The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 51-60

Chapter: 51
“No more.” Su Luo saw that although his face was gloomy, but his eyes were full of frustration, she couldn’t help feeling funny, she backed away a few words and sat away from him.
“Come here–” Nangong Liuyun covered the back of his head with one hand, and summoned Su Luo with a jade-like hand in the other.
It’s just that he stared at Su Luo’s deep eyes, enchanting and frivolous, and the shallow phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, as if shouting a smile, the beauty and depth revealed a noble arrogance.
Su Luo shook his head alertly.
She’s not a fool, and now she used to be sent to him to ravage him? Never!
However, Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful pink lips rose somewhat enchantingly, and there was a sudden whistling sound in his mouth, which was clear and loud.
Suddenly, the swift dragon-scale horse spreading four hooves of Mercedes suddenly raised its hooves, followed by a neigh.
However, at this moment, the carriage suddenly twisted, and Su Luo, who was unsuspecting, was slammed backwards——
Before she could react, she had fallen into Nangong Liuyun’s arms again.
Before she could sit up, Nangong Liuyun’s slender and powerful hands dared to pinch her wrists with steel, and her thin lips rose up enchantingly, with a taste of arrogance and arrogance.
His deep eyes glowed like the sun, firmly locked on Su Luo’s face, and the corners of his mouth raised an evil smile, and Su Luo who was laughing was a little hairy in his heart.
“You, what are you doing!” Su Luo subconsciously hugged her breasts, and her stuttering tone revealed her guilty conscience.
“I can’t say it yet, isn’t this brought to my arms?” His eyes were filled with an evil smile.
“Obviously you are cheating!” Su Luo glared at him bitterly.
He and his dragon-scale horse conspired to frame her, but now he says that she is throwing her arms in her arms, which is really unreasonable!
“So what?” Nangong Liuyun smiled badly, her peachy eyes shining brightly, “If you have the ability, you can also catch one head. Now, it’s time for you to make up for this king.”
“What do you want?” Su Luo felt very unlucky.
Nangong Liuyun held his forehead with one hand and looked at Su Luo sideways.
He speaks without hurries or slowness, low and enchanting, his beautiful eyes are as deep as a black pool, and he is unpredictable, making it impossible to see his mind.
“Serve this king.” Nangong Liuyun raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes were dark, and a charming smile flashed under his eyes.
“How to serve?” Su Luo said that he would not at all.
Nangong Liuyun glanced at her cheerfully. He leaned on the soft cushion and looked lazy, with a smile appearing in his narrow eyes, “What do you think?”
Su Luo thought for a while, picked up the white jade jug, poured a glass of wine high, and handed it to Nangong Liuyun: “Drink this glass of wine, the past will be wiped out! Come on.”
Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo intently, his beautiful eyes gloomily, and suddenly, he evoked a wicked smile that was extremely charming, and took Su Luo’s hand, sucking the amber wine into his red lips.
However, his dark and deep eyes stared at Su Luo scorchingly.
The corners of his lips were perfectly curved, and a drop of bright red wine slipped, and there was a coquettish, bloodthirsty and coldness.
Being stared at by wild gazes like a wolf, Su Luo screamed in her heart. She turned around to retreat, but who knew that Nangong Liuyun had covered the back of her head with one hand and fixed her figure, and then, thick shadows covered her. Come.
Nangong Liuyun held Su Luo’s waist with one hand, fixed her in his arms, covered the back of her head with the other hand, and kissed him deeply!
His kiss is strong and domineering, no one can refuse!
Su Luo was shocked by the sudden kiss, and for a while, he didn’t even know how to react………………………………………

Chapter: 52
His arms are as strong as iron tongs, which firmly restrained Su Luo, making her unable to move.
“Let go…well…” Su Luo just opened his mouth, and a sip of strong liquor was poured in.
The bright red wine rolled down the corner of the mouth.
Nangong Liuyun exuded a majestic aura, no matter how hard Su Luo tried, he still didn’t move.
Su Luo stood in front of him, as small as dust.
A passionate kiss, overwhelming, powerful and domineering.
Su Luo’s mind was blank, and he lost himself in an instant.
Forcing Su Luo to swallow the sip of red wine, a soft kiss passed like a feather.
The two beautiful faces are close at hand, and they can feel the heat of each other.
The surroundings are silent.
Only the sound of the wind caused by the fast running of the dragon scale horse.
Nangong Liuyun pityingly held the slap face in front of him, and looked carefully, his eyes gleaming like obsidian with blurred passion.
This kind of enthusiasm and intimacy made Su Luo very uncomfortable, and it made her involuntarily remember the betrayal of her previous life.
Su Luo tilted her head coldly, but Nangong Liuyun did not let her go, her white and moist fingers clasped her smooth and thin jaw, her voice was more serious than ever, and she asked every word: “Do you hate me? ?”
His gaze has always been firmly locked on his face, so he didn’t miss the disgust and grievance that flashed through her eyes just now.
The atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point.
Su Luo slowly pushed him away, looking through the opened curtains to the distant sky.
“Is it really annoying?” Nangong Liuyun asked persistently behind her.
Annoying? Su Luo asked himself, since waking up in this world, Nangong Liuyun’s help to her is undoubtedly immense. Although he likes to do it sometimes, he has no malice towards himself.
But how can it be possible to tell him about the past life?
That matter, that person, she really didn’t want to mention it again.
Su Luo floated with a trace of undetectable sadness, and said flatly: “My sadness has nothing to do with you, don’t ask.”
Unexpectedly, this sentence was like a fuse, which suddenly ignited the anger of Nangong Liuyun.
He grabbed Su Luo, moved arrogantly, grabbed her chin, made her look at himself, and asked fiercely: “Your sadness has nothing to do with me, who has it to do?”
The sadness flashed through her eyes just now, he seemed to understand, but what he was sure of was that for him, Nangong Liuyun, that was definitely not a good thing.
Su Luo’s determination and arrogance were aroused, and she stubbornly met his gaze: “Nangong Liuyun, who are you to me? You are too broad, right?”
Nangong Liuyun smiled instead of anger, but her beautiful star eyes were as cold as ice, and they clasped her chin, swearing word by word: “You are the king’s wife. This will never change!” ”
“Did I agree?” Su Luo raised his eyebrows, with a teasing smile in his eyes.
Su Luo’s long hair was fluttering in the wind, with a faint smile on his face, his eyes were waveless, neither happy nor sad, but his eyes were deep and terrifying.
Nangong Liuyun stunned, and then, his Xuanhan’s deep eyes floated with deep blackness, and the corners of his good-looking mouth were raised evilly. He stared at Su Luo strong and confidently, and said with a smile, “You Su Luo’s life. Must be my Nangong Liuyun’s wife!”
“Then just wait and see, and see how this road will go to the end.” Su Luo’s deep and moving eyes stared at him coldly, without moving his eyes.
The two people looked at each other deeply, without speaking, and there was silence all around!

Chapter: 53
Worthy of being a dragon-scale horse, traveling with great speed, the original ten-day journey was stunned within two days.
The Sunset Mountain Range is the largest Warcraft Forest in Tanglin Kingdom. It is located in the northwest of Tanglin Kingdom and covers an area of ​​about one province.
After thousands of years of nourishment, the ancient trees are luxuriant and the beasts are rampant. Non-warriors will not dare to enter.
However, the sunset mountain range is not lonely, because there are always warriors entering it, or practicing, or hunting monsters, or looking for herbs.
The luxurious and magnificent carriage slowly stopped and stopped in the small town north of Sunset Mountains, Qiaotou Town.
Generally, people who enter the Sunset Mountains will rest in Qiaotou Town for one night to prepare for the supplies to enter the Sunset Mountains.
“Eat more vegetables, there will only be barbecue when it gets inside.” In the box, Nangong Liuyun put a chopsticks of chicken into Su Luo’s bowl, his eyes almost overflowing with a smile.
The dispute two days ago seemed to him as if the wind was gone, and what he should do or what afterwards, it made Su Luo even embarrassed.
Su Luo glanced at him and said, “You eat too.”
“Give it to me and I’ll eat it.” Nangong Liuyun approached her with a wry smile.
However, at this moment, there was a loud noise outside, which was accompanied by the panic-stricken cry of the little girl.
Su Luo looked down from the window.
A dispute is taking place in the lobby on the first floor.
I saw a 13-year-old girl crying miserably, and beside her, her white beard grandfather was being grabbed by the collar and raised high.
“Let go of my grandfather, let go of my grandfather, grandpa is about to be choked to death by you…uuu…” The little girl was crying almost out of breath.
And the one who pinched the old man was a dude, dressed in brocade clothes, but it was a pity that he had a face with a pointed mouth monkey cheek.
He trailed the ending and sneered slowly, with a vicious look on his face: “Old man, have you seen it clearly? There are flies in our dish. Tell me what should I do.”
The pinched old man was in his 70s or 80s, with white hair like frost, wrinkles on his face, drooping eyelids, and his speech was a bit uncomfortable.
His eyes were full of misery, and he tremblingly prayed: “Master, our shop is always clean, how come there are flies? This, this must be something wrong.”
“Wrong? Isn’t this a fly? Tell me, what should I do now!” The dude stepped on the bench and grabbed the old man’s collar with one hand.
Behind him is a row of thugs, all of them are fierce and fierce, with wide-eyed eyes, very mighty, giving people a powerful deterrent.
“These dishes…the little old man gave you all for free, what do you think?” The old man’s face was unspeakable.
“Give it for free? What do you mean? When we eat free food?” The dude was very dissatisfied, “You can see clearly, there are flies in your dishes! Ah, do you see it?”
He held the old man’s head and pressed it to the table, almost buried his entire face in the vegetable.
The old man’s eyes were full of misery: “Yes, yes, I can do whatever the masters say…”
The young man sneered and sneered: “This is not our intentional blackmail, but your food has a problem. Depending on your fifty taels of silver, this matter will be exposed.”
“Fifty taels?” The old man was shocked, almost unbelievable.

Chapter: 54
“What? Can’t get it out?” The young boy squinted at him with a grin.
The old man cried and said, “Young Master Zhao, please raise your hand high, even if you sell our grandparents and grandchildren, you won’t have these fifty taels.”
“No? Hehe.” The son of Zhao touched the girl’s face with a big palm, “This girl looks good, white and tender, she must grow up a bit more, so, then resist this little girl. It’s fifty taels. Seeing you are so poor, we’ll lose a bit.”
Zhao Gongzi took advantage and still behaved, he repeatedly emphasized his own tolerance and kindness.
Su Luo’s eyes were cold, looking at the look of the old man and the reactions of the people around him, this Young Master Zhao should be a local tyrant.
Su Luo frowned slightly, but did not intend to help at this time.
At this moment, a soft voice suddenly came out from the corner of the lobby.
“You shameless people who specialize in bullying the weak and robbing the girls are really horrible!” As the voice just fell, a thin figure stood up, and a young girl was holding a soft sword in her hands. The body shone with cold, and let out a cold and murderous aura.
The girl was about fifteen or six years old, with a light green skirt on her upper body and a pink pleated skirt at the bottom. She looked beautiful and lovely.
The skin on the small face is like fat, pink in the snow white, with a little baby fat.
At the table behind her, there were five or six boys and girls of the same age sitting, and it looked like they had come out in a group to practice in the academy.
Moreover, Su Luo felt that the little girl in front of her was somewhat familiar with her, she should be Liu.
She seems to be playing very well with Su Xi, who had harmed her in partnership with Su Xi before.
Su Luo supported his chin with one hand and watched the play below with interest. She didn’t expect that Miss Liu, who had the same personality as Su Xi, would perform a good show of saving people here.
Why is this…?
Young Master Zhao touched his chin, and looked at the girl in front of him with interest: “Oh, my little beauty, are you trying to give me a hug?”
“Shameless!” Miss Liu pierced with a long sword.
Miss Liu danced with a long sword, it was cold and shining, the sword flowers were splashing, tigers and tigers were majestic and murderous.
Zhao Gongzi’s original teasing expression soon froze, a serious look appeared on his face, and the two of them were entangled and fought.
Even if there is more liveliness below, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes have been locked on Su Luo, smiling and saying, “Look, now the limelight has been snatched away.”
He saw Su Luo’s sympathy for that grandson, so he ridiculed.
“Nangong Liuyun, I’m a fool in your eyes?” Su Luo rolled his eyes angrily, just looking at him helplessly.
“How do you say?” Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo with deep diamond-like eyes.
“The son of Zhao is a local snake. Can the girl Liu be saved once, twice or three times? Don’t let her go ahead, people will bring someone to demolish the restaurant. It’s called to save people, but to harm people.”
Su Luo’s beautiful eyes flowed, his expression indifferent,
She paused, and she sneered again: “What’s more, seeing her performance now, it would be nice not to cause trouble to the grandparents.”
Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo with a smile, a look of appreciation flashed in his eyes.
His girl must not know how radiant and brilliant she was talking.
Only when she is as smart as her can she consider many problems when saving people, and truly help people solve problems, but bring difficulties. Only when she is as smart as her can she consider many problems when saving people, and truly help people solve problems, but bring difficulties.

Chapter: 55
The conversation between the two was not over yet, and the situation suddenly reversed below——
Because the girl Liu saw that she couldn’t attack for a long time, and Young Master Zhao rubbed her oil everywhere. In her anger, her other hand turned into an arc, and a rain of arrows struck the Young Master Zhao.
Obviously, besides being a warrior, this girl Liu is also a water system mage.
Fighting at close range, and without defense, the seven water arrows pierced Zhao Gongzi’s body like a sharp sword.
Young Master Zhao looked unbelievable, and when he fell to the ground, he still couldn’t stand his eyes.
Miss Liu glanced happily in the direction of the second floor, and then walked back into her team triumphantly.
The row of bodyguards behind Zhao Gongzi saw that his son was killed, each with bloodshot eyes, his eyes bursting, and his hands bursting with veins.
They all rushed to Miss Liu desperately, swearing to kill her to the death and avenge their son!
However, the few classmates around Miss Liu were not vegetarians. They were all gifted students from the highest Mage Academy in the empire, and they were all legendary geniuses.
Thus, a melee is about to unfold.
When the owner of the restaurant, the grandparents and grandsons, saw Gongzi Zhao down, their eyes were full of horror and despair.
At this time, the door of the restaurant was closed, and the guests in the lobby saw that the momentum was wrong, and all ran upstairs.
They all gathered on the stairs on the second floor, knowing that Zhao Gongzi’s life experience was straight and unlucky.
But not everyone knew about Zhao Gongzi’s background, so one of them asked.
The middle-aged man who knew the truth smiled wryly: “This time it’s bad luck. You outsiders don’t know that Zhao Gongzi is the son of the local county guard, the only son, and he didn’t expect to die like this.”
Someone interjected, “It’s just the son of the county guard, is it great?”
In Tanglin Kingdom, all the county guards add up to 30 without 20.
The middle-aged man smiled bitterly, “This is a small town on the edge of the sunset mountain range. Will it be an ordinary wine bag and rice bag that can be used as a county guard? The martial arts of this county guard is unfathomable, and it is said that it is at least Tier 5 or above!”
“Fifth Tier…”
Others suddenly became dumb.
Tier 5, how many Tier 5 powerhouses can the entire Dongling Kingdom find? Even General Su, the general protector of the country, he is the fifth rank.
“Hey, that girl is also true, save the other person, how can you kill Young Master Zhao?”,
“If such a scum doesn’t kill, wouldn’t it be possible to stay in the world and endanger the neighbors?”
“Then you can kill secretly. Now that the old man Wang and his granddaughter are involved, Zhao Junshou is the most short-term caregiver. How will their grandparents and grandsons live in the future? Is this saving or harming people?”
“That’s right, that girl looks pretty and smart, how can she behave so recklessly? It’s okay for them to pat their buttocks and leave, but how can they tell the ancestors and grandchildren to live?”
At this time, the grandparents and grandchildren in everyone’s mouth were crying with a headache, their faces full of pain and despair.
Su Luo’s eyes were cold, and he sighed faintly, “My crow’s mouth is all right…”
Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head, looking lazily at the people fighting desperately underneath with a pair of beautiful, deep eyes, turning back to her eyes, her shallow phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a satisfied smile: “My girl is always So smart, what can I do?”

Chapter: 56
“What do you do?” Su Luo raised his slapped white face with a pair of beautiful eyes.
“It’s not easy to lie.” Nangong Liuyun’s slender white index finger scratched her Qiong nose.
If it was another girl, Nangong Liuyun wanted as much as he wanted, and there were countless girls at the fingertips of Gougou who would automatically send it to the door. Only this girl was cheated and deceived, and they were not fooled.
But this is better, and it arouses the determination to catch her.
Su Luo gave him an angry glance.
To be honest, Nangong Liuyun looks very beautiful, and that face makes people look at the soul will be deeply sucked in, and they don’t even know where to put their hands and feet.
“Watch the show well, don’t get confused.” Su Luo glared at him evasively and turned his face away, so she didn’t see a wry smile flashing under Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.
At this time, the fighting in the lobby has gone through a fever, and it has now come to an end…
I would choose to be a bodyguard. Generally speaking, martial arts would not be so high, so this is doomed to the Zhao family’s defeat…
Although they are crowded and crowded, how can they be against the little geniuses who have come out of the Imperial Academy?
Soon, the bodyguards of the Zhao family were all covered by their heads, and they couldn’t die anymore…
At this time, blood was flowing into a river in the lobby, and dozens of corpses were lying messy, looking terrible.
Miss Liu ran over, pulled up the crying grandparents and grandchildren, and said excitedly, “Don’t worry, no one will dare to bully you anymore! Don’t kneel and get up.”
While Miss Liu showed kindness, her eyes still kept looking towards the second floor where Su Luo was.
Su Luo looked straight at her expression, but Su Luo didn’t say anything, and just glanced at Nangong Liuyun from the corner.
It seemed that it was Nangong Liuyun’s evil spirit again.
I have to say that women’s intuition is sometimes terrifyingly precise.
Seeing that her grandparents and grandchildren were still kneeling on the spot, Miss Liu couldn’t help but stomped her feet.
“Puff–” Su Luo couldn’t hold back, almost spitting out water.
Dare to love Miss Liu who thought that she couldn’t get up on her knees because she was too grateful, so she really didn’t know what to say about her.
“Who?” Miss Liu’s ears, hearing the ridicule, ran up, and directly locked Su Luo: “You were laughing at me just now?”
However, when she saw Su Luo’s face, her eyes opened wide, and she seemed very surprised.
“You, you are…” Miss Liu couldn’t believe it.
“Do I know you?” Su Luo blinked innocently, and there seemed to be a daze in her beautiful eyes.
No, it won’t.
This person will definitely not be the fourth sister of Su Xi, who must be similar. Besides, based on Su Luo’s idiot, how could she be qualified to sit next to His Royal Highness?
Yes, in fact, Miss Liu recognized the perfect King Jin when she saw the dragon-scale horse at the door. In order to leave a perfect impression on King Jin, she would go uncharacteristically and help the pair of grandparents and grandchildren.
She believed that His Royal Highness Jin would definitely have a good impression of her, and then…she pretended to accidentally meet His Royal Highness Jin, and believed that she would be able to approach the male god in her heart by this.
Because of this, when Su Luo laughed, she would seize the opportunity and dash directly towards the second floor.
His Royal Highness Jin is upstairs, and she believes that she is better than Su Luo. As long as she puts down her figure and uses some means, then His Royal Highness will treat herself… I didn’t expect that this time going out would have such benefits.

Chapter: 57
Miss Liu had already thrown Su Luo aside at this time, her bright little face exuded a shining light, and she stared at Nangong Liuyun with a little shyness: “His Royal Highness, are you going to the Sunset Mountains too?”
Wearing a cyan brocade robe, Nangong Liuyun was so casually savoring the wine in the cup, looking at Su Luo with deep eyes, as if there was no Miss Liu in front of her.
“His Royal Highness, do you, don’t you remember me? I am Ruohua, Liu Ruohua, when you were in the Imperial Academy, you also told me to fix the chain…” Liu Ruohua looked coldly ignoring Nangong Liuyun. Attitude, she was not discouraged, and said hurriedly.
Nangong Liuyunfeng squinted her eyes and glanced lightly at her. Although she was smiling, her deep eyes were extremely indifferent, and she said coldly after a long while, “Done?”
Liu Ruohua nodded nervously, carefully observing the look of Nangong Liuyun.
According to Su Xi’s words, His Royal Highness Jin is the god of the Jiuzhong Palace, and only one glance is a blasphemy against him. Now that he can stand face to face in front of her, Liu Ruohua feels so nervous that his heart is about to jump out of his throat.
Nangong Liuyun curled the corners of his lips, his eyes were clearly smiling, but his pupils were cold and indifferent, with a hint of impatience: “Then go away.”
He didn’t give an extra word that he was stingy.
Liu Ruohua’s face turned red after a brush, she stood there, not knowing what to do.
It is a rare opportunity to get close to His Royal Highness Jin, how could she let it go so easily? Next time, who knows if there is still this opportunity?
Liu Ruohua clenched a fist and secretly bulged herself up, her stiff face squeezed a bright and bright smile: “His Royal Highness, are you planning to go to the Sunset Mountains too? Our team is also, not as good as us…”
Nangong Liuyun was as white as mutton fat jade, playing with rubies and pulling his fingers, raising his eyes and glanced at her faintly.
At this look, Leng Ao was lonely but arrogant, and awe-inspiring like a sword.
Liu Ruohua’s heart shrank suddenly, dullly as if being blocked by a boulder, swallowing in his stomach before he finished speaking, never daring to confide a word.
She paled, only feeling the cold sweat dripping down her face.
Nangong Liuyun looked back at Su Luo, with a brilliant and enchanting smile under his eyes. His lush white jade hand held a chopsticks and vegetables and put them in Su Luo’s bowl, and smiled ingraciously: “How can you watch the show and eat another one? Root greens, good.”
Su Luo wanted to roll his eyes.
She really wanted to ask, my dear King Jin, are you pulling hatred on me? Didn’t see the girl on the opposite side with bruises violently in her hands, wishing to choke me to death?
But Su Luo deserves to be Su Luo. Under Liu Ruohua’s jealous sword-like eyes, he calmly picked up the green vegetable and gnawed slowly, as if it were a delicious delicacy under the sun.
Seeing that she did not refuse, Nangong Liuyun’s face bloomed with joy, and he took a bowl of wild mountain mushroom king soup for her by himself, and smiled in kindness: “Come on, drink this bowl of soup too. It is delicious and nourishing. It’s not bad.”
Opposite, Liu Ruohua, who was lonely and pestered like a wooden stake, almost fell in amazement. She couldn’t believe it—
She even wanted to rub her eyes to see clearly that the man in front of her, who was perfect as a god but smiled stupidly, was really the ruthless King Jin with a deep cleanliness?
Something must be wrong! So, where did you get it wrong?

Chapter: 58
“His Royal Highness, King Jin?” Liu Ruohua whispered.
Nangong Liuyun glanced at her indifferently, his cold eyes were as cold as a cold pool, and frowned like disgust: “Why haven’t you rolled?”
For Nangong Liuyun, there are only two kinds of people in his world, one is his own and the other is an outsider.
If he can be included in his world, there is no reason why he is absolutely short-term and partial.
If he is not included in his world, he has always been bold, cruel, cruel and bloodthirsty.
And now, there is only Su Luo in his world, and everyone else is floating clouds.
Liu Ruohua lowered his head in fear, but clenched a fist in his hand.
Yes, that’s right! This cold and indifferent place is like Shura coming out of hell, he is definitely His Royal Highness King Jin.
But how could he…
Nangong Liuyun’s words are very harsh. If an average woman had hidden her face and ran away crying, but Liu Ruohua was different. She had long understood Nangong Liuyun’s ruthlessness, so even if Nangong Liuyun’s words were unpleasant, she still did not move.
Su Luo looked at Liu Ruohua for a while, but his eyes flashed with admiration.
She didn’t expect that a person’s face would be so thick that she wouldn’t be driven away. At the same time, she was a little curious, to what extent is Nangong Liuyun so good that she can make this girl so persistent?
“Have you eaten?” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was like a natural sound, warming people’s hearts like gurgling water.
“Not yet.” In fact, Su Luo could not eat anymore, but in order to watch a good show, she lied that she was not full.
Nangong Liuyun wouldn’t know her careful thoughts, her hand with distinct joints scratched her Qiong nose, with a smile in her eyes: “If you can’t eat it, don’t hold on. If you want to watch a play, this king will ask them to act for you. ”
“No need.” Su Luo simply refused, pushing Nangong Liuyun’s approach away.
Liu Ruohua was almost dazzled by his smile.
She didn’t expect that the cold and cruel His Royal Highness Jin would laugh, and the smile was so tender, and there was a hint of flattery in his smile.
However, she refused that damn woman, and she pushed away His Royal Highness Jin–
God, is she too ignorant, or is the world too crazy? There is even a woman who would push His Highness Jin away from approaching? Is she crazy?
At this moment, Liu Ruohua’s jealousy almost collapsed, her originally clear eyes were now full of bloodthirsty jealousy, with a murderous intent, she stared at Su Luo fiercely, wishing to cut her a thousand times.
Su Luo met her ferocious eyes without showing any weakness,
Su Luo raised his eyebrows slightly, looking back at Liu Ruohua as if mockingly and mockingly.
Liu Ruohua, aren’t you very capable? Didn’t you rely on yourself as the daughter of the prime minister, and Su Luo, who was formerly a dog with Su Xi?
now what? Are you jealous? Isn’t it crazy? Want to kill people, right?
Liu Ruohua bit her lower lip, and said viciously, “Who are you?”
Su Luo shrugged, just like Nangong Liuyun, with the same ignorant attitude.
Liu Ruohua rushed forward, grabbing Su Luo’s hand, and looking at her wrist. Suddenly, her eyes widened, her eyes looked like a fierce ice blade, and she gritted her teeth and said: “You are Su Luo! Don’t deny it, it’s on your wrist. I made the cut!”
Su Luo didn’t deny it either, and smiled faintly: “Miss Liu San, lucky to meet.”
“How could it be you!” Liu Ruohua didn’t expect that this slut who looked like Su Luo was really Su Luo.
Remembering that His Royal Highness King Jin had courted her to please her, Liu Ruohua almost collapsed on the spot. Remembering that His Royal Highness King Jin had courted her to please her, Liu Ruohua almost collapsed on the spot.

Chapter: 59
Because of the excitement, Liu Ruohua clenched Su Luo’s hand very hard, almost breaking her wrist alive.
Su Luo’s eyes darkened, and Yu Guang glanced at Nangong Liuyun, and suddenly snorted.
Nangong Liuyun’s face instantly became arrogant and sullen, and he didn’t know how to release his hand, and saw an afterimage of his sleeves fly by——
Then, there is no more.
Because at this time Liu Ruohua is no longer in the box on the second floor.
She saw her slender body shot towards the hall on the first floor like an arrow feather, and fell heavily to the ground, falling on all sides, and she almost fainted in pain.
I don’t know if Nangong Liuyun was deliberate, Liu Ruohua’s fellow students flew up and opened their hands one by one, but no one picked her up.
Moreover, when Liu Ruohua fell down, impartiality happened to hit Young Master Zhao’s corpse. She opened her eyes and met Zhao Young Master’s stern and distorted eyes.
“Ah–” Liu Ruohua screamed in fright, and jumped up, but he didn’t want blood spreading under his feet, which was sticky and smooth.
Therefore, Liu Ruohua slipped and fell to the ground with unlucky luck…
And when she fell, there was a long sword standing beside her…
At this moment, her whole body, face, and hair were covered with blood…dirty and stench, which made people almost afraid to approach.
“Ruohua, how are you? Are you injured?” Three or four teenagers suddenly rushed forward and surrounded Liu Ruohua like a star holding the moon, all of them nervous.
“My hand…it hurts…” Liu Ruohua paled in pain, almost fainting.
“Oh my God, this hand…” When Liu Ruohua’s friend Li Wan covered her mouth and nose with both hands, her eyes were completely shocked.
At this time, Liu Ruohua’s right wrist was severed by Qigen, and blood from the wound was pouring out continuously, looking very scary.
Su Luomei’s eyes were deep, and there was a hint of interest in her eyes, and she glanced at Nangong Liuyun with a smile but a smile: “It’s so cruel, cut off your wrists, will you be too uncomfortable with Xiangxiyu?”
Nangong Liuyun is a deep city and calculation.
After Liu Ruohua was thrown down, all the follow-up reactions were in his calculations.
Including her being frightened and bouncing up, falling down, and smashing her right wrist at Lengjian…Every step is extremely accurate, and it is almost exhaustive.
Such Nangong Liuyun is undoubtedly very terrifying.
Choosing to be his enemy is the most foolish way.
A hint of worry flashed in Su Luo’s heart… If he sincerely wanted her, how would she deal with it?
“A simple and kind-hearted girl shouldn’t be gloating.” Nangong Liuyun’s slender fingers rubbed her right wrist, a trace of pity flashed through her eyes, her voice was low and evil, “Does it still hurt?”
Su Luo didn’t dare to look at the deep meaning of his eyes, and quickly turned away from his face and said faintly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”
She wanted to withdraw her hand, but Nangong Liuyun had already held her hand, tightly pinching her white jade hand in the warm and generous palm, rubbing it slowly, seemingly cherish it.
The thick touch of the palm gave Su Luo an unprecedented sense of security.
The surroundings seem to be quiet, and there are only two of them left in the quiet world.
But at this moment, the door of the box was kicked open!

Chapter: 60
Su Luo saw that these people were not others, they were Liu Ruohua’s classmates.
Su Luo’s complexion did not change, and he took his hand away from Nangong Liuyun’s hand unhurriedly. She looked at Nangong Liuyun nonchalantly, but saw his face gloomy.
“Who hurt Ruohua? Don’t hurry out–” Zhu Weiming yelled, but when he saw Nangong Liuyun, his throat suddenly seemed to be pinched, his eyes widened, the second half The words were swallowed and couldn’t say anything again.
His Royal Highness Jin and King Jin… how could it be him?
Nangong Liuyun leaned back lazily on the wooden chair, that noble and stern face showed a hint of playfulness, and the evil spirit smiled enchantingly, his eyes were gloomy and gloomy, and his bones: “How is this king hurt?” ”
At this time, he exudes an incomparable aura that is so incomparable, arrogant and arrogant.
Liu Wei is horrible. He didn’t expect to meet His Royal Highness King Jin here, and he even shouted insults just now. What a damn!
Thinking of this, his forehead was covered with sweat, dripping drop by drop, and his face was pale and terrifying.
Nangong Liuyun squinted, his eyes bright like cold electricity, “Is there anything else?”
At this time, he was like a giant standing on top of the earth, unbelievably high, with a kind of kingly aura.
Where does Liu Weiming dare to say a word? His face was stiff but he squeezed a smile, and a flash of terror flashed in his eyes, and said eagerly: “No, nothing, your majesty, take your meal slowly, use it slowly…”
In front of King Jin, he didn’t even dare to get out of the air, his eyelids drooped, he quickly bowed out of the room, and closed the door very kindly.
There are people behind him who don’t know His Royal Highness Jin, and want to rush up with passion, but Liu Weiming is holding him tightly.
Because Liu Weiming knew very well that if it was the hand of His Royal Highness Jin, then Liu Ruohua’s wrist would be cut in vain. Even if her father went out in person, this one would not be recovered.
Besides, if he offended His Royal Highness King Jin, he only broke one arm, which is still mild. Liu Ruohua can only ask for blessings.
Who told her to offend who is not good, but to offend His Royal Highness the Living King Jin?
Seeing Liu Weiming withdraw respectfully, Su Luo was a little surprised.
She knew that the reputation of His Royal Highness King Jin was very great, and it seemed terrifying, but she didn’t expect it to be so terrifying.
The opponent had his wrist cut, and he didn’t even dare to get out of the air. Where would he dare to ask the teacher?
Is Nangong Liuyun’s previous reputation so terrifying? Su Luo had a smooth, sharp chin with one hand, and curiously looked up and down Nangong Liuyun carefully, as if he had met him for the first time.
“Just want to look at me? Do you want to look more deeply?” Nangong Liuyun smiled awkwardly. He took Su Luo’s hand and drilled it into his chest.
Unlike, it’s not scary at all. Su Luo shook his head in his heart.
“Stupid?” Nangong Liuyun touched her head playfully.
He knew what she was thinking, but his tender side was only shown in front of her, so she couldn’t imagine her brutal side in front of others.
“Which side is the real you?” Su Luo had a calm but graceful smile on his face, fresh and beautiful like a pear blossom with dew.
“Which side do you like?” Nangong’s thin pink lips lifted up playfully, and the seriousness of the eyes flashed by, so fast that people could not catch them.
This question is not easy to answer, no matter which side of the answer, it contains the word like. Nangong Liuyun, the cunning old fox, actually set a trap for her to jump in the text…………………………………

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