from the bottom of her feet.
How could this be? Su Luo, she, she is just a trash, how could…how could she have such cruel eyes? Her deterrence at the moment is even stronger than that of her majestic grandfather. How could this be?
Su Wan’s heart was uncertain.
At this moment, Luluo was completely shocked.
This majestic and awe-inspiring girl has black hair flying in the wind, but her beautiful little face is full of coldness and determination, and she is afraid to look at it directly.
At this moment, she was as dazzling as all the sunlight gathered.
Is this person, this person really the lady she has been serving since childhood? Is she still the silly lady who is bullied?
“Is the Tier 1 martial artist very great? I was not taken away by this waste? So, what are you proud of for so many years?” Su Luo squatted down, with a faint smile in his eyes, while talking and playing with the whip. Teased mercilessly.

Chapter: 47
“You…” Su Wan bit her trembling lips, her eyes were full of anger when she recovered, and she was full of disbelief, “How dare you hit me!”
Su Luo spread his hands innocently, “Why is there such a stupid person in the world? He was beaten obviously, and he kept asking, “You beat me?”
Such blatant insults caused Su Wan’s lungs to be blown up with anger. With a cold face, she bit her back teeth and said, “You, find, die!”
“You’re the one who is looking for death!” Su Luo offered his whip and drew a whip on her without mercy, with a frightening light in his eyes, “This whip was used for Su Luo before! One whip is for Lulu! This whip is for the ant that you crushed to death…”
Su Luo’s reasons are all odd and strange, but she can always find a reason to smoke Su Wan, just like someone at the wine table can always find a reason to get drunk.
Not long after, Su Wan’s body was covered with welts, and his clothes were ragged, worse than a beggar.
“Su Luo! I won’t let you go! Never!” Su Wan got up, holding his exposed body, and ran out quickly.
Along the way, she stumbled, fell and climbed up, climbed up and fell down, very embarrassed.
Seeing her running away, a sly smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes.
“Miss, this, isn’t this bad?” Before, she played the role of being bullied, but today she turned to use others. Such a role change made Luluo a little uncomfortable and a little frightened.
“What’s wrong? Bullying others is better than others.” Su Luo sat on the stone table in the courtyard and poured himself a cup of tea in his spare time.
“Yes, but…” Lu Luo stammered, “The third lady has filed a lawsuit with the master, what should I do?”
Wasn’t the lady very afraid of the master before? In front of him, he was only a promise, and he couldn’t even say a complete sentence, but now he didn’t seem to be afraid at all?
“My cheap daddy doesn’t care about it now, he’s busy with something.” Su Luo asked him for this matter.
Besides, her cheap father is not a fool. In this world where the power is respected, Su Wan’s first-order warrior can’t beat an ordinary person, so what is the use of raising this daughter? Isn’t this waste?
Her cheap dad can calculate this very well, and she doesn’t need to worry about it.
Sure enough, when Su Wan ran to find General Su Zi Ansu with his face full of whiplashes and weeping, he encountered an unprecedented neglect.
After listening to Su Wan’s grievances, Su Zi’an rubbed his tired eyebrows. He was impatient and straightforward: “You can’t beat her to a waste, and you still have the face to cry here?”
Su Wan was stunned. She raised the crying face of Ewha with rain, her face full of disbelief: “Daddy…but…but…she beat me…”
Su Zian is busy catching the thieves who stole the treasure map. Where is the struggle to take care of these daughters’ homes, “Okay, it’s really Su Luo’s fault, but you are also wrong. You can go to her yard to do it. what?”
“Ziwu!” Su Zian gave a command with a cold face.
A guard came in from outside, he was Su Zian’s personal guard.
Su Zian said coldly: “Go and tell Su Luo that she will stay in the yard for the past three months and will not go out any step. If she takes one step out of the yard, she will interrupt her leg. Let her reflect in the yard. !”

Chapter: 48
Ziwu agreed with a cold face, his gaze fell on Su Wan’s face, a trace of astonishment flashed under his eyes, then he glanced at his face in disgust, and finally went away.
Is it just confinement? Let her go so cheap? This is absolutely impossible!
Su Wan almost cried angrily. She yelled that she was going to hold Su Zian’s thighs when she was crawling over.
It’s a pity that her face is bloodstained now, plus tears, sweat, rags on her body, and rolling on the ground again, dirty, she looks like a Li Gui.
Disgust flashed through Su Zian’s eyes.
This daughter is also ineffective!
Used to cause trouble, but will not share for him at all!
An irritation flashed in Su Zi’an’s heart, remembering that it was this Su Wan a few days ago, who lost his face in front of the prince for a while.
Although it was said to the outside world that it was Su Luo, how could he not know the truth?
Su Zian pulled his thigh back in disgust, and said in a cold voice, “You also go back to the yard and stay for three months, take a good look, and learn from your five sisters!”
Is this going to lock her up? Su Wan looked unwilling.
Still learn from Su Xi? Among the Su Mansion, the most arrogant person is Su Xi, okay? Su Wan was depressed and almost vomiting blood.
“Daddy…” Su Wan still wanted to cry.
But Su Zian raised his hand and said in a cold voice, “Zixi! Drag the third lady back, and take care of it!”
This one is not worrying! Su Zi’an slammed his fist against the huanglihua wooden table, and a deep fist mark appeared on the case.
The blue veins on Su Zian’s forehead jumped wildly.
The old man was about to leave the customs, but Lingshui was completely missing that day, and where would the treasure map be? !
That stinky boy Jingyu didn’t admit it to life, and he couldn’t get any useful information from him.
Su Zian almost grabbed his black hair in distress.
It’s really hard to guard against a thief, but it’s a pity that Su Zi’an didn’t know that this thief was not Su Jingyu, but his fourth daughter who was deemed a waste.
Su Ziwu walked into the yard with a cold face and conveyed General Su’s order.
Su Luo obediently said that she must stay in the yard and reflect, face the wall every day, reflect on it, and resolutely learn from the fifth lady Su Xi.
Su Ziwu slammed the door on the spot, and the courtyard door was sealed with heavy iron locks.
In the future, even if it is food delivery, it will be delivered through the wall.
“Miss…this…” This penalty is simply too light? If it were in the past, the master would definitely let the young lady whipped.
“I said it a long time ago, don’t you want to worry about it?” Su Luo looked like a god. At this moment, she was lying comfortably on the soft couch, eating cakes comfortably while reading the general history of the mainland.
These days, Su Luo almost turned over the general history of the mainland, and also read some books on herbal medicine.
After all, her path to repair chains in the future will include the alchemist, and she will soon enter the Sunset Mountains. With the luck of her hands, she feels that she will have extraordinary opportunities.
Luluo took care of Su Luo happily: “Miss, let’s stay in the yard for these three months and stop making troubles, okay?
This time the master’s small punishment was overturned, and I don’t know why, it won’t be that simple next time.
Who knows that Su Luo threw the book into Luluo’s arms and looked at her with a smile, “This lady officially informs you, Luluo, for these three months, you should stay in the yard and reflect on my behalf for the lady. Miss, I’m back. I will definitely bring you delicious food in time.”
“Miss——” Luluo was shocked.
However, Su Luo didn’t plan to tell you anything, only smiled mysteriously and waved her away.

Chapter: 49
Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun had a better meeting place, and she obediently waited under the big tree outside the city.
Not long after, the dust was flying in the distance, and the roar of beasts came from a distance.
Su Luo looked forward.
I saw a strangely-shaped horse dragging a beautiful carriage towards her vigorously, very fast, and it was there in the blink of an eye.
What makes people more profiled is the white horse.
That is by no means a horse in the ordinary sense.
I saw it was covered with blue scales and looked like a horse. It looked extraordinary, and its running speed was many times faster than that of a BMW.
Almost in the blink of an eye, it stood quietly in front of Su Luo.
It has gleaming green scales all over, shaking its head and tail, raising its hooves, and howling up to the sky, it looks like a horseman.
“Could it be a dragon scale horse?” Su Luo called out in shock.
These days, she specializes in the general history and common sense of the mainland, so she still knows the common sense of species.
“Why not?” Nangong Liuyun’s lazy and evil voice came out with a deep, laughing voice.
Across the beaded sedan curtain, I can vaguely see Nangong Liuyun lying gracefully on the soft couch of the carriage.
Su Luo was a little unbelievable for a while.
As far as he knows, the dragon scale horse is a kind of monster, with extraordinary strength. The most common dragon scale horse is also equivalent to the strength of the fifth-order human warrior.
What strength is Tier 5? For example, the little genius of Su Xi is only second-tier, Su Jingyu is only third-tier, and Su Zi’an, the dignified general protector, is only fifth-tier.
Just such a small dragon-scale horse, it is comparable to a general protector of the country, and the entire Tanglin Kingdom is the only one with Nangong Liuyun, and none of the others.
This dragon scale horse was not raised as a battle pet, but used as a car at will.
It’s really extravagant, worthy of being the legendary His Royal Highness Jin.
“Come here.” In the carriage, Nangong Liuyun hooked up his white and moist fingers, a bewildering smile appeared on his face, low and intoxicating.
He speaks not hurriedly or slowly, carelessly, but there is a kind of strength that cannot be ignored.
Su Luo also wanted to try the speed of the dragon scale horse, and automatically lifted the bead curtain and sat in.
Compared with the luxury and magnificence outside the car, the space inside the car is much more exquisite and detailed.
“It’s such a luxurious car. A lot of people have been scoured, right?” Su Luo admired the luxury inside the car and was amazed.
Nangong Liuyun smiled lowly and looked at Su Luo with a smile, “What? The justice woman is ready to fight injustice?”
“I don’t have that idle time.” Su Luo waved her hand, she sat casually, picked up the white jade teapot and poured herself a cup of fragrant tea gracefully, and praised: “His Royal Highness will really enjoy it. Take the most swaggering carriage and drink. The most fragrant tea.”
“There is also to find the most stubborn woman, hug the best-looking woman, and kiss the most favorite woman.” Nangong Liuyun’s slender arm caught Su Luo without warning.

Chapter: 50
Nangong Liuyun bowed his head, and the handsome face with white jade-like luster was almost in Chi Chi.
“Nangong Liuyun!” Su Luo pushed him away.
But Nangong Liuyun’s hands were strong and powerful, and his long arms held Su Luo tightly in his arms, and his palm touched Su Luo’s cheeks.
Su Luo opened his eyes wide, trying to resist, but found himself powerless under his strength.
He closed his eyes as black as ink.
At this moment, Su Luo’s mind was like a straight line.
The betrayal of the previous life, the piercing pain… She didn’t think about anything, her reason had escaped, and her body instinctively followed the instructions and feedback of the brain.
It seems that a long time has passed…
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were always locked on Su Luo, and there was still emotion in his beautiful eyes.
Su Luobai’s tender face turned red without warning.
She subconsciously wanted to push him away, but Nangong Liuyun suddenly smiled evilly.
Memories of past lives flooded in, and the unforgettable betrayal on the cliff flooded like a tide…
Su Luo suddenly flashed a panic in her heart, and subconsciously, she violently pushed Nangong Liuyun outward——
Immersed in the indescribable Nangong Liuyun, he did not expect that Su Luo would come, and he fell backwards without the slightest defense——
“Bang–” With a heavy sound, Nangong Liuyun’s head knocked on the hard inner wall, making a crisp echo.
The surroundings were suddenly quiet, and strange factors filled the air.
Nangong Liuyun’s face was covered with haze, as if the tranquility before the storm came, his dark and ink eyes were a little frightening, and they locked Su Luo tightly, and a thick layer of frost was condensed on his handsome face. .
Su Luo was stunned, she subconsciously covered her red lips, she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh, and she was embarrassed with a hint of apology.
How could she know that this powerful and domineering man is so fragile that he would fall when pushed?
“That… are you okay?”
Seeing him staring at her, Su Luo asked weakly.
What responded to her was Nangong Liuyun’s silence, as well as those dark and ferocious eyes.
Su Luo leaned forward slowly, scratching his head in some embarrassment, and shook his sleeves again, with a trace of embarrassment, and asked tangledly, “…is it painful?”
It should be painful, right? The crash just now was terrifying.
Nangong Liuyun’s deep eyes were cold and profound, and he looked at her gloomily, “Want to try?”

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